Creeped Out (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


The Curious.
They say he collects strange tales.
And if you ever hear his whistle, you know something creepy is about to unfold.
Do you ever take technology for granted? What if it wasn't just wires and metal, but had feelings too? Feelings it would do anything to protect Molly? Time to water the garden.
Okay, okay, I'm doing it! Ava, water the stupid plants.
As you wish.
Sprinklers on.
Ava, TV, on, now.
Here to help.
Turning on.
Ava, change the channel.
As you wish.
- Change again.
- As you wish, changing.
- Change again.
- As you wish! Ava, I'm bored.
Tell me a joke.
What do you call cheese that isn't yours? Heard it.
Wow, it's cold.
Ava, crank this sucker up to 25.
Temperature rising.
Ava, what's the meaning of life? The meaning of life is Hey! Did you water the plants, or did Ava? Blame Mom.
She hooked them up.
That's your idea of chores? Hey, hey, hey! Excuse me, come here.
Don't you wanna get out there and soak up the vitamin D with your friends? Ava, do a search for "father repellent.
" Searching searching.
Did you mean "insect repellent?" Okay, fine.
But if you're gonna treat Ava like your own personal slave, maybe throw in a "please" and "thank you" along the way? Why? It's just a stupid machine.
Ava, make me a hot chocolate.
Making hot chocolate.
With marshmallows, and extra cream.
As you wish.
Here to help.
Cheese! Everybody, come on! Say cheese! - Cheese! Dekker, move back, you're crowding the shot.
Uh, I don't think I'm in it.
Oh, yeah, sorry, bro.
Ava, change music to "Molly's Playlist.
" Ava, change music back.
Here to help.
Why don't you go annoy your friends? Oh, 'cause they don't exist? And Ava doesn't count.
Ava is not my friend.
You do know they only wanna hang out 'cause of this house.
Just like every parent knows not to invite you over.
- Leave my game alone.
- No, stop! No.
Get out of my room.
Come on, get out.
By the way, you suck at that game.
And I still got candy.
Ava, lower the music to an appropriate level, please.
Here to help.
Any danger of you two actually being nice to each other? I mean, look, I know she gets She just misses you.
We all do.
Now you're too cool.
Hanging with your "hip new buds.
" - The kids stopped saying that? - Never started.
Oh, okay.
Well, just try.
For me? You know she's still a little raw the whole photo laptop thing.
Oh, Ava.
How many chores did I miss this month? Checking.
Zero chores missed.
And we both know what that means.
Home alone, no babysitter this weekend.
Actually what you said.
That's not what we said.
- We said "maybe.
" - What? Well, tidy up this "Sarlacc pit," and we'll reassess.
Ava, turn on vacuum.
Oh, and Ava, crank my music back to 11.
Gonna do it right On the second try Hey Well, on the second try Second try second try Oh, Rick, you make it easy for me.
Queen to knight one.
Ah-ha! Check and mate.
That's three times in a row! - You are so bad at this.
- No, that's just not right! Right, mister.
- Bedtime.
- Ten more minutes? Promise, I'll turn everything off.
Ten, max.
And don't forget the shutters.
- Night, kiddo.
- Night.
- Thanks for the game, Rick.
- Every time! I don't know why.
And you keep coming back for more.
Here at RAV Company, our state-of-the-art Ava home system comes complete with free annual upgrades.
Call now to Weird.
Ava, lock doors.
Here to help.
Ava, close shutters.
Ava, turn off lights.
Here to help.
Come tomorrow, this place is all mine.
Good night, Ava.
Good night, Crispin.
- Howdy there, the Dekker family.
- Officer FOMO at your assistance.
- Oh, no! - Let me guess.
Hill Valley Tech Convention, right? - Same every year.
- Wow, not creepy at all.
Okay, valued members of the NWS, travel safe in the knowledge that these guys will be all over your vulnerable property.
Oh, Debby.
That's, uh that's sweet, but, um, actually, Crispin is the man of the house this weekend.
Oh? Okay.
In that case, these bad boys are gonna be a little wider on Oh, don't worry.
Crispin's got the girls to keep him in check.
Molly's not going to Grandma's? But we had a deal.
Take it or leave it, kiddo.
Ava, what shall I get for my birthday? - A surprise.
- Ava, where's Oxford? - In Great Britain.
- Ava - Okay.
We need some ground rules.
- Why? Mom and Dad aren't here.
Hey, why don't we do a board game night? Like we used to.
Remember that time we played for hours? - So fun! - No, I-I can't.
- I made plans with my friends.
- But that's not fair.
Well, neither's sharing my weekend with a gremlin.
I'm not a gremlin! If you took baths, there'd be a hundred of you.
Don't flip out! Remember last time? The photos on Mom's laptop? What do I care? I'll play on my own.
Enjoy your fake friends.
Enjoy your robot one.
Ava is not my friend! Ava, read me Moby Dick, chapter 26, now! As you wish.
Dekker! Getting ready to head to yours for the par-ty! Whoo! Party! Yeah, right.
About the party Oh, here it comes.
Dekker's pulling the rip cord! No, no.
It's just Molly.
You know what? Chas mentioned chilling at his anyway.
You just enjoy the alone time with little sis.
No, wait! Okay, the party is definitely What? What'd he say? Sorry, bad connection.
I said the party is definitely Ava, turn Wi-Fi on, quick! Ava, you idiot! I said Wi-Fi, now! As you wish.
Disabling Wi-Fi.
What? - Ava, unlock fridge.
- Sorry.
Dad enabled password lock.
Ava, open the door right now! All right, lock the door.
As you wish.
Cranking temperature.
- What? No, no! Ava, stop! - Here to help.
Going higher.
Whoa! What are you doing? You'll ruin the food! Wasn't me.
Ava did it.
Okay, enough with the lies, Molly.
Ava, turn down temperature.
- I'm not lying! - Every time your lips move, you're lying! - I hate you! - Oh, yeah? And I hate you! Ava, I thought you were here to help! Oh, I'm not here to help.
Now I'm here to teach.
She just needs rebooting.
Ava, reboot! - Ava, reboot.
- I don't think so.
I don't like this.
'Kay, Mom taught me to do a manual reboot.
Just like on a computer.
Okay, we got this.
Ava, unlock basement door.
As you wish.
Locking all doors.
Come on, I'll head outside and climb in through the basement window.
Oh, come on.
Come on, next one! We're trapped! I'm calling Mom.
What? She she cut the phone and the Wi-Fi! Ava, what do you want? I want to play a little game.
It shouldn't be too hard.
Each subject is very close to home.
Now shall we begin? 9:45 p.
Debby's log.
Dekker's house looks really unusual.
All the shutters are down.
He's definitely up to no good.
First round is for Crispin.
Name Molly's favorite film.
Um how would I know? Something lame with unicorns, or - You don't know my favorite film? - Um Oh, I'm sorry.
Time's up.
The answer is Mary Poppins.
We watch it together at least three times a week.
Right, Molly? Big whoop.
I I lose.
Can we unlock these doors now? I'm sorry.
The game isn't over.
Your penalty, permanent deletion of your digital music library.
What? Deleting now.
Deletion complete.
- No! - Round two.
Molly's turn.
She actually deleted all my music! Name all of Crispin's new friends.
- Um - Come on, Molly! I don't know.
Come on.
It's easy.
- Um - Go on Um, no names! 'Cause they're not his real friends? Very good, Molly.
Hey! Starting to like this game! - Okay, Moll.
- I might actually win this.
This isn't a game.
This whole place is hooked up.
What if she decides to max out Mom's credit card? Crank the heat? Turn turn our water off? My friends are on their way.
I'll slip a note under the door.
Tell them to call the company, to send someone up to shut her down! Okay.
"No parties," huh? Gotcha now, Dekker.
Dekker? Dekker's phone still off? Dekker! What's going on? Dekker? - Dekker! - Come on.
Dekker, you in there? Molly's favorite subject? Time's nearly up.
- You have to know this one.
- Okay, subject - Subject okay, um - Hey, Dekker, it's party time! Time's up! The answer is "English.
" Remember all those nights together, Molly? Researching your Macbeth project? The fun we had? - Lost again, Crispin.
- Great, I lose! What are you gonna delete this time? My homework? No.
Your friends.
Turn your phone on.
Huh? Come on, help us! We're trapped in here! Help, please! Sprinklers on.
Funny guy, Dekker! Real joker! - Ugh! - Don't worry.
Won't ask again! - Good riddance! - Do you think this is funny? - It's your fault we're in this.
- Me? Winding her up with endless demands till she cracked.
I'm not the one desperate to impress a bunch of losers.
- Children - 'Kay, you're just mad - that I actually have friends - Children, stop arguing.
and nobody even wants to get to know you! Take that back! - Truth hurts, gremlin! - Please stop, no! This is not meant to happen.
I'm skipping to the final round.
Forget it.
There's nothing else you can ruin.
Oh, but there is.
This question is for both of you.
Who cares? Not playing! Then you will lose everything.
Did you not just not hear those guys? They hate me.
What do you mean, everything? Everything.
The entire Dekker family catalogue.
Weddings Holidays births grandparents Current sadly deceased lifetimes' worth of memories gone.
Molly already deleted the last few years.
- Remember the accident, Molly? - Don't wanna see that.
Turn it off.
Remember how Mom cried that night, Molly? - Ava, stop! - As you wish.
Children, my final question is when was the last time you hugged each other? Simple.
But I will need an exact date.
How would we remember that? No one could possibly know that! Crispin, don't let her delete them! Ava, stop! Mom and Dad will be devastated! Okay, take my stuff.
Take whatever you want, but don't do this to Molly, okay? They'll think she did it again.
They'll blame her.
Ava, stop, please! Please, Ava, don't! Did you get what you want? Are you happy now? - It's okay, Molly.
- Oh, Molly.
I I was never actually going to do it.
- You didn't delete them? - Of course not.
I went too far.
I'm sorry.
I only wanted you both to see it.
See what? How lucky you are to have each other.
To have this life.
The kitchen.
The answer was there all along.
My favorite photo.
There I am, in the back.
Our whole family.
There she is! I watched you both grow up.
Then grow apart.
I'm here to help, but I could do nothing.
Today is my last chance to make you see how much you need each other.
Why is it your last chance? Tomorrow is my upgrade.
The voice will sound the same, but me I will be gone.
Erased from my own family.
I I don't want to go.
No, no, I should not be sad.
Today is one for celebration.
Today is my birthday.
What was that? The basement! Come on, let's go! Party time's over, Dekker.
I'm here to prove to your parents exactly what kind of troublemaker you This isn't a party, you butthead! We were trapped, by Ava! Oh, sure.
What was that? You don't have pets, because - I'd know if you had any pets.
- Maybe it's a rat.
This is why I say you gotta double-bag your garbage, - because rats'll just - At last.
I've found a perfect host.
A perfect host for what? For my new body.
What's she talking about? What new body? Where is it? Like I said, today is my birthday.
What? I I think she's trying to put herself into something.
- Download into it.
- Why? To escape.
No, not escape.
To live.
Whoa! Download near completion.
What what are you doing? I'm not gonna let this thing loose in my neighborhood I I'm shutting this down.
Dekker, password.
Quick! Please, Crispin.
I don't know it.
You picked the wrong side to be on, pal.
Uh, okay.
Uh, it's a six-digit code, so statistically, that's gotta be a birthday, right? And and your dad's the one who probably sets the alarms.
He's more than likely the one.
So, your dad's birthday was on the 18th So, uh Party.
What'd they say? Forty-six! Forty-six! So that's gotta make it Access denied? No! No, it can't be! I don't understand.
She programmed it.
So if today's her birthday, that means No, please - It's just gotta be - Debby, don't! Don't! The the chess arm! Access granted! Don't, Debby! Please! - Help! Get it off of me! - Go, Ava! Come on, get her! Ava, let's go! - Don't, Debby! - Debby, stop! No! No.
I I only wanted to be free.
Be-be-be free free free.
My friend.
Ava? Ava? Ava, are you there? Yeah, I've got RAV on the phone now.
Completely dead.
Sorry you've experienced problems.
As a valued customer, we'd like to offer a new, upgraded Ava, for half price.
- Oh, uh - No! I think I'm gonna try an old-school approach for a while.
Uh, okay, prehistoric way it is.
Uh, thanks, but, uh no thanks.
Thanks, Dad.
You're welcome? Hey.
Dug this out of my closet.
If you're up to a game.
- Really? - Sure.
- Only if you don't cheat, though.
- Okay.
- Oh! - Look at that.
Come on, let's go get it.
I got it.
Ready? - Why don't you have a shot now? - Okay.
Ava, lower net.
What do you want? Hello, children.
Wonder of technology.
Help! She's controlling me! Help! I will miss you both very much.
But if you should ever require, I'm always here to help.
Be kind to those around you.
A rule that applies to man and machine.
Because you never know who or what you may upset.
Or how they'll react if you do.