Creepshow (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Gray Matter; The House of the Head

If you are unable to find shelter, you should contact the Red Cross for The world population's reached a grand total of 3.
8 billion, doubling its total over the last 30 years.
Hurricane Charlie has been upgraded to a category 4.
Authorities are advising citizens to evacuate.
This has the potential to be a devastating storm, folks.
The last category 4 we had in the region was Hurricane Hazel in 1954, which left an estimated 1,000 people dead.
If you are unable to evacuate, we urge you to find immediate shelter.
And now for something new from the charts.
You all right, Chief? Yeah.
Eight hundred seventy-six dollars and forty-three cents.
Every time there's a storm, there's a run on supplies.
Timmy Grenadine.
I thought we were the only ones thickheaded enough to be out here in this weather.
I'm sorry, Timmy.
Alls we got left is cat and dog food.
Do you have any Harrow's Supreme, Mrs.
Parmalee? For your daddy? I'll go get it.
Ain't seen a storm like this one come through since when was it? '58? Maybe '59? I remember it was right around the time the love of your life walked out on ya.
She said it wasn't you.
It was the weather.
Then you should be grateful that she did walk out on me 'cause you wouldn't have had nobody to hang out with the last 20 years.
And you got a point! Every night you two egg each other on.
There's no point in going on about the past.
- Better than the present.
- Yeah, that's right.
Times have come and gone.
This town is practically dead.
This storm just might be the last nail in the coffin.
Chief, I thought you were gonna get rid of my mold problem for me.
I tried.
Keeps comin' back.
We're interrupting the program with breaking news.
Due to the weather conditions, the police have officially suspended the search for the missing Grady twins.
The twins, age 14, have been missing since Is everything okay? My daddy h he's changed.
What's wrong? I don't know.
I I can't say.
He's real sick.
I don't wanna go back.
I never want to go back.
Oh, sweetheart, you don't have to go back.
You just stay right here.
Authorities want citizens to evacuate immediately.
You need to go pay a visit to that boy's father.
Find out what's going on with Richie.
Tell you what, son.
You stay here with Ms.
Parmalee, all right? And, uh, me and Doc will take that case of beer.
We'll go over and, uh, see your daddy.
No! I I mean would you? Would you really do that, Mr.
Connors? Of course I would, son.
Of course.
Well, now, look at you.
He ain't been feeding you very much, has he? You come on over here and sit down.
I'm gonna get you a nice warm meal.
What do you think got that boy so spooked? I don't know.
But I can tell you, I haven't seen a look like that since George Kelso.
George who? George Kelso.
Years ago, he saw something in the sewers that spooked the bejesus out of him.
Shit! Must've made landfall.
I remember something that my daddy used to say to me.
He'd say, "Son, there are things in the corners of this world that if you look 'em right in the face, they'll drive you insane.
" That poor boy.
It was a night just like this.
Momma and Poppa had a hell of a fight.
Martha ran out into that storm.
Richie's never been the same since.
All right, let's do this.
Go on now so we don't get caught in the thick of it.
Dixie? We'll be back in a few minutes.
You be careful, boys.
Damn storm.
Go on.
Now why don't we start at the beginning? Nothin' to tell, Mrs.
Nothin' to tell? Timmy, when I was your tutor, what did I always tell you about math? For every problem, there is a solution.
Well, life's just like that.
What's been eatin' at you? All started a few years ago, after Your momma died.
We buried her on a Tuesday.
My daddy wouldn't talk to anyone but me.
Why don't you go back inside, son? Daddy always taught me that a real man don't cry.
And that's when he took up the bottle? He always liked his Friday night beers, ain't gonna lie.
But after a while, every night was Friday to him.
As soon as he'd come home, he'd have to have his Harrow's.
He said it helped him put the long day behind him.
Otherwise, work would grind him down.
After a while, everything seemed to grind him down.
Argument on the factory floor.
Late on the rent.
Pick-up needs a new alternator.
And then it wasn't just nights.
They caught him drinkin' on the job.
They gave him his papers.
I don't want you to think I'm speakin' poorly of my daddy.
He was always good to me.
But all that seemed to I don't know just kinda fade away.
Is everything okay, Daddy? I know I've been no good.
And I'm sorry.
I'm gonna quit.
I promise.
You gotta believe me.
I will be your daddy again, okay? But that didn't happen, did it? Oh, Timmy, I am so sorry.
To see your daddy change like that Change? Mrs.
Parmalee that that was just the beginning.
I think there's something more about your daddy you wanted to share.
He became good for only one thing.
What's that? Drinkin' contests.
It's how we paid our bills, you see.
Until one day in October, after winning big I'm gonna quit one day.
I promise.
Christ Jesus! What what's that, Daddy? You okay, Daddy? I swear, it smelled like something crawled in there and died.
Two days later, I come home from school and I find my daddy doing something he never done watching afternoon tearjerkers.
It's too darn bright in here.
Why don't you go ahead and close the shade for your daddy? While you're at it, go fetch me another case of Harrow's.
And that's what it became.
Every day after school, I'd have to get him his Harrow's Supreme.
I wouldn't dare go home without it.
It seemed like he'd never leave that chair of his.
He was always watchin' those soaps.
Timmy! Yeah, Daddy? I need you to turn off that light.
I'm I'm just trying to do my homework.
You questioning your daddy, are you? You want a whippin'? Go study at your good-for-nothin' friend's house.
Sure, Daddy.
Before you go, blanket up these windows.
Daddy you ever miss Momma? 'Cause I really miss her.
Go on, now.
Time's a-wastin'.
Timmy you have to tell me what's happenin' with your daddy so we can get him help.
- Yeah, this is it.
- Thank Christ.
Richie's on the second floor.
Hello? Anybody here? - It's hot in there.
- Damn.
Oh, damn! Goddamn Gaiteau, son of a bitch landlord's got the radiator goin' in September.
Hey, Richard, we got your beer! Gaiteau did that? What do you think happened here? Damned if I know.
Where did you get that? Go on.
Oh, what the hell? E-e-easy there, Chief.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Just take it slow.
- It's just so damn hot in here.
- Yeah, breathe.
Richie? Richie? You up here? Richie? He started demanding I heat up his Harrow's.
He wanted the radiators on at full blast.
One day I come home, and my daddy Turn on the lights, son.
He's all wrapped up in my blanket from head to toe.
Daddy, what's happened to you? I don't know.
It don't hurt.
It feels kinda nice.
I'm gonna call the doc.
Don't you dare, or I'll touch you, and you'll look like this.
Richie? Hey, Richie, it's Doc here.
You all right? Ooh.
Oh, man, it smells bad in here.
What is goin' on? Oh my God.
It's 100 degrees in here.
Richie? Richie, where are you? No, I can't! I can't, please! Please, Mrs.
Parmalee, don't make me! He's in pain.
Your momma would want you to tell me.
You know she would.
His thirst it it grew.
He wanted more.
More than just beer.
You don't understand.
It's not what he's gone and done.
It's what he's going to do! What he's going to do? What Oh God! There were no more supplies.
His appetite's grown.
First it was the animals.
And then I didn't know what to do, you see? Everyone left town because of the storm.
I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You have to understand.
- Chief! - Doc? Nothing could stop him.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I brought them to him.
No, no, no, no.
We gotta get out of here.
Chief, we gotta go.
Let's get out of here.
He was so hungry.
Timothy what is he going to do? Richie! Get out here.
You're under arrest.
Richie! Get out here now.
Oh! Doc! Doc, help! Doc! No! Why? He promised me he was gonna quit.
He's my daddy.
I love him.
We have to get out of here! They're multiplying! We have to get out of town! How long do we have? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It can't be right! - It can't be! - It wasn't stopping.
It just kept growing! - Time! Time! We have no time! - We need to go! Oh God, please! God, no, no! Dixie, what in the good lord's name are you doing? We can't stop them! - We can't stop them! - No! 3.
8 billion! At this rate, in six days.
Six days? Six days to what?! The end! The end of everything! All of this house for just three people? Yup.
Father, mother.
And then over here in the den, Ethan.
And down here in the kitchen, we have Dane.
And a repaired fireplace for all.
- Dad! - Hey! I love it! So you have all these rooms to choose from.
You made Ethan's bedroom the den.
So he can stay up all night and watch TV.
- Ahh.
- Oh, well.
Now imagine her as a teenager.
This is really great, Evie, but I've gotta get you to school.
Goodbye, the "Smithsmiths.
" The "Smithsmiths," huh? - That's their name.
- Okay.
Sounds more like a like a stutter than a name.
Okay, okay, the Smithsmiths it is.
Wait! I have to feed Dane! Honey, come on! You don't want to be late for school.
- Like that! - Dad! No! No, here! Hi, Daddy! Hey! How was school, kiddo? Good.
Don't forget, we have our mommy/daughter date.
Yay! Who are you? Who are you? I didn't put you there.
How did you get there? Evie? Weren't you two laying down? Are you guys worried about something? Ethan? Are you okay? Who moved you guys? Yuck! Evie! Let's get a move on! Coming! Don't wanna miss the previews.
Nobody move again.
Hi, Dad.
How was the movie? The movie was great.
I gotta go.
Good night! Uh - good night to you too.
- Good night, Mom! Good night, darling.
Who let you out? What are you doing in this house? You don't belong here.
Smithsmiths, I think you're haunted.
I know, we spoil her.
That's our favorite kind of parent.
She loves your dollhouse.
She should.
It's one of a kind.
Randy thinks it's a good idea for her to play with dolls.
Says it's good for building her identity.
He's right.
They still haven't come up with a better way for a child to figure out who they really are.
I guess that's why they call them figurines.
And they don't typically like to tell you about it, either.
Tell you about what? What they're figuring out.
Really? That one? Here, guys.
He'll get to the bottom of this, Ethan.
Where are you? Evie! Time for dinner! I have to go eat dinner too.
Don't move.
And be careful.
I thought I told you guys not to move.
You're looking for the head.
Find it.
What's going on in here? - Hm.
- He's investigating.
Investigating what? Looks like he's he's searching for rats.
Well ah, well, Dane would've eaten them by now.
Try to wrap it up soon, okay, baby? Bedtime.
Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! What's this for? I love you, Daddy.
And I love you, Evie.
Good night.
And good night to the Smithsmiths too.
Oh my God.
Stay away from the Smithsmiths! And stay away from me too! I have to help them.
A priest or a rabbi? I don't have either.
I don't think I've ever stocked those.
They might have one at a church or a temple.
One of those places use toys to explain the testaments and whatnot.
Uh What do you need them for? I need something spiritual.
We do have some Native American toys.
They're a very spiritual people, Evie.
Probably more spiritual than any priest or rabbi you'll ever meet.
Do something! Evie? Come watch a movie with us.
There's something that I'm sure your toys can take care of themselves.
He'll protect us.
Good luck.
Coming! You're looking for it.
Do you think the head is out of the dollhouse? No! Look out! Evie? Evie? Did you have a bad dream? What? No, I'm okay.
- You screamed, honey.
- I did? Yes, you woke us up.
Do you wanna come sleep with us tonight? No.
You know it's okay to be scared, right? Yeah.
And if you have another bad dream, all you have to do is come crawl into bed with us.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Oh, no.
Ethan? Where are you? Ethan! I can't leave that thing in my room.
No! You don't belong out here! Get back in there! No more.
No more of the head.
You're absolutely sure? Maybe she's just growing up.
Oh, this is one of a kind.
Our daughter says she's over it.
You know how kids are.
One minute, the houses are everything.
The next, you're supposed to throw it away.
That would be a shame.
Thank you.

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