Creepshow (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Night of the Paw; Times Is Tough in Musky Holler

MALE RADIO ANNOUNCER: Police believe the suspect escaped in a gray sedan and may be headed to the state border.
ANNOUNCER: Suspect is armed and considered extremely dangerous.
Not much longer, my love.
Not at all what I expected.
Turn around real slow, asshole.
I should think a simple thank you would suffice.
Thank you? Fuck you! You took my fingers.
I saved your hand - and your life while - Back away, or I swear to God I'm gonna kill you.
Yes, I know you will.
Yes, I'm counting on it.
Jesus Christ.
Nope, guess again.
It's Avery Whitlock.
Friends call me Whitey.
Call me Whitey.
I need your car, Whitey.
Yeah, the company vehicle, yeah.
Give me the keys.
You're not gonna get very far tonight in your condition, dear.
We'll see about that.
Well not tonight, you see, the interstate's flooded.
Do you do you wanna die, old man? Yes.
Yes, absolutely.
In the morning, I'll be dead, and you'll be on your way.
But first, tonight, join me for a glass of wine.
You see, you've lost a lot of blood, Angela.
And you're gonna need your strength for the journeys ahead.
Besides, I have something to give you.
It's a gift that will make the very gods tremble.
Come on.
I've been saving this for a special occasion.
Tonight is cause célèbre.
So, you're going to tell me what this is all about? Of course, Angela.
Tonight is all about love and fate.
Do you believe in fate? That some unseen force Be it God or karma That controls our lives? There are no gods.
But then you already know that given your age and your profession.
Who hurt you? I was admiring your wedding band.
Was it a loving spouse? My spouse is dead.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
His death was well, it was not the work of a benevolent god, Mr.
What would you do if I told you that your visit was not by choice but rather a grand design perpetrated by me? I'd say you've been hitting too much of the good stuff.
You know, tonight is my wife's birthday.
Forty-seven years I was faithful to that woman.
And, um, I can tell you something that most men can't.
And that's that I loved her every day.
Even on days I couldn't bear the click-clacking of her dentures [LAUGHS.]
I adored that woman.
Which makes what I did all the more unthinkable.
What is that? It's a gift I alluded to.
You see this paw was smuggled out of Mumbai by a former client, now deceased.
Old folklore tells of an Indian Fakir who cast a spell on it, giving it the power to grant its host three wishes.
Now, the Fakir wanted to prove that fate ruled people's lives, and that those that interfered did so at their own peril.
Note the clenched fist.
That means that three wishes have already been granted.
You're gonna tell me what this little prop here has to do with your late wife? [CHUCKLES.]
Almost everything.
You see, like you, I didn't believe in the power of the paw.
But Marjorie, she couldn't resist.
She made a couple of frivolous wishes.
The first was a lost recipe.
And the other, I can't recall.
But the point was that the wishes came to pass.
A lost recipe? I know what you're thinking.
But it was her third wish that convinced me otherwise.
The third and final wish born of desperation and fear Your move.
WHITEY: Her business was dying.
The once harsh winters, the seasons of our life's blood, had grown tame.
In the past, one could always count on the pipes freezing up at the senior center, along with the few of the seniors if we were lucky.
But after three generations of service, the Whitlock Funeral Home was on the brink of bankruptcy.
And that's when Marjorie turned to the paw.
WHITEY: With her final wish remaining, she asked for Money.
Send all the money we need, and more.
WHITEY: Within a week, I was wealthy.
Wow, sounds like a shit load of new customers.
It was a solitary death.
The insurance payout on my Marjorie.
Oh come all ye faithful Joyful and triumphant? Oh come ye, oh come MARJORIE: [SCREAMS.]
Marjorie! WHITEY: The paw took hold of our fate and squeezed.
Squeezed until fate gave her what she bargained for.
All the money we had ever needed and more.
A coincidence.
Yeah, like the flooded interstate.
But it's what happened next that demonstrated with unmitigated clarity the true power of the paw.
Each day had become an eternity.
The hours, the seconds My cruelest adversaries.
WHITEY: I prayed for guidance, but the answers never came.
Until I received what I took to be divine intervention.
Christ had risen, had he not? Up from the dead? And here I was requesting a miracle.
WHITEY: Christ forgive me.
I wished my Marjorie back from the dead.
MARJORIE: Help me.
Marjorie! Night after night I held vigil.
But still, my bride would not return.
Was I being punished for my part in this godless affair? MARJORIE: [WHISPERS.]
WHITEY: But several weeks later while testing the integrity of a new product line [LOUD THUD.]
WHITEY: Horror of horrors.
I wished Marjorie alive, yes.
But her body would be trapped.
WHITEY: I had to keep my wits about me.
One wrong move, and Marjorie would be locked inside the Premium Ever Rest for all eternity.
WHITEY: I guarantee it.
It's me, my love.
I've come to save you.
I'm sorry.
Here, here.
It's me, my love.
I've come to save you.
I love you, Marjorie.
WHITEY: No! As you were, my love.
As you were.
I tried convincing myself it was all imagined.
The experience at the grave no more than a waking nightmare.
But the weeks have not been kind, and I dream about her every night.
And I see the look on her face of terror.
Terror that I helped facilitate.
And the horror.
The horror of her being trapped in the Premium Ever Rest for all eternity.
You guarantee it.
I guarantee it.
Think I'm a senile old buzzard, don't you? I think you're full of shit.
Wanna see the scar? [LAUGHS.]
Excuse me? From the cemetery where I got the bite.
- Wanna see? - No, I'll pass.
Thank you.
Tick tock.
It's up to you now.
The interstate's open.
I'll take those keys now.
Uh, keys are in the hearse where they've always been.
Why did you save my life? It's Christian charity.
- Bullshit.
Why was I spared? You weren't spared.
I invited you here.
I asked the paw to send me a killer to relieve me of my life misery.
Can't do it myself.
Suicide is too great a sin.
I'm not a killer.
WHITEY: Oh yes, you are.
I've been following your story.
You've killed before.
And before you leave here today, you'll kill again.
Please end end it.
MAN: Please.
I love you.
WHITEY: I can't fight it.
It's our destiny.
I don't believe in destiny.
But if it'll shut you up.
Bless you.
No! No, what are you doing? [GROANING.]
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! [SCREAMING.]
Shoot me! [SCREAMING.]
Shoot me, Angela! [GUNSHOT BLASTS.]
Thank you.
No, no, no, no.
No, you can't die.
I'm not a killer.
I'm not a killer! No, you can't [HEAVY BREATHING.]
The keys? Where are the keys? Oh, what? [KEYS JINGLE.]
Shit, Whitey.
Get up.
Get up, get up.
Fuck you, Whitey.
No, no, no, no! [SCREAMING.]
Alright! Listen up, jailers! Y'all know me.
It's your old pal, Lester M.
And I ain't never steered you wrong! Not once! Not ever! Give us mercy, oh Lord.
That divine mercy.
Wipe away our sins.
You got us into this.
I did everything you said.
I'm gonna get us out it, too, so you just shut the hell up.
Hey, y'all know you're barking up the wrong tree here, don't ya? Once this all blows over, we're gonna fix it no time flat.
Shit! We all got history together! We all fought the good fight! And I was always here for ya! Even when nobody else gave a damn! I wish someone would stick a cork in his ol' fat pie hole.
- It ain't funny, Deke.
I didn't say it was funny.
I don't think none of this here's funny.
Hey, we are running out of time here! [CROWD CHANTING IN DISTANCE.]
The clock is still ticking.
If you don't make a right choice here, you don't do what is right for this town, and for America! Let me tell you, there is gonna be hell to pay.
LOTTIE: You got that last part right, baby.
LOTTIE: You want out? We can get you out.
You just might wanna back away from that door for a minute.
Well, look at you now.
Evil devil woman, all high and mighty all of the sudden.
After everything that has happened in this world, you think you got what it takes to keep this pot from boiling over? [LAUGHS.]
Well, from where I stand, look like you in way over your head.
I know who I am.
And I know what you are.
You ain't the mayor of this town anymore, you piece of shit.
So, you wanna stand off to the side there, 'cause for once in your life, all these others come first.
Oh shit.
Pastor Mitchell Ryan, his wife, Susan, and son, Jimmy, who encouraged Lester Barclay's reign of terror - by claiming it was God's will.
- WOMAN: No.
News Director Don Pamade who willingly spread his lies with the devil's tongue.
Sheriff Deke and his men who savagely enforced his wicked laws.
Raping and murdering countless numbers of our fellow citizens.
Leslianne Dowd, who spread the vicious gossip that resulted in the loss of so many innocent lives.
- Whoa! No, no, no, no, no, y'all y'all kidding, right? You're kidding.
Does it look like we're kidding, you fucking traitor? You're still just a shitty used car salesman to me.
Now move, you prick! CROWD: [CRYING AND MOANING.]
Why don't you just shoot me, boy, and get it over with? You want me to shoot you? You know you want to.
Come on, yeah.
I will, but it won't get you out of this.
You're going up, one way or another.
You did it to him.
You wanna do it, don't ya? But you can't.
- I'm not asking again! - 'Cause you're a pussy! Just like your father.
It was my baby sister you raped.
And my my daddy what you did to him the way I see it, my daddy's still the real sheriff of this town.
And he's up there waiting for ya.
But you already know that, don't ya? I know that you're a pussy, boy.
You're a pussy! Just shoot me! Preacher.
Preacher man.
Now would be a good time for a prayer.
I swear to Christ I didn't say nothing.
I didn't say nothing to nobody! Leslianne, will you kindly shut the hell up? Lottie, please, we can work something out here.
Shut the hell up, Lester.
You should have thought about that before you subjected these God-fearing folk to your nasty game.
Held our whole town hostage, and you forced us to watch.
No, you don't wanna be doing this.
You know this ain't right.
It's me, your ol' pal, Lester M.
You know what that M stands for? Magic.
That's what we got between us, Lottie.
You and me, we got magic.
Magic? Now poof, be gone.
Buckle up, everybody, and enjoy the ride.
Lottie, we can make something here.
Lottie, don't walk away.
MAN: Please, oh my God, no! Please.
MAN: Please let me go.
I didn't do anything.
MAN: Please, I just did what I was told.
What are you doing? You can't do this to me.
You can't do this! You know who I am! [METAL RATTLING.]
Oh me, oh my.
How I love country pie.
LOTTIE: No one knew what really caused it.
There were many theories tossed about on the local news, but none of that mattered.
People panicked.
All anyone knew was that the Earth was spitting out its dead.
Before we knew it, Musky Holler was being overrun.
It was chaos.
But truth be told, Musky was already kind of a shit hole.
So, was it really that bad that it was about to be wiped off the Earth? The city council was about to call in the National Guard, when Lester M.
Barclay stormed in with a bunch of goons.
LESTER: Meeting's over, you piss ants! Your ol' pal Lester M.
Barclay is taking over.
Someone needs to run this town the way it needs to be run.
MALE ANNOUNCER: Now gentlemen, contestants, the final round.
Tonight, the contest will finally end, bringing a close to this most tragic chapter in our history.
When the change came, we were all terrified.
And terrified people can make shameful decisions.
We all know we bear our shame of the blame.
And we pray for our Lord's forgiveness.
But we are a God-fearing people.
And God Almighty, how you've taught us all to fear your evil ways, punished the innocent, and plunged this community back into the Dark Ages.
We're here to take it back in the name of Musky Holler, and in the name of the people you murdered.
You have reminded us of what justice truly means.
And it is justice that brings us together tonight.
- To atone for our sins.
- Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! ANNOUNCER: To make it right.
LESTER: This ain't right.
You all know this ain't right.
I-I'm Lester M.
- I'm the mayor of this town.
Y'all y'all picked me to protect you in our darkest hour.
- And I did.
Y'all know I did.
You you wouldn't be sitting where you are right now if I didn't do what I did! [CROWD BOOING.]
No, no, you, you, you, you, you wanted me to do it.
Hell, y'all begged me to do it.
Now, you're gonna make me the bad guy? Oh.
I, 'cause I'll tell you people something right now! [CROWD BOOING.]
Without me, you ain't nothing but a bunch of stupid animals.
I did what needed doing.
'Cause I am the only man in this town that got any goddamn balls.
I am Lester M.
Barclay! I am the King of Musky Holler! Y'all love me! Don't you remember? [LAUGHING.]
I am the fucking goddamn king! MAN: Who the fuck do you think you are? You'll never get away with this.
LOTTIE: It all happened so fast.
Within days, Lester had gathered up anyone that could challenge him, and locked everyone up under the old high school football field.
LESTER: I'm here to tell you they didn't know how to keep you safe.
They couldn't keep you safe.
And they won't keep you safe.
Only I can keep you safe.
Y'all will be taken care of by me, Lester M.
I have seen the vision of our future.
And those that cannot see will be punished.
With the new world comes new rules.
We've halted the advance of the dead after the change, thanks to me.
You all have your lives thanks to me! But there are those who would have let you die.
Those that did not.
Those that didn't have vision.
They must pay for those we lost.
LOTTIE: And with that, Lester's reign began.
Anyone that challenged him was taken to the arena: politicians, doctors, police, anyone.
And Lester's sick mind cooked up the ultimate spectacle to show what would happen to anyone that didn't share his vision of the future.
It became a circus.
The end of the world "Mad Max" kind of stuff.
And Lester and his goon squad loved every second of it.
We couldn't figure out what was worse: them or the dead.
Then came The Game, and he made them watch.
Turned it into some sort of sick contest.
ANNOUNCER: For your crimes against the people you pretended to serve, the town you swore to protect, and the country you betrayed through your every word and deed, ladies and gentlemen, for the last time Live Pie! [CREATURES GROWLING.]
ANNOUNCER: Looks like they're coming out of the gate with an early lead.
Who are they are gonna get to first? Ooh, it's Don Pamade! And next, they go onto the pastor's family.
His wife-oooh! And the pastor gets it next.
Ooh, and their son.
Oh no! Now, for the police officers that served under Deke.
- There goes Bo! - Please, please.
ANNOUNCER: There goes Ruth.
I think Jesus done lost his chance! That ain't funny, Deke.
I didn't say it was funny! Ain't none of this funny! ANNOUNCER: Now Deke and Leslianne are up next.
Oooh! And it's Leslianne that's gonna get it first.
Oh, oh, oh, oh man.
No! ANNOUNCER: And here comes the old sheriff.
And he is about to take a bite out of crime! There he goes.
All that's left now is Lester.
You can't do this to me! - ANNOUNCER: Here comes mayor.
- You could be mayor.
- You could be mayor! - ANNOUNCER: Mayor's slowly - making his way up.
- Oh no, you can't do this! - ANNOUNCER: And we've got pie! - [SCREAMS.]

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