Crime Diaries: The Candidate (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

The real events surrounding the assassination of Luis Colosio have been fictionalized to depict this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
MARCH 23, 1994 [chanting] Colosio! Colosio! Colosio! Colosio! [chanting continues] [chanting continues] [chanting continues] Shall we go join our agents? Nope.
I don't like this one bit.
Tell them to be on alert.
Let's go down there in case we're needed.
[Colosio] We do not fear our political rivals.
[crowd shouting] That's right! But we're against political incompetence.
[people cheering] Long live popular organization! Long live the PRI! Long live Mexico! [voices overlapping] [music playing] [yelling] [clamoring] - [gunshots] - [people screaming] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] [man panting] FOUR MONTHS BEFORE THE ASSASSINATION MEXICAN PRESIDEN [Salinas] How have you been getting along with Camacho? Fine.
We haven't spoken much.
He's been busy getting ready.
He even commissioned a bronze bust of himself.
You've gotten the hang of this game, Luis Donaldo.
What do you think? I think that if you choose him, it's a safe bet.
He might be ambitious, but he'll provide continuity to the economic plan, to the aspect of modernity, and to all you've accomplished.
And if I choose you? Are you interested? Of course I'm interested.
- [Salinas] How's Diana Laura doing? - Fine.
The treatment's working.
[Colosio] She's a strong woman, but the doctors say Cancer can be cured, Luis Donaldo.
And you're in the best hands.
You'll see everything will be all right.
The country needs the sacrifice of men who can keep up with me.
Don't forget it.
Whatever your decision is, what matters is that you keep participating somehow.
All this progress is because of you.
I need you to do me a favor.
Yes, Mr.
President? Get a haircut.
What for? For your campaign.
We can't have a disheveled candidate.
Take my word for it.
I know what I'm talking about.
Can you still go? - Final sprint.
- All right.
What are you doing up, honey? Give me that.
I'm tired of being in bed.
I'm bored.
The doctor says you need to rest.
Chemo's tough.
How did it go? What did the president want? - He told me to get a haircut.
- [chuckles] What for? The campaign.
[laughs] Congratulations, baby! Didn't I say you'd be my candidate? It's all very fine, but before we make any decision, I need to know we'll be able to handle it.
Why wouldn't we? Babe, you're what matters most.
And I need to know you'll be all right.
I'll be fine.
Don't be afraid.
We need to be brave.
Eh? I'm going to miss your curls.
You'll look so handsome.
- You think? - Yes.
[chuckles] - [upbeat music playing] - What's that? - What's that, Lupita? - The baby likes it, ma'am.
- Oh, of course she likes it.
- Look at that.
She's so cute.
[Diana Laura laughs] - Come here.
- Are you almost done? Don't, Donaldo! [Diana Laura, children laughing] [music continues] [people chanting] President! President! My friends.
I accept, with the enthusiasm of a party member, the support I've received to run for the presidency of Mexico.
[cheering] [people chanting] Colosio! Colosio! What is it with you and your ties? - There you go, done.
- Thank you.
Oh, the candidate.
So handsome.
- Thank you, I appreciate it.
- How are you? Fine.
You? - Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- See you in a moment? - Yes.
Excuse me.
Of course.
Is Camacho coming? Don't worry about him.
He's a sore loser.
Anyway, you should look him up and say hi.
- How? - Approach him.
You will make it clear that everything has to run smoothly.
Get it? Carlos, he's the one who should approach me.
Don't complicate things.
Camacho has a short fuse.
You're equable and conciliatory, aren't you? Seek him out.
Hey! - Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, man.
Anything I can do, sir? No, Octavio, thank you.
Congratulations, Mr.
Thank you.
I really mean it.
I'm so happy about your nomination.
I know you'll do a great job.
- You seem to have a lot of faith in me.
- Because I know you.
I won't let you down.
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
The responsibility of bringing peace, justice, and well-being throughout the nation.
I see your wife has been listening closely.
I imagine she's been fundamental in this.
- May we ask her to join us? - Certainly.
- This is Diana Laura, my wife.
- Hello.
The person who gives me strength.
And here is our son, Luis Donaldo.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Are you a good student? [chuckles] - Yes.
- [Diana Laura] Right.
[laughs] - [chuckles] How's your family life, ma'am? Well, until a few days ago [stammers] it it has changed.
It's changed with the turmoil of events.
However, I think we'll adapt to this new way of life.
- What is your profession, ma'am? - I'm an economist.
I practiced until 1987 when we started campaigning for Mr.
Then it was my duty to support him from a different aspect.
What will your participation in the campaign be? I think the best way I can contribute to the campaign is by holding the home front.
Luis Donaldo must be able to come home from work knowing his family is here for him.
Afterwards, I'll be part of other projects as long as my physical and human capabilities allow.
- Sweetie - [baby babbling] - My precious - Is she asleep? Hmm.
The interview came out all right, didn't it? It did.
Thank you, honey.
I think it was important for them to see us the way we are.
Do you think people will like me? - Or will I just scare voters away? - Honey, you tell me.
Who doesn't like to see a beautiful, intelligent woman? What is it? Are you all right? Uh [siren wailing] [heart monitor beeping] - It will be all right.
- [door opens] [doctor] Donaldo.
Sorry I took so long.
I was arranging a private room for you.
- Is it bad, Doctor? - [doctor] 'Course not, Diana Laura.
[Diana Laura] Hmm.
May I? You just felt faint, most likely because of too many activities.
It's the chemo, not the cancer.
Remember that.
I feel very tired.
[doctor] It'll go away, and soon.
It's a reaction to the treatment, nothing more.
You're the bravest woman I know.
I'll ask them to speed up the room.
Hmm? It would be best if you stayed overnight.
She can go back home tomorrow.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Told you.
Doc's right.
You're the bravest woman I know.
[Diana Laura sighs] What's on your mind? [sighs] Do you think I should quit? - Why? - To be with you.
Get away from all that party filth and the Salinas.
Oh, babe you just have to think about what you want.
You have to think about how far you want to go.
I won't be with you forever.
Do whatever makes you happy.
It will make me happy.
You were missed yesterday, Manuel.
Why haven't you wanted to congratulate me? MEXICO CITY HEAD OF GOVERNMEN [laughs] Great joke, Luis Donaldo.
- I'm serious.
- [chuckles] - You're a fundamental member of the party.
- I'm the inconvenient member of the party.
Manuel, it's important to put things to rest.
I'm launching my campaign, and I wouldn't want to do it having issues of any kind.
My issues are not with you.
Tomorrow, I'll speak to the president.
I'll work out my issues with Salinas myself.
I know you're disappointed, but I think we must respect the president's decision.
That's right.
You won the president's election, but not the people's.
We'll see if you deserve it.
Good luck.
- Camacho, be straight with me.
- What do you want? Same thing you do, Luis Donaldo.
Whatever's best for the country.
- [pitching machine pops] - [backstop rattles] [man] Nothing but strikes! - Wanna try? - Hell, no.
I'm more a boxing kind of guy.
Look, you'll want to see this.
NATIONAL PUBLIC ASSISTANCE What is it? A list of contributions so your campaign will run smoothly.
It won't get you in trouble.
Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
No, thank you, Raúl.
You know I've never liked this.
But you're the candidate now.
Think about it.
You'll need votes, and votes cost.
- I don't want to win that way.
- [scoffs] I'm not selling insurance.
I want to keep you safe, support you.
And who'll keep me safe from you? [Luis] No, thanks.
You're making a mistake, Donaldo.
You need allies, and I know good ones.
You understand, don't you? I won't go there, Raúl.
Stop insisting.
Just remember.
The door of Los Pinos opens from the inside.
[Luis] It's a summons that speaks to us TWO MONTHS BEFORE THE ASSASSINATION of an urgent need for social justice.
But it also faces us with the absurdity of violence.
Your presence, my friends, your participation, your enthusiasm, the certainty that moves you, and more specifically, your hopes to support my commitment to Mexico.
[applause] [booing] IMPOSTORS TRAITORS PRI=FRAUD COLOSIO=SALINAS [whistling] Shut up, thief! [woman] Mr.
Candidate? [Luis] Let her go, let her go! Leave her.
[woman] Do you want to respond to our claims? Answer me this.
Where is my son? In what part of the border did you shoot him? - Allow me to give him a proper burial.
- I'm sorry, ma'am, I promise Nothing but promises from you and your party! Okay, it's time to go.
I don't know what happened.
There should've been a crowd.
Our support groups failed us.
CAMPAIGN MANAGER - Next time - No, Ernesto.
Next time, we'll persuade them.
I don't want people paid to show up.
[man] We are called the Zapatista Army.
[reporter] But who is your commander? - Marcos.
Commander Marcos.
- [reporter] Marcos? But the military command is collective and they are in multiple regions.
In Chiapas, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and its leaders in San Cristóbal de las Casas - and other municipalities - [Diana Laura] What happened? rebels have been repressed by the army.
The air force bombed the jungle close to Ocosingo - as they searched for camps - Ocosingo! What is it, Donaldo? President Salinas de Gortari announced he'd designated Manuel Camacho as Peace Commissioner.
Donaldo? - Rebels are demanding homes - What are you thinking? health plans, jobs, and respect for the indigenous communities, among other things.
[footsteps approaching] My apologies, Luis Donaldo.
What can I do for you? I'm here to ask for your help.
- To do what? - Develop my campaign.
To have popular support.
Actual popular support.
I don't get it, Donaldo.
I made you my successor.
I put the PRI's system and the government's system to work on your campaign.
I've revealed to you all the secrets of my administration.
Yet you think it isn't enough.
Carlos, let's not play dumb.
You designated Camacho as peacemaker, fueling rumors of my eventual replacement.
You're confusing the issues.
You're the candidate.
I don't control the national rumor-ology.
[scoffs] I doubt there's an aspect of this nation you don't control.
Oh, so now I'm king.
You know perfectly well how hard it is to rule without legitimacy.
I've earned legitimacy through facts, through ruling, as will you.
You don't need to campaign or to work to get votes.
You know that's a done deal.
And I agree with you.
We must, little by little, look for democratic alternatives.
And I promise I'll be there to help you build them once you're president.
Honey, we knew it wouldn't be easy.
We knew it from the beginning.
[Luis] I feel I must do something to change things.
But I'm afraid of being wrong.
You won't be wrong.
Trust yourself.
You're an intelligent, sensitive man.
You came this far on your own power, not through privileges.
Trust that.
- Hmm? - Thanks, honey.
- I needed to hear you say it.
- I'll always be with you.
Let's go through with this, babe.
Let's do it right.
I love you, darling.
- Kiss the children for me.
- Kisses to you, too.
[Luis] Only authoritarian parties try to base their legitimacy on their inheritance.
We, democratic parties, earn it on a daily basis.
I like it, I like it.
It's very brave.
[chuckles] [Luis] Today, before Mexico's PRI-ism, before all Mexicans [people cheering] I state my commitment MARCH 6, 1994 to reform power, to democratize it, and to put an end 17 DAYS BEFORE THE ASSASSINATION to all traces of authoritarianism.
This will make everyone mad.
PRESIDENTIAL CHIEF OF STAFF That's why I wanted you to read it.
Shall we soften it? No.
Leave it like that.
[Luis] I see a hunger in Mexico.
A thirst for justice.
I see a nation of wronged people.
People wronged by laws which have been twisted by the same people who should honor them.
Men and women distressed by the abuse of the authorities and the arrogance of government bodies, we know that the source of many of our evils lies in the excessive concentration of power EX-PRESIDENT OF MEXICO which gives rise to the wrong decisions, to the monopolization of initiatives, to abuse, to excess.
- Did you approve this? - No.
- To reform power means - This isn't what Zedillo gave me.
to have a president strictly liable to the constitutional limits of his republican-democratic origins.
I deeply commit myself to Chiapas.
That is why we must listen to all voices.
We must never allow anyone to monopolize the feelings of the people of Chiapas.
It's time to reform power.
To build a new balance in the life of this country.
It's time for the correct application of justice, the greatest tool to fight political bossism, the seats of power, and the neglect of our communities.
It's time to stop leverage, corruption, and impunity.
I'm a man of my word, and I commit to the change I've proposed.
A change with a direction and with responsibility.
Mexico's greatest demand is for democracy.
Mexico demands.
We will respond.
As a presidential candidate, I am also ready.
We want victory! Let's win it on behalf of Mexico, and let's win it for Mexico! Long live Mexico! [cheering] [birds chirping] [Salinas] Your speech was a smart move.
[Luis] I heard you were upset by it.
You made it clear you're not me.
You put to rest the rumors that I might replace you with Camacho, and you've earned the love of the people, all in one blow.
I appreciate that.
We strengthened the campaign.
Go, candidate! Now for the win.
Loved your speech, by the way.
That's not the problem.
The problem is that, by doing it, you've isolated yourself completely.
There hasn't been a day since your speech when I haven't had to smooth things over with some party member.
Carlos, we must change the party's internal methods.
I'm surprised by your political righteousness when you know the rules of the game perfectly well.
You sent a message that has stirred mistrust in the same people you will need to make up your administration.
By doing it, you made a lot of enemies.
Not even I will be able to help you with anything.
I'm going for a sprint.
Catch up with me if you're up to it.
LABORATORIES Diana Laura, I know this is a terrible moment.
A complicated one.
I want you to know that more than your doctor, I'm your friend.
I'll find all the palliative measures available to me to keep your quality of life for as long as I can.
All right? What's on your mind? We haven't had a widower for president in a long time.
[Montoya] Back so soon? I thought you'd take longer.
Very elegant, candidate.
You just need the sash.
[Zedillo chuckles] We don't have much time, Ernesto.
Can we go over the details of the tour? - Yes, of course.
- I'll leave you to it.
Have a productive tour in the northwest.
Although after that speech, the election is yours.
Long live Mexico! - Walk me to the car? - Sure.
Um, President Echeverría insists on meeting with you.
I told him that after the tour, maybe you can squeeze Ernesto.
How many times have I told you I won't talk to him or any of the party's dinosaurs? These men have leverage.
You should That's the kind of leverage I don't want for my campaign.
Is that clear? - How did it go with the president? - He'll have to get over it.
Excuse me? Carlos was wrong.
We spoke and he thought I'd be his puppet.
- Now he knows I won't.
- [sighs] Donaldo, I don't think you're seeing the big picture.
What side are you on? - This side, of course.
The country's.
- So? So you need to understand that after Chiapas, things got complicated for the president.
For us, too.
The campaign's not going the way we planned.
I think you should be loyal to the president and guarantee that he'll go down in history with no obstacles.
Is that what Córdoba told you to say? Why do you always do what you're told? That's beside the point.
The point is, your speech ruffled a lot of feathers.
That's what we wanted, right? To get their attention, - to be taken into account.
- I think we overdid it.
We need to be more conciliatory.
- Dear friend.
[laughs] - [Luis] Manlio! GOVERNOR OF SONORA - How are you? - It's so good to see you.
- What are you doing here? - You know, always on the fly.
The president needs to do a lot before handing the office to you.
He's driving us all crazy.
I thought, if I was lucky, maybe I'd still catch you.
- I'm glad to see you.
- Same here.
- Ready to go up north? - Yes.
I'm on a flight to Sinaloa.
- And two days later, to our homeland.
- I'm here to lure you away.
What do you say we go straight to Sonora? Why the rush? In a couple of days, I'll be campaigning with you.
It's not that.
I just think we need to save you.
You skip a couple of gigs, and then we re-launch your campaign.
Skip? Re-launch? My campaign took off with the speech.
I need to move now that I've gotten to the people.
Yes, man, but there are different ways of getting to them.
You're going straight to a stinking dump.
Wow, since when do you smell like roses? [chuckles] No, man.
Just be careful where we don't have any control.
Culiacán is agitated.
And Tijuana is tough.
I know what I'm talking about.
I have to go, or I'll be late.
All right.
See you in Kino.
- Good luck.
- [Luis] Take care.
Be good.
- You, too.
- [engine starts] - [Beltrones] See you there.
- [door closes] [man] The town's toilet.
We need men up there.
On that side.
And the access? We put up barricades, but we leave them open just in case.
[woman] Commander Benítez? Good.
You're here.
This is General Dionisio Garcés, the candidate's head of security.
How are you? Dionisio, at your service.
Federico Benítez, chief of the city police.
They're in charge of security.
You're just in charge of the ride from the airport.
- Just the ride? - [Garcés] We have everything covered.
If you escort us and keep the access free, we'll be fine.
Excuse me, General.
I meant to discuss that with you.
I think it's very irregular You're the police.
You work for the opposition, though.
The party decided we'd be in charge.
That's all.
- Without any local help? - I already spoke to the Tucanes.
Imagine that.
Private security.
Just help us with the drive from the airport.
That will suffice.
Whatever you say, General.
We'll be over there if you need us.
Appreciate it.
I'm glad he took it so well.
Ever since the PAN won, they love to make a stink.
Do you know what I did when I turned 40, Octavio? What, sir? I woke up and I couldn't help but feel bad.
You know old.
So I got on my motorcycle, rode up to the highway, and didn't stop until I saw a tree I liked.
I sat down and I told myself, "Well, I got to this age.
I have a family I love.
The job of my dreams.
Friends who are there for me" Who am I fooling? I went back home and said to Diana Laura that that I didn't want to celebrate.
Just sit with her, open a bottle of wine, and make a toast.
I hope it was a good bottle of wine, sir.
The best, Octavio.
You've no idea how much I'd like this to be over, to do the same thing with my wife.
No pressure.
Don't let anyone see it.
Yes, sir.
[son] He pitched the ball and I hit it, - and I was able to get to second base.
- [Diana Laura laughs] - And to first.
- I know.
I saw you.
- Hi, Dad! - Hi, champ.
- How are you? - Fine.
Who's this gentleman? Look.
- Hello, honey.
- Hello, baby girl.
- Who's this man? Hello, Lupita.
- How's my princess? You, the shower.
- He's really filthy.
Help me, eh? - Uh-huh.
I'll be right there with you, okay? - Take care.
- [son] Love you.
Love you.
What did the doctor say? That I'm fine.
The treatment's working, and I'm I don't even have split ends.
[chuckles] We'll get through this, babe.
We need to be brave.
What do you say tomorrow we celebrate in San Diego? - You're on.
- Yes? - I'll catch up with you.
- Great.
I'll get organized and see you there tomorrow.
Hold on.
How did it go? What did Carlos say? It's all good.
He's behind us.
Things are falling into place.
- People are with us.
- [giggles] See? Right, let's go.
- Take care.
- You too.
See you tomorrow.
The tactical team will be here until the event starts.
We need to cordon off the entire trajectory.
Didn't they tell you? That we grown-ups would be in charge of the candidate? Yes.
Some party guys came earlier and said the same thing.
So? Why are your city cops wandering around the place? What's it to you? Let my people back you up.
It's an ugly neighborhood.
We're responsible for the safety of the city.
Come on, Chief.
That's all.
Fucking López Riestra.
He caught Arellano by sheer luck, and now the fucker thinks he's DEA.
What if we stand down? We don't want trouble with those assholes.
They won't tell us how to do our job.
- So? - Have your people ready.
We'll be there tomorrow.
Take it easy.
There's still time.
It would be better if we're not here after dark.
Is Zedillo on the plane? Said he was going back to Mexico City.
He was boarding.
Isn't he supposed to be with me the whole tour? Something about an emergency, with Córdoba.
That's what he said.
We'll have to replace him.
[sighs] [mutters] - [camera shutters clicking] - [people applauding] MARCH 23, 1994 THE DAY OF THE ASSASSINATION This way.
- Welcome, sir.
- Thank you.
Ready, General? - Everything's set.
- Thank you.
This is for Dad.
Don't open it.
- I can't open it? - [door opens] - No.
- I'll put it away, then.
- Okay.
- [door closes] - I'll see you tomorrow in Sonora.
Hmm? - Yes.
Who's the man of the house when Daddy and I are not home? I am.
[Diana Laura] Who looks after your sister? - [son] I do.
- [Diana Laura] You sure? - [son] Yes.
- All right.
- I get fewer kisses every time.
- [son giggling] - See you tomorrow.
- [son] Yes, Mom.
What's that? It's for a a secretary from work lost her mom.
Colosio asked me to deliver it.
Where's Oaxaquita? The man who always drives me? It must've slipped their mind, sir.
The local party organized the event.
That's strange.
[voices overlapping] [woman] Can I have another one for my son? I already gave you one.
Fine, here.
I didn't get one.
What's that? BAJA CALIFORNIA SAYS ENOUGH! NO MORE DECEIT, NO MORE PRI CAREFUL, CAMACHO SUBCOMANDANTE MARCOS IS WATCHING Get that shit off that roof! [crowd chanting] Colosio! Colosio! Donaldo, as soon as you finish your speech, we're out of here.
The atmosphere's too heavy.
Didn't we agree I'd shake some hands? That's what we're here for.
- But - What? Are you scared? [mutters] [chanting continues] Colosio! Colosio! To my husband, my children, to the people of Mexico.
You probably understand how my condition pains me.
Soon, my illness will take me away from you.
I will leave our president and my children on their own.
Long live Mexico! [people cheering] DADDY PRESIDEN - [hammer clicks, gunshots pop] - [people screaming] [instrumental music playing]