Crime Diaries: The Candidate (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

The real events surrounding the assassination of Luis Colosio have been fictionalized to depict this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
[clamoring, applauding] [crowd] Colosio! Colosio! Colosio! Why? [sobs] [woman] What did they do? [crowd] Colosio! Colosio! Colosio! [camera shutter clicks] [footsteps approaching] [Dionisio] The president wants you to do your best work.
He wants an open casket.
No, it'll be a closed casket.
I don't want anyone to see him like this.
Closed casket.
[casket closes] [sobs] I would've wanted something more intimate.
I don't know why they make a spectacle out of it.
They don't leave him be, even in death.
Diana Laura, we all know he was your husband, but don't forget he was also our candidate.
[inhales] This is a nightmare, Luis.
[camera shutter clicking] [crowd] Colosio! Colosio! Colosio! [Diana Laura] Look at them, lined up for the photo op.
Washing their hands.
Posing with their best grieving face.
[scoffs] But all they have in mind is taking advantage of Luis Donaldo.
Salinas will keep the power.
His brother won't lose his connections or deals.
Camacho will be candidate, as he always wanted.
Córdoba Montoya will still be there, the power in the shadows.
This is all rotten, this party is rotten.
I can picture them saying that Donaldo was their friend.
But I know it was them.
It was one of them.
[people chanting] Who did it? Who did it? Who did it? Who did it? - Who did it? - [man] Justice! I don't know what I'm doing here.
I want to be with my kids.
I know.
But we must honor formalities.
I said it before and I'll say it again.
Long live! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON ALMOLOYA DE JUAREZ, STATE OF MEXICO ONE DAY AFTER THE MURDER There was a four-inch difference in the height of the man identified as Mario Aburto and the height registered in Tijuana.
[camera shutter clicking] Aburto, Mario.
Height, 5'6" feet.
[Benítez] They're not the same person.
The height is different.
That's Aburto immediately after the attack.
- [sighs] - I'm not sure that's the guy I escorted.
They look alike, but I don't know.
He looks like the corpse at the shop, doesn't he? Well, yes.
You think they swapped him? In order to do that, they could only have done it between the shot - [people clamoring] - [gunshot] and the moment they put him in the car you intercepted.
[clamoring continues] Amidst all that mess, they could've seized anyone.
[Rubí] This could be a birth mark.
They beat him up so bad, it could be anything.
His face is all bloody.
If they swapped him, it had to be there.
- Because this guy really looks like him.
- Yes.
Amidst all that mess they could've let the shooter go and frame whomever they wanted.
Then, they eliminate Rubio [gunshot] and Aburto is screwed.
What a tangled mess.
Rubio could have gotten away.
It would be a hell of an escape.
I say they let him go and used Aburto as a scapegoat.
Man, you'd need a bunch of accomplices.
What if Rubio had nothing to do with it, and Aburto was a lone shooter? We're just screwing around with those damn pictures! Okay.
Let's say Aburto is the only shooter.
Why kill Rubio? Why did they free the man I brought in? That's it.
He could be the second shooter.
Pull out everything we've got on him.
Actually, that'll be a problem.
What's wrong? There's no record that he was detained.
It's as if he was never here.
Shit, I brought that motherfucker in myself.
It seems they didn't only set him free, they made him vanish.
Not even his name is on record.
[sighs] The sons of bitches don't even try to cover it up.
If they're protecting him, he was involved.
It's absolutely logical.
Think about it, Rubí.
They come from both sides.
- [gunshot] - On the right, a shot to the head.
On the left, they finish him off in the abdomen.
That's why those creeps are protecting him.
It's too messy.
Besides, you detained him, and he didn't have a weapon.
We have no evidence.
We're only making up stories.
[Benítez sighs] The only farce here is that Aburto did all this alone.
But you're right.
No evidence or witnesses.
No crime scene.
We've got nothing, man.
So we leave it at that? Let's look into this creep.
Find out where Aburto lives.
Something will turn up.
[crowd applauding] Can we stop formalities now? Diana Laura, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable.
What's that lone wolf story? It's all rotten.
We have to trust them, let the authorities do their work.
Trust who, Luis? Are you listening to yourself? Trust the Party? They killed your son, for God's sake! Maybe that kid Aburto fired the shot, but someone asked him to do it.
Someone wanted all this.
[indistinct chattering] Boss, this arrived for you.
Some guy who says he's Aburto's neighbor found this at his place.
- Should I send it to the feds? - No, leave it.
[Rubí] What are they? [Benítez] Pictures of Aburto.
"Those who are against the decisions of the people should be considered national traitors.
A new chapter opens in the history of the heroic states and the entire nation, giving way to the ideals of a man, who, concerned about the future, decides to contribute by his own hand.
" And on it goes.
This could be evidence of his motivation.
It also proves he was insane.
And if he's crazy, then he could have actually acted alone.
Isn't it too much of a coincidence that they brought this now? Put some faith into it, people.
He'll do the work he couldn't do when he was alive.
[Benítez] Excuse me, excuse me.
- Yolanda, what do you think you're doing? - [Yolanda] It's an altar for the martyr.
No, sorry, please stand up.
Good afternoon.
You can't be here, Yolanda.
This is a crime scene.
It should be secured.
Rubí This morning, the feds didn't say anything.
Well, I'm telling you now.
You don't have to disassemble it, just take it away.
Put it under the post.
By the post would be great.
[Yolanda] Yes, we'll do as you say.
Caro, Alicia, help me with the flowers.
Take the candles.
Heavens [exhales] What is it? They say they know who did it, to butt out and get the hell out of here.
They told you that? The feds are on their way.
If they catch us here, they'll file a disciplinary report.
They don't want us here.
[cars honking] PRI / COLOSIO RATS - Lupita.
- Madam.
Hi, baby.
How are you? - Your son is with your sister.
- Yes.
[baby cries] Mmm.
Oh, my darling.
Hi, dear.
What is it? [sobs] Are they going to kill me, too? Don't say that.
Of course not.
I'm here now.
Are you going to die, too? [sobs] Of course not.
Stop thinking about that, you hear? [door closes] Cry, little sister.
[sobs] Cry all you want.
[dog barking] [Rubí] This is the address we have on file.
[indistinct chattering] [door clangs] [Rubí] Hey, pal! - [Rubí] Hey! - [Benítez] Wait, pal! - Hey, stop, stop! - Wait.
[Benítez] Wait, pal.
[grunts] I told you everything I know.
Don't hurt me.
We're not going to hurt you.
[panting] What's your name? Antonio.
I live right there.
[Rubí] What did you do? Why did you run? I told you everything I know.
What did you say? To whom? To the federal police, the soldiers, all those people who were here.
What did they want? What did they say? I don't know.
All I know is they took Mrs.
María Luisa.
They beat me and messed up my knee in the process.
They took Mario Aburto's mother? Who? Federal cops, thugs, I don't know.
All I know is they took her and the girls, then they came back for her other son.
Frankly, we're scared as hell.
Lots of patrols and creepy people keep coming by.
Go home.
Go home, go on.
[Antonio exhales] [Benítez sighs] They took everything.
Except the box they dropped off.
[Hilda] Do you need anything? It's almost time.
No, sis.
Thanks a lot.
The president wants to appoint a Deputy Attorney General to lead the case.
He proposed Oñate.
What do you want? I want the truth, whatever it is, whatever it takes.
- So you agree with them? - I proposed Miguel Montes.
Little sis, remember, I'm clueless when it comes to politics.
Miguel Montes is a Supreme Court Justice.
Donaldo loved him, admired him.
He said he's very honest.
I just hope [sighs] I don't get it wrong.
[Rubí] Everything all right? Poor people.
In this country, the poorest pay the price.
Those sons of bitches are taking it out on the family.
This kind of shit is why I'm in this line of business.
Someone has to do something.
Even if it's useless.
We have to find them.
Why do I have to learn to use a tie? You have to learn to do things on your own.
- Hmm? - Mm-hmm.
Hey, let me do it.
[baby cooing] - Lupita, put Mariana to bed early, please.
- [Lupita] Yes, ma'am.
Or she'll be cranky during the flight.
[Lupita] Yes, don't worry.
Ready, champ? [chuckles softly] They can't do anything right.
Really? For once in your life, you should try doing the right thing! - What's wrong? - Nothing.
There's nothing in that creep's file.
Nothing but blank pages.
To top it off, the cynic tells me the feds took him to another office.
The federal police don't have another office in Tijuana.
They always have another office.
I know someone who can help us.
Let's go.
[exhales] Here's what you asked for, Carlos.
In response to a request by Mrs.
Diana Laura Riojas Colosio, and with total conviction on my part, I've decided to appoint Mr.
Miguel Montes Garcia to this important task, which is of national interest.
[female reporter] Yes, Jacobo.
After flying from the City of Tijuana and receiving a tribute at PRI headquarters, the mortal remains of Luis Donaldo Colosio arrived at the funeral home.
His widow Diana Laura Riojas got here a few minutes ago.
We can only try to imagine what's on her mind and in her heart.
[indistinct chattering] [woman coughs] Do you think it was Camacho? What? Do you think it was Camacho? He'd benefit from it.
His path to the presidency is now wide open.
[whispers] Please, Diana Laura.
Montes is here.
- Luis, how are you? - Fine.
Diana Laura.
- My most sincere condolences.
- Thank you.
I talked to the president about my leading the investigation.
I heard that's what you want.
I'm at your service if you need anything.
Find the culprit, that's what I need.
I'll do everything in my power.
I promise justice will be done.
I'm sorry to have to ask you this But I suggest you don't cremate the body.
We might need it.
Look, do whatever you have to do, but do it right.
Deeply moved, Mexicans from every social stratum come to pay a last homage to their candidate.
Humble followers cross paths, with the highest members of the PRI party, who are arriving at this moment.
Ernesto Zedillo, the assassinated candidate's campaign manager is here to pay his respects.
Behind him, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari arrives with his brother Raúl, and his former brother-in-law, José Francisco Ruiz Massieu.
The unity of the party and of the family are strengthened in these dire times.
That's it.
- [Rubí] Good evening.
- [man] Hi.
Are you El Güero? What's up? - I didn't do anything.
- Easy, Güero.
We're not accusing you of anything.
We're only here to talk to you.
Hey, a beer for my compadre here.
- How's Mexico been treating you? - Great.
It's swell.
If you don't mind El Güero has a funny accent.
- Show me your passport, Güero.
- I don't have it with me.
It isn't mandatory.
- Where are you from? - I'm from Listen, I think we should take El Güero to the precinct while we investigate his legal status.
Not so fast.
We can't have people like this in the city.
El Güero is going to help us.
What do you want? We want to know where the federal police do their dirty work.
I don't know.
Come on, Güero.
You're the wisest man in Tijuana.
That's why we came to you, for you to enlighten us.
I think we're wasting our time, Rubí.
Let's detain El Güero.
We can deport him if it's necessary.
Let's go on with our investigation.
No, don't worry, El Güero is going to help us, right? If I were you, I wouldn't want to know.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Montes has every resource at his disposal for the investigation.
Is that what you wanted to say in private? [Carlos] And there's this, too.
It's a disclaimer that frees Manuel Camacho of any responsibility in Luis Donaldo's crime.
As you know, these are delicate times.
I'd really appreciate if you signed it.
[indistinct chattering] [camera shutter clicks] It's for his own personal safety.
You understand, this affects all of us.
He doesn't deserve to be a victim.
Is he the replacement candidate? - Diana Laura - [man 1] Murderer! [man 2] Get out, get out! - [man 1] Murderer! - [man 2] Get out! - Get out, get out.
- Get out! Murderer! [clamoring] If Camacho wants something from me, he can ask me himself.
[clamoring continues] [crowd] Murderer! Those sons of bitches.
[tires screech] [door opens, closes] [Rubí] That jerk doesn't look like a fed.
- [Benítez] No.
- What is he up to? They want to make sure no one comes close to the family.
They're going to all this trouble.
Too much trouble for a madman who did this on his own.
This shit is leading all the way to the top of the government, Rubí.
The government? You think? It could've been drug traffickers.
I don't know.
Without a motive, it could've been anyone.
Diana Laura.
I The president wants to say goodbye to you.
I'm too tired.
Do you need anything? [sighs] You think someone wanted to hurt Salinas with all this? Let's wait for the results.
The investigation will clear things up.
Do you really think the president doesn't know who did it? We must be patient.
We're too upset.
This is a tragedy for everyone.
This is a tragedy for me and for my children.
Make no mistake.
Good night.
Isn't that Mother Antonia? Hurry, girl.
Hurry, hurry! - Only the things we set aside.
- Mother Antonia.
Stay away from me.
If you don't stay put, I'll scream, I'll make a scandal.
No, Mother Antonia, relax.
We're just trying to help.
These poor girls have suffered enough.
I won't let you abuse them anymore.
They're only girls.
We just want to talk, Mother.
Hurry, quick, hurry! - Madam.
- No! Let me ask you a few questions.
That's what the thugs that dragged me out of my house said.
- Please - No, Mother, no! Commander Benítez, I think you're okay.
I appreciate all the help you've given me in the past, but things are getting ugly, they can't Mother, please let us help.
Pray to God they return her other son alive.
Why don't you tell me where they are instead? Maybe, but it won't be of any use.
Maybe it will.
Have some faith in us, Mother.
Mother Please give us the lead.
It won't hurt to try.
Diana Laura, madam.
I'm so sorry.
I suppose you're here for my signature, right? I had nothing to do with it, I swear.
Luis Donaldo was my friend.
Please, Camacho, you didn't act like a friend.
You were disloyal.
This could only benefit you.
No, it wouldn't benefit me.
Don't say that, for God's sake.
The bullet that killed Luis Donaldo killed all my aspirations as well.
It's over! My career in politics, my life, my reputation.
My children are insulted at school.
Above all, believe me.
It wasn't me.
Who was it, Camacho? I really don't know.
When they appoint the replacement, we'll know who had reasons to do it.
They'll ask for your help.
They'll come to you.
[engine starts] Mother Antonia was right, there's no way.
[Benítez] There's always a way.
We're taking a huge risk.
These creeps don't care.
They couldn't care less about us.
But will they care if their mothers see them in the press doing this? They saw us, let's go.
[engine starts, tires screech] The Party's collaboration is secured, but not forever.
Echeverria and his group are pressuring to get their people in.
We bought some time, but you have to make the appointment.
What does the PAN party say? Cárdenas? They refuse to push the elections back.
They say we wouldn't do the same for them.
What do you think, Pépé? You know what's on my mind.
I don't know.
Are you ready? Ready? For what? No, no! No way! Get ready.
It's imminent.
Is this what the president wants? I don't know.
[music playing on TV] [gunshot] [baby crying] It's all right.
[shushes] It's all right, it's all right.
[Diana Laura] The bullets of hatred, resentment and cowardice cut Luis Donaldo's life short.
They brought an abrupt end to his existence, but not to the ideas he fought for.
He had a deeply humanist vocation.
He said that at the core of all our desires and of all our efforts lie all people, their well-being and their liberties.
He was always proud to be the heir of a culture of hard work, and not of privilege.
He was always passionate about being with the people.
That's how he remained loyal to his origins and his true self.
But I, who had the privilege and God's blessing of raising a family with him [applauding] I can say that he followed his parents' advice to the end.
To be honest and keep his feet on the ground.
He was one of those men that act in the present, always thinking of the future.
Today, Luis Donaldo is gone but he leaves the responsibility to his family, to his friends, of honoring his legacy.
[gunshot] Therefore, as a member of the PRI, as a follower of Colosio, I summon the members of the Party - Federico.
- their organizations, their leaders, and all its members to call ranks focused on the ideals and the actions passed on to us by Luis Donaldo Colosio.
I know that in this massive task that lies before us I will find the support and effort of each and every one of my fellow party members.
In that I harbor my acceptance as the candidate of the Institutional Revolutionary Party to the Presidency of the Republic.
- Long live Luis Donaldo Colosio! - [crowd] Long live! - Long live the PRI! - Long live! - Long live Mexico! - Long live! Colosio's death is headline news.
Whatever happens with Aburto's family isn't.
That's reality.
It's not that I don't want to help.
Jesús, don't be a creep.
He's just a kid.
Who, by the way, isn't to blame for what his brother may have done.
All right, but history doesn't have the muscle to do what you want to do.
No one cares about the brother of a guy that's labeled as a villain.
It won't reach the headlines.
So, you want a headline? I always want a headline.
If I give it to you, will you help me expose the underground headquarters? It could be an article in inside pages.
It isn't one.
There are three Aburtos.
The one I arrested and they let go the same night.
And Rubio, found dead in a garage shop.
Identical to Aburto, dressed the same way.
This one could've shot Colosio and then swapped with Aburto.
There's your headline.
[clangs] Great.
What's with the three Aburtos? WHO DID IT? What is this?