Crime Diaries: The Candidate (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

The real events surrounding the assassination of Luis Colosio have been fictionalized to depict this tragic moment in Mexico's history.
[Diana Laura] What's on your mind? Do you think I should step away from the candidacy? [sighs] - Why? - To be with you.
[sighs] [Diana Laura over phone] I'll always be with you, okay? Let's go through with this, babe.
Let's do it right.
[Luis over phone] I love you, darling.
Kiss the children for me.
[Diana Laura over phone] Kisses to you, too.
- [man] Long live Mexico! - [crowd] Long live! [Diana Laura] All this is rotten.
This party is rotten.
It was them.
One of them.
- [people clamoring] - [gun cocks] [gunshot] A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme music playing] Don't forget your ticket.
Thank you.
Hello, Luis.
- [Luis clears throat] - I wasn't expecting you.
How are you? Are you going on a trip? Yes, just for one day.
I'll be back tomorrow.
The kids are staying with my sister and Lupita.
I listened to them all.
There's nothing to worry about.
It's only your routine.
- There's nothing to worry about? - No.
[scoffs] Luis, you don't get it.
Yes, I do get it.
But whoever taped you is looking after you.
- I have to go.
- Where? I have a flight to catch.
I'm going to Tijuana.
Lupita! I'm seeing a well-known healer.
It won't hurt to try.
- Goodbye, darling.
- Bye! Goodbye, my beautiful doll.
- Bye, Mommy.
- Say hi to Grandpa.
- Take good care of them, Lupita.
- Sure.
- See you tomorrow.
- Don't worry.
- Excuse me.
- Who is that? - Come.
- Here, darling.
Does anyone else know you're going? Only Octavio, you, and Albarrán.
Please, don't be alone.
The attorney must be with you at all times.
I'll be fine.
I'll be just fine.
All right.
I asked you to come because, as you know, we're going through very complicated times.
Are they paying more to work as their errand boy? [laughs] I'll cut to the chase.
I need to ask you to keep a low profile.
They sent me to the north.
Isn't that keeping a low profile? I mean it.
I don't know what they want.
Juanito, give us a minute.
What do they want? To make us disappear.
That's obvious.
We suddenly became the cumbersome part of the family, the black sheep.
- Speak for yourself, Raúl.
- [José] Manlio, Raúl.
I need you to keep your distance, take some time.
What do you mean? Ask for an embassy, Raúl.
- [laughs] - [José] Something to keep your mind clear.
Manlio, focus on your government on clearing the ground for the next administration.
I hope you understand.
I'm sick of understanding everyone.
I asked you for a very simple favor days ago.
You summon me to tell me this? Fine, don't collaborate.
You might regret it later.
I guess he didn't like the idea of being an ambassador.
[footsteps approaching] [man] Dr.
Audibel! Yes? I think I'm having a heart attack.
You you need to go to the ER.
[man] There's no time.
Stay there.
Audibel] No, no, no - Life can end in a second, Doctor.
- [Dr.
Audibel panting] What do you think? I think I'm feeling better.
[phone ringing] Hello? No, it hasn't progressed at all.
I've done everything I can.
[inhales] Because they're afraid.
It's obvious.
Don't blame me.
It wasn't my mistakes that got us to this point.
I agree.
So be it.
Fucking shit! [sighs] Is everything okay? What's wrong? If that's the way it has to be, do it now.
[phone beeps] - Yes, I had a great time.
- It was a lovely breakfast.
I really liked seeing you all.
[indistinct chatter] Gentlemen.
Well, gentlemen, it's been a pleasure.
- Likewise.
- Sir Next time, booze and girls.
[indistinct chatter] - [valet] Your car's been washed.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So long.
[screaming] [gasping] In only five months and five days, two of the main promoters of government reform were murdered by the bullets of irrational violence and insidious attacks.
Last March, Luis Donaldo Colosio, presidential candidate by the PRI.
This morning, the life of José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, Secretary General of the PRI, was taken by a probable lone shooter.
Colosio, I'm Agent Pedro López Riestra.
I'm in charge of your security during your stay in Tijuana.
Who told you I was coming? They're orders from the top.
This is Agent Solis.
We're at your service.
If you tell us where you're going, we'll be glad to take you.
No, I can go on my own.
I appreciate it.
That's impossible.
We know you're ill.
We wouldn't want anything to happen to you.
[engine starts] We have to cancel our meeting with the Aburto family.
No, no.
Why? - Excuse me.
- No, no, no, wait.
Excuse me, can you give us a minute? We can't, madam.
We have orders.
I'm not asking you.
Please, give us a minute.
Only five minutes, madam.
We could get in trouble.
[López Riestra] Investigate that creep.
The boss is López Riestra.
He doesn't seem dangerous, but he's in charge of dirty stuff.
- You know.
- I imagine.
You have no idea what the Aburtos have been through.
I can't take two agents to their house.
I understand, but, please, that's why I came.
I need to make contact with one of them.
Maybe I can see Mario in prison.
Listen, he's erratic, a liar.
And particularly wary.
3:00 PM Don't be late.
- Black coffee, please.
- Right away.
- Do you feel all right? - Are you all right, madam? Yes.
A glass of water, please.
I need to rest, that's all.
All right.
Well, let's go.
I'll help you.
Excuse us.
Good afternoon.
Welcome to our hotel.
Um, Good afternoon.
I'm Diana Laura Riojas.
Just a second, please.
Here's your key.
Your bodyguards can't go up.
That's not allowed.
- Fine.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
[door beeps, closes] [keypad clicking] Hello.
I need an ambulance.
It's urgent.
At the Presidencia Hotel.
There's a woman on the floor.
She isn't well.
I don't know if she's breathing.
Yes, I appreciate it.
[handset thumps] [ambulance siren wailing] FOR COLOSIO, FOR THE PRI, FOR MEXICO ERNESTO ZEDILLO - Where are your emergency exits? - At the back of the hotel.
At the back.
Diana Laura Riojas' room number, please.
- Mmm room 124.
- Room 124.
[Solis] That bitch, she slipped away! BREAK IN CASE OF FIRE [sighs] [elevator bell rings] [Solis] Aburto family! - Clear! - Clear in the back! [López Riestra] They're gone! Where the fuck? - I'm worried they'll see Benítez.
- They must be with him now.
Go to his place and do whatever it takes to find them.
Move, man! That's why we believe that the Colosio murder investigation has been biased.
We demand federal authorities to include evidence that was dismissed at first, which could lead to the conclusion that citizen Mario Aburto Martínez isn't the sole actual perpetrator of this crime.
It sounds convincing.
"Likewise, we prompt the General Attorney to use its power to investigate the political motives that may have led to this terrible assassination.
" The bullet Santos Oliva's report about the leather watch, Dr.
Audibel's testimony, and the question about Ernesto Rubio.
All this should be convincing.
I hope so.
[man] Hey, your uncle's on TV.
I think it'll interest you.
- What are you talking about? - Look.
Agent Juan Ramiro Santos Oliva, who was part of the standard security and intelligence protocol in Candidate Colosio's campaign.
Agent Juan Ramiro Santos Oliva is one of the most highly qualified men at the Intelligence Agency.
His work ethic and professional stature are beyond any doubt.
- The bloodstain on the agent's jacket - Fucking shit! You're right.
- was caused by the transfer - [Federico] He screwed us.
of the candidate to the ambulance.
I was there, you son of a bitch! And the positive result in the gun residue test is a product of his own professional work and of his smoking habit.
He's dismissing everything.
We can't mess up tomorrow.
There's no room for mistakes, Rubí.
We have to be very careful.
[man] Boss, your wife.
Lina? They're coming.
[woman] Is she here? Sister.
[sighs] Good afternoon.
We were afraid it wasn't true.
I'm sorry.
This is María Luisa, Mario's mom.
Mario has a huge world inside himself, although he's quiet.
I always tell him he thinks too much.
But from that to grabbing a gun and shooting someone who has never done him wrong He wouldn't, madam.
Excuse me, I have to ask you a hard question.
Don't take offense.
I don't know.
I don't know why Mario says he did it.
But I assure you, it wasn't him.
What do you think happened? They're using him as a double.
He was there that day.
They caught him by surprise and they ruined his life.
Don't you think someone could've forced him to do it? That's what Montes wants to prove.
He says Mario might belong to a subversive group What group? Mario doesn't even have friends.
Listen, madam.
You don't know this.
But since that day, life has been hell for my family.
They've tortured all my sons.
They took my girls, they undressed them, they molested them, they threatened to rape them.
Me, too.
But I don't care what happens to me anymore.
All I ask is for them to stop hurting my kids.
[banging on door] Don't worry, I'll see who it is.
Stay here.
[stammers] The the person who knows what happened and doesn't believe the government is Benítez, the chief of police.
You should talk to him.
Can you put me in touch? Yes, we can call him right now.
[sighs] I'm sorry you're going through all of this.
They killed Salinas's brother-in-law.
What? Which one? The PRI secretary general.
- José Francisco? - Yes.
He was leaving a breakfast party and was shot in his car.
What? Who? A hired killer.
Ten thousand pesos gets the job done.
I'm sure it has something to do with Donaldo's death, too.
What would be the connection? Well, the Salinas family.
They were very close.
It's clear someone still hasn't found what they're looking for.
See? My son Mario isn't talking nonsense.
[car approaching] Your dad's here.
[Federico] Lina? Are you okay? Are you all right? - [sobbing] - And the baby? We went out for 15 minutes, and look what they did.
I know.
Don't worry.
It was only a warning.
A warning? We're not protecting ourselves.
It's more like we're getting close.
Hmm? Who would do this? - Who does this? - Sit down, come.
Hi, son.
Are you okay? Are you scared? It's okay.
[kisses] It's all right.
Hmm? [rotary dial whirring] WANTED [phone ringing] Come on, let's eat.
Very interesting.
- Yes.
Give me just a second.
- [phone ringing] [man over phone] Yes? Good afternoon, I need to talk to Commander Benítez.
Commander Benítez took the afternoon off.
What about Commander Rubí? He went with him.
Do you want to leave a message? No, thank you.
I'll call him later.
[handset thumps] [sighs] We'll look for him.
I promise I'll find him.
But I'd like to talk to him in private.
We'll tell him to find you at the airport, inside the airport, while you're waiting to board your flight.
Look, this is López Riestra's number.
Tell him you're here, and he'll pick you up.
Take this to Commander Benítez.
There's the address.
- Yes, Mother.
- God be with you.
Go upstairs and start packing.
Only the essentials.
All right.
Come, darling, let's go.
Salas is bringing backup to check the house.
They didn't take anything.
They just wanted our attention by trashing my house.
Did they get your attention? This is a threat.
Just look at what you're putting at risk.
This can't be considered a threat, Rubí, come on! At most, this is a childish deed, and you know it.
I won't let those creeps intimidate me.
But they did intimidate Dr.
Don't count on her tomorrow.
[dogs barking] [López Riestra] We were worried about you, madam.
Did you find the information you came for? No, I found nothing.
We have a bullet, don't we? It'll be enough.
Are you going through with this? You know I can't stop here, Rubí.
Not now, man.
Those motherfuckers would win.
While I'm in San Diego, I'll get the bullet.
I'll come back early in the morning to see the press.
You should go with us to San Diego.
[man] Chief, someone's here to see you.
- Who? - A nun.
Commander Benítez.
Mother Antonia sent you this.
Thank you.
What does it say? Colosio's widow wants to see us at the airport today.
Really? If she wants to see us, she must know something.
Or she wants to know something.
Well, think about it.
If she tells us what she knows, we can put an end to all this shit.
Don't stir things up.
Just look at what's happening.
Will you take Lina to San Diego and pick up the bullet? There's no way, is there? My love.
[Federico] You're going with Rubí, okay? Darling, that's not what we agreed on.
I know, but there's a change of plans.
I have to stay.
- I'll be worried if you stay.
- Don't worry, I'll catch up.
[kisses] Hmm? A kiss, kiddo.
[kisses] Take care of your mom, will you? May God repay you, Sister.
[sniffs] Alpha 25 to Alpha 11.
[Solis over radio] Alpha 25 to Alpha 11 at the airport.
Alpha, copy.
What time is your flight? At 8:00.
There's plenty of time to show you something.
This is Lomas Taurinas, madam.
Why did you bring me here? I thought you'd like to see where your husband was killed.
[hand break whirrs] [car door closes] People like you forget that places like this exist.
We don't forget.
That's exactly what Donaldo was doing working for all these people.
But you don't want to see it.
[car door closes] [Manlio] Mr.
- [Manlio] My sympathy, Carlos.
- [scoffs] Where's my brother? We can't locate him.
He must be very upset.
- And Zedillo, did he arrive? - A while ago.
The cameramen are ready.
They're only waiting for you.
Why didn't he come to see me? I don't know.
It was my brother-in-law.
He could've come to offer his condolences.
Maybe he's respecting your grief.
Shall we? It's all right, darling.
We'll be fine, okay? - Do you think they followed us? - I doubt it.
Once on this side, they wouldn't dare make a move.
What do you think about what José Federico is doing? - It's his job.
- No, you know it isn't.
He's putting us all at risk.
I've told him a thousand times.
David, I need to ask you for a favor.
- What? - Put a stop to this.
It's much bigger than you.
This could end very badly.
I'll talk to him, I promise.
Let's go.
Thank you.
[car door closes, engine starts] This is as far as I go, madam.
Have a good trip.
[metal clanks] [beeping] [man on radio]Ernesto Zedillo expressed his concern over Mr.
Ruiz Massieu's murder, which he called "a crime against all Mexicans.
" Damn it! [man on radio] How do we see this crime after Luis Donaldo Colosio's? First, they kill the president's candidate, and now his former brother-in-law.
What's going on in this country? - It's rotting, that's what's happening.
- [honks] aggression in political campaigns [woman over phone] Hello? Chiquis.
What, are you on your way? Yes, yes.
I'm at the airport.
Did you hear about Ruiz Massieu? Yes.
I can't believe it.
I'm terrified.
Everything's so strange here.
I'm supposed to meet with a cop who knows a lot, but I don't know, I'm really nervous.
I was watched all this time.
Are they watching you now? No, not now.
The cops left.
I'm afraid.
You have to be where there's a crowd.
- Stick to whatever family you see.
- Yes.
I'll do that.
I'll see you here.
- [López Riestra over radio] You lost him? - [Solis] Yes.
[López Riestra] Damn it! I'll get him at the crossroads.
Send backup.
[brakes screech] Put that gun away, brother.
Do you think this is The Godfather? What are you doing, López? Do you have a flight to catch? What the hell is this all about, man? We just have a couple of questions.
Think it over, both of you! Listen to me, man, wait.
Wait, man! López, wait! Wait, man.
Don't do this.
Listen to me, López.
- Why do you care so much? - About what? Colosio, motherfucker.
He's not a relative or your boyfriend.
I don't give a shit about Colosio! What the fuck do you care about a politician? - What? - I think it was the cartel, man.
I think it was the cartel.
Listen to me.
I think they killed the guy to leave a clear message that they're in control.
- They don't give a shit about us.
- Aren't you damn sophisticated? Listen to me, man! Please.
Are you going to let those motherfuckers control our city? Hmm? If you put it that way, I think I'm starting to understand, colleague.
[panting] Do you have children, López? A few.
So do I.
Do you want your kids to grow up in this shit? Of course not.
That's why I do what I do.
I do the same as you.
I make decisions for my family, too.
Don't do this, López.
This motherfucker has somewhere important to go.
We should let him get there on time.
[Federico panting] [in English] Only an hour late, man.
Things are really hot down there.
I heard the president's brother-in-law was killed? Yeah, among other things.
Well, let's hope things get better.
I think it's not a good idea for me to have this right now.
Do me a favor.
Can you mail this for me? Yeah, sure.
Where to? Hmm.
To Miguel Montes.
He's a special attorney in Mexico City.
I'll call you later and give you the address, okay? All right.
Hey, Rubí, be careful.
Thanks, man.
[in Spanish] Motherfuckers! [people screaming] [end theme playing]