Criminal Minds s01e09 Episode Script


ÿþ1 - Hey! - Hey! Yeah,thank you.
Where is Elle? Texas.
Yes,she went to do a .
The child murder? Yes,he agreed to participate the.
You're letting her do .
She'll be fine.
Hello? Dad.
kind of wracked into another car.
You did what? I.
Will you drink again? Well.
You know what.
I'm done with you Josh.
Don't bother coming home.
Let's get married.
married? Yeah.
Why not? We get married,have the kid.
I'm going to Dallas to take care of it.
I don't understand.
I won't be here when you get back,.
then filing for divoice.
I'm leaving you.
I'm going to Dallas,don't follow me.
Linda,are you sure taking him to Dallas is a good idea? I have written two books on this.
and he is living proves my theroies We're going to that conference.
It's me.
They refused cooporating? I won't even be there for an hour.
I took a train from El Paso instead of renting a car.
I wanna to look over the files more remember he can lie.
If I know the crime better than he does Yeah,I remember that.
Good,check when you are done.
Elle,I .
What? I said I'm .
I'm losing you.
Elle,I don't have time right now, we can talk to when you get back.
Hello! Hello! Elle! Don't you see that? Leave me alone.
File,Ted,look at the file.
I told you what was happening.
I told you where we were really going.
What the hell was that? Everything is all right folks.
All right just relax,everything is gonna be fine.
Everything is fine.
What happened? .
You on a job? FBI.
Suicide,somebody jumped in front of the train.
What the hell they whisper about? But fortunately we have procedures on very well.
No,he says.
Oh my .
! Nobody move! Okay.
You don't have to hurt anybody else.
What are you doing? Shut up! Your job is.
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com/bbs Proudly Presents -------------------------- Sync: YTET-\Šq -==www.
com/bbs==- Criminal Minds Season 1 Episode 9 Okay,this is from one of the security cameras inside the train.
We have one security guy dead from the initial gun fire.
Is this going on right now? Yeah,in Texas.
What are they asking for us? There is a particular pyschological aspect to the hostage .
Can you back up the picture for a few frames? .
What's more of .
So this guy is psychotic.
Psychotic with hostages.
and two guns.
That is the situation on the train? Yeah,in Texas.
The train in Texas.
My god! What? Elle! Robert Oxton Bolton wrote "A belief is not merely an idea that mind possesses.
It is an idea that possesses the mind.
" Local authorities have the train surrounded.
Bureau,hostage rescue teams and snipers in position.
But they are hesitant to take actions to negotiation .
The .
from the train's two video cameras are being monitored and mobile commands .
We need to know who on the train is going to be a help who is gonna be a problem.
All right,let me get Garcia to see what some magic done to the video feeds.
Okay listen,we're not playing.
We're gonna be feeding you with some security camera video from a hostage situation over a security line.
Can you work a face recognition off the road and tell me who is who? If they have the picture on file anywhere,I'll find them.
Elle is one of the hostages.
I'm into it.
Should get to us tonight.
Do we have any contact inside the train yet? No.
It took two hours to convince them to allow to await for the phone.
But he won't speak to anyone except what he calls the higher authorities.
God? No mention of religion thus far.
Has crisis negotiation's lead claimed to be the higher authority? The unsub won't speak to him any longer.
He gave a deadline of 3 hours to produce this authority.
2 1/2 hours ago.
Well,he wants to speak to the higher authority.
Then we better give it to him.
Put the lights on,sirens,honk the horns make people get out of our away.
Get as close to the barricade as possible.
When we stop,we sit.
We wait 30 seconds.
Then we step out.
Here they come.
Teddy,you have to listen to me.
No! You have to listen to me now.
Ooh,lady,your boyfriend is whacked out of his mind.
He's not my boyfriend.
Then who is he? He's a psych patient,right? Yes.
It's going to be ok.
And you know that how? You're his doctor? I was taking him to Dallas to speak at a conference as an example of the progress being made to relieve severe psychosis.
He's an example of progress? What do we do to calm him? He's never had this sort of break from reality,never been violent.
What can we do? Make him feel less threatened.
We're a threat to him? He's got 2 guns.
Are you all right? No.
Oh,I think I'm gonna be sick.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Uhh! I just haven't been feeling that well lately.
My stomach.
You're not pregnant? Teddy,please.
This girl is sick.
It's a trick,Ted.
Shut up! Sit down! What are you doing? Don't be stupid.
Are you kidding me? What are you gonna do? Throw it at him? Why are they just sitting there? Come on! Whacked out of his mind.
Don't look at the train.
Ignore it.
The higher authority isn't concerned about losing a few civilians.
I'll talk to the HRT commander.
I'm Frank Moretti,Dallas field office.
Near as we can tell,your agent is still all right.
Has the subject asked for anything,made any demands? Not beyond wanting to talk to a higher authority.
How do we negotiate with a psychotic who won't talk to us? That depends on the level of his particular delusion.
Some psychotics believe they're being sent messages by the government god,even aliens.
John Nash,he believed he was being recruited by aliens to save the world.
I saw the movie.
Actually,the movie is rather inaccurate in its portrayal of-- Ok,doc,doc,doc a movie review is not gonna help us right now.
Let's move.
You're right.
What's the status? We're in position from every angle.
All right.
We might be able to negotiate with this guy but if he requests a priest or if his behavior in any way reflects an end game of killing himself and the hostages,then its over and we need to take the shot and rush the train.
We'll be ready when you need us.
Come on.
Come on,come on,come on.
This is going to end today.
Stay focused here,Ted.
His delusions are important because that's what we have to play to.
So the question of the day.
what does he believe is happening here? Good luck.
I tried to convince him I was the highest authority but he wouldn't believe me.
Well,he's paranoid.
He believes in secrets.
If I'm the higher authority,I don't go to him.
He comes to me.
We have to help him ask the first question.
Ted,you have to try and-- get up! - Take me.
- Aah! No! Take me! No,take me.
You think I'm gonna let you send them messages? They're gonna want to talk to me.
I can get you whatever it is that you want.
Take me! Don't buy it,Ted.
Hey,man-- You,too? No.
I didn't do anything! Ted,you're not in any danger here.
You have to believe me.
Easy does it.
Don't say a single word unless I say it.
Deviate a single word,and I will kill you.
Don't try to send them any secret messages or codes.
Do you understand? Codes? Do you understand?! Yes,yes.
All right,all right.
Yes? He wants to know who you are.
He wants to know who just arrived.
Tell him it's someone who can help resolve the situation.
He says it's someone who can resolve the situation.
What part of the government do you work for? I never said I was with the government.
The less he says,the more mysterious we seem the higher an authority we become.
What part of--aah! What part of the government.
Don't hurt her.
Ask who they work for.
No,ask if they're NSA.
No,ask-- They're FBI,aren't they? Are you FBI? He can ask me himself.
He says you can ask him yourself.
Tell me who you are,or this agent dies! You know who I am.
If you're the higher authority then you can have it removed.
That'll take some time.
I want it removed now.
You know.
You know it can't be done that quickly.
No! Wait! Ok.
All right.
One hour.
You have one hour to remove it or I swear to god,I'll kill every agent on this train.
It? He wants it removed? Do you know what it is? No.
We just bought an hour,though,to figure it out.
We have 40 minutes left.
Reid,is there a delusion more common than others to a paranoid mind in a psychotic episode? Delusions are as varied as the people that have them.
They're colored by personal experience.
You can't turn back now,Ted.
They won't ever stop hounding you and following you and-- I'm doing it! Leave me alone! Any of you guys have a cell phone with service? We're in the middle of nowhere.
Welcome to texas.
You're bleeding more than you should be from a cut this small.
Thin blood.
The agents outside need to know what it is that he wants removed.
He thinks the government is watching him,monitoring him.
They monitor all of us.
They have ways of finding out everything you do.
Don't be stupid.
There's an FBI agent on board.
You think that's a coincidence? I'm doing it! He's going to kill us,isn't he? No.
He killed that security guard.
The security guard had a gun.
He felt threatened by him.
Uhh! It's so hot! You took hostages in the middle of Texas.
Of course it's hot.
No! That's exactly what they want,Ted.
They want to divert you from having it removed.
You're close to having it removed.
His arm.
What? Look at his arm.
What is that? They look like scars.
The places he tried to dig it out with a razor or a pen.
Dig what out? Maybe a microchip? Oh,man.
It's almost as common a delusion as claiming to be the new Messiah.
Ralph Tortorici held an entire classroom hostage because he believed microchips had been implanted in his body.
Wait a minute.
This guy thinks he has some kind of device stuck in his arm? Probably,and if we don't take it out,he's gonna kill somebody.
This is Morgan.
I got your names.
Ok,Garcia,talk to me.
Skinny guy in the suit is Harry Anderson.
The young guy is a former Gillett university undergrad.
The girl is Elaine Curtis,from--get this-- Adobe Walls in Tirlingua,Texas.
The lady in the nice suit is Linda Deaton author and renowned psychiatrist.
Penelope,you are truly amazing.
Not so fast.
I've got your bonus answer,too.
Your hostage taker,he's famous,academically speaking.
His name is Bryar,Dr.
Theodore Bryar.
You know what? Send it all to me right now.
Keep digging.
Penelope,nice work.
Tell me about the hostages.
Let's see.
First we've got Harry Anderson.
He's a paper goods salesman.
Lived in a small home just outside of Dallas for 18 years with his wife.
He's got no children,no investments,no company retirement portfolio.
He doesn't take chances.
So,what about the kid? Kid's name--Josh Patel.
He's 20 years old.
He just got expelled from Gillett university for driving his car into the library building drunk.
He's drinking now,and we don't need a drunk in there.
The girl-- we don't have a lot to go on.
Nothing more than her driver's license.
Her name's Elaine Curtis.
She lives in a small town in west Texas.
She's got no credit cards,no passport.
Doesn't look like she travels much at all.
This is Dr.
Linda Deaton.
She's a psychiatrist at stokes mental health center in El Paso.
That's where Ted Bryar's been living for the last 9 years.
His doctor? I say probably.
She's unmarried,lives in El Paso.
She's written several books and papers mainly published in medical circles.
She's a popular lecturer.
She's scheduled to speak at several symposiums this year and tonight in Dallas.
That's it.
That's all I got.
Garcia's in the process of looking deeper but I don't really see how this lineup's gonna be much of a help to us,Gideon.
Well,let's just hope none of them makes the situation worse.
They're messing with you out there,Ted.
Trying to weaken you.
You need resolve.
Hey,why aren't they helping us? We're gonna get through this just fine.
We? He isn't pissed at us.
You're the government agent.
He probably thinks we're all agents.
He believes almost everyone is.
I'm not with any government agent.
He's trying to confuse you.
I'm with you.
Big brother,right? New-think? New-speak? Hate is love.
War is peace.
He's laughing at you.
Stop it! No,Ted,it's ok.
He doesn't mean anything.
I support you.
Screw the government.
Let him sit down.
All right,how do we remove a microchip that's not there? His speech is lucid.
There's no sign of neologisms, word salad,or loosening of associations.
As long as he can systemize he'll be able to keep his thinking relatively organized.
Organized enough to see through any game we try to throw at him? And if he's convinced it's in his arm and not in a place like his lower back or his neck.
an incision means he's gonna be watching.
Maybe we can just convince him that he's been looking in the wrong place.
Or we could fake it.
Conceal a chip in the palm,a little sleight of hand.
Oh,come on,Reid what are you talking about? A magic trick? Yeah,I'm talking about a magic trick.
I used to do it during college exams.
I can make it appear,I can make it disappear.
We can't risk giving him another agent as a hostage.
We have to do something.
All right,Reid.
Let's go.
Teach it to me.
What? No.
Look,if you can do it,I can do it.
Show it to me.
I've been practicing this my whole life.
We have less than 30 minutes.
Reid,I am not about to let you get on that train with an armed psychotic.
We don't have any other choice,do we? No.
We don't have any other choice.
Bryar's definitely one of the top physicists in the world.
He's written hundreds of papers on m-theory.
I don't understand any of it.
Oh,he worked for the government for several years in the eighties.
Probably the source of his delusions.
He's been institutionalized for the past 9 years.
Till Dr.
Deaton took him on a field trip.
What we need is a strategy.
I'll try to talk to him.
You think that's wise? Ted? You feel a little bit better now? You're in no danger here.
These people don't want to hurt you.
Sure they don't.
The FBI agent just happened to be on the train today.
She wasn't following you,wasn't watching you.
She expects you to believe that? Let them go,Ted.
I'll stay with you.
You and I will do this together only you need to let these people go.
I will wait with you.
No one wants to hurt you.
We don't want to hurt you.
We want to kill you.
No! No,it's ok,Ted! Ted,it's ok! Don't! I'll make sure that they never take it out of you.
If you hurt one more person on this train I swear to god,I'll make them leave it in you forever.
What? Everything all right in there,Dr.
Bryar? I want it out.
I'm sending 2 technicians in to remove it.
No! One.
One technician.
Well,it's a delicate procedure.
It requires-- one technician! Or every agent on this train dies! Ok.
You need to relax.
We still have 20 minutes.
Not anymore.
I want it out now.
Right now! Now! I don't know about this.
It'll look better when it's covered.
With what? Blood.
Reid,do not take this vest off.
In hostage situations S.
sometimes won't even tell the negotiator when they're deciding to go in.
Do you know why that is? 'Cause the slightest change in tone of voice or choice of words can give the whole thing away.
That's right.
Don't make eye contact with Elle.
You're a technician.
You've never seen her before.
Got it.
Now remember,play into the guy's fantasy.
Believe it yourself.
Actually,did you know that dentists and surgeons have been recruited to secretly implant these during otherwise normal medical procedures? This has been happening on and off since the late 1930s.
You told me to believe.
Heh heh! Let's go.
All right.
One government-issued microchip.
You gotta relax,man.
The chip's a lot smaller than I'm used to doing it with,all right? I'm pulling the plug on this.
No,no,hold on.
One more.
Take his chip out.
Then get off the train.
You understand? Tell him you need to get back to the higher authority.
Say you have guidelines to follow,whatever.
Do not stay in there with him.
That's an order.
Could you guys do me a favor? Anything.
Could at least one of you look like you're gonna see me again? See you when you get back.
Tell your men to get whatever target they can.
If this starts to go bad,we're gonna go in.
Probably not gonna have a great shot.
Take the one they can get.
That's far enough,Ted.
That's far enough.
I'm here to remove a chip from Dr.
Check him out.
Take the vest off.
I want to see you.
I don't have any weapons.
The higher authority doesn't authorize it for technicians.
Take it off! Damn it,Reid,I said don't take the vest off.
Come closer.
I want to see both of your hands at all times.
Sit across from me.
Why are you so nervous? I told you.
I'm not used to being around guns.
This is going to probably sting a little bit.
Did you see that? I knew it.
I knew it.
Hey,look,he's got it.
He's got the chip.
I've got to go to the higher authority-- Not yet! Turn it on.
Turn the chip on.
Excuse me? Get off the train,Reid.
Something's wrong.
Get off the train.
Get out of there.
Why isn't he moving? How many shots would it take to move in? Two.
First blows the windows.
Second takes Bryar down.
And he'll be shooting after the windows go.
That's the best we can do.
All right.
Turn it on,or I pull the trigger.
I can't turn it on.
Why not? Because it has to be implanted.
She's right.
The chip derives its power from tiny electrical impulses fired between neurons.
It has to be in your skin to work.
I--I really got to go-- sit down! You're not going anywhere.
See? Dude actually had a chip in his arm.
All right,it seems calm for now.
Reid's still on the train.
Now we have 2 agents in there.
It's probably the higher authority.
I told you I have protocols to follow.
I was supposed to go right back out there.
I--I have rules.
Answer the phone.
You want me to stay,I'm obviously going to stay but,I mean,you're going to be the one that has to explain it to the man.
Ooh,the man? They're still trying to tell you what to do,Ted.
Why can't you all just leave me alone? Leave you alone? Stay out of this.
The government does watch us.
You got microwaves and satellites.
I'm with you,man.
Do not agitate him.
Screw you.
Bryar,answer the phone.
My old man used to have tracking devices in his cars.
He said it was for theft but it's so he could find out where I'd go.
And what about personal recordings and televisions? You don't think someone's monitoring everything you watch? You know how many patents are issued for devices to monitor people? Look it up,man.
Here he comes,Ted.
He's the agent who's playing the hero.
Answer the phone,Ted.
This isn't going to help.
What the hell do you know? Ted,he doesn't know what he's talking about.
He's just a kid.
Who you calling a kid? Sit down.
Oh,now you're gonna tell me what to do? He'd only have one gun if you weren't here.
I'm with you,man.
He's not with us,Ted.
He's not with us at all.
Answer the phone,Dr.
It's the higher authority.
They're coming for you,Ted.
No! Teddy? Oh,damn.
Damn! What? What happened,Ted? I did what you sked for.
I'm tired.
I've been fighting you for so long.
You don't have to fight anymore.
He's a liar,Ted.
I said it all ends today.
Me,these agents--it all ends today.
What does that mean? It means he's decided on an end game.
He's going to kill himself and the hostages.
No one on this train is an agent but me.
No one else.
I'm the only one.
You can let everybody else go.
I don't think so,Ted,do you? Dr.
Bryar,we need to get this woman help.
Who's going to help me? The higher authorities can help you.
They're not what you think.
They're not the enemy.
They can help you,Dr.
Not anymore.
Let me know when HRT is ready.
Gideon,you send those guys in there hostages are going to die.
If we don't do something they're going to die anyway.
It's not gone.
I know.
Well,you just said when the chip came out,it would go away.
I--I still hear it.
Then there must be more of them.
But you said it was the only one,Leo.
I can still.
feel the buzzing,the burning.
What? Reid! It's all right,Elle.
Is there another one? You know there isn't.
If there were,Leo would've told you.
Don't listen,Ted.
Make it stop! I know what it's like Make it stop! I know what the voices are like He's trying to trick you The voices they won't stop, they've been talking, using you as a child He's telling you.
I'm not real he, He's lying to you You're lying to me That's Leo speaking, that's not even Dr.
Bryar Why don't you let him think for himself, Leo? You.
Did you see him? Yes, he's right there Shoot this kid - Why don't you let him make his own decisions? - Shoot him! Voices, they helped you, right? It's where you get your ideas from All the other kids are outside on the playground, you're inside, you're reading, studying, learning The voices won't stop, they help you understand things that other people can never realize and.
then as you grow older, it became almost a.
a responsibility, right? The responsibility to use that ability? To use your knowledge? Strain theory - the theory of everything - Shoot him, Ted And M-theory encompassing all the strains, unifying the theories Don't push him, Reid You know, it's funny Most people say that m-theory can never be proved because the mathematical tools do not yet exist.
Don't push him.
But you see it right? Am I right? You can see the different strings unifying the dimensions the gravitational infinities canceling each other out.
You see them,right,Dr.
Bryar? You see them because you have the tools.
Your mind is that tool.
He's one of them,Ted,one of them.
Shut up! This has gone on too long.
I'm going in.
And I have to believe that if you put your mind to it you'll realize that only you can make Leo stop.
You can make him stop by understanding him by understanding that he is a liar and he only wants bad things for you.
I need to believe that,Dr.
I said kill him,Ted! I had to.
He was going to kill us.
I had to.
God forgive me.
We need an ambulance.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry It's a little late for all that.
You going to the hospital? I'm going to ride in with the psychiatrist.
See you over there.
She going to be all right? Yeah,I think so.
Gideon,will you tell him that I don't need to go to the hospital? Regulations are regulations.
You're all right? Yeah,I'm fine,dad.
- Elle? - Yeah? Don't ever call me dad again.
What do you think he'd feel about mom? Let me know when you're going to do that so I can run.
Um,Reid,you probably saved my life in there.
Probably? I totally saved your life.
And I'm pretty certain that it was caught on tape.
You know,what you said in there to Bryar? That you know what it's like? The guy was a delusional psychotic.
I was playing into his fantasy.
Go to the hospital.
I'll see you there,all right? Albert Einstein asked "a question that sometimes drives me hazy-- am I or the others crazy?" -------------------------- www.
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