Criminal Minds s02e01 Episode Script

The Fisher King (2)

Elle, two weeks of pure heaven.
Do not call me for anything.
Have a great time.
You all deserve a break.
- Welcome to paradise.
- Your resort is beautiful.
A man said there had been a murder in room 19.
- Get down ! - Who are you ?! - Where is the victim's head ? - I'm here on vacation.
- Someone sent you a head ? - From Jamaica.
Morgan and Elle are in Jamaica right now.
Agent Greenaway wasn't even here when this man was killed.
- How did he know where we were ? - A man came to the door with something he said you would need right away.
He came to the door ? I was playing a game yesterday.
The hacker could have gotten into my computer first.
I have far less protection on my own laptop.
- How could you be that stupid ? - I found him.
You what ? I know who he is, the hacker.
- His name's Geist.
- Now you're on a quest.
A young girl's life depends on the successful completion of it.
The one rule is, only the members of your team may participate in the quest.
He's given us all the clues needed to complete this quest, including this book code.
Each one of these sets of numbers represents a particular word.
Yeah but from what book ? JJ, get some reporters here as soon as possible.
Didn't he say that we had to keep this under the team ? - We're looking for this man - No.
No, I specifically said no outsiders.
- I'm awake.
- Anderson, - take Greenaway home.
- Yes, sir.
Get some sleep.
I told you, there was one rule.
One rule ! The defects and faults of the mind are like wounds in the body.
After all imaginable care has been taken to heal them up, still there will be a scar left behind.
French writer Francois la Rochefoucauld.
Sir, I thought you'd want to know.
We identified the girl in the video Rebecca Bryant.
Leave it on the desk.
Reid, how many books do you think are published in a year ? In the whole world ? Thousands.
Great, and all we gotta do is find one.
You know, I can see this unsub gettin'our phone numbers and addresses from the bureau personnel files, but come on, man, it really says in there that Gideon digs Nellie Fox ? Or that JJ collects butterflies ? I didn't even know these things about us.
"Ever would it be night, but always clear day to any man's sight.
" Reid, not again with the poem from the music box, please.
There's something familiar about it.
I think I've heard it somewhere before.
- Thought you had a photographic memory.
- Eidetic memory, and that's primarily related to things I read.
Like I said, this is something I think I've heard.
- Which leaves us - Nowhere, that's where it leaves is.
Not necessarily.
How would we proceed if we didn't have all these clues ? What's the first thing we'd look at ? Victimology.
Why this particular victim in this particular place - at this particular time ? - We have a victim, don't we ? Rebecca Bryant.
Missin'out of South Boston, Virginia.
You can get there in a few hours if you hurry.
Take JJ.
Find out everything there is to know about this girl.
You go it.
Been lettin'him lead us around like he's somethin'more than he is.
He's just another unsub.
Let's start puttin'together a profile.
- What you want me to do ? - Just keep workin'on this.
If anybody can put it together, you can.
Please help me.
Anderson ? Where's agent Greenaway ? - Sir ? - I told you to take her home.
I dropped her off half an hour ago.
Take her home does not mean drop her off.
We're dealing with an unsub who has all of our personal information, including our home addresses.
Get back over there now.
- But - Now ! Agent Greenaway ? - Yes ? - Case file, please.
How did I get here ? I'm sorry, ma'am.
Without a case file, you'll have to get off.
The rules are very Clear ! She's back.
Get a large bore going.
I'm on it.
If we don't get this pressure up, we're gonna lose her again permanently.
"Possible Book Titles" Thousands of books published every year.
This is impossible.
Year every year.
- Agent Hotchner ? - Yes ? The delivery guy's on the way up.
The one from the press conference ? Thank you.
The book has to be the right volume and the right publication date, or the code won't work, right ? Okay.
When you talk about Nellie Fox, it's in regards to the 1959 White Sox.
That's the year that's important to you, but for some reason, this is a 1963 card.
Well, maybe he couldn't find a'59.
You think a pale clouded yellow butterfly was easy to find, or a or a music box that specifically plays the trout quintet ? So a book published in 1963.
It has to be.
The guy who delivered the puzzle to my house just turned himself in.
You delivered a package to my house yesterday.
- Do I need a lawyer here ? - Late in the day to my wife.
I guess I could check my logs.
You know exactly which delivery we mean.
Look, this guy comes up to me on the street with the package.
He says it only needs to go a few miles, and that a girl's life depended on it.
And you didn't find that suspicious ? He said a girl's life depended on it, man.
I wasn't gonna take no chances with somethin'like that.
I see, so you're a humanitarian here then.
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
How much ? Thousand cash.
Seriously, do I need a lawyer ? This guy is infuriatingly good.
He routed his IP through major corporations, crisscrossed it through countries, I thought you tracked the hacker.
No I only found what he wanted me to find : appartment where Giles was dead.
Reid a hacker capable of getting into my systems is going to have amazingly sophisticated equipment.
Did giles's apartment have that ? - He didn't have a couch.
- Exactly.
Giles was a smokescreen I should have seen through.
But now I have this glorious program I wrote, tracking the hacker through his other identity Sir Kneighf.
" That's an odd spelling.
Do you need something ? Yeah, is there a database which lists all the books published in a given year ? Individual publishers have lists, I don't think there's anything like a master one, plus it would depend upon the year, because the further back you go, the less likely there'll be any database at all.
Yeah, ok, that would be an example of extremely less likely.
Could you do me a favor ? Type something into a search engine for me ? "Never would it be night, but always clear day to any man's sight.
" That's from a poem, "The parliament of "fowls !" Yeah, yeah ! Chaucer, my my mom use to read me that.
It's widely considered as the first Valentine's poem.
Your mom read you Valentine's poems ? Hello, therapy.
Chaucer, "parliament of fowls.
" Fowls, "parliament of fowls," Chaucer.
It has to be at least 283 pages long, but the poem has to be longer.
Something published in 1963.
A butterfly indigenous to Great Britain.
Why ? Something born, Something from Great Britain.
Chaucer was middle english.
Middle english spelling of the word "fowls " "FOWLES" there was a contemporary british author Fowles.
John Fowles.
Will you type it into a search engine ? He wrote the Magus, he wrote the French Lieutenant's Woman.
Anything in 1963 published in Great Britain ? The Collector.
Collector baseball cards, skeleton keys, music boxes.
These are things that are collected.
What'd he look like ? I don't really know.
He had a big coat on and a hat pulled down over his face.
So you can't describe him at all then ? Well, the part of his face that I could see was all messed up.
- It was messed up ? - Yeah scarred, all burned up.
Burn scars.
- Could explain the trouble moving.
- We know what the book is.
The collector by John Fowles.
You sure ? Not absolutely.
Not until we see if the code works, but I have four separate libraries searching for the 1963 edition - published in Great Britain.
- Well done, Reid.
Agent Gideon, there's a call for you on line - Is there a name ? - Sort of.
He calls himself the Fisher King.
This could be the unsub, guys.
Why ? In mythology, the Fisher King is the grail king.
"Sir Kneighf," it's an anagram for "Fisher King.
" Fisher King's at the end of all grail quests.
Line 2 trapped and traced.
- Gideon.
- What I had to do was not my fault.
Excuse me ? It was distasteful and barbaric.
Who is this ? No one else had to be hurt.
Call yourself "the Fisher King"? I told you there were rules.
I'm actually more interested in exactly how you got all those burns.
Remember this next time you decide to step outside my instructions.
Agent Greenaway did not have to die like that.
Daddy ? Notify the O.
She's bleeding out.
They're gonna need 4 units of "O" on the rapid infuser.
- Yes, doctor.
- Fight with me here.
FBI, - one of my agents was just brought in.
- Agent Hotchner, I am sorry.
Anderson, where is she ? I got there just - as the ambulance was leaving.
- Where is she, Anderson ? - They just took her up to surgery.
- Then she's alive.
- What do we know ? - The local P.
Said someone forced her back door and surprised her in the living room.
They were probably laying in wait for her.
After she was it appears she dialed 911 herself before she passed out.
Why weren't we notified ? The offender apparently took her ID.
And gun.
The uniform I talked to didn't even know she was in the bureau - until I arrived on scene.
- Get back over there.
This is a federal crime scene.
Nobody touches anything.
We process it.
Yes, sir.
Valez, are you there ? Yes, Dr.
Reid, I am.
I have a first edition of the collector, published in Great Britain in 1963.
Valez, I'm gonna read you a set of 3 numbers.
The first is gonna be a page number, the second, a line number on that page, and the third, a word number in that line.
Do you understand me ? Yes, I understand.
All right, the first is page 222.
Page 222.
got it.
Line 23.
Line 23.
got it.
What is the 16th word on that line, Ms.
Valez ? "The.
" "The"? Great.
Page 91, line 11, word 13.
" Does that make sense ? "The path.
" Yeah, that absolutely makes sense.
All right, please go to page 31 Trap and trace got nothin'.
Unsub used a disposable cell.
We got our best CSU team.
If he left anything, a print, a hair, sweat, anything they'll find it.
I sent her home, jason.
This wasn't you.
I should have been clearer with Anderson.
Try Morgan and JJ again.
I tried'em 3 times.
They're out of cell range.
Try'em again.
I don't want'em to hear about this on the news.
She was 16 when she was abducted.
She's 18 now.
Her birthday was in august.
Help me ! Two years in that little cell.
All right, let's go over this one more time.
She took off for school, but never got there, correct ? Correct.
None of the neighbors saw her that morning ? It doesn't even appear that they canvassed at all.
Ok, JJ, I need you to see if the originating detective can meet us at the house'cause there's just something really funky about this whole investigation.
Well, I will as soon as we re-enter the world of cell phone service.
"The path to the end began at his start.
" "To find her first calm her long broken heart.
" "She sits in a window" "with secrets from her knight.
" Is it adventure that keeps him out of her sight ?" Another puzzle ? It's a riddle.
"Began at his start.
" "The youngest holds the key.
" "Sits in a window.
" "Secrets, adventure.
" "Secrets from her knight"? "Sits in the window.
" She calls them your adventures.
"Ever would it be night, but always clear day.
" That'd be that'd be bright light.
Someone delivered this to the desk last night for you.
It's never night in Las Vegas.
Excuse me ? I need to be connected to the field office closest to Las Vegas, Nevada, immediately.
This is Dr.
Spencer Reid with the behavioral analysis unit at Quantico.
Look, I need my mother picked up and brought to Virginia in protective custody as soon as possible.
We're searching for an unsub who shot one of our agents today, and I think he might know my mother, and I believe she may be in danger.
She's at the Bennington Sanitarium in Las Vegas.
Her name's Diana Reid.
She's a patient there.
Diana ? There's someone here to see you.
Yes, sir.
If there's anything we can do.
Yes, sir.
We will.
What's up ? That was Hotch.
Don't tell me.
Reid already figured it out, and we drove all the way out here for nothing, right ? - Derek.
- What ? What ? The the unsub Elle was shot in her apartment this morning.
What ? - What are you doing ? - I'm goin'back.
No, no, no.
Hotch said not to.
- I don't give a damn what Hotch said.
- But, Derek, he's right.
There's nothing we can do at the hospital, okay ? But maybe we can find the unsub through through her, through the victim's profile, through Rebecca.
How bad ? She's in surgery.
That's all they know.
Dad, it was hard growing up without you.
I'm sorry.
No, it wasn't your fault.
I just missed you so much.
I'm always with you.
- What's gonna happen to me ? - Happen ? That's up to you, baby.
That's up to you.
Any word ? No.
I called JJ.
I told her that we'd call them if anything changed.
What's all that ? That unsub's extremely organized.
Sounded truly shocked that we didn't follow the rules.
Honestly believed we would simply listen to his directions.
He's delusional.
He thinks he's a mythological king But delusion and this level of organization are almost mutually exclusive.
You don't meticulously plan contacts in the real world if you're suffering psychotic breaks from reality.
How is she ? No word yet.
Is the scene processed ? They're finished.
We still have it locked up tight, though.
- You find anything ? - CSU found a partial print.
The shooter wrote a message on the wall in blood, and in one of the smudges, they found a whirl pattern.
They made a lift.
They aren't sure whether it's enough to get a hit, but they are processing it now.
She's ok your mom.
Agents picked her up.
She's flying here right now.
I forgot she used to always read me this poem.
It's funny, huh ? Funny ? Should have realized sooner than that.
Nobody knows things like the fact that JJ collects butterflies except for me.
People tell me their secrets all the time.
Think it's'cause they know I don't have anyone to betray them to except my mother.
I I tell her pretty much everything.
I don't think anyone would mind.
Do you know that I write her a letter every day ? - That's nice.
- It depends on why I write her.
What do you mean ? I write her letters so I won't feel so guilty about not visiting her.
Did you know that schizophrenia is genetically passed ? All of her things are still right here.
We kept it all.
Everything that was in her room, in case she ever You said there's a videotape ? Yes, ma'am.
The man who abducted your daughter sent it to us.
You're sure it's Rebecca ? Yes, ma'am, we're sure.
Ma'am I don't mean to impose but we've had ourselves a really long drive.
- You got any coffee ? - Excuse me ? I'll come with you, ma'am.
Oh, certainly.
Detective I've seen kids missing for a decade, and their rooms look exactly the way they did the day that they left.
Parents don't just pack up their kid's stuff and put'em in boxes in the garage.
Parents don't give up, ever.
What the hell is goin'on here ? This wasn't exactly a cut and dried missing.
This Rebecca is no angel.
She was in trouble, a lot of it all the time.
- What kind of trouble ? - Name it.
Dope, vandalism, theft, truancy.
Nobody even blinked when she didn't show up for school that day.
She was a part-time attendee at best.
None of that was in the report.
And why would it be ? Because it's relevant, detective.
Look, uniforms filed the initial report.
Missing persons never did a supplemental because the girl had run away 5 or 6 times before.
She didn't run away this time, did she ? Yeah, apparently not.
Nobody even bothered to look for this girl - for two years ? - No.
Why ? Why was she actin'out ? Was there a problem at home ? Was there abuse ? Abuse ? From the moment we brought her into the house, we treated Rebecca like an angel.
You just said "brought her into the house.
" When she was 5 years old, we took Rebecca in as a foster child.
And after a couple of years, we adopted her.
Where are her birth parents ? Something happened to the whole family.
Did she ever talk about it ? I don't even think she remembered it.
She was just a little girl.
So her name hasn't always been Bryant.
It was Garner.
Rebecca Garner.
I brought you dinner.
It's chicken.
I'm sick.
I need a doctor.
- you like chicken.
- No, no.
- Just take the chains off me.
- No, - you'll try to escape.
- Please, no.
I won't.
I promise.
I'll be back for your tray in half an hour.
Why don't you just kill me, you son of a bitch ?! Because I love you too much, Rebecca.
- Garcia.
- Hey, it's Morgan.
Derek, what do you need ? Garcia, I need information on an adoption.
- Name ? - Adopted name is Rebecca Bryant, birth name is Garner.
- Where ? - Somewhere around South Boston, Virginia, 13 years ago.
Nothing ? I'll try just the name with a wider search.
Ok, there's a Rebecca Garner who was adopted by a Mr.
And Mrs.
Joseph Bryant on december 4, 1993, in Clark County, Nevada.
Nevada ? That's what it says.
The rest is sealed.
Garcia, unseal it.
I need to know what happened to that girl's family to cause her to need adopting.
Okay, I'll work on it.
Coffee ? No.
We don't have enough for a profile yet, - not a good one.
- No.
- Some generalities.
- Not enough to catch him.
Press conference was the thing to do, right ? Sorry ? Brought the unsub out into the open, he made a mistake, left a partial print.
We wouldn't have had that.
- No.
- It was really the only way to go.
I did the right thing.
I did my job.
Elle will understand that.
She'll understand.
I'm afraid.
What if I don't come out of it ? What if I don't wake up ? You keep talkin'like you don't have any choice, peanut.
You can choose to fight, to beat the odds.
It's up to you.
What if I want to stay with you ? Well, that's a choice, too.
That's why you're so skinny, you know ? Too much coffee.
Thanks a lot, guys.
I've got her.
You know I'm terrified of flying.
I know, mom.
I'm sorry.
Well, then why did you have those fascists arrest me ? Mom, they're not fascists, and you were not arrested.
I'm trying to protect you.
By forcing me to do the one thing that frightens me more than anything else ? I need to show you something.
Follow me.
Yeah, talk to me.
Not only did I find your records, I found some newspaper articles about your girl.
- Newspaper articles ? - Yeah.
Apparently most of Rebecca Garner's family died in a house fire in 1992.
Faulty electrical wiring in their tract house.
So when she was 4.
Yeah, mrs.
Garner, The both Garner boys, one of the Garner girls.
Rebecca was found in the backyard crying, but unharmed.
How'd she get there ? Her father probably.
He was a teacher at a Vegas public school, and he tried to save the rest of the family, but he suffered massive burns to his entire body and nearly died.
Spent years in a burn ICU, and it was during that time that he gave up his parental rights to Rebecca, so that she could be put up for adoption because there was no other family.
Could explain her acting out.
You watch your whole family die in front of you ? The father was awarded a huge settlement from the contractors who built the development.
They were using faulty materials.
Good work, garcia.
Print that up for me, all right ? We'll be back pretty soon.
What ? Somethin'else ? No.
It just says here that after the father left the medical hospital, he spent a few years at a Vegas sanitarium.
That mean somethin'to you ? Yeah.
That's where Garcia ? I gotta go.
Could that be? Oh, my God.
This is where you work ? This is where we meet.
My desk, you can see it, it's right out there in the bullpen area.
The table's round.
Just like I wrote you in my letters.
Yes, just like you wrote in your letters.
Jessen gave me the book you brought.
Marjorie Kemp.
She's your favorite.
That particular book is one of her minor works.
Mom, no ! Don't don't.
You can't grab stuff off the board.
This key is evidence.
Mom, the unsub that we're looking for the the bad guy knows things about my colleagues'personal lives, things that only you would know.
Do you write about them in you journals ? My journals are none of the government's business ! - I'm not the government, mom.
- Well, this certainly looks like a government office.
Mother, do you write about my colleagues'personal lives ? Why did you bring me here, Spencer ? I need to ask you some things about a man I think you might know.
A bad man.
He's killed some people, and he's holding a girl hostage.
You think I know someone like that ? Will you just watch the tape and see if he sounds familiar ? I had to make sure I had your complete attention.
I assure you, you will all understand in the end why it must be this way.
You might even thank me.
You do know him ? I'm sure it's Randall Garner.
Randall Garner ? He was with me at the hospital.
He's a very emotionally disturbed man.
Reid, I got to the end of the IP string.
Sir kneighf, the fisher king, his name is Randall Garner.
He's Rebecca Bryant's biological father.
Reid and Garcia think they've ID'd the unsub.
How ? I don't know, but they want to know how to proceed.
Well, one of us should be there.
You go.
I want to be here when she comes out of surgery.
- Call me immediately.
- Immediately.
- Hotch ? - Yeah ? The only way for the organization level to be so high is the unsub believes it's all real.
He believes he's the keeper of the grail, needs us to find it.
We have to make him understand it isn't real.
Right I can't believe she's real.
- What do you mean ? - Whenever he talked about Rebecca, he never said she was his daughter.
He said all his children died in the fire.
He spoke of a Rebecca, more in the abstract.
I really thought she was a metaphor, not an actual human being.
An ideal.
A grail.
He thinks he's the fisher king.
- Who does ? - Randall Garner, our unsub.
He believes you're all modern-day knights of the round table.
Derek Morgan, this is my mother, Diana Reid.
It's your mother ? Ma'am, it's a it's a pleasure to meet you.
So where are we on finding this son of a bitch ? I rechecked all the clues.
There's nothing that points to an address.
The adoption records for Rebecca listed an address of the fire, so I made a call to Nevada, and it's vacant.
No one ever rebuilt.
Nevada ? So we don't even know what state he's in ? I'll search the tax records, see if he owns any property.
- Excuse me.
- Mom, do you know we're just before the agents got me from the hospital, a man delivered this to me.
It's a photo of a house with an address on the back.
Shiloh, Virginia ? That's only 10 miles from here.
That's it, guys.
It's open.
Hotch ? Guys, listen up.
He wants us to know we're in the right place, so keep your eyes open.
Let's go.
It's Morgan.
We're clear.
There's someone upstairs.
- Where ? - I saw a shadow.
Randall Garner ? FBI ! Garner ?! Come out, Garner ! He's in there.
- All right, cover me.
I'm gonna go in.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What ? What ? Mr.
Garner ? My name's spencer Reid.
You were in the hospital with my mother.
I think I think she might have confused you.
All we want to do is help Rebecca.
That's exactly what you want, right ? That's why you sent us the puzzles ? That's why you said you hoped you'd be seeing us soon ? Ask the question.
There is no magical question, Mr.
He believes if I ask him the right question, it'll heal all of his wounds.
Do you know the question ? I know what he wants.
- I'm gonna move to where he can see me.
- Reid ! Reid, no ! - Reid ! - Fall back.
Reid ! Reid, no ! Wait a minute.
Reid ! Stay calm, Mr.
Ask the question, sir Percival.
I told you, I'm not Percival.
My name is Dr.
Spencer Reid from the FBI.
You were in the hospital with my mother, Diana ? If you want the grail, you must ask the question ! She's not a grail ! She's your daughter.
Her name's Rebecca.
My daughters died in a fire and my son - and my wife.
- Rebecca lived.
Your mother, she explained it all to me.
My mother's a paranoid schizophrenic who'd forget to eat if she wasn't properly medicated and supervised.
She made me realize none of it was real.
I didn't lose Rebecca.
She never existed in the first place.
She does exist, mr.
Garner, and we're here to help her.
Hotch, Morgan ? I think maybe it'd be better if you guys waited downstairs.
What ? Mr.
Garner and I are just gonna talk alone up here.
Go ahead and talk, Reid, but we're not goin'anywhere.
Ask the question.
I'll be healed, and you may take the grail.
Just ask the question, sir knight.
I can't.
Heal me ! Mr.
Garner, a fisher king wound cannot be healed by somebody else.
It's not a wound to the body.
It's a wound to the memory.
Wound to the mind.
It's it's a wound that only you can find, and a wound that only you can heal.
Just ask the question.
There's only one question that matters, Mr.
There's only one really important question.
Can you forgive yourself ? I couldn't get to them.
If you tell me where she is, you can save Rebecca now.
Tell me where Rebecca is.
You already know.
I sent your mother the map.
What map ? Can I forgive myself ? No, I can't.
Run ! Don't move Reid, don't move ! Get him out, let's go ! Let's go ! Let's go ! - What the hell was that ? - He had a bomb.
You didn't think we needed to know that ? - I told you to go downstairs.
- Well, you didn't say bomb.
- You left that part out.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Stop ? The house is on fire, Reid.
Let's go ! Just let me think, let me think ! He's the fisher king, this is his castle, Rebecca's got to be here.
Reid, there may not be time for a search.
Let's go.
Location's on the map that he gave to my mom.
Reid, all she told us about was that photo.
Let's go ! Down she's in the basement downstairs ! How do you know that ?! I'm in here ! Is the house on fire ? She's in here ! I'm chained ! Get me out of here ! I'm chained.
- Here I've got the bed.
- Hurry ! He called me sir Percival.
- Hurry ! - Reid, hurry.
The key.
The key.
The youngest one holds the key.
Tell me you got the key.
Come on man ! Let's go ! Let's go ! We got no time ! Go ! You got her ? Come on.
Let's go.
"It has been said that time heals all wounds.
I do not agree.
The wounds remain.
In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it is never gone.
" Rose Kennedy.
Dad, there's something - it's okay.
- No, I want to say it.
That day I was just mad that day.
I wanted you to teach me to ride my bike.
I knew that you had to work.
I was just being selfish and childish.
Baby, you were 8.
I said, "I hate you, daddy.
" Those are the last words that I ever said to you.
It's okay, baby.
I've thought so many times that I wish I wish that I had said I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too, peanut, very much.
I can't stay with you.
That's all right.
Will I ever see you again ? I'll be here when it's time.
I love you.
There you are.
You're gonna be fine.
Elle's out of surgery.
She's gonna be okay.
- Is Gideon still at the hospital ? - Yeah.
How's Rebecca ? She's in the hospital, but she should be all right.
Physically, maybe.
Thank you, everyone.
All of you.
Well, we could have only gone so far without Mrs.
Mom, we found her.
Rebecca's safe.
You helped us save her life.
- Is it time for lunch yet ? - What ? I'm lecturing everyone in Tristan and Iseult.
They're all gathering in my room after lunch.
Can I attend the lecture, too ? Have you read any of the material ? I've had them read to me.
That's the best way, isn't it ? Yes, ma'am.
By far.