Criminal Minds s02e11 Episode Script

Sex, Birth, Death

I'm sorry.
You're Dr.
I'm sorry.
Do I know you? I just know what you do.
I saw you in georgetown a few weeks ago.
You gave a lecture on sexual sadism and how you helped catch the mill creek killer in st.
I- I'm not much of a,uh- a public speaker.
I don't know.
I thought you seemed cool.
You look kind of young to go to georgetown.
Um,I'm a junior at northwest high school.
And you just go to lectures on anger excitation for fun? I don't have a lot of friends.
So you're interested in profiling? Yeah.
I mean, I read a lot,you know,true crime, like graphic novels,mostly.
They're all about whether there's really such a thing as evil, like nature versus nurture,all that, so i figured it'd be smart to hear it from an expert,you know? So you said a lot of 'em kill prostitutes? It's the number one serial killer target,actually.
Well,is that for sex or because they think they're dirty and they need to be punished? Were you waiting here for me? What would it mean if somebody were stabbing them and cutting off their hair? I've never,uh- I've never heard of a case like that.
Do you wanna go to the bau with me, maybe talk to some of my other team members? I actually have to go to school.
Give me your-your name and your number,and I'll call you and hey,spence.
JJ, who's your contact at the D.
Police? Uh,victor Barnes.
Why?You need me to call him? Hi.
Detective barnes,please.
What's wrong? Need to get that to everyone as soon as possible.
Detective barnes,this is special agent dr.
Spencer reid at the behavioral analysis unit at quantico.
Have you had any recent murders involving prostitutes, maybe just jane does? They would have been stabbed to death,and their hair would've been cut off by the killer.
When was the most recent victim? I'll explain when I see you.
I'll meet you in a half-hour.
What's going on? D.
May have a serial killer.
I think I just let him get away.
Eliot wrote, "between the idea and the reality," between the motion and the act, falls the shadow.
" We found her 4 days ago in an aly off "k" street.
Still no I.
Just got your message.
Aaron hotchner,vic barnes.
What have we got? This is the second victim.
The first one was killed 3 months ago, both in the early morning.
Both had their hair chopped? Uniform didn't make the connection,because he was fixated on this.
The first victim didn't have anything carved on her? Just a routine jane doe.
Take a look.
A lot are shallow.
They're hesitation marks.
He's not certain he wants to be killing.
Makes you think the message he carved is sincere.
He's asking the police to help him stop.
Fits with your kid seeking you out.
Part of him wants to get caught.
I let him go.
I'm sorry.
We'll find him.
If both murders took place in the morning,how come there were no witnesses? The motels and alleys around the capitol are notorious.
People go out of their way not to look.
At night,no one can see down there.
During the day, you just duck behind the dumpster or into a doorway.
Business is pretty heavy here in the mornings? How do I know you're not just lookin' to crack down on us? Because I'm telling you.
We're here trying to protect you.
A lot of johns from the hill stop by on their way to work.
We always say the same politicians yellin' about cleanin' up the hill, the ones droppin' 50 bucks with us before they make the speech.
It's true,and the more important they think they are, the quicker they accidentally finish up with us.
It's weird like that.
No,that's pretty much universal.
You recognize him at all? I don't know his name or nothin'.
He hangs around,tries to pretend like he's not watching us.
He's just a horny kid,you know.
You didn't see him talking to any of the other girls out here? I just figured he's the kind gets his little bit of danger and goes home and takes business into his own hands.
Is he the one who did this? We don't know,but someone did, so you need to be careful.
We stick to the daylight and only work the high-end blocks.
How old are you? Just watch out for each other,ok? Oh,agent hotchner,karen steyer.
Congresswoman,how do you do? I'm fine,thank you.
They said it was fine to wait in here.
Of course.
What can I do for you? Well,I have talked to my people, and I understand that we have a potential serial killer targeting prostitutes in D.
That was awfully fast.
I have awfully good people.
Sounds like it.
I'd like you to promise me that if your team stays on the case, uh,you won't publicize the murders.
I'm afraid I can't make that promise.
With all due respect,you will notice that I said, "if you stay on the case.
" I really don't like doing this,honestly but as you know,the bau cannot join an investigation unless they are invited by the local enforcement agency.
What's this about? declaring crime in D.
An epidemic.
I'm familiar with the bill.
Makes additional federal funds available.
You target lifestyle crimes like prostitution and drug use, and hopefully the overall crime rate drops.
Worked in new york.
It worked in L.
It's worked here.
And in 4 days,I'm set to stand at the base of the capitol and announce that petty crime in D.
Is down 43% and violent crime is down 37%.
The last thing I need is the press announcing that we have a serial killer murdering prostitutes.
I understand that.
But by not alerting the media, we're putting women at risk.
I'm not asking you to back down.
Work your case.
Catch your killer.
Just do it quietly.
And if I don't? I guarantee you won't work it at all.
Oh,a little unsolicited advice.
You're driven.
You're bright.
You're exactly the kind of person who could run the bureau someday.
You might as well accept now that leading the fbi has as much to do with politics as it does with law enforcement.
Good day.
This is impossible.
Says you.
There's nothing in the juvenile offender records.
So you think like a high school kid.
I was 12,and I hadn't been through puberty when I was in high school.
I think like a high school student.
You think like a profiler.
He said he was a junior,right? Mm-hmm.
The first rule of the teen years, when talking to an authority figure,always lie and say you're older.
He's probably a sophomore.
His coat was lamb's wool, but it didn't look vintage.
It fit like it had been tailored for him.
That means money.
In D.
,Money would mean private school.
Look at you go.
- Even a lie has to be within the depth of your own experience,right? - Fair enough,fair enough.
Uh I'm a junior at northwest high school.
Pull up the district that serves northwest high.
Are there any private schools within those boundaries? Uh,3.
Do any of them offer elective courses at georgetown? One.
The morton school.
- Pull up the junior class.
- Ah! Uh,sophomore class.
Ah,if I do say so myself.
Nathan harris.
We got him.
I'll be right there.
I'm jason gideon with the fbi.
Agent morgan.
We're looking for your son nathan.
Why? We just wanna ask him some questions.
Well,not until you explain what's going on.
Uh,your son came to talk to me this morning about a murder case.
Why would nathan know anything about a murder? No,mom,it's true.
I- I did talk to him.
Do you mind if I speak to him alone? - We'll stay out here,ma'am.
I knew if you were really good,you'd find me.
Is that why you were waiting for me? You-you wanted to get caught? What do you mean,"get caught"? Oh- hey.
Stay right there and keep your hands where I can see them.
It's just the text for a graphic novel.
About killing prostitutes? Yeah,jack the ripper.
It's a famous case.
This isn't a game,kid.
I know.
You knew specific details about a murder that hasn't been publicized.
But I didn't kill her.
I just I really wanted to.
Nathan,if you didn't do it,how'd you know the details of the murder? 'Cause I saw the body.
It was early.
It was before school.
She-she was dressed in red.
She'd been stabbed a lot,and her hair was all chopped off.
Where was that? In an alley off of "k" street.
They take men down there for sex.
I see 'em do it all the time.
What were you doing down there? I don't know.
I just sort of end up there sometimes,you know? I- I stay out all night,and I just come back in the morning, and if my mom's at work,I don't even bother coming home.
Thinking dark thoughts is a far cry from being a danger.
I know that.
I don't think anyone's personal demons would hold up to scrutiny.
Mine wouldn'T.
Would yours? No.
He's a good boy.
He's exceptionally bright.
He just lives in his head more than other kids.
So it's just the two of you? His father died when he was 9.
How'd he handle that? Well,emotionally it was grueling, but we got through it together.
- And you're close.
- Hmm.
I'd say very.
Don't go misinterpreting that.
You teach at G.
Medical school,you're also on call at the hospital? So nathan must have a lot of freedom.
I treat him like a man,because he's always handled his responsibility.
Why didn't you call the police? I don't know.
Nathan,the prostitutes I talked to say you watch them.
I'd never touch them.
You fantasize about having sex with them? No,I told you,I think about killing them.
Look,after the lecture, I saw you at the metro stop a few times, and I thought maybe you could help me.
How? I don't know.
I saw that body, and I felt excited,and that really scared me.
Is it possible that you actually killed those prostitutes, but you just don't want to admit it to yourself? No.
Then why'd you run away from me? 'Cause I don't know,but I thought you'd say I was crazy and there was no way to stop it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Ma'am,we'd like to let the juvenile authorities hold him overnight so we can do a psychological evaluation.
I can't believe this is real.
Well,right now it's just an evaluation.
I'd encourage nathan to have a lawyer present.
I don't know what he's going through, but the nathan I know is a sweet boy.
I believe you.
Do we have your permission? I'll show you where to sign the paperwork.
The juvenile authorities are waiting for nathan harris.
He's in interrogation.
Is he our unsub? I don't know.
He says he didn't do it.
He actually seems sincere.
But he's a smart kid, and part of the sexual-sadist profile is the ability to mimic honesty and sincerity.
The police are here for you.
Yeah? I know I,um,don't deserve any favors, but whatever my psych eval says,you promise you'll tell me the truth? Um,my mom says a promise doesn't count unless you say it out loud.
I promise.
Thank you.
You know,he might have killed 2 women.
It's not your job to hold his hand through this.
It's like with my mom.
I used to think that if I could just understand absolutely everything there is to know about schizophrenia, then I'd somehow be able to fix it.
You can'T.
I'm sorry.
I need everybody in the conference room.
If nathan harris isn't our unsub,we need a working profile.
Police sent us these photos of the first victim.
This was the unsub's first kill.
He held his urges in check for 3 months, and when he couldn't control them any more,he sent this message to the cops.
We know the "help" and the hesitation marks mean he was ambivalent about the kill.
What we don't know is why he chopped the hair.
He didn't take it with him.
We know it's not a trophy.
It's probably a way to minimize some of their power,robs them of their femininity.
That fits with him killing during the early morning.
It's the time when prostitutes have the least power sexually, as opposed to at night,when he might see them as being on the prowl.
Hey,I know we're just spitballing this here, but this profile points to nathan harris.
I don't wanna talk about nathan harris.
Hotch,she is right.
He reached out for help.
This is an adolescent kid.
He's probably intimidated sexually.
I don't care how many times he says he didn't do it.
He knew about the last victim,and he admitted to getting off on seeing her dead.
We've got nathan harris.
It doesn't do us any good to talk about him now.
I just wanna make sure that if it's not him, we stay on top of thing before it takes on a life of its own.
All right,all right,all right.
We know our unsub is a sexual sadist.
The symbolism of stabbing them probably means he's impotent.
The only way he can get off is by killing.
Considering that cutting their hair and killing during the early morning both stem from feeling powerless, there's a chance his pathology's more than sexual.
What do you mean? This is D.
Power's the most important commodity.
Maybe this guy feels impotent in his professional life as well.
But why these particular women? Simplest answer is that he has access.
Well,northwest D.
Has 3 major hubs of prostitution- near florida avenue; off logan circle; and mcpherson square,where the victims were found.
Probably works in or around capitol hill.
Well,I'll go back out on the street in the morning and see if any of these women know someone who fits that description.
It's late.
Let's go home.
Um,shouldn't we get word out to the papers? Not yet.
Well,it's not too late to make the morning edition.
I said no.
Hey! You seen little holly? It says failrule.
She was only 16 He's getting angrier and blaming the police for not stopping his impulses.
Certanly not cooling of between kills anymore.
Which means we are looking at whole lot bodies.
Meanwhile in two days congresswoman Styers is gonna stand at the Capitol an declared DC crime freit.
What did she want with you the other day anyway? It was a pirvate conversation.
Right, Of course.
I guess we know NAthat Harris is not our unsub.
Should we call Gideon and tell him not to bother with eval? No, he wants to understand what's happening to him he deserves to know.
Does he have to be here? It's for your own protection.
He's here to make sure we're not talking about the case,just about you.
So I don't wet the bed or start fires.
I see you've read dr.
Harris' warning signs of psychopathy.
Is that wrong? No,it's healthy.
You're intellectually curious.
You wanna understand how you're feeling.
So you don't wet the bed or start fires.
Tell me what worries you.
I've just been,um thinking about stuff.
About hurting women? Yeah.
Have you ever hurt anyone? I killed a bird once.
I know that's on the list.
It's one of the signs.
Why'd you kill the bird? 'Cause I was sad.
How'd you feel afterwards? Better.
Why? I don't know,'cause it was dead,and I was still alive.
Is that why you wanna hurt women,to feel better? I don't know.
Have you ever seen a woman naked? Don't worry about him.
No offense.
None taken.
Um a few years ago.
My mom's med school,her students get cadavers.
So how'd that make you feel? Good.
And sick.
Perfectly natural,boy to feel excited,he sees a naked body,even a cadaver.
Yeah,but now that's the only part that I think about.
Which part? Them being dead.
So when you watch the prostitutes,you don't imagine having sex with them? No,I think about cutting them.
Why? I don't know,maybe to look inside.
Or sometimes I think about feeling their blood in my hands and feeling it flow through my fingers.
Does that ever make you climax, just by thinking of that? I know I'm crazy.
Did I say that? No,but what do you call pictures in your head that you can't make go away? Can I talk to you? Stay here.
I'll be right back.
It's my opinion that nathan should be hospitalized.
What? I think he needs full-time medical attention.
I'm a doctor.
He's having homicidal fantasies that are directly linked to his sexual impulses and release.
Well, he came to your agent.
That shows that he's concerned.
In his heart, he doesn't want to hurt anyone.
Positive sign, but intelligence and awareness don't always allow us to control our urges.
Admitting the problem doesn't mean you can manage it.
If I put him in a hospital, I'd be telling him that he's a monster.
No, no, no, no, no.
He's just- right now he's sick, and he needs help.
If an alcoholic cannot control his impulses, ma'am, he drinks.
You need to consider what happens with someone fighting psychotic urges.
I'm not naive.
I'm not gonna turn a blind eye, but I have to protect my son.
He needs to be with professionals.
I have access to the best in washington.
I'll make sure that he sees someone every single day, but I am not gonna lock him away.
Have a seat.
I don't appreciate being questioned in front of other agents.
It was not my intention.
I'm sorry.
What were you talking to congresswoman steyer about the other day? She stopped by to say hello.
She worked with my mother, so I've known her since I was a kid.
Did you tip her off about this case? No.
This team can't function if I don't trust the people on it.
Sir, if I touched a nerve out there today, I'm sorry, but I don't deserve this.
You mysteriously showed up at the bau after one of my team members was involved in a questionable shooting.
You've done good work.
I'm not questioning that.
But I will not put up with a political agenda.
My mother's a career politician.
You worked with her.
Did you like her? She's an impressive women.
Well, I think politics makes people distrustful.
I think it makes them hate themselves.
I think it tears families apart and damages people.
So if there's nothing else, I would like to get back out on the street and find out who's killing these women.
Have you reached a conclusion about nathan harris yet? Profiles and evaluations are an inexact science.
But your professional opinion? Not a question of whether he ends up killing someone.
It's when.
Nathan, honey.
Oh, my god.
He's gotta be out here, right? Where else would he be? I still can't believe his mother's not out here searching for him.
I told her it'd be better if she waited for him at home.
Reid, you know this is not your responsibility.
It is.
I can't explaiN.
Well, try me.
He knows I understand him.
Of course you do.
You're a profiler.
It's more than that.
How? I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind.
What's up with hotch today? I don't know.
Maybe he tied that knot in his tie a little too tight again.
We're on our way.
They just found a body.
I'd say he's getting bolder.
If it's the same unsub.
Think it could've been nathan? This kill was fast and messy.
There's no cut hair, no message carved.
Not to mention killing at night.
None of it's our unsub's signature.
Excuse me, agent.
They found the boy you're looking for.
Says he's beenere 4 hours.
Got a lot of people worried.
Told that policeman that you've been here 4 hours? I snuck out, and I started walking, like I couldn't control it, so I figured I'd come here and try and fight it.
Has anybody seen you here? Doesn't matter, anyway.
It does matter, nathan.
A woman was stabbed tonight, and nobody saw you.
I'm gonna have to bring you in as a suspect.
You gonna cuff me? Let's go.
Do you wanna know what I've been doing all night? Hmm? Just been sitting here, thinking the only way for me to save people's lives in the future is to kill myself.
So nathan's in custody? They're holding him downtown.
You really think he killed that last woman? It's possible.
But nathan's evolving.
This last kill, it feels like a devolution.
It was sloppy and angry.
Nathan's smart and directed.
He's used to achieving.
If he decides to kill, it'll be clinical and efficient.
So where does that leave us? Back to the profile.
First victim, he gets a taste for killing.
Second, he asks the police to help stop him.
By the third, he feels like they've failed him.
He's already devolving.
The fourth, no ritual, no message, just a brutal murder.
It's true that he's devolving, but this last victim definitely had a message.
You don't dump a body across from the capitol building by accident.
Especially not when a congresswoman is about to proclaim success against the crime epidemic.
Guys, that press conference wasn't announced yet.
Only someone with inside information would know that.
We profiled the unsub felt limited in his job.
What's more powerless than being a bit player on the washington stage? You know, if he felt like he did his part to clear the prostitutes off the street, but was never heard, he might have felt so personally betrayed that he literally had to carve his frustration out on those women.
So the profile was right.
We were just wrong about who the message was for.
We need to get a list of anyone who advocated on behalf of that bill.
Prentiss, when you went back to talto the prostitutes, did a profile ring a bell with any of them? A few of them described what sounded like the same man, but when I showed them mug shots, I came up empty.
Let's go bk to them.
We're gonna need their help.
What are you thinking about, hotch? I need to get a message to congresswoman steyer.
How quickly can we put together a press conference? How fast do you need it? May I have your attention, please? A day from now, there will be an announcement across the street on the steps of the capitol that crime is down significantly in washington.
This is a fact.
It is also a fact however, that there's a serial killer who's been targeting the prostitutes who work in this area.
In fact, the last victim was fod not a hundred yards from where we're standing.
We're here today to let you know that the police and the fbi are working tirelessly on this case.
We'd like to stress to the women who work on these streets to please take caution.
All right, first I'm gonna give a brief description of the man we're looking for, and then we'll take some questions.
We believe the man responsible for these crimes works on or around capitol hill, possibly at a research or advocacy group dealing with issues of crime control or prevention.
The lower the group is on the washington food chain, the better.
This guy, he feels like his voice isn't being heard, and make sure to check for any advocacy groups promoting morality or values.
Ok, reality check.
What you're looking for-needle.
Garcia, we don't have to find it.
We just need to get to the people who can.
You could've done that much more quietly.
I know.
There's some people I'd like for you to meet.
Just what point are you trying to make? These women described similar experiences with the same man.
We showed them police mug photos, and they didn't recognize him.
We thought maybe you might know who he is.
Did you think you could shock me by treating me to this sideshow? Sideshow? Lady, enough of the men you work with treat themselves to us every day.
My apologies, ladies.
Could you please tell the congresswoman who it is we're looking for.
He's tall and bald, and he's got sad eyes.
He was always wearing a turtleneck with this long, dark coat, looked like a morticiaN.
That's right.
Hung around just watching for months before he finally got his nerve on, but then he just wanted to watch.
Freak paid me and racine 200 bucks to turn each other's knobs, but then he started screaming at us that we were low women.
Same thing with me, and his voice got real high and nasal when he got excited.
Does that sound like anyone that you know? No.
I'm gonna read you a list of groups that lobbied on behalf of your legislation.
Keeping in mind the description you just heard, tell me if anyone associated with these groups could be the man we're looking for.
Uh, "the crime policy institute, "the center for safety, citizens' brigade, decency watch oh, my god.
Decency watch? The man who runs it.
Ronald weems.
Do you know him? No.
I mean, yes, but he's a nobody.
But he fits this description? Perfectly.
I need to get back to work.
Again? Yes, again.
Can't be helped.
We're looking for ronald weems.
I- I'm sorry.
You just missed him.
Why don't you come back in a couple hours? Don't you wanna know why we're here? Of course.
I'm sorry.
We're investigating the murders of local prostitutes.
I- I'm glad that ronald is helping you with that, but I'm afraid I don't know anything about it.
We'd just like to take a look in your husband's office.
Please? Ronald doesn't allow anyone in there.
I'm sorry.
You really should come back.
In the last 6 months did your husband start asking you to play out sexual fantasies? Excuse me? Possibly even berated you if you played along? I don't think that's appropriate.
When it finally stopped about a month ago, you were relieved.
Ma'am, you're afraid to ask us why we're here.
Now, in your heart, you know we're not here because ronald's helping us with this investigation.
Good night.
You've been glad to have him leave the house at odd hours, because he's been angry and frustrated.
When he comes home, he feels like the man you married again.
His office.
"Why won't they clean them off the street? "The blood is on their hands.
"I see a world set free of vice and vermin, cleansed of the blood of the whores who walk the street.
"Do you know where your husband went? He said he had work to do.
hey, you ever seen this guy, huh, out here doing business? Can you tell me if you've seen this man? Ma'am, you ever seen this face? No? Never? Out here talking to the ladies? Sorry.
You seen this guy? You sure? I ain't seen him.
Thank you.
My man, you ever seen this cat out here doing business? Excuse me.
You ever seen this man before? Nothing? No.
You? Seen him? You didn't even look.
Do you know this man? Thank you.
He's gotta be out here somewhere.
How much? Hey, where you going? Don't run away from me.
Ronald weems, don't move! Put your hands in the air and get down on your knees.
They lied to me.
Get her out of here! On the ground! He killed my friend! I know.
Stop it! She maced me.
Yeah, she did.
They said they'd clean 'em off the streets.
They lied.
What was I supposed to do?! Hey.
I heard the juvenile authorities let you go today.
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Mm, it's all right.
Where's your mom? Oh, she had to go back to work.
I told her I was coming to see you.
So were you there when they caught him? Yeah, I was.
Did he say how long he knew what he was? No.
Well, do you think it's possible to maybe talk to him or I'm sorry.
You're not him.
Who we are is-it's constantly evolving.
I'm a lot older than you, and I'm changing all the time.
You know, this- this job changes me.
You've changed me.
You sought me out to try to understand how not to harm people.
It's a far more important part of who you are than the one that scares you.
My mom wants to have me go to a hospital for a little bit.
Maybe that's not such a bad idea.
You know, once they lock me up, they're never gonna let me out of there.
You don't know that.
I just came to say good-bye.
When you going in? Supposed to be tomorrow.
So, last night of freedom.
I don't know.
I'm- thank you for caring.
Eliot wrote between the desire and the spasm, "between the potency and the existence," between the essence and the descent, falls the shadow.
This is the way the world ends.
"You looking for a date? Suit yourselF.
You scared me.
I'm actually looking for a date.
Come on.
Come on, you and me, we're hitting the town.
No offense, garcia, but I'm not really feeling like I'd make the, uh, best company right now.
Oh, no.
Do not make me hurt you.
There you go.
Just relax.
Don't you wanna feel me? See? There.
How does that make you feel? I don't know.
Yes, you do.
I don't know.
It's- it's not right.
It's ok, baby.
You're just nervous.
There you go.
It's not working.
Everything's gonna work just fine.
Don't laugh at me.
Nobody's laughing.
Let me help you.
Don't touch me.
You're just a whore.
You have no idea what I could do to you! How 'bout we both just walk away? No charge.
You don't wanna do this.
I have to.
Have you met esther? You like? Only 150,000 miles on her.
What? Oh, god.
Uh, uh, stay- stay where you are.
I'm calling an ambulance.
I- I need you to drive, garcia.
Yeah, yeah.
He just started slashing himself up.
Oh, dear lord.
All right, give me your scarf.
Tie it around there as tight as you can.
Get-get anything at all, a belt.
Tie it! Is it tight? I think so.
The paramedics stop.
I'm gonna keep pressure on him.
Where the hell are the medics?! I don't know.
Is it tight? I don't know.
I think so.
I'm not gonna let you die.
Where are the medics? You can let go now.
Sir, we're paramedicS.
We're here to help you.
Can you tell me your name, sir? How did she know to call reid? Nathan set reid's business card on the table before he cut himself, like a suicide note.
Paramedics say he wouldn't've made it without you.
You saved his life.
He wanted me to let him die.
He's sick.
He needed saving.
How many people's lives did I risk in the future? Profiles can be wrong.
What if it's not? What if next time, he kills somebody? Then you catch him.