Criminal Minds s02e13 Episode Script

No Way Out

Rib eye, adam and eve on a wrap, steak-umm, and a strawberry shake for the gentleman at table 8.
? Ah, finally! You walk into my life.
What took you so long, handsome? Honey? Waitress: No, thanks.
I don't need anything.
Mind if i sit here? Please.
you should try fat sam's milk shakes.
I'm cold and tired.
Man: You're also not from around here.
Where are you from? man: You really should try the shakes.
what's your name? come on.
Names are a hobby of mine.
Jason gideon.
From greek mythology.
To heal.
A hero from the old testament who led the israelites against the midianites.
Your parents had great ambitions for you.
I'm frank.
Third century.
Derived from the name of a type of spear.
I wonder what aspirations my parents had for me.
Why don't we cut the crap, frank? Where is she? Now, that's direct.
You're right.
I'm not from around here.
I'm an fbi agent.
The bau? You didn't disappoint your parents.
We're looking for a man in his mid- to late-fifties.
Listens to beethoven, wears a corduroy jacket with fleece-lined collar.
He's left-handed.
In his right inside jacket pocket will be a notebook, and it will give the extensive detailed accounts of the torture inflicted on every one of his victims.
That's quite a magic trick.
No magic trick, frank.
Just a profile of a sadistic serial killer.
Gideon, this thing is brand-new.
There's only two entries in it: "Black male, 220 pounds, portly; white female, early twenties.
" This doesn't prove anything.
Guess what.
When i'm finished with my shake, you'll get what you're here for, but then i'm going to get up and i'm going to walk out of here and you and your lapdog are going to let me.
You know what, frank? That would be a magic trick.
Aristotle once said evil brings men together.
I don't give a rat's ass.
Feds or no feds that bastard doesn't give her back to us in the next 15 minutes, we go in! Agreed?! Agreed! Agreed! Agreed?! Agreed! He's looked at that clock He's waiting for something.
If i had your looks do you know how much easier my life would be? If you think you're gonna negotiate you way out of this one, you got a whole nother thing coming.
Want to know how we caught you? Please.
Derek: Gideon, those men out there want to kill this guy.
We're in the middle.
We don't have time for explanations.
Frank: You have the time it will take me to finish this shake.
That's all i need.
We got a request from sheriff georgia davis.
Jj: 1996.
The ribcage of a male was found in the desert rose national park.
It was never identified.
This morning, the remains of two victims were found in almost exactly the same area.
Well, one year later is cause for concern, but 10 years? That could be a coincidence.
It would be if the unidentified male wasn't missing a right rib bone.
And the torso found this morning is missing exactly the same bone.
Both of them seem to be surgically removed, and the advanced rate of decomposition on the male means that he died far before the female.
Oh, katherine hale.
They found a bracelet on her wrist.
She ran away about two weeks ago from her small colorado town.
Unsub's crossing state lines.
He's mobile.
Derek: If the remains are related to the same killer, where's he been for 10 years? Killing.
Unsolved case files going back 30 years.
Every case, the victimology is the same.
The unwanted.
This box is just the tip of the iceberg.
Same m.
Right rib bone is missing.
It's him, hotch.
It's the same killer.
All the remains were dumped in remote areas and always near interstate 80.
And up till now, no remains this intact or this close to the actual time of kill have been found.
Never two victims dumped at the same time in the same place.
All of these killings the work of just one man? The most prolific serial killer ever.
You truly think i know it.
Which is why we came here to nevada.
You seen enough, kid? Go on, get out of here.
George! They're here.
That cop drive 60 miles just to barf.
No good reason to be here, not even from this department.
What is it about death that fascinates us? He didn't contaminate the scene, did he? No, uh sheriff georgia davis.
People call me george.
This is deputy rick silo.
Aaron hotchner.
This is derek morgan, and the guy who sometimes forgets his manners is jason gideon.
Stood here 10 years ago, this exact spot.
Same feeling i have now.
Which is what? Someone in my town might be responsible for it.
Hope you tell me i'm wrong.
Oh, my cell.
That's my husband.
That's our song.
Excuse me.
Silo: Lucky we found anything.
Been a recent spike in the coyote population.
Maybe that's why the unsub dumps the bodies here.
Silo: You people really think we have a serial killer in our town? At least one that passes through from time to time.
Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that we're not welcome here.
Oh, it's not us.
It's what we represent.
Government's not all that popular out here.
Woman: No! No, you can't make me go! I know what my rights are! No, don't make me go! No, i don't want to go home! I know my rights! Come on! What are you looking at, princess?! Ok, ok! If that's the way you want it, jane, back to jail.
Ok, ok, ok.
Ok, ok, ok.
He's coming.
He's coming back, and there's nothing you can do about it! Do you hear me?! Nothing, nothing! Come on, jane! Come on! Excuse me.
She dropped this.
It's harmless.
Thank you.
What is it? A psycho with a whistle.
That's not too weird.
Derek: Looks like prison gang tattoos.
This unsub has extensive anatomic anomalies.
Well, the pen marks are a guidelines for a surgeon's knife.
That's for sure.
Did he cauterize the main arteries? Yeah, all of them.
What do you mean? He cauterized the arteries by burning them.
Why? It stops the blood flow.
The victims were alive when he cut off their limbs.
Garcia's gonna love this.
Garcia: Oh, this is so not a way to a girl's heart.
What are you doing? I'm mapping out where all the victims were found starting with gideon's first case file.
Ow! Stabby.
Ok, so katherine hale was last seen here in salt lake city, utah, and then found right here in golconda, nevada.
Well, the tattoo is from a prison gang.
It was photographed and logged in san quentin.
This one belongs to reno rodriguez, 42.
Jumped bail 7 months ago, picked up by cops in salt lake city 5 weeks ago.
Ok, so say he was abducted somewhere close to where he was last seen.
Next was katherine hale.
It appears this unsub is traveling from east to west towards golconda.
If he lives there, where's he coming from? The only these two victims have in common is they were killed by the same unsub.
There is another connection.
The interstate I-80.
Derek: Excuse me, miss? Yeah? You ever seen that man before? Waitress: Over the years, yeah.
He never eats.
He just orders a strawberry milk shake.
Thank you.
Frank: You were saying? The story involves wind chimes, trailers, alien abductions.
I thought i'd seen the very worst of what humanity had to offer until you.
Can i ask you something? Please.
Do you think me insane? Do not play me.
You know exactly what you are, a psychopathic sexual sadist.
You get off on the brutal torture of others.
Derek: And you knew the moment we arrived in this town you had no way out.
Which is why you took her.
Who's playing who now? You don't care about her.
You only ever cared about catching me.
It isn't the victims that drives you, jason.
It's the hunt.
Derek: Look out that window, frank.
Hunt's over.
You aren't denying it.
Men, women, young, old.
Didn't matter to you.
You took them all.
From san francisco's muir woods to the hills of the poconos you took them all.
Garcia: If they are all connected, he's killed hundreds of people all over north america.
How many years do they go back again? All right, keep going.
Sacramento, california lincoln, nebraska gary, indiana if we can figure out where he's been, maybe we can figure out the significance golconda has to him.
Want to hear the really bad news? Can it get worse? Just did.
Early toxilogical investigations of the victim's blood indicated high levels of ketamine.
Ketamine is primarily a horse tranquilizer.
It's also used as a date-rape drug.
In street lingo, it's known as being stuck in a k-hole.
So his victims were completely conscious when he killed them? Imagine what she must have gone through.
It's essential for this unsub that he sees the terror in his victim's eyes.
That is what gets him off.
Hotch: He's either had medical training, or he's honed his skills over the years.
Gideon: Look for a man in his mid- to late-fifties, highly intelligent, methodically and obsessively clean.
Emily: His vehicle is most likely an rv, muted in color, neither old nor new, in perfect working order.
Derek: It will have a cb, radar detectors, and police-band radio.
All these things have helped him evade you.
Hotch: And this vehicle is his killing room.
It'll be soundproofed.
Surgical instruments are on the walls.
There's a stirrup chair or an autopsy table in it.
Gideon: All of his kills are recorded if not on video, in a journal that he carries with him in his right-hand inside jacket pocket.
How could you know that? Tool marks on the remains indicate that he's left-handed.
This man is void of all normal human feelings.
Gideon: A killing machine incapable of remorse, compassion, love.
What's the matter, frank? Something i said? Got him all worked up, gideon.
Frank: Beauty can cover a multitude of sins, but underneath we all look exactly the same.
I know what gets you off fear seeing it and feeling it.
Well, look out that window, frank.
You are not leaving this diner.
I don't want to.
Not until the story is done.
Silo: We have roadblocks on every interstate, track or laned in or out of this town.
We'll shut down this state if we have to.
Stop every rv, truck, and trailer.
Something troubling you? That profile you gave, it reminds me of a story i once heard.
There's someone you should meet.
How you feeling, jane? I don't want to go home, george.
Please don't make me go home.
Jane these people are from the fbi.
I'd like you to tell them your story.
Why, so they can make fun of me, too? It's very pretty.
Did you make it? It was a gift.
What happened to you? My car broke down.
The engine went out on me and you know, in those days, they didn't have cell phones, so i tried to fix it myself.
Then I felt the presence.
And then everything went white.
I was in a spaceship.
And i could see myself.
It was like time was suspended.
I could feel everything, and there were strange maps on the walls diagrams of all the stars.
I was cold.
It was very, very cold.
And the alien, he did things to me.
He touched me very softly, and he stroked my hair, and he drew lines all over my body, and the whole time, he was standing there smiling down on me.
And then i looked into his eyes and i wasn't afraid anymore.
I don't know why.
Then what did he do? And then i was back in my own bed, and it was the next morning.
Emily: How long ago did this happen? I was 19.
It was 30 years ago.
Emily: And did you ever see him again? Oh, i see him.
I see him every time i shut my eyes.
The strange maps on the walls could have been anatomical drawings.
What about the fact that she could see herself? A mirrored ceiling.
So his victims could see themselves being dismembered.
Every time i think it can't get any worse, it does.
Gideon: Her subconscious mind has created a delusion that she was abducted by an alien.
Emily: It's possible she's the only one who's survived.
Why did he let her go? She said when she looked into his eyes, she felt relaxed.
And in that moment, the one thing that he wanted she didn't give him.
Frank: I read about a woman whose body was found in her apartment upper east side, i think.
If this is a confession, start with the woman you just took.
She had killed herself.
But her body wasn't found for more than a year.
Surround by over a million people, and not one of them missed her.
What does that say about society? Fills me with profound sadness but it doesn't make you feel anything.
Those that society does not care for the throwaways, the runaways, destitute, disenfranchised, the forgotten are the very people you target.
But not last night.
Something changed.
You took a person of prominence, someone that mattered to everyone.
Why? That's the interesting question, jason.
Why? Silo: Mark, don't do it! Back off, silo! Gideon! Derek: Sir, do not come any closer! That man has my wife.
Please put the gun down.
Tell me where my wife is, or so help me, i will shoot you.
Sir, i said put the gun down now! Where's my wife?! Sir, we are trying to find your wife! Tell me where she is, you son of a bitch! Put the gun down now! Frank: But you know what's an even more interesting question? What does the psychopath has in the bag.
Open it.
Put it down! Open the bag! Hand over your gun.
I'll open it.
I'll kill you.
I will kill you.
It's not her.
Oh, thank god.
Who is this? I believe the correct question would be: "Who was this?" You are one crazy son of a bitch! We are all sons of bitches.
Outside, please.
Let us deal with him.
Let us try to find her.
What is this, frank? He's irrelevant beyond being my ticket out of here.
Your ticket out of here? Even if you think you can get out of that booth and pass us, i promise you those men out there will tear you to pieces.
I rather doubt that.
Finish the story, jason.
We set up a nationwide tip line, but all we've really got so far is white male, mid- to late-fifties, tall, with a medium build.
Gideon: From the remains discovered this morning, we know he doesn't keep his victims long.
We've got more cops arriving by the hour to help find this guy.
We also put out a nationwide a.
Derek: If he is still in this town, and we believe he is, he has absolutely no way out.
What are we waiting for? Let's go catch this s.
Thank you very much for your time.
How can you even be so sure he's here? He could have left town when we found those remains.
Of all the cases where remains were found, yesterday's discovery was unique.
That's one way of putting it.
Hotch: He's never dumped the remains of two victims before.
Why? Silo: I want to know why he's managed to get away with it for so long.
Spencer: To get away with murder, you simply don't tell anyone.
And the only people he told were the people he killed, and then he took from them what he needed cash, credit cards.
I'm gonna call garcia and see if anything katherine hale owned was used after her death.
And then he moved on to his next victim till he reach golconda.
And for some reason, emptied his vehicle before driving in where he dumps his first two victims in the exact same spot.
You know it's almost like he's purging his vehicle before he drives into town.
Yeah, i don't know.
It almost seems like the unsub is always traveling from east to west, passing through every state the same month every year.
The remains that were discovered same month as this, right? Right, and then for a week after that, the trail goes dead.
Yeah, it's like he takes a vacation in golconda.
So where is his rv? Maybe he's not using an rv.
Maybe he's towing a trailer.
That way he could unhook and move about freely.
He could also hide it.
That's why we can't find him.
He's waiting for the roadblocks to clear.
Ok, if he has a truck, it's gonna be just like his trailer muted in color and american-made.
It's gonna be dark soon.
We should to back and call gideon.
I think the unsub's in town somewhere.
Gideon: We have to get back into town and search garages, warehouses, any place someone could hide a large trailer.
Like you said, he never takes victims when he's here.
So if he's not going anywhere and he hasn't got anyone, we can wait till the morning.
Wait? We can't wait.
The men are tired, i'm tired.
We got roadblocks on every road.
Gideon, she's right.
We could wait till first light, gideon.
Do what you like.
I'm gonna find him.
It's gonna be a long night.
I'm sorry.
I got to relieve my men and get back to the office.
I understand.
I'll talk to him.
Hey, garcia aah! I like knocking.
Oh, well, i have been going over the tip line for hours going over all the calls, and i think i found something.
An anonymous caller claimed they saw an that matched the description of the one we gave to the media leaving golconda.
Thank you.
Yeah? Firstly, not a single rv or trailer has passed through any of the roadblocks i checked.
Secondly? Why call anonymously i need you to trace this number.
It's It's a cell phone belonging to katherine hale? It's from golconda.
This guy, he could have just kept on going.
We may have never caught him.
With all this heat on him, whatever is keeping him in that town must be freaky special.
Mark's away at his mother's.
Took tommy with him.
Come on in.
You're safe here.
Well, you said you didn't want to go home, and i couldn't leave you in jail.
Machine: You have one new message.
I'll make up the guest bedroom.
Can i get you something, a soda? Jane: Thank you for being so kind.
Man on machine: Hey, gorgeous george! I love you, wife.
I miss you.
Tommy misses you.
Yeah, i guess you're busy catching bad guys is he good to you? Ever since i met him.
We were both 15.
Grape juice? What the hell?! Mark: Hey, tommy? He's here, george.
Mommy, i want to come home.
Who the hell are you?! You know who i am.
Don't you, jane? Stay right where you are, jane.
I want you to back off.
Come with me, jane.
He came for me.
This man is not an alien.
He's a murderer.
Jane: It's all right.
He came for me! Tommy: Oh, mom, dad let me eat candy.
Jane, run.
Tommy: Don't be mad at him.
Run, jane! Run, please! Jane, no! Tommy: Twice.
Love you.
Jane! Tommy: I love you, mommy.
Good night, mom.
Bye! He keeps checking that clock because whatever it is he came for is coming here to this diner.
Derek: Ok, then we need to figure out what we missed, gideon.
And soon.
I'm almost finished.
It's clear.
Silo: All clear.
Derek: Silo, silo, don't touch anything.
We need to profile this room.
Profile?! You said the call was made 5 hours ago by the unsub right outside this house! Now what's the profile?! He took george! Why? Hotch: All right, we need to work fast.
Derek: All right, she enters the house, and then it's habitual.
Emily: Ok, she drops her keys, hits the answering machine, takes off her gun belt.
Then moves throughout the kitchen.
Gideon: He's never taken anyone of prominence.
Why take the sheriff? And not her gun.
Silo, call your office.
See if she was planning to meet anyone.
No way a cop would take chase without their gun.
Definitely looks like she tried to make a go for it.
But she didn't make it.
Silo: Guys george brought crazy jane home with her.
Derek: So, he takes control of george, then goes after what he came here for.
Crazy jane.
Those footprints, they got to be jane's.
They go to the back.
She escapes.
The unsub knows the ketamine's gonna wear off, so he's got to act.
He hasn't got what he came here for.
Hotch: So for leverage, he takes the sheriff, which means sooner or later, he'll contact us.
It turned back on! It just jj, the cell phone, it turned back on! What? Katherine hale's cell phone, it turned back on.
Hotch: Katherine hale's cell phone just came back on in the middle of town.
Let's do this.
He thinks we have jane.
Which means he wants a trade.
Whatever he wants, we need to find jane and the sheriff fast.
Hotch: You go to town, we'll go to jane's.
Derek: Ok, listen up! He should be driving a truck or suv muted in color black, dark brown.
Or blue! Come look at this.
Like you boys said, he'll have a cb, police-band radio, and radar detector.
Hotch better find jane, and fast.
Emily: Guys! These wind chimes are made of bone! I think it's human rib bones.
He's waiting for us.
Well, let's go get that bastard.
No, we still don't have the sheriff.
Well, when i get a hold of him, we will.
Derek: Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute! He's smart.
We got to be smarter.
He turned that cell phone on because by now, he knows we're onto him.
Well, you boys have just 15 minutes, then we're coming in.
waitress: Rib eye, adam and eve on a wrap, steak-umm, and a strawberry shake for the gentleman at table 8.
Finally you walk into my life.
What took you so long, handsome? Honey? waitress: No, thanks.
I don't need anything.
mind if i sit here? Please.
Hotch: Completely empty.
She's not here.
Well, he's obviously been here before and left these gifts for her.
How romantic.
His version of romance.
What are you trying to say you think he keeps coming back here because he's in love with her? That's impossible.
A sexual sadist can't feel love.
Hotch: Well, define love.
Chemically, it involves surging brain elements called monoamines, dopamines, norepinephrine, and serotonin.
Love chemicals controlled by phenethylamine, also found in chocolate.
I love chocolate.
Peas, too! It's also found in peas! Peas? Reid? Indeed, some veritable reid, stop.
Spread out, everybody.
Keep looking.
Fbi! Clear.
I thought i'd seen everything.
What is it? It's a coffin.
Hotch, there's another coffin over here.
It's ok.
Don't try to speak.
We've got you.
Thank god.
One is perfection.
Two is decadent.
You take another step, and i will shoot you.
No, you won't.
Was it that jane said to you? She looked into your eyes.
That wouldn't have been enough.
She said something.
What? It's important.
I'm a sexual sadist.
I can't feel anything.
Remember? You said so.
Yeah, hotch? There are no absolutes when it comes to the human mind.
They just found his trailer, the remains of another woman and the sheriff alive.
He doesn't care about the sheriff.
To walk out of here with jane, he'd need more than that.
Frank: Jane said how beautiful my eyes were.
I looked at her like i've never looked at a woman before.
My hands began to sweat.
I dropped the knife.
I tried to pick it up, but it fell again.
I got butterflies in my stomach.
Isn't that love? I'm going in.
Gideon! Found george.
She's alive.
Get on the floor! Take it easy! No! Take it easy! Silo: What?! No.
That's impossible.
Magick time.
George?! George, baby?! You all right?! Ha! Thank god.
Thank god.
He killed tommy's teacher.
I saw it.
She was just 22.
What's wrong? They found the school bus abandoned just outside of town.
Tommy's supposed to be on that field trip.
Where is he? Safe.
He's fine.
He's with my mom.
But that man, he also killed the school bus driver.
How?! We had the whole town shut down.
There was no way out.
What was the one vehicle we weren't looking for? A school bus.
Hotch: More importantly, where are the children? Gideon: You have the town's children.
Just the little ones.
You profiled me, jason.
You know i have no interest in harming children.
We will find them.
We have helicopters, dogs the desert is over 25,000 square miles.
Silo: You shut up! And what with the rising coyote population derek: If it's jane you're after, we don't have her.
Yes, you do.
Sir, i found her walking the streets.
Jane, he's been coming back to this town for years to see you.
All those why? He says he's in love with you.
He's in love with me? Why?! That's what he says.
He hides out in your old barn, and he watches you, and when he leaves, he leaves these wind chimes as gifts.
They're beautiful, aren't they? They're not beautiful.
They are the remains of people he took, tortured, and killed.
He is not an alien.
You were abducted by a serial killer.
But he did come for me, didn't he? Not george! He came for me, didn't he? Hotch: That's what he says.
You told me to run, but i didn't want to run.
I wanted to see him again, to see his eyes and see his face.
And i don't know somehow it just felt like i was coming home.
Jane! Oh! He has the children, jane! Silo: He has our children.
And we will find them.
And if we don't, they'll die of exposure! He hasn't got tommy, george, but what if he did? Hand him over.
What choice do we have? Not this one! Tell them, jason.
Tell them i'm not interested in harming children.
You've studied me for years.
Have i ever once harmed a child? It does nothing for me.
Give me jane and they'll have their children back.
Is she part of this with you? George: Look at her, rick.
She's not a part of anything.
She's as much his victim as you are.
Frank: With jane in my life, i will never harm another human being.
Leave her alone! Derek: Hey! Don't even think about it.
Gideon: No matter what you do to him, he will never give you what you want.
George: I'm telling you, rick, they'll find the children.
Trust me.
Take me with you, frank.
Just you and me.
And my jane? You'll take me to where the kids are? Happily.
I couldn't have that on my conscience.
Frank, voice-over: I will take a vehicle of my choice.
Jason will drive.
Once i'm satisfied no one is following, i will take jason to where i have the children.
He will then call.
If anyone follows, the story will end in tears.
I've been coming to see you for so many years to to try and make sense of what i feel.
Jason says i'm incapable of feeling anything, but here i am.
And i feel.
Where will we go? Wherever we want.
Stop the car.
Gideon: What he's feeling right now will pass, and when it does, like all the others he'll take your life, and then he will really feel.
Jane: I don't believe he will.
I don't believe you know what this feels like.
Frank: If you did, you would not be here.
You'd be with the one you love.
Where are the children? That way.
Two miles.
No deal.
So you're just going to stand here with me while the children suffer exposure to the elements? It's gonna be dark real soon.
You are not the hero your parents thought you'd be.
I will never stop hunting you.
Not ever.
Then i promise the same thing.
I will never stop loving jane until you catch me.
You are insane.
Love is insanity, isn't it? Frank: Not a good insanity.
My hope is that one day you'll feel the way i do, too.
If i ever find myself feeling the way you do i'll kill myself.
Call me first.
I'd love to pick your brains.
Emily: He told you where they were? They were just over that ridge.
Which way did he go? West.
Silo: All units, all units, we have the children.
Get search planes up.
Start a grid search westbound from this location.
The tracks, they disappear.
We'll find them.