Criminal Minds s04e13 Episode Script


We appeal to him, do not hurt any more people.
He killed those people because of something I said.
That is part of the job.
Tell me now if you can do it or not.
Jordan? He just killed his entire family.
Is this my fault? No way.
I'm not sure I can do this job.
Oh, it's up there, on the right.
Come on, son, it's time.
I know you're awake.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
There's something on your mind.
Tell us what it is.
What if she doesn't like me? Let her get to know you.
There's no rush.
Is that really what you're worried about? Do I have to meet her this way? We've been talking about this moment your whole life.
I know.
Baby, look at me.
You're almost 10.
You're becoming a man.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Come on.
- What was it? - Excuse me.
This isn't good.
We have a request from alabama.
Have everybody meet in the conference room.
I'll be there in 10 minutes.
A husband and wife were murdered at their home while they were sleeping.
Their 10-year-old daughter went missing.
I gotta call you back.
- When were the bodies discovered? - Less than an hour ago.
- What was the time of death? - Approximately 1 A.
- 8 hours.
- I know this isn't a serial.
You're right.
Most abducted children don't survive past the first 24 hours.
- Dave.
- What's going on? We got a missing 10-year-old girl, home invasion.
Parents were killed in their sleep.
- Where's our clock? - 8 hours and counting.
I'll find Morgan and Reid and tell them we're on the move.
Wheels-up in 30.
You need your go bag.
Jordan? Right.
Please let me go.
Let me go.
I won't tell.
It's ok.
We talked about this.
Are you--are you thirsty? Please don't hurt me.
It's only water.
Can I decide now? It's up to you.
I'm gonna call you Elena.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season04 Episode13 Bloodline Winston churchill said, "there is no doubt that it is around the family and the home That all the greatest virtues of human society" are created, strengthened, and maintained.
" We got the uplinks of the crime scene photos.
This is Geoff and Nancy Hale.
Both their throats were cut.
- Any evidence of abuse? - Nothing.
Slitting someone's throat is quick and efficient.
That's because the real target was down the hall.
- She has a name.
- What? She's not "the target.
" Her name's Cate.
She's 10 years old.
All right.
Amber alert in effect? Since 7 A.
this morning.
With the unsub's head start he could be anywhere within a 400-mile radius.
- Make sure that they're casting a widenough net.
- Got it.
Who discovered the bodies? Jim Scheuren, Cate's biological father.
He was supposed to take her for the weekend.
The police don't consider him a suspect.
We'll want to talk to him anyway.
We're also going to need a list of registered sex offenders in a 20-mile radius.
What's the makeup of the Hales' neighborhood? Mostly white and middle class.
We'll need aerial views of the neighborhood.
If madison county doesn't have them, talk to Garcia.
Dave, you and Morgan go to the crime scene.
The rest of us will get up to speed at the precinct.
David Rossi.
I recognize you from the tv.
- Derek Morgan.
- Bo whitaker.
Pleased to meet you.
Point of entry's around back.
Now, the neighbors didn't see or hear anything.
And the dogs lost the scent almost immediately.
Not hard to target a family out here.
Even in broad daylight.
Walk 5 feet off the track, man could get lost for days.
So, he had plenty of privacy to watch what he was really after.
I prefer cities.
You can see them coming.
Nothing very sophisticated.
Knocked off the pane to unlock the door.
Do you think the girl's dead? Depends on what he took her for.
The Hales' neighborhood is a series of rural roads and one-block streets.
How far to a main thoroughfare? A little over 3 miles.
So he didn't come upon Cate by accident.
- Sheriff Bates.
- Yes.
Is Cate's father here yet? He's on his way.
Let me know the second he gets here.
I told you, we already checked out his alibi.
He's not good for this.
- I know, but he might know who is.
- All right.
Is that the autopsy report? - Listen, about the plane-- - oh, that's already forgotten.
Find anything in Cate's room? That's what's weird.
There's no sign of struggle.
It didn't even look like she tried to get out of bed in a hurry.
Her parents' throats were cut.
If there was the element of surprise, they might not have had time to scream.
Both of them? What are you looking for? The neck wounds-- something's off.
I'm the unsub.
I kill geoff Hale first.
He presents the biggest threat.
But how do I do that without waking nancy who's sleeping right next to him? No ligature marks.
Neither one was tied down.
And no defensive wounds, either.
Geoff Hale--cause of death was a single deep, smooth cut that severed the carotid artery.
And nancy? Nancy Hale--death was caused by a series of jagged, Shallow wounds that punctured the carotid artery.
- There's more than one unsub.
- You're sure? He was either able to restrain nancy while he killed geoff, or she woke up, Which means she would have screamed.
At which point, Cate would have woken up.
Either way, we're looking at multiple unsubs.
So things are worse than we thought.
Yes and no.
Cate's chances of survival just got better.
How do you figure? Two unsubs change the dynamics.
What do you mean, dynamics? They spent more time with her.
Yeah, Prentiss has the same theory based on the autopsy report.
We're about to speak to Cate's father.
Stay at the scene.
- I'll call you the second i'm out.
- Dad's in there.
Sheriff, alert your men.
We may be looking at a team.
I'll get it on the wire.
How's the father? Between you and me, i've cleaned up bar fights smell better than he does right now.
I'm aaron hohner.
I'm with the fbi.
Can I get you anything? Coffee? No, no.
I can answer your questions.
Do you know if your ex-wife and her husband have any enemies? No.
I mean, I don't know.
I don't--i don't know.
I-- what about Cate? Has she talked about anyone new in her life? She's a normal kid, you know? She Meets people all the time.
This would be an adult, possibly a white male.
He might be an authority figure to her.
The reason that I ask is that given the location of your ex-wife's house, We think someone has targed Cate specifically.
Well, is there anything that you can think of that might be helpful? We like to go to the movies.
There's a new, uh, multiplex at the mall.
How often to you see Cate? I have visitation every 2 weeks.
Do you keep to that schedule? The reason that I ask is that right now time is of the essence.
What's that supposed to mean? With all due respect, sir, it means that if you can't add to my knowledge of Cate, My time is better spent somewhere else.
I'll keep you posted with any developments.
- Agent-- - Yes? - there's one thing-- - hold on a second.
I'm right here.
Hotch, I got it.
Ok, bring it with you when you come to the station.
What's going on? Cate Hale has epilepsy, and whoever abducted her didn't know to take the medicine.
And the primary cause of seizures is stress.
- Remember what I said.
- I know, dad.
Just concentrate.
He shouldn't even realize you're there.
I know.
Go ahead.
Chin up.
This isn't something you learn overnight.
I'm ready now.
You need to master it here first.
Now try it again.
- No, no! Don't touch her.
- What's wrong with her? - Can you hear me? - Don't go near her.
- She's sick.
- She's no good.
We have to do something.
You're right.
We don't kill young girls.
This is my family.
Then you kill her.
Help! Help! Somebody! Her father's with her.
She's been in and out of consciousness, but her vitals are stable.
Any sign of sexual assault? We haven't tested yet.
We want to give her time to process.
May we speak with her? You should know, seizures often come with retrograde amnesia.
She might have holes in her memory.
- Prentiss, you should do this alone.
- Ok.
Thanks, sheriff.
Scheuren, hello.
I'm agent Emily Prentiss from the fbi.
I would like permission to speak with your daughter.
I'm sorry, i'd like to do it alone if possible.
Why? I need to ask her certain questions, and sometimes it's easier for a girl to answer those questions - When there are no men present.
- I'm her father.
Please? All right, baby.
- I'll be right outside.
- Thank you.
Hey, Cate.
My name's Emily.
I'm so sorry about your mom and your stepdad.
I'd like to ask you some questions so we can find out who di is that ok? Yeah, it's ok.
The doctor told me that if the paramedics hadn't been alerted to her epilepsy, she might not have made it.
You helped save her life.
You seen this kind of thing before? Unfortunately.
And kids come out of it ok, huh? It'll take time.
And patience.
She's going to need you.
Yesterday would have been the first time i'd seen her in a month and a half.
A colleague of mine asked me the other day how my son was enjoying the christmas present he got for him, And I had to make up an answer because I didn't know.
I think i'll get that cup of coffee now.
The police sent the blanket and Cate's clothing to be processed.
Oh, captain, my captain.
I need a list of crimes involving partners within a 90-mile radius of harvest in the last 2 years.
- All crimes? - Anything.
Violent crimes, break-ins, whatever's in the system.
I need to be able to show Cate some mugshots.
You got it.
One scumbag yearbook coming up.
So you think they're local? They dumped Cate 84 miles from her home.
The sheriff who found her didn't think that she'd been there long.
With the unsubs' head start, they should have been long gone.
So we're zeroing in on them.
- Possibly.
- Then what's wrong? I don't know why they left her alive.
I'm going to do what's called a cognitive interview.
It's as much about the things you sensed as the things you saw.
I'm scared.
I know.
That's ok.
I'm right here with you.
I'm here all the way.
Now, I need you to close your eyes.
What is the first thing you remember? It's cold.
You're outside? Who's there? - A man.
He told me to-- - keep quiet.
- What is he doing? - He's holding my hand.
It hurts.
He's waiting for something.
What does he look like? I don't want to be here.
He can't hurt you, I promise.
I'm right here.
Dark hair.
- Old? Old like me? - Old like my dad.
Is anyone else there? Someone's coming! Emily! Emily! Emily, help me! - Open the trunk! - Please help me! Ok, it's ok.
I'm right here.
I promise you he cannot hurt you.
It's ok.
It's ok.
So he put you in the trunk of the car? - Open the trunk! - No! - How long were you in there? - I don't know.
Not long.
Was the ride bumpy or smooth? It was smooth.
I wanted to scream, but no sound would come out.
It's ok.
So the car stops, and they open the trunk.
What do you hear? Wind.
Wind through the trees.
And what do you smell? Cooking.
Are you inside now? They've taken my shoes off.
That's so you won't run.
I want you to look down at your feet and tell me what you're standing on.
I'm in a little room.
With clothes and tinfoil all around me.
What else? I--i hear bells.
What kind of bells? Small.
Like a fairy.
Every time they ring, the man says something to the boy.
The boy? He's standing right next to you.
How old is he? I'm 9.
Almost 10.
Puyule, come here.
His parents want me to play with him.
His parents? Emily, I don't want to go.
I don't want to go.
No! Don't make me go! Emily, no! Emily! Emily! It's ok, i'm right here.
It's ok.
It's ok.
Cate, open your eyes.
You did a really good job.
Scheuren, you have an incredibly strong little girl.
Did he touch her? No, no.
Not in that way, no.
Thank god.
She was taken by a family.
A family? Parents and a little boy about her age.
They took her from her house in a car and then into an rv.
A short ride on a road and then into a wooded area.
She say anything else? She said the mother called the boy puyule, which I think is a romanian term of endearment.
I know I used to hear it when my mom was posted overseas.
- Get Rossi and Morgan on the closest rv parks.
- Ok.
- What are we looking at here? - I have no idea.
Most people pay in cash.
We don't have much in the way of records.
Ma'am, this was a family-- mother, father, small boy.
They would have kept to themselves and then left abruptly.
You just described most of my business.
The son wouldn't have mingled with other children.
He would have been tightly guarded by his parents.
I wish I could help.
The family we're talking about is eastern european.
They may have spoken some foreign words to each other.
They in some kind of trouble? You remember them.
Well, you can imagine I don't get a lot of people speaking foreign around here.
What can you tell us about them? Not much.
The husband was real binesslike.
Wife was nice, pretty.
Son was quiet.
You didn't take down a license or a credit card? Left in the middle of the night and never came back.
And I wouldn't have thought twice about it if I didn't have to clean up the campsite from all the glass.
Glass? All over the ground.
Almost like they did it on purpose.
Can you show us where they parked? I told you, you're not gonna find nothin'.
I cleaned it up.
Well, thank you.
Jordan was right, you know, on the plane.
What are you talking about? Well, we hide behind language.
We don't talk about the ugliness we see.
Rossi, we talk about it every day.
We talk facts.
Signature, m.
, pathology.
What are you getting at? We're working a case where a family is grooming their son to kill.
They're not just murdering people.
They're stealing children, poisoning minds.
Where's the horror? We can't do this job if we let it get to us.
Is it a match? Which means the rv park owner was right.
They spread it on purpose.
So everything they do is part of some ritual.
Have you ever seen anything like this before? A family that ritualizes killing together? Definitely not.
You know, if the family speaks romanian, the spreading of the glass makes sense.
It's an eastern european superstition for good luck.
So they're romanian.
We already knew that.
Not just romanian.
We're talking about people that are highly superstitious and obsessed with ritual.
- Romany.
- Romany? Gypsies.
More accurately, someone who has perverted romany culture.
Call Garcia.
They're tight-knit and nomadic like our unsubs, but not usually prone to violence.
Hiya, baby.
Hey, baby girl, we need to talk.
Pg or nc-17? You're on speakerphone.
I charge extra for groups.
We need you to run through crimes similar to the Hale murders in the last 2 years.
Oh, I already did that.
Go back even further, Garcia.
Cross-reference against any small towns that have had reports of petty theft associated with waves of romany populations entering the area.
- Romany? - Gypsies.
As in "gypsies, tramps, and thieves"? Exactly.
Oh, bless you all for turning my life into a cher song.
You'll have it nearly immediately.
You're the best.
You need to get your men together right now.
Why is that? 'Cause whatever ritual these people are trying to play out, We know Cate Hale didn't fit their needs.
Which means they'll have to try again.
It's too soon.
He turns 10 in a week.
It's not safe.
You see one you like? She's a fine choice.
The unsubs we're looking for are a family.
A father, a mother, and a son, approximately 10 years old.
We believe they're of romanian descent.
The family travels in an rv, but they also have another vehicle That they use to go back and forth between campsites and cities.
We need you to call every rv park in the area.
Alert the owners to be on the lookout for a family that fits this description, As well as a campsite that might have broken glass scattered around.
The breaking of the glass and the discarding of Cate Hale Because of her epilepsy leads us to believe that these are highly superstitious people And that they are playing out a very specific ritual.
The focus of this ritual is the young girls.
- Do we know why? - No.
But we do know from the location of Cate Hale's house That they don't come across these girls by accident.
They study.
They hunt.
Cate's father said that she liked to go to the movies at their local multiplex.
That's a good place to start.
Also look at the parks, malls.
Concentrate on those that are an easy drive from the rv parks you loCate.
This family is out there and they're looking for their next victim.
You guys need to see this right now.
Excuse us.
What'soing on? - Garcia, you still there? - Present.
Explain what you got.
Ok, I went ahead and went further back looking for similar cases and I made the search national.
- All these are hits? - Yeah.
There's 30 of them.
They go as far back as 1909.
Rapid city, south dakota, taos, new mexico, gary, indiana.
My map is lit up like a christmas tree.
All these girls were abducted and had their parents killed? The time between the kills was long enough and the regions of the country so spread out That it never showed up as serial.
What the hell is this? I don't know, but it looks like it's been going on for generations.
MADISON,ALABAMA Reid and I will check inside.
We've doubled our highway patrol shifts and we've got roadblocks at every county line.
Is there a picture on the wire? I pulled one out of her bedroom myself.
They're bound to have hours on us.
They didn't travel that far last time.
The past killings have been years apart.
We got lucky with Cate Hale.
Her epilepsy saved her life.
If this new girl fits the unsub's need, we might have lost our window to catch them for years.
This is what I don't get.
In both this house and the Hales' house the girls' bedrooms were closest to the exit.
I mean, the unsubs actually had to go out of their way to kill the parents before abducting the girls.
I think it was a countermeasure.
What do you mean? They've been doing this for years and they've never been caught.
Why? They disappear in the dead of night, they have a head start on the cops, And they don't kill again for years.
When I was a cop, I would get 10 calls a day from parents in child abductions.
Now, as sad as that is, if the families didn't stay on you, at a certain point, Other cases would just start taking priority.
So what are they doing with these girls? Yeah, what do you got, baby girl? Are you sitting down? - You're not gonna believe this.
- What's wrong? I think I know what they were doing with the girls.
Garcia got a hit on a hair fiber in the blanket the unsubs used to wrap Cate Hale.
So what's the problem? It belonged to Kathy gray.
Why does that name sound familiar? She went missing in 1971 after her parents were murdered.
So you're telling me this little girl is now one of our unsubs? That's what it looks like.
Call Hotch.
Tell him and Prentiss not to come here and to meet us at the station.
You ok? Yeah.
I just need to build a tcker skin.
You don't need to do anything you don't want to.
You understand? So these little girls got abducted and later kidnapped other girls and killed their families? I think that's why these unsubs pick girls the same age as the boy.
What do you mean? They're making wives.
It's ok.
I know what you're going through.
I understand.
I really do.
Come here.
I'm going to take this off you now.
Ok? Come here.
I want my mommy.
No, no, no, everything's ok.
You're a part of something now.
I was just like you.
A working theory from 1971 was that a transient killed the family and abducted Kathy gray.
Then all the leads went cold.
How do you watch your family get murdered and then make a life with the people who did it? It's stockholm syndrome.
You adapt or die.
And now she's training her son to be a murderer.
At a certain point, once traditions are handed down generation after generation, There is no right or wrong.
You simply accept the way the world works.
The romany are a closed society.
The unsub simply twisted and distorted traditions to become entirely insular.
Abduction the children keeps the bloodline pure, And killing the parents ensures that people eventually stop loong for them.
We got a report of an rv on fire about 20 miles from here.
Dave, you, Reid, and Morgan go check it out.
Garcia, I need you to digitally alter Kathy gray's photograph to simulate what she would look like today.
- Consider it simulated.
- Thanks.
It was started less than an hour ago, so they can't be far.
It looks like they left almost everything.
The got the girl they wanted.
They're starting over.
Look at the clothes.
Most of them still have the store sensors on them.
So how'd they get them past security scanners? - Tinfoil.
- Excuse me? Cate Hale remembers being locked in a closet surrounded by clothing and tinfoil.
Shoplifters use tinfoil to line their bags and negate security alarms.
Makes sense.
A lot of romany make their living as petty thieves.
It also explains the bells she heard.
Cate says she remembers hearing the sound of bells, Followed directly by the father talking to the son.
I think that's probably what the mannequin's for.
School of the 7 bells.
You dress a mannequin, you line a suit with 7 bells.
If you can pick his pocket without a bell ringing, you're ready to work a crowd.
So we know how they make their money.
That's not all we know.
These unsubs are guided entirely by ritual.
They abducted Lynn Robillard and killed her family in an area That they knew was surrounded by police and the fbi.
They had to.
They can't deviate.
We also know that they're starting over.
Which means they're gonna need some money.
Where's the closest shopping mall? About 15 miles fm here.
Hey, Hotch, we know where they're going.
Focus on the high-end department stores.
They're bigger targets.
Is this you? Ma'am! Hold it! Police! Set those bags down, rit now.
Kathy gray! Take that woman! - I said put the bags down.
- Cuff her.
Let's go.
What's wrong? They've been stealing for years and they never get caught.
This was too easy.
Kathy, I can't help you if you're not going to be honest with me.
I already told you, I killed them.
- All by yourself.
- Yes.
- Well, I know that's not true.
- It is.
How did you do it? How did you abduct a child and control two adults while you slit their throats? Oh, come on, you know she's not responsible for this.
I know we have a string of bodies, and she knows where her husband and son are.
- You are the victim here.
- No, she's not.
She killed innocent people.
Her family was murdered.
And now she's killing other people's.
Kathy, this is not your fault.
My name isn't Kathy.
It's sylvia.
No, it isn't.
Your name is Kathy gray.
And you were a beautiful little girl.
Your mom and dad were murdered and you were kidnapped.
Do you recognize yourself there? You see? I'm sick of this! - Then leave us alone! - Where are your husband and son? Look at me, Kathy.
Don't listen to him.
They stole your life.
Let me help you get it back.
That little girl is better off with my son than any man she could meet in your society.
I'm sure you raised him very well.
Tell me about your own mother.
I've already told you everything.
I killed them, all by myself.
How's it going so far? They're trying to crack her by reminding her of the girl she used to be.
I hope this good cop/ bad cop routine works.
If her family gets away, we've lost that little girl forever.
You're lying.
- Kathy-- - My name isn't Kathy! yes, it is.
Your name is Kathy gray.
You're from vienna, virginia.
Tell me where your husband and son are so I can help you get your life back.
- Want to see what you did? - Hey, don't show her those.
If she killed them herself, she can see it again.
Serial killers like to relive their crimes.
Did you know that? This is geoff Hale.
He died from a strong, decisive cut.
I think that was your husband.
Nancy Hale, her wound was more tentative.
This was your son, right? I'm sure by the time he teaches his own son how to kill, His hand will be steady.
- ok, stop-- - This is the Robillard family.
Kathy, you don't have to look at that.
Do you want to see some more? I don't know what that is.
Then look closely! You don't recognize your own mother and father? See?This is the tentative cut your future husband made while he slit your mother's throat.
Where are your husband and son? Cate Hale is only alive because of you, Kathy.
Isn't that-- your--your husband wanted to kill her, And you didn't.
How does that make you feel? To know that he was willing to kill that little girl? That he would have been willing to kill you, too? They murdered your family, Kathy, and they took you in, - But you were never really one of them.
- No.
You were just a breeder.
I won't betray my family.
Your little boy is only 10.
There is a chance he could get out of custody when he's 18, But that's only if we get to him.
I love my family.
- Then tell us where your son is - She's ready.
and we can all help him together.
Scott woodland, zander blanchard Ok, come on, give her a second.
Max estep, chip jackson.
I don't know who those people are.
It's a list of every known fence in huntsville.
And you're gonna tell us who your husband took the goods to.
- Coles rudzinski, pete shernit, - come on, give her a minute to do the right thing.
- Matt thorne, brent woodhouse - Ok, I can't stop him, Kathy.
This is it.
This is your last chance to make things right.
Kevin everson, mike fenner, - Morris collins-- - stop! - Morris collins.
- Ok.
I won't tell you.
You just did.
The boy's not with him.
Where are the children? I'll only tell you if you let me see my son.
Fbi! Hands in the air! Hands in the air! Get on your knees! Down on the ground! Now! You know, we got a long list of girls to go through with you.
In history, warriors invaded towns, killed the men, women, and boys, But kept the girls for themselves.
You exist because your ancestors did what was needed for u to survive.
- Get him out of here.
- You'll never find my boy! We already have.
Come on, come on.
It's just you now.
You're going to be strong.
I love you, puyule.
Nu le spunelor despre furititai.
What did you tell him? Ok, Kathy, no.
Sheriff, get that videotape.
We need to get it to a translator.
You got it.
- The translation should be here in a few minutes.
- Good.
The little girl's aunt and uncle are on their way here from birmingham.
They'll be here in a few hours.
And also, i--i just spoke with jj.
She'll be at her desk by the time we get back to quantico.
She has 3 more weeks of maternity leave.
I know, but she's ing to be back.
And, honestly, i'm Ready to get back to counter-terrorism.
It's Where i'm needed.
They're lucky to have you.
- May I say something? - Sure.
This team is like a family.
And families take on the traits of their leaders.
You don't show much emotion.
Meaning what? I've sat at jj's desk and i've looked at some of the worst things i've ever seen just trying to do half her job.
I hope you don't take her for granted.
I don't.
- We got the translation.
- What did she say? Don't tell them about your brothers.
How many brothers do you have? Mario Puzo wrote, "the strength of a family, Like the strength of an army,is in its loyalty to each other.
" You're almost 10.
You're becoming a man.
Are you ready? I love you, puyule.
I love you, too.