Criminal Minds s04e18 Episode Script


Minds - Mr.
Hotchner? - Yes.
- Please,he's been waiting.
- Thank you.
You're the only person he's asked for.
You must be good friends.
Actually,we worked together once,about 10 years ago.
He'll be lucky if he makes it through the night.
Anything you do to ease his pain will be a blessing.
The ***** FBI ***** Hi,tom.
You came.
Thank you.
Of course,tom.
But I don't know why you asked for me.
The reaper.
I shut down the investigation without an arrest.
The killings stopped.
And I sent you away.
You deserve to know why.
Tell me.
A deal with the devil.
"if you stop hunting me,i'll stop hunting them.
For as long as we both shall live," "til death do us part.
If you agree to my terms," take out a personal ad in the michigan post.
" This is a contract.
Which we both honored.
You know we weren't close to catching him.
If it didn't work,i could have restarted the investigation,but it did.
The killing stopped.
I waited 6 weeks-- 6 weeks-- before I sent you away.
But,tom,how do you know he stopped? - He could have just gone someplace else.
- No.
I've kept watch.
I know he stopped.
Sooner or later we would have caught a break.
How many people would he have killed before we caught that break,huh? Would all those lives be worth it? We don't get to make those decisions.
We don't let them get away with it.
Then you'll have to pay for my sin.
How do you mean? The contract's about to expire.
I've felt him watching me.
He knows.
He's been waiting for this.
You think he's gonna start killing again.
I did it to save lives.
Please tell the victims' families that I'm sorry.
Tell them-- tell them I had no choice.
I'll tell them you're sorry.
******** Yes,that's right.
Aaron hotchner.
Sergeant o'mara has the number.
Thank you.
- Come in.
- I found it.
Michigan post,march I ****** Yes.
'Cause I found it,do I get to know what it's about? - The reaper.
- Like The boston reaper? I didn't even know the b.
worked on that case.
for the b.
as lead profiler.
Correct me if I'm wrong,but we don't have a profile for the reaper in our system,do we? That'll be all,penelope.
You can go home now.
- Ok.
Good night,sir.
- Good night.
This morning.
Yes,it is a good thing that he went quickly in the end.
Well,i appreciate you calling me.
Thank you very much.
****** How bad is it? We have 2 flats.
How did we get 2 flats? I don't know.
All right,i'll call triple-a.
What if it was us? You'd want somebody to stop,wouldn't you? Hey,you all right? Uh,no,i got 2 flats,only got one spare.
Nina hale.
Route 128.
You want to try one of mine,see if it fits? Oh,thanks.
My girlfriend's on with triple-a.
Well,i'll give you my address.
If it works,you can send me a check.
I mean,if you want to stay out here all night,that's up to you.
I just wanted to make sure you're ok.
Hey,you know what? Sure.
Give it a shot,right? You got it.
Our car has 2 flat tires and we don't have a second spare.
Just past needham.
I really appreciate this.
My pleasure.
Evan? Evan! Give me your watch.
Please don't hurt us.
This won't hurt.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh,nina I hit my head.
Nina's dead.
Are you scared? You should be.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season04 Episode18 Omnivore "fate is not satisfied with inflicting one calamity.
" Roman author publilius syrus.
You wanted to know immediately about any unusual boston homicides? We're going to boston.
Well--shouldn't we wait for the official request? - We haven't been invited-- - we will be.
Well,it looks like we're going to boston.
"the reaper is driven by a need to dominate,control,and manipulate.
" So then why would he offer a deal that would stop him from doing that? Well,killing gave him power,but after so many,the payoff began to diminish.
So he decided to switch tactics.
Offering the deal gave him the ultimate power,better even than killing.
He manipulated the police into voluntarily surrendering.
He even got it in writing.
He won.
Why start killing again? Well,because the only person who knew he'd won,the person he made the deal with,just died.
Narcissistic killers need other people to recognize their power.
That's why they contact the media.
So how did he stop for 10 years? In night of the reaper,the author suggests he had been arrested for an unrelated crime or died.
Perhaps he's trying to correct that misconception.
What has he been doing all this time? Planning what he would do if he started killing again.
So from '95 to '98,he shoots,stabs,and bludgeons 21 victims.
Men,women,all ages,all types.
No specific victimology or m.
How did you build a profile from there? We didn't.
Shaunessy sent us home before we had a chance.
Btk,the zodiac,and the reaper all have similarities.
They're all highly intelligent,disciplined,sadistic killers who name themselves in the press.
Highly intelligent may be a bit of an understatement.
The reaper and the zodiac killer have never been arrested.
The btk killer was only caught after 25 years because he went to the press to counter a book That said he'd died,moved away,or been locked up,just like this one.
Speaking of the media,when this gets out,it's going to be a frenzy.
If they get wind of this,they're going to be all over the boston police.
The longer we can float the copycat story,the better chance we'll have of catching him.
Rossi,prentiss,and morgan,go to the field office,set up shop,go through everything there.
Jj and reid,we'll go to the crime scene.
I worked the reaper case for 18 months.
If there's any proof that this horrible crime is anything more than a copycat, I'll be the first one to let you know.
Sorry I haven't called you back.
As you can see,I'm busy.
It's not a copycat,mike.
I wish it were,but it isn't.
Yeah,no offense,you don't know that,and I didn't invite you in.
Shaunessy did.
Want to invite us in? What was he thinking? This could destroy the department.
I know.
This is ssa jennifer jareau,dr.
Spencer reid,sergeant mike o'mara.
Uh,we're setting up at the field office.
I'm done here.
Give them anything they want.
Thank you.
Nina hale,19,and evan harvey,23.
Nina's throat was slashed,she was stabbed 46 times.
Evan was bludgeoned and then shot.
No shell casings were found.
He preferred revolvers,.
44 magnum.
"the younger the female victim,the more time he spends with them,usually with a knife.
" Tan line on r wrist.
Probably wearing a watch of some sort.
Do we have his wallet? The reaper took items from each victim and placed them on the next, so as to make sure we knew it was him.
No corrective lens requirement.
The glasses aren't his? He only took glasses from one victim--the ninth.
We should have found them on the tenth and we didn't.
They were never found.
What was so special about the ninth victim? He survived.
George foyet,28,was the ninth victim and the only one to survive the reaper.
Not for lack of trying.
Amanda bertrand,19,his date for the evening,was not as lucky.
He likes to attack them inside or near their cars,at night,on poorly lit,less populated roads.
Foyet id he approached them pretending to be a lost tourist.
In the hospital,we put foyet with a sketch artist.
The reaper always uses some sort of ruse to get close to and spend time with his victims.
The eye,as he depicts it,e eye of providence, A symbol adopted by the u.
government and incorporated into the great seal in 1782 with the words, Annuit coeptis inscribed beneath.
That's latin for "providence"--or fate-- has favored our undertakings.
The reaper seems to see himself as the personification of fate.
So,how did foyet survive? I just murdered 2 more.
Excuse me,sir,did you say you murdered someone? Victims 8 and 9.
By a silver toyota on riverton past the tyson quarry.
That call was made from a pay phone about a mile from the crime scene.
Emts arrived 15 minutes later.
Bertrand was d.
,foyet barely breathing.
So the reaper made one of these calls after each of his killings telling police where to find the bodies.
Until this one,the ninth.
If he hadn't made this call,foyet wouldn't have been found in time.
The call saved him.
So the reaper didn't make any11 calls after this one.
- Yeah? - Looks like he learned his lesson.
There's a reason he left foyet's glasses at the last crime scene.
Foyet could be in danger.
We'll find him.
Hotch,there's a reporter outside insisting on speaking with you.
Roy colson.
He says he knows you.
Agent hotchner.
So if it's just a copycat,what are you doing here? Helping the police catch him.
Is that your story? Come on,i wrote the book on this guy.
I even sent you a signed copy.
I assume you got it.
Officially,we have no reason to think that he's anything but a copycat.
We,how about unofficially? What's more important to you,roy,getting the story or getting the killer? I-,uh I spent time with the families.
I,uh,i told the victims' stories.
Now,you would know that if you read my book.
It's a good book,roy.
You treated the victims with respect and you treated us fairly.
- Every dime I made went to the families.
- I know.
That's why I came down.
The minute I have something I can say,i'll call you.
If it's him,it won't be long.
I don't believe it.
Honey,please don't.
I'm not speeding,I'm not drunk.
Good evening,officer.
License,registration,and proof of insurance.
I'll be right back.
He hasn't even told me why he stopped us.
Let's just get this over with.
I'm gonna let you off with a warning.
A warning? For what? You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Excuse me? And now I'm gonna kill your wife,arthur.
Please! No! Another couple.
Much older this time.
One shot and one stabbed.
No reason to stop out here.
His license and registration are out of his wallet.
Looks like he used a cop ruse.
Good spot.
Isolated,few drivers.
He left nina hale's watch.
So what'd he take? His wedding ring.
Arthur and diane lanessa.
Married 32 years.
They were coming home from the elks where they played bingo twice a week.
- I gotta go make notification.
- You want company? I got it.
Looks like he went through her purse.
Any idea what he was looking for? The question mark is new.
It's for us.
He's saying it's not fate.
He's saying we had 10 years to save them and that these latest ones are on us.
You got all that from one question mark.
That's impressive.
I may know him better than I've let on.
At does that mean? It means that there is a profile on the reaper.
- I thought we were called off before we had one.
- We were.
I had just started the profile and then he stopped killing,so officially we were done.
- But this case - It stuck with you.
I kept coming back to it over the years and I worked on it alone.
So you never shared it with anyone.
I know I'm always preaching that profiling is a collaborative effort,but this one wasn't.
I don't know,maybe if-- if I was wrong,i was gonna head us in the wrong direction.
Now you think you're right.
The more I see,the more accurate I think it may be.
Then we need to hear it.
The reaper fits a profile we refer to as an omnivore.
Unlike most serial killers,an omnivore doesn't target a specific victim type.
Although he tends to focus on his younger female victims with his knife, He essentially is a predator who will kill anyone.
Why is he so democratic? Because his kills aren't just about his victims.
He needs recognition.
He needs us to know.
The symbols,the placement of prior victims' possessions on subsequent victims-- - It's all for us.
- Why? Power.
The shaunessy letter is the clearest example of this.
He manipulated tom shaunessy into literally surrendering to him.
The burden was too much to bear.
In very real sense,tom shaunessy was the reaper's 22nd victim.
Like btk killer dennis rader,the reaper is extremely disciplined.
In his everyday life,this will very likely make him so inflexible, He can't keep close relationships or work closely with others.
I believe our killer has another interest that may give us our best opportunity to catch him.
The reaper's last victim was an older woman.
He killed her quickly,with a single shot.
The prior,younger victim he spent more time with and stabbed 46 times.
Why? He pays special attention to his younger female victims, And his weapon of choice with them is the knife, A substitute instrument for bodily penetration.
And the younger the victim,the more time and effort he spends.
I think our guy is a hebophile.
Hebophile? Someone who's attracted to adolescent post-pubescent children.
Look for men with access to authority-- high school teachers,counselors,coaches, And anyone who's been charged with sex crimes against teenage girls in the last 10 years.
That's all for now.
Thank you.
Garcia can't find george foyet.
- I've got nothing,sir.
- What do you mean? He's gone.
I mean,he's completely off the grid,and he's gone.
How is that possible? hospital,he,uh,quit his job,sold his car, Closed his bank accounts,canceled his credit cards,cell phone,apartment,everything.
He has no paper,thus he has no trail,and I can't find him 'cause he's gone.
You think it's intentional? It's more than that.
Like,even dead people stay on the grid for decades.
Take it from me,erasing yourself like this,it's extremely difficult.
It takes commitment.
You'd have to be willing to cut every tie of everything and everyone you've ever known in your entire life.
It's like-- it's like killing yourself.
I gotta say,this is impressive.
Well,after what the guy's been through,can you blame him? Foyet's the only living person who knows what the reaper looks like and he's still out there.
But it doesn't change the fact that we still need to find him.
I'll keep looking.
Garcia,we don't have much time.
I know,sir.
He would have to completely isolate himself.
He's totally alone.
But how do you cut all ties? You'd have to talk to someone,right? - Colson.
- Roy.
Aaron hotchner.
I need a favor.
How did colson find this guy? He interviewed foyet extensively for his book.
They kept in touch.
- They're friends? - Sort of.
But foyet wouldn't give him his phone number.
He gave him one of his aliases,though.
That's him.
George foyet? It's ok.
We're fbi.
This is agent rossi.
I'm agent hotchner.
We met once before.
Do you remember? Yeah,i remember.
- Would you mind if we get off the street,please? - Sure.
- How'd you guys find me? - Roy colson.
Well,is this gonna take long? 'Cause I really can't be late for work.
What do you do? I'm a freelance computer specialist with the city.
We're sorry to bother you.
We'll make it as quick as possible.
This yours? I knew it wasn't a copycat.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I was gonna propose to her that night At the restaurant,but I got cold feet.
The ring was still in my pocket when he approached us.
He said he was lost.
He had one of those sightseeing booklets.
- I was looking at it when he stabbed me.
- Yeah Perfect timing-- mr.
Foyet,you don't need to go through this again.
I couldn't move.
I just sat there,bleeding.
I watched him kill mandy.
He stabbed her 67 times.
Do you know how long it takes to stab somebody 67 times? I never found the ring.
He should have left your glasses on his next victim.
But he didn't.
He held on to them all this time.
Well,you think he's got some special interest in me? I've been living with that possibility for the past 11 years.
Have you received any strange letters or calls? Hang-ups? I keep residences under different names.
I move between them randomly.
He likes to get you in a car,so I take the bus.
Believe me,I've gone to great lengths to make sure that none of the things you've just mentioned ever happened.
We'll need your other names and residences so we can reach you.
We can take you someplace safe until this is over.
Boston's my home.
It's the o thing I promised I would never let him take from me.
Then we'll protect you here.
You can't protect me.
Nobody can.
Please be careful with this.
It's safe with us.
He's just a man.
Nothing more.
Then why can't you catch him? We will.
Thank you for your time.
Hey,uh,this was dropped off at my office.
I'll get this to the lab.
Are you going to run the story,roy? If I don't,he'll just give it to somebody else.
Maybe,maybe not.
To him you're special.
He wants you to know why he stopped.
What do you mean? You wrote his biography,roy.
Believe me,over the last 10 years,he's read those words thousands of times.
Your book has sustained him.
In his mind,nobody knows him better than you do.
Nobody cares for him like you.
You remember what it was like here And that's when people trusted the police.
Not this time.
Not if you tell them about shaunessy.
But it's a hell of a story.
Run with it.
Do you have any idea what you're asking me to do? I'm not asking you to do anything.
This is the biggest story of my life,and it's mine.
It's an exclusive.
I can offer you full and exclusive access to the fbi's behavioral analysis unit after we catch him.
- Right.
If I hold the story.
- I didn't say that.
Full access to the entire unit? - Nobody's ever had that.
- I know.
But But--i mean,what if you can't catch him? Well,that's a risk you're gonna have to take.
Who is this? If you stop hunting me,i'll stop hunting them.
You think i'd take that? It's a good deal.
I've misjudged you.
I thought you were smarter than this.
You should take it.
And you've misjudged me.
This is your last chan.
I don't make deals.
I'm the guy who hunts guys like you.
There are no guys like me.
You all think that.
You'll regret this.
I'll see you soon.
Almost missed you.
Make a right at the next light.
I want your jewelry and your wallets.
Pull over right here.
Just take the money.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
Actually,they do.
He put them down with the gun,or more likely guns,and finished them off with his knife.
Arthur lanessa's wedding ring.
What did he take? Does it matter? What's going on with you? He called me tonight at my hotel and offered me the deal.
What did you say? I hung up on him.
And then he does this.
So you think this is your fault? It is.
Well,here,use mine.
You convinced me.
No,no,you hung up on him.
You practically killed them yourself.
Go ahead,get it over with.
Don't worry about us.
We'll get this guy without you.
Dave,i had 10 years to do something about it.
Shaunessy made the deal.
The killing stopped.
He closed the case and sent the b.
For 10 years,you worked on other cases.
Active cases.
But I kept coming back to this one.
I kept coming back to this profile.
I was retired.
Should I blame myself for every victim who got killed while is was on my book tour? Look,if you want to end up like shaunessy,like gideon,blaming yourself for everything,you go ahead.
But that voice in your head-- it's not your conscience,it's your ego.
This isn't about us,aaron,it's about the bad guys.
That's why we profile them.
It's their fault.
We're just guys doing a job.
And when we stop doing it,someone else will.
Trust me.
I know.
You can put that away.
You sure? It's a little dramatic,don't you think? My wife always said I had a flair for the dramatic.
- Which one? - All of them.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
Go ahead and run your story.
It won't matter after this.
I am,but I'm goa leave the shaunessy deal out I don't think the families need to know, Not at least until you catch him.
I appreciate that.
Foyet called.
He wants to see me.
Is he mad that you gave him to us? I just think he doesn't have anyone to talk to,and the reaper's killing him,too,only slower.
He wouldn't be the first.
He never used code before.
Why now? They're not part of a pattern or equation.
Mathematically,they're insignificant.
Maybe so,but I know I've seen them before.
Foyet said he likes to attack people in their cars.
Tonight he hit a bus.
Which is why foyet only takes a bus.
It was the number 7.
And it stops right in front of foyet's apartment.
- He knows where foyet lives.
- And he wants us to know it.
The apartment you interviewed him in today was 1439 yarbrough.
The other addresses he gave us.
The numbers on the bus are foyet's addresses.
We'll split up and cover each address.
I'll take the back.
There's no one here.
- We got nothing.
- Same thing here.
Have you heard from morgan? Wake up,derek.
It's time to die.
If it's any consolation,i don't think he knew what hit him.
I'll call jj.
The bureau's gonna have to make a statement.
You all right? He took my credentials.
The important thing is you're ok.
He left me this.
Power and manipulation.
Don't let him get to you.
Ow,come on,man.
Prentiss,he's telling me,"i had you.
" Morgan,you're alive.
- You know why? - It doesn't really matter.
I'm sitting here because I was knocked out cold.
He couldn't torture me.
He likes to interact with his victims,to tell them he's going to kill them before he does.
Or by letting them know he could have.
Hotch is right.
He's just trying to get into your head.
Right or wrong,he had me.
O'mara was clearly killed outside.
This was someone else.
There's signs of a struggle and a lot of blood.
- But no body.
- Just the drag marks.
The human body holds 5 quarts of blood.
I'd say there's a little more than half that here.
Whoever the bleeder was,they lost too much to survive.
Foyet? It was his worst fear,that the reaper would come back and finish the job.
We offered him protection.
He refused.
It was his choice.
Why is he so focused on foyet? What's so special about him? He was his only surviving victim,the only one he couldn't defeat.
But he's not a threat.
Defeating him would be no great accomplishment.
There's something there that we're missing.
What about the girlfriend,amanda bertrand? What do we know about her? from michigan to go to school.
Foyet was a teacher's assistant in one of amanda's courses.
Where the reaper had shaunessy post the personal ad.
That can't be a coincidence.
He told us she was the love of his life,that he was gonna propose.
But she just got here from michigan.
They only met when the class started.
How long had she been in the class? So it was either love at first sight or what? Foyet was lying? He's a 28-year-old teacher's assistant in freshman classes.
That gives him plenty of access to young girls.
- Garcia.
- I'm here.
What are foyet's aliases? I want you to look up in boston city records kevin baskin,miles holden,and william parker.
Try the department of education.
Well played,sir.
So they all work for the department of education, they're all substitute teachers, And they all teach computer science.
- High school? - Yeah.
Scratch that.
They're not all working for the department of education.
- They're not? - No.
William parker was fired for alleged inappropriate behavior with his female students.
Do you know how long it takes to stab somebody 67 times? Hotch? Why can't you catch him? Colson went to see foyet.
Garcia,i need you to locate roy colson's cell phone.
George foyet is the reaper.
Ok,triangulating now.
I got it.
2633 south budlong.
That must be an address that foyet didn't give us.
- Nice to see you.
It's been a while.
- Come on in.
You brought your laptop.
- Just set it up over there on the table.
- Ok.
He stabbed amanda bertrand to death,he drove a mile,he called 911,he went back, And he inflicted those wounds on himself.
He knew ems would get there in time to save him.
Between the phone call and the severity of his wounds,we never considered him as a suspect.
Why would he do it? It put him at the core of the investigation.
Everything we had came from him.
He left his own glasses at the crime scene,he pointed us right back in his direction, and still we didn't see it.
So how are you? How you--how you holding up? Actually,uh I'm kind of angry with you.
'Cause I gave your name to the fbi? Is that--is that what this is about? No.
No,it's not about what you gave them.
It's what I gave you.
Why didn't you break the story I gave you about the deal I made with shaunessy? - What? - It was a gift.
I gave it to you.
Wait a minute.
All you had to do was print the story.
No,this can't--this-- I could have just disappeared again.
It's not you,george.
There's no way.
Please stop! Stop,george! George,please! This can't be you.
This can't be you.
It just What do you want me to do? I want you to sit down and get it right.
You wrote that I was either dead or arrested.
Well,now u know that's not what happened.
I won.
I beat them.
And I want everybody to know that.
- It's over.
- Stop.
I'll kill him.
You need him to write your story.
I'm taking him with me.
I'll let him go as soon as I'm safe.
No,you're not.
I said i'll kill him.
You kill him,i kill you.
You think I'm afraid to die? You're not afraid.
You're greedy and narcissistic.
You want the recognition that's going to come from the book that he's gonna write.
You want the fame that's gonna come from the media.
It's gonna be like bundy.
I'm gonna be bigger than bundy.
Well,you can't enjoy it if you're dead.
If you know me so well,how come somebody had to die to bring you here? That's your choice,not mine.
You're the serial killer.
That's right.
Where's my badge? Where is it,you son of a bitch? I'm gonna be more famous than you even realize.
You're dreamin'.
- You ok,roy? - I'm ok.
Yeah,I'm ok.
You know "men heap together the mistakes of their lives and create a monster they call destiny.
" John hobbes.
They didn't find your credentials at any of the residences.
The blood at the house was foyet's.
Reid guessed low.
The coroner said it was 4 quarts.
Hotch,how is that possible? He'd be dead.
He's been planning his death for a long time.
So,what,he took a little blood at a time until he had enough to convince us he was dead without finding his body? Morgan,you're gonna have to find a way to let it go.
Could you? I'd have to.
Foyet escaped.
Guards found him in his cell vomiting blood and convulsing.
They rushed him to the prison hospital.
Get me the u.
marshals office.
I already called don reilly.
I offered our assistance.
He said they'd call us if they needed it.
The boston field office just identified documents from foyet's house.
They're schematics for the electrical,heating,And water ducts for the east woburn correctional facility.
He had the schematics.
And not just for woburn.
For every jail,prison,and courthouse in massachusetts.
And 10 years to plan.
They're gonna find him,right? No,they're not.
He said he'd be more famous than we knew.
And he was right.