Criminal Minds s05e18 Episode Script

The Fight

Radio dispatcher: Chopper one, we have a report Of a body in presidio park.
Chopper one, copy.
En route.
Confirming dead body male, Mid-30s, badly beaten, single gunshot to the head.
Well? We need to call the fbi.
It's starting again.
You hungry? You want to grab something? Don't try and act like you care.
I just want to know if you're hungry.
No, I'm not hungry.
I'm not the enemy, jane.
Of course not.
My friends are, right? And david.
You're 14.
It's too young to go on dates, Especially with a boy who's already driving.
Mom thinks you work too much.
What does that have to do with anything? It's not my fault that you two don't get along.
I'm not saying it is.
You're trying to ship me off.
Your mom and I love you.
Don't even.
You want to be treated like an adult, fine.
Let's have an adult conversation.
Can I help you? What do you think's going on with the helicopters tonight? I'm sorry, I'm trying to have a convertion with my daughter.
I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to jane.
How do you know my daughter's name? You're not in charge here.
Jane, run ahead.
No! No, you come quiet.
Or you both die.
? everywhere I hear the sound ? ? 'cause dawn is here and the time is right ? ? for ? Uhh! ? for heroes ? Hotch.
You never were one for offices.
A medical condition.
I'm allergic to bureaucracy.
Thanks for coming, hotch.
I don't have long.
We're leaving on a case.
I know.
San francisco.
I hear things.
So what's going on? How much you know about this case you're working? I'm on my way in to look at the files.
Can I give you a preview? Sure.
All right, so, here's the deal.
turned up in presidio park.
A massive amount of blunt force trauma.
Defensive wounds, single gunshot To the back of the head.
And over the next 3 days, O.
, and after that, There was nothing.
Until exactly one year later.
Same thing.
Dead male, badly beaten, Shot execution style, Followed by 3 more vics Over the next 3 days.
And then nothing until last night.
One year later.
Which means we have 3 days before the trail goes cold again.
Why all the interest? I got a theory.
I think there are parallel murders Linked to these cases.
those murders stopped, A single dad and his Were found dead in their car.
Last year Again, one day after the dead males stopped showing up, Same thing.
Another dad and his brunette daughter.
And you think it's all connected? I think it's a hell of a coincidence, don't you? And you want me to bring your team in on the case.
You only have 3 days.
I mean, you don't have time To be chasing an angle like this one.
So my team works the bodies in presidio park While your team tests the theory About the fathers and daughters.
And if I'm right, both halves of the case help solve the other half.
And you already asked the director and she said no.
She is not strong at thinking outside the box.
If you ignore her order and you're wrong, you're done.
I'm telling you, hotch Right now, there's a father and there's a daughter And they're missing, And no one is looking for them.
Stop it.
Shh! Stop it.
If I can snap this chain You're just gonna hurt yourself.
Stop it, please, please! Please stop it! You ok? Stop! You stay away from her.
I said get away from her.
What the hell do you want? It's simple.
You give her to me, You both live.
Go to hell.
If that's your answer.
Mother teresa said, "I have found the paradox.
"that if you love until it hurts, "there can be no more hurt, Only more love.
" What do we know about the past years' victims? The tenderloin district is a high concentration Of drug addicts and homeless people.
All the victims have been transients.
So this unsub's choosing easy targets that won't be missed.
He's not concerned with the challenge of the hunt.
All these victims are part of a larger plan.
Which he executes in the same few days every year.
Reid did you find any significance to the dates? Nothing historical.
It's got to be personal for e unsub.
Jj, you and reid hit the san francisco p.
Rossi and prentiss to the dumpsite.
Morgan and I will go to the coroner's office.
Nobody should expect to get a lot of sleep in the next 3 days.
What about cooper's team? You said he had a theory.
He believes that whoever is murdering these homeless men Is also abducting fathers and daughters And killing them once the transients are disposed of.
So then we'll investigate the dead men, And his team can see if there is A missing father and daughter.
Why isn't his team on the jet now? Because the director wouldn't authorize Them joining the investigation.
They're working against the director's orders? We need to concentrate on the dead men Abducted from the tenderloin.
Cooper's team can help determine If there's a missing father and daughter And whether it's connected to our case.
Or you could get in serious hot water If the director thinks you're helping to defy her.
No, hotch is right.
I've known sam cooper for 20 years, And I've never seen him defy an order.
If he feels this strong about a hunch, We need to help him however we can.
Trying to get out of the heavy lifting, eh? Actually, I'm setting up a two-way ilnb With a 500-megawatt transmitter And single-polarity lnb, Both operating in the k.
What did she just say to me? At least we're blessed with a nice setup.
How'd you hook it up? I know a guy who knows a guy Who's a slumlord, who gave us a great deal.
So, how do we conjure victims of a crime That might not have been committed out of thin air In a major american city? San francisco has a population of 800,000.
Half of those are males.
Just start with the females.
Only 45% of the population is white.
Sohat does that leave? That's gets us to 180,000.
Check school absences.
Narrow that to girls 13 to 18 And narrow it again to brunettes.
Find their fathers' names and check their workplaces, Who hasn't shown up.
Well, ok.
If you want to show off about it.
All right.
Let's ride.
Let's get to work.
Have all the dumpsites been this isolated? He keeps away from the main paths.
Never dumps them in lighted areas.
So he had to have studied the terrain beforehand.
He's organized.
And physical enough to haul a body A long way on his own.
What can you tell us about the victims? They were all living on the streets.
No witnesses.
Our guess is he managed to lure them, Promising food or drugs.
Were any reported missing? No.
We do know they all came from the same few blocks In the tenderloin.
This is the body they found at presidio park.
If he hadn't been shot, he probably would have died of internal bleeding.
It looks like he landed a few shots of his own.
There's powder residue in his skull.
He had to have been subdued when he was shot.
So he gets abducted off the street Quietly enough that there's no witnesses, But then he fights for his life only to let the unsub Shoot him execution style? In other words, what the hell is he doing with them? Unlock 'em.
Uhh! Not yet! Get up.
Let's go.
Throw the key off to the side.
You win, you live.
You lose, I kill your daughter, And I kill you.
Understand? Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Aah! Uhh! Uhh! Can you stand? Can you stand? Don't look, jane.
Ok, we've talked to over 200 middle schools And run the names of absent girls Against their yearbook photos.
What else? We're checking bios of the dads now And calling their workplaces.
So he hasn't been at work.
You sure? Both days? Thank you.
What have we got? This is jane mcbride.
She's 14.
She didn't show up for school Yesterday or this morning.
And dad? Ben.
He hasn't been at his contracting company for the last 2 days.
I love this guy.
And the prophet speaks.
I think we found him.
Mcbride? I'm agent hotchner with the fbi.
This is agent cooper.
We're here to determine whether your husband and your daughter are missing.
Ma'am, are you ok? Don't.
Just get inside, please.
Oh, god.
You just got my family murdered.
That's the first victim from the park.
The man on the phone said he'd kill ben and jane If I brought in the police.
He said that if I needed proof, I should check my front porch, And when I did, this was there.
Oh, he's careful.
Nothing to distinguish him Or his location.
Were there any other instructions? No, he said he'd call with more.
Do you think he's watching? I mean, is he going to kill them? The video was shot by a camera on a tripod, Which means he probably doesn't have a partner.
It would be almost impossible For him to take your family prisoner And do surveillance simultaneously.
And he's done this before? So why didn't someone come forward after to say what happened? He doesn't leave anybody with knowledge alive.
We'll post an agent here to keep you safe.
Can you excuse us a moment? Cooper, listen.
Your theory's right.
We know he's killing homeless men As well as fathers and daughters.
But let us work it.
If you go back to d.
Now, the director Won't know that you ignored her order.
Look, I know you're sticking your neck out on this thing for me.
I understand.
I'm not trying to-- This isn't about me.
I want to protect you.
You remember him? Toby vahl.
Of course.
You remember we got that confession For those 5 child murders, But we all had that gut feeling.
We knew he wasn't good for all of them.
The preference was too varied.
Local cops shut the investigation down.
The fbi brass, they told us to get our asses back home.
I remember.
Where were you when you heard They caught that second killer dumping this boy's body? I was in denver working a new case.
You? I wasn't on anything yet.
I could have still been there.
I won't ignore my gut again.
I don't care what it costs me.
My people will be on the record And we'll use yours to double manpower.
Where? Ok.
They found another body.
So how does a brit-- A handsome brit.
How does a brit end up in the fbi? It's pretty simple.
Cooper and I bumped into each other a few times.
he could hand-pick a new team.
He called.
I came.
Passport didn't matter.
So, is it true That no one in the british special forces Is allowed to admit they're in it? I don't know.
I'd have to ask around about that one.
You know, there's a lot of rumors about your boss.
Yeah? One I heard was when he left the bau, He was doing psychological ops overseas.
WellI've never been big on rumors.
So, I don't suppose you're going to tell me Just where you two bumped into each other.
I'll tell you I trust the man with my life.
I'll tell you I'd die for the man.
How's the mom? She's holding up.
I don't know how much help she's going to be.
So, the tenderloin is full of junkies Who would be easy to control, But the first victim had no drugs in his system, And this geezer looks pretty healthy, too.
Except for the whole dead thing.
There's skin under his nails.
Didn't the first victim have scratch marks on his chest? Yeah.
We assumed he fought back against the unsub, But these victims might actually be fighting each other.
I take it you're about to wow me with a theory.
The first victim is dumped before the fathers and daughters are taken.
Why? Because he wants to send a message to the wife That he means business, make sure she doesn't call the police.
And it also sends a message to the prisoners he already has.
You lose a fight, you die.
What do those welts look like to you? My guess--they're wounds from rubber bullets.
Like they use to control rioters or prison inmates.
I think the unsub's been locked up.
That's where he's learned to control his own prisoners.
Well, if he's learned how to dominate them, Why are they fighting each other? It has to be part of his plan-- To watch them beat the hell out of each other.
And then the loser is executed.
Admit it--I'm starting to grow on you.
Hotch, it's emily.
We have an idea about what he might be doing with the victims.
We may be able to give the profile-- Hold on a second.
Hey, who are you calling? If I'm right, there's somewhere else We need to be delivering that profile.
This is one for the books, huh? Yeah.
You spend much time here? Maybe a half a dozen interviews.
You? The prophet returns.
What up, man? How you doin'? This is nelson g.
Me and him know each other from back in the dark days.
Never expected to ever see you in here again.
This is agent david rossi, fbi.
Fbi? The first time I see you in how long And you bring the fbi? Get the hell outta here.
I told you, man, If I ever got my shot at redemption, I was gonna take my game to the other side.
"to open the bnd eyes, "to take the prisoner out of the prison and them And them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.
" WellIt makes sense, I guess.
The criminals are the ones who make the rules, right? Cops are the ones who gotta learn.
I need your help, man.
We have a serial killer.
We think he might have done time here.
We want to give you a description, And then you tell us if you recognize him.
Just press your connections.
It's very likely that this unsub has a prison record.
He's white, and judging by the age Of the people he abducts, most likely In his 30s.
And considering the terrain In which he's dumping the bodies, We think that he's imposing Or at least very physically fit.
He also has access to a space That's large enough to house and control a number of prisoners, All without disturbing the neighbors.
This guy keeps to the same hunting ground.
Same dumpsite.
He's a control freak.
Real organized.
Also, he would have been obsessed with the guards, Their methods of controlling the prisoners, especially in the yard.
This dude kills folks the same few days every year.
There's no way he's that obsessed And he's not talking about it.
We think the man has a daughter of his own, Most likely a brunette like jane.
The dates he chooses probably correspond to an event Involving his own daughter.
Our guess is that he lost his daughter in some way And it's symbolic of him not fighting for her in the first place.
A lot of times killers choose victims That are surrogates for someone, Like a wife or a mother.
In this case, we think his own guilt Is making him choose surrogates that represent himself.
The police department has the profile.
They've tripled patrols in the tenderloin.
You know what? I think we need profilers out here, too.
He could be out there hunting for homeless men to fight the father.
This kid--best sniper I've ever seen.
He could view a lot of ground from the rooftop.
Are you comfortable on the ground solo? Of course.
Cooper's right.
Maybe we can catch him Trying to abduct another victim.
So, what you wearing? A gun.
Hey, mick, explain something to me.
How come I'm out on the street And you're sitting on your butt on some roof? Well, you heard the man.
Do you really want me to expound on my own prowess? It's undignified.
Stay on your headset.
All his victims are coming from this 4-block radius.
Hey, jane, honey, just save your strength.
You can't fight again.
I don't have a choice.
I don't care if they break every bone in my body.
I promise you I'm not gonna stop.
Ok, I've got something.
I'm not sure if it's anything, But southeast corner.
See the guy clocking the junkie? You care to expand on that? All I see are guys clocking junkies.
Gray shirt.
Yeah, I got him.
Stay close.
I'm on my way.
He's heading south, ben.
Fbi! Stop! Hey! Stop! I didn't do anything! Why were you following that man? I knew he was holding.
I just wanted a fix.
I don't distribute.
Uhh! Aah! Dad! Why keep this up? She's better off with me.
We both know it.
Soon, this will be all she knows.
You let her walk home from school every day on her own.
She'll be safe with me, ben.
She won't even miss you.
You won't break me! Then it's to the death.
To the death, Or I kill jane.
To the death, Or Jane dies.
Last chance.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Did your analyst get us the data? Yeah, I can lay it out for you.
Let's cross-reference it Against our potential suspect pool.
Yeah, we can be there.
You up for a ride to san quentin? It's like the old days, Spending all your time interviewing prisoners.
Don't go getting sentimental on me.
What we got? The profile says he's spent time in prison.
He probably lost a teenage daughter In a way that corresponds to the dates He abducts and kills his victims.
We have the dates in question divided into 4 specific subsets.
This group is teenage girls age 13 to 16 Who were removed from their fathers' care.
These are deaths of teenagers the same age.
The remainder are men arrested for violet crimes And anyone serving a prison sentence during the same window.
The stressor's in here somewhere.
Let's find something that looks promising So we can start running background checks.
Agent hotchner, erin strauss.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm calling to check on the status of your case.
We're pursuing a secondary line of investigation.
And why is that? Let me talk to her for a second.
Hold a moment, please.
Ma'am? Do you think I'm stupid, agent cooper? No, ma'am, uh, I do not think you're stupid.
Is it unclear when I give an order? You should know that agent hotchner, He had nothing to do with this.
We need to be invited in by the locals.
You weren't.
You do realize that my theory was right? I want you back here today.
I can't do that.
Excuse me? You can fire me tomorrow.
Right now, I got less than 24 hours Before a father and a daughter turn up dead Somewhere in the city, and I refuse to be on an airplane While the son of a bitch dumps their bodies.
Now, with all- all possible respect I gotta go.
I have work to do.
Tell agent hotchner I will deal with the both of you When you get back.
So where were we? I want you to get inside the girl's head.
She's the key.
Any insight could break this thing.
We need to understand why he took this girl, at this time.
I asked around about you.
Is it true you interviewed charles manson Before they transferred him out of here? What was he like? Small.
Small, huh? Hey, you got something? I heard a story.
What kind of story? There's this big white dude That was in before I got sent back.
Supposedly he's all kinds of crazy.
Finds out his daughter died, he goes all commando.
Boxing, working out, challenging everyone in the yard, Saying that he'd fight them to the death.
Sounds like it could be your guy.
Keep talking.
The story is, it got so bad That he started a beef with the officers here And they finally put him in solitary confinement To serve out the rest of his term.
You got a name? What are you doing? Force of habit.
My dad was army.
In my house we marched.
He must be proud of you.
All he knew is I gave up west point For a long shot of someday getting into the fbi.
Well, cooper obviously has a lot of faith in you.
He plucked you out of the academy, right? What is it? This collage.
Jane is telling her parents That they don't exist in her life.
That her interests are an entirely different culture Than her parents'.
Why would she keep a journal out For anyone to read? What's in it? It's typical 14-year-old stuff.
Rants about her parents being unfair, Talk about some boy named david.
Ok, so she's defiant and she wants her parents to read it.
No, but she's private.
She wouldn't commit these thoughts to paper in the first place.
Unless it was forced on her.
Your daughter's journal only goes back 9 months.
What made her start keeping it? We went to a family counselor who suggested jane keep it.
Where was the office? In the tenderloin district.
Got it.
Good work, morgan.
The mcbride family went to a therapy center in the tenderloin.
The place also did evaluations for social services.
We profiled that the unsub may have had his daughter taken away from him.
If he was processed in the same place, Then he would know how to target the fathers and daughters.
Can I talk to your analyst? Sure.
Talk to me.
Penelope garcia.
Sam cooper.
Sam cooper? As I live and breathe, and here I thought You were a story someone invented.
What you got? Here's what I need from you.
Anyone processed by social services Who ended up losing a daughter.
I don't care how big the list is.
I can cross-reference it against my others.
Roger that.
Gonna hack like the wind.
Prepare to be wowed, sir.
I need you to listen to me, 'cause it might be the last time I ever get to talk to you.
I haven't been a good enough father.
You're 14.
You have no idea how terrifying that is.
So I've tried to control what you do and who you see, Because I wanted to keep you safe.
And I wanted you to go off to school And get a good job And maybe someday Fall in love And ask me to walk you down the aisle.
I'm still your dad, And it's my job To look out for you.
But I haven't been a good listener.
I know you can hear me.
And I'm not asking you to say anything.
I just want you to know that I understand That I--that I can't control everything.
But I need the last words you hear me say To be that I love you.
All right, my tribe, I have a list of parents, Evaluated by social services, Who ended up losing custody.
But as cooper predicted, it is a lengthy tale of woe.
We'll use it to cross against the teenage girls Who died on some of the dates in question.
I'm going to start reading names.
You tell me if they're on your list.
maria salter, carla denny Hey.
Joyce collard, dawn sparrow Right.
Sounds like a possible.
Thanks, prophet.
We have a name.
A john vincent bell.
One of the girls who died was named mandy bell.
Garcia, run the name john vincent bell Against the family therapy list.
Bell and his wife divorced, then the wife died, And bell was declared incompetent to have custody of the daughter Due to a host of mental health issues.
We got that one right.
Oh, lord.
And then, when social service agents Showed up to remove the girl, Bell beat one of them to death, Was given 7 years for manslaughter.
During which time, his daughter Was in a car accident.
Looks like she survived 3 days on life support But eventually died of brain injuries.
Ok, so bell is making these men fight to the death Just like he did.
He's trying to prove he did what any father would do.
Do we have an address? Uh, the only listing I have is a gym On hall street in the tenderloin.
It belongs to bell's family.
Hasn't been operational for years.
We got him.
I watched jane's face when she saw what you did.
I told you you won't break me.
Doesn't matter.
You already lost her.
But if you want to keep fighting He's right.
I want you to take care of me.
What? My dad lied to me.
He was gonna send me away.
All right, stop.
He's a liar.
I hate you.
Janey, stop.
I will go anywhere you want.
Just please get away from him.
No, she won't.
Listen to me.
Stop this.
I will kill you, you hear me? I will track you down and I will kill you.
I will kill you! I don't think so.
Wait! You said if I go with you, we both live.
Ok? I need to know you're not a liar, too.
Don't do this.
What are you doing, jane? Please Janey, please don't do this.
Don't--what do you--jane! Janey! Janey! Jane! Jj.
Drop your gun! I need paramedics immediately to 631 hall street.
Sir, where's your daughter jane? He took her.
How long ago? Just a few minutes ago.
Find her.
Please find her.
I will.
The place is clear.
He's on the street.
He's got the girl.
I'll stay with the father.
Garcia, I need vehicle information For john vincent bell.
Tell police we need an apb.
Gina? Cooper.
You're on the move.
I can hit the rooftops.
I need a helicopter.
Garcia, tell san francisco p.
We need a chopper.
I need everybody on their radios.
I'm gonna be your eyes.
All right, come on.
Right there.
We got a visual.
Turk and franklin.
Southeast corner.
We're 2 blocks away.
Stop! Ow! Shut your mouth! Don't shine it on the street.
Then why the hell are we up here? Just give me the rooftop.
He can't escape up there.
This guy was locked alone in a box for 3 years.
If he feels trapped, his animal instinct's gonna kick in.
He's either going to try to burrow or climb his way free.
And since he can't dig his way out of here, I guarantee you he's going to the roof.
Everyone, be advised-- He's going to the roof.
He's going to the roof.
Help me! Help me! Come on! You're hurting me! This way.
Come on! He's headed to the east corner.
We got him trapped.
John bell, fbi! Put the weapon down! Don't shoot me.
Drop the gun! Keep it on him.
Do not blind my agents.
It's over! Look around you! Don't do it! Put it down! You know what if feels like to lose your daughter.
Do you really want to hurt somebody else's? Get off the wall! Mr.
Mcbride, your daughter's here and your wife's on the way.
They're gonna take him to the hospital.
The paramedics said he's going to be ok.
Can I talk to him? Yeah, of course.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean any of the things that I said.
I know.
You could have died.
Just come here.
Come here.
I love you, daddy.
I love you, too, so much.
I love you.
Thank you.
You guys want to watch out for this one.
She's gonna have a hard time getting over me.
Like kicking a virus.
You know, I could have just missed.
With your ego? Not a chance.
I actually think san quentin was nicer.
Yeah, trust me, it's not.
What do you mean? I think you should have this.
Why? What, you're profiling me now? Her mom gave it to me.
I think it's time you have a reminder That trusting your gut has a happy ending.
You did good today.
Oh, so you're calling me directly now, huh? Don't be insolent.
I still plan on reading you and agent hotchner The riot act when you get back.
Well It's something to look forward to.
You did good work.
Now, don't be an idiot.
Get on that jet with his team And get back home.
I have a pile of cases for you.
Yes, ma'am.
So what exactly did she say? She said that she's going to buy us a steak dinner When we get back.
Thanks for putting yourself on the line for me.
Thanks for being right.
Toast! Yeah!