Criminal Minds s05e20 Episode Script

...A Thousand Words

Ma'am, you need to calm down.
Yes, sir, we have units on the way.
Please stay on the line with me And give me your full name.
Stand by, Charlie 2-5, I still have the complainant on the line.
Ma'am, the police are knocking on the door right now.
Yes, that is a real police officer outside.
Ma'am, you need to calm down and stop yelling.
Yes, sir, we have a unit on the way.
Please stay on the line.
Please give me your full name.
There's a dead body in the warehouse.
Excuse me, sir? There's a dead body in the warehouse in Crawfordville.
Can you be more specific about the location of that warehouse? West of Crawfordville highway, South of woodland.
A dirt road.
Report of a dead body.
Do you have an address? No.
Charlie 44, role to location of possible dead body.
Is someone on the way? Yes, but I need you to stay on the line with me, sir.
Are you sure the victim is dead, sir? He will be in a second.
Excuse me? Sir? Sir! Charlie 44, we have shots fired now.
I repeat, shots fired.
I'm not sure what's going on in there, But I no longer have contact with the complainant.
Advise and use extreme caution.
This is Charlie 44.
We're on scene.
It's quiet out front.
We're moving in.
Ems is on the way, too.
Eyes open, Ray.
State police! State police! Open the door! Police! You, in the chair! Stand up and let me see your hands.
Last chance, man! Stand up! [gags.]
lord have mercy.
Do not blow dinner, Ray.
I'm OK.
I mean it.
You need to outside, you go.
I said I'm fine.
This is Charlie 44.
You can cancel That ems out here, dispatch.
Are you sure, 44? Oh, yeah, I'm sure.
This looks to be a successful suicide.
What the hell Got a light.
Oh, man, take a look at this, Tommy.
These women all dead? Doesn't say this one's every been found.
I recognize that name.
She only went missing 3 weeks ago.
This is 44 again.
Uh, we're gonna need bosses, detectives, Crime scene out here on the double.
Ah, hell, just Send everybody.
Tell me what the dress is about.
Hey, have a good weekend, JJ.
There goes my beach house rental.
And my non-refundable sin to win weekend In Atlantic city.
Sin to win? Yeah.
And I always win big.
I didn't have any plans.
Hey, uh, these were just faxed to me.
I talked to a Tallahassee Detective who's been working a missing coed-- Rebecca Daniels- she went missing while jogging Near the FSU campus 3 weeks ago.
Who's this? Florida state police responded To an apparent suicide an hour and a half ago.
Middle-aged male.
Those are photos of him postmortem.
What's with the tattoos? Yeah, he's covered in them, almost completely.
That's why they requested our presence.
The tattoos are portraits of previously missing women, With the years of death or the years the remains were recovered, anyway.
The tattoos correlate to faces on a wall next to the body, With information on the women going back 10 years.
Rebecca is also shown on that wall, But there's no image of her on the body.
The Detective thinks that that may mean that she's alive somewhere.
He called in his own suicide, didn't he? Yeah.
How did you-- He staged all this.
No reason to put on a show without an audience.
Tell them to leave the body where it is.
We need to see it exactly how he wanted it seen.
If this girl's still out there, The only one who knows where she is may be dead.
"a sincere artist tries to create something Which is in itself a living thing.
" Painter William Dobell.
Oh, this heat is brutal.
You know, it isn't so much the heat as it is the humidity.
At some point it doesn't matter how you look at it.
It all sucks.
- FBI? - Yes, sir.
Hi, John Barton, Tallahassee pd.
I'm the primary on the missing girl, Rebecca Daniels.
I got my files in the car if you need them.
I'm Agent Hotchner.
This is Agent Rossi, Agent Prentiss, Dr.
Reid, Agent Morgan, Agent Jareau.
Yeah, we spoke on the phone.
Yeah, hey, thanks a lot for coming out so quickly.
I appreciate that.
I've also confirmed that all the women Are victims from around the southeast-- Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama.
And Rebecca's the only woman on the wall Who's not represented on his body? Yeah, she's the only one.
Hope you have a strong stomach.
The chair was turned like that? This is exactly where you found him? Yeah.
Talk about staging.
Talk about ego.
There's also a couple boxes with journals Or composition books.
They're filled with writing.
We haven't been through them yet Other than to dust them for prints.
Have you identified him? We're working on it.
Uh, we got a rush on the DNA and the prints.
He's cleared locally, But it's gonna take some time to get the national records.
What about property records? Talked to the owner.
She said she rented it a couple weeks ago To a quiet, normal-looking guy named Bob.
He said he wanted to store some equipment, And he paid in cash.
They're always normal.
No lease? Uh, month to month, no.
Out here in the boonies You don't get a lot of, uh, record-keeping types.
Especially when it comes to cash transactions, I'll bet.
He's no kid, yet the missings go back Only 10 years? As far as I could tell.
Late bloomer.
You see this a lot, uh, These guys killing themselves? Most serial killers who commit suicide Do it in prison after they're caught.
JJ, gather as much information About the prior victims as you can.
Morgan and Prentiss, take the journals.
Dave, you and Reid, the tattoos.
See if he left any clues about where miss Daniels might be.
You think there's a chance she might still be alive? It's probably better not to speculate.
May I take a look at the case files you have on miss Daniels? Yeah, yeah, no problem.
He was on the phone with dispatch and then, Boom.
Must be what, 15 feet? Consummate overachiever.
Why is it when men kill themselves, It gets everywhere, but women don't leave a mess, Like they were never there? Women worry about who has to clean up.
Men don't give a damn.
JJ, what have you found? The earliest clipping is from 10 years ago, And they're in order, oldest to newest.
Brenda Carlyle first, Rebecca Daniels last.
That was thoughtful of him.
One victim a year for Each girl's remains were recovered In a well-traveled wooded area.
Strangled, repeatedly sexually assaulted, And then about a week later, Another woman goes missing.
Did the new abductions happen Before the previous body's been found? No, never.
So he has a year-long cycle.
He uses them up and he gets a newer model.
But he won't take another girl Until the last body's been found.
He's telling a story and he can't start a new one Until the old one's over.
Look at that.
At the turn of the 16th century, Rose tattoos were put on men who were sentenced to death.
Really? Yeah.
If they escaped, it served to identify them.
But now roses pretty much symbolize pure love.
Pure love.
Right before he kills them.
Hey, have you read "the illustrated man"? Nope.
Oh, it's amazing.
It's a collection of short stories By Ray Bradbury, based on the metafictive device Of a man who's covered in tattoos drawn by a woman from the future.
- At nighttime, the tattoos come to life And tell a story.
It's pretty awesome.
These do tell a story.
Oh, you want to see something? Huh.
A space in the tree.
And there's no date on that one.
Why would he leave that space blank? Maybe this guy's just a psycho.
If it were that simple, we'd all be out of a job.
Hey, Reid.
What's up? Our man here was a prolific journaler.
With teeny tiny handwriting.
He probably had counseling at some point When journaling was part of his therapy.
That's what we were thinking.
And? And, uh, Well, you know, the two of us, It would take us like 3 days to read all of this stuff.
You guys owe me.
It's no wonder no one has ever connected these cases.
They're from different states, Different jurisdictions.
It's probably no accident.
He knows the system.
Why kill himself now? He wasn't on anyone's radar.
Something changed.
Let's gather everyone.
So what do we know so far? He wanted the police here.
He wanted us to see all this.
He was definitely a sadist.
From what we saw, His journals were graphic and meticulous.
Covering himself with his victims' likeness Is methodical, possessive.
He'll always own them.
And the suicide shows commitment.
He's organized and compulsive.
The crimes are on an annual cycle.
Computer printouts on the board, They were all printed on the same day-- That's when he rented this building.
And proceeded to move everything into it.
It's a history of his crimes.
So he did all of this in 2 weeks.
He got away with it for 10 years.
He could have kept going.
But he decides to end it all And hand everything to us.
That's it--everything.
Reid? Everything.
His body, the tattoos, the clippings, The printout, the journals.
He moved it all into one room.
He wanted us to see all of it.
See all of him-- His work--the women, he put them in chronological order.
He's screaming, "look at me.
" We all got that.
No, but think about it.
If you take a step back, it sort of makes sense.
It's just a confession.
A giant, flashy confession.
What would we say if an unsub turned himself in to the police Before they were even onto him? That he was trying to hide something.
Or someone.
He made a mistake- in his third book.
I almost missed it, but then I caught it.
"I thought it would take longer, "but today was the lucky day.
"she almost walked right by, "almost missed her completely, "but at the last moment, We found our latest guest.
" We.
He has a partner.
He put everything in this room So we wouldn't look further, Wouldn't dig even deeper.
If he has a partner, he's still out there, And he's got Rebecca Daniels.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I was calling out, But I guess your music was too loud.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
It's all right.
Juliet Monroe? That's me.
That's for you.
If I can get you to sign here.
- Thank you very much.
Sorry about that.
- It's fine.
Have a great day, now.
You, too.
My dearest love, By the time you read this, I will have gone.
Our life together has brought me more joy Than a man like me thought he could ever know.
My first wish would be to take you with me, But since you are in our home readying yourself With the next chapter of our life-- To care for and raise our beautiful child, My last hope is that you finish what we started.
Please Please Just let me go home.
This is your fault.
This is your fault.
Please What's she doing down there? She's trying to keep the media from running the story right now.
But wouldn't that help us get it out there, Put some pressure on the partner? But if the partner didn't know about the suicide, He might dispose of miss Daniels and disappear.
If anyone can stop the media from running something, it's JJ.
So let's profile the partner.
We know that the unsub was a dominant personality, An Alpha.
Can any of you guys think of a case Where a dominant unsub committed suicide To protect a submissive partner? No.
So the partner must be an equal in some way, Or at least not a competitor, Not somebody that he needed to feel dominance over.
Maybe it was someone he cared about? It would be hard for a sadistic psychopath to care about anybody.
Which would make the partner all that much more important to him.
What about the tattoo artist? He couldn't have done those by himself.
Maybe that's the role for the partner.
It would certainly make him important.
What the hell does any of this have to do with Becky? I mean, isn't there something we should be doing, damn it? Detective, may I speak with you for a moment? So we have until the evening news--6 P.
How much do they know? Oh, the troopers told them everything.
Agent Rossi, please tell me you called Because the case is over And I can erase this freakity-freak Off my otherwise uber-delicious desktops.
Long way to go, kid.
I am into epidermartistry as much as the next gen xer, But this guyEesh, I'm just glad He's not breathing the same air as you, my fine furry friends.
What have you found out about tattoo artists down here? That the state of Florida Requires licensing for all skin illustrators, But--and I am not going to elaborate on how I know this-- Not everyone in the body art lifestyle goes through official channels.
All right, we'll start with the legit ones And see if anyone recognizes the work.
I shall send the list to your PDA.
Epidermartistry? What is happening.
She will get Only a girl can fill that empty energy.
Starting to get angry.
I approach her door Look, I'm sorry I popped off.
I'm just a little worked up.
I've been over the Rebecca Daniels case file, your reports.
Do you know her? What? Is there a personal relationship? What the hell is that supposed to mean? You've referred to her twice as Becky.
I did? And nowhere else is she referred to that way.
It's always Rebecca.
Now, if there's something that's gonna cloud your judgment, I need to know about it.
I don't know her.
Then what is it? Look, I've I've been doing this a long time, and It usually just washes right over me, you know, People killing people, depravity, you know? As long as you make it home at night, right? But this one Her parents They're just such good, decent people.
She seems like an amazing girl, and It's all Sometimes it's just too much.
You take it personal.
Stupid, right? Caring about a victim, personalizing them, Can only be stupid if it's reckless.
Don't worry about me.
I'm good.
All right.
Let's go and try to bring her home.
It's like 110 out here And it feels like a refrigerator Compared to their warehouse.
How's Reid doing? It doesn't even seem to faze him.
He's just sitting there in a corner turning pages.
Yeah, he goes to another place when he reads.
I've got the addresses of the major tattoo parlors In Tallahassee.
That work is pretty detailed.
Someone might recognize it.
You want to go check these out with me? Sounds fun.
Hey, so, uh, I got a few more hours out of the media.
Well, we'll take what we can get.
Prentiss and Rossi are going to check out some tattoo parlors.
Is he OK? Yeah.
Did you ask him about calling her Becky? He'll be all right.
Well, I hope so.
Because we still have no indication That this girl's even alive.
I wasn't able To tie up all the loose ends.
You would have known what was happening.
So now it's left for you.
Wait for night and take it to the water.
The animals will do the rest.
This guy killed all those women? Looks like it.
And there's another one missing.
Then he killed himself? Yeah, he did.
Sort of a public service.
I guess that's a good way of looking at it.
We send it to the m.
's office in Tallahassee.
You sign it? I'll take care of that, later.
Thanks a lot.
You sure it's OK to move the body? Well, there's no reason not to anymore.
We've seen this guy's show.
Have you ever seen anything like this before? Like what? Everything.
The, uh, suicide, The clippings, the journal.
I think it's pretty safe to say That no one's ever seen anything like this.
Man, this is beautiful work.
It's a body suit? He's completely covered? Pretty much.
"the illustrated man.
" Second time I've heard that today.
The book? Reid mentioned it.
Everybody in the body art world knows that story.
You said this dude killed himself? Did he, like, gash his wrists open or something? The tattoos--could you recognize who did this? I wish.
I'd hire this dude in a heartbeat.
This looks free-hand.
Trust me, free-hand portraiture is pretty gnarly To do on skin, man.
Did he shoot himself? Because none of these pictures have a head.
Can you tell if the same artist did these? It looks like it.
But they weren't all done at the same time.
Some of the inks are newer.
You know, if I saw the body, I'd probably be able to tell you more.
How about these? These are a lot of portraits.
What do they mean? That's what we're trying to figure out.
That doesn't fit.
What doesn't? There's something under the rose there.
Looks likeA cross? A big one.
Where? Inside the rose.
And the work is sloppy.
See that? They put the rose over it to cover it up.
Yeah, I see that.
Yeah, that wasn't done professionally.
More like it was done in jail.
If he did time, That would explain how a 50-year-old unsub Doesn't start killing until he's 40.
This dude's a killer? And why rapists become killers after they've been in prison.
They learn not to leave a witness.
Garcia can track this through the biometric recognition program.
So, there's, like, no chance of me seeing the dead dude, right? None.
Hey, p.
, I'm gonna send you a photograph Of a tattoo.
You know, that empty space On his back makes him exactly like " the illustrated man.
" I thought he was covered completely.
In the book.
In the movie, there's an open spot On his back, so you can see the future.
Rossi and Prentiss think he may have done time And that one of the tattoos may have been done in prison.
That's a good bet.
I've got Garcia running everything Through the biometrics database.
Biometrics? Yeah, it catalogues all the prison inmates and their tattoos.
They have detailed photos of every one on every inmate.
What happened? Shut up.
Please, sit down.
You can tell me.
We can sit down and-- We can talk about this.
We could-- Wait! Please Can we please talk? My dad has to be so worried about me.
Don't you have a father? I don't have anyone anymore.
PleaseJust let me go Before he comes back.
He's not coming back.
What? Wait.
You can let me go.
What? It's just-- I won't tell anyone what happened.
I promise I won't tell anyone.
You won't tell anyone? I-- I know you're afraid of him, too.
You're not going to tell anyone Because you're never leaving this room alive.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry I was never afraid of him.
I loved him.
I would do anything, I did anything for him.
He was my masterpiece.
I Oh, no.
You're bleeding! I'll be able to fill in the last space in my art collection.
The last space Last space Last space No, no, no, that's not right.
Hey, guys, it isn't the only blank space.
What do you mean? The spot on his chest where we assumed Yeah? Rebecca's portrait would go-- In the journal he talks about filling in the last space, How once he does that the artwork will be complete.
And? It isn't the only blank space.
In his back, in the middle of that tree Is a giant open spot.
Why would he talk about completing the artwork When he hasn't? I need to see the body again.
I'll go with you.
I'll call the M.
and let him know You're on your way.
- Garcia? I ran the covered tattoo through the morpho tracking system.
Tell me you got something, babe.
Emily, don't get ahead of my dramatic telling.
I analyzed color, design, and texture.
There's a 95% chance it is from one of 4 major institutions In the northeastern prison system.
The string of missings began unbroken from 2000, So I went back from that year, Found 53 similar tattoos on forearms.
Of those 53, 10 were released Prior to 2000.
Thank you and good night.
You are amazing.
Of the 10, any convicted rapists? Do any of them trace back To Tallahassee? None.
So ultimately I have Nada.
Oh, the guy, his name, the guy who rented the property, Just Bob.
Ok, OK.
I have a Robert Matthew Burke, Convicted in 1991, Released October of '99.
And the missings began in 2000.
Garcia, remind me never to try to hide from you.
perish the thought, Mon Ami.
Hotch, we got the name.
The unsub's name is Robert Matthew Burke.
Burke? You know him? Burke.
I know the name.
Damn it! He's a registered sex offender.
He's an ex-con out of Virginia.
He got a traffic ticket near FSU the night Rebecca disappeared.
He's one of my suspects.
I--I went to his apartment, I don't know, a couple times In the past 3 weeks to try to interview him, But I could never catch up with him.
Did he know you were looking for him? Well, yeah, I talked to him on the phone.
He's scheduled to come down for an interview and a DNA swab on Monday.
That's what changed.
He knew it was only a matter of time before you caught up to him.
And he wasn't about to go back to prison.
Do you have his address? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Something's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Unchain me.
Unchain me and I will help you.
I am not stupid.
Your baby needs help.
Wait! You can't-- The collar.
You help me and I'll let you go.
FBI! Damn it.
If these tattoos are a fetish, What enjoyment does he get out of the ones on his back? He can't even see them.
You know what? There's something here.
I can feel the raised ink.
Do you have a black light scanner? Thanks.
Right there.
Feel that.
Yeah, what is that? Thanks.
I've read about this.
Tattoos put on with invisible ink So that no one can see them.
Oh, man.
Can you, uh, turn the lights down? Thanks.
Look, there's one over here, too.
They're all connected to the faces.
They lead to the blank spot.
Ow, wow.
What is that? It's an embryo in a womb.
The partner's a woman, and they're having a baby.
Oh, my God! There's more blood.
I don't know what I'm doing.
ItIt won't stop.
It won't stop.
I don't know what to do! It won't stop.
I don't-- Help me.
Do we know if she had the baby yet? The tattoos have dates, the embryo doesn't.
Dating is prominent in the tattoos and the journals And they're calendrical in their abductions.
It's hard to believe their baby's birthdate Wouldn't be exceedingly important to them.
Then she's probably still pregnant.
Well, he didn't live here with a pregnant woman.
This is a males-only SRO.
No, she has to have a house, anyway.
How do you know that? They kept these women for a year each.
It wasn't in a one-room apartment.
Everyone get back here.
We need to update the profile and narrow the search.
Push! Push! It's almost-- It's almost there.
Just keep pushing.
I see the head! I can't.
One more time, that's it! Hi.
Please Tell me it's a girl.
What? It can't be a boy.
It-- You have a son.
It can't be a boy.
It can't be a boy.
Get it away from me.
You need to take him.
I don't want it.
He'll hurt me like they all do.
I felt for sure I was having a girl.
No, no, no! You gotta get me out of here.
You have to get me out of here! Help us! Help us! I know.
You're a sweetheart.
it's OK.
The partner being pregnant can help us.
We should have Garcia try and find her Through doctor visits or medical records.
He basically lived off the grid, Which means she did, too.
Judging by the photographs of what they did to the victims, It's safe to say they live in isolation.
We've seen his hatred for women, and yet he teams up with her.
What kind of woman could change him? You think they met in prison? Garcia already went through all of that.
He had no female visitors.
What about prison staff, doctors, religious volunteers? We went through a long list of all the vendors Who were there during his incarceration.
None of them resurfaced in Tallahassee.
What kind of a woman would go to a prison To fall in love with a rapist? Someone vulnerable, emotionally fragile, drawn to violent men.
Someone in her life made her that way.
Classic abuse cycle.
What if that's who she was there to visit? It's worth a try.
my sweet.
Hey, you know the visitor logs From the prison we looked at? Uh-huh.
Still have them at the ready.
Ok, great.
I need you to check dates for me.
Were there any women who visited another inmate while Burke was there But then suddenly stopped visiting when Burke was released? Huh.
Ok, let me hit you back.
It's OK.
It's OK.
I can't help you! [baby crying.]
it's OK Rev your engines, guys.
Juliet Monroe went to visit her father in prison Once or twice a year from '92 to '95.
What was he in for? Rape.
And she was his primary victim.
He raped her and she still went to visit him every year? She's repeating the cycle she grew up with.
And she went from visiting him once or twice a year To once a month from '95 to '97.
When Burke was serving his time for rape.
And then she increased her visits to once a week All through '98 and '99, until they stopped completely In October of that year.
That's when he was released.
And if you want me to slip you some convincers, She owns a house in Northern Florida.
Garcia, get us the address.
Rossi and I will take the front.
Take the side.
In here! Please help.
In here! In here.
The baby.
The baby.
She's--she's--she's-- She's dead.
All right, give me the baby.
Give me the baby.
I got him.
You're gonna be all right.
Help me.
Becky, are you OK? I just want to go home.
I just want to go home.
Yeah, you're going home, honey.
You're going home.
It's OK.
So, I talked to your parents.
They're gonna meet you at the hospital, OK? Is the baby OK? Oh, yeah, he's- he's in another ambulance.
What's gonna happen to him? Hey, don't you worry.
We're gonna take real good care of him, OK? Ma'am, we should get going.
Take care.
It'll be OK.
She gonna be OK? I wouldn't bet against anybody who survived what she did.
How about you? Oh, yeah, you know, nothing's gonna affect me.
You know, we wouldn't be here if you hadn't worked the case as hard as you did.
How's that? It would have been an easy thing To miss a routine traffic ticket In the area she disappeared.
You kept the pressure on.
You cleared 9 homicides and you brought Becky home.
It's impressive work, Detective.
And I'm gonna take one card.
One card.
A straight or a flush, Dr.
Reid, what are you trying to fill in? Well, considering the odds of filling in an open-ended straight with one card Are 5-to-1 against, while a one-card flush draw Is more like 4.
5-to-1, I guess you'd say if I was smart, I'm drawing to a flush.
I think I'm gonna go all in on this.
So, are you? Am I drawing to a flush, or am I smart? Either.
Well, I'm-- I'm provably a genius, But, uh, actually, I was drawing to a full house.
I always forget you're from Vegas.
Ooh, I'm sorry, not so fast.
I, too, have a boat.
Jacks over 3s.
You drew 3 cards to a full house? That's like 100-to-1 against.
Looks like you're out.
Hey, Prentiss.
Sin to win.
I'm sorry, what? Come on, now, I gotta know.
What the hell is a sin to win weekend in Atlantic city? Derek, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, But there's some questions that if you have to ask them, It means you probably couldn't handle the answer.
There is a whole other side to that woman.
I never lose.
A whole other side.
I know environment plays a bigger role than genetics When it comes to determining a child's future, But that baby, I mean, both the parents.
How many other serial killers had kids? A lot.
Manson has like Albert fish had 6.
Gary Ridgeway had a son.
Fred and Rosemary West Had 7 children living in the home Where they killed 10 women.
Including one of the children.
Ok, so, the baby's gonna be OK? Most likely.
If he grows up in a good home.
Loved, cared for.
Gandhi said, "I have seen children successfully surmount the effects "of an evil inheritance.
"that is due to purity being an inherent attribute Of the soul.