Criminal Minds s05e22 Episode Script

The Internet Is Forever

This is Dorris archer, she's the third woman to go missing In Boise, Idaho, this year, Along with Paula Renmar and Samantha Rush.
They went missing roughly 2 months apart.
Well, hello.
What, did you join a boy band? No.
Ok, so what are we looking at here? Late 20s, early 30s.
All single, though two are in committed relationships.
All living on their own.
Looks like normal suburban houses.
Gives the unsub privacy.
The differences are more striking than the similarities.
Different hair colors, different body shapes.
What do you know about his M.
? That's why we were invited in.
The abduction sites are pristine.
And there's no DNA besides the victims', And there's no sign of forced entry or a struggle.
And the victims aren't reported missing Until 2 or 3 days after they're abducted.
Women like this don't just vanish Without somebody noticing.
Which is why I asked Garcia To dig into their lives.
And when I took a look at their online activity, I could easily see how the unsub is doing it.
Social networking sites.
Facebook, Twitter.
You name an online life-sharing time suck, The victims were on it.
And if you look at each of their last posts, They say kind of the same thing-- Going out of town, going on a business trip, Going on a vacation.
But when you look at the time and date stamp Of each of these, cue the "Twilight zone" Music, Because they were all posted the morning after each of them went missing.
The unsub posted them.
Social networks are an easy way For an unsub to target his victims.
These women were especially open.
They posted everything from what they were having for dinner To where they were going on dates.
So this unsub friends his victims And then uses that as a cover once he takes them.
That means he can hack into their accounts.
So he's excellent with computers.
Definitely profiles as patient and organized.
He's obsessive enough to remove all forensic details, But also patient enough to wait He can afford to be.
He gets 3 days to do whatever he wants to these women.
That means we need to assume these women are already dead.
The question is what he does while he has them.
"The single biggest problem with communication Is the illusion that it has taken place.
" George Bernard Shaw.
So if this unsub is using social networks To find his victims, can't we use that to find him? Yeah, if these women each had then the unsub would pop up on each of their lists, right? Uh, the Detective in charge, John Fordham, He looked into their groups.
Everyone checked out.
Social networking sites are surprisingly insecure.
Facebook recently tried to update All their privacy settings, and in doing so, They made everybody's profiles viewable.
Can somebody explain to me the appeal of these sites? "Eating Sushi tonight.
" "Boss is keeping me late at work.
" Whose life is so important That we'd be interested in this kind of detail? I don't know.
I guess that's the running joke, right? I mean, nobody is.
But we'd all like to believe There's actually an audience out there That wants to follow our every move.
You know, some sites actually have a GPS feature built in.
You can tell exactly where someone is Every time they post a new comment.
This is telling us how he's finding them, But it's not telling us how he's getting into their houses.
At the very least, I believe that he has copies of their keys.
Dorris archer had a home security system installed, But the disable code was entered at 1:56 A.
So he knew that, too.
He also found a way to deal with her dog.
A German Shepherd she adopted from the pound last year Went missing the night that she did.
All right, so this guy's gotta be in and out of the house Well before the night of the disappearance.
He comes up with some ruse, talks his way inside, Then once he's familiar enough with the house, He knows he can come back and kidnap them Without disturbing anything.
What about the people who come into your house that you don't consider a threat? Home repair guys, dog-walkers.
Yeah, Detective Fordham looked into that, too.
No one even came close to being a killer.
Ok, Morgan and Prentiss, start with the last abduction sites.
See if anything point to his m.
Dave, you, Reid, and JJ go back over the women's lives.
Start with their friends on the social networking sites.
If this is how the unsub is finding them, Maybe they're connected to him without even realizing it.
Boise, Idaho Uh, Detective Fordham.
Agent Jareau? Yeah.
Uh, these are SSA Hotcher, Rossi, And Dr.
Spencer Reid.
How do you do? Well, thank you for coming.
We can really use your help.
Did you find anyone willing to talk to us about the victims? The problem wasn't who to bring in.
It was who not to.
The man we're looking for Might have found your daughter through her social networks.
Did Paula mention anyone new in her life? No.
No one who started following her as a friend, Someone she didn't recognize? I don't really know how those work.
Someone sent me an email Congratulating me on Paula's promotion.
I didn't even know.
And when I asked her, she said, "Mom, I put that on my wall last week.
" She was gone 2 days later.
Samantha was rigorous about keeping her status updated.
She's obsessed with those sites.
So I'm assuming she knew who followed her, then? Oh, God, no.
She had over 1,000 friends.
Why so many? We both worked in real estate.
She saw it as the perfect way to promote herself.
So, wait.
Even though she told all those people What she was doing, she didn't know who was following her? You ever have so much email, You feeling like you're drowning in it? Actually, I don't have email.
Seriously? Then let me break it down for you.
These websites are like email on crack.
It's impossible to keep up with everybody.
We just have a few more questions About your girlfriend's disappearance.
Did Dorris ever mention letting someone in her home? Like who? Well, we're just trying to figure out Who would know the code to her home security.
It must have been someone she trusted with the combination.
She was smart.
She took precautions.
That's the whole reason she got Bruno.
Bruno--the dog.
So he was a guard dog? Yeah.
She trained him for like 6 weeks.
UmI know these are hard to look at, But do you see anything different? Something he may have done to get himself inside.
This isn't right.
What's that? The photographs.
This is when we first started dating.
The one on the right should be on the left.
And she wouldn't have rearranged them herself? No.
She arranged them a certain way to tell a story.
It was--it was how we fell in love.
Ok, JJ, I got it.
You see it? Actually, yeah.
Looks like he did try to hang something on the wall.
There's even a little residue left over.
Let me call you back.
Yeah, what do you got? Hey, I got one up here, too.
What would he try to hang on that part of the wall? Well, from here, I have an unobstructed view Of the second floor and down the stairs.
It's the same thing down here.
You can see the entire entrance.
He put up cameras.
We think this is what he's using to spy on his victims.
They're small, they're cheap, and they're easily hidden, Behind photos, books, or plants.
The footage they record can then Be transmitted anywhere.
Website of your choice, Even your cell phone.
And he can toggle between cameras To see everything that's happening in the house.
And you found 5 of these at different points in the house? Upstairs, downstairs, bedroom, even the bath.
A ruse gets him in the door, But it doesn't buy him enough time to put up 5 of these.
That's why we think he starts with one camera Facing the front door.
That tells him when it's safe to enter the house, When she comes and goes, when the dog-walker comes, And what the combination to the house is.
It fits his m.
It he learned their every detail on social networks, He will be just as obsessive in his surveillance.
And once he learns their routine, all he has to do Is pick the lock, put up the rest of the cameras, And boom, he got their whole life at his fingertips.
What does he do with the video? Maybe he keeps them? If he's a voyeur, yes.
Ah, voyeurs are rarely violent.
Their excitement comes from spying without the object Knowing they're being watched.
And by abducting his victims, He's removing the outlet of his sexual release.
Reid is right.
So he must have some other agenda with these cameras.
He might be sharing the footage with other people.
We need to have Garcia dig into surveillance In illegal video websites.
I'm going to take this with us.
Why? We originally profiled there wasn't any facial similarity Between the victims, but I'm not so sure that's true.
I want to compare Dorris' picture with the other victims.
These videos the unsub took, it looks like One of them he posted online, which may help me nab it.
If he puts it on the Web, Can't you track that back directly to his computer? Normally, yes.
Normally, in like in 17 seconds I can get you the network he's using, Get a physical address of his modem, And presto change-o, no more bad guy, But this unsub is a creepy computer aficionado.
Do you guys know what a proxy server is? It's an Internet relay.
Kids use them to get around blocked sites.
Now, usually one proxy is plenty, But this piece of work is using dozens of proxy servers.
He's bounced his signal off of China, north Korea, Russia, South Africa Garcia, can you trace him back to Boise? Of course I can, and that's what I'm doing? Time is the unfortunate ingredient I need, though.
This just in.
Looks like one of the proxy servers archived What he was streaming on the night of Dorris archer's disappearance.
Can we see it? Pulling it up now.
Well, Prentiss and Morgan were right.
He knows the house.
And the dog knows him.
Oh, please don't hurt that doggie.
How many trips inside the house would that take? A dozen? See that? The camera's attached to him.
It's his point of view.
So he can relive it over and over again.
Ok, can someone tell me when this is over? Please.
Not yet.
He's tender to her.
She means more to him as a corpse than as a living person.
Garcia, we need to find the unsub's network.
Even if it's a rough area, it'll help narrow the geographic profile.
Sir, that's totally what I'm trying to figure out.
Uh, there is something else kind of huge you need to know about.
Do you see this line of code there? Yeah, what about them? It allows the user admin, and in this case, the unsub, To set up a chat room.
People were watching this on the night of the murder.
We thought he was posting these after the fact.
He's not.
He wants people to experience it with him.
He wants an audience.
He has fans.
Can you freeze that? He's acknowledging the camera.
Tip of the hat to his fans.
He knows they're watching.
Classic narcissistic behavior.
He's performing for his audience.
We know the m.
The question is how.
What kind of job gives him access to the victims' houses? It has to be network and I.
S, The guy you let in to hook up your Internet.
Gets him in their house and on their computers.
I went through all the women's Internet service providers With a fine-tooth comb.
They all used different companies And no overlap with sales reps.
What about onsite tech support? Oh, well, clean as a whistle.
They all had alibis with no criminal records.
What I don't understand is, Why does he take the bodies with him after they're dead? Yeah, it'd be one thing if he took them while they were still alive, But he's accomplished his task.
He murders them and he completes the performance.
So why take the risk of carrying a corpse to your car? Well, there must be some postmortem behavior Or signature or something we're not seeing.
Well, think about that for a second.
He's sharing this murder with a crowd of onlookers.
What could he be doing to these bodies just for himself? Hey, guys.
Garcia's got something for us.
Go ahead, baby girl.
Ok, friends, I have some good news, But first, here is the thing that sucks.
I located the network the unsub is using in Boise, And it is the victims' own wireless.
So does he hack in before he starts with the murders? Hacking is obscenely time-consuming.
I just make it look easy because I'm a genius.
But he's not me.
So my guess is that he's got to lurk around their network For at least a couple of days to a week before he kills them.
That's pretty brilliant on his part.
Yeah, he knows when we follow his online paper trail That it'll lead us right back to the murder site.
What's the good news? Hackers are very loyal to their spoofing techniques, And if they think no one's watching, They'll use the same roads over and over.
Ok, so if he goes through Russia, China, and north Korea again I have flagged those servers, And if he uses them in the same order, I will catch him so fast.
That's only going to help us if he commits another murder.
Yes, that's also true.
Excuse me.
Garcia, if he does stream this again, How much time will you need to find the network? Oh, uh, that's hard to guess With all the international pinging.
I-- Ballpark.
Uh, 7 minutes? That's not fast enough.
He's in and out of the house in 5.
Oh, God.
I'm going to have to trim my time down, then.
Garcia, get it done.
JJ, we need to call a press conference.
Now that we know how he's killing these women, We need to get it out there.
Uh, all right, I'll, uh, prescreen the journalists I call on, Hope we don't get anything out of left field.
I know what connects the victims.
I was staring at pictures of the victims And I knew there was a pattern connecting them, But I couldn't tell what it was until I broke it down mathematically.
Why are we so drawn to celebrity faces? Because there's a symmetry to their beauty-- The eyes, the ears, the ratio of the forehead to the chin.
The more balanced they are, The more appealing they are to our eye.
These women aren't celebrities, though.
No, but there are similarities between them, And it wasn't until I scanned their pictures And got it to the guys at Quantico that I had a full breakdown.
All right, strip away eye color, hair color, and skin tone, And what are we left with geometrically? They're all slightly dystopic.
The left eye is slightly lower than the right eye on all the victims.
All the noses are narrow.
The forehead has the same Ridge.
He might not even be aware that he sees it in them.
There have been studies that suggest That we pick our spouses subconsciously, Based on a facial symmetry that we recognize.
So consciously or unconsciously, When he recognizes it, he has to destroy it.
Which means he only has interest in the bodies As they relate back to him.
Maybe They're a reflection.
Remember what he did at the end of the video? He wiped the tear away.
Another act of compassion he's not capable of.
His narcissism prevents him from that.
In the Greek myth, narcissus was so self-absorbed That he fell in love with his own reflection in the water.
He finds women with the same face, He strangles them, and then stares at them after they've died.
But whose image does he really see? His own.
Thank you.
Mmm! SCONES! Most of us take the Internet for granted.
We forget about texts that we share Or updates we put on social networks.
But the Internet never forgets.
Once it's out there, it's out there forever.
Now, we all know about the horrific deaths that get shown on the Web.
The murder of a journalist.
The stoning of an Iranian dissident.
Those murders are immortal.
And this unsub craves that same immortality.
He recognizes his face on theirs And he kills them as a way of saying, "This is what I look like.
" We think this also informs his compulsion To take the bodies with him.
He takes them to a secondary location Where we believe he preserves them, So that every time he looks at them, He sees his own ego reflected.
Fortunately for us, this means we have a good idea Of what he looks like.
Based on the shape of the victims' faces, We have a rough composite sketch.
This unsub is an expert with computers and home networks.
So look into criminal records of men with extensive computer training.
We know you've already looked into the victims' computer I.
Settings, So we'd like to expand the search.
Look into electronic stores, Computer distributors, I.
Departments where the women worked.
We overuse the term narcissistic in our culture, But we're going back to the psychological definition.
Every aspect of this man's life Has been constructed around an inflated sense of self.
Unsubs like this are particularly vulnerable To what's called narcissistic injury.
If his self-worth is attacked or damaged, he will lash out.
So, if you find this unsub, do not challenge him publicly.
Say you just want to talk him, See if he knows anything about the brilliant mastermind Who's stalking these women.
Under no circumstances should you denigrate him.
As difficult as it is, we need to talk up his exploits As if we respected him.
Searching for wireless server dound kitgirl29 This is a sketch of the man we're looking for.
He is a white male, Roughly 5'10".
He's highly skilled with computers and networks.
We encourage everyone to monitor the information they post about themselves On social networks.
Do not document the details of your day.
Don't post pictures of yourself, friends, or family.
All right, we'll take some questions.
Yeah? How did the FBI generate this sketch if there were no eyewitnesses? It's a approximation based on a video we recovered.
Ok, yeah, what's your question? Can you comment on the rumor he has some sort of facial symmetry with his victims? Does he look like them? Right now the Boise police are pursuing several theories.
That's not a no.
Why would he target women who look like him? It's too soon to speculate on how or why he chooses his victims.
Well, what should people do to protect themselves, change their face? No, just update your online security And be vigilant about what you post.
All right, we're done with questions.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Somebody leaked our profile.
The press started asking questions about facial symmetry.
It must have been one of your officers.
Look, my guys were checking their cell phones, But that's just habit now.
All right, I can talk to the press independently, I can keep this off the 10:00 news, but-- I know.
It went out live.
Well, what are the chances he didn't see it? Not good.
Oh, your crafty little sicko.
Sir, it's fantastic you called.
I just figured out-- How are you doing on pinning down the networks? Ok, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
Remember how I said he was spoofing his signal off different servers? Well, it turns out some of those are a decoy meant to waste my time.
So does that mean you can find him faster? Totally.
I can write a program That filters out the decoys-- Oh, crap.
Is that him? Yeah.
Uh Ok.
It looks like I'm gonna have to filter this on the fly.
Can you send us the feed? I think I can intercept it in Ukraine.
He's going live.
Look at the way he's moving.
He's not slow and deliberate.
This guy's pissed.
All right, what do we see? Determining markers.
A one-story cottage.
It could be anywhere.
Is there a number on the house? No, and he's already at the door.
He's using twice as many proxy servers.
This window here on the bottom- is that the chat room? Uh-huh.
There she is.
He's in the house, guys.
He's completely changed his m.
It is way too early.
There's too much light.
What happened? Someone asked the wrong question at the press conference.
Oh, my God, turn around.
Just turn around.
Maybe she can fend him off.
New kitchen appliances.
Can we track them through work orders? He'll be gone by then.
Garcia, give us something.
I'm stateside now.
I'm almost to Idaho.
You're not gonna make it.
I just need more time.
Yes, I will.
I will.
I-- Forget the unsub.
Can you run a trace on everybody in the chat room? I can't do both, sir.
Let me do this.
Garcia, tag the viewers.
That's an order.
Baby girl, it's gonna be OK.
No, no, it's not.
It's bad enough That there's been so much death around me, But this guy is all up in my turf, And he's really good at what he does for really awful reasons.
That's why you're gonna find the perverts That watched it happen in that chat room, And we'll nail them to the wall And they're gonna give up the unsub.
No, no, that is not good enough.
I want to watch him suffer.
I want to watch him bleed.
Oh, God, I just scared myself.
That's a good thing.
Because if there's one thing I've learned the hard way Is the last person you want to tick off is miss Penelope Garcia.
OhhThat's a compliment, right? Yes, it is.
We will beat this guy.
Believe that.
Now, I'll call you when we've got something.
Her name was Allison Kittridge, 29.
This was her first house.
All right, so this unsub accelerated his timetable and his m.
He was moving faster because he was angry.
The press conference told him something about himself he didn't like, So he rushed.
Which means he made a mistake.
Now, what was it? Well, it wasn't the cameras.
He remembered to take those with him.
It wasn't the body.
He took that with him, too.
Hey, did, uh, Garcia find anything unusual with Allison's wireless? No.
Records show that it was a basic DSL installation.
Hey, Prentiss.
Help me move this table.
What do you got? You see this line right here? Yeah.
This is what brings the Internet from the street into the house.
So? This isn't DSL.
It's not? It's a fiber-optic cable.
Completely different type of connection.
We just found his mistake.
If there's already an Internet connection in the house, Why does he bring his own with him? Is it the upload speed? Fiber-optic allows him to stream large amounts of video.
And maintain a chat room.
That's dozens of computers connected to him at once.
He'd need a lot of bandwidth for something like that.
We checked all the ISPs.
Why didn't he turn up? I get mail, phone calls, people knock on my door all the time To see if I want to upgrade my Internet.
Yeah, I get them, too.
And they'll offer to come inside and demonstrate How much faster their connection is.
You think that's the ruse that gets him in the door? It makes sense.
During his demonstration, he would have access To his victims' computers.
On his way out, he asks for a glass of water, A distraction, something to buy enough time to plant that first camera.
We need to find out what company owns this cable.
Detective Fordham's already hunting that down, And there's an I.
Number on it, so it shouldn't take long.
We'll have JJ and Reid follow up.
I need you two to track down who was in the chat room.
Garcia finished her sweep? Yeah.
Most were international.
I bet one of them knows the unsub.
We have a warrant.
Help you gentlemen? Austin Chapman? Yeah, that's me.
We need talk to you about a video you watched last night.
I'm sorry.
What video? This is a warrant for all the computers in your possession.
You're under arrest for accessory to murder.
Accessory? Watching a murder happen online and doing nothing about it Is a felony.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What murder? Yes, this is our cable.
Hightower, we went over your records, And it turns out that none of the 4 victims Signed up with your service.
We think it's an employee using your cable as a ruse To get into the house.
Can you think of any-- Mac Jones.
Uh, he worked on one of our trucks As we laid the fiber in with the regular phone line.
And you're certain that it's him? We caught him hoarding it.
He said it was for a home project.
Until we got angry phone calls that he was going door to door Offering free fiber-optic installation.
We fired him on the spot.
We need his information.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mac Jones.
That isn't the I.
We got from the phone company.
That's because last year Mr.
Jones had his identity stolen.
The unsub took his license and his credit card, Used them for 2 weeks, and then moved on.
Now, I can't tell you who the unsub is pretending to be now, But since a picture's worth a thousand databases, I can tell you who he was.
Robert Johnson, 3-time loser, Arrested for possession of torture videos.
Spent some time in a halfway house before he disappeared.
I found a blog of his online.
Here's a quote-- "Next time you won't be able to stop me.
" That's his narcissism again.
Furious that he got caught and he remakes himself as a killer.
It allows him to free the impulses that were always there.
Garcia, is there a pattern to the identities that he steals? No.
He's really disciplined about it.
Once he burns through an identity, he never uses the same one again.
You know how I describe some suspects as being off the grid? This guy is totally the opposite.
He's all over the grid.
He's manipulating the grid.
And he never stays in one place for very long.
So how do we find out who he is now? I don't think we're going to.
The man known as Robert Johnson is in the wind.
If he's this flexible with his name, his real name, forget it.
But there's another way we can find him.
Which is? His online name, His hacker handle.
That's the name that matters to him.
Wouldn't he have hundreds of those, too? Most definitely.
But remember how I said hackers are loyal? They stick to certain names.
That's how you identify yourself to other hackers.
That's how the FBI caught me.
So if we find the handle I'll get you the unsub.
I promise.
Look, I wish I could help you find the guy Posting these videos, But I never visited that website, man.
Maybe somebody broke into my computer or something.
See, Scott, we think it was you.
And we found some pretty interesting movies in your hard drive To back up our theory.
"White girls can't hump.
" That's nice.
"Schindler's fist.
" See, this one right here, this is the one that got my attention.
"The erotic awakenings of Sandy.
" How old was the girl in that video? What was she, 12? I I can explain-- Shut up! This is what's weird to me.
Most of your files were locked away, But not the child porn.
We found it in like 5 minutes.
It wasn't password protected or anything.
How does someone who's supposed to be so smart with computers Do something so dumb? Can we cut a deal? You tell me what I want to know and the maybe we'll talk deal.
Before this guy accepts you into the club He gives you the illegal stuff.
He has to know that you're risking as much as he is.
Mutually assured destruction.
You rat him out, he takes you with him.
What's his name? I don't know.
We never met.
Don't you try and play me, kid.
His online name.
Watcher 89.
Were there any other names? Not that I could find.
I don't like Signing up for porn unless I know who's running it.
Agent Prentiss.
There's something else you should know.
He sent out a message.
He said tonight would be the best one yet.
He's attacking tonight? Of course.
He knows you're watching him.
He has to put on an extra-good show.
What's interesting, Mr.
Chapman, The two other men we talked to, They had a form of collateral on their hard drive.
I'm sorry.
Collateral? Hard-core pornography.
I would never look at something like that.
You have all my computers.
You must have searched them.
And we found nothing.
So, can I go? No.
You see, there's still that nagging question As to why you were logged on to that chat room last night.
LookAgent Rossi, I'm at a loss here.
First of all, I'm all thumbs when it comes to computers.
Or you're very good with them And know how to cover your tracks.
Second of all, My grandkids were at the house last night for a sleepover.
They were in bed by 8:30.
We were so exhausted, my wife and I were asleep by 9:00.
Please! Ask her.
She'll say the same thing.
I don't think I even checked my email last night.
Do you know this man? Yes.
He came into my store a while back.
Why? Uh, he said he liked my website.
Which my son designed for me, by the way.
We chatted about appliances, He bought a few items and left.
Did he have a name? No idea.
We talked for 5 minutes.
I'll be right back.
Do you believe him? I believe he doesn't fit the profile of the other voyeurs.
They're good with computers.
They have hacking experience.
Garcia checked out the website.
She said it's crude.
You can't even order anything from it.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe the unsub manipulated him For something else, used his network as part of his spoofing.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Watcher 89--I got him.
Does he have his own network? He doesn't need one.
He's got a whole city to leech off of.
He's doing this again tonight.
Can you send me a list of networks He's hacked recently? Those are the potential victims.
I got 20 hits.
All right.
Filter out men and families.
He only kills single women.
Garcia, do you have any pictures? Coming your way.
She's the one.
Lucy masters.
You sure? She's the only one with facial symmetry that would appeal to him.
Lucy masters? This is the FBI! We're coming in.
Clear! Clear! She's not here, but her car is.
It just went on by itself.
That's Lucy masters.
He's recording us.
Welcome to the show.
Garcia, the unsub is working off Lucy masters' network.
Can you tell where the video's being transmitted to? I can't tell.
He's not logged in as watcher 89.
He's not using any of the regular proxy servers.
If I didn't know any better, I wouldn't know that this was him.
Damn it! He's encrypted his connection to the proxies.
There's nothing I can do to help you find him.
Metal walls.
What do we see? It must be the secondary location where he takes the victims.
Wait a minute.
Garcia, can you magnify the wall behind her? Yeah, I can do that.
Is that frost on the wall? It's a walk-in freezer.
And I know where he got it.
We didn't catch you by mistake, did we, Austin? Excuse me? You said the unsub liked your website, How it was designed.
But it was your work.
What you can repair, what you can restore for him.
You gave him a place to hide the bodies.
That's not true.
Talk to my wife.
I'm home by 6:00 every night-- That's the first thing voyeurs learn.
How to cover their tracks.
How to stalk between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00.
That's why there was no porn on your computer.
You had something better.
This is a crime! I would never do what you're describing.
And even if you don't believe me, my wife knows.
My kids, my grandkids.
I hate computers.
I don't even know how they work.
Well, then let me give you your first lesson.
When something goes out on the Internet, it's out there forever.
Now, you're going to jail.
That's a foregone conclusion.
But, unless you cooperate with me, I will do everything I can to make sure That the next time your grandkids Google you, They will find out what kind of a monster grandpa really is.
Now, I will ask you once-- Where is the freezer? We're on our way.
Garcia, it's been 3 minutes since the signal went up live.
Lucy might not have that much time left.
I can buy you some.
Now that I've got his physical address, I got my business all up in his.
No, no, not today.
No! No! Now, when your Internet goes down, It ruins your whole day, doesn't it, psycho? No! Get off her! Let her go! Get your hands off! No! Let her go! No! No! Lucy.
Get the paramedics in here! Ok.
It's over.
It's OK.
Go, go, go, go.
It's Dorris archer And Allison kittridge.
You killed these women for your fans, But this is where you kept them for yourself, isn't it, You sick son of a bitch.
What do you see when you look at them? You'll never understand what I did.
But out there, My followers They understand.
Well, too bad there's no wireless in prison.
Get him out of here! "The Internet is the first thing "That humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, The largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.
" Eric Schmidt.
Just for the record I didn't do this.