Criminal Minds s07e07 Episode Script

There's No Place Like Home

Tucker, no.
Don't Tucker, no.
Tucker, no.
No Get out! It's coming, man, it's coming! Beautiful, ain't it? Wrath of God himself! Just wait, man! I finally got him down.
He still feel warm? Uh, Ibuprofen must've kicked in.
Ah, it's that preschool.
Place is like a petri dish.
Thought you had a few days off.
What's the case? It's about some missing kids.
Guess you got to go in, then, huh? Please don't walk away like that.
We've talked about this.
- I know this is hard on you.
- Henry, too.
On all of us.
Look, if I had someone to cover my shifts, I would.
What if it was Henry? Don't.
It's not Henry.
- Henry's right in there.
What if it was? You'd want someone out there looking for him.
No, I know, you're right.
It's just things worked better when you were at the Pentagon.
I wasn't helping anyone there, Will.
You worked normal hours and weekends off.
I'll tell them I'm can't come in.
- Don't do that.
-I was supposed to have time off.
Henry's not feeling well.
It's all right.
You should go; I'll take care of it.
Really, I got this.
I'll see you when you get back.
You don't have to be here.
Ah, I get antsy when I'm gone too long.
And thanks for the team's donation to ALS in Carolyn's name.
She would have appreciated it.
So, how you doing? I'm okay.
It's funny, though.
We were divorced 20 years, and I never missed her as much as I do right now.
Hey, you.
Welcome back.
Good to be back, Penelope.
We're ready when you are, sir.
GARCIA: Bodies of two unidentified boys were found near Wichita, Kansas, a week apart.
Both were Caucasian and between the ages of 15 and 17.
They were each found mangled in the aftermath of a tornado.
GARCIA: Yeah, but that's not what did them in- the M.
has determined that the cause of death was blunt-force trauma to the head before the storms hit.
Well, the death blow in each case was in almost exactly the same spot.
Now, what about all the other damage to their bodies? Some of their limbs are missing.
PRENTISS: Yeah, victim number one, his right leg was taken off; victim number two, both arms were severed.
But was that because of the tornado or the UnSub? GARCIA: The M.
still hasn't discovered that.
He's a busy guy.
Major storms have hit the area.
The morgue is slammed.
If it's the UnSub, he's got a hell of a sadistic streak.
Well, a tornado would clear the area, give the UnSub the privacy to do his thing.
He may be using the storms as a body disposition modality.
Forensic countermeasure: wind, hail, rain.
Mother Nature destroys the crime scene.
PRENTISS: Or he wants us to think Mother Nature actually committed the murders.
What concerns me is - the brief period between kills.
- ROSSl: Only a week.
- He's moving fast.
We need to move faster.
Garcia, get me ID's on all the victims.
I'm a gale-force wind.
Wheels up in 30.
- Oh, and pack for foul weather; the forecast is nasty.
The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Sedgwick County, Kansas.
At 9:00 p.
, meteorologists confirmed - a large, extremely We got one, man! Told you! - dangerous tornado You owe me five bucks.
Better pay up this time.
"For the man sound of body and serene of mind "there is no such thing as bad weather.
"Every day has its beauty, "and storms which whip the blood do but make it pulse more vigorously.
" George Gissing.
Central Plains- right in the middle of Tornado Alley.
You know, if this UnSub is using tornadoes as a forensic countermeasure, then Kansas certainly is the ideal setting.
Tornadoes do pose a significant threat.
During this year's super outbreak back in April, there were 336 confirmed tornadoes in just several days resulting in over 300 lives lost.
Hey, tell us something good, mama.
GARCIA: Okay, so local PD have ID'd your victims.
I'm putting this all on your tablets, if you'd like to follow along.
First up is Jason Meredith.
from Garden City, Kansas.
Mom said he took off over a year ago.
Next up is Eric Janelle.
from Wichita.
He's been gone three weeks.
Oh, both of these kids have records, for possession and prostitution.
They were street hustlers? High-risk kids- this could be a sexual predator.
An extremely violent one, if the UnSub is responsible for the damage done to the bodies, especially those missing limbs.
PRENTISS: Well, now, he could be keeping the body parts - for some sort of fetish.
- GARCIA: Oh! Okay, eww! That is my cue.
I'm here if you need me, with my binary machines that don't say gross things.
I didn't know you were a bad flyer.
I'm not; I just hate turbulence.
You know, turbulence very rarely causes planes to crash.
That does me absolutely no good at the moment.
Thank you.
What we really need to worry about are microbursts- a sudden downburst of air associated with thunderstorms- but a small craft like this, if we hit one of those at the wrong altitude, get pulverized.
I beg of you to make him stop.
A tornado outside Wichita killed two and injured nine last night.
The twister, which classified as an F2 on the Fujita Scale, is the latest in a freak series of storms to hit late in the season.
More harsh weather is expected as officials prepare for the worst.
The guy was torn up pretty bad.
We thought we'd find his arms, but we never did.
Found him right over there.
Well, the UnSub definitely has his own mode of transportation.
This is way off the beaten path.
Now, the first victim, Jason Meredith, was found over 30 miles away.
You say you were able to clear this place before the storm hit? I didn't know you could do that for tornadoes.
When we get enough lead time, we try to clear all the mobile home parks.
Last place you want to be in a twister is in a trailer.
We close off the main roads, too.
PRENTISS: Okay, so the UnSub either found a way in or he was already here and he hid during the evacuation.
That, or the body got sucked up into a funnel cloud and was thrown here from someplace else.
PRENTISS: Either way, he came into close contact with this storm.
Maybe even close enough to put himself in danger.
Or he waited someplace safe for it to pass - and came back and dumped the body.
-Nah, I think the storm itself actually means something to this guy.
PRENTISS: You don't think he's just using it to cover his tracks? I played ball in college with a guy from Indiana- he said he and his boys used to get drunk and then chase storms.
Said it was the closest they could get to the true power of God.
I saw an F3 when I was in high school.
He wasn't kidding.
Okay, so he's impulsive, probably young, maybe a loner with nothing to lose.
We should be looking at actual storm chasers.
Where can we find them? - They mostly work with the university.
You think this guy's educated? Well, he knows enough about the weather to use it to his advantage.
So far, it's working.
Here you go.
When was the last time you saw Jason? The day he ran away.
A little over a year ago, he came and he hugged me just like he always did before he went to school.
Do you know why he would leave home? His father, Ray- Ray used to beat on me.
On Jason, too.
And how did Jason cope with that? He'd always try to protect me.
Even when he was a little guy, he always really fought back.
Sometimes if afterwards, if I was crying, he'd just come and he'd sit there and hold my hand.
So it sounds like you and Eric were pretty good friends.
Those other kids ain't too cool at the house.
Your foster mom said that you used to get in a lot of fights - before Eric got there.
- That's my boy.
Nobody messes with me, 'cause nobody messes with him.
So, he looks out for you? Yeah, we look out for each other.
When was the last time you saw him? About three weeks ago.
Said he was running to the store and never came back.
He in some kind of trouble or something? We found him a couple of days ago.
He took the news about Eric pretty well.
Tough kid.
Guess they have to be.
They're all alone.
Each of the victims had a strong protective instinct and was looking out for somebody else besides themselves.
Maybe the UnSub's keying in on that.
Boys like that are hard to fool.
What if he used to be one of them? Those kids would see right through someone trying to be a poser.
If his M.
is connected to the weather, he's gonna try to grab another boy soon.
There's a major system expected tonight.
What's up, guys? Where could I get some beers? Quickie Mart.
Make a right on Main.
Sorry, man, I'm not from around here.
Where's Main? About four blocks that way.
Hey, uh, any of you guys want to party? I got some tuss, a little weed, too.
How about you? Come here, buddy boy.
It's all good.
He's too young.
It's a hundred.
I got 50.
And I'll throw in a couple sixers for you and your boys.
Come on, man.
Just get in.
Let's go have some fun.
Oh, every slab in the house is full.
Could you hold that? Best two weeks ever.
I can't apologize enough for the delay.
Four years of med school, most of the time, it's old folks with heart attacks and strokes.
Now, I'm from New York.
Not a, uh, whole lot of action out here in Wichita.
Your guys are right here.
Identical blows to the head.
Well, that's what tipped me off.
Not to mention, they're both John Does.
Kids this age get claimed fast.
They had alcohol and Dextromethorphan in their systems? - Cough medicine.
: Yeah.
See it with a lot of kids.
It's a cheap high.
Free if you can steal it.
And these two had a whole lot of it onboard.
What were you able to determine from all the damage to the bodies? Well, it's mostly consistent with tornado casualties I've seen before.
You know, lacerations, abrasions, massive internal trauma.
Mostly? Well, their limbs- those are chopped off.
I'm guessing with an axe or a cleaver.
Yeah, dull one, by the looks of the tissue damage at the stumps.
REID: Cut off postmortem.
Well, definitely, but only minutes after they were killed.
You see the discoloration? Uh, the decomposition begins almost as soon as the blood supply stops.
ROSSl: They both have ligature marks on their wrists and ankles, at least what - they have left of them.
Oh, good eye.
Those are all actually antemortem.
ROSSl: They're from restraints.
He held them before the kill.
Was there any sign of sexual assault? Inconclusive.
All the damage made it impossible to tell.
So, he gets them drunk and high, he restrains them, kills them and cleaves off a limb as a souvenir.
Then he dumps the body and lets the storm clean up his mess.
But why the souvenir? What, or who exactly, is he trying to remember? The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Butler County, Kansas.
A large, violent storm moving west at 40 miles per hour Okay, time to go.
If you are in the path of this large - and destructive tornado, take cover immediately.
- This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation, so take cover immediately Come on, let's go! Knock it off! We got to go! Don't worry, buddy boy.
I'd never forget you.
Double or nothing, I find us another one? What? You scared to lose again? All right, then, gentlemen's bet.
That's my boy.
Never seen anything like it.
Name's Gary Dyson.
Couple of my guys have seen him before.
ID'd him off the tattoos on what's left of his arms.
This particular area get hit with a tornado last night? Thunderstorms came through.
Warnings went out, but no twisters.
Weather's got to be the trigger.
He's following the patterns.
We track the storms we find the UnSub.
Forensic evidence has been washed away.
REID: But behaviorally, it's the most intact crime scene we've encountered so far.
It's the same blow to the head, but no cuts, no abrasions.
Except he's missing his torso.
REID: It was only a matter of time before he missed one.
Tornados are extremely unpredictable and sometimes last only a matter of minutes before they dissipate.
The fact that he was able to leave his previous victims directly in the path of one is astounding.
So the conditions were perfect last night, but his tornado never came.
It's only been four days.
He's accelerating.
And the weather's driving him to do it.
REID: Guys, we know that fetishists are loyal to the body parts they take, but I think that this UnSub is loyal to the whole of these parts.
If you were to take the missing pieces from all the victims so far, you could almost assemble an entire body.
So, he's not taking bodies apart.
He's putting one together.
We're looking for a white male in his mid-to-late 20s.
He's mobile, and he travels great distances to follow storms.
He's probably in a truck or a van.
ROSSl: We believe he may live in that vehicle.
It's probably beat up, maybe rusted from the elements.
REID: Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer, was under the delusion that he could create young male sex zombies that wouldn't resist his advances.
PRENTISS: And when Dahmer's test subjects died, he kept their body parts as souvenirs.
REID: Skulls, hearts, even genitalia.
ROSSl: But storing body parts is no small task.
They're going to get ripe fast.
He needs lots of ice, salt maybe.
Something to preserve them.
And he's paying for all that stuff somehow.
Gas, too.
He doesn't have the social skills to hold a job for long, so, he's most likely a day laborer, handyman, anything transitory.
We think he's using the weather as a forensic countermeasure to destroy evidence, but we also think he might be some sort of symphoraphiliac.
I'm sorry.
Symphora - what? - Uh, excuse me.
PRENTISS: Symphoraphiliacs.
They're sexually aroused by disaster.
Usually fires or traffic accidents.
In this case, the weather must enhance his excitement.
He hunts street kids, so he may be from a similar background, and he's most likely uneducated, but he's still charming enough to engage his victims.
We'll talk to the press.
You should warn any transient kids you might know.
As this weather gets worse, so will the UnSub.
All right.
Let's get to it.
Since when is a seizure fine? WILL: Uh, the doctor said it's normal for kids his age.
But his fever broke.
WILL: Yeah.
It spiked again.
Did you give him his medicine this morning? No, he was okay.
- Did he feel warm? WILL: No.
Well, you checked, right? JJ of course I did.
What are you trying to say? Nothing.
I Where is he now? - He's resting.
Just waiting for some paperwork, and then we're gonna go home.
Okay, I'll call you when my flight arrives.
You don't have to do that.
Henry's sick.
I'm coming home.
I'll call you later.
What's wrong? Uh, it's Henry.
He had a febrile seizure.
Will took him to the ER.
He-He's fine.
Apparently, it's-it's totally normal.
Look, I got to get back home.
Of course.
Anything I can do? Can I borrow the jet? I think the Budget Oversight Committee might not appreciate my generosity.
Yeah, well, worth a shot, right? Check in and let us know evertyhing's all right.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Hey, Hotch? Yeah? I've been thinking.
The vast majority of UnSubs with this type of M.
aren't driven by the killing.
They're merely fascinated by the body parts.
Psychologically, they exist in a realm where fantasy meets delusion.
It's basically the perfect blueprint for a creation of a serial killer b - I'm rambling, aren't I? Yes.
I should probably get to the point.
I think I know how this UnSub may have gotten started.
All right, the first victim was found missing his right leg.
The second- both arms.
And the third had no torso.
So, that leaves the left leg and the head unaccounted for.
We can assume the head would be the most difficult piece to find.
That part would have to fit an UnSub's fantasy perfectly.
So he'd most likely save it for last.
Now, what that tells us is, there's a victim out there we haven't found yet who's missing his left leg.
Or the UnSub hasn't acquired it yet.
True, but most body part collectors evolve to this level, and in many cases, they exhume bodies for parts before they start killing.
All right, let me call Garcia.
So you think our UnSub did the same thing? P.
at your service.
Don't let the name fool you.
Baby girl, you're on speaker.
-REID: Garcia, can you look for grave robberies in Tornado Alley over the last five years? GARCIA: Okeydokey.
That's a shockingly big list.
Who knew grave robbing was so on trend? How many of those involved the bodies of teenaged boys? Uh none.
PRENTISS: What about morgues and funeral homes? GARCIA: Oh momentito.
Again, that is a list that should not be that big.
Mostly stolen embalming fluid, though.
It's often used like PCP, Garcia.
I'm feeling optimistic about the youth of America.
There are no teenagers involved in this, either.
REID: All right, try looking for thefts involving body parts, specifically left legs.
Ugh! See, this is why I can't talk about how my day was at dinner.
Breakfast or lunch or Spencer, you scare me.
Join the club.
GARCIA: A left leg was stolen off a body a year ago at the Riggio Funeral Home in Tulsa.
They never found who did it.
Garcia, what was the weather like in the area at the time? GARCIA: Uh, thunderstorms and tornados.
Uh, an F2 cyclone hit right around there, and then, the robbery took place after they evacuated.
- That's got to be our UnSub.
- GARCIA: Wait.
Uh, there's more.
Um, the guy who-whose leg was stolen- he was a 47-year-old father of two who died of leukemia.
ROSSl: That's a huge jump.
Preferential child sex offenders don't usually stray from their preferred age range.
It's not about the sex at all.
He used the body from the funeral home to develop his M.
so he could live out his fantasy and kill in a storm.
Still doesn't explain what or who he's building.
REID: Whatever it is, this UnSub won't stop until he finds a perfect head.
It's the final piece to his puzzle.
What's up, guys? You need a ride or something? Oh, no, man, we're good.
Are you sure? It's kind of wet out here.
Yeah, yeah, we're good.
Come on, man, it's raining buckets.
Hey, get off me.
Hey, man, it's cool.
It's cool.
Come on.
Hey, fellas! I was wondering can you tell me the best way to get to I-135? Yeah, back that way.
Appreciate it.
I'm from Oklahoma.
I don't get up here much.
So, there's nothing.
Um, okay, uh, what about, uh, out of Kansas City? No.
Um, okay, thanks.
Hey, thought you were out of here.
Uh, flights are cancelled 'cause of the weather.
How's Henry? He's headed home.
Finally released him.
That's great news.
Where are you guys off to? To the university to talk to some storm chasers.
Stay dry.
Yeah, right.
Who's that with Hotch? There's been another abduction.
A boy named Shaun Rutledge.
That's his younger brother Billy.
Says a young white guy in an RV attacked them with a crowbar in the rain.
He's also changed his victim selection criterion.
The boy he grabbed gets straight A's, plays football, even volunteers at his church.
So, he wanted him so badly, he was willing to leave a witness? Which suggests he's losing touch with reality and his delusions are starting to take over.
What is it about this kid that was so attractive to him? He was teenage and Caucasian like the others, right? We also think that a sexual element may actually not be at play.
So, then what the hell is driving this guy? Maybe it's love.
What if he's trying to recreate someone he loves? It is an emotion that drives us to extremes.
If he's trying to recreate someone, then it's probably someone he loved and lost.
Wait, you said he was with his big brother, right? Holla at your girl.
Baby girl, I need those great big, beautiful brains of yours.
Jazz hands ready.
Okay, look at all the teenage male victims of tornadoes in the last ten years.
- Same geography as before.
- GARCIA: That would be male, How many victims had younger brothers that survived? Uh, ten.
The UnSub might have been a high-risk kid.
Garcia, how many of the survivors have criminal records? I've got two for you.
The first up is 27-year-old Justin Harris, slapped with a DUl in 2008.
Next is 22-year-old Travis James.
Ooh, little troublemaker.
Shoplifting, possession, and prostitution, oh, my.
And all when he was a minor.
Got a home address or a vehicle registered in his name? Uh-uh, none.
You got a photo on this guy? It's on your tablet right now.
All right, this is a composite sketch from the description the kid gave.
Don't know why you put up such a fight.
We're gonna be brothers, man.
Me and you against the world.
Old school.
GARCIA: Oh, my God, this poor kid.
In 2001, Travis James lost his big brother, Tucker, and his mom, Jan, when a tornado hit the McCleary Trailer Park in Enid, Oklahoma.
- That's just south of here.
- So our guy's a local.
- All right, everybody just sit tight.
-That's great.
Hang on, Garcia, the power just went out.
The generator's gonna kick in.
Garcia? Yeah, I think we're good.
Keep going.
Uh, sometime before this evil tornado touched down, Travis, along with five other boys, testified against a one Roscoe Gulch.
For what? Uh, it appears this Gulch character was a notorious pedophile in the area, and he was a resident of the same trailer park as Travis and his family.
I'm looking at police reports now.
Uh, it looks like brother Tucker had confronted this Gulch person lots of times, even broke the creep's nose once.
He was protecting his little brother.
GARCIA: Oh And then the plot thickens.
According to a statement from Travis, right after Gulch was acquitted, he and his brother went to Gulch's mobile home.
It's gonna be okay.
A fight ensued.
Travis said it was like his brother went crazy.
He was upset about the acquittal, and dealt some justice of his own.
GARCIA: Travis said he heard tornado sirens.
It's a tornado.
Get out of here.
Tucker, look out! He then ran to a drainage pipe nearby.
After that, Tucker and Gulch somehow got trapped in the mobile home when the twister hit.
Travis said he saw the mobile home get swallowed up by the tornado.
And when he came out, there was nothing left.
Garcia, how old was Tucker when he was killed? Seventeen.
He was found in pieces.
They had to use DNA and dental records to ID him.
Travis went into foster care, and he was reported missing in 2003.
He ran away.
Ten years ago, his brother got ripped apart, and now he's trying to put him back together, but why start killing now? Garcia, send me current weather reports for the area, including radar images if you have them.
GARCIA: Ask and you shall receive.
It is on your tablets.
With the weather in the area, he's gonna be so excited, he won't wait.
He'll take the boy to the closest area with the most activity.
That's right around here, just southeast of us.
It's Frankenstein.
What? The UnSub isn't just trying to put his brother back together, he's trying to bring him back from the dead.
He believes that tornadoes have the power to take life, so, conversely, they should have the power to restore it.
Pick up Rossi and Prentiss on the way.
Let's go.
Damn it! Damn, I need a beer.
You want one? Nothing like a cold one to take the edge off, right? You sure you don't want one? Might make you feel better.
Garcia, what have you got? GARCIA: Sir, I found your trigger; a year ago, a tornado ripped through a cemetery near Tulsa.
One of the 53 graves that was disturbed was that of Tucker James.
ROSSl: His brother was killed by a storm, then his memorial was destroyed by one.
Now he's using both to build a memorial of his own.
Now that he has that boy's head, the delusion will completely take over.
ROSSl: Garcia, those storm chasers at the university we talked to, they should be out in full force.
I'm sending you their number now.
Tell them to be on the lookout for the UnSub's RV.
And Garcia, patch into their radio chatter.
They'll know where the storms are.
On it, my pretties.
Come on, get it together.
We're gonna have fun, bro.
Like before.
Remember that time we stole Mama's bourbon? Rode our bikes, what, ten miles to go see them girls? Oh, God, what were their names? You thought you were gonna get laid.
And that chick puked herself so bad, I thought I'd die.
Do you remember that? Hey it's gonna be all right.
We're gonna do this thing tonight.
Why do you keep fighting, you dumb son of a bitch? You know what? Here, I'll show you.
The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for Sedgwick County in Kansas - at nine p.
Central Daylight Time -That's it, man! Here we go.
What did I tell you? We need to head into those areas with the most precipitation.
So, make a right at the next intersection; it should be Pawnee Road.
Hey, how exactly are we supposed to chase this storm? The UnSub won't actually chase the storm; to get close to it, he'll have to get in front of it.
It's a little bit like playing chicken.
What? It's frozen.
Hey, Hotch.
We just lost the Internet.
I've frozen up, too.
The weather must be affecting the upload.
Patching Garcia in.
Yes, boss? Garcia, we just lost our Internet, and we need you to guide us into the storm.
Consider me your eyes and ears, sir.
MAN Oh, yeah, it's a beauty! Looks like a landspout! Great funnel on that one.
She's heading north.
GARCIA: Okay, guys, a twister has been spotted near Rose Hill just south of your position.
The storm chaser dudes are calling it a "landspout.
" We don't want that one- landspout tornadoes are relatively insignificant.
Well, where to, then? - Garcia, look for hook echoes on your monitor.
Okay, hook echoes, yeah.
Okay, I'm gonna do that.
Just, uh, tell me what they are.
Uh, they're swirling, hook-like radar signatures that look surprisingly like what you'd expect them to.
Uh No, I don't see anything like that.
They'll likely form in those red and violet areas on the map.
- Well, I'm I don't see anything that looks even remotely like that.
Okay, they shouldn't be too far from our current position- he's close.
Oh, God.
No, wait, wait, wait.
No, I Yes, yes, I see.
Oh, that's got to be it.
Where, Garcia? Oh, no, no.
What? What is it? - There are two.
We'll have to split up.
Which way, Garcia? Uh, okay.
Half of you can stay in your current heading.
The other half, make a right on Meadowlark Road.
Morgan, take Meadowlark Road.
We'll keep going.
You got it.
? Just begun? ? Feel the fire, as I come undone? ? I breathe in and it fills my lungs? Hey, I-I just got a hit from the storm chaser dudes on the RV.
You guys are the closest.
Where are we talking, Garcia? Heading east on Sumner Road, just north of your position.
Make a left on Prairie Creek- it's the next left.
All right, you got it.
Hang on, guys.
It's gonna come right through here, I know it.
Just wait, man! Whoo! I'm coming, buddy boy.
I'm coming.
What are you doing? It's almost time! You got to stay still, dude! Trust me, it's all good! Hey, we ain't got time for this! It's coming now! You want it the hard way or the easy way? What's that up there? Near the old house.
Oh, no! No.
Who are they? Travis James, FBl! Put the weapon down! You get back! We can't do that, Travis! TRAVIS: I said stay back! - Are you hard of hearing or something? -Just let Shaun go and we can work this out! That's his name, you know! He has a little brother, too! We know you saw him when you attacked them.
Just go! Get out of here! Please! Travis, Tucker would not want this! He'd want to protect you, like he did with Roscoe Gulch! Damn bastard was guilty! Just let him go, and we can help you! We don't need your help! Okay, we need to get to cover now! Come on, man! Put the weapon down! Put it down! We gotta go! Gotta go! It's me and you, man! Here we go! Whoo! "Adversity is like a strong wind.
"It tears from us "all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.
" Arthur Golden.
So, weather's supposed to break tomorrow.
I should be home sometime in the afternoon.
I'll call and let you know for sure.
You at least catch the guy? Yeah.
Sort of.
It's kind of weird.
You all right? I'm-I'm fine.
It's just been a really long day.
Listen, I'm really sorry about evertyhing.
Yeah, me, too.
So, uh, is he still up? Yeah, he said he's not going to sleep till he gets story time.
- -Headstrong little guy; he's exhausted.
Hold on.
Hey, buddy.
Guess who's on the phone.
Mommy! Hi! Hi, little man.
JJ How how are you? I heard you, um, you went to the doctor.
You coming home, Mommy? Not yet, buddy.
Um, tomorrow, I promise.
So, are you ready for story time? Yeah! Yeah? Okay.
Daddy are you ready? Bedtime For Baby Star.
Once there was a baby star.
He lived up near the sun.
And every night at bedtime that baby star wanted to have some fun.
He would shine and shine, and fall and shoot and twinkle, oh, so bright.
And he said, "Mommy, I'll run away if you make me say good night.
" And then his mommy kissed him on his sparkly nose and said "No matter where you go, no matter where you are, "no matter how big you grow "and even if you stray far, "I'll love you forever, 'cause you'll always be my baby star.
" Good night, Mommy.
Good night.