Criminal Minds s07e11 Episode Script

True Genius

# Feelin' all right? # Mm-mm? # Not feelin' too good myself? # Oh, yeah? # Feelin' all right? # I don't like it here.
It's scary.
Hey, let's get out of here.
In a minute.
I'm getting creeped out.
Will you relax? Oh, my God.
What's he doing? Who is that? Maybe it's the Park Service.
It was no one.
Or was it the iron claw killer? It's not funny.
Let's get out of here.
? Not feelin' too good myself? ? Oh, yeah? ? Feelin' all right? ? Not feelin' too good myself? - ? Too good myself? - ? Oh, baby? That takes us back to 1968.
You're listening to your classic rock station in the Bay.
PATRICIA CORNWELL: In the end, I just write about violent crime.
The real heroes are the people here beside me.
Now, give a warm welcome to our next speaker, Dr.
Spencer Reid of the BAU.
Thank you.
Patricia Cornwell, ladies and gentlemen.
Cornwell will be signing books at the end of the session.
Um hi.
I am here today to talk to you about, uh, paraphilias and their relation to violent crime.
Does anybody know what dendrophilia is? Yes, a fetish for trees.
Thank you so much, uh, for coming out, you guys, and, uh, as for your question earlier, uh, the case that we were following at the time was the David Parker Ray case.
We actually believed that the victim count in that case was close to 60.
Unfortunately, we were only able to unearth 45 bodies, but SSA Bufalino, um, has been diligent Dr.
Reid? Hey, you were fantastic up there.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I-I love the names of those paraphilias.
I- I have a new list to memorize.
You like memorizing lists? I'm weird that way.
It's not weird at all; I do it all the time.
You know, we don't usually get people your age here.
Y- You're in school, I assume? Yeah, I'm a senior at Michigan.
You know what, you might like the FBl's internship program.
Unfortunately, you are already past the deadline, but if you write me a letter, I might be able to pull some strings.
Uh, thanks, but I don't think my Board of Directors would allow it.
I have a company.
Have you heard of NanoVex? NanoVex as in the company Landis Pharmaceuticals is investing $100 million in, NanoVex? It's not a done deal yet, uh, but hey, you were awesome up there.
You've saved me from a company party downstairs.
It was a total snooze fest.
Keep up the good work.
You, too.
Hey, who was that? That was the founder of NanoVex.
I've never heard of it.
They make magnetically responsive nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to tumor cells.
I've still never heard of it.
You will; it's gonna change the world.
Guess who's back? The Marin Headlands last night.
David Atley and Nicole Puli, both 24, both grad students at Berkeley.
Shot multiple times in their vehicle.
Wait for it.
- The Zodiac? - No way.
Come on, it's got to be the 2.
0 version.
Yeah, you would think so, except for the crazy similarities in the M.
I'm talking same victimology, same geography, and two souvenirs were left at the crime scene.
- He left a photo? - Mm-hmm.
Local police say that it Marcia Miller; she was found near Napa in 1971.
Strongly suspected that she was a victim of the Zodiac, but police never confirmed it, and they didn't publicize the case.
So, the Zodiac took this photo after killing her and then saved it all these years? The Zodiac's last confirmed victim was the cabdriver Paul Stine.
He mailed pieces of Stine's bloody shirt along with his letters to prove it was him.
This photo could prove he's back.
Um, you just mentioned a bloody shirt.
This is the second souvenir that was left at the crime scene.
Preliminary tests say that the blood type is O-negative.
Same blood type as the cabdriver.
So, how old would Zodiac be by now? The murders took place in the late '60s.
Yeah, uh, December 20, 1968, to October 11, 1969, to be exact, but he was suspected of other crimes, and he sent letters and codes to newspapers until 1974.
Well, at the very least, the Zodiac would have to be about 60 by now.
Yeah, but it doesn't take a lot of strength to pull a trigger.
No, but it takes a lot of skill not to get caught for 40 years.
Have Reid and Prentiss meet us - in San Francisco.
- Yes, sir.
"Three can keep a secret if two are dead.
" Benjamin Franklin.
ROSSl: Bottom line, the Zodiac is the most well-documented unsolved serial killing case in modern times.
There have been two known copycats.
Uh, the first one was Heriberto Seda.
He killed three and wounded four in New York City.
And then there was a 14-year-old in Japan name Seito Sakakibara.
He killed two other children and left the sign of the Zodiac behind.
ROSSl: The fact is, the Zodiac was driven by a need for notoriety and control.
He enjoyed the terror he spread through the city.
Well, then he stopped.
After his last letter in '74, he vanished.
Most likely wound up in a prison or a mental hospital.
Maybe he was just released and picked up where he left off? I will search for anyone recently freed or discharged after 40 years.
But it's a long time to be dormant with no evolution in the M.
Even a serial killer has to grow up.
- Check.
- Hmm.
Hey, Caleb, what the hell? Break time's over.
It's Harvey.
Leave a message.
Agent Hotchner? - Yes? - I'm Agent Lin.
Nice to meet you; this is Agent Jareau.
We're setting you up in the city field office.
All the Zodiac data's been sent over from local P.
Good, that avoids jurisdiction issues.
According to the M.
, David Atley was shot twice in the head.
Nicole Puli was shot 13 times in the face, torso, and back.
Weapon was a nine millimeter.
Overkill on the female.
Zodiac did the same thing.
He also used a nine millimeter.
We're examining ballistics for a match.
Take a look over here.
We ID'd these as military Wing Walker boots.
Huh, let me guess, size ten and a half.
Just like the prints found at Lake Barryessa in '69.
What makes you think this the real Zodiac, Agent? The M.
is uncannily similar.
If it's not him, then it's an equally evil twin.
Or someone who studied him meticulously.
Have any letters or ciphers been received? Agent Lin, this is, uh, Dr.
Reid, Agent Prentiss.
Oh, how was the conference? Uh, enlightening.
Has the UnSub made any contact? The Chronicle's Web site manager received two phone calls this morning.
There was just heavy breathing on the other end, like the phone calls Zodiac used to make.
Can I get a physical copy of the online version of today's paper? You want a printout of the online version? Yeah, with all the comments printed out as well, if possible, thanks.
Don't ask.
It's not the real Zodiac.
How can you be so sure? I just know it.
Sometimes I can't really explain it.
He hasn't had a visitor in ages.
He used to get so many when he was with the Napa P.
Bob? These people are from the FBl.
Hello, Detective.
We're Agents Rossi and Morgan.
He has Parkinson's.
This is one of the bad days.
Well, ma'am, maybe you could help us out.
It won't take very long.
This is about the Zodiac, isn't it? I've been watching the news.
Did Bob ever talk about his work? That's all he talked about.
I tried to move his old boxes out, but he got so agitated I had to bring them back.
Do you mind if we take a look? Help yourself.
Excuse me, I have to get his medication.
Wow, she wasn't kidding when she said he liked to surround himself with his work.
ROSSl: These are all about Marcia Miller, who died in '71 and possibly killed by Zodiac.
Rossi, these are crime scene photos.
Take a look at this.
Marcia Miller's photo could've come from this batch.
You know, a guy this obsessed with work probably used his own camera.
Detective did you take these pictures yourself at the crime scene? Now, you can blink once for yes and twice for no.
Did you take these? Sir, is it possible that someone could have come in here and stolen one? Do you know who? Mrs.
Zablonsky, you said your husband used to get a lot of visitors? Oh, yes.
They were all people obsessed with the Zodiac.
Well, do you think you can write down the names - of all those that you remember? - Oh.
The dates match.
When Zodiac stopped killing, my cousin was put in a mental hospital in Mexico.
He was released two months ago.
Do you have anything more specific? He was working on a production of The Mikado in '68- the Zodiac talked - about The Mikado in a letter.
- Excuse me, I'm Dr.
Reid with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
Was your cousin by chance a fan of Wagner? Because a CD of The Tragic Overture - was sent to the police this morning.
-He loved Wagner, especially The Tragic Overture.
It's him.
Well, for the record, a CD was not sent to the police this morning, and The Tragic Overture was written by Brahms, not Wagner, so luckily, I guess it's not your cousin.
The FBl would greatly appreciate it if people would stop making false claims to get their 15 minutes of fame.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Well, this is quite a surprise development we just witnessed outside the San Francisco FBl building.
We'll have more for you later.
Reporting live for Action News.
Back to you in the studio.
The best news is that when Harvey goes on his honeymoon, the rest of us will get two weeks - of not looking so stupid at work.
- Seriously, it's a real honor to be your best man.
You and Marisa are perfect for each other, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Enjoy the party.
Hear, hear.
Excuse me.
I'd like to say something.
If I could direct your attention to the screen.
So, that's me.
Caleb Rossmore.
If you think I was funny-looking, you should've seen Harvey.
I met Harvey at the finals of the Class A regional chess tournament.
I annihilated him.
But he still became my best friend.
I finally found someone else who was a child prodigy and a playground punching bag, too.
We became inseparable because of our shared love of chess and some other weird stuff, right, Harv? We liked animal dissection and Roman history and crime journalism - Thank you.
Thank you, Caleb.
- Almost finished.
I didn't see Harvey as much after high school, but we always had a special connection.
I thought I knew him so well, but I was completely shocked when I found out he was engaged to Marisa.
Mainly because I couldn't believe the hot chick we both had a crush on in junior high actually said yes to him.
Anyway, buddy, I'll wrap it up.
Your soul mate is standing before you now.
In the words of Plautus "Let us celebrate with wine and sweet words.
" That was so sweet.
I almost cried.
Thanks, man.
Listen, uh, I'm sorry I've been such a deadbeat friend.
I owe you a call.
Yeah, I'm getting used to radio silence.
I'm sorry.
I have something for you.
I know it's normally the best man's job, but I asked if I could do it.
Ticket to Vegas.
For your bachelor party weekend.
- I'm picking you up tomorrow at 6:00.
-Wow! Thanks, man, but I I can't do a whole weekend.
I just have too much work.
I thought it was one night.
Harvey! You have to go.
Hey, you're only getting married once.
Yes, ma'am.
Terrific! ROSSl: The detective's wife couldn't remember many names.
That's all right.
We'll show her photos when we have a suspect.
I talked to Nicole Puli's mother.
Doesn't seem she was stalked.
Lab results are back on the piece of fabric.
The DNA doesn't match the original cabdriver.
And the cloth is fairly new.
It was distressed to look old.
Guess I was foolish to think it was the real Zodiac.
No, he went to great pains to make us think it was him.
And he was criminally sophisticated enough to pull it off.
Question is, why? Reid, how's it going? Computers slow me down, so I prefer paper, but I wasn't expecting all these comments.
Where do people find the time? I think I just found a cipher from the UnSub.
The symbols buried in the spam are the same ones the Zodiac used in his first message back in 1969.
What does it say? "Killing is most fun you can have "98 minutes below the horizon "in Magic City with President Garfield.
Happy hunting.
" The oracle is in.
How may I assist? Garcia, to what specific location does "Magic City" refer? Birmingham, Alabama.
"98 minutes below the rising " Garcia, what time is sunset there tonight? would be 8:00 p.
What's dedicated to President Garfield in San Francisco? President Garfield There's a-a statue of him in Golden Gate Park.
MAN No one at the south entrance yet.
Copy that.
We've got a vehicle.
It's a lone driver.
Move in.
Show me your hands.
Drop it.
I'm just the messenger.
I'm supposed to deliver a letter.
It's for Reid.
"You're not as smart as you think you are.
" - Who sent it? - I don't know.
I just deliver to the address when I'm supposed to.
If the UnSub's not here, where is he? Please take the money.
Take the money.
Please don't hurt him.
Just let us go.
Please, please don't hurt him! Please! Please! Tara Hanson was a teacher; Alec Wyseck was a lawyer.
They had dinner at a nearby restaurant and were taking an evening stroll.
The M.
said Alec's throat was slit and he was stabbed twice in the back.
Tara was stabbed 20 times in the abdomen and torso.
- Overkill on the female again.
- She's a brunette, - like Nicole Puli.
-Yeah, they both could've been surrogates.
He left this on the park bench.
It's Nicole's.
Her nickname was Kiki.
The courier service said the envelope was left, with cash, in their drop box.
The messenger himself had a clean record.
He's a star employee.
ROSSl: This was a targeted message for an individual- very different M.
It's a high vantage point.
The victims chose it for the view, the UnSub so he could see if anyone was coming.
Hey, what's up? Hey, Boo.
I checked the ISP of the user who entered the spam comment to an Internet cafe, but he used a prepaid credit card, so I don't have an I.
All right, thanks, Garcia.
He used the same code that was broken years ago in a riddle we cracked in seconds.
He knew we'd solve it; it was a decoy.
No, it's a taunt- he wants to prove that he's smarter than everyone.
And we fell for it.
If he's trying to compete with me, then it means he's most likely within five years of my age.
The question is, why? The message might not have been meant for you, Reid.
A letter was hand-delivered to me last night.
The comment to the paper was written at 9:03 a.
- we weren't even in the city yet, so how would the UnSub know you'd be involved in the case? You did give your name to the press later that day.
And you said yourself he knew we'd be in the park.
Well, if he's doing his best to emulate the Zodiac, killing in such quick succession would be a mistake.
The shortest time span for Zodiac was two weeks? Well, maybe the UnSub doesn't have a choice.
Maybe he's experiencing a time pressure that he has no control over.
We're ready to give the profile.
Unlike the real Zodiac, whose goal was mass hysteria, this copycat's message is directed at an individual woman with whom he's obsessed.
The women that he's killed so far have been surrogates for her.
He was either rejected or believes that he can't have her, so he feels a rage towards this woman and any man that she's with.
His actions may be an attempt to impress the object of his obsession or prove his love.
ROSSl: The UnSub chose to copy the Zodiac because he wants to feel as brilliant, famous and powerful as his predecessor.
You should be looking for a physically fit male in his 20s to 30s.
He's highly intelligent, but he holds a menial or low-level job.
He has few friends and fantasizes of a world in which he feels special.
And the frequency of the kills suggests that he may be on the verge of losing the object of his obsession.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Hey, how are you? Ar-Are you okay? I need to talk to you about Harvey.
Look, if you need to call off the wedding, everyone will understand.
What are you talking about? You were upset when you called.
You said it was about Harvey.
No, I had a fight with my mom.
I wanted to talk to you about my surprise for Harvey.
A surprise? A man cave.
It'll be installed over our honeymoon.
I've got a 60-inch flat screen, a fridge for beer, but I need a wow item, like an air hockey table or a mini-putting green.
Are you serious? Yeah.
What do you think he'd like? I'm leaning toward the air hockey table Marisa, stop.
Please, just stop.
Do you even know Harvey? He'd hate it.
Most guys would like it, but he's weird.
Trust me.
I'm just being honest.
And now you hate me.
No, I don't.
I always say all the wrong things, especially around you.
I really just want you to like me.
I've always wanted that.
I do like you.
Look, I got to run.
I have so much wedding stuff to do.
Order more flowers, I have another dress fitting at 2:00, pick up gifts Thank you.
I'll see you later.
Hey, are you gonna tell me what's up? Reid, it's me.
Do you ever wonder if you lived up to expectations? I- I beat them.
I figured I'd be a bored socialite by 25.
I thought I'd cure schizophrenia by the time I was 25.
You know, when I was a kid, people told me that I could do anything.
You're afraid you've let people down? No, I'm afraid I let myself down.
By not curing schizophrenia? No, just because I don't know why I'm in the FBl.
I see.
You're a genius, but you have the same job as me, Morgan, JJ.
Yeah, exactly No.
That's not what I'm saying, it's just sometimes sometimes I kind of get this feeling like like maybe I should have done something more with my life.
How old are you? 29? I'm 30.
No way.
We missed your birthday? W- Why didn't you tell us? The fact of the matter is, you're young.
There's still time.
By the time Nikola Tesla was 30, he already invented the induction motor.
You know what, you might be right.
You don't that hear much about child prodigies once they grow up.
In fact, most of them turn out average.
That's not true.
Are you trying reverse psychology with me? I'm just telling it like it is.
What are you doing? Well, you just told me yourself you're washed up.
I should take a look at this.
That's not what I'm saying.
It's Seriously, what are you doing? - I'm just looking to see what you missed.
-Don't do You're gonna You're gonna actually mess it up, Emily.
Give it back to me.
Wait a minute, that's it.
The real code is in the words.
China Weekly Post, page F-4.
The spam had to be converted from matrix code to binary code, then switched to base eight before being translated back into letters.
- I can go into more detail if you want.
-Uh, no.
How smart would a person have to be - to write a code like that? - Beyond smart.
Profoundly gifted, an IQ of at least 160.
That changes the profile then.
The UnSub could still hold a menial or low-level job.
Many believe that beyond an IQ of 120, success is determined by other factors.
This is a bilingual paper.
The English version should be somewhere.
Garcia, I need you to compile a list of people with IQs of 160 or above in the region.
Checking with the Bay Area Mensa Society, which is kind of slumming it 'cause folks can get in - with a measly IQ of 130.
- Also check old school records.
We're looking for someone who's in his 20s or 30s.
Yeah, hit you back when I got something.
All right.
All right, this is it.
"You could do so much better.
" I'll talk to the manager, see if they know who placed the ad.
Who is this message for? The writer is a genius, but the recipient would have to be, too, in order to decode it.
Yeah, Dave? All right.
A cabdriver's just been murdered.
Broad daylight and no witnesses.
The engine was still running.
What, was he dropping the UnSub off? In '69, Zodiac killed the cabdriver from the back seat, but this driver was shot from outside.
Well, look at this.
It's another souvenir.
Well, it's digital quality.
Can't be that old.
There's a void in the blood spatter pattern.
It's a blow back shadow.
Somebody else was there.
All ads have to be placed in person at the China Weekly Post.
This ad was placed a week ago by a white male in his 20s to early 30s.
A week ago? This was highly premeditated.
ROSSl: The UnSub kidnapped someone from the back of the cab; that could be who the messages were for.
Check with the cab dispatcher.
Find out where the driver's last fare was picked up.
Morgan, see if there are any missing persons - in that neighborhood.
- JJ and I can look for ATM and other surveillance cameras near the newspaper.
What do you have, Garcia? Precious information.
The little boy in the photo, his name is Robbie Shaw.
He disappeared from Mill Valley in 2000, and no suspects were ever identified.
Ready for a wild time? I can't believe you're taking me to Vegas.
I'm unavoidable for 48 hours.
I told you I was sorry.
I'm kidding.
Hey, you're a big shot now.
You could be, too, you know.
I'm not like you.
Marisa thinks you're great.
But clearly, she prefers you.
Where are you going? The airport's the other way.
Change of plans.
Got it.
The cabdriver's last fare was in the Marina district, the 500 block of Chestnut.
Lots of bars, restaurants, shops there.
Garcia says nobody's been reported missing in the area.
The passengers in the Marina, they'd be young, educated, well-to-do.
- What's he doing? We've been thinking about this case too linearly.
Based on the complexity of the code, it's obvious this UnSub is operating on several different levels.
So, we need to start thinking in multiple dimensions.
Where are we? This is our old Zodiac book.
He's back.
He murdered two Berkeley students over there the other night.
I know.
Did you look for ciphers? You still read the Chronicle, don't you? No, Marisa prefers the Examiner.
What are we doing here? Remember how we thought we could catch the Zodiac? We were obsessed with the idea.
We were 12.
We were kids, but we can catch him now.
You know the police won't find him.
Come on, Caleb.
Give it a try.
For old times' sake.
So, you're the Zodiac.
Maybe you stalked this couple.
Or you waited at the bottom of the hill for the right victims to come by.
Can we make this quick? Well, that's up to you.
I'd be wearing a regular jacket, covering up my Zodiac hoodie.
No one who saw you would think twice.
I'd sneak up on them through the trees, drop the jacket, and pull out my gun.
Hey, we went through all the surveillance footage near the newspaper.
There was nothing.
Spence, you okay? Nothing is accidental.
Nothing this UnSub does is accidental.
The message in the China Weekly Post was on page F-4.
Why F-4? Well, that's where the classifieds were.
It's more than that.
I stab him.
Then I go to her.
And you turn her over because you want her to see you.
I get off on her terror.
I want to see her face as I destroy her.
Admit it.
You're having fun.
I'm being a good sport.
What do you think Marisa would think of this? She'd find it strange, but so would anyone.
You think you two are really right for each other? I parked there under the trees so I could leave quickly.
Can you rotate that? See, F-4 is a chess square.
He murdered people - according to a chess game? - Specifically, game six of Fischer versus Spassky in 1972, one of the greatest chess matches ever played.
The murder locations correspond with the final three moves of the game.
Garcia's lair of knowledge and wisdom.
Garcia, do you have the list of Zodiac case experts? Yes, standing by for you, I have everyone who has ever written or blogged about it.
FYl, there are way too many people obsessed with this sicko.
All right, cross-reference that with professional chess players.
Oh, that totally helps.
Yeah, okay.
List is getting smaller and smaller down to nothing.
All right, open it up to high-level amateurs as well.
I'm feeling dissatisfied now.
I need something more than another couple to kill.
The opening moves are done.
- It's time for the middle game.
- Exactly.
I'm hungry for a capture.
The cabdriver is just a sacrifice.
- To throw off the opponent.
- And I kill him, because what I really want is his passenger.
So where is the passenger? I have a car, so I can go anywhere.
Crack team of investigators missed something.
Did I drop this? Of course not; I planted it.
Because that's the game I play.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Get ready to love me more.
I did a search of chess players rated 2,200 or higher, which would make them masters but not necessarily professionals.
I cross-referenced that search with Zodiac experts and came up with two former chess prodigies and best friends who used to write about the Zodiac in their junior high school newspaper, and I get bonus points because they both have IQs over 160.
Where are they? In San Francisco.
Caleb Rossmore is a city parks employee.
Harvey Morell is an engineer at a Chinese computer firm.
He's about to get married.
And yes, I just e-mailed you all this information right now.
The fiancée, Marisa Devon, looks like the two female victims.
They were surrogates for her.
Caleb could be jealous of his friend.
Or what if he's afraid of losing Harvey? If he was a child prodigy, he may no longer feel special as an adult.
He could be trying to hold on to him.
Harvey's engagement could have been a trigger.
Reid, I know Spassky conceded the match, but what would the next move have been? Spassky would've been checkmated, or he would have lost his queen.
Lock's broken.
So where would you hide the passenger? Over here.
Spassky's queen was in square E-8, so that would land us in Richmond.
Garcia, is there a connection between that location and the two men? Checking now.
Uh Bingo.
Harvey's dad worked there as a chemistry teacher in the '60s.
And oh, uh, Caleb lived there in 2008.
He worked at the Powerlinks Gym on 2nd and Hill, and the Dragon Temple Restaurant at 636 Mason.
All right, JJ, you go to the gym; - we'll check out the restaurant.
- Copy that.
Zablonsky's wife recognized the photos of Caleb and Harvey.
They interviewed the detective for an article they were writing about the Zodiac - when they were kids.
- Oh, they wrote a "Crime Beat" column in the newspaper.
One of them stole the photo left at the first crime scene.
It had to be Caleb.
The message "You can do so much better" in the Chinese paper was meant for Harvey.
That means the original spam message - was for him, too.
- Well, how did Caleb - know that Harvey wouldn't turn him in? -Caleb has something on him, or he's holding the fiancée hostage.
Shut the front door.
They were interviewed by police in 2000 about a crime in their hometown.
You did this.
Why? - Are you hurt? No.
- We don't need her.
- Are you insane? I love her! - You love her?! Do you even know her?! 'Cause she doesn't know you.
She's an inferior being, - Harvey.
- She's a good person.
She is an imbecile! How you ended up with her has confounded me from day one.
She'll never understand you like I do.
You've lost your mind.
Why did things have to change? Grow up, Caleb! We couldn't keep doing the same things forever.
Why not? I know you had fun tonight.
Almost as much fun as what we did when we were 15.
He didn't tell you, did he? That's Caleb's car.
They're in the back.
If it's a hostage situation, Caleb's not gonna be easily talked down.
Shut up, Caleb.
We murdered little Robbie Shaw.
- How old was he, Harvey? Seven? - He's lying.
It was such a thrill! - Remember? - Harv Don't listen to him.
Forget about her.
I did all this to save you from a life of misery, of pretending to be someone you're not.
You murdered all those people to save me?! Stop being so sanctimonious! It doesn't suit you! Now do you want to kill her, or should I? You know that's how the game has to end.
- This isn't a game.
- If we get rid of her now, we'll be long gone before she's found.
The police won't catch us, because the murders were perfect.
Just like Robbie Shaw's.
Not really.
If they were perfect, I probably wouldn't be here right now.
I had nothing to do with this.
You really went out of your way to impress Harvey, Caleb.
The murders the chess game, all designed to entice him.
He is pathological! I don't know if Harvey's the best friend in the world to be selling you out like that.
I mean, after you killed Robbie Shaw together, you probably thought that you guys had an unbreakable bond.
He murdered Robbie by himself.
When we took him into the woods and strangled him I've never seen you so exhilarated.
The look on your face.
You can't deny that, Harvey.
But afterwards, something changed.
You two grew apart.
I wasn't there.
You pulled away from me.
Do you know how much that hurt? I would have done anything for you, Harvey.
I looked up to you.
You know what I think, Harvey? I think killing Robbie Shaw was your idea.
You chose him because his brother used to pick on you in school.
You're successful, you're charismatic, you're dominant, which means that you most likely made the plans and Caleb followed.
Let me ask you this- where did you hide the body? Listen to me If I was gonna kill somebody and hide a body, I think I would probably use sulphuric acid.
Especially if my father was a chemistry teacher, right, Caleb? Caleb don't listen to him.
He is trying to trick us.
- Do you trust him, Caleb? - Caleb! Hey, Caleb! Whatever happens, - we'll protect each other.
Oh, I'm I'm sure that he'll protect you if he's around.
I mean, he is moving to Shanghai in a couple of months.
He put the transfer in about a year ago.
Wait, did y did your good friend Harvey not tell you about that? I'm sure that he'll send you a postcard.
I was going to tell you.
Robbie's bones are buried in his backyard.
Let's go.
"There is no greater sorrow than to recall in misery the time when we were happy.
" Dante.
Hey, Reid, um, Hotch wants to talk to you.
What's wrong? Probably wants to talk to me about why I've been kind of weird lately.
You are making a difference, you know.
One person at a time.
Thank you.
You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about why I stayed after Gideon left, why I didn't take any of those other offers.
Nothing is accidental.
And I realized, I don't know, there's just something incredibly right about being here.
With you guys.
Well, I'm glad you shared that.
Otherwise, this would have been really awkward.
What would've been really awkward? Surprise! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! - Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
? With everything? ? Being as it is now? - Happy birthday, old man.
- Oh! ? We should be together? Happy birthday.
Almost 40 now.
? There's no one else? ? To say hello the way you knew how? ? To make it all seem? ? Better?