Criminal Minds s07e17 Episode Script

I Love You, Tommy Brown

Everyone says that love happens when you least expect it.
I guess it's true because, when I met you, love was the last thing on my mind.
I'd find myself sneaking out to see you.
I'd put fancy makeup on just to make you smile.
I still feel the touch of your skin.
You help me get through every night.
You give my life purpose.
That's why, no matter what people try to do nothing is going to keep us apart.
No! No! Just the guy I'm looking for.
Hey, what's up, Kevin? Can we, uh talk? Is Penelope okay? Oh, y-y-yeah, yeah, she's perfect.
In fact, that's why I'm here.
Look, I, I know you're Penelope's boo and she is your baby girl, a- and what I'm about to embark on involves the keen insight of somebody who knows her inside and out, and no matter how much therapy I have gone through trying to understand your relationship, I know you're that person.
Okay, Kevin, land your plane.
I want to propose to Penelope, and I need your help.
Please, I'm not asking for your blessing, I'm asking for your advice.
Okay, should I do it over a couple tacos and a nice can of Red Bull? All right, well, uh, should I take her to New York and do it at the Statue of Liberty? Okay, uh, maybe I should serenade her at the roundtable right before you guys present a case.
No, actually that may not work, given the gruesome nature of your job.
Oh, um, how about the high-tech room and I, and I pop up on an HD mainframe? Kevin, seriously, I got a meeting I got to get to.
Derek, please.
Come on, bro, this is important.
Um, hi, yeah, what was that about? Oh, he, you know, he just wanted to talk.
About what? Just guy stuff.
Me? I didn't say that.
Garcia, I'd like to get started.
Yes, sorry, uh two couples were found shot to death in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.
The first was Mark Daniels and Ben Priestly.
They were found dead in their living room.
Second was John and Heather Miller.
They lived four miles away and they were found last night, dead in their hallway.
- Their daughter found them? - Yeah, she had snuck out to see her boyfriend.
When she got back, they were dead.
Two double homicides must be rare in that area.
What makes it weirder is that there was no sign of robbery or sexual assault.
The shooter used a.
Shot them execution-style.
He's experienced.
He used a pillow as a silencer.
Don't want to wake the neighbors.
You know, these crimes seem to lack the emotionality that we typically see in personal-cause homicides.
Most executions are criminal enterprise-related.
Well, the probability of these couples being involved in the exact same illegal activity is kind of low.
There's no way these were random victims of opportunity.
Garcia, no sign of forced entry? Not that the authorities have found, no.
So it's a home invasion.
Or our UnSub is using some kind of ruse.
Either way, they're calculating and dispassionate.
They have no appreciation for chenille throw pillows.
Well, the violent and targeted nature of these crimes suggests that there could be more.
All right, wheels up in 30.
When people look back and talk about us they're going to say what I did was right, that we were ahead of our time.
We were pioneers.
Well, I get to pick the movie next time.
Well, it's better than the last Come on, Gayle, you look cute in those glasses.
Am I any less cute when I have a migraine? Brian.
Who are you? What do you want? Please don't hurt us.
There's money and jewelry upstairs.
And when they ask me why I did it I'll tell them the truth.
It's because I love you.
I love you, Tommy Brown.
It was once said that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you but trusting them not to.
All right, let's go over the victimology.
Each of the victims was a professional.
The domestic partners were lawyers and the Millers worked at a tech company.
But PD couldn't find any overlap.
GARCIA: Both couples were really enjoyed by their peers.
The neighborhood watch, volunteered in community groups, you name it.
Well, this was a straight-up execution: kneeling on the ground, placing a pillow - behind their head.
- It seems ritualistic.
ROSSl: Or he's simply taking precautions.
Some of the vics were shot in the leg.
They probably were trying to defend themselves and this was the only way our UnSub could get them to the floor.
Well, the scene's pretty clean, except what's left on the floor and the pillows.
Garcia, how are each of the couples' financials? Yo, I wish mine were this good.
What about the Millers' daughter Abby? She sneaks out to see her boyfriend? That's kind of convenient.
PD confirms her story, and neighbors saw her kissing her boyfriend in his backyard during the time of the kills.
You guys, something just happened- another couple, same area, shot to death in their house.
This is turning into a spree.
Targeting potentially unrelated couples.
And the time between the murders is accelerating.
Prentiss, you and JJ go talk to Abby.
David and I will go to yesterday's crime scene.
Morgan and Reid, you go to the new one.
I mean, we get our occasional DWl, few kids egging a house on Halloween, but people shot like this Looks like one of those cable shows.
Well, again there's no sign of break-in.
But all the windows were unlocked, so who knows? - They got it right there.
- Still had their keys out.
So they were caught off guard.
The house is childproofed.
It must have been a relative or neighbor's kids.
They didn't have any children.
The UnSub probably sat right here.
Had a soda; we should pull the cans for prints.
The reading light's still on, so the UnSub was looking for something.
But there aren't any magazines or newspapers around, which means it was important enough to take him out of killing mode.
For someone on a spree, this UnSub sure is patient.
If he's so patient, what is it that he's waiting for? Hello? Do not put me on hold again.
All I need you to do is confirm an address for me, please.
- Miss? - You got it? Here, can you stand up for me? Want to stand up for me? Stand up.
Stand up, let's get your jacket up.
I know.
Can I touch it? I'd rather you didn't.
You're so lucky.
A child is the greatest gift of love anyone can ask for.
Okay, excuse me.
Are you okay, sweetie? Okay.
I keep running it over in my head.
You know, maybe if I would have been home, I, I would have heard something.
There's nothing you could have done.
They had just finished watching TV.
Listen, did your parents have any problems with anyone? Were there people wh-who didn't like them? No, everyone loved them.
They'd have these get-togethers, and there'd be, you know, a hundred people in the living room.
Where did they meet all these people- community groups, clubs? At church.
Which one? Holy Worship? They went twice a week, and the wife taught - Sunday school.
- That's where Garcia said last night's victims went as well.
What about the first victims? No, but they volunteered at a community center.
Still, we've got two couples from the same congregation killed.
That may be where they met the UnSub.
And they turned on them.
I'll send Reid and Rossi to the church, see what they can find.
No No, Mom, I didn't put it in too much light or overwater it.
Listen, I got to go.
Don't call me an orchid killer.
I didn't kill it.
Excuse me.
Oh, my, what a pretty dress.
Oh, thanks, I just got this.
I didn't know if it was too much for me, but who cares, right? Yeah, who cares? Uh, what can I do for you? The Millers and the Gilberts both participated in our foster program.
It's a local joint venture we have with a community center.
Maybe it's the same one where our first victims volunteered.
Well, I'm with Social Services and I was in the neighborhood, so I figured I'd come by.
I usually get a call ahead of time for that.
Well, that explains why their homes were childproofed.
They sometimes had kids in their custody.
But if they were foster parents, it would have come up when Garcia checked their backgrounds.
Oh, if this is a problem, I'll just set up a time to see you later.
I'll have to report denial of entry, of course.
Uh, no.
Just come on.
It's fine.
What happens if you get a child who needs a home immediately, but no foster families are available? Is there some sort of an emergency list or something? Yeah.
Yeah, they take the kids for just a night or a weekend.
And, uh, both couples were on that list, too.
We'll need a copy of that.
REID: We also need the names of anyone who would have access to it.
Our UnSub's following that list.
Our last couple had a baby in their possession two days ago.
REID: Well, it sheds some light on the.
The gun is easy to handle.
And not very loud.
You know, add that to no forced entry.
I don't think the pillows were used to minimize sound.
They were used to stay clean, which means this UnSub might be a woman.
She most likely had a connection to the foster system.
Or she simply wants a kid.
Then why not just snatch one off the street? This is maternal desire.
These couples took in babies.
Maybe she had lost her own or can't conceive.
So she probably killed these people because when she got to their home, they didn't have a child in their possession.
She'll keep killing until she finds one.
So when was Johnny last in your house? Uh, he was moved a couple days ago.
I almost cried.
You should have seen me.
Where was he placed? It should be in the file.
Well, I don't have that information here.
I'm sure my social worker must have it.
What are you doing? Well, this is a gun, and inside of it are what we call bullets.
What do you want? I want to know where Johnny is.
Well, I just told you.
They put him in a home.
Which home? Oh.
It's probably on the desk.
Then hurry up.
Where is it? I don't see it.
Where is it? It's on the last page.
Do you want me to call her for you? No.
I want you to take off your necklace.
- My what? - Your necklace.
Now take off your dress.
Take it off! Please don't hurt me.
I've never hurt anybody in my life.
Kneel on the ground.
I I was raped once before.
Oh, for God's sake, shut up.
Oh! Our Father, Who art in - Stop that.
- Hallowed be Thy name.
- Stop that! - Thy kingdom come, - Stop.
- Thy will be done, - On earth as it is in heaven.
- I'm warning you! Give us our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Just shut up! Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
That's enough! She was on the Emergency Foster Family list, too, but she hadn't had a kid for 48 hours.
The UnSub must have some kind of ruse.
She gets in pretty easily.
Well, she's definitely an organized spree killer.
She changed her M.
She stripped the woman down to her underwear and took her clothes.
We'll check for sexual assault.
Oh, I wouldn't waste too much time.
Female serial killers are agenda-driven, not sexually compulsive.
What's the agenda here? She left the woman in her heels and her slip- could be humiliation.
Why didn't she do this to any of the others? Oh, she's definitely escalating.
When she found out the woman didn't have a child, she got mad.
Look at her.
She gave up on the pillow, and then sprayed the body with bullets.
So her maternal desire is causing her to unravel.
What started all this? She's killing this frequently because she's desperate.
She may have told somebody that she's pregnant, and now she's got to produce a kid.
Oh, come on.
Is it Garcia? Yup.
Why aren't you answering it? Complicated.
GARCIA: Derek Morgan, this is the 67th message that I have left you, and if you do not call me back, I will have no choice but to show everyone that nude photo of you from art class, and not the good one, either.
I'm being serious.
What were you and Kevin talking about yesterday? I'm freaking out here.
Please call me back.
- KEVIN: Penelope? - Hey.
You okay? Yes, okay.
Yes, I am okay.
I am fine.
- Are you sure? - No.
What were you and Morgan talking about? When? When? Yesterday.
Uh uh, I don't remember.
That's funny, 'cause you guys never talk.
Well, now, that-that is untrue.
That's totally true.
Morgan is my friend, you are my friend.
You and Morgan are not friends.
- It's complicated.
- Mm-hmm.
You know, we were just talking about guy stuff.
- Yeah? - Mm.
- Like what? - Um We were talking about basketball.
Morgan hates watching basketball.
He's a hockey fan.
Yes, yes.
Yes, I know.
In fact, he was just telling me about how, uh, one of the first professional hockey leagues was started by black players in Nova Scotia in 1895.
I know.
Who knew? You want to get some dinner? No.
Uh, we're about to develop a profile.
I have to stay here.
We believe the UnSub we're looking for is a white female who, based upon the organizational level of the crimes, is in her late 30s to early 40s.
PRENTISS: We also believe that something in the last few days has triggered her to think that killing was the only way she was gonna be able to obtain a child.
Consequently, the foster families that did not have a child in their care when she visited became her victims.
ROSSl: Because all these families recently had children in their homes, we believe our UnSub is motivated by maternal desire.
Maternal desire is the profound emotional need to mother a baby.
This stems from either the tragic loss of her own child, or the inability to have one at all.
This UnSub may also fantasize that someone else's baby belongs to her, and this emotion feels beyond her control.
A woman who miscarries sometimes projects onto someone else's baby, and then sets out to take that child.
This may cause our UnSub to do something drastic like commit a Caesarian abduction, or kidnap a random kid.
The speed at which the kills are occurring suggests that our UnSub is frustrated and devolving.
This is causing her to go on a spree, which usually ends in a very high body count and suicide by cop.
So, we should look at anyone who was pregnant and suffering from postpartum psychosis.
We also need to check those who worked for or had access to the local foster system.
Thank you.
Any questions? Okay, here we go.
Let me check Here we go.
I know.
I know.
Get in the car, or I will shoot you right here.
Oh, my God.
Okay, okay.
Start the car, Karen.
How do you know my name? Oh, I know everything about you.
You're single, you made six figures last year.
Decided to adopt a baby because everything in your life had worked out, except for your broken ovaries.
- What do you want? - Oh, you'll see.
This'll be over sooner than you think.
Oh, oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
Everything is gonna be all right.
Drive, Karen.
So, I checked the pregnant employees working with the foster program.
No indication of maternal desire, or postpartum psychosis.
What about those who were fired or quit? Only two were pregnant, but they also had healthy children.
The rest don't fit the profile.
Okay, we need to warn other parents in the foster system.
- Police department's already making phone calls.
This woman is erratic and unstable.
What about someone who was recently released from a mental institution? Well, that would explain taking the last victim's clothes.
When you enter a facility, they strip you of your identity.
REID: And when you get out of an institution, the first thing you do is try to get your identity back.
Let's get Garcia.
Please, wha-whatever you want, I will give you.
Is he still drinking formula, or is he on to milk? I have stocks, and I have money.
I wanted to breastfeed him, but they took him away.
You know what happens when a mommy can't get rid of her milk? Pain is excruciating.
They give you this pill that dries you up.
That's the most unnatural thing in the whole world, little Johnny.
His name is Ben.
It's Johnny! You changed it.
Can he eat peanuts? Because his dad is highly allergic.
His dad? Who are you? I'm his mother, and I'm here to take him back.
Hi, baby.
Mommy's here.
Oh, yeah.
Pull over.
Penny G has checked all local mental institutions, and there are no women that fit that description that have been released in the last two weeks.
All right, check Oregon, Idaho, even Montana.
GARCIA: Okay, there are four women that match the profile, and none of them were preggers.
Another woman's been shot three blocks from here.
She has a fairly limited comfort zone.
All right, Reid, work the list.
I'll take Rossi and Prentiss with me.
Since you couldn't go out to dinner, I thought I would bring dinner to you.
You never bring me dinner.
Vegan Pad Thai, your favorite.
You had to go all the way to Adams Morgan to get me that.
I thought I would just do something special.
- And you're sweating.
- No, I'm not.
Why are you acting so weird? I'm not acting weird.
- You're acting weird.
-I'm acting weird because you're I don't have time for this, okay? I need to get to work.
Okay, I'll just stand in the back.
No, I can't concentrate if you're here.
Well, okay, um I'll put the food in the fridge, but maybe you have time to take a nibble on this? This is a red velvet cupcake, and you only give them to me on special occasions.
We'll talk later.
Inside! BP's 90/60.
- Can she talk? - No.
Pressure's falling.
Check the car, I'll go with her.
We'll put out an APB on our UnSub.
She might be on foot.
It's okay, Johnny.
Mommy's gonna take care of everything.
- -No, no, no, no.
Shh, shh, shh, relax.
We're almost there, honey.
Almost there.
I promise.
That's the first time she shot someone in public.
ROSSl: She also didn't kill her.
Maybe she panicked and ran off.
Oh! Or she intentionally spared her, because she had what she wanted: a kid.
Rossi, look at all this.
- The baby mirror - Yeah, and the stains.
PRENTISS: Yeah, that could be formula.
Our UnSub most likely transferred the child into her own car - right here on the street.
- So that means she fits in, but the question is, where did the carjacking happen? Huh.
She was coming from the doctor's office.
Kid was sick.
Okay, but why leave the victim so close to the police station? Well, she might not have known.
She's erratic and probably on a schedule.
So her desperation outweighed rationale.
Come here.
Uh what are you doing here? I got out.
That wasn't supposed to happen for another six months.
Who's this? It's Johnny, honey.
Our Johnny.
We're gonna be a family, honey.
No one can stop us now.
Hey, let me look at you.
Did you buy this for me? Yeah.
It took me a long time to find it.
Now, we have to hurry.
Where are we going? We can just go upstairs.
My mom won't be home for hours.
No, we're getting out of town, Tommy.
- What are you talking about? - We're leaving here.
Is there anything else you're gonna need? Well, I-I can't just take off.
Sure you can.
I've spent the last four days getting everything ready.
I got us a house that has a yard and a Jacuzzi tub, just like that hotel we used to go to, uh-huh.
What about my mom? Your mom is the reason that we're in this position in the first place.
She sent me to jail, Tommy, remember? She's sick! Remember what she said about me on the television- she said that I was a predator.
Am I an animal, Tommy? - No.
- No.
Come on, baby.
I'm tired of writing letters.
We can't go back to sneaking around anymore, okay? - Okay.
- Mm.
Ignore that.
GIRL Tommy, it's Julie.
Who's Julie? A friend.
Are you doing her? What?! What's that for? No one is gonna come between us again, Tommy.
Wha ROSSl: Did you get anything from Karen? She's in surgery for two more hours.
What about you? We think the UnSub carjacked Karen at a pediatrician's office two blocks from where she was shot.
ROSSl: Witnesses said that a woman with blonde hair, early 40s, was waiting on a bench for an hour around the same time Karen took her kid there.
PRENTISS: We're working up a composite now.
Dozens of women and their children were in and out of the building in the morning, but her only focus was Karen.
So it's not just about maternal desire, - it's about a specific child.
- Karen was in the process of becoming the kid's adoptive mom.
The boy's name is Ben.
What if he's our UnSub's baby? Then he was probably fostered by all of our victims.
Do we know the birth parents' names? - Sealed with the state.
- Time to unseal it.
Julie, what are you doing here? I missed you at lunch today.
Yeah, I had band practice.
Oh, you know, I was thinking about taking up the flute.
Oh, cool.
- Yeah.
Uh, maybe we could talk about this later.
Listen, everyone's going to this dance in a few weeks, and I was thinking maybe you and I could go together? I'm not really into dances.
JULIE: Ah, but it'll be fun.
Look, I know you haven't dated anyone since the whole Miss Hallman thing, but I know I'm not as old as her, or experienced, but I know what to do.
JULIE: What's that? Uh, it was, uh, I'm just watching TV.
- No, was that a baby? - No.
No, it's not a baby.
It Miss Hallman.
I thought you were in jail.
Let me give you a little lesson on the prison system, sweetie.
It's overcrowded, so I'm out.
Yeah, well, you're not supposed to be here.
- You raped him.
- Julie! Do you think what we did was rape? We made love.
Tell her, Tommy.
It's true, Julie.
This is my girl.
Your mom has a restraining order against her.
Lesson number two, Julie- restraining orders can be broken.
Take the baby to the car.
- Maggie, we -Tommy, take the baby to the car! Tommy, what are you doing? I'm calling the police.
Put the phone down.
- He's 16.
- So what! This is your final lesson, Julie: Do not mess with the teacher.
Okay, here's the dealio, and stay with me.
Ben, formerly known as Johnny, was born to Margaret Hallman.
- Where is she now? - Well, uh, she should be at the Fallbrook Women's Correctional Facility, but she was released four days ago due to overcrowding.
We thought it was a mental institution.
Well, if she was released, why kill to get your own kid? Her maternal rights must have been terminated.
Yeah, that happens when you have sex with one of your high school students two years ago.
His name is Thomas Brown, AKA Tommy Brown, and he is little Johnny's baby daddy.
Like, for real.
Teacher love syndrome.
GARCIA: She gave birth to Tommy's baby in jail, and then, when Tommy's mom refused to raise it, - the baby was put in foster care.
-Okay, so we were right.
The baby did spend time in each of the victims' homes.
- Ooh, you betcha.
- That would explain the spree and the maternal desire.
She's trying to put her family back together.
Garcia, we need the Browns' address.
Maggie what'd you do to her? I just scared her.
You didn't shoot her? Oh Maggie, she can't die.
What if I died, Tommy?! Do you know what they did to me in jail? Ever since I met you, people have been trying to keep us apart.
The teachers at the school tried to.
WOMAN Did you hear So did the students.
Maggie, - that's not the point.
- Do you know, in medieval times you could be 12 and get married.
Henry VIII's first wife was much older than he was.
Romeo and Juliet were 13! BOY Are you serious? You got to be kidding! Look, no one understands that you and I were meant for each other, that time and age have no meaning.
Now, you're the love of my life.
But if I'm not yours, then get out.
Get out.
- JULIE: Please please help.
- Female down.
We need an ambulance at 1986 Homer Street.
Is Margaret Hallman in the house? She took Tommy.
Okay, you're gonna be okay.
- What's your name? - Julie Parker.
Julie, do you know where they went? No.
It hurts.
Uh, let's put this on it, okay? Are you Tommy's neighbor? Yes.
Miss Hallman had their baby with her.
Tommy took all his stuff.
Place is empty.
- It's clear here, too.
We need to find out everything we can about Margaret Hallman.
There are probably other victims in her past.
Whose house is this? It's ours.
This is awesome.
You should see inside; it's beautiful.
Maggie, I, I don't know what to say.
Oh, I love you.
Told you it wasn't over.
We're going to do this, baby.
Everyone said you were going to forget about me when you went to jail.
No way.
How could I? I wanted to show people the letters, but I didn't want to get in trouble.
That was very, very smart.
You know, I was just writing you this morning.
Yeah? Well, you should read it to me.
Why don't you go inside, take a shower, and I'll freshen up? We, uh, we have a lot of catching up to do.
Miss Hallman had an exemplary record in jail.
What was her correspondence like with the outside world? Um, well, she had limited computer use, and she used all that time searching for a Johnny Lewis.
Her baby? GARCIA: No.
Johnny Lewis is one of her former students from Lake Forest School.
His parents charged her with molestation and then they dropped the charges.
PRENTISS When was this? Three years prior to meeting Tommy.
So she has a baby with Tommy and names it after the first kid she assaulted? Yeah, and according to the prison's hard drive, she wrote dozens of e-mails to this Johnny Lewis.
Maybe Tommy's a surrogate for him.
Garcia, we need to talk to the Lewises.
GARCIA: Mm, their phone is disconnected.
What about an address? GARCIA: They've moved around a lot.
Oh, wow, okay, it's like they're off the grid.
Well, who lives in their old house now? Maybe they can help us get info.
Uh, it's changed hands a lot.
Oh, snap, crackle, and pop goes the lady weasel.
You'll never guess who bought it.
- PRENTISS: Miss Hallman.
- Mm-hmm, it was picked up by her sister a year ago, and then it was transferred to Maggie's name yesterday.
Every day I think about your touch, your smell.
I wonder when we'll be back together again.
Winter, summer, or fall.
The metal bars that separate us are just temporary, Maggie.
Instead of keeping us apart, they made us closer.
I didn't know life could be so good.
You have the prettiest eyes.
I think I'm going to want another kid, Tommy, have a big family.
- Then we'll do that.
- Mm-hmm.
I didn't know they tried to hurt you while you were in there.
Why didn't you tell me about that in your letters? Well, I didn't want to scare you.
I would have done something.
- Well, there's nothing you could have done.
- All that's important is that we're here now.
What is that? - It's the police.
- Did you call them?! - Why would I do that? - Let me see your phone.
I didn't call anyone.
Maybe Julie did.
- I - If you're lying to me I would never, I would never lie to you.
Yeah? Then, then prove it.
What, what do you want me to do? Protect your family, honey.
Come here, sweet pea.
You take the front; Prentiss and I will take the back.
FBl! Drop it! Just, just move.
- Move, move back.
- Tommy, drop the gun.
Just, just get off our yard.
You don't want to do this.
You don't know me.
My, my girl and kid - are in there.
She's a predator, Tommy.
No, sh-she is not an animal.
- We love each other.
- No, no, Tommy, this isn't love.
This is a woman who has been taking advantage of you.
She molested you.
No, I-I knew what I was doing.
Did you know that there was another kid exactly like you from another school? Sh-Shut up.
No, no, they're lying.
Tommy, she wrote letters to him, too.
That's not true.
And she'd tell him that everything happens for a reason.
- Be quiet! -JJ: She said that he was the love of her life.
That's it! That she loved sneaking out to see him.
MAGGIE: I never thought I'd be sneaking out to see you.
You wrote that to me, Maggie.
Tommy, she wrote it to another boy.
His name was Johnny Lewis and he lived in this exact house.
MAGGIE: I never thought I'd be putting on fancy makeup just to see you smile.
What are they talking about? She named your kid after him.
Is that true? I wasn't the only one? MAGGIE: I still feel the touch of your skin.
Answer me, damn it! Without you, my life would be empty.
Without you, I would go numb.
That's why nothing is going to keep us apart, and I mean nothing.
- Maggie! Need paramedics - on the front porch.
- Maggie.
Maggie, stay with me.
You were my light.
Maggie, please don't go.
You were my soul.
I don't care what anybody says.
I love you.
I love you, Johnny Lewis.
"For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth.
" Bo Bennett.
I will never understood this whole teacher-lover thing.
I can barely deal with a grown man.
What's interesting is, if it would have been a male teacher and a female student, he'd have gotten 20 years and none of this would have happened.
Well, she could get life plus 20 for all those murders she committed.
You know what's funny? If she wasn't so pretty, she probably would've never been released in the first place.
- What? - It's true.
Unattractive female predators serve a longer prison sentence than their attractive counterparts.
Wow, that's ridiculous.
REID: It's primal.
There's a hierarchy to everything, including sex offenders.
Okay, well, who's ready to get breakfast? Uh, I can't.
There's something I got to take care of.
Hey, you.
I'm sorry I didn't call you back.
That's totally okay.
I have low-grade ESP, so I can pretty much figure out what's going on.
It works okay.
Okay, I'll bite.
What am I thinking? It's not what you're thinking.
It's what Kevin and you were talking about, and I've been racking my brain over what it could be for the last 48 hours.
He's been sweaty, he's been reading my favorite books, he's been getting my favorite foods.
Derek, I hacked into his computer.
- Penelope - He's looking at rings.
You know, the last time I checked, Kevin is a pretty great guy.
I knew it I knew it.
Baby, this is a good thing, isn't it? Maybe to you it is but not to me.
What happened to your standing Tuesday night date thing? That has nothing to do with this.
When relationships get more official, they get messy, and, and you give and you compromise and people change and then somebody goes away and you're left empty, and I, and I don't want that.
- Okay, hey, hey, hey.
- I don't want to be empty.
Baby, I really don't think that's going to happen.
Yeah, that's what always happens, and, and I don't, I don't want any part of that.
I don't want any part of that at all.
What's wrong, plum sauce? You know what? I'm gonna let you guys do, um, what you guys do.
You, uh, you know, don't you? Kevin, I-I like the way that things are now.
I- I love how you have your space and I have my space, and, and when we come together, w- we're our own weird world unto ourselves, and I don't want to ruin that.
That's not what this would do.
Yeah, it would.
Penelope, are you, uh, are you against marriage or are you just against marrying me? Kevin, I I'm just not ready yet.
Well, I am.