Criminal Minds s07e21 Episode Script

Divining Rod

"She comes like fullest moon on happy night, "taper of waist with shape of magic might.
- She hath an eye " Make him shut up.
Nobody wants to hear what he's got to say.
" and ruby on her cheeks reflects his light.
" This is Warden Hansen.
I understand.
We'll proceed.
" envails her hips "the blackness of her hair.
"Beware of curls that bite with viper bite.
"Her sides are silken soft " that while the heart mere rock behind that surface escapes our sight " The Channel 13 news team is standing by - outside the walls of Gunter State Prison to bring you live coverage.
We've received word that the final appeal has been denied, and the scheduled execution of Rodney Garrett by firing squad is now imminent.
"Never while I live shall I cease to blame myself "for the past.
"From the fringed curtains of her eye " " she shoots shafts that at furthest range " We've just received confirmation from prison officials that at 6:23 a.
local time Rodney Baines Garrett was put to death by firing squad, bringing to an end the long GARCIA: A row house in Dupont Circle.
- Wow.
- I can't believe I'm doing it.
It's probably not gonna work out anyway, right? There are five other sealed bids, - and I offered way below what the owners are asking.
Sounds to me like someone's hoping they don't get it.
REID: Orthophobia: fear of owning personal property.
No, I don't have a fear of owning stuff.
Turn me loose in a shoe store, I'll prove that.
My fear is personal property that weighs 300 tons.
Actually, depending on materials used, square footage, and horizontal versus vertical construction, the average house only weighs about 60 tons.
PRENTISS: Well, thanks for that, Reid.
I feel light as a bird already.
What do we got, baby girl? Thank you, sir.
We have a killing in Enid, Oklahoma.
And not the capital punishment one you are thinking of right now.
I'm talking about a woman named Cara Smith who was murdered in her apartment minutes after the execution of Rodney Garrett.
Neighbor saw her front door open and discovered the body.
Look familiar? Young, pretty, short blonde hair.
ROSSl: And stabbed directly through the heart.
That's exactly the way Garrett killed his victims.
So are we looking at a copycat? Or someone creating doubt the right person was executed.
ROSSl: In Garrett's case there was no doubt.
His guilt was the slam dunk of all slam dunks.
- Prints, DNA, a confession.
- REID: He even led police - to where he buried two of his victims.
-Garrett killed If this new UnSub is a copycat, body count's just started.
Which is why we can't waste time.
Wheels up in 30.
I know, I know, you're hungry.
Let Mommy get changed, and I'll feed you.
"Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires.
" William Blake.
Firing squad.
That's not something you see every day.
Well, Garrett had the option of lethal injection, - but he chose this instead.
- ROSSl: Flair for the dramatic.
Initial reports indicate no forensic evidence at the crime scene.
- What about the ice pick? - It's generic.
No serial number or unique metallurgy.
Well, now, it says here that there were water droplets in a half-filled flower vase on top of a chest of drawers, but no flowers- not in the vase, not in the garbage, - nowhere.
Maybe the UnSub took them.
Hey, say it like you mean it, baby.
GARCIA: You know I'm gonna.
So, if you look in the dictionary, the word "normal," you will see Cara Smith.
College student, well liked, straight A's, English lit major.
Ooh, speaking of which, I just got a transcript of Rodney Garrett's last words hot off the press, and gold star to the first person who can identify the source of this.
"She comes like fullest moon on happy night, - taper of waist " -REID "With shape of magic might.
" It's from The Thousand and One Nights.
Not the exact translation that I would have used, but And in a shocking non-upset - we have a winner.
-Garrett was a sixth-grade dropout.
An unlikely guy to be quoting from a Harvard Classic.
The choice of material does make sense, though.
The book is all about how Scheherazade forestalled her own death at the hands of the king by regaling him night after night with stories.
But in the end she won him over, right? The king fell in love, and he decided not to execute her.
ROSSl: Not a strategy likely to work with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.
Another body's been found half a mile from the first victim.
- Same M.
- That's six hours later.
- This guy's not wasting any time.
-We land in 20 minutes.
Reid, you and JJ go to the latest crime scene.
Rossi, you and Prentiss talk to Garrett's widow.
Morgan and I'll go to the prison.
If Garrett's got a disciple, we need to find out who he is, and fast.
Last thing this town needs is a Rod Garrett wannabe on the loose.
Did Garrett have any followers in prison? No, he was a loner- for the last seven years a box was Rod Garrett's whole world.
- What about visitors? - Only his wife.
According to Garrett's prison history, he was attacked twice while incarcerated? Shanked.
Both times Garrett got the upper hand and killed the assailant with their own knife.
Our internal investigation determined them to be unprovoked attacks.
Both hits might have originated on the outside.
Well, it makes sense, I can imagine there's a long list of friends and family who'd want Garrett dead.
Well, whoever it was, it didn't work.
This is it.
I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but there was something unkillable about Garrett.
Had my doubts that damn firing squad was gonna get the job done.
No, I couldn't bring myself to go to the execution.
Me and Rod said our good-byes the night before.
You supported him until the end, even knowing what he'd done.
Why? Ten years ago, when Rod and I first started dating, I got sick.
It would've been easy for Rod to move on, find somebody else, but he didn't.
He stood by my side.
When I was better we got married.
Now, Rod had to have been sick, mentally, to do the things that he did to all those women.
Now, I know that.
How could I abandon him after all he'd done for me.
He started killing shortly after you were married? - Yeah.
- ROSSl: And you never suspected this other life he was leading? No.
People only see what they want to see, I guess.
Where will you go now, Helen? Put in for a transfer for a job in Missouri.
Don't know anybody there; people don't know me.
It's a fresh start.
What about family? My family don't want to know me.
They couldn't understand why I'd stand by Rod after everything that he done.
As far as they're concerned, I'm just as bad as him.
I'm sorry.
I do blame myself sometimes.
A man's got needs.
You know.
Maybe things just got all twisted up in Rod's brain, because when I got sick I couldn't give him what he wanted.
Helen, you didn't kill those women.
Well Forgot I even had this.
What is it? A divining rod.
Belonged to my great uncle up in Bartlesville.
He could find well water with it.
And people say that's hocus-pocus, but it isn't.
My daddy said that I had one of these in me.
That I could find the bad in any man.
See beneath the surface and find the evil.
And maybe Daddy was right the way Rod turned out.
Hey, I'm Detective Childers.
You must be with the FBl.
- I'm Agent Jareau.
This is Dr.
Why don't you all follow me back here.
It's unbelievable this is happening all over again.
Who is she? Jody Armstrong.
Single, works at a cosmetic counter - in a department store downtown.
- Young, pretty, short blonde hair- same victimology as the others.
Who discovered the body? Apartment manager.
A neighbor called to complain that a teapot in the kitchen kept on whistling.
Greg Collins to main gate.
Anything else you need, let me know.
Thank you, we will.
Oh, non-prison personnel park outside the gate and get shuttled in.
How often did Garrett's wife visit? Never missed a day, not a one.
There'd be times she'd come, we'd be in emergency lockdown.
Everyone else would go back home.
Not her.
She'd wait, hour after hour, rain or shine, just in case lockdown got lifted.
Yeah, to a man who slaughtered two dozen women.
Go figure.
You have our number.
If you remember anything that can help us, please call.
It looks like your husband has an admirer, Helen, so please think about any phone calls you or he might have gotten, any suspicious fan mail.
I will, but most of the mail that he got was hateful, so I screened out the mean, crazy ones, and I only kept the positive ones to take to the prison to read to him.
People wrote him here, not the prison? Rod said that the guards were opening his mail and taking the money that people sent.
He had a defense fund, so I got a post office box.
Do you still have any of those letters? Mm-hmm, kept them all.
Would you mind if we took a look at them? You can have them.
Now that Rod's gone, I was just gonna throw them out anyway.
Thank you.
Hey, Spence, look at this.
What is it? I mean, th-this girl obviously cares about her appearance.
I mean, she's fit, her nails are perfectly done, but look at her hair.
It's uneven.
Could it maybe be a fashion statement? You know, look bad on purpose? Hey, look at this.
That was taken last night.
The UnSub cut her hair.
I just got home from work.
We still on for tonight? I am pouring wine.
Good ears.
It has been that kind of week.
I should bring a jacket, right? That place always has the A/C cranked up way too high.
Yeah? Uh-huh.
Hold on.
So, I'll see you there in like an hour? Can't wait.
This new guy's hunting in a different neighborhood.
He must be comfortable in the area.
He knew the victim's routines.
His method of ingress and egress is quiet and unnoticeable.
Get a load of this one.
"Dear Mr.
Garrett, it took a lot of courage "to do what you did.
"Most people are cowards "and don't do what they feel inside them.
You are an inspiration, and I applaud you.
" "I applaud you.
" These are supposed to be the non-wacko letters.
GARCIA: Hey, guess what? JJ's genius has struck again.
That hunch about the hair was right.
I'm sending you an ATM image of Cara Smith.
She's the first victim.
This was taken ten hours before her murder.
Check it.
The UnSub cut her hair, too.
REID: There could be a sexual element involved.
Trichophilia is a fetish where one becomes aroused by the removal of hair.
Well, either way, it's starting to look less like a copycat.
The UnSub's deviating too much from Garrett's M.
Garrett never took trophies.
He's also choosing low-risk victims.
Garrett stayed with high-risk targets, prostitutes, runaways Garrett also got sloppy and left behind clues that eventually nailed him.
This guy's careful and meticulous.
CHILDERS: He's not that careful.
He leaves doors open, teapots boiling.
I think it's intentional.
He wants the bodies found so we know when and where he's killing.
He started to shave her head.
Even more humiliation and disrespect.
He didn't do it to the other victims.
- Detective, when was the body discovered? -Half hour ago.
The killer left the front and back doors open.
There's no indication of any contact on the wine glass to swab for DNA.
Not even the victims? The UnSub probably wiped it down.
Has anyone found an open or empty wine bottle in the house? - We haven't found one yet.
- He probably took it with him like the flowers from the first victim.
He's killed at 6:00 a.
, noon, and 6:00 p.
I don't know about you guys, but I'm not feeling so good about the stroke of midnight.
PRENTISS: You remember when people used to write letters by hand? That's how I wrote my first book.
Give me a keyboard any day.
Oh, come on, Rossi, the excitement of seeing an envelope from a friend in your mailbox.
Now it's just an electronic ding on your computer.
One of my various brothers-in-law was a mailman.
He said the expression "going postal" made perfect sense to him.
You spend all day delivering a mountain of letters one at a time.
Then you go to work the next morning, and there's a whole new mountain to deal with, and it's forever.
That sounds like our job.
It took seven years for the world to get rid of Rod Garrett and 15 minutes after, a new one pops up to take his place.
What is it? "She comes "like fullest moon on happy night.
"Taper of waist with shape of magic might.
" The exact words Garrett said before he was executed.
Can I see that? Wait.
Uh, you remember the nutcase I told you about who wrote, "I applaud you.
" Exact same stationary.
Well, of course I remember this one.
This is one of his favorites.
I read it to him many times.
When did you receive these letters? Uh, a while ago.
At least three or four years.
We found two letters on this same type stationary.
Were there any more? Nothing I can recall.
What about the envelopes? I know it was a long time ago, but try to think.
Was there a return address? A postmark? Hardly anybody put their address.
Most people didn't even sign their names.
How come this is important? Your husband quoted those words moments before he was executed.
You didn't know that.
Aaron, I think we've got something.
Two pieces of fan mail that could be from our UnSub.
Can we pull DNA off of either one of the letters? Uh, doubtful.
The mildew damage is significant, but whoever wrote these to Garrett called him an inspiration.
This could be our guy.
We thought the UnSub was trying to usurp Garrett, but if this was the early stage of his obsession Then he might have applauded him back then.
It was some time later that the student became the master.
It makes sense with the timing of the first kill.
He was waiting for Garrett to die.
The king is dead, long live the king.
Now he's daring us to stop him, and the clock's still ticking.
We need to get the profile as soon as possible.
We believe we're looking for a white male between the ages of 30 and 40 who is strong enough to subdue physically fit young women with minimal resistance.
He's forensically sophisticated and evidence-conscious.
He targets his victims in advance, and he leaves no trail.
PRENTISS: This person is also confident.
He's been taunting us by revealing his crime scenes quickly.
Because of his ability to plan and flawlessly execute his crimes, we're looking for someone capable of holding down a job, even though it's probably menial and unfulfilling.
REID: The victims have all been young, blonde, and pretty.
As such, they reflect a certain societal standard of perfection and may actually represent the type of women that are unattainable to this UnSub.
PRENTISS: He cuts his victims' hair, and he takes it with him.
This could be another way for him to possess a part of them.
Or to degrade these unattainable women.
Make them uglier.
ROSSl: The killer has been murdering in six-hour increments.
He is, in effect, time-stamping his victims.
There's no reason to believe he will deviate from that now.
Which means the next kill will be at midnight.
The public needs to be alerted to stay off the streets for all non-essential activities.
Single women should not be in their homes alone.
Every available officer will be out in full force tonight.
We need to blanket this city.
We do have one advantage.
A killer who uses this kind of precise timing and specificity is easy to disrupt.
We can use his own M.
against him.
Thank you.
The police chief has suggested a city-wide curfew, and although it is not a mandatory curfew, the city of Enid tonight resembles a ghost town.
There's nothing like a serial killer on the loose to cut down on traffic.
The problem is, as far as we know, the UnSub strikes from inside the house, not out in the open.
We have to hope he's not already in place, lying in wait.
I'll be two minutes grabbing my clothes.
You're a sweetheart to let me stay the night.
When have I ever said no to a sleepover with you? Hi, Mom.
Yes, I heard, and I've seen the news, and I'm staying the night with a friend.
Go get the beer.
A friend, that's all.
No, I don't think you've met her.
We go to school together.
Yes, Mom, I'm fine.
I promise.
Yes, Mom.
I'll call you first thing in the morning, promise.
Gary, what's Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Help! Somebody help me! Hey, what the hell's going on out there? - What you got, Garcia? - I have found a thing of interest regarding the shanking attempts made on Garrett in prison.
- What is it? - GARCIA: The timing.
See, the first time Garrett was attacked was May 25, 2008.
The day before that, May 24 for those of you keeping score, Garrett's imminent execution date was postponed, right? So then if you flash forward to the second shanking attempt of stabiness, that would be November 15, 2010.
The day before that, his next execution date also postponed.
Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that someone decided to take matters into their own hands.
Thanks, Garcia.
Ever welcome, my comrades.
CHILDERS: Well that sounds like what you were thinking.
Somebody on the outside wanting a little revenge.
ROSSl: They wouldn't wait five years, give it two tries, and then toss in the towel.
Sounds to me like someone just needed Rod Garrett out of the way.
But Garrett was on death row, confined to a cell How was he in anybody's way? ROSSl: Since we're on the subject of things that don't make sense, the UnSub left the doors open after the murders.
Okay, that's directed at law enforcement.
Catch me if you can.
But the cutting of the hair That's for Garrett? CHILDERS: What makes you think that? Garrett chose victims who were easy prey, drug addicts and prostitutes, but this UnSub has chosen more difficult targets, but gone to the trouble of making them look like Garrett's victims.
ROSSl: That's his way of telling Garrett I can do better than you.
Okay, but why wait until after the execution to start killing? If the UnSub really wanted to thumb his nose at Garrett, wouldn't he want him to be alive to see it? Exactly.
That's the "doesn't make sense part.
" We're missing something.
All units, report of an abduction in the vicinity of Canwood and Harbart.
Suspect fled in a car.
No description of the vehicle.
Canwood? That's two blocks from here.
PRENTISS: We have a dark color moving at a high rate of speed north on Van Buren.
We're in pursuit.
Look out! PRENTISS: Oh! Get out of the car.
Put your hands where I can see them.
No, it's just I just tried to go after him.
I tried to follow, somebody took her.
Prentiss, the UnSub must have broken in while nobody was home and then waited.
Well, he didn't expect the victim to have a companion.
By putting a warning out he messed up his plans.
He had to improvise.
PRENTISS: Garcia? Garcia, hey, are you awake? GARCIA: Oh my God, I'm so awake.
It's 2:30 in the morning, this is when I hit my stride.
Awake right now.
I'm lying.
I fell asleep.
What do you need? PRENTISS: Emily Sisk.
She lives on the opposite end of the city from the first three victims.
So since it's not a shared neighborhood anymore, is there anything else that connects all of these women? GARCIA: Are you familiar with the term six degrees of separation? I am currently up to fifteen degrees of separation and I cannot find any connection with the victims, but I'm going to drink more mate and keep trying.
Okay, thanks.
Hotch, I think I found her.
You're on speaker, Prentiss.
PRENTISS: The UnSub must have circled back.
He dumped her just outside the perimeter of the abduction site.
Same M.
? No, she's got stab wounds all over her torso.
It's bad.
And Hotch, this time, he removed her scalp.
He must be enraged he wasn't able to carry the murder out as planned.
So now we might have another problem.
If our UnSub's blueprint is out the window, this may transition him into a spree killer.
ROSSl: I never could do that.
Do what? Take a nap.
It never felt natural.
REID: I'm actually wide awake, but for future reference, polyphasic sleep is completely natural, quite common in the animal world, and highly beneficial.
All right, 6:00 has way come and gone.
If our guy's killed again, he's not leaving the front door open anymore.
Or he could just be taking a breather.
I mean, even the UnSub has to realize that he can't keep up this pace indefinitely.
Maybe the last murder completed some sort of cycle.
A day and a night have passed.
The sun rises for the first time in a world without Rod Garrett.
There could also be a more mundane reason.
Our guy has a job and yesterday was his day off.
He killed his first three victims in their homes, but the last victim, Emily Sisk, he tried to but couldn't.
So he abducted her, took her somewhere else, and then brought her all the way back to dump her body in front of her apartment building.
That's incredibly risky given the increased police presence.
There's got to be a geographic component to the UnSub's design.
REID: Let's connect the dots.
A tip of a spear? Or maybe it's an arrow pointing south.
Could he be steering us to his next victim? It's a quadrilateral, but there's nothing particularly symbolic about a four-sided concave polygon.
Hey, Spence, may I? See what happens when you ad a curve to the lines? A heart.
Well, Garrett and the UnSub both killed their victims using stab wounds through the heart.
ROSSl: And Garrett was executed by a shot through the heart.
Helen Garrett It's all about her.
Helen's not answering her phone and there's no voice mail.
Local police are en route.
Garcia's combing through Helen's contacts to see where she might have gone.
- There's nobody home.
No evidence of a struggle.
Maybe he hasn't made his move yet.
What have you got, Garcia? GARCIA: Sir, Helen Garrett, is telling the truth, there are no friends or family in the area.
She has a painfully solitary life.
Like, no social interaction, lives alone, works from home, then goes to see her husband in prison.
So it's like, home and then prison - and that's it.
She's not at her house.
What about the prison? Let me check records right now.
Oh, uh, she, she went to the prison this morning one last time to pick up her husband's personal items.
Is she there now? Records indicate that she got there at 10:05 Damn, she checked out, like, four minutes ago, 10:37.
All right, call Warden Hansen, have him stop her from leaving.
Tell the rest of the team to go to the prison.
We'll stay here in case the UnSub shows.
GARCIA: Yes, sir.
GARCIA: Helen Garrett's illness was, her illness was brain tumor.
It was successfully removed.
Full recovery.
Did she have reconstructive surgery? GARCIA: She had three procedures over the course of two years to repair the damage to her head.
Poor lady.
ROSSl: The heart he drew was a valentine, not a bull's-eye.
The UnSub's in love with her.
That makes sense.
The flowers missing from the first crime scene.
The bottle of wine.
How did the UnSub know about her surgery? Helen is an intensely private and solitary person.
ROSSl: JJ's right.
She'd only confide a detail like that to someone she trusted.
It takes months, if not years, to build that kind of trust.
So who had that kind of time with her? The same person who'd be able to witness firsthand her devotion to Rod Garrett.
The UnSub knew she'd never be available to him as long as her husband was still alive.
That's why he tried twice to kill Garrett in prison.
All right, prison connections to arrange the attempts on Garrett's life, a romantic obsession years in the making, and the ability to have long talks under seemingly normal circumstances.
It's the prison shuttle driver.
Not yet, Helen, there's something I want to show you.
So, nobody saw what happened, but Helen's car is still in the parking lot.
He's got her.
Driver's name is Dylan Kohler.
- Lives at 4488 Harmony Court.
- Did he work yesterday, Warden? No, he arranged for someone else to take his shift.
I'll have Garcia check into Kohler, but now that he's tipped his hand, I doubt if he's going back home.
Okay, we're almost there.
Almost there.
Yeah, Hotch, they're not here.
Okay, okay.
You ready? Why are you doing this? GARCIA: Sir, I found something else.
Didn't you say he might be making a wig? - Right.
- Okay, so you need very specific supplies for wig-making, so I did a search to see if anyone in Enid had ordered stuff like ventilation kits, base nets, hackles, and it turns out that a D.
Kohler ordered all of these things and he had them sent to 500 Hinkson Place.
Guys- that must be his work space- let's go.
Do you like it? I've been planning this since you, you first told me about your scars.
Uh well well, uh it's beautiful.
But I already have wigs.
Oh, hey, it's, it's not, it's not a wig.
No, look at it.
It's Every, every strand, every, every curl chosen by me.
Harvested by me.
The heads that grew this hair will never grow hair again.
This cannot be replicated, and, and it isn't a wig.
It's a living thing.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Now, wear it.
Let it, let it take root and grow so that it becomes a part of you.
Why did you do this? Because I love you.
Most people go through life never knowing who they really are.
Now, they might sense it, but they don't trust it.
That was me before I met you.
You gave me the strength to trust who I really am deep inside.
I never told you to kill anyone.
You didn't have to.
Helen, you were destined to find me.
We were, we were destined to find each other.
Dylan, back away from her and show me your hands.
ROSSl: Let her go, Dylan.
- No.
There's no way out.
Put the ice pick down and we can talk.
Just let us go, all right? I- I-I, I love her.
I'm not going to kill anymore, I promise.
- I don't need to.
-Dylan, you don't want to hurt her, do you? - No.
- Then, put the weapon down.
If I do, they'll arrest me and and we'll be apart, and after all you've given me, - I won't let that happen.
- ROSSl: Did you mean it when you said you won't kill anymore? Yes, yes, there's no need to kill anymore.
I- It's over.
I believe you.
Put down the ice pick, take your wine and flowers, and be happy.
No, you can't fool me with No, you, you don't need to do this.
Helen, stop.
Helen, Helen, I love you.
It's true, my daddy was right.
Daddy was right.
PRENTISS: "It is only in love and murder that we still remain sincere.
" Friedrich D├╝rrenmatt.
Oh, hey, guys, hey.
I just wanted to see what was going on, hi, hello.
This better be important, Garcia.
Oh, it's nothing.
It's just, a messenger came by the office today with some papers from escrow.
Oh, yes, the house in Dupont Circle- you got it.
Whoo! Congratulations.
Six seconds- fastest case of buyer's remorse ever.
Well, I say, the moment we land, we all head over to Ziggy's and clear out the champagne inventory.
Yeah, and talk Prentiss down off the ledge.
Oh, my stomach doesn't feel so hot.
I was in the middle of the best dream.
I dreamt that I was at this exclusive salon, getting my hair done.
REID: Ah, the psychotherapeutic benefits of dreams- purging unpleasant images and replacing them with good ones.
Unpleasant is putting it mildly.
If someone put a bloody wig on my head, I would have ripped that thing off and kept it off.
You're right.
You'd think instinct would take over.
Hey, Rossi, I meant to ask you, what did Helen mean at the end when she said "Daddy was right"? He once told her that she was a divining rod for the evil in men, that she could sniff it out when nobody else could.
PRENTISS: There was definitely something a little strange about her.
It's curious, one woman at the center of two serial killers.
Yeah, what are the odds of that? REID: Astronomical.
Removing from the calculations serial killer groupies - who insert - Sorry I asked.
You know, whether she knew it or not, maybe Helen Garrett did give Dylan something.
I mean, someone once said that every seed- even malignant ones- they won't grow unless they get water from someplace.
You're here.
Of course I am.
My place is here now with you.
But I thought We don't ask for the gifts that we're given, Dylan.
They're just part of us.
This is a duty.
If I ever doubted before, I don't now.
This is my calling.
You ever read 1,001 Nights? No, what is it? Oh, it's a wonderful book.
I think you'll like it.
"She comes like fullest moon on happy night.
"Taper of waist with shape like magic might: "Her eye hath glances to quell mankind, "Ruby of her cheeks reflect this light: "Enveils her hips the blackness of her hair; "Beware of curls that bite with viper-bite!"