Criminal Minds s08e16 Episode Script

Carbon Copy

Previously on "Criminal Minds" Dallas P.
discovered an unidentified male body, with the mouth sewn shut.
Like the Silencer.
It's obviously a copycat.
Yesterday while we were in Florida, a body was found in the desert outside Las Cruces, New Mexico.
A man had his leg amputated and replaced with the leg of someone else.
Someone's out there mimicking the crimes we solved.
This is now an active case, which we'll be investigating along with our other cases.
I need to tell you something.
Maeve's missing.
I think her stalker has her.
I'm still here.
It's a chess term.
It describes the point in the game when a player realizes he'll inevitably be checkmated.
Please Let me go! Oh, God! God can't help you now.
Please be quiet.
Stop it.
You won't feel a thing.
Do you have a minute? I'm actually trying to finish up so I can get home tonight.
You got my voicemails? I haven't had time to return calls.
Agent Hotchner tells me you're settling in nicely.
I'm glad to hear it.
It's a great team.
Listen, I was hoping that we could talk, over coffee, maybe.
I thought we might try to bury the hatchet once and for all.
Erin, no disrespect, but it's not necessary.
What happened between us happened a long time ago.
I've moved on.
You should, too.
Well, that's What I'm trying to do.
Look, I'm not very good at this, but I want you to know that I'm so sorry for what I did to you.
Apology accepted? Apologies are just words.
I want to make amends, and that takes work.
I think Blake could take her.
What do you think? Mm, their body language hardly seems adversarial.
Blake's making direct eye contact, and the tilt of her head suggests she's willingly engaged in conversation.
Didn't Strauss throw her under the bus back in the day? It was on the Amerithrax case about 10 years ago.
Evidently they apprehended the wrong suspect and she let Blake take the fall.
Well, I heard they even demoted her a couple grades.
Guess what just came to the reception desk for an Agent Jennifer Jareau.
From who? They must be from Will.
Or someone's got some 'splainin' to do.
Open it.
Open it.
Open it.
JustWill's not really a flower bouquet type guy.
What? Let me see that.
That's the same thing Diane Turner said to you.
Before she killed Maeve.
But Diane's dead.
So who sent it? No idea.
Wait Didn't you say the voice on the other end of the payphone was computer generated? That means it could be from anybody.
That means that it maybe doesn't have anything to do with Maeve.
Whoever it was they knew you would be at that phone booth.
Which means they were stalking you.
Or us.
What if this is the Replicator.
I just came from the Director's office.
He doesn't like the idea that his agents are being taunted and he wants me to keep him personally in the loop.
Catch me up, please.
Okay, so, uh, the flowers cleared all of our security checkpoints.
Which means there's no explosives, no chemical residue.
They were ordered from a local florist-- Wendy's Bloomers.
I checked Wendy, her bloomers, the employees the delivery service.
They all came out clean.
I managed to track down the credit card.
It's a stolen card number, and it was ordered from a prepaid cell phone in Philadelphia.
But it's all about the message he's trying to send.
But they were sent to JJ.
Why her? Yeah, the original zugzwang taunt was directed at me.
If it's directed at one of us, it's directed at all of us.
It's only a matter of time before his taunts turn to threats.
I'm posting security details at each of our homes.
Well, he's communicating directly.
What exactly is he trying to say? That the game has changed.
First he was chasing us, copying the cases that we'd solved, and now it's our turn to chase him.
Tag, we're it.
What do we know about the Replicator? So far he's committed 3 murders in 3 different states.
The first was Maxwell Holmes, husband, and father of two, from Dallas.
He was found with his mouth sewn shut the Silencer case.
Next is an unidentified John Doe.
He was found in New Mexico near the Mexican border.
His leg was severed and someone else's was transplanted on.
Do we have any idea where the limb comes from? None.
Finally, Megan Lewinbuck, single mother.
She was found in Phoenix.
She was found last week.
All her joints were dislocated and she'd been turned into a human marionette.
And that's everything so far.
Local police and Bureau field offices are going to keep us apprised of any developments.
I want this case closed quickly.
Copycat murders, flowers sent.
I see this as an assault on the entire Bureau.
Uh, sir, Philadelphia P.
just uploaded a homicide to ViCAP.
An unidentified woman was found this morning exsanguinated with her eyelids removed.
It's just like our blood artist Bryan Hughes.
Philadelphia, the same city the flowers were ordered from.
Jet's standing by.
Wheels up in 20.
= "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
" Charles Caleb Colton.
The Replicator sent those flowers today knowing that that body would be discovered.
And he's taken the time to track our cases.
It's not too much trouble to track news headlines with a Google search.
Yeah, but the original zugzwang message was delivered to me at a phone booth, which means he's not just tracking our cases, he's tracking everything we do.
Why would someone do that? We've been taunted before.
Guys like Randall Garner.
Usually malignant narcissists who feel the need to show off.
So maybe he wants us to see how smart he is.
But why? What's the point? Is it a warning? Is he mocking us? Maybe all of the above.
He's not attempting to hide his kills, so it's probably his way of bragging.
He's probably trying to lure us out.
He certainly wants our attention.
We have a total of 4 copycat murders and no apparent connection between the victims.
My guess is they're all targets of opportunity.
Who he kills doesn't matter.
The point is to get to us.
The latest victim was in Philadelphia.
Bryan Hughes bled his victims in San Francisco.
All the other copycat murders occurred in the same area as the original kills.
Why is this one different? It's his game.
He can change the rules anytime he wants.
All that traveling-- clearly he's got the money and the time.
And patience.
His organization and attention to detail suggests some sort of bigger plan.
Greetings, crime-fighters.
We just got an I.
on the first exsanguinated, eyelidless body.
Her name is Molly Patton, 27.
She was a nurse at a local hospital.
Garcia, what do you mean by first? I mean that a second exsanguinated, eyelidless body was just discovered.
He's moving fast.
Oh, excuse me.
Can I help you? I'm Agent Morgan.
Agent Jareau.
Spencer Reid.
Feds? What are you doing here? Assisting the investigation.
Well, no one told me.
Someone probably just forgot to make a phone call.
Just an oversight, I'm sure.
Yeah, I guess so.
You mind showing us the victim? Yeah, right this way.
Is there anything you can tell us about her? Her name was Sandy Larson.
Went missing two days ago.
She was a retired widow with 6 grandkids.
Any idea where she was last seen? Found her car at a drugstore across town.
Apparently she fills a prescription every Wednesday morning.
If that's where he grabbed her, he was probably aware of her routine.
She's fully clothed and he posed the body.
It could mean he feels remorse.
Oh, yeah.
I'm sure he was all broken up about it.
Excuse me.
He's replicating his replication.
All the other copycat murders were single kills, but this is his second exsanguination.
Bryan Hughes posed his victims staring directly at art.
There's nothing like that around here.
Different setting, slightly different M.
Are we sure this is the Replicator? Femoral arteries were severed in both legs.
Cause of death is exsanguination.
Ligature marks, like he had her strapped down.
You also found Ketamine in her system? Enough to knock us all out.
No signs of torture, and he sedated her before he bled her out.
So maybe he's not so much sadistic as mission-oriented.
Cops said she disappeared after her yoga class.
Is that true? That was the last place she was seen, yes.
My God.
I used to practice at that same studio.
That class was 8:00 in the morning and right off a busy intersection.
He grabbed his victims in broad daylight.
He's either using a ruse or a discreet threat of violence.
Either way, he's awfully bold.
Excuse me, miss? Hi.
Would you care to sign a petition to help clean up the Delaware River? Sorry, I don't have time right now.
Did you know that the Delaware River is the fifth most polluted river in our country? I had no idea, but good luck.
Last year, they dumped more than 6.
7 million pounds of toxic chemicals there and nobody's doing anything about it.
You are.
But they won't listen until we all speak up.
The Clean Water Act is an unfulfilled promise and our children are the ones paying for it.
Come on, it's just a signature.
I'll even help you with your groceries.
No, that's ok.
Here, I'll sign.
Oh, awesome.
Thank you.
Where? That line right there.
The pen isn't working.
Sorry about that.
Just grab you another one.
Do not scream and do not run.
Think about your son, Shannon.
His name's Eddie, right? I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding.
You have our full cooperation.
Isn't that right, Detective? I thought you needed to have federal jurisdiction.
We have probable cause to believe that the unsub is responsible for 3 other murders in different states.
Probable cause.
But you don't know for sure.
That's what we're here to determine.
Look, we're wasting our time here.
We should be out there looking for this guy.
We're only here to help.
A bunch of pencil pushers and accountants.
How you gonna help? Rizzo! I'm sorry? Hey, what's with you? You need a hug or something? I need to take you off this case? No.
Then cut the crap.
Where? Ok, thanks.
Another body just turned up.
That makes 3.
She's at Fairmont Park.
Get out there.
And take them with you.
Victim's name is Shannon Lavin, Husband said she never came home from the grocery store this morning.
Another kidnapping in broad daylight.
This is turning into a spree.
An efficient one.
It's been fewer than 12 hours since she disappeared.
We still have yet to locate her vehicle.
I bet he stole it during the abduction.
Found a way to get close to her and threaten her somehow.
Probably even made her drive.
What else do we know about her? She's got a 4-year-old kid.
It's impossible to tell when or where this photo was taken.
It's shot on a telephoto lens and the frame's too small.
Well, his message is getting more clear.
He's not just taunting us, now he's targeting us.
He must have channeled years of anger to come up with a plan as intricate as this.
This is his way of torturing us.
This isn't just about anger.
This is about revenge.
For what? If we can figure that out that's how we'll catch him.
So first it was Reid at the phone booth, then me with the flowers, now Hotch.
Which one of us is next? Cause of death is definitely exsanguination.
She only has about half a liter left.
Same ligature marks as the others.
Was there Ketamine in the system? Tox screen's not back, but it's a safe bet.
Her liver is inflamed and she's slightly jaundiced.
See that a lot with Ketamine overdoses.
Body snatchers told me they found a picture of you at the crime scene.
We believe that the unsub is targeting us personally, yes.
He's using these victims to send us some kind of message.
What kind of message? We're not sure yet.
I hope you catch him soon.
Hey, Aaron.
She was a nurse.
Just like Molly Patton.
At your service, sir.
Garcia, I need you to find out everything you can about our second victim Sandy Larson.
Copy that, uh Uh She was a baby boomer, originally from Chicago.
Her husband Saul died Employment? She was retired, but before that, she worked as an administrator at a hospice care facility.
Anything before that? Before that, she was a She was a registered nurse for 30 years.
That's the connection.
I need you to go to ViCAP and find out everything you can about homicides involving nurses.
I am like the wind.
Back in a flash.
Where's that lightning? Anyway We've got a video conference with Strauss in 10 minutes.
She on the warpath? She's under a lot of pressure to get results.
We all are.
Well, I've seen her under pressure before.
It was right when she tried to ruin my career.
This psychopath's message is clearly personal and it's making us look bad.
Someone profiling our profilers undermines the efficacy of everything you do, and I'm going to be frank with you-- both the Director and the Attorney General want to take you off this case, and I can't say I totally disagree.
Why? Because you're victims now, and I'm concerned your ability to investigate may be compromised.
Yeah, well, I assure you our abilities are just fine.
Ron? Yes, it is, ma'am, absolutely.
We know this case better than anyone.
All right.
Well, I'll tell the Director if he takes you off the case, it's either with my resignation or over my dead body.
Ma'am, we're starting the briefing now.
I'll be right there.
You catch this son of a bitch, Aaron.
Do you really think they'd replace us? Sounds like you'd have to kill Strauss first, and I doubt if that's as easy as it sounds.
All right, so what do we know? This photo isn't digital.
It was printed on real chromogenic photo paper.
So he's old school.
We're still trying to ascertain when the photo was taken.
Garcia, I'm putting you on speaker.
You guys, there are a shocking number of weirdoes out there who have a thing for nurses.
But I got a gigantenormous hit.
had a case in Pittsburgh involving the stabbing murders of 4 nurses.
Pittsburgh? That's close enough to be related.
That rings a bell.
But I didn't work that case, Gideon did.
Yeah, yeah.
It ended relatively well.
The killer Jack Lee Kemper was caught, and we managed to save one of his would-be victims.
Garcia, what happened to Kemper? He died 5 months ago from lethal injection.
What if that was the trigger? The Silencer copycat murder happened about 5 months ago.
We believe we're looking for a white male in his mid-40s or possibly even 50s.
He's criminally and forensically sophisticated, so he may be an ex-con or have law enforcement training.
You saying he could be a cop? It's unlikely, but we can't rule it out.
This unsub is using his victims as a device with which to antagonize the FBI, the BAU in particular.
So he's after you.
He's been copycatting murder cases that we've closed all over the country.
We do have reason to believe that he's been stalking each member of this team.
So he's extremely mobile and has the time and the means with which to get around.
And the intelligence to cover his tracks and remain evasive.
We think it all started we had in Pittsburgh that involved the death of 4 nurses.
That killer, Jack Lee Kemper, was apprehended, and he was recently executed.
Because the most recent exsanguination victims were also nurses, we believe this case holds some kind of special meaning to him.
So we should be looking at Kemper's family, friends, and associates.
They may be trying to avenge his death, or they might be convinced that he was wrongfully accused.
We should also look at friend and relatives of the victims.
They may blame us for not solving the case fast enough.
This unsub is intelligent and highly organized, but he's also hellbent on revenge.
Which makes him especially dangerous.
Thank you.
Where the hell have you been? You were supposed to call me hours ago.
We had a deal.
Well, why set a time if you're not gonna stick to it? You know how I hate that! It's inconsiderate, never mind rude.
Ok, you're right, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for calling me back.
There's just been a lot going on.
Justwork and stuff.
Don't worry about it.
Well, we've ruled out every name on the list.
Our guy's not connected to Jack Lee Kemper's victims.
You know, if they were just friends or lovers, there might not be an official record of their relationship.
The only living relative Kemper has is a third cousin who lives in Alaska.
Well, it wasn't one of his friends.
Kemper didn't have any.
He was a recluse with no social skills.
Well, who else would have a vendetta against us? It could be a fan of Kemper's.
These guys always seem to have followers.
What about somebody we put into prison? It's a little hard to orchestrate all of this from behind bars.
What if somebody from the outside's helping him? And how about other suspects in the case? That's it.
What? Bidwell.
Donnie Bidwell.
Of course.
He was the primary suspect before we caught Kemper.
We had a strong circumstantial case, but DNA eventually cleared him.
His name got leaked to the press the second we grabbed him.
Why so fast? We thought it was probably someone in the local P.
How long did we hold him for? Couple of weeks.
Give me stuff to do Garcia, I need everything you've got on Donnie Bidwell.
He was a suspect in the Jack Lee Kemper case.
Ok, he was picked up a couple of times for assault and lewd behavior.
He got off with time served and probation.
He is a recently divorced father of two.
He cannot hold down a job.
I count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in the last 10 years, everything from fry cook to used car salesman.
Yeah, but before all that he was in construction or something, right? Affirmative.
He owned his own hot mop shower, pan company, whatever that is.
That business went south after the arrest.
His legal fees wiped him out, and then a year later-- oh, dear, he had himself a nervous breakdown.
No wonder he wants payback.
That accusation ruined his life.
Have you got an address? Yeah, I got home and work and I'm sending both.
We better make sure we get this right before we arrest this guy again.
Rossi, Blake, and Reid take the work address.
The rest of us will take the house.
Clear! Gun! He's going out back! Are you ok? He's heading south.
FBI! Don't move.
- Drop the gun.
- Do it now! Drop it! Slow.
Now turn around.
I said turn around! Aah! What's the matter? A little tight? My bad.
Let's go.
Agent Morgan.
Hey, listen.
I just wanted to say, uh Thank you.
Don't mention it.
No, no, no, you-- you saved my life.
I owe you.
No, Detective Rizzo, you don't owe me anything.
We're both on the same team here.
So, uh was shot and killed, we were assisting on a federal case.
Ever since then, I just I get it.
I do.
It's all good.
I'm sorry about your partner.
If there's ever anything you need-- anything.
I appreciate that.
This guy ask for his phone call yet? No.
Just for these.
They're anticonvulsants.
Just a few weeks after his arrest, he got jumped in a bar.
Police report said the guys who did it thought he was the nurse killer.
He took a blow to the head and he's had a seizure disorder ever since.
Can I get you anything else? You know, I, uhheh, I wasn't on that case, but I remember you.
You probably recall my associate, Agent Jason Gideon.
Too bad he retired.
He should be here to see this.
Yeah, you know, I know that things went pretty bad with you after that whole thing.
I don't blame you for being angry.
We made an erroneous accusation.
Oh, is that what you call it? Erroneous? My life went in the toilet.
Well, you got judged in the court of public opinion.
That's gotta be hard.
I mean, I'd want payback, too.
Don't sit there and pretend like you know how this feels.
You have no idea.
Found this in the hall closet.
It's all about the nurse murders There's two sets of files, one about his arrest, the other about Jack Lee Kemper.
It's not surprising he obsessed over the case.
Oh, sir, hi, it's me.
Garcia, whose number is this? Sorry.
I had Anderson give me a ride.
I desperately needed a shower and some food that wasn't sold in a machine.
Ok, so I cleaned out Bidwell's computer and I checked his phone records.
He mostly calls his ex-wife.
A lot of emails, too.
It is not a pretty picture.
They separated a few years ago.
She took the kids with her.
They just recently got the divorce finalized.
She's already pregnant with another guy's kid.
When was the divorce finalized? Uh, 5 months.
This might not have been about Kemper's execution at all.
The divorce might have been the stressor.
Oh, and, sir, his ex-wife, she's a nurse.
Come on, Donnie, help me to help you.
We were wrong about you the first time.
Don't you want to make sure that we get it right this time? Well, I'll tell you what.
I'll give you a few more minutes to think about it, ok? Something's not right.
This is his crowning moment.
All that work he did to replicate those murders.
He should be singing like a canary.
Especially if he's a narcissist.
I want to try something.
Hi, Donnie.
I'm Agent Blake.
You've already met my associate Agent Jareau.
Sure you don't want to take your meds? Go ahead.
You know, I was reading through your file, and I saw that you had two kids.
Girls, right? That's Sophie and Laura? Lauren.
They're beautiful.
I have a little boy.
And I don't know what I'd do if someone took him from me.
I know your girls are older now, but think about how hard this is gonna be for them.
If you cooperate with us, you can make things much easier for everyone.
His car's got almost You think he drove cross-country to replicate those murders? Well, with his sporadic work schedule, it's possible.
Plus, it's cheaper than flying.
It's printed on photographic paper also.
Those are eyelids.
I'll let the rest of the team know.
That sounds terrible.
One day I just came home from work and they were gone.
Did your wife ever say anything about leaving? Not a word.
She just packed up the girls and left.
They're my kids.
My kids.
They were so little then.
They didn't understand.
It's hard.
Hard? Hard? You ruined my life.
I was arrested for no reason.
I was publicly humiliated.
My face smeared all over the news.
They treated me like garbage.
I was behind bars for weeks.
I was innocent.
But people's lives stink so bad that they just love when they can watch somebody else take a fall.
It's like a car wreck.
They can't take their eyes off of it.
I know you.
You're that guy on the news.
All I could do was suck on it.
No, no, no-- that wasn't me.
and not a peep from the FBI.
No letter, no email, no "sorry we turned your life upside down, Donnie.
" Nothing! Well, it must feel real good to release it after all these years.
You're damn right.
Those nurses that I bled out, this time they're your fault.
You people made me into this.
Alright, so that is why you followed us across the country and copycatted these? You wanted us to look as bad as you did.
I mean, it's just an awful lot of work, Donnie.
We have New Mexico, uh, Dallas, D.
What are those? What are you talking about? We found your photo collection, the one hidden under your bed.
And your victims' eyelids, too.
What? Just cooperate with us, Donnie, tell us everything, and give yourself a chance to see your girls again.
I want my lawyer.
I have a phone call.
I get a phone call.
That doesn't make sense.
He just admitted to killing the nurses, and the second I bring up the copycat murders, he lawyers up.
He looked as if this was all news to him.
Check him out.
He's a bundle of nerves.
It could all be an act.
He might still be trying to manipulate us.
Well, if he is gonna lawyer up, that's a privileged conversation.
Come on, I'll buy us a cup of coffee.
Yeah, thanks, Dave.
So Bidwell confessed to the exsanguinations, but he wants to see his lawyer before he admits to anything else.
We've found more than enough evidence to prove he's the Replicator.
I had the same thought, but the house doesn't fit the profile.
It's too sloppy.
He is a single male.
But the plan to get to us was detailed and organized and nothing in this house says that.
Hello? It's me.
I've been arrested.
You He probably wasn't expecting to get caught so soon.
So maybe we threw a wrench in his master plan.
Which is what? We got a problem.
It's Bidwell.
He was only alone for a second.
He took them all.
Someone get the paramedics! I just talked to Strauss.
She wants an update.
What happened? Bidwell died en route to the hospital.
This guy did not profile as suicidal.
It's bizarre.
If he wanted payback, why would he kill himself? Maybe this is his version of payback.
If he takes his own life, we can't put him in prison.
Like the ultimate escape plan.
But his body language-- you should have seen it.
When JJ mentioned the copycat murders, he had no idea what she was talking about.
Something went wrong and he called an audible.
So what made him change the plan? Well, he did it after his phone call, so I'm guess that had something to do with it.
That's a dead end.
Local police traced the number to a prepaid cell phone.
Garcia said it went dead right after Bidwell's call.
A partner? Well, if he really didn't know about the other copycat murders, he wouldn't be somebody's partner, he would be their pawn.
So what if all the evidence in Bidwell's house was put there just so that we'd find it? Jazz hands at the ready.
Garcia, I need you to go over all of Donnie Bidwell's phone records again.
And any emails, social media, whatever you can find.
But why do I have to check it again? His emails were squeaky clean and he wasn't into social media.
The key is in the phone calls.
They had to have communication somehow.
Ok, most of his cell phone conversations were to his ex-wife in New York.
He called his mom in Tampa once a week.
The rest are just random.
He called local businesses, he checked movie times.
Come on, baby girl, it isn't random.
The answer's in there somewhere.
You just gotta find it.
All right, if you say so.
I will re-get this party started.
Hit you back.
If the Replicator's still out there, then this whole thing's part of a much bigger manipulation.
I wonder what he's planning for an encore.
Now you're here and now I know just where I'm going no more doubt or fear I've found my way for love came just in time Go ahead, Garcia.
I want to preface this by saying I did not break any rules by getting this info so fast.
I may have scraped, scratched, massaged, but no breaks.
Not a one.
I checked the incoming phone records and there was a call that caught my eye, 'cause for the last 6 months, that call came in at the same time at the same day, except for once.
It's from an unknown phone number, so I did what I do and I made the number known, and it was from a prepaid cell phone.
Here's the kicker.
Oh, get ready.
It was paid for with the same stolen credit card used to buy JJ's flowers.
What? Bam! Can you triangulate the number? Why ask me that question? Triangulation is just about my favorite thing to do.
That phone is in Pittsburgh.
That's a 5-hour drive.
Or about 45 minutes on the jet.
Yes, ma'am.
SWAT is meeting us on the ground.
All right, I will keep you posted.
Thank you.
Strauss isn't altogether comfortable with us going on this takedown, but I told her that Pittsburgh P.
would take the lead.
You know, if the Replicator used Bidwell, then somehow he had to convince him to exsanguinate those women.
And cut off their eyelids.
Bidwell was broken and vulnerable.
He was ripe for a manipulation.
The Replicator must have counted on that.
That's probably why he chose Bidwell in the first place.
Well, he must be on persuasive guy.
Persuasive enough to turn Bidwell into a killer.
Talk to me, mama.
You're on the right track.
That phone hasn't been used and hasn't moved.
Make the next left.
I got it.
Guys, I don't like this.
It feels like we're going exactly where he wants us to.
All right.
The snipers are set and all the exits are covered.
Air support? Choppers are standing by.
All right, the signal from the cell phone's coming from this room.
We'll enter in two teams.
You from this side, we'll come from this side, we'll meet in the middle.
All right, guys, I need you to keep it tight and stay alert.
This guy's got a vendetta against us.
It could be an ambush.
All right, gents, on the move.
Just in time I found you just in time before you came my time was running low It's clear.
I was lost the losin' dice were tossed my bridges all were crossed nowhere to go now you're here and now I know just where I'm goin' no more doubt or fear She's gone.
I found my way for love came just in time you found me just in time and changed my lonely life that lovely day for love came just in time you found me just in time and changed my lonely life that lovely day