Criminal Minds s08e22 Episode Script


Yo, man, something ain't right about this.
It's right.
You know who leaves a ride like this in the middle of this street at this time of night, man? Cops.
Let's go! Car's too nice to be cops.
Man, like you know.
I know more than you.
Let's go.
Hey, hold up, hold up.
Askin' for it.
Let me drive.
You said I could drive.
Damn, it's keyless.
That clicker thing must be in here somewhere.
You see it? I'll look for it.
I don't see it, man.
Try it anyway.
Come on.
Oh, yeah! Whoo! Yo, you hear that? What was that? Oh, my gosh, man.
Hell, no.
Shut up, let me think.
Come on, man, we gotta go! No, we gotta go, man.
If we get stopped, I'm not explainin' why there's two dead white people in the trunk.
Let's go! All right! This is what we gonna do-- we're gonna dump the bodies, wipe down the trunk, and no one will ever know.
Nuh-uh, man, we gotta go.
Come on! Will you look! Look! Whoever did this left the key in her hand.
Now, they dead and I'm sorry about that, but they ain't gettin' in my way.
Are you down? Eddie! You down? Yeah, I'm down.
Now grab that thing out of her hand.
Me? Why I gotta grab it? Because I'm your big brother and driving is my job, and taking stuff off of dead bodies is yours.
Hurry up.
Aah! Let go! Brendon! Brendon! Brendon! Help me Brendon! Help me! Let go of her hand! Let go! No Run! Hey, you.
Next time I decide if I want to keep working at Doctors Without Borders, please shoot me.
What country are you in right now? Right now, all I see is sand.
So, south Sandistan, I think.
Mm When are you gonna get home? They kept me out here for 10 months.
Who knows? Do you need to get that? Mm-mmm.
No, not right now.
You sure? Maybe you have to sign for something.
Special delivery.
Ohh! Ohh This is a treat.
You never surprise me at home.
How'd you get the time off? James? You can stop faking.
When you're really asleep, you do that leg twitch thing.
No, I don't.
What's going on? 'Cause there's something.
Why does there have to be something? Can't I just want to make my wife happy? It's nothing.
It's a good thing.
So there is a thing.
But I've been in an airplane for 20 hours, and we're not gonna talk about this right now.
And I also just heard your phone go off.
That means you've got a psycho killer to catch.
We aren't done talking about this.
I'm sleeping.
Oh It looks like someone is taking the term "Motor City" too literally.
In the last month, Detroit P.
has found two different crime scenes in the trunks of two different cars.
Married couples in each trunk? Yeah.
Brian and Melissa Cain in car number one, Paul and Elizabeth Garrett in car number two.
Elizabeth was found alive by a couple of kids, but by the time the paramedics got there, she had lost too much blood.
Well, it takes a lot of skill to force a couple into their own car, even with a gun.
But once he does, it's one-stop shopping for this guy.
His car become an abduction vehicle and a dumping site.
According to missing persons reports, he holds on to them for about a week.
Do you know what he does with them during that time? Yes, unfortunately I do, and that information is on your tablets in picture form.
And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go to my happy place.
Wow, this guy sure likes to cut, doesn't he? Mostly shallow.
They could almost be considered hesitation marks, except for the sheer number.
puts the count at nearly 50 per victim, and the cause of death is one final stab that's fatal.
Physical and psychological sadism.
They never know if the next cut is the one that will kill them.
And the amount of urban decay in Detroit gives him a lot of room to maneuver.
We need to stop him before he takes another couple.
Oh, God.
Oh, God It's ok.
It's ok.
It's all right.
Just hang on.
Why is he doing this to us? I don't know, I don't.
Shh Shh Mary, I can't help you.
You have to take it out.
No, no.
No, you'll die.
Phillip It's time.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, Phillip Mary Noooo! Aaahhh! "We are not the same persons this year as last, "nor are those we love.
"It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love the changed person.
" W.
Somerset Maugham.
So, we know this unsub uses the victims' own cars as his dumpsite.
Technically, it's not a dumpsite, it's a transportation disposal modality.
The point is, what does he do once he abandons the car? Walk? Well, both cars were found about 500 feet from public transportation.
He could catch a bus or a train, but back to where? His secondary location is most likely in Detroit.
Both the couples he kidnapped are from Grosse Pointe, which is one of the most affluent communities in all of America, and it's only 8 miles from downtown.
Well, then he's probably from Grosse Point, too.
To overwhelm two people at once, he has to blend in.
It feels like the real question is, why married couples? If he's a sadist, having a witness to his torture heightens his pleasure.
Israel Keyes kidnapped a husband and wife at gunpoint, got them in a car, took them to a remote location, and then killed the husband in front of the wife.
Keyes was a sexual sadist, though.
This guy, I don't know.
Cutting a husband and wife to death, it's--it's more like he's mocking their marriage bond.
That's where my head's at.
They took each other for better or worse, now I'm going to show you worse.
So his home life's probably a wreck.
At least one ex-wife, not to mention his mom and dad.
All right, we need to hit the ground running.
Reid, I want you working on a geographic profile.
Blake, you and Rossi go to the morgue, cover victimology.
JJ and Morgan, go look at the cars.
We need to understand how he's gaining control of the victims.
Near as I can tell, your guy cuts in a mirror pattern.
What he does to the husband he matches with the wife.
Except the wife had diagonal cuts downward and the husband's were horizontal.
In their chest and torso, yeah.
That gives me a sense of the attacker's height.
If the attacker's taller than the victim, the knife will go down.
But if he's shorter, it'll go in straight.
So the unsub's taller than the wife but shorter than the husband.
Wife's 5'4", husband's 5'8", so the unsub's about 5'7".
Shrimpy guy.
Wait a minute.
Look at the first couple.
She was 5'11", he was 6'2".
But the cutting angle is the same.
Down on her, straight on him.
Well, it doesn't work if the unsub's 5'7".
The geometry's off.
I couldn't account for it.
Frankly, I was hoping you could.
Face me.
Put your right hand up.
I'm the wife, I'm 5'4".
Stab me in the chest.
But I do the same to you.
This is why he takes couples.
He wants them to hurt each other.
I posted extra patrols around the transit stops like you requested.
And I gave Dr.
Reid as detailed a map of Detroit and Grosse Pointe as I could.
So, he should be all right there.
What'd you find? Well, date night is very important to this unsub.
He goes on dates? No, but his victims do, and the unsub knows that.
Brian and Melissa Cain were abducted on a Saturday night.
Their last known credit card purchase was at an ice cream shop they regularly frequent.
Paul and Elizabeth Garrett had a standing matinee they went to every Sunday.
They were abducted in the early evening, most likely on the way to their car.
He stalks them and learns their routines.
Picks couples-oriented activities as his moment to strike.
Seeing them happy could enrage him.
It gives him the upper hand.
They're focused on each other.
They don't see him coming.
Ok, then, but how does he get them both into the car? Get in the car or I'll kill your wife.
I could see that once, but twice? Well, let's play it out.
All right.
I would sit in the front seat.
The unsub would get in the back with the wife.
He'd make the wife get in first.
It's just awkward.
There's too many variables.
He could lose control at any minute.
Somebody fights back or the husband just waits for the wife to get in and then locks the unsub out.
Well, what if he was waiting inside the car? It's dark, they're not paying attention.
He jimmies a door.
But that would leave a mark.
He didn't leave any marks.
All right, well, let's go look at the other car.
Hey, JJ, wait a minute.
What? The car didn't lock.
It beeped.
Yeah, it beeped But it's not making that locking sound.
He's hacking the cars.
That's how he's getting in.
How we doing, baby girl? We are doing terrible.
We have another one.
My guys found the car 90 minutes ago.
Make and model tells me it doesn't belong in the neighborhood.
What are we, 5 miles from the last crime scene? Less.
What do you know about the victim? Well, the car is registered to Dennis Hammond.
This is his wife Mary.
She was dumped alone.
He's off pattern.
What about the husband? Did the unsub have a shot at him? Actually, your agents are talking to him now.
Oh, God.
Uh, Mr.
Hammond, if you want, we can do this at the station.
No, what do you need to know? Can you explain why it took you two days to file a missing persons report on Mary? I was traveling.
I didn't know.
You didn't check in with your wife? We'd been fighting.
About what? We have a standing Thursday night dinner at our favorite restaurant.
Last Thursday my boss told me I had to stay in Cleveland through the weekend.
But I didn't get around to telling her that till later that night.
When she went to the restaurant by herself.
So, the victim was supposed to meet her husband for date night and he never showed up.
So the unsub wanted both but only got one.
He's been patient and organized up to now.
Why wouldn't he wait? Maybe one was enough? No.
He gets off on watching couples.
This unsub wouldn't change his M.
without a reason.
We're missing a male victim.
Hi, honey, it's me.
I picked up your prescription and now I'm on my way home.
I'll see you soon.
Aah! Ohh! Aah! Aah! Hi.
Just calling to check in.
What are you talking about? You never check in.
You're always too busy when you're on a case to do anything.
Well, today I am.
So How are you? I'm fine.
You quit Doctors Without Borders, didn't you? Just say it.
I did not.
I did not quit.
Well, then what? Come on, you're killing me here.
The worst thing you can do to a linguist is not communicate.
Alex-- You knew that when we got engaged.
Alex, they offered me the position at Harvard.
They did? Yeah.
Decent hours.
Better pay.
What did you tell them? I told them that I would only consider it if they gave you a position in the linguistics department, and they said ok.
They did? They did.
Now do you understand why I was waiting for you to come home so we could, you know, celebrate this thing together? This good thing.
It is.
It's a very good thing.
It's just Not what you want.
Not right now.
It's taken me 10 years to get here.
Not just to get to the BAU, but to restore my reputation inside the Bureau.
I know.
And the job comes first for both of us.
That was the deal.
Yeah, well, the deal also came with veto power.
Remember? One of us could always say, I want to be a couple again.
Alex I want to be a couple again.
I gotta go.
Let me think about it.
That means no.
No, it means let me think about it.
Love you.
What do you have? Grosse Point P.
got another missing persons report.
Emma Churchill.
Married? Her husband called it in.
Why doesn't this unsub want men anymore? The condition of Mary Hammond is drastically different than the couples.
Fewer cuts on her, but he held her for a shorter period of time.
It's not just quantity, it's quality.
The cuts are more superficial.
Like he's trying not to hurt her.
Until the one final stab in the sternum.
She died quickly.
That doesn't make sense.
The unsub doesn't want to kill her quickly.
He's a sadist.
Why would he do that? He wouldn't.
But whoever she was locked up with would.
You think there's another victim, one that we didn't account for? You asked why this unsub doesn't want men.
It could because he still has one.
Based on the ages of the victims, we believe that the unsub is a 30- 40-year-old white male from Grosse Pointe.
Up until now he's been an equal opportunity, anger retaliatory sadist.
Which is fancy talk for he hates the husbands as much as the wives.
Most likely because his own marriage failed in a humiliating way and his wife left him for a man she may be engaged or even already married to.
But a major shift happened with Mary Hammond.
He wasn't able to kidnap the husband, but he needed someone to cut her.
So his M.
was forced to evolve.
We believe he's abducted the sixth victim, a man, probably someone who reminds him of his own failed marriage.
And he's keeping number 6 alive so he can repeat the process with Emma Churchill.
Number 6 could be a surrogate for the ex-wife's new husband or actually be the new husband.
Which is why the fastest way to find this unsub is through this most recent unknown victim.
We need missing person reports for all men in Grosse Pointe and Detroit as soon as possible.
Even though number 6 was forced to kill Mary Hammond, he may find it easier to cross that line with Emma Churchill.
OhOh What the hell Hey! Hey! Hey! I don't belong in here! Is there anybody in there? Hello! Hello! Shut up.
Shut up! Do you want him to come in here? Him, who? Him.
So we didn't see the pattern until we inspected Mary Hammond's car.
We know he hacks the remote.
It's not hard.
It runs on a radio frequency.
Pretty easy to jam.
electronics store.
All right, so the victim thinks she's locked her car.
But she hasn't.
We thought that explained his entire abduction M.
, then Garcia ran a diagnostic On this car's onboard computer.
Hey, baby girl.
Take it away, mama.
Sir, this guy is creepy clever.
If I may direct your attention to the GPS.
Yeah, I'm looking at it right now.
All right, the map seems to be working fine.
When you drive, the map moves with you.
Let's see what happens if you look at the driving history.
He covers his tracks, so we we can't find a secondary location.
Like I said, creepy clever.
And here is the diabolical part.
When I checked the software's internal time stamp to see when he turned it off, it's the same on every car-- All right, thanks, Garcia.
Of course, of course.
So he breaks into the car before the abductions.
Even his stalking's organized.
But in order to pull that off, he needs access to their cars without attracting attention.
We've already checked garages and dealerships.
Nothing matched the service records.
Which means there's some target-rich location where all the victims go.
They park, he hacks in.
We just don't know where.
Yes, this is SSA Aaron Hotchner.
I need to speak to the A.
, please, as soon as possible.
Yes, sir, the BAU needs a favor.
And we need it fast.
There's been some kind of mistake.
I didn't do anything wrong! You can call my husband.
He's waiting for me.
Did he attack you in your car? There was no mistake.
I've been in here long enough to realize he doesn't make mistakes.
How long have you been in here? Is it still April? No.
It's May.
HeHe gives me clean clothes and food, but There's no schedule to it.
I can't keep track of the days.
Oh, my God.
What's your name? Emma.
Hi, Emma.
I'm Phillip.
What does that mean? I just want you to know I'm really sorry we have to do this.
Oh, my God.
Agent Hotchner, what you're asking for is extremely sensitive.
We're asking for you to cooperate with a federal investigation.
You're presuming that the 3 different car companies represented in this room track our drivers via their GPS.
That's a bold presumption.
Actually, it's not bold, and we're presuming nothing.
When customers access their GPS for the first time, they go to a "terms and conditions" screen.
They scroll to the bottom, they click the box that says "agree" so they can start using it.
They don't realize they've just agreed to allowing their car to communicate its entire driving history with your corporate headquarters.
For research purposes only, of course.
The only reason these people agree to share this information with you is because they don't take the time to read the fine print.
But I do.
We'll, uh-- we'll need to consult with risk management.
We don't have time for lawyers.
A woman's life is on the line and we need an answer now.
Aah! I said, begin.
Emma, I have to come in there.
No! Get away from me! Get away! Then calm down.
Calm down.
It's not your turn.
It's my turn.
Garcia, I don't get it.
Didn't the car companies give you the same GPS data? Yes, they did.
But the meta-data has to be translated into latitude and longitude, which is like looking for a needle in a needlestack in a field of needles.
Can you match the date? We know he breaks into the cars 3 days beforehand.
Well, that would imply that there is a time stamp on each of the numbers, which there is not, thank you very much.
And forgive my tone, but I am frustrated! Wait.
My mood is changing.
We may have a lotto here.
There is exactly one point of common intersection for each of the 4 cars, and I am sending it to you now.
Want to take a field trip? I don't get it.
Why here? Access, maybe.
He knows the victims will be away from their cars while they work out.
Hey, what if it's a stressor for him? How so? Maybe-- maybe she left him for a guy like that.
He comes here to blow off steam, sees that, it only makes him angrier.
When the unsub takes a closer look, he sees she's wearing a ring.
So he follows her back to her car, and he's picked his next victim.
He's gotten to the point where any husband and wife will do.
That's a lot of anger.
What do you mean, it's your turn? I mean, you have-- you have to stab me.
What? I'm not gonna do that.
Then he'll kill us both.
Now, I'm gonna go sit down on your cot.
This is some sort of trick.
It's better if I sit.
In case I pass out.
You have until I count to 3.
Ignore him and do what I say.
Ah-- just do it, right here.
It won't even hurt.
Just do it, ok? Just right here, Emma.
Oh, God! Please.
Uhh! There, see? You did it.
Do it again.
What? No! No! Again.
No, please.
What's your husband's name? Let go! Let go! My wife's name is Maya.
I say her name to remind myself why I'm still alive.
Stop, please, don't! What's his name, Emma? Please, what's his name? Say his name.
His name is John.
You're doing this for John.
Uhh! Aah! All right, so the unsub's using the track as his hunting ground, which means he found number 6 there, too.
And that victim would have pushed his button in a special way.
You think he could be one of the trainers? None of the missing men are particularly athletic.
So a regular old fitness buff, then.
Worked out at the track, just happened to talk to the wrong unsub.
Well, JJ and I like Phillip Connor.
This guy.
How come? Well, for starters, his mother reported him missing just after Mary Hammond disappeared.
And when I spoke to his mom, she told me that he and his wife Maya got engaged while she was still married to another man.
That would push the unsub's buttons, all right.
Keep digging into Phillip Connor.
If he is number 6, then he'll lead us to the unsub.
I'm gonna need one more.
Oh, yes.
So you and John, how'd you guys meet? I'd rather not say.
Might as well.
We're gonna be here a while.
You first.
When I started dating Maya, she was already You know.
With somebody.
Married to somebody.
It was awkward when he did the whole round of meet the friends.
They'd ask, so how did you guys meet? We'd be like Well It was a Christian dating website.
So you met online.
What's the big-- I'm not Christian.
I'm Jewish.
But I've never set foot in a synagogue.
How'd you break that to John? I haven't.
Get back in your cell.
Don't go.
It's ok.
We can still talk through the glass.
Come here.
Listen carefully.
There's a way out of here.
You don't want me to-- No.
You want to talk about what's bothering you? No.
Nothing's bothering me.
Something's bothering you.
I can always tell when you're bothered because you whisper lyrics to yourself.
Hip hop specifically.
I thought it was odd at first, but then I remembered your dissertation was on the fluidity of metaphor.
You seem to have a particular fondness for nas.
How did you know? Morgan made me listen to him when we started working together.
He said anybody that can't quote "illmatic" is ignorant.
SoDo you want to talk about it? Oh.
The text, it's from my husband.
Is that a bad thing? He just wants to know if I've thought about his offer.
What offer? To teach with him at Harvard.
How would you tea-- oh.
Tough call.
What do you think you're gonna do? When we got married, part of the attraction was that we were both obsessed with our work, and for a while that was ok.
Yeah, the last time we talked about it, you seemed to prefer it.
Oh, not anymore.
I don't like going home to an empty house.
May I offer some advice? Sure.
We need to turn around.
You just passed the house.
That's not the advice, though.
Blake, for the last this job has been my life.
And then, for a few months, I had a taste of what you have.
So, work There's always work, and there'll always be work.
What's rare is finding someone who makes us happy.
Yes, my son went to that track.
Did he ever talk about who he met there, maybe someone who took a particular interest in him and Maya? Mrs.
Connor? He didn't go there to exercise.
He went there to watch Maya.
Why would he watch his own wife? After they married, Phillip started to get, uh funny.
He kept saying to me, if she cheated with me, she'll cheat on me, Mom.
Did she cheat on him? No.
But she had had enough.
They're not divorced, but they are separated.
And I can't say I blame her.
My son is sick.
He enjoys being sick.
It makes people pay attention to him.
We need to talk to Maya as soon as possible.
Do you have her phone number? Uhyeah.
I'll go get my cell phone.
Your son's sickness-- does he cut himself? H-how did you know? Uhh! Uhh! Unh! Ohh Ohh Emma.
Help me.
Let me in there.
Let me in! Oh, God.
What did he do to you? Punished me for helping you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
Ok? It's not-- Cut him.
Leave him alone! Cut him or I'll kill you.
How can number 6 be the unsub? We profiled a sadist.
That all changed when he had Mary Hammond alone.
He found something else that worked for him.
The guy's wife left him because he was a cutter.
So he took those women not because of sex but because of something better.
They validate his obsessive-compulsive disorder, turn it into a shared bonding experience.
Then he got to play two roles-- the unsub who tortures and the sympathetic prisoner.
So I just spoke with Phillip's soon-to-be ex-wife.
According to her, he lives in a day-rate motel.
He'd need more space and privacy than that.
I'm here, sir.
What do we know about Phillip Connor's work history? Uh, he freelanced in the area, mostly computer stuff, that the car company subcontracted out to.
He needs infrastructure.
Something he could convert.
Garcia, what work site sticks out as the biggest? There's a microprocessor plant in foreclosure.
Is that the kind of thing you're looking for? The clean rooms.
He could seal his prisoners in there and no one could hear them scream.
We're gonna need a strategy.
If he's got abandonment issues, he won't hesitate to kill Emma.
Unless we give him something he wants even more.
Can you make that happen? If I can't, it's gonna be one hell of a bluff.
And I need your help.
What do we do? You have to.
You'll die.
We don't have a choice.
No, we can fight.
We have a knife.
The woman before you tried that.
He waited until we were asleep and then-- Then there has to be something.
There is.
What? I've been here so long.
I don't want to live like this anymore.
Go, go! Go! If you don't do it, he will.
I don't want it to be him.
If you're gone, what will he do to me? We could go together.
Clear! There has to be another way.
This guy thought of everything.
It's all we have left.
I could do you first.
I promise, I'll make it quick.
FBI! What? We're coming in! Oh, my God, it's him, Emma.
Get me up.
No, they said FBI.
Emma! Oh, my God, they found us! It's gonna be-- No No.
Hit it! Go, go, go! Aah! Aah! No! No! Shoot the glass! Oh, God.
Oh oh! Put down the knife.
Drop your guns, or I'll gut her.
Oh, God, help me.
Phillip, you don't want to do this.
You don't know what I want.
Actually, I do.
You want Maya, right? You want her back.
I could arrange that.
You're lying.
I'm not.
She'll see you.
But for that to happen, you have to put down the knife.
Bring her here.
You--you want her here? If what you say is true, I want to see her.
I'm gonna check.
JJ, you close? Yeah.
Oh, God.
Phillip, what did you do? Maya, Maya.
You came.
Maya, is there something you want to say to your husband? I'm willing to talk.
But only if you let her go.
OhhOh, God.
Ohh! Don't make me look at him again! Wait.
Maya! Maya! I love you! There he is.
You've made up your mind, haven't you? I'm happy for you.
I'm home.
Honey? James.
Well? Let's go visit Harvard.
Really? You're gonna come? On holidays and weekends.
Boston's closer than South Sandistan.
What happened to our veto power? I know you want to be a couple again.
I want that, too.
But I need this job.
And one of the things that made me fall in love with you is that you understood that about me.
James, this is the hardest decision I've ever had to make.
Give me your hand.
I took you for better or worse and nothing is ever gonna change that.
Right? Right.