Criminal Minds s09e05 Episode Script

Route 66

Come on.
No, stop, no.
Please stop.
Stop! I said stop! You little bitch.
Aah! Aah! Oh, my God! Aah! Please stop! You're hurting him! Please, please stop! Dad? No.
Hey, Jessica, it's me.
I'm sorry, I dozed off.
Um, is everything all right? Ok.
Jack's all right? Great.
Um I should be there in about a half an hour, ok? Yeah, sorry.
Hey, it's me again.
I'm--I'm not gonna make it.
I'm sorry.
I'll call you later.
I just put in new brakes.
She's running like a dream.
I always admired the aesthetic of the classic Torpedo C body, especially in the 1947.
They just don't make them like that anymore.
Yeah, well, I'm lucky to have found it.
Uncle sal would be proud.
Thank you for coming in, everyone.
We can get started.
Guys, meet Samantha Wilcox, in Wichita, Kansas.
Last night she snuck out with her boyfriend, they were attacked, she hasn't been seen since.
Boyfriend got a broken jaw and a concussion.
And the description of the attacker matches her father, Eddie Lee Wilcox.
Oh, is he ever.
Still on parole.
Eddie is a car thief and wheel man extraordinaire.
String of assault charges, too.
Been in and out of jail since he was a kid.
We don't usually work parental abduction cases.
We do when the abduction's violent and dad's a former convict.
He hasn't been incarcerated in over 3 years.
I mean he's had ample opportunity.
Why pick yesterday to kidnap her? Well, he beat the boyfriend within an inch of his life to do it, so taking her had to be real important.
And apparently Eddie was none too pleased that Samantha's mom melody had decided to remarry and then move from Chicago to Wichita.
He lost visitation rights the last time he got locked up.
So the anger about that is the stressor that builds up over the years.
Last night he decides to do something about it.
This could be vengeance for taking his daughter away.
If it's revenge against the mother, he'll either hurt Samantha or disappear with her.
She's been missing for over 5 hours, and we know how time sensitive these cases are.
The AMBER Alert is expanding? Every hour Excuse me.
Aaron! Hotch! Mr.
Hotchner? Mr.
Hotchner, can you hear me? He's not responding.
Pulse is thready.
Starting lactated ringers, wide open.
Systolic's dropping.
BP's 90 over 60.
You stay with me, Mr.
Ok? Stay with me.
Bleeding internally from what? They think it's probably all the scar tissue.
Torn adhesions from the stab wounds.
George Foyet returns from the grave.
What's the prognosis? He's stable right now.
Did an ultrasound, but can't seem to see exactly where the bleeding was coming from.
He'll need an exploratory laparotomy.
Does Jack know? Not yet.
I talked to Haley's sister Jessica.
We didn't want to worry the little guy.
What about Beth? I left a message, but she's on a business trip in Milan.
Look, I know you're all worried.
So am I.
But a teenage girl has been abducted, and Hotch would want us to focus on the case, not on him.
And that's exactly what we're gonna do.
When the plane lands, Morgan, JJ, I want you to interview Samantha Wilcox's mother.
Reid, Blake, you go check out the abduction site.
I'm catching the the next flight to Wichita and I'll meet you there.
What about Hotch? Garcia's here.
She's not going anywhere.
Now, let's go find this girl.
Come on, I know you're not sleeping.
What, are you gonna ignore me forever? I said I was sorry.
Oh, come on, Sammy.
Don't call me that.
Where are we? Texas.
Granola bar? Can we stop and get a McMuffin or something? Maybe later when we stop for gas.
When's that? I need coffee.
A couple of hours.
You drink coffee now? Yes.
And I hate granola.
You gonna talk to me? I cannot believe you did that.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I lost my temper.
You just showed up.
You should have called or something.
I didn't even have time to say goodbye to my friends.
How many times you want me to apologize? I am sorry.
But there's nothing I can do to change it now.
Ok? No? All right, then.
We had a deal.
You wanted out of Wichita, here we are.
But you gotta lose the 'tude or we're never gonna make it.
Angel, I swear,, you are gonna love it down there.
Ocean breezes.
Sunny every day.
Nowhere near Wichita.
That's my girl.
He's just one of those guys, you know? He makes you feel special.
You think you can change him, but he never does.
Were you aware of Eddie's criminal background? He told me he was a mechanic.
I thought all those new cars were part of his job.
But after a while I noticed things.
Like what? His sketchy friends.
Um, sometimes he'd be gone for days and then suddenly he'd have all this cash.
Was he ever violent with you? He's got a bad temper.
What about with Samantha? He wasn't around enough.
He got locked up when she was 6 and didn't get out until she was 13.
After that I moved.
But I wasn't the one who told him.
Sam was.
So they were in touch.
How often were they in contact? I don't know.
She doesn't tell me anything.
We fight all the time.
I--I thought it was because she's a teenager, but-- You can't blame yourself.
You did everything you could to try to keep her safe.
I did all that because I've always been scared she's too much like him.
Get him into O.
2 right away.
Yes, Doctor.
Hey, Morgan.
How is he? He's still out.
They're taking him to surgery now.
Listen, we need those big old brains of yours if you're ready.
Born ready.
All right, we need you to check out all of Samantha Wilcox's texts and email correspondence.
What am I looking for? Anything in particular? She's been in touch with her dad on the D.
There might be something in there.
Oh, and check ViCAP for any recent armed robberies between Wichita and Eddie Lee Wilcox's last known address in Chicago.
Why? Well, according to Samantha's mom, Eddie may have been more than a car thief.
How much more? Armed robber more.
He may be running from something work related.
Got you.
They just wheeled Hotch into the surgery right now.
All right, keep us posted.
You know I will.
We should swing east and hit New Orleans.
It's supposed to be awesome.
Yeah, it's overrated.
Come on, it'll be so much fun.
And I can help drive 'cause I'm in Drivers Ed.
No time.
Job starts in two days with or without me.
Then how about Padre Island? It looks pretty and it's on the way.
What? Nothin'.
I just can't believe how grown up you got.
I missed you, too.
What? What's wrong? No, no, no, no, no.
Don't turn around and don't slouch.
Just sit up and act normal.
I told you you shouldn't have beat him up so bad.
Now you're probably wanted.
Oh, my God, Dad, what are you doing? Relax.
Everything's gonna be ok.
What? You were gonna shoot a cop? No.
Of course not.
Glove box is the first place they check.
Can I see it? You ever handle a gun? No.
Then there's your answer.
This place is off the beaten path.
Her mother said she snuck out late.
He must have followed her here from her house.
Which suggests he may not have planned the abduction.
He just waited for the right opportunity.
Look at this.
She left her cell phone behind.
Odd for a teenage girl.
Maybe she lost it in the struggle.
Or it's a forensic countermeasure so they can't be tracked with the GPS.
Garcia got a hit on ViCAP.
The day before yesterday two masked gunman robbed a pawn shop in Chicago.
were stolen.
The owner and a customer were shot dead.
And so was one of the gunmen, except he was shot 8 times with a .
Emptied the magazine.
Overkill? You think our guy's the shooter? The dead gunman was one Christopher Corbone.
He spent 6 years in the same cell block with Eddie Lee Wilcox.
They were partners.
And Corbone was heavily connected to the Riggio family in Chicago.
Mid-level Mafioso thug.
Sounds like a double-cross.
If he double-crossed his partner, he's not just on the run from the law, he could also be running from the mob.
That explains why the need to grab his daughter was so urgent.
With good guys and bad guys on his tail, he has to know that this doesn't end well.
It doesn't make sense.
If he loves her so much, why put her in this type of jeopardy? His desperation's making him irrational.
He's gonna get dangerous if he gets cornered.
I can't tell for sure, but I'm almost positive it's that fella on the news.
Yes, sir.
Can you describe the vehicle he's driving? How much longer till we get there? Uh, not long.
A few more hours.
A few as in like Yeah.
Yeah, he sure is.
I need a shower.
I stink.
It would have been nice if I could have packed a change of clothes.
I want you to take a walk to that diner up the road.
Grab us some sandwiches, a couple slices of pie.
Can't we just drive there when we get done? We shouldn't be seen together.
Plus I gotta hit the head, number 2.
It might take a while.
Ok, ok.
But way too much information.
What do you want? Surprise me.
Hey, the girl just went and walked off.
Is he leaving with her? He looks like he's going around back to the bathroom.
All right, sir.
You sit tight.
We have state patrol units en route to you.
Don't try any-- Hello? Hello? Hey.
Hey, you there? Whew.
Hotter than hell out there.
Yeah, that time of year.
Uh That comes to $6.
00 even.
Pulse is stable at 86.
Retractor, please.
Is it true what I heard about this guy? Yeah.
Serial killer almost stabbed him to death.
Crazy, huh? Let's have 4 units of 0-neg on hold.
Hi, honey.
I saved you a seat.
No news on Hotch yet.
Samantha Wilcox was in touch with her dad a lot.
I got their texts right here.
May I? Yeah.
"I hate my life.
Mom's a bitch.
"Hubby's a tool, and Wichita blows.
Why can't I live with you?" Then dad responds in kind, "love you lots.
We'll be together soon.
" She wanted him to come get her.
Yeah, what if they planned it? I don't know.
I'm not seeing anything logistical in nature here.
It's all emotional outbursts at her mom and little loving missives to her dad.
I doubt if she had anything to do with this, though.
Name's Damon Turner, father of 3, and apparently he was expecting is first grandchild.
No security cameras.
He had a shotgun stashed back there.
I wonder why he didn't use it.
Eddie must have gotten the jump on him before he could.
Guy recognizes Eddie, calls 911.
Eddie clocks it, caps him to shut him up.
But the damage is already done.
He already made the call.
Why kill him? Why didn't Eddie just take off? He's in survival mode.
He'll try to eliminate any perceived threats.
He didn't rob the place.
He left all the cash in the register.
He didn't have to.
He had money from the Chicago robberies.
Actually, I think he may have.
Look at this.
Several items were rung up after the 911 call.
A bag of chips, a pack of gum, and 6 post cards.
Post cards? What does he want, a souvenir? It's possible.
He knows if he gets caught, he's going away for a long time, and being with his daughter may have evoke a need to commemorate the event.
But post cards are old school.
Being with his daughter might actually make him nostalgic in some way.
Well, he's headed due south, most likely straight to Mexico.
He'll stick to side roads and won't cross the border anywhere busy.
I'll extend the AMBER Alert and have Highway Patrol set up roadblocks.
Pulse is stable at 86.
More suction, please.
Yes, doctor.
You look so beautiful.
You're not so bad yourself.
I miss you.
I know.
Ooh, it's starting.
Oh, look how happy he is.
Who's that? Her name is Beth.
He's gotten so big.
Oh, she's really good-looking.
She's not you.
And I'm not enough.
Oh, stop beating yourself up.
You're a great dad.
You always have been.
It's hard.
And I'm alone.
No, you're not.
Jack misses you, too.
Well, then you should talk about me more.
You should talk more, period.
He's not like you.
He needs to hear the words.
Ohh! Go! Go.
Go! Go! Goal! Oh! Ohh As you all know, Eddie Lee Wilcox is armed and dangerous.
He's also smart and criminally sophisticated.
He knows police procedure and how to use it.
He's flush with cash from his robbery in Chicago, but he'll try to maintain a low profile, so he may resort to his robbery skills at some point.
Eddie's a car thief and he's a good one.
So he'll switch vehicles often.
He was last seen in a Chevy minivan, but we do not count on him being in it for long.
So canvass crowded parking lots and malls.
That's most likely where he'll ditch cars and find new ones.
We've been calling this a child abduction, but Eddie's daughter Samantha may actually be an unwitting participant.
We know she wanted to run away from home, and her father is somehow taking advantage of that.
This guy's evolved into a sociopathic spree killer, and he's got the ego of a career criminal, so there's no telling how far he'll go to save himself.
That ego may be feeding a sort of pipe dream, that if he does escape, he may actually get to have a healthy relationship with his daughter.
A relationship he believes was taken from him.
But when reality sets in, his dream will be shattered, and that's when Samantha will be in the most danger.
The majority of these cases end in either murder/suicide or suicide by cop.
Up to this point, we've been reacting to him, but the roadblocks and the media blitz are set up to make him react to us.
So if you spot him, call for backup and proceed with extreme caution.
He's probably sleep deprived and irrational.
The closer we get, the more dangerous he becomes.
We have an AMBER Alert for 16-year-old Samantha Renee Wilcox of Wichita.
Samantha was allegedly abducted by her father, Eddie Lee Wilcox, who is wanted in connection with a robbery in Chicago that claimed the lives of 3 victims.
Sam! What are you doing?! I was calling mom.
They don't think that I ran away.
They think you kidnapped me.
No, no, no, no, no.
We talked about this.
You can't call anybody.
I just wanted to let her know I was ok.
How long were you on the phone? Is it true? Did you tell her where we were? Did you kill those people? What? I saw it on the news.
Get dressed.
No, no, answer my question! I'll tell you everything in the car, but we gotta go.
No, please, just tell me the truth.
Now, Sam! Now! Go! This guy's not coming.
Mm, we really haven't been here that long.
Yeah, but if he wanted to make a run for the border, he'd have been caught in the net by now.
Maybe we made him switch directions.
Well, we can't cover everything.
Texas is huge.
to be exact.
Largest state in the contiguous 48 and the second-most populous.
Don't mess with Texas.
Hey, you want to read? I always do when I'm anxious.
"The Magical Mathematics of Quantum Physics.
" Ohh.
I'm good.
I'll wait for the movie.
Put your hair up.
You said you would explain when we got in the car.
We're in the car.
Whoever's car this is.
I didn't do what they said that I did.
Then what did you do? Ah, jeez--I, uh-- my partner went crazy.
I was lucky to get out alive.
What happened? It all went down so quick and didn't have choice, but I never should have trusted him.
Did you kill anyone? Sam-- Did you kill anyone?! Sam! Look Everything that I am doing I am doing for us.
Everything's gonna be ok when we get to Mexico.
You just gotta trust me.
Can you do that? Yes.
That's my girl.
Now please put the hat on, ok? Break 1-9.
Anybody with their ears on, we got 1043s on every boulevard due south.
Smokeys are checkin' brakes.
Be advised.
thanks for the holler.
Damn it! What? Change of plan.
Thanks so much.
Hey, what you got, good-lookin'? Still nothing on Hotch.
I have a sort of something on Samantha Wilcox.
She just called her mom from a motel in Odessa, but they weren't That's only 103 miles west of here.
Alert local PD.
We're on our way.
Wait, wait, wait.
I already did that.
I called the police and Samantha and her dad are nowhere to be seen.
Sorry, sugar.
He won't like the idea of her calling home.
That phone call will probably drive a wedge between the two of them.
We're close and he knows it.
Maybe he'll make a mistake.
What are we doing? We need a new car.
Sit tight.
Hey! What the hell you doin'?! What do you think you're doin'?! Uhh! S-Sam! Sam! Oh, please Sam! Get the bag.
Get the bag.
Go! Uh-huh.
Get in the truck.
You drive.
Go, go.
Look at this.
It's messier than we thought.
Bovie catheter.
Yes, Doctor.
Whoa, pressure's dropping.
She's cute.
Excuse me.
Ooh, ooh, pardon me.
Oh-- Ahh.
I hope I didn't miss anything.
What's he doing here? Oh, it's ok.
I invited him.
She is hot.
Isn't she? I would tear that up.
Hey, I bet she's a real tiger in the sack, huh? Ha ha ha ha! Ooh, popcorn? No.
Would you like some? Mm.
Yes, thank you.
Ah, he's in V-fib.
Pressure's still dropping.
Get the paddles ready.
Charge to 150.
Charging to 150.
Haley! No, no, no, no.
I need more pressure.
Somebody help me! Help me, please! Would you pipe down a little bit? Haley, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
Oh, my God.
Come on.
I can't stop the bleeding.
I can't stop the bleeding! It's ok.
You're not supposed to.
She's right.
So can we watch the show? Thank you.
Well, they left in a hurry.
Owner says they were here less than an hour.
And none of the motel guests saw anything.
Take a look at this robbery footage.
Chicago PD apologized for the delay.
Clearly not the first time they've done this.
This the only angle we got? Cameras inside weren't working.
Muzzle flashes.
And they argue.
What about, though? Shooting the people inside wasn't part of the plan.
This is where it gets good.
The gun jammed.
That explains the overkill.
He didn't double-cross his partner, his partner double-crossed him.
Hey, girl.
Got you on speaker.
What's up? Hey, an unidentified male was just found shot and killed at a truck stop parking lot outside of El Paso.
Sure that's our guy? Well, a Mustang was reported stolen less than a mile from your current location.
It's in the same lot.
El Paso.
He's on the border.
He wouldn't cross there, though.
It's too busy.
Go back through his life again, Garcia.
He's feeling the heat, so he's gonna default to something familiar.
The answer's in there somewhere.
Done and done.
Any word on Hotch? Still no news, but I'm about to rouse the nurses for some intel.
You go get 'em, girl.
Sam, are you ok? I just keeping seeing that guy that you shot.
He probably would have killed me if I hadn't have done that.
Then I'd be on ice and you would be halfway home.
Everything is gonna be ok, kiddo.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I promised I would always take care of you.
I meant it.
I will never leave you again.
My money says this guy caught Eddie trying to steal his car.
There's a struggle, but Eddie gets the upper hand, shoots him in the gut, and then drags him over there.
And he takes his wallet, not because he needs money but so we can't I.
him as quickly.
'Cause the minute we do, we know exactly What kind of car they're driving.
Hey, break it down, baby girl.
Ok, here we go.
Eddie's story is way more tragic than we thought.
We know his mom died in childbirth and his dad committed suicide.
What we didn't know was that he's the one who found his father's dead body.
He was only 5.
The postman called the cops when he smelled something horrible.
Turns out that little kindergarten-sized Eddie was in the house with the corpse for two days, and it was in the middle of a crazy heat wave, so Wait a minute, Garcia.
Eddie's father died February 2.
Uh, correctamundo.
The average temperature in Chicago in February is 26 degrees Fahrenheit.
Oh, no, they weren't in Chicago.
The were in Los Angeles because his father had a job opportunity that fell through, which he apologized for in his suicide note that he wrote on a stack of post cards.
Are you sure they drove? Yeah.
Because the post cards were from stops they made along the way.
I think I know where they might be headed.
I can't get his pressure up.
It's 80 over 40.
One more mg.
of EPI and we need that 0-neg.
Haley, I'm sorry.
This is all my fault.
Ohh That was awesome.
Well, it's time to go.
I gotta go take a leak.
I'll meet you guys in the lobby, all right? Ok.
Well, this was fun.
I don't want you to go.
What about Jack? And Beth? They need you now more than ever.
Just a little while longer? There's no time.
Please? You have to go back now.
I want to stay with you.
I know you're the big boss man, but you can't always have your way, you know.
Sometimes you just have to roll with it.
I don't know how.
Happiness is a choice.
So choose.
But how? How do I choose? Get out of your head.
The heart is the one that knows, so follow it.
Nice car.
Hey, what gives? I thought were were gonna meet in the lobby.
Oh, anybody gonna catch the subway downtown? I hear it's gonna be a hot one.
No? All right, then.
This was great.
Huh? We gotta do this again.
Come here, big guy.
Ahh! Take care of yourself, all right? Jeez Louise, loosen up a little bit.
Would it kill you to smile? Seriously.
Beth's a keeper.
And Jack really likes her.
So don't screw it up.
Goodbye, Aaron.
And, yes, I still love you, too.
Wake up.
Check it out.
It looks just like it did when my dad took me here when I was a kid.
It's beautiful.
Ain't got a And no more old d vibes Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Hang on.
Get out of the car, Sam.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car! Here.
What are you doing?! Stay back! Dad, you're crazy! Get back! I'll shoot! Stay back! I'll blow her brains out! I swear to God! Stay back! Stop it! Go! Go! Go! I said get back! I'll shoot! Get back or I'll shoot her! Hi, sir.
Welcome back.
Do you feel ok? Do you need anything? What happened? Uh, you collapsed and they performed emergency surgery because you were bleeding internally.
The doctor said it had something to do with the stabbing.
But you're fine.
There were some complications with the operation, but you're--you're ok.
I mean, you're like as healthy as a puma, a bedridden puma.
But my point is you're gonna be fine.
Where's Jack? He's at home with Jessica.
Shall I send for him? Please.
And I need my phone.
Thank you.
I need to call Beth.
Uh, so I'm gonna Call Jessica and let the team know you're ok.
Oh! I'm sorry.
It's ok.
Sir, I'm sorry.
I'm just--I'm-- I'm really happy you're back.
You had us worried sick.
Garcia Thank you for staying.
Ohh Wild horses, sir.
Just wild horses.
I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
I would never-- I would never hurt you.
Why did you do that? I'm so sorry.
I did not mean to scare you.
You said you were gonna blow my brains out! I just needed some time to think, baby.
I just needed-- I needed a little time.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Eddie Lee Wilcox, this is the FBI.
We can work this out, but you have to let Samantha go.
Come on, she's your daughter.
Do the right thing, Eddie.
Has he said anything yet? Not a word.
Statistically speaking, the longer this takes the worse his daughter's chances get.
I don't know.
If he was gonna do something to her, he would have done it by now.
But now he's trapped.
The game's changed.
I'm gonna try something.
What are you doing, Dad? I don't know.
I don't know.
Eddie? Pick up the phone, man.
We only want to help you.
Come on, think about Samantha.
What? Hi, Eddie? This is Agent Jareau with the FBI.
You can call me Jennifer.
What do you want? Same as you.
I want Samantha safe.
She's fine.
Can you, uh, put her on the phone so I can hear for myself? Go ahead.
Samantha? Yeah.
You ok? Yeah.
Is there anything you guys need? For you to get the hell out of here.
You know I can't do that, Eddie.
But I can help get your daughter to safety.
Look, Eddie, I know all you've ever wanted is for her to be happy and safe.
Does she look happy to you? And there's a bunch of police out here with guns.
Her safety's definitely an issue.
Eddie, I know why you took her to the ocean.
You wanted one last trip.
Same as you had with your dad.
I know exactly how you feel.
And how do I feel, Jennifer? What is she talking about? I lost someone, too, once, the same way you did.
Don't talk like you know me.
You don't know me.
My sister.
When I was 11, she, uh, cut her wrists with one of my dad's razor blades.
I found her in the bathtub the next morning.
Shut up! Don't make Samantha feel the same way we did.
It will change her, forever, the same way it did us.
Shut up, damn it! I said shut up, damn it! Eddie! He's not coming out.
SWAT should get ready.
Sam, you gotta go.
What? I love you so much.
More than you will ever know.
Dad You're the only good thing I ever did.
Dad, please Oh, I'm so sorry for this.
But you got your whole life.
So, baby, you gotta go.
What are you gonna do? He lets her go, he either shoots himself or shoots his way out.
Baby, please.
You gotta go.
Get out! Aah! There she is.
I am not leaving.
No, I'm not leaving.
I know what you're gonna do.
And you promised you would never leave me again.
They are gonna lock me up and throw away the key.
I don't care.
At least I can-- at least I can visit you and I can write you letters.
Why? All I ever do is lie and I screw up.
That is all-- that is all I ever do.
There was no job in Mexico.
There was nothing.
I'm nothing.
I don't want to leave you.
I won't.
So, please Don't leave me.
No, no.
It's ok, it's ok.
No, no! No! No! No! No, no, Dad! It's ok.
It's ok.
Dad! It's ok.
Excuse me.
Sir, you have a visitor.
Dad! Hey.
You ok? I am now.
"Life is a dream.
Realize it.
" Mother Teresa.