Criminal Minds s09e07 Episode Script


Oh, what are you doing? I'm gonna be late for work.
The sun's not even up.
It is in London.
Your job sucks.
Well, it pays the bills.
Yeah, well, not mine.
Turn out the light.
Don't I get a kiss first? No.
Please? One.
One is not enough.
Call me.
We'll talk.
You don't think I'll call.
I know you won't call.
You'll text.
Say, 'sup? Expect me to come over and have sex with you and go back home.
Is it the entire male species that you have a low opinion of or is it just me? Just you.
I will call you tonight.
I promise.
And I'll come back to you again.
Have fun at work.
Dude Kara, listen.
I think I'm in love.
Scotty just left my place.
Her name is Ashley.
The guy at the bar.
No, wait, it's not like that.
There was a real connection.
What do you think? He just left.
I'm telling you, man, she's a game-changer.
No, I know, but it wasn't like that.
It wasreal.
She has a thing for bunnies.
And when I say a thing, I mean she's seriously obsessed.
No, I will not tell you his shoe size.
You must remember this a kiss is still a kiss a sigh is just a sigh the fundamental things apply Right over there.
That's where I saw Carolyn the first time.
No offense, Rossi, but this place is kind of a dump.
Oh, back then it wasn't.
Back then the biggest names would come here.
Creedence, The Eagles, Chicago.
It was a Marine bar.
They played for us jarheads.
What was Carolyn doing here? Waiting for Ringo.
Beatlemania was no joke.
I mean, it would make the women crazy.
She'd write them a letter once a week, begging the band to come visit.
Did they ever come? Ringo did, after his divorce.
But luckily, Carolyn met me first.
But that's how we all became friends.
Devil honey for Dave.
And an Arnold Palmer for the kid.
Oh, on second thought, Helen-- it's Garcia.
So much for a night off.
You better bring us the bill.
That'll be 10 bucks.
No, you can charge us for the drinks we didn't have.
Everything's marked down until it's all gone.
Oh, you can't close.
This place is history.
Unfortunately, Dave, history doesn't pay the bills.
Marines used to be big business.
Still are.
That's why 3 new bars opened up across the street.
What's that thing they say about competition? It breeds success? It sucks.
Well Keep the change.
Thank you, Dave.
I hate to see this place go.
Beantown has turned into Chokeville.
wallets stolen.
The unsub uses a garrote to strangle his victims.
He strikes at night and there have been no witnesses.
How much did he get? Well, it's odd.
Each of the victims, socio-economically, is lower to middle class.
It's doubtful there would have been much cash, and there have been no charge attempts on any of the credit cards.
So the murders might not be about money at all.
Taking the wallets could be a forensic countermeasure so the murders might not to delay victim identification.
That could be the sitch with the first two victims, but the latest one, Scott Delfino, he was on the phone with his roommate when he was attacked, call cut out unexpectedly, repeated callbacks went straight to voicemail.
And Delfino's body was found an hour later.
Indications were they'd been blitzed.
Which speaks to the killer's prep work but also his desperation.
He chose a location to lay in wait but wasn't capable of adapting to a target on the phone.
That could be arrogance getting in the way and making his organization appear mixed.
To me that screams false confidence.
Which means that desperation is what's driving him.
It's not about the kills, it's about what the murders represent.
He's mission oriented.
He doesn't want to kill them, he has to.
Which suggests the unsub has no personal connection to his victims.
Except choking as a kill method is extremely personal.
He feels each victim take their last breath.
What if the wallets are a form of depersonalization? He's stripping his victims of their identities.
Which means he may feel stripped of his own.
If the wallets are trophies, he could be seeking recognition for his work.
And he may not stop killing until he gets that recognition.
Let's go.
the itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout down came the rain and washed the spider out out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout again the itsy-bitsy spider Went up the water spout down came the rain and washed the spider out out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the itsy-bitsy spider went up the spout again "If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.
" Benjamin Franklin.
Ryan Maxford worked as a counselor at a local boys home, and Scott Delfino worked for Dynamo Industries, which is an international pharmaceutical firm.
Besides gender, the victimology varies.
He doesn't care about age or race.
He blends in and is most likely unassuming.
Yet has no problem taking down a 6'5", 260-pound man.
Maxford was a former football all-American.
Which probably rules out my unsub as a woman who hates men theory.
It'd be hard to gain leverage on these guys.
True, but hatred of men might not be far off.
The victims could be surrogates.
For someone else or the unsub himself? It's too early to tell.
If the unsub does feel stripped of his own identity, he could be trying to make these men appear the same way.
He could be recognizing in his victims a behavioral trait consistent with the object of his rage that triggers him to kill.
We need to determine where he's finding his victims.
Geographically speaking, none of the victims live near one another, but they were all killed downtown, which is where the unsub likes to operate.
That fits with where Maxford works, but not with the other two victims.
His area of control, while relatively small, includes a number of residential and commercial buildings.
Factoring in a 3-mile radius in a city with a population of 636,479 over 48.
28 miles, we're looking at approximately in his comfort zone.
How many of them male? Garcia, start with the victim's known associates.
We need a list of everyone who lives and works downtown.
On it.
I'm a genius, too.
Morgan, Blake, and I will go to the field office and start with Garcia's list.
Dave, go to the M.
and see what they can offer us.
JJ, you and Reid go to the scene where Scott Delfino's body was found.
His roommate's waiting to talk to you there.
Is that a good idea, talking to him where his friend was murdered? Well, apparently he's insisting on it.
Boston P.
says he won't leave the scene until you do.
Ben Harrison? You the FBI? I'm Agent Jennifer Jareau.
This is Dr.
Spencer Reid.
You know, we didn't have to do this here.
We could have talked back at our field office.
I wanted to see where it happened.
I was talking to him one second and then the That's it.
Right here Scotty's story ends.
Scotty must have been coming from the east, otherwise the unsub's position would have left him exposed.
But? That Avenue offers in lieu of this alleyway, so how did the unsub know Scotty was gonna choose this particular one? You told the police he met a girl last night.
So walking home this way wouldn't be part of his regular routine, right? No.
When planning a blitz attack with varying avenues of approach, what do you do? Eliminate the variable.
Strike as close as you can to the point of origin or destination.
But Scotty was still miles away from home.
The woman he met lives nearby.
Do you have any idea who she was? Only that her name is Ashley and she likes bunnies.
Don't ask.
It's the last thing he said to me.
Do you know where they met? I'm not sure.
We were watching the Pats came at the Purple Shamrock, and then I had to bail.
I have to pick up my girlfriend from Logan, so Do you think Scotty stayed there, or would he have ventured elsewhere after you left? I don't know.
There's so many bars in the area.
Scotty had a tendency to wander.
With women, you mean? Let's just say it wasn't often that he slept alone.
Did that rub anyone the wrong way? Not anyone that knew him.
He was too good a guy not to like.
What'd you find out? We just talked to JJ.
Scott Delfino's roommate said something interesting.
Apparently Delfino was a womanizer but was too good of a guy not to like.
We heard something similar from Ryan Maxford's family.
Stand-up guy, but he was always broke and asking for money.
They would give it to him because despite his flaws, everybody loved him.
Well, that fits Mike Dunsmore, too.
He spent a quarter of his income on marijuana, but he volunteered 5 morning a week at a soup kitchen.
It's a stretch, but could this be our link? Is the unsub targeting men based on their supposed character flaws? He'd have to have stalked them well in advance.
Why stalk someone you don't have a personal connection to? Because he's not targeting a specific person.
He's targeting a specific type.
Men he thinks are too good to be true.
It's not the same.
What? Now, listen.
I landed the trick.
I've seen you It was sloppy, though.
Oh, well, it's better than your tricks.
Wait up.
Hey, stop.
Yeah, here, you pick up your board.
Dude, put the cigarettes away.
Why? My mom talked to Mrs.
Herron yesterday.
She found out about the test? Yeah, and the 3 before that.
So now I'm grounded until the end of the semester.
That's like 6 weeks.
You don't think I know that? She even took my PSP.
No games for a month and a half.
So unless you want your mom to do the same exact thing, I'd pocket those cigarettes.
You know what the problem is? Danny Terrido.
You can't miss the fight tonight.
Without you, he'll kick all of our asses.
There's nothing I can do about it.
My PSP is locked up.
Take mine.
Don't let your mom see it.
We gotta play.
What about you? Parents at my brother's game tonight.
I'll steal his.
That lady is so hot.
One of these days I'm gonna have the nerve to talk to her.
All right, man, I'm out.
All right, sweet.
Text me when you get home.
See you.
You know how many Ashleys there are in downtown Boston? Too many Ashleys-- that's how many Ashleys.
And the only thing I have to track her down is she has a penchant for bunnies? So, I'm pulling receipts from local pet shops.
Nothing crosses.
And anyway, even if she likes bunnies, it doesn't mean she owns bunnies.
I like unicorns.
I don't have any unicorns.
I feel like I'm on a trail led by wild geese and bunnies.
What about Scott's cell phone? He probably put Ashley's number in it before he died.
Yeah, that phone broke during the struggle.
I searched his cloud server, but his contacts hadn't updated yet.
We need to find her, Penelope.
Ashley might be able to identify the unsub, which means she could be at risk, too.
I know.
I--you know what? Send me that broken cell phone.
I may be able to pull data from the device itself.
And in the meantime, forward Delfino's calls to us.
If she tries him, we'll be able to talk to her.
Smart thinking, sensei.
Routing it now.
Delfino put up a struggle, but there was nothing he could do.
Killer had all the leverage.
Can you tell what kind of garrote was used? It varies.
First was fishing line, then picture wire.
Now some kind of cable.
All common household items.
I'd say he's definitely making the weapons himself.
From the looks of it, learning quickly.
Each wire was stronger than the last.
There's something else.
He's cut a lock of hair off every victim.
Something tells me that's more than an act of depersonalization.
He wants to remember these men and what he did to them.
Anything yet? Nothing.
Typical asshat.
He's not, though.
How many times has a guy said he'd call and didn't? Too many.
He wasn't like that.
You weren't there.
Call him.
I can't.
You don't have his number.
That's how sure I was he would call.
Rookie mistake.
We're out of wine.
Told you we should've got another bottle.
We can always get more.
Not this late.
There's a killer on the street.
Oh, yeah, I saw something about that posted on campus.
Just keep your focus.
Look out, one's coming.
All right, uh-- there's one in the rafters.
Oh, crap, I missed.
Flank left.
Flank left! I'm trying, but Terrido's on my ass.
I got him in my sights.
So shoot him already or I'm toast.
Hold on one sec.
And now I'm dead.
But so is Terrido.
And we win.
Good for us.
I'm still dead.
The needs of many, my friend.
So I'm collateral damage.
No, you can't think of it that way, Jake.
You're on the Sox and you just hit a sacrifice fly.
Yeah, I'll show you who the sacrifice is gonna be.
Looks like your brother is about to bust you on his PSP.
Nah, he won't be back for another hour.
We can play one more round.
Then who's there with you? No one.
Why? Can you sneak out? Jake, there's someone behind you.
What are you-- Colin! Jake? Mom! Help! Help! Mom! Jake's in trouble! Hurry! A friend called it in.
He lives down the street.
What kind of mission involves killing a teenage boy? Normally I would say this points to a devolution in the unsub's psyche.
He killed Jake in his own home.
It's the first time he's been inside.
Why? We've been canvassing the area pretty heavily.
Maybe he's adapting to increased police activity.
He's a low-risk victim killed in his home.
It feels like the unsub knew he would be alone.
So he's not just stalking Jake, but his family, too.
As well as all his other victims.
He can't be everywhere at once.
Maybe he's been planning this longer than we thought.
The time between kills is getting shorter.
But there's no indication that he's deriving increased pleasure from them.
Well, it would make sense if he's feeling pressure from an outside agency.
Maybe he's got a deadline.
You're sure you didn't catch a glimpse of him? Just movement in the background.
I tried to warn Jake, but Did Jake see who was there? Did he say anything to you? He saw him.
I mean, the guy was right there.
And Jake was so scared.
I can't get his face out of my head.
It's ok.
I just have one more question.
Do you think you can handle that? Yeah.
Did Jake seem like he recognized the man in his house? What are you-- Colin! Yeah.
Yeah, he knew him.
And I could see it on his face.
But he didn't say who it was.
Just because you recognize someone doesn't necessarily mean you know them.
The man could simply be someone that Jake routinely passes on the street.
Whoever he is, we're gonna get him.
Ok? Ok.
Agent Jareau? Have you ever been shot? Why do you ask? I just can't stop thinking about how it felt.
Did it hurt a lot when Jake died? You don't need to worry about that.
Jake wasn't shot.
Then what was the flash? What are you-- the unsub we're looking for is a dangerous voyeur who feeds off the thrill of knowing his victims can't see him.
Typically voyeurs are nonviolent and content to remain bystanders.
This one is different.
He's on a mission that includes taking action.
And in that mission he didn't hesitate to kill a teenage boy.
Anyone who stands between him and his goal is at risk.
We believe he's documenting his work.
He's taking pictures and collects personal connections to his victims-- their wallets and their hair.
It's important to him to have proof of what he's doing.
Voyeurs like to create fantasies in their heads of what the objects of their obsession should be like.
He creates a character identity instead of a reality.
And when a person steps outside of the parameters that the unsub has set for them, he strikes.
This unsub appears to be triggered by males acting on what he perceives to be character flaws.
Seemingly innocuous infractions to us are magnified in the unsub's psychosis.
Based on the planning and sophistication of the kills, we believe that he's in his late 30s or 40s.
The geographic profile tells us this unsub is not only dumping his victims downtown, he's hunting there, too.
So this is where we need to redouble our efforts.
Go building to building, door to door.
This guy's a fly on the wall.
He's able to learn secrets without anyone realizing he's there.
He'll have a job that involves very little social interaction, but it puts him in a position where he can observe others unnoticed.
So we should look at service workers, groundskeepers, anyone paid to be invisible.
And we need to move quickly.
This unsub is approaching some sort of perceived deadline.
The closer it gets, the more erratic and dangerous he'll become.
Thank you.
Hello? Oh.
Can I help you, Ms.
Fouladi? Hey, Nick.
I was wondering if I could take a look at your guest log.
A friend of mine came over the other night and I lost his contact information.
I was hoping you might have it.
Oh, well, let's take a look.
What was his name? Scott.
Scott Delfino.
Scott Delfino.
I'm not seeing it.
You sure that's his name? Yes.
Oh, you know what? This is only going back to yesterday.
Looks like the old sheets have been filed.
And where would those be? In a box up in our storage attic.
Tanner, our night guy, usually handles all of our paperwork.
I'm pretty sure he can grab those for you once he finishes his rounds.
Is there any chance I could take a look right now? Please? It's important.
I'm running kind of late, but, um Tell you what.
Give this to Tanner when you're done.
Have a good night.
You, too.
Talk to me, baby girl.
You better get ready to get down on one knee, 'cause this B.
boo just earned herself one hell of a diamond.
What'd you find? Scott Delfino's phone is a Hotch mess-- hot mess-- you know what I mean.
Data scrambled like a Denver omelet on a Sunday morning.
I can feel those smoldering get-to-the-point stares from here.
So I will.
If the name Ashley is on Scott's phone, I can't find it.
Penelope, this is sounding more like cubic zirconia.
Bite your pretty tongue.
I didn't stop at the first rejection.
I did what you guys did.
I profiled the guy.
Scotty is a ladies' man.
Gets a lot of names and numbers, gotta keep track of them all.
What's a player to do, playa? He gave her a nickname.
Baby girl's already taken.
But Bunny wasn't.
Tell me you got a number.
Of course I did.
Now so do you.
Sending it now.
Which box? Hello? I really wish you hadn't seen that.
Uhh! Help! Someone! Wait! Shh! Please! Please, no! Let me go! Please! Aah! He killed a woman this time.
And she's also the first one he covered up.
This is remorse.
She wasn't part of the plan.
Which explains why he moved the body.
She wasn't killed here.
And the garrote was used postmortem.
appears to be blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
He didn't do a good job of covering this up.
He's panicking.
We find where she was killed, we find him.
Except no one even knows what her name is.
No I.
Just a phone.
One unheard message.
Hi, my name is Derek Morgan with the FBI.
I'm trying to locate a woman, first name Ashley.
It's extremely important.
This is Ashley.
Her name is Ashley Fouladi.
She's a grad student at B.
Bills, including rent and phone, are in her father's name.
That's why we couldn't find her.
You got an address, Garcia? Yeah.
2410 Boylston Street.
Boylston Street.
That's where Colin Kirkland lives, the boy who witnessed the attack on Jake Preston.
Right, they're neighbors.
Same building, different floor.
Ashley wasn't planned, but Scotty, the guy she was with, was.
And it wasn't Ashley's neighbor Colin who s targeted, it was Jake, the boy he was with.
This unsub isn't stalking the people he kills, he's stalking the people that live in that building.
All of hs victims must have interacted with someone residing there.
So, how does he choose who he kills? All right, well, let's look at it.
Ashley comes home with a womanizer who the unsub then killed.
Colin was playing with a video game he wasn't supposed to have.
The unsub killed the boy who gave it to him.
He's targeting bad influences.
He sees himself as a protector.
Or as a parent.
He's keeping the people under his own roof safe.
Which mean he most likely suffered a past loss.
One he blames himself for.
What can I do for you? One of your residents, Ashley Fouladi, was killed tonight.
We just want to ask you a few questions.
Oh, wow.
That's horrible.
Did you happen to notice anything strange this evening? No.
But I just got here.
Our night guy had a family emergency, so I just got called back in.
Did you interact with her earlier today? Was she with anyone? No one was with her, but she did ask me about our visitor logs.
She was trying to find some guy's number and I just sent her up to our storage room.
Can you show us? Yeah, yeah, of course.
Right this way.
It's clear.
Somebody's been living up here.
Looks like he's making some sort of collage or scrapbook or something.
This guy's got a view of the entire courtyard and a half a dozen apartments.
He can see who's coming and going all day long.
Look at this.
It's a live feed.
So who else is he watching? That's Tanner.
The guy I'm covering for.
His name is Tanner Johnson and life has not been kind.
He lost a child, didn't he? Yeah.
Last year.
A 10-year-old son Jeremy.
According to reports, Jeremy was playing with a friend, they were like fake wrestling, when Tanner, a free-lance photographer/ slash/nighttimdoore got a call, left the room to take it.
When he returned, his son was unconscious.
The friend was trying to revive him from a chokehold gone horribly wrong.
His son was strangled.
That's why he uses a garrote.
Jeremy was on life support for a few days, but he died.
Tanner blames himself.
He stopped watching for a minute and he lost his son.
He hasn't stopped watching since.
The grief must have consumed him.
That's a hell a stressor, but what triggered the murders? Garcia, what happened to Tanner's wife? Did the marriage survive? Uh No.
She kicked him out two months ago, right before the killing started.
So he loses his child and then his wife and home.
It's enough to make anyone unstable.
Add guilt to that and it's all too much.
He dissociated.
Paternal transference.
He claimed the residents of his apartment building as his family.
But we're missing something.
Why is he documenting all of this? We profiled he's running out of time.
The book must have something to do with that.
Oh, snap.
What is it, Garcia? Hannah, Tanner's wife, she's pregnant.
That's who he's watching online.
Garcia, when is the baby due? The baby's due Yesterday.
Matt? I think it's time.
Your nephew's getting antsy.
Don't worry.
I'm home.
And when the baby comes, we're gonna be a family again.
He's not picking up.
He's not going to.
He's got what he wants.
I am checking Hannah's social media footprint now.
It looks like her brother Matt is staying with her until the baby's born.
I'm sending you his number.
Don't bother, Garcia.
I see him.
Where? Oh.
Oh, God.
You killed him? Why? Don't worry about him.
Ohh! Sit down! He's not gonna hurt Hannah or the baby, will he? Not while she's pregnant.
He has to keep the child safe.
And after? Look at me.
Look at me.
We're gonna be a family again.
No, we can't be a family.
It didn't work.
But it will this time.
It will, 'cause I've changed! I've noticed.
I did everything you said.
And I'm stronger now.
I-- I can keep our family safe.
If you want to protect us, I need you to get me to a hospital.
Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Please.
No, no.
I can't take you to the hospital.
Something could happen to the baby.
Oh, God! That's exactly why have to get me to a hospital.
Something could go wrong.
Oh, God.
And it won't here? Here Here I can help you.
You can't help me! You're too weak! You've always been weak.
You won't say that after you've seen this.
See? Look.
Tanner thinks his book proves he can take care of the baby.
And if she rejects that, he could unravel even more.
Uh-huh, and what happens then? No one will be safe, not even the child.
Look, look.
This is Colin.
Colin, see, he's a good boy, really.
Till he met this kid, Jake.
But I took care of him.
And this man, Scott.
Ok? I'd seen him at the building before.
You see, Ashley-- Ashley thought she was the first girl he seduced there, but she wasn't.
I made sure she was the last.
What is this? This is proof.
This is proof that I can protect our new baby.
This is proof.
Proof that I'm never, never gonna let anything or anyone ever hurt him.
You're Insane.
Aah! Aah! Aah! Put it down.
You can't be in here.
Tanner, think about what you're doing.
You don't want to hurt your baby, do you? That's what happened to Jeremy.
Go away! Just get out of here! Aah! Hannah, how far apart are you contractions? They're constant! The baby's coming now.
Look, man, your baby is about to be born.
Now, we want to help you, but you need to put that weapon down.
No! This is my child.
I'm not leaving it.
Ohh! Ohh! Aah! Hannah, I need you to breathe deeply.
Breathe deeply.
Oh, my God.
Hannah, I need you to start pushing We need medics to Hannah Johnson's residence right away.
They're already on the way.
I can't.
Yes, you can, baby, just like with Jeremy.
This is not helping.
Tanner, you need to let her go.
The stress isn't good for the baby.
If Hannah doesn't start pushing now we could lose the child.
I have to watch him.
I have to keep him safe.
Like you did with Ashley? That was an accident.
I didn't mean to.
I know you didn't.
Accidents happen.
What happened with Jeremy was an accident, right? If I'd have been there I could have helped him.
Aah! Guys, something's wrong.
The umbilical cord's wrapped around the baby's throat.
What? Well, Reid, do something.
I need something to cut the cord with, quickly! Use these.
No! No! Don't worry, Hannah, your baby's doing fine, but you need to keep pushing.
Ready? Medics on the way.
We can't risk moving her now.
We'll have to deliver the baby here.
Oh, God! Squeeze her hand as hard as you can and push.
Oh, I can't.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
You're doing great.
I need to see this.
You're doing great.
I can see the head.
Keep pushing.
Keep pushing.
No! You've seen enough.
Keep pushing, all right? Keep pushing.
Oh, God! "The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.
" Frank Clark.
And to Dr.
Spencer Reid, who may be adding M.
to an already impressive list of credentials.
And to Spencer Johnson, may he prove to be the child prodigy like his namesake.
How on earth did you know what to do? When JJ was pregnant with Henry, I memorized the delivery manuals just in case she went into labor in the field.
I have to admit the practical application did not quite live up to the theory.
No, you were great, Spence.
This night is not about me, though.
To Dave Rossi.
Oh, I still can't believe you guys did this.
We wanted to make sure you had one last proper goodbye.
And I may or may not have posted on the Quantico message boards that all the drinks are on you tonight.
And they are indeed, thank you very much.
Um, but that's not all.
I don't believe that, uh, any of the members of this team have heard you sing.
Next up is David Rossi.
That was intentional.
Next up is David Rossi.
Dave, get your ass up here and sing us out already.
And, look, it's in your key.
Yeah, Q squared.
Whoo! Alrighty.
Oww! To all the great memories that have happened within these walls, if you think I'm doing this without backup, you're nuts.
Come on, JJ, Reid, let's go.
Derek! Come on.
What time is it? It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday the regular crowd shuffles in there's an old man sitting next to me makin' love to his tonic and gin Blake! Everybody sing! He's gonna make it.
He's gonna make it.
He says, son, you can play me a memory How does it go?! I'm not really sure how it goes How does it make you feel? But it's sad and sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man's clothes la la la la la la la la la la la la