Criminal Minds s09e19 Episode Script

The Edge of Winter

Oh, God! Ohh! How's she doing? She's was little agitated this morning, but I gave her a sedative.
Does she know I'm coming? Yes, but it's been a year.
I'm sure she doesn't want to go back over this.
How long will it take? Because I have to prep her for trial.
I didn't think profilers did that.
Profiling is only one-tenth of what we do.
We also assist the prosecution once we find the killers.
Agent Morgan.
How are you? Good.
Daria is really improving.
It's amazing.
If all goes well, they say I can take her home after the trial.
Let's just get through this first.
This way.
You got a friend here.
Remember agent Morgan? I'll leave you two alone.
Thank you.
How you doing? How do you think? I'm sure it's been hard.
Look, can we just get this over with? Today we're going to talk about what your testimony will be.
And I'm going to tell you how our investigation has progressed to prepare you for your cross-examination, all right? All right, let's talk about the weekend that you escaped.
What do you remember? I remember Ben.
When was the last time that you saw him? I was over by the window when they took Ben out.
So you knew that they were gonna hurt him.
Carrie and I waited by the door for Ben, but when they came back, he wasn't with them.
Do you know what happened to him? Yes, I do.
Straighten it out.
Straighten it out.
Hold it steady.
Relax your arms.
You're holding on a little too tight.
You're doing it.
Enjoy the ride.
This is a lucky man's work.
Dad, what the hell? What? What--oh, stop, stop, stop.
I knew it would be bad.
Every time I think about it, I just want to kill myself.
I should have done something to stop them.
No, Daria.
There's nothing you could have done.
That was our job.
in upstate New York in a town called Hamilton over the past 10 days.
All of the bodies were discovered in a sort of public place, the first on a dead-end street, the second in a desolate alley, and this is the last one-- in a field.
Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore.
Although each victim was abducted from a neighboring city, they all have something in common.
to the chest in groups of 4.
Looks like it was made by a 4-pronged hay fork or some other kind of farming equipment.
Only the latest victim was displayed like that.
The first two were unceremoniously dumped.
The display method and the disposal suggests the unsub's evolving.
He wanted them to be found.
Perhaps it's some kind of warning.
It could be a deity symbol.
In a Japanese book from the year 712 called "Kojiki," the scarecrow is seen as a symbol of someone who knew everything in the world.
I'm more concerned with the M.
Is this piqueristic or flat-out sadistic? It could be a combo platter, with a side order of psycho.
His pace and determination mean he's going to kill again soon.
Let's go to New York.
Wheels up in 30.
After they dumped Ben, how were they acting? They were drinking.
They always drank after they got rid of a body.
How many bodies were there? I don't know.
I stopped counting.
What did they do with you and Carrie after that? They put us in the shed.
That's when Carrie had the idea.
We gotta run.
Are you crazy? They're probably passed out by now.
They're still up.
Then we wait until they go to bed.
Look I got this earlier.
Carrie As soon as I get the door open, we have got to make a run for it.
Daria, Joe is evil.
If we don't do this now, they're gonna kill us.
You know this.
We waited two hours, until we thought it was safe.
They must have heard a noise.
That didn't stop us, though.
We ran and ran.
Looky here.
We got runners.
Aah! Daria! Carrie! Oh, no! Aah! No, don't leave me! Don't leave me! I'm sorry! Daria! I'm sorry! Ohh! Oh, Daria, don't leave me! "No one is ever a victim, "although your conquerors would have you believe in your own victimhood.
How else could they conquer you?" Barbara Marciniak.
How far did you run? I don't know.
I just kept going.
Then I got to the edge of the road.
Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, I do.
I used to have a boyfriend.
I miss him.
Daria? Hmm? When you ran, weren't you afraid they might find you? Yeah.
But I was hoping someone else would find me first.
Where were you? We were on our way.
These 3 victims vary in age and were last seen in various public locations on different days.
Our unsub clearly employs an abduction method that works with both men and women.
The female victims had signs of sexual assault while the male did not.
That means the rapes are situational.
He also knew where to stab the victims without killing them right away.
Piquerism is usually sexual in nature, and it's not often found in mixed gender victimology.
He's probably a sadist who's getting immense pleasure from his victims' suffering.
Guys, I just found out that the second victim, Chloe Reynolds, she's Muslim.
The first victim, Marlene, is black.
Maybe the most recent killing is a hate crime similar to Matthew Shepard.
Garcia, do we know Ben's sexual orientation? I'll start digging.
So after you escaped and started running, what were you thinking? I wanted to go back for Carrie.
I couldn't do that.
Why not? What did you think was happening? I knew she'd be punished for what we did.
You were gonna run?! Huh? Please! He'd blame her for the escape.
Please I--I told her not to.
Aah! No you didn't.
This was your idea.
No, it wasn't.
All your idea! When Joe got mad, was he always out of control? What did he do to you? I need the details, Daria.
He'd punch us so hard, we couldn't see for a week.
He'd tie us to the radiator.
God, I hated that radiator.
Help me! Help me! So you knew there was no way you could go back to help Carrie.
How could I? You saw what they did to Ben.
They would have done that to me.
So this is where Ben was hung.
I don't see any blood.
Crime scene's incredibly neat.
The scarecrow looks like it was gently placed.
It's quite a distance from the road, too.
There aren't any tire tracks to suggest he drove a vehicle out here.
How much do you think Ben weighed? A buck 75, maybe.
Ok, so, our unsub parks his vehicle, carries a mutilated guy who's practically dead weight through a field, strings him up like a scarecrow, alone, and no one sees anything.
I'm not buying.
You think he had help.
He couldn't have done it alone.
He must've had a partner.
Hey there, Joe, you got everything you need? Could be snow, ice.
I got ropes, chains, ammonia to clean up, and ice picks.
You and your ice picks.
You sure you don't want me to come? You always take care of this stuff.
I got this one.
You need me, I'll meet you up there in a couple days.
You're going on a road trip, Carrie.
Were the markings similar on everyone? almost 1.
27 centimeters apart.
There are microscopic differences in the distances between the wounds.
This one's one millimeter shorter.
This is not the work of a hay fork or a farming implement.
The holes are too small.
I think it's most likely an ice pick.
So the killers carefully jab the ice pick into the skin to set the pattern.
Then they replicated it on the other victims.
The unsubs would have had to stand over the body during the torture.
It's actually quite masterful.
Whoever did this was extremely controlled.
Add that to the neatness of the crime scene and I think we're looking for someone with OCD.
The precision is astounding.
You guys were right.
Joe was messy.
He made his friend keep things neat.
Can you give me an example? The table was always scrubbed.
The ice picks were scrubbed, too.
Every drop of blood was cleaned from the floor.
Every day they would tell us how they would kill us.
chop his head off.
They had sick minds.
We could try.
We could.
Slice 'em up, scatter them around town.
I want to do something freaky.
You know? Really make a statement.
Sick, hateful minds.
That's probably why we originally thought this was a hate crime.
I just talked to Ben's sister, and according to her, he wasn't gay.
We're not looking at another Matthew Shepard situation.
And the second victim's parents said that she was not a practicing Muslim.
Garcia, have you found any connection at all between the victims? They have about as much in common as dinosaurs and goldfish.
The cracker kind.
Then they might be victims of opportunity.
Found another vic.
She was badly abused.
Where did they find the body? Oh, she's not dead.
She got hit by a car last night.
She's been in the E.
A cop that had heard about the chest wounds and made the connection.
Call you back, Garcia.
BP's 80 over 30.
Give me two large-bore IVs, wide open.
I'm agent Jareau.
What is your name? Please, help us.
Us? Are there other girls? They're coming after us.
Find Carrie.
Who's Carrie? Who's Carrie? We're losing blood.
Sorry, guys.
Give me etomidate.
Let's move back to surgery.
There's another girl.
And she said "they.
" Which confirms we were right about a team.
With one girl escaping, Carrie's probably in extreme danger.
Or the unsubs are panicking and they're looking for someone else.
Joe liked bars.
That's usually where he'd find girls.
Where would he find guys? Anywhere he could.
But he had a way with women.
He'd charm us.
Tell us we were smart, pretty, funny.
Well, it was really fun talking to you.
Where you goin'? Car's in the shop.
I'm walkin' it.
You want a ride? Ok.
I'm the devil Then when we woke up, we wouldn't know what had happened.
Do you remember what happened the day we found you? I remember doctors, nurses, nothing else.
Our Jane Doe is stable.
She suffered severe trauma from the car accident as well as the torture.
There are also signs of long-term sexual assault.
And wounds on her wrists that have healed.
So she'd been held for a while.
And she's experiencing retrograde amnesia.
She only remembers snippets about her past.
Is this from the accident or the abuse? Probably a combination of both.
Time may restore memory.
Questions can jog it.
It's important that we talk to her.
You can try.
All right.
I'll head back in.
Do you remember what happened when we came in that hospital room to talk to you again? Nope.
I just remember I was upset.
He hit me again! Carrie! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, ok? I promise I'll come back for you.
I'm gonna send somebody! I left you, but they're gonna find you! Carrie! We just want to ask you a few questions, ok? Aah! Don't touch me! We're not here to hurt you.
It's ok.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You are ok.
Listen, in order for us to help you or Carrie, we need to ask you some questions.
Do you remember your name? Just find Carrie.
We will.
We will.
But right now we need to help you.
You want that, don't you? We've got to get her picture out.
I'm just afraid no one's going to recognize her, she's so beat up.
We'll improvise.
I'll call local P.
And get a forensic artist.
Do you think one of the unsubs is a woman? She freaked out on me, not you.
That didn't happen when she first met you.
But with improving memory, you may have reminded her of Carrie.
Yeah, she did look like Carrie.
Same hair, same smile.
You know, they could have picked anyone, but they picked me.
I was going to be a doctor.
Help people.
Now I got doctors poking at me all day.
Why did they go from dumping their victims to displaying them? I don't know.
Do you think it's because they wanted the public to see their work? Why are you asking me that? Because of how we found our next victim.
She was discovered hanging in a rest stop bathroom.
Do we know her name? Still checking, but our unsubs are getting bolder.
Their disposal sites have gone from remote and rural to high-traffic areas.
Same signature, but the puncture wounds are bigger than the other ones, and they aren't the same distance apart.
I think they used a different ice pick.
The wounds look deeper and more forceful, too.
They're continuing to display the bodies, which means they want everyone to see their handiwork.
Yet the OCD's not present in the wound patterns or at the crime scene.
Maybe they're losing control and devolving.
Or they know we have Jane Doe and now their rage is already out of control.
There are also indicators of sexual assault.
Let's get that photo to Morgan and JJ at the hospital.
This could be the Carrie that the Jane Doe's been going on about.
And that's when I showed you a picture of this woman.
I've never met this woman.
That's not Carrie.
I know.
But that's why we had to get our profile out fast.
We believe we're looking for a pair of sadistic killers who are trying to terrorize the community by torturing and displaying their victims.
One of the partners is dominant and fulfilling an emotional need.
The other is submissive and displays obsessive-compulsive tendencies.
We believe the stabbing in the chest is symbolic of unfulfilled sexual desire.
Their M.
is deteriorating, and this is evidenced by the fact that for the first time a victim successfully escaped.
So they're improvising now, breaking their own rules and becoming even more reckless.
This could cause a rift in the partnership, and it may result in changes or escalation to the torturous behavior.
Now, we do have one hospitalized victim, but her abuse and length of captivity, along with the injuries sustained in the car accident, have left her in a dissociative state.
At this point, we believe she was held for at least 10 months, which is much longer than any of the other victims.
This means that she held a very special place in the dominant unsub's fantasies.
Losing her will only increase his anger.
That's why he feels compelled to display his victims in a more public way.
He wants others to feel the full force of his outrage.
Also, since another victim was found within the last two hours, we believe the kills are accelerating.
Aah! Oh.
You liked him, huh? Huh?! Huh? Yes! Huh? No! No! Watch.
Watch! Aah! No, please! Aah! Aah! I could have stopped them.
I could have stopped this.
You did, Daria.
Getting your I.
led to a break in the case.
Don't you remember that? No.
Finding out who you were opened everything up.
This is the area where the bodies are being dropped.
It's basically a 10-mile radius.
But the hunting zone extends another 20 miles.
Probably lives somewhere in there.
The police captain just called from Brooklyn.
Says she recognized our Jane Doe.
Her name is Daria Samsen.
They're sending a relative now.
What's their relationship? It's her sister.
She's on the next train up.
About a year ago, Daria was a med student at Cornell.
She went to work one day and just vanished.
We looked everywhere.
Put up flyers, billboards.
I thought she was murdered.
When was the last time you saw her? The day she went missing.
I dropped her off at work.
She had a part-time job at a diner.
She wouldshe would hook me up with coffee.
Do you remember anything strange about that day? What was the weather like? Uh It was cold.
It was very cold.
When we headed to the door, we walked by a truck.
Was there anyone inside of it? There was this guy.
A white guy.
Did he say anything? He just looked at Daria and he said You're about as pretty as a stack of new 100s.
What did he look like? He was built.
Probably mid-30s.
Did your sister say anything to him? She smiled back at him.
He told her he was waiting for his mom who was in My mother's in physical therapy across the street.
Physical therapy across the street.
Was there anything identifiable on the truck? Bumper stickers.
Uh, it was-- it was blue.
Kind of dingy.
Is that all you can see? Think back.
I can see part of his license plate.
Uh, 543L But I hear a dispatcher.
What is the dispatcher saying? We got a broken furnace at Ridley and West.
There was a broken furnace.
There's a Joe Bachner of Conway Electric.
Pulling up his records now.
Booyah, this is our guy.
What's his background? He is a member of the upright citizens brigade, she says with biting sarcasm.
In and out of jail, for battery, 15 years ago.
Once accused of kidnapping a woman, but then she dropped the charges.
We were pretty sure that Joe was one of our guys, but we just needed you to I.
him to be sure.
Daria? Daria.
Hey, it's me.
Listen, I need to show you another picture.
Do you know who this is? Daria, do you know this man? Get Get him away from me.
Get him away from me.
Daria Daria, honey.
Honey, I'm here.
You I.
ing Joe helped us get his address and led us straight to his place.
Yeah But you got the story wrong.
How? That's exactly what you told me a year ago, Daria.
Yeah, but I remember more now.
Joe didn't abduct me in front of the diner.
I got into his truck willingly.
What are you saying? He seemed nice.
After work, Joe took me out for dinner.
The next thing I knew, I woke up in the shed and I was all--all tied up.
Joe used a ruse.
He did that with everyone.
Did they all fall in love with him? No? That's what I thought.
I liked being there.
I let him touch me and then I wouldn't get beat.
I kissed him.
I liked it.
It's my fault! This is all my fault.
Daria just told me that she got into the car with Joe voluntarily.
That's all right.
She'll still be a sympathetic witness.
She said she fell in love with him, Hotch.
We'll explain that it's Stockholm syndrome, but I need to know if there are any more surprises.
All right, I'm about to go back in there.
I just wanted to give her a break.
It's critical that we get all the details of her testimony.
I know.
All right.
Let's get back to where we were.
Once we got Joe's I.
, we headed to the house.
Blake and Reid.
We went out to that house and we searched the place and it was empty.
Clear! Clear! Clear! And after we dug deeper into Joe's background, we still couldn't figure out who his partner was.
Nothing out back.
He's burned papers, clothes.
The shed's been completely ammonia'd down.
Checked the basement.
Clean as a whistle.
Well, if he's not here, maybe he's with the partner.
Garcia, where else has Joe worked besides Conway Electric? He's had random construction jobs over the last two years.
And what do we know about his background? Raised in Pennsylvania.
His parents died in a car accident.
Where'd he go after that? His juvie records are sealed with crazy glue.
But it looks like he was sent away to live with his alcoholic nurse aunt, who makes Mommy Dearest look like a Saint.
According to reports, she locked him in a shed, didn't feed him for days, siccing bees on him when she was mad.
Get away! Please! Stop it! That's how social services found him when he got to school.
Hundreds of beestings on his chest.
So those torture wounds copied the stings.
It also explains the display method of his last two victims.
He wants to show the world the horrors of what he was forced to endure as a child.
And Daria was a medical student.
So we were right.
She's a surrogate for Joe's aunt.
Where's the aunt now? Uh, she died February 2012.
A month before Daria was abducted.
So the aunt's death was the trigger.
Any known associates? We need to find the partner.
Looks like he hangs out with local biker dudes and former cellmates.
Compile a list.
We'll run this by Daria at the hospital.
Bad people make bad people.
You said there was another man with Joe.
Do you remember that? I'm not sure.
All right.
You were hesitant back then, too.
Daria, this is important.
Who else was in that shed? No.
No! No! No, let me go! No, please! Please! Hurry up, Coby! We don't have all day.
His name's Coby.
Oh, God.
It's ok, honey.
You're ok.
I don't want to do this anymore.
I know.
It was Coby.
I know.
Shh I cross-checked the name Coby with the guys in the biker gang.
I'm coming up empty there.
Try men released from prison with whom he might have done time.
Ok Bada-bing bada-boom, the floodgates are opening.
There's a Coby Peters.
He was released a year before Joe.
He lives about 3 miles away.
He's a part-time electrician, full-time alcoholic.
That's our guy.
Let's go.
Thanks, Garcia.
FBI! Clear! Clear! Hotch.
He took all his guns.
Look at this place.
This guy's the one with OCD.
Go ahead, Garcia.
Sir, I got a ping off Coby Peters' credit card.
He's around the corner at Mike & Sons.
Coby Peters, FBI! FBI! Don't move! Let's talk about Coby.
Tell me about him.
He was evil.
You must have seen how mean Coby was.
He wasn't what we expected.
I didn't kill anyone.
We have 4 bodies, Coby.
You're part of a team.
What team? I'm an electrician.
Who used to be a medical tech.
Is that how you learned to torture like this? What the hell is this? I thought you brought me in here for the guns.
We don't care about the guns.
What about Daria? You know her? We're getting warmer, aren't we? Looks familiar, doesn't she? Except you didn't kill this one, because she's laying up in a hospital room with torture wounds all over her body.
That's my friend's girl.
Who's your friend? Joe Bachner.
She come around when we were playing poker.
What happened to her? You tell us.
How should I know? What's your relationship with your friend? He's my drinking buddy, and he works for me from time to time.
When was the last time you saw him? I went to his house to give him the keys to my client's cabin.
Water heater broke.
He said he'd fix it.
How was he acting? Fine.
He was packing up his car.
Did he have anyone with him? Just some equipment and Ice picks.
Look, if Joe hurt these people, go talk to him.
He's still up at my client's cabin.
He seems forthcoming.
It could be the behavior of an innocent or a psychopath.
You know, I know his house was clean, but did you see his shirt and shoes? They were messy.
There's no way this guy is OCD.
I find it interesting that Daria never asked Coby for help.
She was there when they played poker.
Maybe she couldn't because she was still under Joe's control.
We searched Coby's home.
Nothing connected to the crime.
Let's head up to that cabin.
You kids ready to have some more fun? Huh? Huh? Please don't.
No! Aah! Come on, just let us go.
Let you go.
Let you go?! You think I brought you all the way up here just to let you go? Joe Bachner, FBI! Uhh! We need medics.
You can't outrun a bullet, Joe! Tell us where your partner is, Joe.
Who is he? That's why I came back to the hospital to talk to you, because we were trying to find out who Joe's partner was.
Your sister didn't want us to bother you again, but she knew we were desperate.
We're looking for a team and we have to find both of them.
They could have more girls right now.
Every minute counts.
Do you remember what you said? Yeah.
It's coming back.
It was Coby.
Are you sure, Daria? Yeah, it was him.
I need you to think back.
We were in the shed.
He had an ice pick.
And what was he doing with it? Joe and Coby were about to hurt Ben.
And you're sure it was Coby? Look at his face again.
It's too blurry.
I can't see.
Keep looking, Daria.
Yeah, it was Coby.
I'm telling you.
He, uh, started poking holes in Ben.
He put the ice pick in a box.
Where did they put this box? On a shelf.
In the house.
Blake? Yeah, what's up? I think I figured it out.
Check every shelf in that house for a wooden box.
What's in the box? The answer to this case.
So I had Blake search that house for that ice pick in a box, and then I presented that box to you.
Is that coming back to you? Yeah.
Is that it? Yes, it is.
We found it in Joe's bedroom.
Was the ice pick in there? Yes, Daria.
Along with some of your things.
The reason Joe hung on to Carrie is because after you escaped, he needed another partner.
What? What are you talking about? Often when someone's held captive, they're forced to do the unthinkable.
Your prints were found on that ice pick, Daria.
Aah! I wasn't Coby who put the holes in those victims.
It was you.
What? You're--you're wrong.
No, I'm not.
Ellen, just listen.
Agent Morgan-- these are facts.
Daria, you're the one with OCD.
You're the one who kept that place clean.
Joe forced you to participate.
And he made you clean up after his crimes.
It's how he controlled you, Daria.
And to deal with the pain, your mind had just snapped.
It let you think that it was someone else who was participating-- his friend Coby.
It's not true.
It's not true.
I'm sorry, but it is.
It is.
He made you do it.
Do it now! No.
Aah! Aah! Do it or I'll kill her! Go on! Daria, it's not your fault.
No! Do you hear me? It's not your fault.
You had no choice.
No! No! It's not your fault.
Daria, baby No! No! I loved him.
That's why I did those things.
After a while, he didn't even have to ask me to do it.
I justI just did it.
Wait a minute.
Did you torture people on your own? That's what he wanted.
He loved me.
He kept me for a whole year.
The other ones he just had for a few weeks.
Daria, would you hurt someone again if Joe asked you to? If he wanted.
He's my boyfriend.
I loved him.
I still love him.
Excuse me, but it's time for Daria to take her medicine.
We're done.
Daria I'm gonna step outside and speak with your sister.
How did it go? Unfortunately, there is no way that the government can call your sister as a witness.
Wait, what? That was the deal.
If she doesn't testify, she goes to jail.
Daria admitted to me that at some point she became a willing participant in the murders, and she said she would do it again.
I don't believe that.
Your sister is mentally incapacitated, and I am protecting her by not letting her take that stand.
But then they will keep her in here forever.
My sister is not crazy.
Ellen, I know you see flashes of the Daria that you remember, the strong woman, the woman who escaped, and the woman who wants to get better, but your sister is permanently damaged because of what he did to her.
This is where she needs to be.
I am truly sorry.
She just wanted to say good-bye.
It's time for therapy now.
So, that's it? Was I helpful? Yes, you were.
I have everything that I need.
You take care, Daria.
Do you think you'll ever catch Joe's partner? I'm not sure.
But we're still looking.
Well, good luck.
Good-bye, Daria.
"There are times when the mind is dealt such a blow, "it hides itself in insanity.
"There are times when reality is nothing but pain.
And to escape that pain, the mind must leave reality behind.
" Patrick Rothfuss.