Criminal Minds s10e04 Episode Script

The Itch

Text Jessica.
Okay, what would you like to say to Jessica? On my way.
Don't leave without me.
Your text to Jessica says, "On highway car keys and tai chi.
" Ready to send it? - Cancel! Cancel! - Cancel.
Text Jessica.
Okay, what would you like to say to Jessica? I'm almost there, period.
Are you ready to go, period.
Uh, uh, question mark! Ques Your text to Jessica says, "Lost my hair.
Are you ready to go on your period?" Ready to send it? No.
Hey, buddy! Hey! Get out of the road! Hey! Hey, get out of the street, man! Come on, there's come on, you got to be careful, man! There's cars coming! Come on! Get off me! All right! Just slow down! Slow down! - Get out of the road, jackass! - I know.
There's a guy running across the street! Hey! No, no! Wait! Hey! - Come back! Come back! Wait! - I said get off me! Get them off me! Get them off me! Wait! Get them off me! Oh! Bone up on your manners and your vitamin C deficiencies, crime tigers, because we're going to the Peachtree capital of America Atlanta, Georgia.
What's in Atlanta? Uh, local PD has invited us in for an equivocal death investigation.
This is Albert Stillman.
He is an investigative journalist for the local paper.
Three days ago, he disappeared on his way to talk to a source for a story.
And last night he was killed, wandering into traffic.
Wait, "equivocal death" means we help determine homicide versus suicide, right? - Or death by misadventure.
- My point.
So, what happened to Mr.
Stillman was tragic, but what's to equivocate? I mean, he had some sort of mental break end of story.
Except that he had no history of mental illness.
- Could this have been drug-induced? - Maybe.
Uh one of his most recent stories was an exposé on an inner-city drug ring.
And he received death threats for that one.
Well, dealers wouldn't let him loose in traffic though.
If somebody wanted him killed, why not just shoot him? Well, we have to reconstruct his life to answer that question.
Reporters like Stillman don't just snap.
Something or someone drove him insane.
If you didn't put it there, who put it there? - Somebody else did.
You have the wrong guy! - Who put it there? If you didn't do it, who did it? You have the wrong guy.
Who did it, Albert?! I don't know! Who did it?! Why don't you let me go? is that what you want? - No, I don't.
If that's what you want, then see it! - I don't see anything! - See it! You know! - Why don't you let me go - You know! You know! And we can find out I'll go with you to find out who did this to you, okay? I'm right here.
There's nowhere to go.
Do you see it? Albert Do you see it? Answer the question! - You see it.
- No, I don't - You see it! - I don't see it! - Say you see it! - I don't see anything.
I don't see anything! Please, let me go! Wait wait - What is it? - You see something, Albert.
What is it? Oh, dear God! Yes, yes, I see it.
God! Yes, I see it! I see it! - I see it! I see it! I see it! - Albert, you do see it! I see it! I see it! I see it! "What's the matter, you dissentious rogues? "That, rubbing the poor itch of your opinion make yourself scabs?" William Shakespeare.
You can see why Albert Stillman was nominated for awards.
He wrote pieces on the homeless children, police corruption, bankrolling local strip clubs.
My kind of muckraker.
Fights for the little guy.
Those are also the kind of stories that put him in harm's way though.
Any one of them could have gotten him killed.
Doesn't fit this M.
We need to consider the likelihood that there is no UnSub; that whatever happened to Stillman could've just been an accident.
What do we know about the source he was going to see the night he disappeared? Oy! I have an update on that, mademoiselle.
I have been talking and working with Atlanta PD's perfectly lovely IT expert "Perfectly lovely" is code for not as good as you, right, baby girl? Moi? Throw shade? Never.
Let's just say with a lot my help, we've managed to narrow down the possibilities to a throwaway cell that called him hours before his disappearance.
So, it's a dead end then.
Yeah, and not the only one.
Uh, Stillman's editor has dealt us an "aw, come on" surprise by filing an injunction to halt the autopsy of the recently deceased's body.
Oh, we have jurisdiction here.
That's pointless.
And suspicious.
Thanks, Garcia.
All right, when we land, Kate and I will go talk to the editor, find out what he's hiding.
Dave, you and Morgan re-interview the witness who tried to save Stillman's life.
Reid and JJ? Let's move forward with the M.
We're not gonna let an injunction stop the investigation.
So? Thanks.
Did he say anything else to you besides "Get off me"? No, he just just kind of screamed it over and over and over.
What else was he doing? I don't know, man.
The guy was a schizo.
Okay, I hear you.
But any details you can give us about what he was saying or how he was saying it might help us figure out what happened to him.
The whole time, he was hitting the air.
Like he was fighting someone? Yeah, except I don't think it was someone.
I-I think it was something.
A lot of somethings because right before he you know, he looked right at me and he said Get them off me! "Them.
" You think he said, "Get them off me"? Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
What do you think it was? I don't know, but it couldn't have been good.
Agents, I appreciate you coming down here, but I have nothing to say to you about the injunction.
Newspaper editor telling the FBI, "No comment"? - That's ironic.
- I think we're done here.
No, sir, we're not.
This is a pointless exercise.
Tomorrow we'll be back with a warrant, and we'll get the answers we came for.
Unless that's the point.
To waste our time and buy some more of your own.
"Time"? To do what? Get ahead of the story.
One of your own is dead.
That reflects badly on you.
Albert Stillman deserves some privacy.
He was my friend.
Then cooperate.
Because if a friend of mine died the way yours did, I wouldn't rest until I got to the bottom of it.
His behavior seemed like psychosis from binge methamphetamine or cocaine use.
Go the other direction.
For his back and when he couldn't get any more, I tried to get it for him, but by then he wasn't interested.
'Cause he'd moved onto something cheaper like street heroin? That's why I filed the injunction.
I didn't want you or the police to look at a toxicology report and write him off as another junkie.
I think there's more to it than that.
And so do we.
What do you know about the source he was going to meet? Not much.
All he told me he was writing a piece on, uh, vaccinations.
I'd like to see his notes.
He kept it all up here.
Said it was the one hard drive nobody could hack or subpoena.
So, whatever that last story was, it died with him.
How we doing, beautiful? Uh, my perfectly-coiffed eyebrow is furrowed in concern.
Do you know that throwaway cell phone that called Albert Stillman? - Yeah.
- It made another call this morning to a Dr.
William Suri.
He is a research scientist of entomology of all things.
Baby girl, hold on a second.
This guy work at Barnett College? I know you guys are psychic, but how did you do that? They've been dealing with some college incident all morning.
I'll call you back.
Officer? The incident at the college what do we know? All we got is that there was a fight in the research lab, but nobody saw anything.
It's locked up now.
Detectives are heading over.
All right, we need that address.
No forced entry.
Suri let his attacker in.
This wasn't an assault it was an abduction.
What do we know about this guy? Well, according to his assistant, he was published, but controversial.
"Controversial"? We're talking about bugs, right? He had extreme theories on the impact humans have on insect mating habits.
This is probably the doctor's cell phone.
Whoever did this made sure to leave it behind.
Didn't want us tracing him through GPS.
Speaks to the UnSub's organization.
It also means this isn't an equivocal death investigation anymore.
This is serial.
Mm, Spence.
The M.
Has something we need to see right away.
You What are you doing to me? What do you want? You said you wanted proof.
So you attack me? You bring me to this place?! Where are we? Do you see it? Please tell me that is not my blood.
No No, it's mine.
But don't you see anything strange about it? I-I'd need to look at it under a slide, run some tests What are you talking about?! It's right there in front of you it's black.
No, it's not.
- Yes, it is, yes, it - What are you talking about? You corrupted the sample.
How could I have corrupted the sample?! Look at me! Look what you're doing to me I'm tied to a chair! Now, I-I have listened to you.
I-I have entertained all of your theories.
But what you have described to me it is not possible.
It might be real to you.
But that is that is because you are sick.
You're right.
Let me show you what it feels like to be sick like I am.
Duct-tape residue was found on his wrist, ankles and neck.
So he was held against his will? Yeah.
It's the rest of it I can't explain.
The victim's own skin was found under his fingernails.
The fingernails were, in turn, gouged into different parts of his body.
He broke them off scratching himself? Yeah, and kept scratching all the way down to his subcutaneous layer on his index and middle fingers.
Are these track marks consistent with heroin abuse? Oh, yeah.
Tox screen came back positive, too.
When was the last time he shoot up? Based on scar tissue, I'd say about a week ago.
Okay, so he was kicking when the UnSub held him.
One of the withdrawal symptoms of that is that it feels like your skin's on fire.
You can't help but scratch.
Let's think about this for a second.
Stillman was bound, but the UnSub cut him loose.
He wanted him to scratch.
That tells us this isn't torture.
If it were torture, he would have never taken the duct tape off.
What if it's an expression of his own pain? Maybe the UnSub wants his victims to feel what's going on inside of him.
Which is? Welts on the skin behind his ear.
Some sort of external irritant the UnSub introduced.
Yep, I saw that, too.
Lab's running the tests.
I don't know, a bite maybe? Wait, wait.
Wait! Hey, wh-what are you doing? What are you doing? Please! PI Please.
No, no, no.
No, no, please don't please don't do this.
No, you're right! I-I believe you.
I believe you, please.
Please don't do this! I believe you, p-please don't do this! Please, we can talk about this! You're right please stop it! Don't do this, please.
No, don't walk away.
We-we can talk about this.
I-I'll run some more tests.
Please, please stop it.
No, no.
No, stop it.
Oh, no, please! No more, please! Please stop it.
No, no, you're right! Stop it, stop it now! No.
Please don't do this.
Please stop it.
Oh, stop it.
I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Oh, please! Stop it! So we found William Suri.
Yeah, a garbage truck almost ran over him this morning.
Our UnSub didn't hold him as long.
Uh-uh, then he shot him, point blank in the head.
Big change in M.
Not necessarily.
He shows less signs of scratching, but the bite marks are definitely there.
So the UnSub wants this guy to itch, the good doctor doesn't play along.
Bang, he ends the torture early.
I don't think this is torture for the UnSub.
I think it's a delusion.
Can you hand me some tweezers? What kind of delusion? Ugh.
We need to deliver the profile.
We believe the UnSub we're looking for suffers from delusional parasitosis, a condition in which the patient believes that he is being attacked or infested by bugs.
He takes his victims and covers them in insects, cockroaches, specifically.
We think it's to convince his victims that they share in his condition.
Is he trying to get them sick so he can kill them? Murder isn't his goal, attention is.
Believe it or not, this UnSub is crying out for help.
He kidnapped an investigative journalist because he wanted Albert Stillman to write a story about the bugs inside of him.
Unfortunately, because Stillman was suddenly experiencing opiate withdrawal, he was already hallucinating insects.
And this led to a psychotic break.
So the UnSub changed tactics.
He kidnapped a controversial research scientist who he thought would be more willing to believe him.
But we think Dr.
Suri recognized his condition for the mental illness that it is.
That's why he killed him so quickly.
It is important that we do not label this UnSub as crazy or insane to the media or press.
He's desperate to confirm his own self-diagnosis, and he'll be violent towards those who don't.
And this kind of delusion goes hand-in-hand with conspiracy thinking.
He probably believes the bugs are part of a plot involving the government to keep him sick.
When he's alone, he'll be paranoid and disorganized.
His body will be mutilated from self-harm.
But his search for a fellow believer will give him focus and allow him to appear calm and rational.
We should be canvassing the entomology and infectious disease fields, as well as reviewing hospital intake records.
This UnSub has searched high and low for treatment for his condition, and we believe that he'll return to one of these locations for his next victim.
Thank you.
I think that we have time for one more share.
Anybody? Go ahead, Jane.
So I went back to the dermatologist, and she again tried to tell me what my problem was.
You know, she said that it was maybe mold or static electricity.
I mean, can you think about that? That what's going on inside my body could be Because of static electricity.
Just And then she had the nerve to try and sell me a salve.
And when I looked to see what was inside the salve, it was St.
John's wort.
I mean, really? You think I haven't already tried St.
John's wort? Just And I can see it really clearly now, you know? It's not me.
It's society, you know? They want me to be sick.
'Cause if I'm sick, if it's me, they can keep ignoring me.
But I won't be ignored anymore.
Thank you for letting me share.
Okay, why don't we stand up and join hands and end our meeting with our prayer.
Lord, grant me the wisdom to see the light Hi.
I'm Leo.
Strength to believe the truth, serenity with my body, and courage to know There's an inherent contradiction in who this UnSub is.
Only one? All right, humor me.
This guy has a phobia of insects, right? So why subject his victims to the very thing he hates? It's not a phobia.
Well, maybe not, but the bugs disgust him.
Labels are important here.
The original name for this was entomophobia, which is, yes, the fear-slash-disgust of being bitten, being stung or the fear of future infestation.
But if you have delusional parasitosis, you believe you're already infested.
Present tense, not future tense.
So his worst fear has come true.
What he wants now is exposure.
He believes if society and the scientific community take him seriously, maybe he'll get relief.
Yeah, but that's impossible if it's all in his head.
The more people that tell him that, the more angry he's gonna get.
Which is why he'll take solace in people who are as frustrated as he is.
Guys, there's a suspect pool we've been missing all along.
I'm here for helping.
Garcia, I'm going to run through a series of debated and controversial diseases I want you to tell me if there are any support groups in the area.
- Hit me.
- Fibromyalgia? No.
Chronic fatigue syndrome? Nope.
Recurrent Lyme disease? Negative.
Morgellons? There's a Magellan's Astronomy Club that meets on Tuesdays No, Morgellons.
Oh, those vowels will get ya.
Checking now.
I'll bite, what's Morgellons? It's a syndrome where sufferers believe they have disease-causing fibers under their skin.
They collect them, only to later be told by dermatologists that all they found is lint, dead skin or their own picked scabs.
Sounds like it's on the OCD spectrum.
There's a lot of overlap there; there's also patients who insist the fibers are insect-like in nature.
Yahtzee, there's a Morgellons group that gets together tonight, actually just missed them.
Garcia, we need an address.
- Done.
JJ, you and Morgan go and see if they'll talk to us.
No, no, no, no.
The drinking water.
Drinking wa? You think they put it in the drinking water? Yeah, that's the easiest way to infect us.
That means everyone's sick.
Everyone is sick.
See, but you and I, we we react to it differently, right? We feel it differently.
It-it's what makes us special.
So if this thing that I have That we have.
that we have is real Oh, it's very real.
How do I get people to believe us? You know, I was getting really close, that's when they tried to kill me.
They tried to kill you? - Shh - When you worked at Well, how do you live with that? I mean, they could just come and get you at any time.
Yeah, but actually, I'm grateful, because whatever they did to me, it turned up the volume, okay? It improved my intuition, my-my instincts.
When something's wrong, it comes out more.
While we've been sitting here, it hasn't come out once.
That tells me something.
I haven't felt it, either.
See? Maybe that's the cure.
You and me.
How bad does it get for you? Pretty bad.
Do you want to see? Yeah, but not here.
Let's get out of here.
Why am I not surprised that the FBI is showing up at my meetings? Look, we're just asking if you can think of anyone who might fit our profile.
Oh, I'll tell you what I think.
I think that this is the same tactic that the FBI pulls over and over again.
Occupy, WTO, anti-war groups.
Only this time, you people are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
I'll bet that you even worked out a little shakedown speech on the way over.
"Hey, weirdoes, "we support your right for free assembly, "but there might be a serial killer among you, so watch your back.
" Right? You want us scared.
You want us isolated.
That way, it's easier for you to tell us Morgellons is made up.
Randall, we have no opinion about your condition one way or the other.
Do you see this man? His name is Albert Stillman.
And this man, Dr.
William Suri.
Do you see him? This is not made up.
- This is real.
- The man we're looking for thinks he has cockroaches inside of him.
He'd be quiet, not demonstrative.
Probably not comfortable sharing to the entire group, but very convincing one-on-one.
Randall? Do you know anyone like that? No.
No one.
What makes you think that he would even show up here? 'Cause your group would listen to what he has to say.
And you'd believe him.
But that doesn't mean we're like him.
It doesn't.
But it could mean you're his next target.
Are you sure? Yeah.
You ready? Okay.
One - Ooh! Oh - Sorry.
I didn't want you to tense up.
No, it's okay.
It's worse when you tense up.
No, it's it's perfect.
Uh can you hand me the slide? Yeah.
Okay All right.
All right, look.
They should be wiggling.
Can you see them? Please see them.
I see them.
Thank you.
Are they only in your blood? No they're everywhere.
Tell me again that it's real.
It's real.
Can you heal me? Yeah.
I can.
Where are we on the ER intake? Garcia weeded out the mental health transfers.
No one fits.
Our best bet is still the Morgellons group.
When's their next meeting? - Next week.
- That's too long to wait.
- Well, we could take another shot at the leader.
There was definitely something she was holding back.
You had thought she wouldn't rattle.
Well, she won't.
We're gonna have to find some other way in.
Top of the morning, fellow leprechauns.
Where did Lisa Randall go after she met with JJ and Morgan? According to her credit card drugstores.
Five of them, to be precise.
And she bought a single item five times.
- Diaper rash cream.
- All right, thanks.
JJ, see if she'll come in and talk.
Reid, I need you to go to the drugstore.
Mm Hi.
Did you sleep? I don't ever really sleep.
Hi, Jane.
Honey, come on, quick like a bunny.
- Who is that? - Oh, it's Lisa.
What the hell is she doing here? Well, she takes me to meetings sometimes.
Jane, open this door! Open this door right now! Hi, honey.
It's me.
Are you in there? Jane, hey, open this door! Get rid of her.
Calm down.
She's one of us, right? Are you in there? Don't.
I want to see who it is.
Hello? - It's probably - Don't.
Yes, Agent Jareau.
Yes, I'll come down to the station.
She's she's talking to the police? Why would she talk to the police? No.
No, no.
She called somebody an agent.
That's-that's not the police, - that's the Feds.
- What do they want with us? I'll take care of it.
Just hold on.
Randall, I'm Aaron Hotchner with the FBI.
I have already told the other agents everything that I have to say.
Do you know why you itch? Well, my neurologist tried to explain it as simply as he could to me so I would stop coming to his office.
My amygdala, which is the emotional center of my brain, has hijacked my prefrontal cortex, which is the rational side.
So in times of stress, I itch.
But look at me now.
I'm in the FBI office being questioned.
One would think that would be a very stressful thing for anyone and I'm not itching.
How old was she when she died? Excuse me? Did she make it to her third birthday? I don't know who you talked to, but you have no right I haven't talked to anyone.
I'm trained to see what's in front of me.
I noticed that you don't wear a wedding ring under your gloves.
I think a condition like yours makes it difficult to build intimate relationships.
I know you looked everywhere for some sort of relief.
Doctors, prescriptions, antihistamines.
None of it worked.
Nothing until you found this.
This works, doesn't it? Yes.
Someone who's not a mother doesn't stumble on a cure like that by accident.
What was her name? Olivia.
She was a preemie, so she was in and out of hospitals.
A lot.
Her skin, at the end I guess it was from the tests and everything.
I was a new parent.
So, you know that feeling of "Am I doing it right? Am I helping?" You know? 'Cause you just don't know.
I'm also trained to listen to what people say, and that question "Am I helping?" you ask yourself that every day, don't you? I know you help the people who come to your meetings.
I know you want to help us.
I do? Yes, you do.
Because there's a man who comes to your meetings who puts you on edge.
And your instincts of self-preservation are telling you not to trust him.
And those instincts are always right.
Who is he? His name is Leo.
I don't have his number or anything.
But I did see him talking to one of my friends last night, Jane.
I knocked on her door this morning.
She didn't answer.
But there was someone inside, because I heard them whispering.
I need Jane's information immediately.
Jane Posner, this is the FBI, open up! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
- Open the door, Jane.
- No.
No, he was right.
We're not looking for you, - we're looking for Leo.
- He's not here.
- He's gone.
- Clear! And you're never gonna find him.
Thank you so much.
Yes, ma'am.
Have you ever heard of a folie à deux, Jane? It's where two people suffer from the same delusional belief.
We're not delusional.
He gets me.
All right.
Then tell us where he is so we can understand what the two of you have.
You'll kill him.
We're not killers.
We're his best hope for getting better.
All we want to do is get him the help he needs.
Why should I believe you? You already tried to kill him once.
When was that? Don't play dumb.
With the vaccinations.
What vaccinations? I don't have to talk to you, so No.
All you gotta do is listen.
'Cause the closer we get to the truth, the more you're gonna be compelled to itch.
The first victim who met Leo was gonna write a story about vaccinations.
Is that how this all started? Because Leo got vaccinations? Mm.
That's a yes.
Find out who gave him the vaccinations, we find Leo.
Was it his doctor? Nope, it wasn't his doctor.
Must have been work, then.
Was it the military? Did Leo serve? It's not military.
Did he work in medicine? Is it the hospital? Is that where he worked? Or was it something more like infectious diseases? 'Cause you'd have to get vaccinated for that.
Like the Center for Disease Control, right here in Atlanta.
Leave him alone.
Let's go.
What did you tell them? - I didn't say anything.
- Yes, you did.
- No, I didn't, I didn't say anything.
- Yes, you did.
Let's go.
Leo Jenkins, haven't thought of him in a while.
Our search told us he worked here over six months ago, but his address isn't current.
Yeah, he asked me to send his last check to a different address.
He was pretty paranoid by the end.
Because of the vaccinations? Yeah, which he didn't even need.
I mean, he was a low level lab assistant, for God's sake.
We were trying to help him.
Why would you give him shots he didn't need? Leo had a painful case of shingles in his left arm.
One of the docs around here gave him the antiviral acyclovir, which, uh, deadened the nerves in his arm altogether.
Here's his address.
How did that lead to cockroaches? Your brain and nervous system work on a best-guess feedback loop.
Your nerves might be dead, but your brain hasn't figured that out yet.
It's still sending stimuli to the dead nerves in an attempt to get them to react.
Like an amputee who has feeling in his phantom limb.
Leo started to scratch and he couldn't stop.
We told him the feelings would come back when the drugs wore off, but he insisted that we'd put, uh, cockroach larvae in his, uh, vaccine.
That it was a conspiracy, that we were all trying to kill him.
We tried almost everything to talk him out of it.
Well, almost everything.
What didn't you try? Leo, the FBI is looking for you.
Yeah, I know they are.
What I don't know is who you are.
I've had to rethink everything I know about you.
Like in the meetings, when you shared about pulling the fibers from your body, and you said they felt like spider legs.
You talked about how that made you feel crazy, 'cause you're afraid of spider legs.
But is that true? Are you afraid of spiders, Lisa? Yes.
- You are? - Yes.
You don't have to do this.
No, I do have to.
I do have to, because, see, I don't know what the truth is anymore.
- No.
- So you and I are gonna have a little chat.
Come on, Leo.
I'll just tell you anything that you want to know.
Just tell me what you want to know.
It's simple; who you work for.
I don't I don't work for anybody.
Who do you work for?! - No one! - Who do you work for?! I don't work for anybody! I'll tell you, but I just don't work for I don't know what you want me to say.
- You're unemployed? You're lying.
- I don't know what Who do you work for? Okay.
We'll keep going.
We'll keep going until you can give me - Who do you work for?! - Oh! I don't work for anybody! Who do you work for? I don't work for anybody! It's very simple! - Who do you work for?! - FBI! Don't move.
Oh, God.
Of course.
She works for you, doesn't she? We're not here for her.
We're here to talk to you.
How about you let her go - and we'll do that? - You want to talk? Then how come these things in my arms are going crazy, huh? I know how this goes, okay? I know how this goes; you shoot me, and then you cover up the whole thing.
- That's how it goes.
- Is it happening now? Of course it's happening to me now.
Don't tell me you don't see it.
Come on, you see it.
You see it.
I can make it go away.
Now, is that your phone? Yeah, that's my phone.
Don't What are you doing? Now, look at the camera.
What? I've shot video footage of myself a million times.
You guys do something to it and the image is gone.
It's gone.
You guys do something to it.
I'm not shooting video.
This is a reflection.
Now, look at it.
Go ahead, look.
Look at your arm.
Is it going away? That's a trick.
It's no trick.
How did you do that? We can make them go away forever.
But you have to let her go, Leo.
What? Leo? How the hell do you know my name? Don't move, don't even flinch.
- Get them off, get them off, get them off, -It's okay.
- Get them off.
- I got them.
See him, see him, see him, see him? - Right there, right there.
- I got him.
I got him.
Oh, I got him.
I got him.
So that's it? You've ruined my life, and now I'm free to go? You're not an accessory.
You didn't know what Leo was doing.
So, yeah, you're free to go.
You killed him, didn't you? I told you, we're not killers.
I don't believe you.
You used me.
You tricked me.
So you could get him.
Jane, hey.
Jane, hey, hey, would you just listen to me - for a second, okay? - Get away from me.
Okay, yeah, I had a job to do, and I'm not gonna apologize for that, but that doesn't mean that this is over.
Leo, he still needs you.
How? He has a good chance of pleading insanity, and he is gonna need someone on his side to explain his condition to the court.
Yeah, 'cause if he's insane, you could put him away forever.
Of course you didn't kill him, 'cause that would make a martyr out of him, but if he's crazy, no one would ever know what I know.
Nobody! Which is that he is right! Okay? About the government, and the drinking water, and you, and all of it! He was gonna kill Lisa.
He-he wouldn't do that.
I was there.
He had a gun to her head.
Lies, lies and more lies.
All right, and you FBI jack-booted thugs will do anything to protect yourselves from him exposing you as the filthy liars that you are.
Rossi, that was a pretty gutsy move.
How'd you know it was gonna work? The doc at the CDC told us about something they wanted to try but never got around to.
It's called a mirror box.
Oh, I've read about that treatment.
- What's this treatment? - It's for amputees with searing pain in their phantom limbs.
Basically, you take a patient, you put them in front of a mirror, and you tell them to conduct a symphony, to wave or just to relax.
When their brain sees what's not there, the pain goes away.
And since the UnSub had dead nerves in his arm due to the shingles antiviral You could argue that his itch was the same thing as phantom limb pain.
I mean, from a brain nervous-system feedback loop.
My hope was that the trick would make the itch go away, and it did, for a few seconds, anyway.
I can understand being driven crazy by something you can't scratch, but killing people over it? That's what surprises me.
There was one documented case about a woman who couldn't stop scratching, even when she was asleep.
She woke up one morning, realizing she had scratched through her own scalp, her skull and directly into her brain tissue.
Okay, on that note, our ride's here.
How did it go with Jane? She blames us for everything.
Now she's gonna go back to the group, and we'll be their new excuse for why they can't get better.
How do we help somebody like that? Well, one of them's feeling better already.
"Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth.
" Ludwig Borne.