Criminal Minds s10e07 Episode Script


Come on.
Watch out.
It's like everyone forgot about Christopher Columbus.
Pretty sure that was last month.
You can't put up a Christmas tree before you eat stuffing.
Like you eat stuffing.
All I'm saying is that it's a little early for Rudolph, that's all.
Well, speaking of noses of a different color, why was Jonathan kissing your ass this morning? Ugh.
I'm so over him.
Just so long as you're over him after Thanksgiving weekend.
We need his cabin.
Otherwise, this snow bunny shopping venture is pointless.
What are you doing? Taking a selfie.
My followers are gonna flip.
So will your dad.
My dad doesn't follow me.
Wouldn't be so bad if he did, though.
Are you hammed? My dad works with, like, a thousand guys.
He goes into the office complaining about how his teenage daughter's taking risqué photos online? My numbers skyrocket.
You're insane.
What can I say? I can't help my selfie.
- Thanks.
- She's obsessive.
She's literally, - like, obsessed with us.
- She is obsessed with you.
- Like, no doubt.
- She wanted to hang out, like, four times.
- I know, right? - Oh! - Oh.
- My bad.
- Sorry.
Hey, I know you.
Tara, right? Tara Harris? For sure.
What's your name? Charles.
Uh, uh, Charles Lorne.
I follow you on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram.
Vine, too.
Are-are you on Snapchat? Thank you, Charles.
Share the love.
Oh, I will.
I will.
Uh, I'm Herc.
You retweeted one of my comments.
I got 16 more followers after that.
That's great.
Yeah, made me feel like a star.
I-I can't believe I'm meeting you in person.
Well, we should probably take a picture so you can prove it.
Hell, yes.
That would make my year.
Want me to? No, I think we got this.
Right, Charles? There you go.
Make sure you tag me.
I will.
Thanks a lot.
You know he's taking that pic straight to the bathroom, right? I'm aware.
Run a tox screen.
I'm guessing her severe pain is another case of oxy withdrawal.
- On it.
- You have a patient suffering severe withdrawal right here, Doc.
Does he need an exam? I'll go run that panel.
This is a surprise.
- You got a minute to take a walk? - Yeah.
Not that I'm complaining, but isn't Quantico the opposite direction? Well, listen, babe, you were asleep when I got back.
I knocked on the door, and you didn't answer, and then you were gone before I even woke up, so I missed you a little bit.
- Is that okay? - Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm, true statement, but there's something you're not saying.
Spill it, Derek.
What's on your mind? Well, I'm actually kind of wondering why you haven't packed yet.
Are you profiling me? No, no, but I'm not gonna lie.
I did check.
Now, the profiler in me would say that somebody doesn't think that we're actually going on vacation tomorrow.
Am I right? Let's just say I've gotten used to packing at the last minute.
Look at me.
We are going on vacation tomorrow.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Come on, baby, don't do that.
Mm, it's not a judgment.
I'm a realist, and I've gotten my hopes up too many times.
Then prepare your cute little self to get surprised again, because tomorrow, come hell or high water, you and me, Savannah Hayes, are going to go find our own little touch of paradise.
Okay? Mm.
He tried blocking all of my accounts.
Like I can't get around parental controls.
And they legit are taking my car to his office as we speak.
Doesn't my dad realize this punishes him, too? He has to drive me everywhere now.
Ugh! I'm so over them.
College can't start soon enough.
I told you, posting that selfie wasn't a good idea.
Well, plus side Andrew Wells liked it.
Maybe there's a light after Jonathan after all.
You're so ridic.
Okay, I got to go.
See you tomorrow.
No! No! Oh, God.
Local teenager Tara Harris found murdered inside her home last night.
Looks like a blitzed blow to the forehead, then the UnSub stabbed Tara before slitting her throat.
And he didn't stop there.
He then used her own phone to upload that image - to all of her social media sites.
- He staged - a selfie.
- Tara took a lot of her own selfies.
Maybe the UnSub's recreating the images to mock her.
Maybe he's got something against vanity.
Yeah, which could mean he has self-image problems.
Feels ignored in his everyday life.
What if it was Tara that ignored him? This could be his retribution for rejection.
All I know is, if this guy's into selfies, we've got a larger problem on our hands.
- They're all the rage Ugh! I know.
CNN even does a column dedicated to selfies of the week.
It's all I can do to keep Meg from posting them.
I mean, don't people understand the dangers of putting their lives out there like that for everyone to see? If everybody's doing it, the UnSub only has to look to the Internet for a sea of potential new victims.
Unless Tara was just a one-off.
This could be personal.
What makes you think it will go serial? Show him.
He issued a taunt.
He thinks he's just getting started.
"Naiveté in grown-ups is often charming, but when coupled with vanity, it is indistinguishable from stupidity.
" Eric Hoffer.
Post has gone viral.
It's already received over a million hits and retweets.
That's exactly what the UnSub wants.
The "Fear me" taunt certainly speaks to the killer's arrogance.
Yeah, or vulnerable narcissism.
He feels like crap so he boasts to the world how great he is.
Recent studies have linked the excessive taking of selfies to narcissism, addiction, even mental illness.
Maybe the UnSub had a misconstrued bond with Tara.
He wouldn't be the only one.
I've gone over her subscriber numbers.
She has over 200,000 followers.
Isn't that a lot for a 16-year-old? Yeah, it's massive.
She was on her way to iCelebrity status.
Yeah, what was she doing to get all those followers? She posted pictures daily, videos daily.
Mostly high-energy, long-winded rants.
She knew how to toe the line between right and raunchy.
Maybe the UnSub was attracted to her.
Stabbing is typically a substitution for sex.
Well, let's not rule out jealousy.
There's an unfortunate number of people who attach their self-worth to the amount of "friends" following them online.
I don't think the blow to the mirror was coincidental.
I think she was looking at herself when she was attacked.
He's commenting on her vanity, which explains the selfie.
He's making a statement.
He wants people to look at him instead of themselves.
- He feels ignored.
- Well, he's got our attention now.
- So let's make him regret it.
- Let's go.
Sir? The media's gotten hold of the story.
We need to contain this.
If this UnSub's looking for attention, getting his story on the news is only gonna make him want to kill again.
The man many are calling the Selfie Killer has left many in this quiet neighborhood demanding answers.
Now back to our breaking news story.
Our reporter, Cynthia Wilson, is live at the scene of the attack.
Cynthia, what's happening there? What can you tell us? It looks like federal agents are arriving on the scene now.
We'll see if we can get a statement.
Agents, can you tell us what happened here? No comment.
Will the Selfie Killer strike again? Agents, I'm Detective Dawn Rosenburg.
SSA Derek Morgan, this is Dr.
Spencer Reid.
What can you tell us? On paper, Tara Harris seems like the average high school student.
Not all that impressive grades, but heavily involved in social media.
Our technical analyst is looking into that.
Yeah, she has our entire IT department tasked with taking the picture down off the Web, but like you probably already know Oh, the Internet is forever.
Looks like the assailant got in through the open window, then headed upstairs to Tara's bedroom.
How did the UnSub know where she lived? Boom for your boo.
Yeah, baby girl, did Tara's photos have GPS markings in their electronic footprints? No, but she may as well have sent an e-vite to the UnSub.
She regularly checked in at a Foursquare location, which she tagged at her home, named Harris Ranch.
Did she mention anything online about her parents being away? Uh she said they grounded her, left with the car.
Looks like she was asking her subscribers to send her video ideas, ways to wreak havoc - while they were away.
- Well, can you figure out who had access to Tara's check-ins? Yeah, but there may be too many to sort.
Come on now, you're my miracle worker, Penelope.
I know you can do it.
Oy, don't write checks that bounce back.
She never saw it coming.
The initial blitz merely stunned her.
The UnSub punctured the victim's abdomen before lacerating her throat.
What did he use to cut her? A jagged piece of mirror.
A shard from the one in her bedroom, I assume.
He must've worn gloves, otherwise his blood would've been at the scene.
So did the UnSub think on the fly or did he plan on using the mirror in the attack? Seems more like a weapon of opportunity.
But killing with a symbol of vanity, that's intentional.
Maybe he brought a different weapon, saw the mirror and couldn't resist.
This killing was planned.
Why deviate at the last minute? I don't think he's as organized as he seems.
Impulsivity could point to inexperience.
Or immaturity.
The UnSub could be letting his emotions dictate his actions.
Yeah, too cocky for his own good.
That's when they usually make mistakes.
We appreciate you coming in.
And please call us if you think of anything else.
I promise you that we will do our best to find whoever did this and to bring them to justice.
Sir, uh, Charles Lorne posted a selfie with Tara just hours before her murder.
He also posted an inappropriate photo of her while she was at the mall yesterday.
Let's have Dave and Kate pick him up.
I'd like to speak to him.
You got it.
Going somewhere, Chuck? Don't you know by now that cigarettes are bad for your health? I-I didn't do anything to Tara.
I wouldn't.
You posted illegally obtained surveillance photos of her online.
- She was my friend.
- You told me you met her yesterday.
Yeah, and it was like we'd known each other forever.
Where were you between the hours of 10:00 and midnight last night? At home with Trixie.
My Chihuahua.
Can anyone corroborate your story? Trixie can.
Okay, okay, I think my neighbor saw us, - but I-I didn't - You stalked Tara.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Actually, you did, and you will face charges unless you cooperate.
What do you want to know? Did you see anyone with Tara yesterday? Yeah.
There was this guy with her.
Total weirdo.
You were the last one, outside of Tara's parents, to see her alive, and you were the last one to speak to her.
Do you think he was already in the house when I called her? Probably.
Did anyone ever comment on the amount of selfies Tara posted online? Sometimes, but that was her thing.
Tara was all about Tara.
She wanted to be famous, Kardashian style.
Do you think someone held that against her? I'm sure people were jealous of the free swag she got from sponsors, but enough to kill her? I just don't get it.
How did Tara gain such a following? She started making videos of herself talking about current events.
She was going to be the next Jenna Marbles or iJustine.
She attended VidCon and other social media conferences to cross-promote her work with fellow YouTubers.
Okay, buy why the revealing photos? She must've known they'd draw unwanted attention.
Tara didn't believe in unwanted attention.
The more skin she showed, the more followers she gained.
It was a business to her.
She made money off sponsors and ads on her sites.
So Tara Harris wasn't just a name; she was a brand.
I'm interrupting, but I thought you should see this.
That's my page.
Yeah, and this is what it looked like yesterday.
Why did you take down all your selfies, Riley? It's not what you think.
There's this story.
It's gone viral.
Look, just stop.
I don't want to hear any more, okay? What's got your panties in a bunch? Don't tell me you're afraid.
That girl was butchered.
No, it was more than that.
What's wrong? I just, okay, I think he's after me, too.
What? Oh, snap.
You got the Mirror Man.
You must be next.
That's Alexander Chase.
He has close to 150,000 followers.
I bet he gets all the chicks.
I got to hit the gym.
Too late.
That guy was doing squats in the womb.
I'll be back at 10:00 to pick you up.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Hey, didn't he and Tara Harris make that challenge vid together? Dude, what if he's the killer? Hey, relax, okay? I got one, too.
Did you? Guess I didn't make the cut.
Come on.
The cut? That was funny.
So, the UnSub's putting these images on people's selfies.
Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain.
A devilish version of him, anyway.
Interesting choice.
The UnSub must have scholarly ambitions.
Or at the very least, he's educated.
Well, the story on the Internet is, is that if you get a picture like this one, you're on the killer's hit list.
Yeah, it's creepy pasta.
Oh, that's Internet slang.
It's a shared story that expands as others contribute to the lore.
Sounds like an urban legend.
Yeah, or a bastardized Bloody Mary.
Same principle, just with a new, technological twist.
So, the altered selfies appear random.
How do we figure out who the UnSub is targeting next? It's a long shot, but if the victimology is personal, the next victim may be someone connected to Tara.
We should check to see if any of her friends or family received doctored images.
In the meantime, can you figure out who Photoshopped these images? Not yet.
Whoever this guy is, he's posting to the users' own accounts.
Well, even someone with minimal hacking skills can get around a password.
The original photos had GPS tags, but the modified ones are missing that metadata.
Maybe he's using a cloned cell phone.
The UnSub's trying to make a name for himself.
Well, "Selfie Killer" is already all over the social media sites, and some late night talk show hosts have even taken on the mantle.
Yeah, well, an Ice Bucket Challenge this isn't.
So what's his endgame? - Fame.
- Fear.
Probably both.
He's a sadist, and he's enjoying the panic he's creating.
Vic was Alexander Chase.
Another Internet wannabe.
Then the UnSub clearly has a type.
He's making a statement about people who put their lives online.
Well, at first glance, victimology could be about their social media presence, but this is also the same mall Tara visited before she was murdered.
Alexander's girlfriend works here.
She doesn't have a car, so he regularly drives her to and from.
The UnSub probably knew that.
A neighbor corroborates that Charles Lorne, the sporting goods store security guard, was seen walking his dog the night that Tara was murdered, so we know it wasn't him.
Yeah, but it doesn't rule out a local who frequents the mall.
Or somebody that works here.
Did he post another selfie? Yeah, but he upped his game.
"Fear me.
" Oh, the guy named himself.
Guess he didn't like being called the Selfie Killer.
Go for greatness.
Hey, Garcia, the killer posted another selfie.
Does "Mirror Man" get you anything? Mirror Man Whoa.
Does it ever.
Mirror Man-ia is a scary place to surf.
I will grab a shovel and I will start digging.
All right, thanks, Pen.
It's hard to sneak up on somebody in a convertible.
And he changed his murder weapon, too.
Alexander was killed with a nail gun.
Why switch? I thought these guys liked using the same kill method.
Maybe he planned on killing Tara with a nail gun, too, and saw the mirror and got distracted.
I mean, given his moniker, maybe it was an ironic twist he couldn't pass up.
Hey, guys.
Take a look at this.
I think it's time to deliver the profile.
We believe that the man we're looking for is a narcissistic sadist who is blitzing his victims with weapons of opportunity.
He sees these weapons as symbols of his victims' vanity.
First a mirror, then nails in the form of a hashtag.
It's a popular method of topic tagging on social media sites.
These murders are a statement.
Based on the organization and sophistication of the crimes, we put this UnSub in his late 30s to early 40s.
This guy is trying to make a name for himself by building off the Internet legend of the Mirror Man.
It's a form of ostension.
When someone does the acts described in a story in order to bring them to life.
We've seen it before with the poisoning of Halloween candy and most recently with the Slender Man case in Wisconsin earlier this year.
That's the case where two girls stabbed their best friend because they believed in doing so, they would become proxies of a mystical being.
Also known as "legend tripping," the UnSub assumes the mantle of an established story, then brings it to life in his own way by recreating the circumstances described in that lore.
In one version, the Mirror Man kills by showing you your reflection.
In another, he spears you with his razor-sharp fingernails if you capture his reflection in a picture.
Hence the nail gun.
He's becoming immortal as the stories and legends grow, fueling him to only act again.
This UnSub probably lacks in professional and social graces and is most likely subservient to his peers, although he doesn't view it that way.
His need for attention probably stems from abandonment in early childhood.
And he's tech proficient.
Among other things, he Photoshopped this image onto the victims' photos.
His distortion of Mark Twain as the face of the Mirror Man is very important.
William Faulkner described Mark Twain as the "father of American literature.
" This UnSub sees himself similarly.
He wants to become the forefather of modern lore.
He'll be monitoring Web traffic, media sites and chat rooms as he enjoys the panic and hysteria created by his crimes.
Fear this, Mirror Bitch.
Fear this, Mirror Bitch.
Fear this, Mirror Bitch.
I'm hoping to be home late tonight.
I know.
I love you.
What? You owe that woman something spectacular when this is all over.
Ah, Penelope, look, that was the plan.
I swear.
It always seems to get in the way.
I don't buy it.
I know you.
There's got to be some kind of balance.
You both save lives for a living.
If anyone understands our crazy hours, it's her.
Okay, Oprah.
What do I do? Stop making big plans.
Commit to something you can actually make happen.
It's-it's the littlest gestures that go the longest ways.
Trust me.
When I'm grumpy, Sam does this Dalek impersonation.
He stretches his arms out like a Cyberman, which makes no sense, but it delights me.
My point is, do something to delight her.
Okay? I'm done.
Back to this Mirror Man story.
There are so many versions to it, I can't tell which one is the right one.
All right, just breathe.
Let's do what we do.
My cross-referencing cuticles stand ready to serve you.
Okay, run a list of male workers at the mall who were off the night of the two murders.
- Keep it coming.
- All right, cross that with persons fitting the projected age demographic.
I always forget how good you are at this.
Okay, now cross that list with people who reposted any of the dead victims' pics or made comments about the Mirror Man in the last 24 hours.
- Okay, we're getting somewhere.
- All right, Garcia, we gotta run deep into the lives of the people on that list.
There's a good chance one of them is our UnSub.
How much time do we have? Well, this UnSub's killed the last two nights in a row.
With the media sensation surrounding these crimes, I highly doubt he's gonna take tonight off.
So no time.
Wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Please, please, please, please, please! Please! Daniel Osbourne, recent high school graduate, worked at Bethesda Fashion Square.
That confirms our mall theory.
There's no indication he knew Tara Harris, but he did follow Alexander Chase online.
Nail gun again.
Looks like this UnSub's found his weapon of choice.
Look at his face.
This is mutilation.
Overkill indicative of rage, unlike that displayed in the previous two murders.
Point me toward the perp.
Garcia, I need you to check on Daniel Osbourne's social media activity.
Does anything indicate the same kind of vanity as seen in the other victims? Mm nothing so self-involved.
Fear this, Mirror Bitch.
Fear this, Mirror Bitch.
His last post was a taunt to the Mirror Man, though.
All right, thanks.
Apparently the UnSub didn't like Daniel's mocking tone.
So he silenced his heckler.
This could point to a devolution in the UnSub's psyche.
He's no longer interested in murdering people as an example of how great he is; he's murdering those who make fun of him.
We may need to lower our original age estimate.
Good point, Aaron.
This is almost tantrum-like.
This UnSub could be a teenager.
Yes, yes and yes, yes.
What'd you find, Mama? Okay, factoring in a younger age demographic with mall thank you employees that fit the profile and weren't working on the nights of the murders, I have narrowed it down to one promising standout.
Connor Holt.
He is a senior at Sunnydale High and he posts about the Mirror Man a lot.
- When did he start? - A year ago.
And not only does this young man work at a hardware store, giving him primo access to nail guns, he also has a juvie record and he goes to the same high school Daniel Osborne attended.
I am sending it to your phones.
You're welcome.
- Your Majesty - Mm-hmm? You are the best.
I'm a reflection of you.
Whoa! What the hell's going on? Where's Connor's room? Upstairs.
What is this about? I'll be happy to explain if you'll just follow me, sir.
Stay where you are, Connor.
Don't shoot.
I surrender.
Please All right, let's go.
- I didn't do it.
- Then how do you explain your obsession with the Mirror Man, Connor? For someone who claims not to be him, you sure spent a great deal of time chronicling his life.
Look, the Mirror Man is me, but I didn't kill anyone.
I-I created him.
Okay? I-I'm a writer.
I I wanted to make a new urban legend because I love horror stories.
This isn't a story, Connor.
This is real.
People are dying.
No, I didn't want that! Nobody sits around a campfire like they used to, 'cause nobody ever unplugs.
I wanted to create a a modern-day boogeyman.
Then why alter the victims' photos, hmm? What? You must've known that the Photoshopped pictures were of people being killed.
No, no, no, that-that wasn't me.
I-I can't even use Photoshop.
A lot of people I know got doctored pics, but - But not you? - No.
Not me.
Why do you think that is? Because whoever's taken my story doesn't want me to stop telling it.
Kate Yeah? What is it? Look at this.
It's a poem about the Mirror Man.
Well authored.
This guy knows his iambic pentameter.
Wait a minute.
You see it, too? Yeah, he switches syntax, the grammar's messy, then he used an emoticon? Nothing else points to this level of immaturity.
Connor wasn't the only one developing the Mirror Man legend.
You can't just leave me in here.
I-I get a a phone call.
And a lawyer or something.
Hello! - Anybody here?! - Hey.
Stop yelling.
Connor, you don't need a lawyer.
You're innocent.
You believe me? Yeah, I do.
But we need your help to find the real killer, and you know him.
- I don't know anything, man.
- Yes, you do.
You do, just listen to me.
We think the UnSub decided to bring your story to life.
He may look up to you.
He's probably younger than you.
He may have aided in the development of the legend.
He's a quiet boy, clings to his friends because they're all he has.
He may have recently suffered abandonment by a loved one or lost someone very close to him.
In the meantime, this neighborhood has been rocked to its foundations.
William Pratt.
He's a junior.
His parents died in a car accident last year.
He's been messed up ever since.
Death of William's parents probably triggered his psychosis.
Idealization of a dominant role model in the wake of tragedy can often blur the lines between right and wrong.
Like Slender Man.
Childlike imagination took precedence over social norms.
I'll tell Hotch.
I'll tell Garcia.
Agent Morgan? Is this my fault? He looked up to you when there was no one else to look up to.
I think he probably saw your obsession with the Mirror Man legend and just decided to bring it to life.
So it is my fault.
Sometimes people's wires just get crossed up, Connor.
It's tragic but it happens.
This was not your fault.
It looks like William splits his time between school, his aunt's house and working a kiosk at the mall.
All right, Dave, have Rosenburg meet you at the school.
JJ and Kate, grab Morgan and head to the mall.
Reid and I will go to the aunt's house.
I'm sending coordinates and pictures directly to your phones.
- Thank you, Garcia.
- Yeah.
Move! FBI! Drop the weapon! Put that weapon down! Let her go, William.
Stay back I don't want to hurt her, but I will.
And then what? You hurt her, we hurt you.
Is that what you want? Uh, where's Connor? I need to see Connor right now.
Connor's back at our office.
You put that nail gun down, we'll take you right to him.
No, you're trying to trick me.
No, no, no trick, okay? We're here to help you, William, okay? Connor, your aunt, we're all just here to help you.
I'm not getting out of this, am I? That's entirely up to you.
There they are.
Get out, get out.
Oh, God.
- You're rolling? - Yes, sir.
- Oh, God.
Okay, okay.
They're giving him an audience.
Get back! Get back! Go! Stay with him.
Medic, we need a medic now.
What the hell were you thinking?! Pulse is thready, and BP's dropping.
Radio Bethesda and let them know we have a pediatric gunshot wound.
Hey, it's me.
Listen, I need your help.
We'll do everything we can.
Move him to bed six.
Let's hear some stats.
Single GSW to the thorax.
BP is 90/50 and dropping.
He's lost a lot of blood.
We need two units of O-neg.
Tell trauma surgery we have incoming.
Right away.
Coming through.
There should've been another way, Hotch.
Kate filled me in.
She said the shot was clean.
How's the victim? No word yet on either of them.
I shot a kid on national television.
You shot a serial killer.
And if you hadn't, the hostage wouldn't be in surgery, she'd be dead.
You did the right thing.
The female victim is coming out of surgery now.
The surgeon expects her to make a full recovery.
- And the boy? - He lost a lot of blood, and there's some nerve damage, but he'll survive.
Thank you.
Is he gonna be okay? I think, with your help, he might.
There he is.
You're gonna be famous, Connor you, me, your story.
I never asked for this.
We're gonna live forever.
You're going to jail.
Yeah, but, I mean, for how long, though? We kids do the craziest of things, right? Hey, wait.
Um, can I see your cell phone? No one will ever believe I got shot.
What is this? You are coming with me.
Where to? I told you we were gonna take a trip.
I haven't packed.
This is a trip you don't need to pack for, at least not yet.
And why don't you stop asking so many questions? Why don't you stop bossing me around? Wait, isn't this the house you've been restoring? Come on.
What is going on? Just come on.
- Derek.
- Okay.
Savannah, it's really important to me that you know that I'm not all talk.
Welcome to our permanent vacation.
Just think about it like this.
The world needs both of us.
And there's really nothing we can do about it.
But we need each other just the same, Savannah.
I know I need you.
What we do is important to each of us.
But this, it can be our own little fortress of solitude.
Just you and me.
This is for us? If you're game.
Living next door to each other's not working for me anymore.
What do you think? I think I love you.
I love you.
Welcome home.
- This is Derek Morgan.
- This is Dr.
All right, I got it.
"There is a fellowship more quiet even than solitude, and which, rightly understood, is solitude made perfect.
" Robert Louis Stevenson.