Criminal Minds s10e16 Episode Script


Hey, Smitty, - anyone heard from Rivers yet? - Negative.
I don't mind the overtime, but you'd think he'd at least call.
- Will advise if he checks in.
- Copy.
I'm gonna take a leak.
Hey, Smitty, I got something down here by the utility closet.
Looks like it might be blood.
- Did you say blood? - Yeah.
I'm gonna check it out, but, uh, - you'll want to send somebody down, though.
- Copy.
Oh, my God.
We found him last night.
It's the second guard in three months.
Both stabbed in the neck with a sock stuffed in their mouth.
Yeah, that's what made me think to call you.
The sock could be some kind of signature, - couldn't it? - It's possible.
Forgive me, Warden Tate, but this is a prison we're talking about.
Isn't every inch of the place covered with surveillance? It's an older facility, and we're still making updates to the system, but Officer Hightower was killed in a riot incident where the inmates temporarily disabled the cameras.
Well, this could be a retaliatory act against the administration.
In which case it could happen again.
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm afraid of.
Look, I only took over six months ago, and two men are dead.
They had families.
Warden, we're here to help however we can.
Let us discuss it with our team, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Yeah, sounds good.
Thank you both.
Federal penitentiary.
Technically, it is on our watch.
A privately owned penitentiary outsourced by the DoJ.
- How'd you meet this guy? - At a conference in D.
He was a lobbyist for the same company that owns the prison.
Why go from a lobbyist on the Hill to a prison warden in East Texas? Apparently, he got a nice salary package for taking the job.
And now he's in over his head.
and probably half of them already in there for violent crimes.
Well, the good news and the bad news is we've already got our suspect pool.
Move it.
Come on, move it.
"When the prison doors are opened, the real dragon will fly out.
" Ho Chi Minh.
Officers Keith Rivers and Rudy Hightower, both career prison guards, both married, kids nothing out of the ordinary.
The uniform itself could be the target.
Kill a guard, any guard doesn't matter which one.
And what about the sock in the mouth? Might be some kind of warning to keep quiet, you know, like put a sock in it.
Could have also just been a gag to literally keep the victims quiet.
Well, either way, we're probably looking at multiple UnSubs.
This would be very difficult to pull off alone.
Multiple UnSubs in a prison? Sounds like a gang.
But gangs have gang leaders, and the murders could lead back to one of them.
And by "them," I mean him.
Julio Watson, founder of the South Side Crip Nation.
He transferred in a month before the murders started.
Wonder if it's a coincidence.
Excuse me, sir.
Even I am befuddled.
I found almost nothing on this prison, but this is what I do know: The Reagan Federal Penitentiary was opened in 1969 just outside of Liberty, Texas.
Oh, the irony, I know.
And then it was scheduled to be shut down, but Citadel Corrections Company bought it a year ago from Uncle Sam.
The business of incarceration is extremely lucrative and virtually recession-proof.
The Citadel Corrections Company has more than quadrupled their holdings since they were founded 20 years ago.
They now have 19 facilities all across the country, 59,603 prisoners in their charge.
Guess I had it wrong all this time.
Crime does pay.
Agent Hotchner, it's, uh, good to see you, sir.
Thank you again for coming all this way.
- Hopefully we can help, Warden.
- Yeah.
Oh, Agent Rossi.
Hey, it's, uh, great to meet you.
- Likewise, Warden.
- This is our team.
This is Agent Callahan, Agent Jareau, Dr.
Reid - and Agent Morgan.
- Hey.
This is Captain Shavers, head of security.
He can help you with anything you need.
Call me Dale, please.
And welcome.
It's good to have y'all here.
Right this way.
Gun lockers for your weapons and ammo are right here.
Obviously we had to move Officer Rivers' body, but, per your request, we left everything else as is.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for coming.
Polinsky, I want those sign-out forms logged in before the next shift.
Make sure we get 'em visitor badges.
If you don't mind, I got a few things I need to tend to, but I'll catch up with you ASAP.
Sorry there's no cell signal inside the walls.
We had to jam it.
You got inmates smuggling phones in? Yeah, it's been a problem, one of many.
What about Wi-Fi? We got you set up as close to the router as possible, but it's still glitchy.
Drives me nuts.
Back when I worked on the Hill, I couldn't survive without my phone.
Got a teenager at home who knows exactly how you feel.
Well, we have got a good old-fashioned landline and a fax machine for you, though.
I thought I was the only one that still used those.
And there actually is a pretty decent signal outside, so you're not completely cut off.
We'll provide all your meals.
Food's not much to speak of, especially breakfast, so you may want to grab something over by your hotel and bring it in.
Excuse me, Doctor, when's the coroner coming to pick him up? I don't know.
Any idea how long the autopsy will take? - No, none.
- Okay then, - is there anything you can tell us? - Sorry.
I'm not out here that much.
Excuse me, please.
Check this out.
His fingers are broken.
That other guard, Hightower, his fingers were broken, too.
And if I remember right seven, - just like this guy.
- The M.
Said Hightower's were defensive wounds.
Probably happened in the struggle during the riot.
I don't see any obvious defensive wounds on him.
- Yeah.
We need an autopsy.
- Good luck with that.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna go light a fire under Dr.
Helpful out here.
I bet all the inmates know exactly what areas are covered by surveillance.
- That they do.
- The lock's not picked, so they either stole a key from a guard or took one off the victim.
But how did they get him all the way back here? They either waited or lured him here somehow.
And look at this shelf.
It's pretty high.
It had to take at least two attackers to get him up here.
What's the deal with the shoddy surveillance? I mean, this is a big hallway.
No cameras? Ask our corporate office.
Maybe you'll have better luck than I did.
What do you mean by that? It's okay.
You can level with us.
I requested cameras, dozens of times, but I got shot down because upgrades cost money.
You want me to level with you? Okay.
These CCC college boys have their heads up their asses.
Warden's a fair enough man, but he's one of them.
They don't care about us or this place.
The only thing they care about is the bottom line, and my guys are dying because of it.
Captain, the de-seg supervisors are ready - for you in the main office.
- Copy that.
I'll be right up.
Can you two find your way back? Yeah.
We're good.
You know, Callahan, there's one other possibility we need to consider.
What if a guard is actually involved? Just means we got to be careful who we can trust.
Yo, G, you got my carnitas, güey? How long you think they gonna keep us on lockdown? A watched pot never boils.
A watched pot never what? Nobody asked you about no pot, man.
What does that even mean? Damn! About time.
I'm starving.
Come here, boy.
- The Feds are here.
- What? You heard me.
And you better keep your damn mouth shut.
Watson, sorry for the wait.
I hope y'all know I had to rearrange my entire schedule.
I had back-to-back meetings and a conference call after lunch.
Well, we appreciate your understanding.
Hey, what's up, bro? They bring you in here so we could relate? Not exactly, brother.
We just want to ask you a few questions about Officers - Hightower and Rivers.
- Well, I didn't do it.
- You didn't do what? - I didn't kill 'em.
And we should just believe you? Come on, y'all both know, if it was me, I'd be bragging about it already.
I mean, what I got to hide? What, they gonna give me more time? I got life plus 30 already.
That mean, after I die, I got to be back up in here anyway.
All right, then, do you know anything - about who might be involved? - Nah, man, me and my people, we don't mess with socks.
It's melodramatic.
You know about that? I know about a lot.
Just not who did it.
And you're not exactly crying over it, though, are you? Turn up the pressure, Hightower.
He can take more than that.
Come on, Julio, stand up.
- Come on! - Come on, come on, can you take it? Turn it up! Get up.
- Can you? You soaked, Julio? Come on, get up.
Stand up, man.
Them two cops world's better off without 'em.
According to who? - You? - Me and everybody else in here wearing green.
Ask around.
Due respect, Julio, but you're a mass murderer who copped a plea and flipped on your friends in exchange for a lesser sentence.
You're not exactly what I would call a reliable character witness.
Believe whatever you want.
But trust, I hated them pigs.
Matter of fact, I wish I had done it.
Would have given me something to do to pass the time.
There's a couple more guys that we should talk to.
So far, no one knows anything, but if they do, they're just not talking.
Maybe this has nothing to do with gang-related activity.
One thing they all have in common is no love for Hightower or Rivers.
This could be personal.
Maybe someone had beef with those two.
We need to complete our profiles.
The answer's in there.
How much time do you need? Uh 126 minutes, approximately.
- Well, hurry.
- We should go help finish those interviews.
I'll join you in a minute, but first, I'm gonna go outside and check in with Garcia.
Preliminary M.
Report on Rivers says his fingers were broken postmortem.
That seven broken fingers could mean anything.
The number seven is widely regarded as being lucky, and it plays a ubiquitous role in most of the world's major religions, not to mention astrology, astronomy, literature, music.
The interesting thing about the number seven is that it's not only a factorial prime, - but - Reid, did you get through the files? I did, and I found a discrepancy.
Uh, there seems to be a prisoner unaccounted for.
Devon White.
At first, I almost missed it because there's not even a file for him, but I triple-checked the inmate manifests, cross-checked that with the attendance logs, and it turns out that one day, three months ago, he just vanished.
Three months ago was right before Hightower was killed.
We need to find him.
Hey! Devon White.
I Yeah, I-I didn't know him personally.
No, I remember him.
D block.
He was transferred to Nixon.
That's one of their facilities just outside Pensacola.
- May I? - Any idea why this - wasn't with the other records? - Who knows? I can't get 'em to do it right over at corporate.
We'd like to arrange to speak to him.
He was here before the first murder, and that's always - his most significant.
- I'll make some calls.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Wilson on C for Shavers.
Captain, do you copy? - Go for Shavers.
- Uh, sir, we've got a situation - down here.
- What happened? There's, uh there's been another murder.
Seven broken fingers and the sock in the mouth.
This time, there's evidence of sexual assault.
We didn't see that with the other victims.
- Who was he? - Randall Jefferson Jones.
Inmate number 91751.
He was a serial rapist in the tenth year of a 20-year sentence.
And how did this happen again? These men are supposed to be locked down.
He was privileged status, sir.
How did a serial rapist end up privileged? Jones gave us information from time to time.
That explains the shift in victimology and the high level of violence.
Well, at least we know the killers must be someone with privileged status on this cell block, right? Yeah, but that's over a hundred guys, and this shot could have been called from anywhere.
Is there surveillance in this area? Not inside the bathroom itself, - but the hallway outside.
- All right, we'll need to review the footage immediately.
You got it.
Doing this while we're here is incredibly bold.
It's practically a taunt.
Or a message.
To who? Us.
Chocolate Thunder, Chocolate Thunder, where have you been? I've left, like, four messages.
I'm sorry, mama.
You know there's no signal inside.
That is cruel and unusual punishment.
You know that if I don't phone-flirt with you at least twice a day I get all itchy.
- Promise me you'll check in more.
- Hey, what do you think I'm doing right now? Come on, breathe.
- You got anything for me? - Yes, of course I do.
I have some decidedly weird information about the first two victims, Hightower and Rivers.
They, for the past year, have had matching bank activity.
And a lot of it.
Like, one guy would withdraw cash, and the other one would deposit the same exact amount.
Uh, sometimes as low as 200 bucks, a couple times as high as $2,000.
They even wrote checks to each other.
If I was a betting woman, I would bet that these two have been paying off bets.
- That's nice work, baby girl.
Good job.
- Thank you.
Hey, - take care of yourself.
- Come on, you know me.
Yeah, I do.
That's why I'm saying it.
Can't see anything on the surveillance footage.
They cut the lights in the hallway, and the cameras don't have IR.
How'd they get access to the power? Same way they got into that closet.
One of the guards is definitely in on this.
Well, maybe not willingly.
There have been cases where inmates have manipulated prison staff with threats.
Guys, I've been looking for connections between our victims, and I think I may have found something.
Before our dead convict, Randall Jefferson Jones, achieved privileged status, he just happened to be cellmates with Devon White.
Okay, so why does Devon's name keep popping up? I thought the same thing, so I kept searching, which, oddly enough, led me back to Hightower and Rivers.
They filed more disciplinary write-ups than any other guards in the entire prison, and guess who got a lot of 'em.
- Devon White.
- Yeah, but for relatively minor infractions.
Improperly made bed, nonregulation clothing.
They once put him in solitary confinement for hiding - candy bars under his bed.
- Wonder why they - rode him so hard.
- Here's the strange thing, though he has no history of physical violence in his past, yet he made frequent visits to the infirmary for injuries related to fighting.
Do we have medical files here? No.
We need to check the infirmary.
Here it is.
Okay, Devon White.
Looks like he was in here quite a bit.
Broken nose, stitches, missing tooth.
He may not have been a violent guy when he got here, but this place certainly turned him into one.
This man was sexually assaulted several times.
Why am I not seeing anything in here about a rape kit? No evidence collection, nothing.
Probably didn't want to file a report.
See it all the time.
You think this has anything to do with the sexual assault on the third victim? You mean like an eye for an eye? It's a good bet.
Well, we need to find Devon White.
Meantime, we need to talk to someone who knew him.
Somebody in this place knows something.
Hell yeah, I remember Devon.
From up in the library.
You two were pretty good buddies? He's the one that helped me get my GED.
He was a good dude.
The transferred him up out of here.
He a'ight? Mr.
Sam Pritchett.
I'm Agent David Rossi.
How you doing? Can't complain.
Well, you could, but who'd be listening, right? Can I get you something water, coffee? Okay.
I, uh I wanted to ask you about Devon White.
Says here you worked in the library with him.
Till they assigned me to another work detail.
Well, I see you worked there almost 20 years.
- Why the change? - Not my choice.
So did that have anything to do with Officer Hightower? You know, I ask that because I see his name on the work transfer.
Hi, there, Sam.
You miss us? Up.
Books over here You got a lot of books.
Get over here.
Got a lot of books, Sam.
Don't you know you're not supposed to have books? It's against the rules.
I go where they tell me to go.
So what can you tell me about Devon? Good kid.
Hard worker.
Loved to read.
Not like most of these other knuckleheads.
So you two were pretty close? I, you know, liked to look out for him.
And why is that? Some of these young cats, they come in here, they get overwhelmed.
Ain't got the makeup for it.
How you doing, newbie? Where you from, brother? What's up, young blood? Sam.
So he was a good kid? Well, that, uh that's funny because I got a stack of disciplinary write-ups that say different.
In fact, Officer Hightower and another guy, uh, Rivers they wrote Devon up a lot.
They even took him to the infirmary for fighting.
Don't know nothing about that.
Well, did they have some kind of problem with Devon? You'd have to ask them.
They're both dead.
You don't say.
Okay, then.
What are you not telling me? 'Cause I'm sitting here looking at you looking at me, and my gut says you know exactly what's going on in here.
I don't know nothing.
Before the CCC took over, Devon White was a model inmate.
He never got written up, not one infirmary visit.
None of that started until Officers Hightower and Rivers were hired.
That's right around the same time they started exchanging all that money.
That bank activity has to have something to do with this.
Well, if they were paying off bets, what could they be betting on? Some kind of regular poker game, maybe? Sports? Maybe a fight? What if it's some sort of sanctioned violence right here at the prison? You mean like a fight club? I mean, I have heard of that happening in prisons.
Maybe it was their own sadistic version of that using inmates.
That could explain why Devon was fighting.
So, the sock in the mouth and the seven broken fingers must be related to a specific event, and if I'm guessing, an event involving Devon White.
Our presence here is forcing the issue.
Captain, I got something.
Take him downstairs.
Get in! You know, I should have figured it out sooner.
Now I'm gonna give you a chance to come clean.
Who was helping you? Huh? Who was helping you? Who was it?! Who?! You gonna make me disappear, too? Better tell me who it was.
They're gonna figure it out, and they're gonna find you, you son of a bitch.
Last chance.
Who was it? Maybe me and you can share a cell some day.
Oh, my What happened? Son of a bitch went berserk.
Damn near bit my nose off.
I popped him pretty good, but I guess he must have caught his head on the door or something when he went down.
We, uh, found all that hidden in his cell.
Damn it.
Go get that cut taken care of.
No, I-I'm good, sir.
- I'd like to stay and help.
- Shavers, you've done enough.
Captain, I'll meet you in the infirmary.
- I have a few questions.
- All right.
This won't take long.
I'll come find you.
His name is Patrick Butler, inmate number 312773.
Found the same socks, same shanks.
- This must be our guy.
- Well, Warden, we profiled this was the work of a group.
If Butler was involved, we've only found one of the killers.
Well, I'm gonna go share the news with corporate.
They'll be happy we're making progress.
Was Butler a violent criminal? No, not until he came here.
He was doing five years for using a toy gun to rob five banks in three different states.
But his sentence got bumped up to 20 after he killed - another inmate.
- Just like Devon White.
Comes in nonviolent, and then something goes wrong.
Wait, guys.
Look at the cell number.
Maybe it's not seven fingers.
Maybe it's three on one hand, four on the other.
I wonder what else must have happened down here.
You really think this Butler guy did it? It's possible, and our profile may have led Shavers right to him.
But if this is foul play, why would Shavers want him dead? He may have known too much about something the captain's trying to hide.
You think the warden knows about all this? I don't think so.
I think he's just trying to save his job.
So, what's our next move? We proceed as planned.
We keep conducting interviews until we find out what happened to Devon White.
And then we figure out if Butler or Shavers had anything to do with it.
Hello, Tom.
I'm not gonna say anything.
I already told you that.
Oh, I know.
I was just saying hello.
Hey, now, how is that beautiful little girl of yours doing? She's gonna be eight soon? Great age.
Enjoy it.
They grow quick.
Next thing you know they're gone.
Shavers just radioed.
He's on his way down.
It's taking him long enough.
Have Garcia monitor his cell phone.
That way, we'll know if he tries to leave.
You really think he'll try and run? He might if he's got something to hide.
Ortiz, have a seat.
Want to ask you a few questions about Devon White.
So, you worked on his cell block, right? When was the last time you saw him? Do you remember anything special about Devon? - -Oh, man, you got to be kidding me.
Well, of course I get the affirmative action dude.
Why couldn't you be one of the chicks? It's okay if I call you Tom? So you reported directly to Officer Rivers.
Yeah, he's my block commander.
Do you remember this inmate? Yeah, he, uh he looks familiar.
You took him to the infirmary four different times.
His name is Devon White.
He was on D block.
Yeah, yeah, Devon.
I-I remember him.
Do you remember anything about his transfer? How about the infirmary visits? Nope.
Uh, nothing.
You okay? Would you like some water? Yeah.
You know, Tom, but it's just it's a little odd.
Devon lived on your cell block.
And you saw him at least five times a week.
But all you got is, "Yeah, he looks familiar"? There's a lot of guys on D block.
You mind? Okay, look, I'm just gonna cut to the chase here, because you seem like a man who is scared and carrying a burden.
Maybe it's just stress.
I don't know.
But it seems like you're hiding something, and it's eating you up.
Is there something you want to tell us, Tom? Something maybe about cell number 34? You got to keep my daughter safe.
Weeks! Got a proposition for you.
Shavers and his guys, they're they're like their own little gang.
What did they do to Devon? We don't have all day, Polinsky.
One, two, three.
Told me, if I talked, they'd hurt my daughter.
Okay, Tom, how did all this get started? They'd round up a few inmates.
Misfits, you know, none of 'em affiliated.
You know, they picked the quiet ones, 'cause they knew they'd be weak.
They made Devon and Butler fight.
Those two, I guess they were, uh, close.
Come on, Butler.
Like, more than friends.
And when they refused Come on, now.
they only got it worse from Shavers and his gang.
- Get in there.
- Come on, mix it up.
Get up.
Take it.
Take it! I wasn't supposed to be down there, but I was looking for Rivers.
Devon's lying there, all bloody and and Butler's freaking out.
They made you get rid of the body so you were an accessory.
You helped them kill Hightower, Rivers and Jones, too.
I couldn't kill anybody.
All right? Lt-it was Butler and I don't know who else.
I just I just got him keys and stuff.
Will you testify to all this? Yeah.
How was Randall Jones involved? Jones Their lap dog? He'd help 'em out.
He'd He'd round up guys, get 'em information.
Whatever they needed.
Hey, what's happening? Get him! Hold still! That's right.
Got on and get it! Yeah! Heads up.
Okay! Okay.
You lived in the cell next to Devon, is that correct? Excuse me, Agents.
A personal body alarm was activated in A block, but we can't seem to get access.
A block.
That's where Morgan and Kate are.
Check it, man.
Check it.
Locked! You smell good.
Get that bitch under control! Just let her go, man! Oh, I like her.
- Handle it.
- In here! Come on, let's move.
Gather round! - You heard him! - I want everyone to see this! Give me this.
- Do it.
- Hey, I want to have some fun with this one first.
- Leave her alone! - Hurry up.
'Cause this won't take long.
- Weeks! - What's this punk want? The hell you doing, man? - Mind your business! - I'm making it my business.
This ain't your show.
Now, go on! Get out of here! This ain't got nothing to do with you, Watson.
The hell it don't.
These is Feds, you idiots.
Anything happens to them, we all end up on death row.
Listen to him, man.
He's right.
- Shut up! - MORGAN: Nothing good can come from hurting us! If you let us go, it can help some of you.
Look, we know about Shavers.
We have enough to bring this whole place down.
With your help, Shavers, - all of 'em, maybe even the entire -Shut up.
- Citadel Corrections Company.
- Do 'em, Weeks.
Damn you.
Do 'em.
He's got the entire block locked down.
There's no way to get in or out.
Can't we shut the system down? It's in override.
The only way to do that is from inside the booth.
Open it.
It's bolted from inside.
Just open the door.
We can work this out.
Come on, Dale! Let's do this the easy way! Dale, no! Stay out of this, Watson.
It's too late.
I'm already in it.
Somebody, please He needs help.
Oh, I got his help.
Come on, Don.
Let him go.
- Let him Let him go! - I'm just gonna help him! - Now! - No! Down, down, down! Everybody down! Get medics in here, damn it! He's still alive! You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
- You all right? - Yeah.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
How could this happen? Shavers, I I-I trusted him.
Well, there'll be an investigation.
When we get back to D.
, someone from our office will contact you.
I suggest you call your attorney immediately.
Hey, uh, hold up for a second.
I want to thank you for what you did in there.
Yeah, well, brothers got to stick together, right? I think we just found Devon White.
We, uh, found these downstairs.
They all seem to have your name on them.
Thank you.
You take care of yourself.
You ready to get the hell out of here? Am I ever.
Dwight D.
Eisenhower once wrote, "If you want total security, go to prison.
"There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on.
The only thing lacking is freedom.