Criminal Minds s11e10 Episode Script

Future Perfect

[Woman grunts.]
Ok, this sounded like a lot more fun after 3 margaritas.
You were the one craving frog's legs.
Yeah, in a restaurant with an A/C and a nice little arugula salad on the side.
Are you sure you know what you're doing? Of course.
My dad must have taken me frogging a thousand times.
And, that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it's done.
No, it's not.
Where do you think your food comes from? The supermarket.
Give me the flashlight.
It's your turn.
Go on.
Hold it up like that.
There you go.
Oh--uhh! I got it.
All right.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Wow, that was actually kind of fun.
Must be stuck.
Ohh! [Gasps.]
Aah! Aah! Aah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm in.
Well, I think you're bluffing.
So I will see your your fuzzy pencil And raise you from the Dominican Republic one Fuente Fuente OpusX.
I don't understand what we're betting.
I don't smoke.
Because poker is not fun unless you have something on the line.
Give me 3 cards.
Yeah, I'm good.
What? Really? You have heard the expression, “A poker face” before? This will not go on forever, Penelope.
It--it feels like it will.
I'm scared.
There are people out there that want to hurt me.
I'm scared I'm gonna be stuck in here because there's people out there that are gonna hurt me.
[Cell phone plays tune.]
It's Hotch.
We have a case.
Listen We're gonna take these guys down.
In the meantime, you just have to stay strong.
Augustine, Florida, two bodies were found early this evening in a remote wooded area just west of the city.
Neither have been identified yet.
This woman's complexion She was exsanguinated, which is a really fun word to say, but I didn't know its terrible meaning until I started working here.
Odd that only the female had her blood removed.
Well, the male victim might have been collateral damage or a witness that needed to be silenced.
I mean it is the kind of message that rival drug gangs would send to each other.
The Curiel syndicate recently set up shop in Florida.
Except it looks like these two were meant to vanish without anyone the wiser.
How is that a message? Well, cartels have also been known to use murder as a form of voodoo.
In 1989, a university of Texas student was murdered by a satanic gang while on spring break.
Well, my gut says it has nothing to do with drugs.
More like straight out vampirism or someone with a blood fetish.
It's late and we need to hit the ground running.
Wheels up in 30.
Hello? Are you ready? Yes.
Wait--what's that? Don't you trust me? UhYou never said anything about a blindfold.
It's required.
You know, I, uh, this is kind of freaking me out.
I changed my mind.
Aah! Hotch: “The clock talked loud.
“I threw it away.
It scared me when it talked.
” Tillie Olsen.
The coroner attributes the lacerations on the bodies to animal bites.
Apparently there's a lot of raccoons in the area.
Maybe so, but the media's going all in with satanic mutilation.
It's happened before.
The West Memphis Three case showed how animal activity on a corpse can be mistaken for for ritualized torture.
After the first bite, the insect infestation expands and distorts the open wound.
Ok, here's my finger, here's the mute button.
Are you guys done talking about the critter damage? You can put your finger down, baby girl.
We're done.
Thank you.
And JJ's right, local news and radio outlets are going wild with this being a blood worshiping cult murder.
Hey, new information.
Both of those bodies have just been identified.
Cheyenne Pravato, 23, and George Henning, 71.
Hotch: Any connection? My level one search says no.
My level 2 through 20 await.
Cheyenne was a waitress that is currently unemployed.
Henning was a retired steelworker from Pennsylvania.
Lived in Florida a few years.
They both went missing the time of death as less than 24 hours from the time of discovery.
Means the unsub had the vics for two full days before killing them.
Preliminary indicators show no sign of torture or sexual assault.
What was he doing with them? Dave, you find out what you can about Cheyenne from friends and family.
Morgan, you do the same thing for Henning.
Lewis, you go to the M.
and JJ, I need you to rein in the media.
Hysteria's growing and we need to contain it.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
Hotch: Of course.
It's crazy.
People are talking about devil worship, human sacrifice.
Thought this might be a good place for you and your team to work? It's great.
Thank you.
We need to debrief the press as soon as possible.
You don't mind doing double duty on this, do you? I'm looking forward to it, actually.
Dust off the old media liaison skills.
It's important.
Publicity like this could encourage the unsub or inspire a copycat.
Still waiting on the full tox screen for the male victim.
We think they may have been held for up to two days.
Were they fed? Stomach contents were empty, but nutrition and hydration levels were normal.
My guess is they were both fed through and I.
I did find one curiosity.
It looks like another animal bite.
Not under magnification.
It's actually a surgically precise triangle.
[Telephone rings.]
You're positive of that? The tox screen and DNA tests on George Henning just came back.
Are you ready for this? Most of the blood in his body isn't his.
It's Cheyenne's.
Agent Hotchner.
A missing persons report just came in that I think might be connected to the case.
Andrea Gambrell.
Her car was found abandoned at a cemetery up near Jacksonville this morning.
What makes you think it's related? Andrea and Cheyenne waitressed at the same restaurant.
Roommate said Andrea was meeting some new guy, it involved something mysterious.
Where--where am I? Please [Moaning.]
The blood drained from Cheyenne was put into George Henning? I agree that is strange.
And a triangle was cut from his calf muscle.
Dear diary, just when I thought I'd heard it all.
And there's still something in the toxicology screen that the M.
can't identify.
We're hoping we're gonna find out something more in the next few hours.
So, it took a little arm-wrestling, but the media finally saw the wisdom in toning down the whole demon worship angle.
Don't take a victory lap just yet.
You're kidding.
I'm just trying to work out this whole calf muscle business.
Triangles are big in Illuminati symbolism.
This is bending back toward cult behavior.
What did you find out about George Henning? According to the neighbors, the guy was a shut-in.
No friends or family, a lot of health problems.
Hypertension, Parkinson's.
Cheyenne was the opposite.
Vegan, into new age lifestyles.
Never met a harmonic convergence she didn't want to converge on.
I mean, I get it, because Henning was a recluse, but how did nobody notice her missing for 3 days? Hey friends said that Cheyenne was flighty.
It was not unusual for her to take off without notice for a week or two.
This unsub did his homework.
He knew that both victims could go missing without any alarms going off.
Transfusions and sustained I.
feeding take skill, planning, and access to materials.
And crude as it was, the replacing of the old blood with new is dialysis.
What if the triangle isn't a symbol, but a tissue sample? Could this be medical experimentation? Yeah, I mean, you've got a youthful, healthy host in Cheyenne and a sick test subject in Henning.
If the new missing girl's his next victim, the unsub could be getting ready to try again.
And this experiment takes two to tango.
If Andrea mirrors Cheyenne, then who mirrors George? Please, don't do this.
I have to go to work now, but I'll be back this evening.
What-- Don't worry.
I promise I'm not gonna hurt you.
[Muffled cries.]
How you feeling, sweetheart? I'm ok.
It's a long drive, but I feel good about this time.
I miss home.
So do I.
But this could be our answer.
They do cutting-edge stuff here.
All those tests.
I don't know, Ben.
Maybe it's better just to accept things as they are.
Don't talk like that.
A positive attitude is half the battle.
and Mrs.
The lab results are back from Eileen's tests.
Let's go into my office and talk.
[Telephone ringing.]
Sir, yes, sir.
Garcia, I need you to do a search of doctors and medical professionals in the region and see what kind of red flags pop up.
But of course.
Carmine, scarlet, cherry, crimson, maroon? What shade of red are we looking for? Ethics violations, improper protocol.
This person may have washed out of medical school or gotten in trouble with the licensing board for unorthodox practices.
A deep shade.
Hit you back when I have something.
I'm sorry.
There are drugs that can minimize the symptoms.
How long does she have? Mr.
Kebler, I would rather talk about how we can begin a strategy-- How long? My wife and I want to know the truth.
Maybe a little more.
Ben, it's all right.
I had a carpet store back home, Dr.
My wife taught middle school for 35 years.
We scrimped and we saved our whole lives because we knew this time was coming.
The freedom to do all those things we love to do, together.
It's not fair.
No, it's not.
I'd like to start her with this, and I'd like to see Eileen tomorrow morning to talk about a treatment strategy.
What's that? An anti-depressant.
We drove 12 hours to come to this office.
We even rented an apartment in town.
According to your website, there are treatments at this hospital you can't get anywhere else.
Clinical trials.
Not for what Eileen is suffering from.
It's important that you and your wife cherish the time you do have left together.
Each and every day is precious.
[Knock on door.]
I would like to see Eileen at 10:00 tomorrow, if that works for you.
Hotch: What have you got, Garcia? Nothing on my crimson flag doctor search, but I did learn about something with a super cool name.
The Mad Scientist club.
And what's that? They're a student group from the Florida College of Medicine in Jacksonville.
Before they disbanded, they used to get together and talk about experimental ways to cure disease.
Do you have the names of the people in the club? Uh, kinda sorta not, really.
They were totally informal.
Here's the part that made me sit up straight.
They used to meet at a local cemetery.
Let me guess.
The same cemetery where Andrea Gambrell disappeared.
Yeah, the very one.
All right, keep working on the names and see if you can find out why the club was disbanded.
[Cell phone rings.]
Agent Lewis.
Yes, Agent.
I've got the full tox screen on George Henning.
There were massive levels of Levodopa in his system.
The Parkinson's drug? Correct.
Ok, but his blood was replaced with Cheyenne's, so does that mean the Levodopa was introduced into his system after the transfusion? Yes.
And we got the results of the other DNA samples and the surprises keep coming.
Found traces of Mesoglea and Testudinata keratin.
Which is? Jellyfish and turtle.
George Henning had animal DNA in his system.
If only you could talk What secrets you could tell.
[Muffled cries.]
No! Stop! Don't die.
Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Noooo! No! No! No! No! No! No! Nooo! Garcia's tracking recent aquarium and exotic fish sales in the area.
Aquarium sales in Florida.
That's like tracking snow shovel sales in Alaska.
But jellyfish have unique dietary and habitat needs, so hopefully that'll narrow it down a little.
A body's just been found.
Officer on the scene thinks it might be the work of our guy.
All right, so a homeless man found him.
'd as Harold McDermott.
Longtime local resident.
No attempt to hide the body this time, either.
Our unsub might be unraveling.
Must have been the new George Henning.
Hate to think what's swimming around in his bloodstream.
Well, no obvious tissue removal.
Bruising on his face and chest.
Thought I might find something like this is here.
Medical I.
Our victim suffered from epilepsy and cortico-basal degeneration.
I think we'd better deliver the profile.
We believe we're looking for a male between the ages of 25 and 35.
He may have had some medical training, and he's able to contain large quantities of controlled pharmaceuticals.
This guy's working off the legal and ethical grid, doing highly dangerous medical experimentation.
We believe he's searching for a cure for degenerative neurological diseases, but we don't know why.
It could be personal.
Either he or a loved one suffers from a disease and it's a way to leapfrog conventional research in an attempt to find a cure.
Morgan: Or it might not be personal at all.
This could be the unsub playing God, assuming the role of savior and rescuer of those in need.
Another motive is old-fashioned greed.
Financial rewards for medical breakthroughs are substantial.
Whatever the case, two divergent pathologies are at work in this unsub.
On the one hand, he does show signs of logic and reason, the scientific method of trial and error.
Lewis: On the other hand, this person injected animal DNA into George Henning's body, revealing an irrational, almost fantastical approach to achieving his medical goals.
And this dichotomy may be evident in his everyday life.
He might appear charming and trustworthy, which allows him to abduct his victims with little or no difficulty.
But the other half of his Jekyll and Hyde personality would clash with authority figures.
We believe that he had a conflict with the medical establishment in the past.
We have reason to believe that the most recent victim, Andrea Gambrell, is still alive.
The younger person is needed alive to provide healthy blood.
Lewis: But a new sick subject to receive that blood will almost certainly be sought out.
Postmortem violence found on the most recent victim is a strong indicator that the killer is losing control.
Hotch: This increased volatility is cause for concern.
If there are two voices in his head, the violent one is taking over.
Listen, listen.
cruising the fjords of Norway.
It sounds like fun.
What we do is fly into Oslo, cruise up and down the coast, and it says if we go in winter, there's a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights.
You've always wanted to see the Northern Lights.
I'm sorry.
For what? Letting you down.
We were gonna do so many things and then I got sick.
No, no, don't say that.
Listen to me, Ben.
When I'm gone, I want you to continue on.
Eileen-- No, I mean it.
I want you to live the life that we talked about.
I'll be there with you.
You are going to get better, and we are going to see the Northern Lights, together.
I should sleep now.
Of course, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
You get your rest.
[Knock on door.]
Who is it? Mr.
Kebler, my name is Robert Boles.
I'm from the hospital.
Can we talk? I have something that could save your wife.
Garcia was able to locate one of the former members of this Mad Scientist club, Diane Haller.
She's coming in to talk to Lewis.
The M.
found more animal DNA in George Henning's body.
Sea urchin and some type of tropical parrot.
What the hell's next, emulsified auto parts? Unless the unsub's having a complete psychotic break, these transfusions have to make some sense medically.
I've done some Dr.
Reid research since he's on leave.
Jellyfish have been used to treat cardiovascular disease, but not something like Parkinson's.
Well, maybe the unsub's looking beyond neurology-- he's trying to cure a wider range of diseases.
These creatures he's using, they're exotic.
Hard to acquire, difficult to maintain.
Well, there are a number of private zoos in the region.
I'll have Garcia look into it.
Why should I trust you? You're not even a doctor.
A doctor can't offer you what I'm offering.
Because it's not legal, right? If your wife is cured, do you care if you broke a few rules? This treatment you're talking about, what does it involve? Transfusions.
Of what? A formula that I've been working on.
Oh, this sounds too risky.
Kebler, if you do nothing, your wife will die.
What are you risking? If I agreed, when would it start? Right now.
I have everything I need in my vehicle.
So, the Mad Scientist club.
It sounds interesting.
Yeah, it was fun.
What did you guys talk about? Um, advancements in medical research mostly.
Stem cell, chromatin looping.
Honestly, it was more of a drinking club after the first hour.
I'm curious, why the cemetery? It made it spookier.
We were talking about all this out there kind of stuff, you know? Was there anyone in the group who made you feel uncomfortable? Someone who gave off an odd vibe? There was this one guy.
He only came a couple times, but he gave everyone the creeps.
How so? He started going off about how we were in a magical place and none of us realized because only he was from around here.
We called him the Magic Man.
Do you remember his actual name? Richard or Robert, maybe.
How about a last name? No.
What do you think he meant by “magical place”? I have no idea.
Like I said, he only came a few times and that was it.
No one ever saw him again.
Done, ma'am.
You should try and get some rest.
Thank you so much.
I'll check back in later to see how you're doing.
Your wife will need another transfusion in 3 days.
When will we see results? There are a lot of unknowns, but it could be soon.
Very soon.
Is he gone? Yes.
How are you feeling? Tired.
I wonder, why didn't Dr.
Braga tell us about this when we were in her office? Well, uh, she's a busy woman.
It must have slipped her mind.
Garcia, look, I need you to check something out for me.
It is not much to run with, but Mm, I will be the judge of that.
Gimme, gimme.
All right, we're looking for a student, first name Richard or Robert, no last name, who attended the Florida College of Medicine in Jacksonville at the time that the Mad Scientist club was active.
Richard or Robert and no last name.
So my judgment is that Bartholomew or Oglethorpe with no last name would be easier? Well, his interest may have been in neuroscience, and he claims he was from the area.
That helps, milady.
So love to you, my sneakers are on, I'm running with this.
Honey, is everything ok? The strangest thing.
I feel much better.
You do? That medicine that Dr.
Braga prescribed, I think it's working.
I can't believe it.
Maybe we could take a short walk, just to the corner.
I haven't felt the air on my face for so long.
Oh Mmm What's going on? I'm calling security.
[Indistinct P.
[Music playing.]
Lately I've been thinking that we could have a How are you feeling? We could hang our hopes Happy.
It's a miracle.
Well, I'm not cured yet, but this is the closest I've felt to my old self in months.
Well, I'm never letting you go.
I love you, Ben.
roll in the rye in the glow of the midnight moon Dr.
Laura Braga, last seen by a co-worker about 8:00 last night.
She was heading back to the office to grab some files she'd forgotten.
I'm guessing the blood is hers.
I wonder how he got her out of here with no one noticing.
She's a neurologist.
There's the connection.
The unsub could have gotten extra Levodopa from here.
Better check to see if she was George Henning's or Harold McDermott's physician.
And we should also check her current patients.
If this is where the unsub is getting his victims, one of them could be next.
Well, Garcia compiled a list of every medical student in the north Florida area with the first name of Richard or Robert, and I gotta tell you guys, it is a long list.
So which one is our magic man? What's up, Rossi? They identified the bird DNA in Henning as coming from a scarlet macaw.
And? That got me thinking about turritopsis dohrnii.
TurriWhat? It's called the immortal jellyfish.
Endlessly recycles its own cells through a process called transdifferentiation, a kind of lineage reprogramming.
Oh, my goodness.
Spencer Reid, master of disguise.
No disguise.
I called the kid last night.
But think about it.
Jellyfish, turtles, sea urchin, and now scarlet macaw.
What do they all have in common? A long lifespan.
Longer than a human's.
So it means the unsub may not be focused on a specific disease, but longevity.
Oh, God.
Guys, I think I know why the magic man thought this place is so magical.
We are right around the corner from the legendary Fountain of Youth.
Please, please let me go.
I swear I won't tell anybody.
You're beautiful.
Your face is so youthful.
Smooth and perfect.
Soft, like it should be.
You know When I was 7 years old, I went with my parents to visit an uncle who was living in a nursing home.
I got lost for a minute.
I went into the wrong room by mistake.
I thought it was my uncle, butit wasn't.
He was terrible-looking.
His face, it hardly looked human.
And then he said [Unsub's voice.]
What are you staring at, boy? I couldn't answer, but I couldn't stop looking at him either.
And then he said, I'll tell you what you're staring at.
A mirror.
No matter what you do, you'll end up just like me.
Just like me.
For months after that I would check my face in the mirror every day to see if it was happening yet.
You were just a child.
You didn't know any better.
But the old man was right.
I knew unless I did something, I'd end up like that.
Everybody would.
People get old.
It's natural.
The answer is right here, practically under our feet.
It has been for centuries.
I need to apologize, Andrea.
Apologize? I lied to you before.
About what? That I wasn't going to hurt you.
No, no.
Stop! Ben.
Honey, what's wrong? [Coughing, gasping.]
It's me, Ben Kebler.
Something's gone wrong.
What's the matter? My wife is having trouble breathing.
I'm going to call 911.
No! I have to.
She's sick.
She needs help.
She needs another transfusion, that's all.
Well, then you come over here now and you give her one.
I can't.
Why not? It's safer if we do the transfusions at my lab.
What's going on? Does this have something to do with what happened to Dr.
Braga? The only chance your wife has is with me.
Now, here are the directions to my lab.
Hey, I got Garcia on the line.
She's got something.
What is it, Garcia? Sir, you were right about the scarlet macaw.
They are very hard to find.
When you can find one, they're real pricey.
However, a private zoo outside of St.
Augustine reported a macaw stolen.
The owner suspected it to be a former employee, but they didn't have any proof.
I checked out this former employee, Bobby Boles, Bobby being short for Robert, Robert maybe being our mad scientist.
Did Robert Boles ever go to medical school? Yeah, he totally did.
He flunked out in the middle of his first year, though.
He's always been sort of a misfit, it seems.
How so? He was home-schooled from an early age 'cause he didn't fit in with other kids.
Lots of childhood therapy.
What did Boles do after he dropped out of med school? Lots of part-time jobs.
He currently works as an orderly at the same hospital as Dr.
Where is he now? Uh, I can't find a physical address.
He hasn't had one for a while.
I'll keep searching.
Look, he's probably long gone, but we can see if Boles reports for his next shift at the hospital.
He might not know we're onto him.
Only one of Dr.
Braga's patients didn't show up for their scheduled appointment in the last two days-- Eileen Kebler.
We need to check her residence.
Down this way at the end of the hall.
What is this place? It's a former medical research facility.
It's been closed up for years.
I'm leasing a section.
No! She needs help, real help.
[Eileen cries out.]
There's no time for anything else.
She needs a transfusion--now.
Stay here.
Don't leave this room.
I'll bring what we need.
Hurry! I should have thought of this before.
It's not just medicine.
It's not just the ingredients.
It's the entire belief system.
It has to be something the Aztecs They--they were here first, before anyone else.
They understood The power of the beating heart.
When this is all through, people will remember you and the sacrifice you made.
Your name will be linked with mine for all eternity.
Hotch, it think I got something.
What is it? It's Garcia's list of recent saltwater aquarium customers.
Is Robert Boles on the list? No, but he could have used a fake name.
It's where one shipment was delivered.
The parking lot of a closed medical facility.
Ok, thanks, Garcia.
All right, so, in high school Robert Boles got a summer job at a gift shop near the Fountain of Youth archaeological park.
He got fired for breaking in after-hours.
Maybe that's where the obsession with eternal youth started.
Hold on, Eileen.
It's gonna be ok.
It's cold.
That's it.
I'm getting an ambulance.
No! You should have stayed where you were.
What are you doing? You want your wife to recover or not? You're not touching my wife.
I'm gonna cure her, and I won't let you get in the way.
Robert Boles, drop the weapon.
It's over, man.
You're not getting out.
Put the knife down, slowly.
My wife needs help.
Hotch: Where is she? In the next room.
Show me.
Call an ambulance, please.
I can do my research from prison.
No one can stand in the way of the future! You're ok.
You're ok.
You're ok.
It's ok.
You're ok.
Medics are on the way.
How is she? What have I done? I'm cold.
Eileen, stay with me.
I'm always with you.
Hotch: “The first condition of immortality is death.
” Stanislaw Lec.
Ice cream bad, yogurt good.
Yogurt with ice cream, best.
Ahh Well done, Penelope.
You're making-- you're making excellent choices.
You're talking to yourself way too much these days.
But who wouldn't? I'm cooped up in here all by myself.
Sir, you scared me.
You need to come with me right now.
Now now? Yes, now.
But should I change? I'm in my PJs.
I'll have someone bring you some clothes.
We don't have time to waste.
Um Sir, I'm scared.
What's going on? There's been a major break in the case of the hit men hunting you.
There has? And we may have found a way to bring the whole network down.