Criminal Minds s12e03 Episode Script


1 Dude, see the way that Heather was checking you out in the cafeteria? Get out.
Get out.
Man, I'm serious.
She's totally into you.
Heather's kind of hot.
Ooh, Heather.
You're so hot.
I love you so much.
Shut it, dweeb.
Dude, I'm telling you, you should text Heather.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Aah What's in there? Hey, have a look at this.
Alvez: You getting tired yet? How you doin', huh? You good? You need a break, you just let me know, ok? We can stop.
Show-off! Show-off.
Come here.
Here, want some water? Come on.
No? All right.
Let's go home.
Let's go! [Snoring.]
The blue or the gray? Hmm? Yeah, going with the blue.
Yeah, she's gotta have her veggies.
A little [Whimpering.]
All right, Jaynie's coming by to walk you later, all right? [Barks.]
All right, Roger that.
I'll bring you a treat.
Be good.
Some things never change.
Hey, you! Hi.
Mwah! Mwah! Aah! Welcome back! [Laughing.]
Doughnuts? Wait, did you happen to get Chocolate frosted with sprinkles? Yes.
How could I forget your favorite? It is so great to see you.
Even if it's only temporary.
Well, when Hotch told me the director tapped him for special assignment, I wanted to help out.
More so when he said you guys still have escaped serial killers you have to catch, on top of your normal caseload? Lewis is going to be sorry she missed you.
Oh, yeah, me, too.
That's actually Luke Alvez's desk.
Really? It looks empty.
Uh, well, he travels light.
Garcia said he was ex-army.
Came over from the Fugitive Task Force ? Yeah, you're gonna like him.
You know, the lack of personal effects on his desk could stem from his days as a fugitive hunter.
He probably felt like he was never once place long enough to dig in.
I mean, no family photos, no significant others.
Not even a plant to over water.
I mean, this Alvez could be a real loner type.
Somebody could have done a real number on this guy.
An ex, maybe.
I mean, no doubt the army taught him order and discipline, but a desk like this could mean he has commitment issues.
He's behind me right now, isn't he? Luke Alvez, meet Emily Prentiss.
Nice to meet you.
Emily used to be part of our team, and now she's the unit chief for Interpol in London.
Yeah, she's agreed to help us out while Hotch is off on a TDY and Lewis works on her research.
I'm on temporary duty, so I'll be in and out.
I'll be working on and off.
I'm on today.
I'm just I'm really happy that I could, uh, come back, you know, and help Truth be told, it's pretty hard to resist putting the band back together again, so Yeah, so, I'm here to help.
Well, we have a lot on our plate.
Garcia: Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.
Speaking of which, looks like we have a case.
- Hey, Garcia.
- [Gasps.]
You really are here.
It's a dream come true.
Have you met Luke Alvez? Oh, yeah, we just met.
So you know how I like to sometimes say something clever before I say something sad and disturbing to self-soothe.
To that end, uh, please make sure your seat backs and your tray tables are in their fully upright position, because yesterday in South Florida, the body of a woman was found encased in concrete in a 55-gallon drum.
Lisa Barclay, 35, single mom, lived with her 13-year-old son in Boynton Beach.
If she was encased in concrete, how'd they I.
her? Because the M.
was able to match prints from 3 of her fingers that broke through the surface.
When did she go missing? About a week ago.
Where did they find the drum? At an illegal dump site.
Some teenagers found it.
Uh, local P.
needs to canvass the area for more possible victims.
They're doing that right now.
Any signs of sexual assault? That is unclear at this time because they're still removing the concrete from her body.
Burying his victim like this may be the unsub's form of torture.
It could be a forensic countermeasure.
Or a sign of remorse or undoing.
Unfortunately, all of you could be right, because Is is that An ultrasound of the drum.
Lisa Barclay was still alive when he put her in there.
Prentiss: Tyron Edwards wrote, "sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread.
"They may satisfy appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end.
" Reid: Lisa Barclay lived a low-risk lifestyle.
She and her son moved to Boynton Beach after her divorce 4 years ago.
So is this the work of a jealous ex? Unlikely.
It appears the divorce was amicable.
The ex-husband remarried and lives in Texas.
He sends child support checks like clockwork.
She worked as an assistant bank manager.
If she was known as a whistle blower, this could be a way of silencing her.
What bumps me is how the unsub disposed of the barrel.
I mean, there's no way that he lifted that sucker up.
It must weigh 542 pounds, give or take.
Depending on such factors as moisture content of the concrete, the victim's body weight, and the laws of displacement.
Which still begs the question, how did he lift it? We could be looking at two unsubs, maybe? Guys, I hate to interrupt, but a second drum has been found with a woman's body encased in concrete inside it.
JJ: Where? At another illegal dump site not far from where Lisa Barclay was found.
Two women in literal dump sites.
He must view his victims as garbage.
Prentiss, you and I will check out the latest crime scene.
JJ, set up at the local P.
Spencer, Luke, talk to the M.
So, you still like driving on the left side of the road? Yeah.
London's good.
And Mark? He treating you right? 'Cause if not, you give me the word.
Thanks, Rossi, we're very happy.
What about you and Hayden? Are you still going strong? And then some.
Agent Rossi.
Detective Ogilvie.
Good to see you again.
This is SSA Prentiss.
My pleasure.
Right this way.
Hope you've had your tetanus shots.
Here's where the second drum was found.
The unsub had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get the drum here.
He'd also need a vehicle capable of supporting a lot of weight.
Maybe a pickup, dual-wheels.
What if he's mixing the cement at the disposal sites? It would be a messy job.
I don't see any evidence of that.
He might have used a steel dolly to get the drum here, but it couldn't have been easy.
So why here? The guy could have rolled it off the embankment of any canal in the area.
It would have sank right out of sight.
Officer: Detective.
Excuse me.
The hard to reach locations, the drums, the concrete.
This unsub is jumping through a whole lot of hoops to hide these bodies.
It must mean something to him.
Part of a ritual, maybe.
Drums could symbolize coffins, the concrete, tomb or headstone.
All the earmarks of a cemetery.
Which means, this could be his private burial ground.
Reid: Dr.
Durboraw? [Turns off drill.]
I didn't hear you come in.
I'm Dr.
Spencer Reid.
This is agent Alvez.
The unsub may have a gender preference, but not race.
How long had Lisa Barclay been in the drum? Based on the condition of the body, about a week.
Ligature marks.
He restrained her.
Have you determined C.
? X-rays showed she had concrete in her mouth, trachea, and lungs.
She drowned in it.
I won't know more until I can complete a full exam.
She shows severe decomposition, but we should be able to I.
her through DNA or dental records of other missing women in the area.
I see you tried dermal tissue rehydration to get her fingerprints.
My initial examination noted friction ridges were still visible.
You can rehydrate mummified skin? It's a method adapted from an archaeological study on Egyptian mummies.
The loose rehydrated skin is then slipped over a living person's fingertip and it's used to get the victim's print.
I'm running them through the system now.
You know, we initially thought that she was the second victim.
But the mummification indicates that she was actually killed before Lisa Barclay, making her the original known victim.
I'd say a month before.
This isn't the pre-mixed ready-to-use kind, which means that he went through the trouble to mix his own sand, cement, and gravel.
He obviously has the skills to make it himself or access to it through his job.
[Cell phone rings.]
I'm at work.
Hey, guys.
Yeah, I'll be home for dinner.
No, she hasn't called.
No texts or emails either, no.
How should I know? Look, I can't talk now.
Yeah, when I get home.
Sorry to bother you, do you have any idea when you'll be finished here? It's hard to tell, ma'am.
Probably not till Friday.
But, Mom, I invited the guys over to go swimming.
I I know, honey, I know.
Uh, really, that long? Sorry, ma'am.
Uh, all right, I'll tell you what.
I'll take you, Ryan, and Joe to the movies, ok? You can stay cool there all afternoon.
All right.
Thanks anyways.
Have a good one.
Yeah, I got your good one right here, huh? Can you believe that that is somebody's mother? [Men chuckling.]
[Cell phone dings.]
Well, we can rule out Lisa Barclay's job as a motive.
According to Garcia, there's no evidence of fraud at the bank where she worked and nothing suspicious about her finances.
Prints came back on our unidentified victim.
They belong to Sharon Landon, 33, of Delray Beach.
She was reported missing a month ago.
Her husband died last year, leaving her and a 10-year-old son named Malcolm.
Both victims were young single moms.
Each had a son and lived in neighboring towns.
They must be surrogates.
He crossed racial lines, so it's gotta be about single mothers.
I'll have Garcia look for a connection between the mothers, maybe through the sons.
Agents, Malcolm Landon is here.
He came in with his aunt.
Thank you.
Why don't you two see what you can find out.
Why did someone hurt my mom? We don't know yet.
But we're working really hard to find out why, ok? Prentiss: Malcolm, I bet you had a lot of friends where you live.
That's ok, baby.
Yes, ma'am.
Have you ever noticed any strangers hanging around when you're out playing, maybe a man who looked like he didn't belong there? Uh, a workman in a uniform, maybe? They were always fixing stuff.
But strangers can't get in unless they have a special sticker on their car with a code.
It's a gated community.
My sister felt safe there.
Malcolm, did your mom have a special friend, a man, maybe, who would like to take her out to dinner, bring her flowers? Agents, dating was the last thing on Sharon's mind.
She focused all of her energies on Malcolm.
She said it was just me and her, 'cause my dad was gone.
She came to all my games.
Helped me with homework.
We're making a volcano for the science fair, and Thanks, Penelope.
She find anything? There's no cross-over between Lisa Barclay and Sharon Landon or between their kids.
How did it go with Malcolm Landon? Uh, well, he mentioned seeing some workers at the condo complex.
Emily's following up.
You ok? Yeah.
You know, Sharon Landon seemed like such a great mom.
You know? She didn't think about herself.
She devoted her whole life to her son.
Garcia said the same thing about Lisa Barclay.
If the unsub was raised by a single mom and she died young, he might blame her for leaving him on his own.
Punishing his victims could be his way of punishing her.
Or she may have been an absent or abusive mother.
So when he sees a mom doting on her son, he may want to kill what he never had.
Another woman's gone missing.
Name's Kim Conti.
34, lives in a condo in Boca Raton.
Single mom? Last seen dropping her son and his friends off at the mall, and when she didn't show to pick them up, he called a neighbor who found evidence of a struggle at her home.
You two go to the condo.
I'll let the others know and have the police beef up patrols.
Please, what do you want? What do you want?! Please Why are you doing this? When are you gonna tell the truth? Please please let me go.
Please let me go, please! [Turns on drill.]
Let me go! I have a son! He needs me.
Please! Please let me go! Please! Aah! The first two victims were killed a month apart, now Kim Conti.
He's accelerating.
Well, it takes some cojones to abduct another woman with the cops out in force and all the news coverage.
I mean, he's gotta know we're looking for him.
Yeah, well, his need-based compulsion is making a cooling-off period too difficult.
See, the unsub dumped the first two victims here and here.
And this is our current location.
We have a triangle.
What's so special about these 3 dump sites? It's about more than that.
It's what's in here that's important to him.
I hate to use the word luck in this situation, but it was fortunate you found the latest victim so quickly.
The concrete had no time to cure completely.
She has the same ligature marks as Lisa Barclay.
The C.
is the same, too.
She drowned in the concrete.
Any sign of sexual assault? I'm still conducting my exam, but I can tell you that based on core body temperature and lividity, time of death was about two hours ago.
Kim Conti went missing 18 hours ago, but he kept her alive for some reason.
I see that there's tissue damage.
Have you tested that? Not yet.
But concrete itself can be corrosive.
There appears to be more damage here.
Do you have a light I can borrow? Thanks.
It's chemical burns.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking concrete may not have been the only factor in her death.
We're looking for a white male, 30 to 40 years old, who may be performing crude chemical lobotomies on his victims.
It appears he's drilling up through the nasal cavity in order to insert chlorine into his victims' brains.
Chlorine? Concentrated chlorine is highly corrosive.
This suggests he's trying to destroy their frontal lobes.
That area of the brain controls impulse and inhibition.
Didn't Jeffrey Dahmer want to create sex slave zombies? Yes.
And like Dahmer, he may be looking for a way to find power and control over his victims.
In this case, 30-something single mothers with young sons.
His knowledge of the dump sites indicates that he's comfortable here and likely lives or works in the area.
He's probably physically fit and may drive a large van or a pickup in order to transport the drums.
Reid: It's doubtful that he has any medical training, and when his experiments fail, he may be entombing his victims as a forensic countermeasure.
The use of chlorine combined with his masonry skills suggests he's some sort of tradesman.
Let's look at contractors, pool builders.
He could also be part of a highway road crew.
The dump site area is important to him.
We need your help to find out why.
In the meantime, single moms with young sons should remain vigilant.
Thank you.
Ah, that was a fun day, huh? Lord, I could not pry you off those swings.
You wore me out with all your "again, Mommy, again.
" I don't remember.
Honey, I know you're worried.
I'm worried, too.
Your sister has never been gone this long before, but I'm sure she's gonna come home soon.
I'm not.
She's not like that anymore.
She's better.
You know, that's one good thing about being adopted.
I dodged the crazy gene.
Oh, stop it.
You know what happened.
You know she couldn't help it.
Dinner's almost ready.
Why don't you go change.
You stink like chlorine.
Hey, Rossi, the M.
She said that Sharon Landon died from the lobotomy and was entombed postmortem.
The unsub was able to keep his last two victims alive before putting them into the drums.
He must be perfecting his technique.
So then the concrete was likely a forensic countermeasure, not a form of torture.
It could simply be what he has on hand, what's he's comfortable with.
The unsub's escalating.
If he sticks to his timetable, that means he could be hunting right now.
We need to find him before he tries his new and improved skills on someone else.
Me likey.
Thank you.
What do you have, Garcia? So, I'm looking for workers that Malcolm Landon may have come into contact with at the condo complex he lived at with his mom, and it turns out that the complexes where all 3 victims lived shared not only the same property management company but the same cable provider, contractors, gardeners, pool maintenance, and security companies.
Narrow the search to employees from each complex that were working the days the victims went missing.
Well, we think the same, soul sister, because I am currently swimming through time cards and employment records.
And by swimming, I don't mean like the glammy olympic way.
It's sort of a slog and nothing really matches up.
Well, transient workers and day laborers often provide false IDs What about the sales of 55-gallon drums, chlorine, and the materials to make concrete? Yes.
I have cross-matched that with South Floridians who drive super duper trucks.
Rossi: And? I have come up with a list that is good and plenty, which, by the way, - Is my current favorite candy.
- It's that long? Well, yeah, but there's a lot of housing projects going up, there's roads being paved, and it's The Sunshine State.
Do you know how many pools need to stay sparkling clean? Have you found anyone who lives or works within the geo-profile area? Uh-uh.
So far with that I've come up with a big fat goose egg.
Ok, Garcia, keep searching.
Oh, I will leave nothing unturned.
All right.
We profiled this guy may view the disposal sites as a cemetery, hallowed ground.
It that's true, he most likely will be compelled to revisit the area.
But the drums have been removed.
His victims aren't there anymore.
Well, if he doesn't live or work in the area, there's some emotional reason he's putting the barrels there.
We need to stake it out.
[Crickets chirping.]
If I never do another stakeout again, it'll be too soon.
You like 'em that much, huh? Let me count the ways.
The ass-numbing boredom, the greasy fast food, the cold coffee, and may I tell you how much I hate peeing in the woods.
Yeah, I hear you.
I could see that about you.
See what? You like things a certain way.
Hmm? You want control.
That's cool.
Everybody's got their thing.
I see somebody as been studying his behavioral analysis manual.
Oh, I don't need a manual to profile you.
Knock yourself out.
You are definitely an East Coast girl.
Not Boston, Philly, um Not New York.
Bronx born and raised.
I think I'd know.
I'm gonna say you're from D.
You read my file.
Cross my heart, I didn't.
You're comfortable working overseas, which means you could have traveled around a lot as a kid.
Or maybe your parents were diplomats, or maybe a military brat.
How am I doing? You suck.
I mean, yeah, you were right about D.
And, yeah, my parents were diplomats.
And you guessed military brat.
But you're ex-army, right? Oh, yeah, that's right.
So why the army? My dad served, and I was always proud of that.
I wanted to serve my country, too.
Were you in Afghanistan? Mm-mm.
What unit were you with? I was with the 75th Ranger Regiment.
The 75th, huh? Yeah.
Oh, I forgot one thing about you, Prentiss.
You are definitely a cat person.
Got a Florida plate.
Garcia, I need you to run a license plate.
Can't make out who's driving.
Belongs to a local contractor.
[Woman screaming.]
Alvez: Freeze right there! Move.
Move back.
Don't shoot, please.
I was just getting a blanket.
Alvez: Whose truck is this? It it's my dad's.
He let me borrow it, I swear.
What are you two doing way out here? What are you doing out here? Ok, get out of here.
Go home.
Get out of here.
[Engine starts.]
Time to call it.
He knows we're out here.
Sounds like you spoiled a romantic evening for those kids.
JJ: So the unsub's disposal area is a lovers lane? Why dump the body of grown women in a place used by horny teenagers? Probably the same reason they go there.
It's secluded, private.
Well, if the unsub took girls there when he was younger, it would explain how he knows the area and why it would mean something to him.
Maybe he had his first sexual experience there.
Maybe the first time didn't go so well.
Lobotomies might be his way of creating a willing sexual partner.
Or, he could have recently started dating a single mother with a son.
If she mocked or rejected his sexual advances, this could be payback.
Whatever the reason, we have made it impossible for him to return to the site, so, he's probably angry.
Most likely he will devolve.
Stuart, did you break that? Shut up.
I didn't raise you to speak to me that way.
No, you raised me to believe there were consequences for my actions.
You taught me about accountability and responsibility, honesty.
When are you gonna tell the truth? Truth about what? I can't do this anymore.
Do what? You're not making sense.
I Why did you adopt me? Why on earth are you asking that right now? Why?! When my husband died, I wanted another child.
I God answered my prayers.
I got you.
But that's not the whole story, is it? You know the story.
Look, I'm tired.
It's late.
I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed.
I just want the truth.
I want to hear you say it! Aah! So we said the unsub may be performing the lobotomies on his victims to manipulate their inhibitions.
People who experience frontal lobe damage often become aggressive, with heightened sex drives.
He may want to alter the sexual behavior of his victims.
Yeah, but when he becomes bored with them or the women don't do what he wants them to do, then he moves on to the next victim.
Thank you so much.
Guys, that was the M.
She's completed her exams on all 3 victims and found no sign of sexual assault.
Why are you doing this? Stuart, answer me, please! So, I was adopted because you wanted another child.
That's what I said, yes.
Now, untie me! Not until you tell the truth.
Even though there was no sexual assault, the use of a lovers lane as a dump site suggests a sexual component.
And the lobotomies are still probably the unsub's way of exerting control over his victims.
It could go back to his childhood.
He's trying to gain a control he never had.
It seems primitive now, but in the 1940s and '50s, cutting portions of the brain was believed to rid a patient of delusions, nervousness.
Instead, most of those patients experienced loss of memory, motor skills, and language.
That happened to JFK's older sister Rosemary.
She suffered brain damage at birth.
At 23, her father secretly arranged to have doctors perform a lobotomy.
It was a misguided attempt to control mood swings and sexual behavior.
Rossi: Maybe, instead of trying to turn on his victims' sexuality, our guy is trying to turn the switch off.
You wanted to know about your adoption.
Ok, I will.
Your Your birth mother wasn't able to To raise you.
So she did the right thing.
You were only a few days old and I I adopted you and brought you home.
To our happy little family.
I admit it was difficult.
I was a single mother.
Your sister was acting out.
I I tried to control her.
But you didn't try hard enough.
You see something, Spence? It's what Rossi said.
What if the unsub is deliberately damaging his victims' brains in his own misguided hope of fixing them? He targets single moms.
He could be trying to cure them of their sexuality.
To turn them into what he considers to be good, well-behaved mothers.
So most likely his own mother or another woman close to him has brain damage.
Garcia, we need your help.
Fire when ready.
We are looking for local women who have or have been treated for a brain injury or disorder.
I have 19 names.
Well, he's targeting women in their mid-30s.
How many fall into that category? 3 women suffered traumatic brain injury and all due to accidents.
I have a car crash, fall off a horse, and a surfing incident.
Any of them have damage to the frontal lobe? One.
Lynelle Barker, 36, of West Palm Beach.
When she was 15, she was in a car crash that killed her father, Edward Barker.
She wasn't wearing her seat belt.
Soon after that, she was diagnosed with something called Kluver‐Bucy Syndrome.
Kluver‐Bucy Syndrome is a neurological disorder associated with frontal lobe damage.
One of its major symptoms is hypersexuality.
Lynelle would dress provocatively.
She'd sneak out of the house at all hours.
The school was calling saying she's kissing boys and rubbing up against them.
She was always disappearing.
She always came back.
I don't know why she's gone now, but I know she's gonna come home, and the 3 of us, we will sit down and we'll talk.
She's never coming back.
If Lynelle Barker was acting out sexually, she may have a husband or a boyfriend who was upset about it.
Garcia, was she getting treatment for her condition? Yeah, a month ago she started seeing a therapist and taking medication.
That's when Sharon Landon, the first victim, went missing.
If the victims were surrogates of Lynelle and she was no longer hypersexual thanks to treatment, why would the unsub suddenly start killing? Garcia, can you check males 35 to 40 that would have been in Lynelle's circle of family and friends? Bien sûr, je peux.
The lovers lane, the crude lobotomies, the possible sexual dysfunction This could all speak to the unsub's youth.
Garcia, refine your search to men between 18 and 25.
Lynelle has a 20-year-old brother named Stuart.
He lives with his mother in West Palm Beach.
16 years is a big age difference between siblings.
That's because Stuart was adopted.
Gloria barker adopted him a year after Lynelle and Gloria's husband were in that car crash.
And brace yourselves, because methinks I'm about to uncover some family dirt of the hidden variety.
Ok, just days before Gloria adopted Stuart, Lynelle, Gloria's daughter, then 16, had a baby.
And I am prying open the sealed adoption records now.
And, um Yeah, guess what.
Stuart's sister is actually his mother.
Garcia: Uh-huh.
And the woman he thought was his mother is actually his grandmother.
Guys, Stuart does repairs at a place called Blue Breeze Pools, that have worked at all 3 condo complexes.
Was he working the days the victims disappeared? Yahtzee! Go get him.
Send us his home and work addresses.
Oh, newbie, already sent.
Oh, no! Please, Stuart, you're hurting me! You know why? You're a bad mother.
Or should I say grandmother? That's right.
She told me.
I've been hoping one day you'd want to come here with me.
No, uh, Stuart, we No, it's ok.
See, we're not actually related if you think about it.
Well, not biologically, anyway.
Stuart, we're here because we have to talk.
And this was the only place I could think of where we'd have some privacy.
I don't want to talk.
I want you.
I've wanted you for so long.
Stop, Stuart, stop.
Stop it! Why? Why are you acting so prim and proper with me? I mean you've had sex with a lot of guys.
I've seen you.
You've been watching me? You you've slept with all my friends.
Do you know how that makes me feel? Damn it, why not me? Stuart, you're my son.
What? When I was 16 I got pregnant and I had you.
No, that That's not true.
You're my son.
I'm so sorry.
Don't touch me! All this time you lied to me.
You and her.
It was the only way.
No, you should have told me the truth.
You should've told me the truth! You talked to her? She said she wasn't coming back.
Did you fight about that, about how she was before? No.
I didn't fight with my mom because she had sex with all those men.
I killed her because she wouldn't have sex with me.
[Metal clanking.]
If Stuart believed he had an older, hypersexual sister he wasn't biologically related to, he might have been attracted to her.
He may have convinced himself that it wouldn't be wrong to sleep with her.
But what about Lynelle? Would she really have encouraged her own son? The taboo of incest is believed to be hard-wired in our DNA.
Even with Kluver-Bucy, it's unlikely she would have crossed that line.
Which could have enraged Stuart.
Talk about a traumatized love map.
If he found out the truth about his sister, that could be a trigger for the killings.
I wanted to have sex with my own mother.
Don't you see how wrong that was? I didn't know.
I swear.
But you knew what she was like.
You should have protected me.
A mother protects her child.
I was protecting you.
Oh, no.
No, no, no! She just wasn't fit to be a mother.
Don't you Can't you see it was better this way? You should have told me the truth years ago.
Please don't do this.
We both love you.
That's good.
'Cause you're gonna be together forever.
No! No! [Sobbing.]
No! I'm standing on her right now.
Help! Help! Help me! Help! FBI! Stay where you are! Go! Uhh! You're under arrest.
Stuart Barker, you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
You're all right.
You're all right.
Oh, god.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Oh, no You're all right.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
It's ok.
Hey, Alvez, we're heading over to O'Keefe's.
Do you want to come? Thanks.
I've got some work I want to finish up.
All right, let's get this show on the road.
This lady needs to get her drink on.
Not that I need a drink.
On occasion I have one, maybe two.
3 if it's not a school night, and not on an empty stomach, and not when I drive.
I don't drink and drive.
Did I say anything? No.
I just I don't want to feel your Judgy McJudgerson looks on me as I daintily sip my Mai Tai.
Hey, he's not joining us.
Ok, in that case, never mind.
Stay safe, ladies.
Uh, guys, you know what? I need another 30 seconds and then we're out of here, I promise.
All right, we'll see you at the elevators.
- JJ: Good night, Luke.
- Good night.
You know why I don't think he goes out with us? It involves someone named Roxy.
Roxy? Do tell.
Nice work today.
You, too.
Oh, you change your mind? No.
Uh, you know, on the stakeout, you know, about me being in the 75th? Well, I was just, uh I was hoping we could keep that between us.
Alvez: "Three things cannot long stay hidden.
" "The sun, the moon, and the truth.
" Buddha.