Criminal Minds s12e08 Episode Script


1 Help! [Gasping.]
Please! Someone! Come on! Help! Help! Help! Help! Please! Please, help! Save me, please! Oh, thank you! Thank you! Oh, thank you, thank you.
What's your emergency? Sir, please! Please! Please help me! No, wait! No, you see me.
Please! [Gasping.]
[Engine revving.]
[Tires screeching.]
I want to get this son of a bitch.
I can't let him win.
You are preaching to the converted.
Peter Lewis isn't just a distraction, he's a terrorist.
No doubt.
Scratch waged war against the BAU.
But if you have any ideas as to who might help us win the next battle, now's the time to share.
You must have a secret weapon somewhere in there.
Well, I made an offer.
I'm expecting a response tomorrow.
My fingers are crossed it'll be a yes.
No, I'm not gonna give you a name.
Not yet.
I don't want to jinx it.
But I can tell you this agent's been with the Bureau nearly 20 years, and we met on a case for Interpol.
Well, if you think they'll fit in with us, that's all I need to know.
I do.
Does anyone know when agent fill-in-the-blank is gonna start? Because I cannot begin my detailed, rumor-based background check without a name.
You couldn't find anything out with all your super powers? Oh, ha ha, newbie.
It's not like I haven't tried.
I checked with all the mes in other units to see if any of their agents are transferring over.
Nobody knows diddley-squat.
Well, I feel like Emily's been poring over these resumes forever.
I mean, the brass has to approve a new agent soon, right? All I know is, whoever he or she is, they'd better be nice.
That is the most important thing to me.
To all of us.
So whoever this well-qualified mystery person is, I say once they join, we change our name from The Magnificent 7 to The Awesome 8.
Huh? It's perfect.
Well I don't know.
I'm declaring a dictatorship.
You guys don't get a vote.
Especially you, newbie.
Sorry, guys, no news, but we have a case.
- [Text message.]
- What? Oh, yeah, we do.
This isn't good.
Any news on the new agent? Oh.
Radio silence.
Prentiss: Let's get started.
Garcia: Ok, last night in Yakima, Washington, police received multiple 911 phone calls from the same neighborhood.
They all reported a woman pounding on the door, screaming for help.
She was hysterical.
They received 5 calls in less than 5 minutes.
Let me guess Not one person opened their door to help her.
Sad commentary on our times, but understandable.
A stranger at your door could be a ruse to get into your home to rob you.
Or worse.
All of the callers described the woman as being in her mid-20s and scantily clad.
One even called her a prostitute.
Said that a hooded figure grabbed her off the street, was driving a dark-colored car.
So we have an abduction.
It appears so, but that not the only reason they called us.
Right, because when the local police were looking for the missing woman, they uncovered the remains of two female victims on the bank of a nearby creek.
One was skeletonized, and the other was in a burlap sack.
She'd been dead for 3 weeks.
She also has barbed wire wrapped around her waist.
She being Debra McDermott, 27, from Moxee, Washington.
Ran away from home at 16, multiple arrests for prostitution.
Given the witness statements for the current missing woman, I'd say our unsub's got a type.
Any idea on the skeleton? No, not yet.
But her date of death is estimated to be 3 years ago.
3 years and now 3 weeks.
What are the odds he remained dormant between victims? We should look into recent local prison releases that match that timeframe.
I'll search that now.
He could have been sublimating his urges by reliving the kills.
Maybe he found a job or a relationship that satisfied him.
If either went sour, that could have triggered his killing again.
The only thing we know for certain is we have two dead victims and a missing woman who's still out there.
Wheels up in 20.
Go on.
Go on.
There it is.
There it is.
Reid: “God sometimes takes us into troubled waters, not to drown us, but to cleanse us.
” Unknown.
The unsub's probably using burlap bags to easily transport his victims.
You know, burlap's an interesting choice.
It could also be a forensic countermeasure.
How so? Despite its strength, the natural fibers in burlap break down with groundwater, exposing the bodies to the elements, so decomposition happens sooner, and IDing the bodies would be harder if not impossible.
So it's exactly what the unsub would want.
By burying his victims, he's been able to go undetected for years.
Crime-fighters, I've ID'd our abducted woman.
Her name is Cheryl “Cherry” Rollins, 25, of Yakima, Washington, and you were right, she's a working girl.
How'd they I.
her? One of her friends reported her missing, and I matched a 911 call that mentioned a very distinctive and eponymous tattoo on her decolletage.
That means she has a tattoo of cherries on her Yeah.
We got it.
Garcia, send us everything you have on Cherry Rollins, and tell the Yakima P.
that we'll need to talk to her friends.
Two out of his 3 victims are known prostitutes, so it speaks to his lack of social skills.
When we land, Tara, head to the dump site, JJ, Alvez, talk to the M.
, and the rest of us will set up at the local P.
Agent Prentiss, I'm Captain Ferreri.
Thanks for coming in.
Of course.
This is Agent Rossi and Dr.
Well, it turns out that friend of Cherry Rollins doesn't want to come in to talk.
Probably allergic to police stations.
We'll go out and find her.
Sure thing.
In the meantime, we'll set you up in here.
We'll need to see your files on all the women reported missing from the area.
Well, “reported” is the key word.
A lot of the time their own family members don't report them gone.
Most of the missing are runaways, transients, drug addicts.
They don't leave much of a paper trail.
We'll take what you have.
If he was hiring his victims before killing them, we need to figure out how they were hooking up.
Well, most of the prostitution arrests happen up on North First Street.
Nowadays, prostitution is very much an online industry.
Who needs a pimp when you have Wi-Fi? Prentiss: Yeah, but he was probably smart enough to avoid using the Internet smartphone apps that leave a trail.
Could he be using a burner phone and a stolen credit card to hire call girls? It's possible.
Garcia, are you there? Yes, on every level of consciousness.
How may I serve? Do Cherry Rollins or Debra McDermott have their own websites advertising their services? Probing into the belly of the beast now.
And Oh, there are a lot of enterprising women, but I don't see anything for Debra or Cherry.
I am finding a zero frills listing of local women available for, quote, “no strings attached sex.
” Are they on it? Maybe.
It's gonna take a second, though, because these women all use nicknames, and most of their photos are only showcasing certain body parts.
- Let us know if you find anything.
- Roger that.
Captain, tell us about the creek where the bodies were found.
Wyler's Creek.
It's isolated, had an unexpected flash flood 3 days ago.
That's probably what unearthed the two bodies.
I'd like to set up a coordinated search grid for the creek and surrounding area.
I'll get my people on it right away.
Thank you, captain.
Are you thinking he dumped Cherry at the creek already? I hope not.
She's been missing less than 12 hours.
We don't know how long he keeps victims before killing them.
But we do know she was in fight-or-flight mode when he caught her.
Hopefully that adrenaline is keeping her alive.
Why are you doing this? What do you want? Please.
Why did you bring me here? Answer me, please.
Please, you don't have to do this.
Please! [Gasping.]
JJ: Our Jane Doe has nicks on her sternum, clavicle, and rib cage.
was likely exsanguination due to multiple penetrating wounds, probably from a pair of scissors or shears.
Any chance of IDing her through DNA? It's all on file.
I have to call in a forensic artist to do a facial reconstruction.
Well, it's been 3 years.
Hopefully someone will recognize her.
Now, what about Debra McDermott, the victim from 3 weeks ago? She had deep penetrating stab wounds as well.
He didn't hesitate.
Her left eye socket looks broken.
And her pelvis.
His rage is escalating.
Any signs of sexual assault? Decomposition is too great to tell.
However, look at this.
Puncture wounds consistent with barbed wire.
Both victims had strands of it around their bodies.
It could be a restraint or torture.
Or some kind of ritual.
Woman: Hey, baby, you want to go out? - Yeah, look, it's the cops.
- Right.
Come on.
Ladies, relax.
We're not trying to jam you up.
Lori Johnson? Yeah? Hi.
We're from the FBI.
You reported Cherry Rollins missing? FBI's here about Cherry? She's really in trouble, isn't she? You wouldn't be here if she wasn't.
Well, that's what we're trying to find out.
You two were friends? This is our spot.
We hang out together.
You get to know a girl that way.
What type of person is she? Thank you.
Most people, they don't see us as people.
They think what we do is who we are.
Like I planned to do this for a living.
No way.
Me and Cherry, we got plans.
Plans? Yeah.
We're gonna open up a nail salon.
It was her idea.
She's always coming up with them, like, uh Like once she said we didn't need pimps no more, that we could look out for each other.
How'd that go over? I got beat good when I told my man.
But, uh, Cherry said we gotta be strong.
She got some of the other girls to do it, too.
Did she ever talk about a customer who made her afraid? We're talking about a really bad guy, someone who might be threatening girls with scissors or a knife.
I mean, you get your weirdos now and then, but word gets around real quick about a creep like that.
But, uh, sometimes you don't know they got a bad attitude until you're alone with them.
You told the police that you didn't get a good look at the last customer who picked up Cherry that night.
I never seen that car before.
I should've paid more attention.
It's my fault.
Um, she's got a She's got a little boy, Christopher.
He lives with Cherry's grandma.
Not many people know about him, but, uh He's what keeps her going.
Whatever money she makes, she send to her grandmother to raise that boy.
She loves him more than anything.
You gotta find her.
JJ: This place is off the beaten path.
It must mean something to the unsub.
Yeah, well, I bet he didn't plan on it flooding and uncovering his secrets.
Man plans and God smiles, hmm? Yeah.
Well, it's a good thing we're getting a new member of the team.
Prentiss was unit chief at Interpol, right? JJ: Mm-hmm.
I'm thinking the new agent will probably come from foreign counterintelligence.
It's only natural she'd want to hire a profiler she's worked with before.
Yeah, I think she wants what we all want, an agent who's the best at what they do and will help us hunt down Scratch.
Personally, I'll be happy not to be the new guy anymore.
Whoever comes in gets that title and Garcia can stop calling me newbie.
Oh, no, see, she is a creature of habit.
I think you're stuck with that one, newbie.
JJ, I've got something.
Yeah, me, too.
Over here.
[Door opening.]
There you are.
I was getting lonely.
Listen, you told me your name when we were in the car, but I'm real lousy with names.
What is it again? We can do this.
Whatever you want, just say it.
Tell me how you like it, babe.
No! No! No! No! No! Hey, hey! We don't have to.
Not if you don't want to.
We could talk instead.
Is this your farm? Did you grow up here? Me, I I grew up in Union Gap.
Hey, it's gonna be ok.
I got a little boy.
He's 5.
Whenever he's upset or scared, sometimes we go for a walk.
You and me, we could do that.
Huh? We could go for a walk and we could do that.
I'm not a little boy.
No! Please, Dad.
Don't make me.
Daddy, don't make me do it! Rossi: Take your team to section 2-G, south embankment.
Ground-penetrating radar equipment just arrived.
JJ? Where? We're on our way.
Let me guess.
JJ and Alvez just found two more bodies.
With the number of remains we've unearthed here, we're getting into double digits.
This unsub didn't wait 3 years between kills.
He's been at it the whole time.
It's like the Green River killings all over again.
New York's got a similar serial killer operating along the beach on Long Island.
Multiple victims, most of the sex workers, and some of them wrapped in burlap.
They haven't caught that guy.
Well, maybe he moved out here.
Garcia can look into overlap on the timeline.
If I had to guess, I'd say the victim Agent Jareau found was killed at least 5 years ago.
5? We thought the earliest victim was from 3 years ago.
What about her? She was stabbed like the others.
Based on decomp, it appears she was killed recently.
: I'd say 10 days ago.
Allison Carson, 24.
Family reported her missing 10 days ago.
So the unsub didn't hold Allison for any length of time.
He killed her and most likely all of his victims right after meeting them.
We have evidence that some of the victims have bled out here.
And we've disturbed his burial and killing grounds.
He's not coming back.
It means he's probably keeping Cherry Rollins alive in a secluded place while he looks for a new site.
Or until his need to kill again becomes too great.
Look at how he's wrapped the burlap and barbed wire around her.
I know what he's doing.
We should deliver the profile.
We are looking for a white male, 30 to 40 years old, who's been targeting female sex workers.
He appears to be a mission-oriented moral enforcer who may be forcing his victims to wear a cilice made of of burlap and fastened with barbed wire.
What's a cilice? Originally it was a garment made of coarse cloth or animal hair, used in some religious traditions to induce pain or discomfort as a sign of repentance and atonement.
He may be projecting his own sexual desires onto his victims.
He's punishing them because he wants to have sex with them, but because of his upbringing, he can't or won't.
Rossi: His use of barbed wire could be a way of inflicting more punishment on his victims before killing them.
His guilt-ridden love map was likely formed during his childhood and adolescence.
He might have grown up in a conservative household and had a parent or teacher that was strict and overbearing.
He's driving a dark-colored car and cruising the streets for his victims.
But because he has been able to dispose of his victims undetected for years, he's comfortable here.
He most likely lives or works in the area.
Sex workers should be warned and advised to use caution.
And until we find Cherry Rollins, we will be maintaining round-the-clock police presence here at the creek.
Thank you.
The unsub must know we're here.
You have to wonder what effect it's having on him.
Unfortunately, it just may send him over the edge.
And if it does, what does that mean for Cherry? You're upset.
Parents, they can do a real number on you.
I should know.
My mom ran off when I was 10.
Left me behind with an uncle.
When he was done with me, he passed me around to his buddies.
So what did your daddy make you do? Shut up! Don't you talk about him.
Father: Do as I say, boy.
[Whip snaps.]
Aah! [Groans.]
Cherry Rollins was 12 when she was put into foster care after reports of physical abuse at home.
At 15 she dropped out of school and she's been on her own ever since.
The way Cherry's friend talked about her, it made her sound like she has a lot of street smarts.
And the fact that she organized other prostitutes despite the threat of violence from their pimps That sort of life takes strong survival skills You need the ability to size up any situation, act quickly, think on your feet.
Cherry's probably talked herself out of trouble more than once.
Not to mention she's a mother.
It's gonna keep her fighting.
We can rule out the Long Island serial killer as our unsub.
Garcia found definite overlap between the East Coast and Yakima victims.
The cilice, the barbed wire, disposal of the bodies in burlap bags near water, that all indicates ritualistic behavior.
There are no markings on the burlap and nothing special about the barbed wire.
You can buy both of them just about anywhere.
Reid: Yeah, they're universally found on farms, ranches, garden centers.
The local Public Works Department could be using burlap sacks for help with road flooding.
You said the cilice has a religious connection, huh? Maybe our unsub's a member of the clergy.
Opus Dei.
It's connected to the Roman Catholic Church.
It's frowned upon, but some members still practice mortification of the flesh.
Currently there are 60 Opus Dei centers in 19 U.
cities, but none in Washington state.
It might be someone just fascinated by or obsessed with medieval torture.
Garcia? Let me dazzle you with my brilliance.
We're looking for individuals or groups in the area that may practice corporal mortification.
Corporal what, come again? Basically it involves causing yourself physical pain in the search for spiritual growth.
Seriously? Has no one heard of meditation? Go on.
Check social media sites, religious groups, self-help blogs, anyone who's using burlap, barbed wire, and water or a combination of the 3 in their quest for penance and self-sacrifice.
I got a local thing called Tue Believers, sort of a loose-knit faith group that subscribes to fasting, abstinence, and ritual cleansing in order to live a righteous life.
Do they have a headquarters in Yakima? I wouldn't call it that.
More like they meet in someone's living room.
We need an address and a membership roster.
Coming right up.
[Bell dings.]
Alvez, Reid, go see if you can talk to this group's leader.
Maybe our unsub is one of the faithful.
So the creek's been thoroughly searched.
We're confident there aren't any more bodies.
So this victim from 5 years ago is most likely his first.
All right, what can you tell me? Well, she's probably in her early to mid-20s, about 5'5”, with healthy bone density and excellent dental work.
That's not something you normally see in a prostitute.
She was also stabbed at least 50 times, more than any of the other victims.
He probably knew her.
She may even be the original focus of his rage.
Uh, was this found with her remains? Yeah.
Well, whatever was inside are long gone.
We'll try and I.
her through dental work.
Another artist facial reconstruction.
You are a brave man, Rossi.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Something on your mind? I just can't stop thinking about Scratch's attack on my family.
I was just too distracted to be much help.
Don't even go there.
If we'd caught him then, we wouldn't be trying to hire another agent now.
Emily wanted to add someone before he attacked you and your brother.
Scratch made it personal again, which only expedited her search.
Yeah, I suppose.
But the good news is we know his pattern.
He'll go quiet because he needs the time to plan his next assault on us.
And then we can use his meticulous nature against him and it'll give us time to get ahead of his plan.
What was that about desperate times? Turns out I'm not that desperate.
I pray that each of your stories ends on a happy note.
Happy note, happy note.
Oh, dear.
Yeah, Garcia.
I come bearing sad news of the sleuthing kind.
That gold locket belonged to Wendy Baldwin, local girl.
She was 20 years old when she went missing 5 years ago this month.
Well, the timeline matches up.
Who reported her missing? Her parents, Gary and Anne Baldwin.
They own a local feed and supply store.
Was Wendy involved in prostitution? No.
There's no sign of that.
Any drug use? Behavioral problems? Not that I can see.
What I can see is that she was on the Dean's list at her college.
She was the treasurer of her 4-H, and she worked at her family business.
Thanks, Penelope.
Anytime, anything, anywhere.
Wendy was his first victim.
Because of the overkill, we said he probably knew her.
Yeah, he didn't pick her up on the streets, and they most likely met at school or work.
Well, if that's the case, the Baldwins might have an idea as to who that could be.
Lewis: We're so sorry for your loss, Mrs.
I know this is difficult, but, uh, can we ask you a few more questions? Was Wendy having problems or arguing with anyone before she disappeared? A friend, a classmate, or customer at the store? No, nothing like that.
She would have mentioned it.
Did she have a boyfriend? Some of the local boys would take her out to the movies or out for a burger, but that was it.
So nothing serious? She was too busy with school.
She was gonna be a vet, set up a practice in town and She kept a picture of Sonny, our dog, and Jojo, her pet pig, in her locket.
She loved animals and helping people.
My husband and I would joke that Some of the customers would order supplies that they didn't really need so they could talk to Wendy.
Baldwin, could we take a look at your customer records? I guess that would be ok.
I'm sorry, we haven't gone digital.
No problem.
But you really don't think that one of our neighbors killed our daughter, do you? [Ringing.]
Hi, Mom.
I was gonna call you a little bit later.
How are you What? Who's missing? No, Mom.
Pat and Grace live in Las Vegas.
You're in Houston, at the Anderson clinic.
We moved there last month, remember? Yeah, in Texas.
A nap sounds like a really great idea.
Why don't you get a little bit of rest and I'm gonna call you back later, ok? All right.
I love you.
Is everything all right? It's my mom.
She was confused.
There she was and she was convinced that her friends had been kidnapped.
She wanted us to investigate.
Spence, I'm sorry.
This was my biggest fear, you know, about getting her into the clinical trial.
I think she's getting a placebo.
But you said she was getting better.
She was.
Or I I was I don't know, I was fooling myself into thinking that.
Maybe I wanted to believe it so much that I was experiencing the placebo effect, too.
Is there anything I can do? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Please, no.
Please, no.
My son needs me.
Please, I don't want him to grow up like his father! Remember what your father did to you? Fornicator! Who's your dirty little whore? - Carly! She's not - Shut up! Girls like that are diseased, unclean, they will lead you down into the darkness where your soul will be damned for all eternity.
You hear me?! - Put it on.
- No! Do as I say, boy.
Leave me alone.
Christopher, I'm so sorry.
Mommy's so sorry.
I love you so much.
I hope you know that.
Maybe one day you'll understand why I did what I had to do.
Please, God, take care of my baby, please.
That's the last box of customer records from the Baldwin store.
- Thanks, Terry.
- Yep.
You sure you don't need any help going through all this material? I'm ok.
Thanks, though.
Suit yourself.
Hi, Mom.
I was gonna call you a little bit later.
How are you What? No, Mom.
Pat and Grace live in Las Vegas.
You're in Houston, at the Anderson clinic.
You moved there last month, remember? What did your father make you do? You can tell me.
He would take me out to the cornfield Leave me there.
Wouldn't come back until the next day.
Aah! I'm sorry that he did that to you.
But you found a way to survive.
Sometimes that's all we can do.
Going through the Baldwins records, I found 3 customers who for years bought supplies on a regular basis.
That all abruptly ended around the time of Wendy Baldwin's disappearance.
The first is Bertram Foley.
Garcia, what have you got on him? The Foley ranch raises horses and grass-fed cattle, and Mr.
Fo No, it's not him.
How do you know? I don't mean to be unkind.
I'm sure he could do all kinds of nefarious things, but he's the spry age of 80 and in a wheelchair.
Let's see, next up we have Fred Haven.
Fred Haven.
35 years old, was the owner of the Haven orchards and apple farm.
Was? Yeah.
The bank foreclosed on it one month before Wendy went missing.
Well, if Haven was having money problems, that could have been the stressor.
He and his wife filed for divorce soon after.
That could have been the trigger.
Where's Haven now? Uh Oh he's serving 7 to 9 years at the Federal Detention Center at SeaTac.
Prentiss: Who does that leave? Last up we have Kevin Decker.
Customer records show him at the store every week.
I got a John Decker.
He owns a small farm next to the Baldwin store.
Oh his son, Kevin, is 28 years old.
The father's name sounds familiar.
What do we know about them, Garcia? Father and son both live on a farm.
Wife Susan Decker died in childbirth.
Oh, snap.
John Decker is a member of true believers.
That's right.
He was inactive.
Probably because the group was more mainstream Bible study and less fire and brimstone.
He might have felt they weren't righteous enough for him and took matters into his own hands.
- We need an address.
- Sending it.
Reid, find Lewis, get back up to the creek in case he shows up there.
John Decker fell of the grid 5 years ago.
No credit card activity, no phone calls, he didn't even renew his driver's license.
He completely vanished.
Garcia, what color car does Kevin Decker drive? Dark blue.
I didn't want this kind of life.
I'm so ashamed.
You are? I know I must atone.
Will you help me? Y-yes.
Untie me.
And you can show me how.
Thank you.
I'm ready.
Aah! Aah! [Grunting, crying out.]
His father believed in extremely humiliating punishment and Kevin Decker suffered years of physical and psychological abuse.
Thank you.
According to Mrs.
Baldwin, Kevin told them his father suffered a stroke and moved to a nursing facility out of state.
But Garcia couldn't find any trace of him.
Kevin probably killed his father, suffering a psychotic break in the process.
Baldwin also said their daughter felt sorry for Kevin and was about the only one who was truly kind to him.
He could have mistaken her kindness as sexual aggression.
It may have brought out feelings of shame and guilt over his desires for her.
So with his father's dogma about morality in his head, he kills Wendy, then turns turns his rage towards other women he views as loose and amoral prostitutes.
No, no, please stop! Please, no! Kevin: You have to be cleansed before you die.
Kevin Decker, FBI! Stay where you are! It's ok.
It's ok.
You're safe.
It's ok.
Kevin, we're coming in! Kevin, put the shears down.
Do you know what I did? We know what your father did to you.
I must atone.
Kevin, we can help you with that.
Just put the shears down.
Now, just put them down.
That's right.
Nice and easy.
I'm sorry.
No, Kevin! No! Alvez: Go, go, go! [Gasping, coughing.]
Coffee? Oh, you are a lifesaver.
What's going on? I need to take some time off.
When? As soon as we get back.
I normally wouldn't do this, especially with everything we have going on and the new agent, but it's my mom.
I don't think the clinical trials are helping her.
Spence, I'm so sorry.
I need to see for myself what's happening in Houston, and, you know, talk to the doctors, try to figure out what's next.
As you should.
Listen, we'll be fine.
You take as long as you need.
Thank you.
I have one condition.
I need you to check in every day, no matter what.
I need to know you're ok.
It's understood.
I don't I don't know how to fix this.
How long is Reid going to be in Houston? I told him to take as long as he needs to be with his mom.
It's gotta be tough on the kid.
I can only imagine.
Now, it's not too late.
Anybody else for a round at O'Keefe's? JJ: I'm in.
I'm buyin'.
Buying what? Prentiss: Drinks at O'Keefe's.
I'll go get my things.
Anybody know who this is? Stephen? I thought I'd check out where we keep the paper clips around here.
You gotta be kidding me.
Stephen Walker, how you been? Never better, Dave.
Never better.
Is this your secret weapon? Yeah.
I told you I didn't want to jinx it.
Everyone, I'd like you to meet SSA Stephen Walker from the B.
Agent Prentiss knows this, but I have followed and admired the work of the BAU for years.
So when she called and asked me to join the team, the answer was easy.
So I take it this is a yes.
Well, I thought I'd call, but they said you had just landed.
Let me be the first to welcome you.
Hey, you're forgetting something.
I'm forgetting nothing, newbie.
Told ya.
I only ask that you allow a day or two before the hazing begins.
Oh, come on, a whole day? Tough ask, boss.
Welcome aboard, Stephen.
I appreciate that.
Luke Alvez.
Hello, Luke.
Rossi: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
” Marilyn Monroe.