Criminal Minds s12e11 Episode Script

Surface Tension

1 Help me Aah! Capricorn? Really? Me, too.
Let me buy you a drink.
I think he really likes you.
What's the matter with you, Kevin? I almost had a heart attack.
Yeah, not much of a pickup line, but then again, he is a corpse.
Seriously, you can be such a jerk.
Just relax.
I was just trying to Grayson's coming.
Come, help! Help me here.
[Door opens.]
Everything all right in here? Yes, ma'am.
I thought I'd come in early to prep.
Save you some time.
Hilliard, have you ever heard of Eddie Haskell? No, ma'am.
I think you might be a direct descendant.
Well, thank you, ma'am.
Let's get started.
- Oh! - [Buzzing.]
Are you ok? Yes.
It's just I never worked on a real person before.
Cadavers aren't people, Ms.
Flanagan, they're things.
Slabs of flesh we briefly inhabit, like motel rooms.
You check in, you stay a while, you check out.
Well, that's a weird place for a tattoo.
This is Joan Grayson with the county coroner's office.
I need to speak with Detective Trejo in homicide.
Right now.
Hey! Welcome back.
- Hi.
- Mmm! I missed you so much.
You must be Walker.
Great to finally meet you.
It's really great to finally meet you.
I've heard nothing but wonderful things.
Uh, ok, speaking of wonderful things, let's have it.
How's your mom doing? She's ok.
You know, we have good days and bad days.
So, are you still going to be going to Houston on the weekends to visit her? - [Cell phone rings.]
- No, actually, I Excuse me.
Reid here.
What? All right, stay there.
I'll be right I'm on my way, ok? Thanks.
Sorry, guys, I have to go.
Everything all right? A water pipe broke at my apartment.
Tell Prentiss I'll call her when I can.
What was that all about? Reid apparently has a plumbing emergency at home.
Oh, no, what a pain.
We'll need to bring him up to speed later.
Right now we have a case.
Last night, in Tampa, this semi sort of doodle was discovered on the arm of a cadaver that was being dissected in an anatomy class.
What is it, some kind of tattoo? No, it's an ink pen drawing.
Yeah, and luckily for law enforcement, the teacher of the anatomy class is also the county coroner, and she recognized the marking.
She'd also seen it on Helen Bollinger.
Helen was found dead in her car 10 days earlier with 50 sleeping pills in her system and it was ruled a suicide.
With that scribbled on her arm? Please tell me there was an equivocal death investigation.
There was, but the M.
determined that the evidence didn't meet the threshold to rule it a homicide.
The marking on the second body has an extra line added to it.
The design could be a work in progress.
Do we have an identity on the cadaver? Yes.
George Findley.
He's a Gulf war vet.
He lived on the street for years.
He died of a heroin overdose.
Marking looks like an initial, an "A", maybe.
It could also be a partial triangle.
Or the unsub's got a brand all his own and he's sending a message "these victims belong to me.
" If it's a message, why place it on such an obscure part of the body? A sophisticated staging like this takes time and practice.
This unsub's killed before.
Which means we need to move fast.
Reid can meet us later in Florida.
Wheels up in 10.
Don't worry, I'm never coming back! Whoa, what are you doing? Leaving.
You can't leave.
We have an agreement.
You signed a contract.
The contract didn't say anything about a crazy person threatening my life.
She did this on purpose.
Is she gone? Mom, what did you say to her? She was trying to get information from me.
Kept asking questions! Of course she was.
She's supposed to.
I told you to be careful about the people you bring into this house.
There are spies everywhere! She's not a spy.
She was here to help you.
Shh! [Whispering.]
She might still be out there listening.
Don't ever let her come back in here again, please.
Promise me.
I will promise you that, because she is never coming back! She walked out! Good.
Because we can only trust each other now.
Nobody else.
Just you and me.
Reid: "We must remember that Satan has his miracles, too.
" John Calvin.
So? Short version Spence took his mom out of the clinical study study in Houston early and brought her home with him.
Lewis: Did he say why? Evidently the experimental medicine isn't working.
Which facility is he putting her in up here? He isn't.
He said that he is bringing his mom to stay with him.
At his apartment? The instinct is admirable, but does Reid have any idea how difficult that's gonna be? Well, if he didn't before, he is gonna get a crash course now.
This morning his mom got into a fight with the new caretaker, then she left the bathroom faucet running, flooded the apartment, the caretaker quit, but Spence still wants to be patched in for the video conferencing now.
Garcia's standing by.
Be careful not to slip.
I have to jump on a conference call for work.
Are you gonna be ok for a few minutes? Spencer, I'm sorry.
This is a mess.
It's ok.
I know it was an accident.
Your books are ruined.
Just a few of them.
It's ok.
No, it's not.
Destroying a book is like Destroying a whole world.
[Sighs deeply.]
You want to maybe lie down for a little while and get some rest? Yes, that's a good idea, honey.
I need rest.
Beaming Reid into the starship BAU.
Hey, there's my favorite genius.
Welcome back.
It's good to be back.
I'm sorry about all this trouble.
No, don't be silly.
And if there's anything we can do to help, just let us know.
Thank you.
I had a chance to look over the case files.
Do we know anything new about the two victims in Tampa? Only about how little there is to learn, and Garcia can't find any connection between Helen Bollinger and George Findley.
Which isn't that surprising.
Homeless vet, upper-middle-class suburban mom.
Not much overlap there.
What about their personal lives? Well, George was homeless, so his personal life was sort of problematic.
Helen, on the other hand, ticks every box on the wholesome soccer mom checklist.
President of her PTA, super active at church, heavily involved in charity work.
Spence, have you looked at the ink markings yet? I did.
Whatever it is, it doesn't come from traditional sources of art, mythology, and literature.
Except for the incomplete base of a triangle, the design is evocative of the pagan symbol for earth.
Garcia, look into other questionable suicides and accidental deaths in the Tampa area recently.
Searching the sad stuff.
On it.
Rossi, when we land, you and Lewis check in with the M.
Alvez, see what you can find out about George Findley.
JJ, Helen Bollinger's husband is coming in.
I'd like you to talk to him to see if he can fill in some of the blanks.
Walker and I will set up with the local P.
I knew it.
Helen would never have killed herself.
Can you tell me about the day she died? It was a It was a day like any other day.
You know, she got up, headed off to her pilates class.
Um, our daughter Crystal had a ballet recital at school that evening.
I was just gonna meet her there after work.
And how old is Crystal? And you're certain she didn't take those sleeping pills with her when she left? Positive! Honestly, I forgot she even had them.
And the mark on her arm? Was not there when she left.
I told the police that.
Whoever killed her must have put it there.
Bollinger, has your house been burglarized recently? No.
Why? Has anyone new had access to your home? A repairman, a delivery person, that kind of thing? Nobody.
Two nights before Helen died, we came back from a dinner party, and our babysitter said she thought she heard a noise upstairs.
Did you investigate? Yeah, I checked the whole house.
Nothing was out of place, nothing stolen.
Helen and I, we didn't give it another thought.
Oh, my God.
Could that have been him? I understand you teach anatomy class every Tuesday evening? Every other Tuesday.
Just pure luck this body was sent over that night.
Otherwise nobody'd be the wiser.
You were involved in the equivocal death investigation of Helen Bollinger? Mm-hmm.
I was the one who raised a red flag to begin with when I saw the arm.
Her husband didn't recognize the marking, and he said she hadn't expressed any suicidal ideation.
And yet you still determined it was a suicide, even after foreign DNA was recovered inside the vehicle? When the threshold for homicide isn't met, I have to go with what I'm left with.
There was no evidence indicating Helen had been forced to consume the pills.
Did you compare ink samples from both victims? Yes, and they matched.
Not just the ink, but the writing instrument as well.
Every pen develops unique characteristics with use.
Like ballistics matching bullets with guns.
Unfortunately, in this case it was a felt-tip pen you could buy at any office supply store anywhere.
Were you able to collect DNA from around the ink area? Yes, sir.
It's being analyzed.
This is a heroin overdose? I'm not seeing any needle tracks.
There aren't any.
Except for the one that killed him, of course.
Findley wasn't a chronic I.
drug user.
Something else I discovered before you arrived.
Take a look? What am I looking at? Microscopic burnt hairs found on George Findley's torso.
From what? Since there were no burn or scorch marks on the victim, I'm assuming they came from the killer.
How'd you sleep? I'm Ok, I guess.
Look what arrived while you were sleeping.
What is that? It's your old scrapbook.
I had uncle Gordon send it from Las Vegas.
What's it for? It's a scrapbook, Mom.
You started this one in high school.
See? Hmm.
Put pictures and things in it that you want to keep forever.
I thought it might help bring back some nice memories.
It's time to take your medicine.
It tastes terrible.
What if it's poison? Mom, it's not poison.
Remember when you first started taking it in Texas? It helped.
You felt so good that we were able to go on that trip to San Antonio.
It's not poison.
Just wait right here.
I put it in some orange juice so it wouldn't taste so bad.
Mom, come on.
Are you going to stand there and watch me? Yes.
You don't have to do that.
Of course I do.
I have to do whatever you want.
So the babysitter probably wasn't just hearing things that night, the unsub broke into the house.
And stole the sleeping pills he later forced Helen to take.
The police report says a stuffed animal was found in the front of Helen's car when she died.
It belonged to their daughter Crystal.
And the police just assumed it was left from an earlier trip.
Maybe the unsub stole more than pills that night.
He took something he knew he could use later to coerce Helen into swallowing the pills.
Do it, or I will harm your little girl.
And here's exhibit "A" to show I'm not bluffing.
Hey, what say the mean streets of Tampa? The streets might be mean, but George Findley wasn't.
Everybody I talked to loved the guy.
No drug issues? No, just the opposite.
He was a street liaison for a drug rehab center that focused on substance abuse among the homeless.
So he and Helen Bollinger did have something in common.
They were both held in especially high esteem by their peers.
One thing was kind of strange.
Findley's body was found 10 miles outside of town in an abandoned construction site, nowhere near any of his usual haunts.
Lab results on the heroin syringe.
George Findley's prints and DNA were found on it and nobody else's.
He shot himself up with heroin? That makes no sense.
Unless it was under duress, like Helen with the pills.
So for some reason, it's critical to our unsub's ritual that his victims die by their own hand.
We need to figure out why.
No! No! Owen, please don't! Please, don't.
Owen, please don't.
Don't do it.
I love you, Beth.
I will always love you.
No! [Gunshot.]
No! [Sobbing.]
Owen, please! Please, no! No! Owen! Please, Owen! Please, Owen! [Gunshot.]
Owen Sims.
Officer said he's the husband of the female vic at the house.
Let's see what we have.
Well, that's definitely the work of our unsub, but why draw the symbol on Owen and not on the wife? Owen must have been the principal target.
His wife was collateral damage.
Plus, he went to the trouble to drag him all the way out here.
Gunshot wound to the head, pointblank range, large caliber.
Probably the .
44 Magnum we found in the living room.
But the female's wound was smaller.
9-millimeter, maybe.
Two guns.
I mean, that's a big step up in violence from sleeping pills and a syringe.
Well, maybe our killer's getting closer to the true source of his rage.
So why, why does the unsub move Owen from the house to this spot? I don't know.
Maybe our killer sees something out here we don't.
[Door buzzer.]
All right, Mom, I just want you to meet her, ok? Just meet her and tell me what you think.
I already know what I think.
Come on, Mom, let's go.
Let's go say hi.
Mom [Grunts.]
Maybe you can show her your scrapbook, huh? What for? [Door buzzer.]
Miss Campbell? Dr.
Thank you so much for coming on such short notice.
On such short notice.
Oh, come in.
No problem.
My goodness.
You must be quite a reader.
Yeah, yeah, I am.
And I'm so sorry about the mess.
We had a, uh, we had a little bit of an accident.
Come, meet my mom.
Mom, this is miss Campbell from the agency.
Miss Campbell, this is my mother Diana Reid.
Very nice to meet you, ma'am.
Just say hi to her.
All you Mother, you are behaving like a Mom, come out It's all right.
Let it go.
Let it go.
I'm so sorry.
She's not She's been really upset, but I know if I talk to her This happens a lot.
Come and sit and tell me more about your mother.
All right.
Thank you.
Only Owen Sims' prints were on the .
44 Magnum.
And the positioning and trajectory of the entry wound to the temple is consistent with suicide.
So he forced Owen to kill himself, just like the others.
A photo of his children was found on the floor near the wife's body.
What do you know about Owen? Superintendent of schools in Clearwater.
Co-workers couldn't say enough good things about him.
And his wife Beth? Oh, sketchier history.
Drugs and alcohol issues.
Even did jail time for a DUI hit-and-run a few years back.
But she cleaned up her act.
Her life was back on track.
So these could all be finalists for citizen of the year, except for Beth.
And all the victims were marked with the ink drawing, except for Beth.
Another small line was added to the marking on Sims' body.
It's like with each new victim, he connects a new dot.
[Telephone rings.]
What do you got, Garcia? Hey, hey, remember how I told you that Helen Bollinger was big-time into charity work? Turns out she worked a lot at a soup kitchen downtown that George Findley was known to frequent.
Did Owen or Beth Sims do any volunteering there? No.
But Owen ran an annual Thanksgiving canned food drive in his school district.
He was a real hands-on kind of guy.
Turns out he would personally deliver the donated food to various shelters in the Tampa bay area.
We may have just found our unsub's hunting ground.
Garcia, make a list of anyone who either volunteered or worked in a salaried capacity at Tampa homeless shelters.
We need to make sure everyone's accounted for.
On it.
That's when I made the decision to bring her back to Washington with me.
It's a very difficult thing you're attempting to do, Dr.
The Anderson clinic is one of the best facilities in the world.
Yes, I know.
In terms of conventional treatment, I entirely agree.
And that's why I sent her to Houston in the first place, but there's a vast amount of literature and research on the workings of the human brain, and we have not even begun to scratch the surface.
Personally, I believe that great breakthroughs, especially in medicine, often come from thinking outside the box, which Yes, but the box is there for a reason, Dr.
I mean, safety, quality of life, controlled environment.
Your mother needs that.
My strong recommendation is that you put her in an assisted care facility.
I'm not gonna do that.
You're not gonna do that.
I'm not.
Well That being the case, I'd be happy to help you with your mother.
Y-you are you serious? Oh, my gosh, thank you! You've no I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
You've no idea how much this means to me.
I won't be able to start until tomorrow.
I understand.
But in the meantime, I'll hire someone who can cover the night shifts when you're traveling.
Oh, that would be so perfect.
Thank you.
Now, one more thing.
I need to see the medications she's currently taking.
Yeah, ok.
Of course, yeah.
It's something we monitor carefully for obvious reasons.
Of course.
Haloperidol, Doxepin, Galantamine.
Fairly standard for the treatment of schizophrenia and Alzheimer's.
She's not taking anything else? No.
Ok, then.
I'll work out the details of the contract and send it over later tonight.
You have a nice day, Dr.
You, too.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
There must be some sort of logic as to how this unsub chooses his disposal sites, because it's certainly not convenience.
Notice in every location the earth is damaged in some way.
Damaged how? Dug up.
Gone to seed.
Findley was left at this abandoned construction site.
Owen was dragged to this ratty little area, and Helen Bollinger's car was parked at the edge of a landfill.
Rossi: You're right.
He could have gone to less risky areas if all he was doing was disposing of them outside the city.
Alvez: I'm going to go back to these locations, take a closer look.
Do you see something? Yeah.
Look at the demarcation line of the earth here, where the damaged terrain begins.
Yeah, what is that? I've got a pretty good hunch.
Back in an hour.
I wonder what Reid's doing.
I know.
He's been on my mind, too.
Ironic, isn't it? What? How eventually we become parents to our parents.
[Tapping on door.]
Must be time for the profile.
The person we're looking for is targeting victims of high moral character, manipulating them into killing themselves, marking them, and then disposing of the bodies in secondary locations.
Rossi: All the victims crossed in some way with the homeless community here in Tampa.
The killer may be homeless himself or possibly connected to the charitable outreach community.
We believe this person is a loner.
Evidence found on the victims indicates he may himself be a burn victim.
Lewis: The killer left substantial DNA and other trace evidence at two of the crime scenes.
This indicates either he's sloppy, he's not in the system, or he just doesn't care.
Walker: The last possibility is the most concerning.
It means he's resigned himself to being caught eventually and already has an end game in mind.
The secondary disposal sites are located in areas where the surrounding landscape has been disturbed in some way.
It's possible the unsub is making a statement about the damage mankind is doing to the Earth.
The victims may have been placed there on purpose as symbolic offerings.
This could explain why the unsub forces the victims to kill themselves.
The hand that defiled the Earth is turned on itself.
Lewis: It could also explain why he's marking people of exceptionally high moral character.
Hey, you're done already? All right, we'll see you next time.
In ancient societies, only the purest of mind and spirit were offered up as sacrifices.
So the unsub may believe that what he is doing is actually both noble and morally right.
In philosophy it's called the doctrine of double effect, which states that it is permissible to do something harmful if it results in a greater good.
The most recent killing shows a disturbing uptick in violence and the killer's willingness to take risks.
This could be a sign he's devolving, and with this unraveling, the danger to the public is likely to escalate.
Thank you.
Hey, good afternoon, sir.
Um, what would you like today? What sounds good? We have beef and chicken.
Uh, why don't we go with the beef.
There you go.
Um, you know, I'm gonna sneak in some chicken, too, because you look hungry.
Have a nice day.
It's what I thought.
Heavy concentration of silky clay mixed with gravel and rock.
And it's not a natural soil composite for the area, but it was present at all 3 disposal sites.
Which tells us what? Well, it's used to repair sinkholes.
And all of the victims, they were placed just inside the transition area.
You hear that, Reid? I did, and, you know, it fits with our profile about the unsub making a statement about environmental ruin.
You know, sinkholes have been on the rise, actually, worldwide, due to urbanization, drilling, fracking.
Prentiss: Garcia? She's here.
Feed the beast.
What can you tell us about sinkholes in Florida? I can tell you that Jinkies.
Tread lightly, there are a gazillion of them.
Over 500 in the Tampa Bay area alone since records started being kept in 1974.
Why are you asking? We think our unsub is taking his victims to current or former sinkholes.
We're trying to anticipate which one he might pay a visit to next.
Guys, are they cover-subsidence or cover-collapse sinkholes? Given their shallow layer of repair, I'd say they're cover-subsidence.
I'd chime in with an opinion as well if I knew what the hell you two were talking about.
Cover-subsidence is where the ground very gradually begins to form a depression, usually circular, over the course of weeks or months.
Cover-collapse is the nasty one.
That's when the earth just suddenly goes out from under your feet like a trapdoor.
We can find out for sure what these 3 were, but does it matter? It might.
I'm basically just looking for parameters to narrow down the search.
I did a latitude/longitude study of a few locations, but I couldn't find a numerical pattern.
Let me try a few more algorithms, though.
Maybe the date that the sinkholes formed means something or the dates they were repaired.
I don't know.
I'm just grasping at straws.
We don't want to keep you from your algorithms, kid.
Get back to us if you find something.
All right.
Thank you, bye.
Mom? Mom? Mom.
Mom, can you hear me? Mom, answer me.
Mom, don't do that! Don't do that! Stop that! Leave me alone! Stop, stop! Give it back to me! Ohh! - Stop! - Aah! Give it to me! Stay away from me! Ohh! Aah! Leave me alone! What are you doing? Give it to me! Leave me alone! For God's sake, leave me alone! Mom! No! Stop! Why did you do that? Why?! I hate that stuff! And I hate you! Do you have any idea what I went through to get that medicine, Mom? It can't be replaced.
Do you realize that? Good! I want to go back home.
- This is home.
- No, it isn't! I want to go back to where I was before! You said you hated Houston! No, I want to go back to where I was before before! Before! Well, that was just what I needed.
Hmm? My nap.
It really did the trick.
Oh, my goodness.
My scrapbook.
Oh, I've been keeping this since I don't know when.
I have no idea how it got here, but Ohh, honey.
What did you do to your face? It's all red.
Probably bumped into something.
Oh, you need to be more careful.
It's really awful.
I will.
You know, you always were so clumsy.
Smart as a whip.
But I used to call you Crash.
You were always bumping into things.
Good news.
We got a hit on the unsub's DNA.
How is that not great news? What's his name? That's why it's not great news.
We don't have a name.
The DNA match was to a series of 6 unsolved murders in the Tampa/St.
Pete region stretching back nearly 3 years.
Who were these victims? Local women.
Mostly in their early 20s, appeared to be victims of opportunity.
Sexually assaulted, strangled, and then dumped by the side of the interstate.
Was there any ritualistic behavior associated with these earlier murders? None.
These killings were as straightforward as it gets.
And then 10 months ago, the murders stopped.
A shift in M.
this dramatic doesn't just happen on its own.
Something seismic rocked our unsub's world.
A woman named Eleanor Parsons is missing.
She worked as a volunteer at a local homeless shelter.
Honey, what is this? Oh, it's a ticket stub.
What is that? A ticket stub? When you go to a concert or a movie you get a ticket so they'll let you in.
You saw Elvis in concert? I don't know.
I did many things when I was young.
Who is he? Elvis Presley.
He's a very famous rock and roll singer.
Ah! Oh, my gosh! I'd almost forgotten about this.
What is that? When you were a little boy, I took you to the circus, and after that, all you could talk about is you wanted to be a tightrope walker when you grew up.
I thought I wanted to be a magician.
You did.
That was later.
This was first.
Really? I don't remember that at all.
Oh, no wonder.
You were no more than 3 or 4.
What's on its head? [Laughs.]
It's you! That's me? Yes.
You glued that on there yourself.
Why did I do that? Well, here.
See this little scar right there on your wrist? That's from where you fell when you were trying to balance on our backyard fence.
Oh, you were so determined to make it the whole way.
And I'll never forget looking out the kitchen window, watching you out there as you were trying to make a balancing pole from a broomstick.
Calculating how long it should be and making adjustments.
My little budding genius.
Did I ever make it? No.
And you were heartbroken.
You see, the problem was, you were so smart, you were so brilliant, you really believed that you could solve anything if you just put your brain into it.
But that tightrope No, you just couldn't figure that out.
But you were meant for bigger things, Spencer.
Now, how do you tell that to a 4-year-old boy? Mmm.
Walker: Our current profile of the unsub doesn't apply to his earlier killings.
Those had no ritual and a strong sexual component.
Ok, so something happened in the 10 months between here and here.
Something big.
Because when the unsub emerged to start killing again, his victimology and M.
had done a complete 180.
We think he may have burned himself, right? Maybe he was in some sort of accident during that time.
What kind of accident? No idea.
What? Alvez doesn't have a monopoly on grasping at straws.
Well, we know sinkholes suddenly became important.
Let's start there.
[Telephone rings.]
Garcia, please tell us you found something.
Garcia: Did I ever, and right in the 10-month sweet spot between murders.
Turns out, one not-so-fine morning, April 2015, a sinkhole opened up in St.
Petersburg, swallowing the humble home of Fred and Marnie Jarvis, with them in it.
Did they survive? Heavens, no.
They got sucked into the bowels of the Earth, never to be seen again.
However, that had an adult son living with them at the time, Bryce.
He was able to scramble out before the whole place went bye-bye.
Why do I have a sense there's more to the Jarvis family history? Because there is, and the road is strange, so set your tasers to weird.
It turns out the Jarvises ran some sort of discount spiritual center out of their two-car garage.
It was a mish-mash of, I don't know, like old testament fire and brimstone mixed with Halloween goblins and snake oil commerce.
Was Bryce involved with the family business? Mm-mmm.
Bryce hated his parents, his parents loathed him.
Back in the day, local child services had the Jarvis residence on speed dial.
There was rumors of sexual abuse.
It was never proven.
But he continued to live with them as an adult? Yeah.
Bryce could not hold down a job.
He had no place to go.
Anyway, a couple of years ago, Fred and Marnie got put in county lockup for 6 months.
On what charge? Fraud.
It turns out that the Jarvises were selling ointment that they claimed when spread liberally on one's face and arms and hands, would repel Satan.
And, yes, you heard that correctly.
No need to adjust your headsets.
While they were locked up, Bryce had a nervous breakdown.
He spent time in the state hospital.
Let me guess.
Shortly after his release, the murders of the 6 young women started.
Exactly two weeks later.
Do we know where Bryce is now? No.
That's what made me stand up and pay attention.
Because when I can't find somebody, that means that someone doesn't want to be findable, and I'm gonna keep searching.
Time to go.
There's one more trip you have to take.
I made you some tea.
How are you feeling? Who are you? Spencer.
Hmm? Your son.
It's been a really long day.
You should probably sleep now.
What is it, Reid? I think our unsub is trying to literally send his victims to hell.
What are you talking about? Sinkholes don't just exist in a geologic context.
They also have a symbolic history.
In Mexico they're called cenotes, and the ancient Mayans believed them to be portals to the underworld.
They even made human sacrifices to certain cenotes.
The suicide aspect of the unsub's ritual makes sense now.
That is a sin, right? And you can't go to hell unless you've sinned.
In Bryce's mind, the devil opened up the Earth and swallowed his parents.
Now this is his way of showing his gratitude.
That's why he must be choosing especially virtuous victims, people who have tickets to a front-row seat in heaven.
Until Bryce stamped them null and void and sent them in the other direction.
Reid: There's more.
I think the mark he's making on his victims' arms is a rough rendering of the Ophiuchus star cluster.
Prentiss: Which is? The Ophiuchus star cluster is the constellation of the devil.
3 of the disposal sites correlates with a 3-star section of the constellation.
So he could be using that as a guide to dumping the bodies.
Is there a discernible pattern of progression? It's hard to say for sure, but my guess is he'll be heading to a sinkhole in the vicinity of latitude 27.
75, longitude minus 82.
Meaning here, here, or here.
We'll split the team.
Let's move.
Come on! [Gasping.]
Oh! Ow! Ow! Get up! Get up.
Get up.
Why are you doing this? Jump.
No! Do it! Do it! I won't! You have a granddaughter named Tess.
Ohh Jump or she dies tomorrow.
You'll kill her anyway.
I'm not jumping.
You're just gonna have to kill me first.
If that's what you want.
Alves: Bryce Jarvis, FBI! Step away from the cliff! [Gunfire.]
No, let me go! No, not quite, not quite.
Can I try some? Help yourself.
I'm a white wine kind of gal, but Whoo, yeah, that just woke up my back molars, thank you.
Like the best things in life, an acquired taste.
Do you think Spence is making a mistake bringing his mom home? It's hard to say.
Not long ago I told him he shouldn't waste the precious time he has left with her.
I guess he took it to heart.
I worry about him, you know? Yeah, it'll be fine.
If it proves too difficult, he'll adjust.
I just have a bad feeling About what? I don't even know.
I can't put my finger on it.
JJ, we have enough problems in this life that are real and present.
Let's not bring imagined ones to the table, too.
I will drink to that.
Oh, in spirit.
Lying here with all my thoughts inside this empty bed wishing for an empty head to think things through everything is simple like the hand that needs to heal to feel the walls of all the tunnels that lead to you and even though you'll have to fight for every hour every day I swear that you and me will never fear the end of what we've made and I'll miss you really miss you but I can't find you in my dreams where I will take you when they break you and life shakes you to your knees the stars may die then but I'll still shine for you Reid: "Time moves in one direction", memory in another.