Criminal Minds s12e21 Episode Script

Green Light

1 Previously, on “Criminal Minds” I'd be happy to help you with your mother.
Thank you.
You have no idea how much this means to me, Cassie.
Reid will not get hurt in here again, ever.
If he does, I'll make you suffer.
I can take away a lot.
I could take away your son.
Lewis: I need to walk you through another cognitive.
Reid: I hear a noise, like a spraying sound, and I feel a mist.
Do you recognize who it is? It wasn't Scratch who framed me.
It was a woman.
I'm sorry.
I should have introduced myself.
Carol Atkinson.
I know you.
You're Lindsey Vaughn.
Carol Atkinson.
Let's go, Diana.
Time to go.
Time to go.
“Time to go.
” It was a woman.
Guard! Guard! Mom! Mom! I came as fast as I could.
I appreciate it.
Why couldn't you tell me on the phone? What happened? Fiona and I went to see Reid.
And? Reid, are you ok? It's my mom, she's in trouble.
Were Reid and Diana scheduled to have a visit? He didn't think so, but it happened anyway.
What does the nurse say? Cassie didn't bring Diana.
Another nurse did, a Carol Atkinson.
Garcia's running a search on the name now, but it's an alias.
For who? Cassie didn't bring my mom.
It was Lindsey, from Witness Protection.
She pretended to be my mom's nurse.
Now, I haven't figured out the mechanics yet Replacing Cassie, winning my mom's trust, getting past prison security guards, but I will.
I just haven't figured it out yet.
Reid Do you remember that You remember, right? Her father, that case, April 2007? Ok.
Maybe you think you saw her Her father's Jack Vaughn, former hit man for the Irish mob.
He and Lindsey were in Witness Protection.
Lindsey and her friend Katie were abducted, Katie was killed, and Jack murdered the unsub in front of me.
Kill him.
Reid: When does it stop? Tomorrow.
[Shotgun blast.]
Do you honestly not remember any of this? Yeah, I do.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
But, Reid, how could she possibly I don't know! That's why I'm telling you this.
I don't know, but I know what I saw! Lindsey Vaughn? From that case in Chula Vista 10 years ago? You remember it.
It was one of my first back.
But how could it be her now? And why? I asked him the same thing.
And how did that go? [Slams fist on table.]
You're not even listening to me! I know what I saw, all right?! Now find Lindsey! Find Lindsey, please! - Hey, calm down.
- Get me out of here.
Get me out of here! Find Lindsey! Any chance he's wrong? Well, Reid did smell Scratch's drugs before the murder, and he said there was another woman in the room with them.
Well, if Lindsey took Diana to visit, where's Cassie? We don't know.
Her phone goes straight to voicemail.
She's not returning texts, either.
JJ said that has never happened.
And Garcia pinged it? She tried, but the battery must be dead.
The GPS was turned off.
Walker and JJ are on their way to Reid's apartment now.
So what if this has been a Scratch-Lindsey partnership this whole time? If that's true, given his mental state, I'm not sure Reid makes it to trial.
Reid: “Every man's life ends the same way.
“It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.
” Ernest Hemingway.
Voicemail: Cassie's phone.
Leave a message.
Went to voicemail again? Yeah.
You know, Cassie's a professional.
She would never let her battery die.
Diana? Cassie? It's me, Jennifer.
[Unlocking door.]
Nobody's home.
The scene doesn't say abduction.
But under these circumstances, um Yeah.
We need to call Emily.
We first came across the Vaughns 10 years ago when Lindsey Vaughn and her friend Katie Owen were abducted outside of a crowded movie theater by 3 men.
Ryan Phillips, the triad's dominant, tortured and strangled Katie.
Jack Vaughn then took matters into his own hands, using his skills to find Lindsey.
It ended when Jack murdered Phillips in front of her and Reid.
They let them stay in the program after that? Jack was too important a witness to cut loose.
And no one's heard from either of them till now? That's right.
And Lindsey, posing as a nurse named Carol Atkinson, was able to get Diana Reid in and out of the Millburn correctional facility.
And despite all the cameras, this is the only one that picked her up.
So she knew exactly where they were and how to avoid them.
[Telephone rings.]
Please tell me you have good news.
JJ: Well, Diana and Cassie aren't here.
Walker: There's no forced entry and no signs of struggle.
And Cassie's car is gone.
Garcia, where are we on that APB of her car? I don't have anything yet.
Also, search recent traffic in and out of Reid's apartment.
Lindsey probably entered as Carol.
Copy, copy.
I know Diana's routine.
Stephen and I will hit up those places first.
The rest of us need to find Lindsey asap.
I know a marshal that can help cut through WITSEC's red tape.
Yeah, I'm friendly with some people at homeland security.
I got a buddy at the DOJ, lost a lot of money to him at poker.
He owes me.
Garcia, there was degraded female DNA and prints found at the crime scene.
No matches in CODIS, but there might be something in WITSEC.
I'll pull every favor, try every star.
Are we gonna tell Reid? Not yet.
I don't want to add more stress for him.
Malcolm! You ok? [Gasping, coughing.]
Hey, man.
Good to see you, brother.
Thought I was gonna die in there.
I'm glad you're ok.
I'm all good.
They got the green jell-o today.
So much better than the yellow.
What's the difference? It's a Texture thing.
You're a fed? That's gonna get you killed.
Homeland security gonna come through? [Sighs.]
DOJ? No.
I just got off the phone with Fiona.
Calvin Shaw and 6 other inmates were poisoned.
They were just released from the infirmary this morning.
Wait, what if this was what Reid was covering up in our cognitive? Could be.
With them back, Reid knows they'll target him.
[Indistinct radio transmission.]
[Line ringing.]
- Garcia.
- What do you need? Metro P.
found Cassie's car and called it in immediately.
No signs of her or Diana.
No foul play.
There are There are 3 visible cameras.
One nearby and two down the way.
I can tap into them, see what I can find.
[Telephone ringing.]
Oh, oh, uh, uh, Walker and JJ are calling in.
You want me to patch you through? Please.
Walker, JJ, you're on with Alvez.
Hey, Luke, no luck finding Cassie or Diana.
All right.
Well, I'm at Cassie's car right now.
Forensically, it's a dead end, but, uh, behaviorally we might have something.
It's parked down the block from a high school.
A high school is where Jack Vaughn killed Lindsey's abductor in front of her and Spence.
Well, placing the car there could be a taunt at us.
That's what I'm thinking.
I can look into that.
I can Oh! Garcia? Oh, uh, uh, per Emily, I was supposed to look at the recent foot traffic in and out of Reid's building.
There is no sign of Carol Atkinson, but a Jaime Lamantia keeps popping up.
She lives in unit 26 down the hall from Reid.
She paid 6 months of her rent up front in cash, and there's been not a peep from her since.
How's Jaime connected to Lindsey? No, no, there's no connection.
You don't understand.
They're the same.
They're the same person.
Carol Atkinson is Jaime Lamantia who is Lindsey Vaughn.
I'm 20 minutes from Reid's apartment.
Yeah, we're 10.
It's Cassie.
Emily Yeah.
JJ and Walker just found Cassie's body in Reid's building.
She'd been shot once in the head, execution style.
Lindsey used a second alias to rent an apartment down the hall.
What about Diana? She's been abducted.
They found surveillance photos taken of Reid before his arrest.
Lindsey's been spying on him for months.
I can't believe it.
Everything Reid said was right.
I didn't want to before, but I have to tell him now, for his own safety.
He'll want to help find her.
That's what I'm afraid of, and he can't.
This could be what pushes him over the edge.
Thanks for coming in, Kevin, all right? I'm sorry we couldn't talk about this on the phone.
No problem.
How can I help? We need access to Lindsey and Jack Vaughn.
I can't do that.
It's protocol.
I'm not allowed.
We've linked her to an abduction/homicide of a team member's family.
Ballistics confirmed the gun belonged to Jack Vaughn, but the shooter used modified hollow-point bullets.
That's not Jack's M.
Jack Vaughn's been a model citizen his entire time in the program.
Lindsey bailed out 5 years ago.
Do you have any idea where she is? We don't track people after they leave.
Come on, man.
Luke, my hands are tied.
Like in Yemen? 'Cause I'm sure the deputy director would love to know about that.
I'm out of options, man.
Give me a few hours.
I can get you a meet with Jack in a neutral location, Beloit, Wisconsin, for no more than 30 minutes.
Understood? Thank you.
We owe you.
Appreciate it.
I'm sure that wasn't how you wanted to play it.
It wasn't my first choice.
Grab Walker.
Get to the jet.
I'm going to the prison.
Reid deserves to know everything.
I'm so sorry, Spencer.
We will find her, I promise.
We'll find her, ok? Ballistics came back on the gun that was used on Cassie.
It's the exact weapon Jack Vaughn used when he was a mob enforcer in Boston.
Lindsey must have taken it from her father.
Maybe she wanted his reputation or she just wanted to make sure her dad knew what she was doing.
The reasons are unimportant.
What's important is you were right, and I should have believed you from the start and I didn't.
It's because she's a daddy's girl.
Go on, Daddy, kill him! Son of a bitch, he killed her.
He killed Katie! The gun is an odd touch of sentimentality for an otherwise logistical killer.
She took the gun because she's a daddy's girl, because they were inseparable.
Yes, we can use that.
We're already trying to track him down in WITSEC.
He need to find him.
He's the key.
We know.
And hurry.
Find my mom.
Promise me you'll find my mom.
Yes, I promise.
I know you're scared.
Try to isolate yourself.
[Banging on door.]
Thank you for meeting with me, warden.
SSA Reid's in trouble.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do for him.
All we want is protective custody.
In my house, that's a privilege.
And your friend hasn't exactly been an altar boy.
It's just for a few days, until we know he's safe.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
But why not? The higher-ups but a block on him.
He's gen pop all the way.
But SSA Reid is in extreme danger.
Who here isn't? There are extenuating circumstances.
Know how many times a day I hear that? I give in to him, the other will come crying.
SSA Reid has rights.
He sure does.
And those are being met, I promise you that.
I have his lawyer standing by.
Look, I know the FBI don't have his back, which means y'all are on an island.
I know it's a different agency and all, but couldn't someone have told us that Lindsey left WITSEC? No.
It's for her own protection.
The marshals stay away unless you're in trouble.
Even our own case agents aren't told about their member status.
How'd it go with Reid? As expected.
He thinks Lindsey's using her father's gun as a way to carry on his legacy.
Makes sense, given her daddy issues.
And I spoke to the warden about putting Reid in protective custody, but he said no.
More ballistics literally just came in on Jack Vaughn's gun, and, oh, my goodness, Lindsey has been a busy evil bee.
Lewis: How busy? That gun has been involved in 15 murders in the last 5 years.
Single shot to the back of the head with a modified hollow-point.
That's our Lindsey.
You guys see the geographical pattern? All of the kills are along the U.
S-Mexico border.
And each of the victims have apparent cartel ties.
So, Lindsey's been a cartel hit woman ever since she left the program.
Ok, but why is she using her dad's gun? That helps us, and it's risky for her.
It's an impulse.
It's not a choice.
Jack, I'm SSA Alvez, this is SSA Walker, and we're with the BAU.
We need to find Lindsey.
Jack, have you seen her? No.
What's this about, anyway? I'm 10 years in, all of a sudden you guys want to talk to me.
Lindsey's in trouble.
Alvez: Your gun was used in a murder in D.
recently and others like it over the last 5 years.
She must have hid it before WITSEC had the chance to find it.
Look, I'm not gonna lie.
This is bad for her.
When we get Lindsey, and we will get her, she'll be inside for life.
But at least you can see her.
She contacted you recently? I talked to her about two months ago on the phone.
She called me and she wanted to know about some High-grade pharmaceuticals in Mexico, something I never heard of.
What kind? What are they called? I don't know.
It was like Sc scope something, I don't know.
Scopolomine and sevoflurane.
How'd you know that? Thanks, Luke.
Jack said Lindsey was looking for the exact same drugs Scratch uses.
Scratch has a long reach.
Look at that riot in the prison last year.
You know, it's possible he has help on the inside.
Maybe we can go to the warden and get him to give us protective custody again.
No, the warden is a dead end.
We have to go to the courts.
How? It's not like you can just walk up to the judge.
Or I could.
Whoa, whoa.
Now, is that legal, Emily? It is.
It's just inappropriate and a relative long shot.
What will Fiona say? Well, I wouldn't tell her.
I would make the request as a federal agent, not an advocate for the defendant.
The deal is I save your ass.
That's enough charity.
I'm not gonna move the drugs.
You're losing it.
[Indistinct chatter.]
You're gonna need to grow eyes in the back of your head, because you'll never see it coming.
I have a better idea.
What's that? Aah! No, no, I didn't do it! I didn't It wasn't me, man! [Alarm buzzing, shouting.]
He did it! Look, look! Why would Scratch choose Lindsey? I mean, her ties to Reid are distant.
Walker and I, we kicked it around on the flight, and we imagine that Scratch was digging further into Reid's past and he saw that Lindsey had become a contract killer.
Realized she could get to him in a way that he couldn't.
It may be logistical, too.
Scratch has never run out of drugs before, but now he's a fugitive and might not be able to get them.
Well, Lindsey knows the border.
She'd be a good drug mule.
Good news, bad news.
I am on the books first thing tomorrow with Judge Frost and AUSA Martinez.
But all we have is a theory and no support from the brass.
That's never stopped us before.
I guess we have 12 hours to make an airtight case for you to bring to them.
Not only that, we also need a paper trail.
I'll put on the coffee.
Excuse me.
Hey, were you able to get Lindsey's print files from WITSEC? I'm close, but I need more time.
Garcia, what's wrong? Reid stabbed himself to get into solitary confinement.
Ohh, that's great.
What? Well, he found a way to isolate himself without hurting anybody else.
What is this? It's my letter of resignation.
If Reid dies, I quit.
We won't let that happen.
Emily, I'm exhausted, and it is breaking me, and this whole year has been an emotional roller coaster.
It's like every time something happens, there's a piece of myself that is being chipped away, and if one more thing goes down, I don't think there's going to be anything left.
We leave no stone unturned.
Lewis: Hey, guys.
I got Carol Atkinson crossing the border at Los Indios.
There's a factory nearby that manufactures non-FDA-approved seasickness tablets.
Essentially, scopolamine pills.
Los Indios is only a 40-minute drive to Matamoros.
Looks like we've got Lindsey where we need her.
Now we put the knife in her hand.
[Family band's “Night Song” playing.]
Kim Krans: name this night hold me, here till morning takes my eyes In here, we're all psychopaths.
We have to be, 'cause it's predator or prey.
Oh, my stomach.
Medic! Cell block C, now! Shaw: I helped you because I like you.
But you keep this up, keep thinking the normal rules apply in here, then I cannot help you.
Good luck, brother.
You're gonna need it.
[Muffled shouting.]
Shaw, voice-over: I can get you anywhere.
I own this place.
You really think you can get away with it? Not in here.
Not on my watch.
[Cell phone rings.]
Rick, what have you got? Well, ok, guys, Jack's gun was used in Mexico the day before Nadie's murder.
What, another cartel hit? No.
The victim was a Victor Flores.
He was a local real estate broker, a model citizen.
Back of the head, with a modified hollow-point bullet.
That's Lindsey, all right.
Why are we only hearing about it now? Because it was in Monterrey.
It's a different jurisdiction.
Ok, so, she crosses the border at Los Indios, which is very close to Matamoros, drives 3 hours west to Monterrey, kills Victor, and then drives 4 hours east to Matamoros? All possible within a day's drive.
Sure, but why go to all the trouble? Why pick Victor Flores? It sounds too random to be random.
All right.
All right, thanks, Rick.
I owe you.
Mexican authorities found an abandoned truck last week that matches the one Reid described.
It was dumped two states over.
Did it belong to a Victor Flores? Yeah.
How'd you know that? Lindsey killed him before Nadie.
She must have stolen his truck, too.
All right, well, we're making some real headway here.
Yeah, and it's great.
Guys, don't get me wrong, but it's all circumstantial.
Garcia, any luck finding Lindsey's prints from her WITSEC file? I called in every favor I can think of and then some.
It's gonna take me, like, 5 more hours to cut through all this red tape.
I have to be at the courthouse in one.
Agent Prentiss, calling a meeting like this is highly irregular.
I understand, and I appreciate your time under these unique circumstances.
If you're advocating on behalf of Spencer Reid, shouldn't Ms.
Duncan be present? I am not here on his behalf.
I asked for this meeting in my official capacity as government agent.
That's absurd and inappropriate.
You don't even have FBI support.
Regardless, the BAU believes that the murder of Nadie Ramos was committed by a contract killer with personal ties to the team, at the behest of a serial killer we've targeted for years.
I'm sure you've heard of Occam's razor, Agent Prentiss.
Their continued partnership is a major security risk, threatening the lives of How dare you attempt to minimize the life of Nadie Ramos.
I'm doing no such thing.
Nadie deserves justice.
Every word in here is circumstantial.
If you compare the partial prints found at the scene to Lindsey's from her WITSEC file, it proves she did this.
And where's that report? It's on its way now.
So you have nothing definitive here, now.
An innocent man His possessions were found at the crime scene covered in the victim's blood, a cut on his hand matching the murder weapon.
You call that innocent? Until proven otherwise, yes.
Another woman was in that motel room.
The M.
Agent Reid was high out of his mind.
Not exactly the best witness.
I guarantee Lindsey was there.
I know if I chose to ignore protocol and waste the judge's time, I'd certainly propose more than a couple of loosely tied theories.
I'd bring evidence.
We are! But until you do That's enough, counselor.
Agent Prentiss, you know as well as I do, every piece of this must be checked out thoroughly.
Yes, your honor.
And that's gonna take time.
Which is something he doesn't have.
[Shouting, grunting.]
[Cell door unlocks.]
Unh! Help! [Muffled shouting.]
Let's go.
Shaw, voice-over: You're gonna need to grow eyes in the back of your head.
[Cell door clanging, echoing.]
Hey, hey, sit down.
They're gonna beat you again.
[Muffled shouting.]
Might even kill you.
You'll never see it coming.
Aah! You'll never see it coming.
I can get you anywhere.
I own this place.
We're taking you home.
You don't know who you're messing with, Alvez.
Yes, I do.
Biggest cartels in the world run things through walls like this.
There's no paper trail, but based on your collections, I can tell you're a, what, sergeant? You're rewarded because you got more time to get things done.
Let's say you're right.
Then you know we're 8,000 strong.
Not just inside these walls, but all over.
The Bureau's 80,000 strong, and you betrayed us, but it always comes back.
Good luck with that.
After you leave, I'll have all my stuff back in a couple hours.
That would be impressive, seeing you do that from FCI Milan.
What you transferring me? To Michigan? You won't get to see your son every week, and rumor has it that some of the Bratva family's holed up in there.
You know, the Russian family that you double-crossed to begin with, and my understanding is that they are excited to see you.
You don't think they hold grudges, do you? Let's get my mom back.
I can't thank you enough for going out on a limb on this.
No need to thank me, agent Prentiss.
You're the one who risked everything.
We only did what we had to.
I'm just glad for his sake, for everybody's sake, that your analyst was able to get those prints over here in time.
It was no short order, believe me.
I'm sure it wasn't, and in the end, justice was served.
That's what matters.
I also wanted to apologize for my conduct in your chambers.
I nearly allowed my emotions to carry the situation, and it was out of line.
Well, given the circumstances, it's more than understandable.
Thank you again, your honor.
Have a good night, Agent Prentiss.
You, too.
So we know Lindsey convinced Scratch to run drugs across the border.
And that Lindsey's been operating from two locations An apartment next to Reid and a house in southeast D.
And that's where we think she's keeping your mom.
Scratch isn't afraid to plot an elaborate trap.
I want a full breakdown of that house before we set one foot inside.
Um Spencer.
You can't officially go until you're reinstated.
So that includes going to my apartment, since it's a crime scene.
That's right.
It's sealed and guarded by Metro P.
But you are the resident.
You got it? Got it.
You all right? Uh, it's open.
Of course.
[Distant siren.]
He's the resident.
He's just gonna grab a few things.
What is it? This picture was on a different page.
Does that mean something to you? Only the obvious, male and female chromosomes, Lindsey's way of telling us she's with Scratch.
Alvez, Lewis, take the back.
Walker and Rossi with me at the front.
All right, we're in.
Give us a 5-count.
Let's go.
FBI! Show your hands! Hands up, now! Put it down.
It's for you.
Get up, turn around, slowly.
Get down.
This is for you.
She said it was for you, for the FBI.
Alvez: You know who that is? Prentiss: Cat Adams? Ta-da Didn't expect me, did you? Impersonating Scratch was getting tiresome.
Now, if the good doctor wants his mommy back, send him to me.
He knows where to find me.
After all, he put me here.
But then again, I kind of returned the favor, didn't I? He and I have unfinished business.
Really? We have to deal with Cat Adams again? Yes.
She was pulling the strings all along.
And, wait, Mr.
Scratch's involvement was Never part of it.
Cat and Lindsey were behind the murder of Nadie Ramos and framing Spencer.
Why does she have it out so bad for Reid? She was loosely affiliated with a group of hit men.
About a year and a half ago, Reid outsmarted her when he pretended to be a potential customer.
Do you know why I'm so good at my job? Because you kill without compunction or remorse.
She figured out she was walking into a trap.
But Reid was able to convince her to surrender by telling here he would take her to see her father.
I found your father.
Did he? No.
It was all a lie to get her to drop the gun.
Cat: Here? He's here? You lied to me.
She's been in prison ever since.
She's been nursing a grudge for a long time.
Setting up Reid, making us and him believe that is was Mr.
Scratch this whole time, and now kidnapping his mother.
Where is she now? Mount Pleasant women's correctional facility.
Wait, hold up.
Reid has to go back to prison? He just landed.
Garcia: Do you really think that he can handle it? I mean, all that Reid's been through.
Do you really think he has the brain capacity to do this right now? She's right.
He's walking into one of the most unstable situations anyone could face.
She's been in solitary confinement 6 months.
We all know what that can do to the psyche of an inmate.
At best, they suffer from delusions.
At worst, they're psychotic.
I took all of that into account.
That's why I didn't send Reid in there alone.
Rossi: So, well, what's the play here? We hope that Reid can profile his mom's location out of Cat, and we just wait until he does? That's part one.
Part two is we refocus and rebuild based on what we know, and search for any leads we missed because of our faulty assumptions.
Well, since we're on that topic, Reid shouldn't be in there at all.
He's as compromised as it gets.
He hasn't even been reinstated.
If we send him into the lion's den, we're giving her exactly what she wants.
Now, if I'm the only one thinking this, I apologize, but No.
You're not the only one thinking it.
We could send in JJ instead.
Yeah, JJ would have a cooler head.
She'd be better able to assess Cat's ground game.
And we'd be more likely to force a mistake if we throw Cat off from her plan.
Nobody's changing the plan.
Am I clear? If we change the plan, Diana's dead.
If we lose Diana, we lose Reid from this team forever.
After everything that's happened to him, after everything that's happened to us, we've made too many sacrifices for that.
So, this is what we're gonna do.
We are going to take one moment, one moment of quiet, one moment of despair, one moment of doubt, one moment of hope that Reid is strong enough for this.
I'll be here the whole time.
Did you all take your moment? Good.
Now shut it out.
Shut everything out.
Because nothing else matters, except for her.
[Door closes and locks.]