Criminal Minds s13e15 Episode Script


1 Rossi: Previously on "Criminal Minds" Good evening, Agent Jareau.
Assistant director Barnes.
I'm sorry for the sudden urgency in having to meet tonight.
However, effective immediately, SSA Emily Prentiss will be placed on administrative leave pending an internal review.
I have an announcement to make.
I have been suspended from active duty.
I don't understand.
For how long? Indefinitely.
JJ will continue being acting unit chief, but as of today, Assistant director Linda Barnes will be personally overseeing the unit.
Are we under investigation? Yes, we are under investigation.
[Knock on door] Come in.
I don't want to be unit chief, not like this.
I've been in your shoes.
And for lack of a better word, it sucks.
But you're gonna do just fine.
Linda Barnes will try to pick us apart one by one.
There have been people trying to pick us apart since the doors opened.
It hasn't worked yet.
But Barnes has support all the way to the top.
Look, Dave, I'm still trying to figure a way to go after her.
And you're going to do it by being the best soldier you can be.
Don't rock the boat.
Don't make waves.
My guess is that's how she forced out Emily.
And you won't be alone on this.
We're gonna continue to do what we do best Work the cases, save lives.
No one can argue with our results, not even Barnes.
That's one hell of a rally speech.
They are my specialty.
Look, why don't you go home, get some rest? It's been a rough night for all of us.
Can't get any worse.
[Indistinct singing] Whoo! Pizza, pizza.
Thanks, Ray.
I'm starving.
Me, too.
Do I smell Oh, come on, man, you know I hate pepperoni.
But the three of us like it.
Majority wins.
House rules, brother.
Come over to the dark side, Charlie.
Learn to love pork.
It's not that I don't, but it's an artery clogger, ok? Oh, totally worth the risk! Mm-hmm.
Mmm! Mmm-mmm-mmm mmm-mmm-mmm! Mmm! Mmmm! Mm-hmm.
[Chuckling] Ohh.
Oh, man.
Ray: That's great.
Does anybody need anything from the kitchen? Plates? Utensils? No, thanks.
Hot sauce, please.
- Oh! Mmm! - You got it.
Thanks, Ray.
Real good.
Ha ha! Oh, boy.
[Indistinct chatter, song continues] Napkins, too.
All right.
Hot sauce coming right up.
Woman: Ray! Ohh! [Moaning] You don't have to do this, man.
Man: Tie them up, Ray.
Last night in St Louis, 4 roommates were killed in a rental home in what police are calling a robbery turned homicide.
Alvez: It's brutal.
Simmons: Yeah.
Looks like the two sides of his brain were fighting with each other.
Left side wanted to rob the place, the right side wanted to cause some destruction.
Yeah, but both sides got exactly what they wanted.
What was taken? Nothing traceable.
A computer, tablets, cash, jewelry, and the like.
How long was it before local PD called us in? They didn't.
I called and offered our services to them, because this is exactly the kind of case the BAU takes from here on.
Maybe it's just me, but I need a little help understanding our new case selection criteria.
We want cases with good optics that are also quick and easy to clear.
Here we have 4 victims, young upstanding professionals, all of whom the public can emotionally invest in.
The crime itself is contained, and the motive appears to be determined.
JJ: The M.
is pretty straightforward.
Their hands and mouths were duct-taped and they were stabbed repeatedly.
I see the unsub left a knife.
Were there any prints? Negative.
With this many victims, it could be a team.
Shouldn't rule it out.
JJ: You're right.
Wheels up in 20.
Barnes: Meet you on the tarmac.
You're going into the field with us? Yes.
No offense, but you're not a profiler.
True, but I have worked in the field, and a fresh set of eyes might be useful.
I know you think I'm the enemy, but I'm not.
I can be your greatest advocate if you'd let me.
Now, you've had some poor leadership in the past, but I know I can help right the ship.
You're wrong.
Emily Prentiss is not a poor leader.
She defined what a unit chief should be.
I'm not going to stand here and let you destroy her career like this.
If you're going, I'm not.
Rossi: You know, the kid looks a little flush.
Needs a sick day, don't you think? Anybody else need a sick day? Good.
Then as Agent Jareau said, wheels up in 20.
Come on, guys, we still have a job to do.
These people deserve justice.
Prentiss: "Family quarrels are bitter things.
" "They're not like aches or wounds, "they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material.
" F.
Scott Fitzgerald.
So each of the 4 victims were in their early 20s and rented a room from a house owned by an AGM properties.
Looks like they were a nameless, faceless landlord.
But the victims weren't.
Charles Cook taught high school Math.
Vicky Wilson worked at a nonprofit.
Alvez: Jenny Kyle was in medical school while Ray Murphy was finishing up law school.
I don't see any red flags in their pasts.
No criminal histories, no incidents of violence.
Not even a speeding ticket.
They were just living normal, regular lives.
Simmons: And surprisingly, none of them appeared to be hooking up.
You'd think in those close quarters, that age group, they'd be bound to pair off.
Looking at their social media, it seems their house was the place to be.
They held dinner parties, they hosted game night, they had people over to watch sports.
That much foot traffic widens our initial suspect pool.
Good day.
It looks like the house was a lot more crowded than we thought.
Three other people lived there, too.
I'm sending you their information now.
[Computer beeping] JJ: So Corrine Jordan's a flight attendant.
She was in Zurich during the time of the murders.
Lewis: And Rachel Willow is an accountant.
She spent the night at her sister's and then headed straight to the PD after they notified her.
She's waiting for us there now.
That leaves Larry Scanlon, a psychologist at a mental health clinic.
He's still unaccounted for.
Barnes: Which makes Larry our primary suspect.
He needs to be located asap.
Garcia, check all of his recent online activity.
Garcia: Ok.
Barnes: Alvez, work with the locals to search for Larry.
Matt, head to the M.
while agents Jareau and Lewis set up at the PD.
Agent Rossi, you and I will head to the crime scene.
[Indistinct radio chatter] Your daughter's in the bay area, huh? It's beautiful up there.
I hear you have a grandson who's 5? My son just turned 6.
It seems like just yesterday he was in my arms at the hospital, and now Kenny doesn't want a hug when I drop him off at school.
I look forward to the day that I can sit on my porch, enjoy the sunset, glass of red in my hand, with not a care in the world.
Stop what? You're sniffing around to see if I'm up for retirement.
Don't be so paranoid, Agent Rossi.
I'm just making conversation.
Besides, I'm in no position to do that.
That's right.
Because when it's time for me to retire, I'll let you know.
Our unsub corralled all 4 victims and killed them here in the living room.
4 people is a lot to control.
He must have used a gun.
That and the duct tape.
But why bring a knife to a gunfight? It could have been to control the noise.
Or there's something special about that knife.
And this window was busted out from the inside.
Barnes: So the break-in was staged.
Looks like it.
Agents, I think you should see this.
He grabbed the murder weapon from there.
Where did you find that? Under one of the victims' bed Ray Murphy.
Barnes: So it wasn't just left out in the open.
You'd have to know where to look to find it.
Get that into evidence as fast as you can.
So, the unsub's an insider who wanted us to think he's an outsider and he has an ax to grind with them.
It's looking more and more like Larry did it.
I think finding him should be our main focus.
I'm going to call Garcia and see if she's made any progress.
See how efficiently things work without Agent Prentiss? Spencer, oh, my god.
What did you do? I had to.
No, you didn't.
Life's too short for people like Linda Barnes.
Spence I wasn't gonna, you know, go with her and help her dismantle the team.
Thank you for standing up for me.
I appreciate you coming to the house for support, but what you did was reckless.
The BAU is under the microscope right now, and the last thing you should be doing is giving Barnes more ammunition.
You're making her job easier.
Why are you trying to get rid of me? What? Ever since I got here, you've been trying to keep me out of No, I just, uh no, I wasn't expecting anyone and the place Spence, stop! It's been less than two days and you're already leaving.
I'm I [Sighs] Ok, look.
Barnes wants somebody to take the fall for what happened in Roswell.
I'm willing to be that somebody if it will help stabilize the BAU.
You're in good hands with JJ.
There's no guarantee that she won't replace her the minute you're gone.
I think that if I go away for good, she'll leave you alone.
You can still fight this.
We can still fight this.
Ah Maybe I don't want to.
Well, now who's making it easy for Barnes? Barnes: Detective Morris I'm Assistant director Linda Barnes.
We spoke on the phone.
Thanks for getting here so quickly.
We're excited to have your help.
I'm SSA Jennifer Jareau.
Nice to meet you.
[Indistinct chatter] Is there a quiet place we can set up? The conference room's all yours.
I'll join you in a minute to get you up to speed.
That's not necessary.
We've already hit the ground running.
Can one of your people bring me a coffee? Ok.
No problem.
I'm sorry.
For what? I didn't ask if you wanted coffee.
Lewis: Garcia's got some new information on that missing roommate, Larry Scanlon.
Hey, Penelope, on speaker.
I got JJ and Barnes with me.
Garcia: Copy that.
Uh, here we go.
Larry Scanlon has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and also one of indiscriminate violence.
Two DUls cost him his license, and then he was picked up for possession of a controlled substance.
How does he still have a job? According to work reviews, he is an ideal employee, and he will do anything to help his clients.
And the violence? Uh, he was in two bar fights.
One he started, the other he finished.
Both times charges were filed but then dropped.
Ok, how does he fit in with the house? Good.
Or at least good enough.
Uh, up until two days ago.
Now, I'm cobbling this together from messages on the victims' phones, but it appears that Larry and Ray got into a screaming and shoving match.
Uh, then everyone in the household unanimously voted to have him thrown out.
Then when Larry tried to contact them later, nobody responded.
It's like they disowned him.
That could be his motive.
Any luck tracking him down? Garcia: No.
I've looked into his family.
I've got nothing there.
Larry's trail went real dark real fast.
Move on to other friends and co-workers.
He could be couch surfing.
Nice work, Garcia.
All of this helps.
Oh, thank you, ma'am.
Rachel's still waiting to be interviewed.
She could know where this guy's gone.
I'll walk with you.
Thank you.
We need a statement from Rachel that says without a doubt she believes Larry killed their friends.
It'll bolster the evidence we already had against him.
There's no guarantee she'll say that.
He is our best and only suspect for a reason.
The pieces add up.
Look, we don't put words in people's mouths.
That's not ‭how our interviews work.
I'll be in there with you for support.
I won't say a word unless you need help, I promise.
Rachel: I should be dead.
I was supposed to be there, but at the last minute I went over to my sister's.
Maybe you should just talk to Corrine.
We will.
But she's on a flight back.
And, honestly, I think you're the best person to help us find Larry.
I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I think you do.
You might even be scared that he'd come after you if you told us.
We know Larry has a violent streak.
The bar fights weren't his fault.
Not only the bar fights.
He's been stressed at work.
And after his mom died, he went over the edge, but now Larry's been getting help.
We know Larry was kicked out of the house two nights before the murders.
No, that was a misunderstanding.
I told Ray to go and smooth it out.
That way he could move back in.
You keep defending Larry.
You two were dating? Dating in the house is against the rules, so we had to keep it a secret.
[Sniffles] But there's no way he killed them.
Where is he, Rachel? He's staying with a co-worker.
His apartment is on Pine and Oketo.
[Engine starts] No! No! No! [Muffled screaming] [Gasping] Barnes: Larry Scanlon died of a drug overdose.
We won't know for sure until we get back his tox screen.
Detective, who found him? A woman walking by.
She called it in immediately.
This suicide note was taped to the steering wheel.
He confessed to all 4 murders.
This guy's never had any suicidal tendencies.
Barnes: He must have felt us closing in and panicked.
Here's the prelim tox screen.
There were no drugs found in his system.
That's poor planning on the part of the unsub.
He should have known.
Let's get a handwriting analysis done on that note.
This was staged, then.
Yeah, it looks that way.
The analysis will help confirm, but it looks like Larry was set up.
And it wasn't by one of his housemates.
Ok, but then by who? Lewis: Someone who still knew them all pretty well.
Prentiss: This is the right decision for me.
I need you to support that.
What's your plan? I mean, where are you gonna go? When I left Interpol, they said the door was always open to return.
I like London.
So Well, if you really want me to support you, just answer me this one question.
Why is it not ok for me to walk out on the team but it is for you? Because you and I are different.
We're not.
And if the situation was reversed, you wouldn't give up on me.
And you know what? I happen to know that for a fact because you didn't.
When I was in prison, you did everything in your power to get me out.
[Sighs] What? Yeah.
I did do everything.
I needed to believe that you were innocent of killing Nadie Ramos.
I was innocent.
That wasn't obvious at first.
Like when we talked in that Mexican jail.
Do you remember? [Indistinct conversation] No.
I know I was drugged and everything was fuzzy.
I made a deal with the local cop.
I told him I needed to go at it alone.
I promised I'd give him the recording.
I was trying to find any evidence that you didn't do it.
But what you told me was that you remembered holding the murder weapon.
I did? [Nadie Ramos screaming] Reid: There's a knife.
There's a knife and there's a lot of blood.
Prentiss: Who has the knife? The more you talked, the more you incriminated yourself.
I looked through all the case files after I was exonerated.
There wasn't a single record of You deleted it.
I did.
I crossed a line I swore I never would.
Barnes called me out on it.
And that's when I realized she was right.
I do hold this team above the very laws we are supposed to uphold.
You know, you were innocent, and you deserved to be reinstated as an SSA.
That's why it's wrong for you to quit.
But me, I've lost the privilege to run this team.
Simmons: Ready to dig into the victims' lives? I've never been so ready.
There's gotta be a clue in their stuff.
Simmons: "Congrats on the promotion.
" "Larry, you're not alone.
" Rossi: "Think you'll love this.
" [Exhales] Rossi: You see this? Yeah.
They're roommates, but they're extremely close, and Ray is clearly the leader.
Thought you could use one.
I read your report on the death of Mr.
Choosing to let him fall was the best thing you could have done.
The world's a better place for it.
You don't think he should have been brought to justice? In my book, that was justice.
That kind of split-second call, that's your fugitive taskforce training.
That's your strength.
One of them, yeah.
The past couple of years have changed me, pushed me to expand my thinking.
But Don't you want to be let off your leash again? I belong here.
Rossi: These seven have known each other for years, and they're as close as any family.
Simmons: Yeah, they each fill a certain role.
Ray's the dad, and it goes from there.
We need to start seeing this guy as a family annihilator.
Well, maybe their rejection of the unsub is what led to the attack.
Simmons: I'll find Lewis, and we'll ask Rachel if anybody matches the profile.
Let's go.
Do not tell Rachel that Larry died.
It's our responsibility to inform a person when something's happened to their loved one.
I have the feeling if you tell her here, she'll fall apart and she won't be able to help us.
Is that a direct order? Yes.
You talked to Larry? He's innocent, right? We did find him, and he is innocent.
Where is he? Is he here? Can I see him? Rachel, it looks like there's been a break in the case, and we think you can help us again.
We believe whoever did this is someone you all know.
Simmons: This guy's a narcissist.
He thinks he should be in charge, but he isn't, and that ticks him off.
He's also what we call an injustice collector, which means he holds on to any slight, big or small, real or perceived.
Barnes: He saw you 7 as a family.
He was desperate to join but he was never allowed.
Does this sound like anybody you know? Sorry.
Ray would never let a weirdo like that hang around.
So, what if the unsub played it the opposite way? He would come across as harmless.
Um, always offer a helping hand.
He'd even do a chore or two without being asked.
He'd feel comfortable around the house but never openly ask to move in.
That sounds like Justin.
Who's he? Justin Franco.
But he's harmless.
Kind of annoying but a really nice guy.
Thanks, Rachel.
Can I see Larry now? Not yet.
I'm sorry.
Hey! Don't you ever order me to do something like that again.
I love you each so much, I want to lick your faces.
Oh, listen to me saying my things.
Isn't the world a brighter place with more air when Linda Barnes isn't around being Linda Barnes? No comment.
Next question.
It's not a question, per se, as much a confirmation of a fact.
Justin Franco is exactly what Rachel says he is.
He's all sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, but, and it's a big "but," he's only that on the surface.
My deep dive into his web life, which actually is pretty shallow 'cause he did not do a good job hiding his IP address, shows that he says a lot of inflammatory comments on various sites, message boards, et cetera, et cetera.
Any topic in particular? Oh, no.
It's a scatter shot.
He's an "any port in the storm" kind of troll.
How charming.
The anonymous postings, the masked behavior.
He doesn't want the world to see his rage.
Work and home addresses? Garcia: Work is easy.
He's a marketing coordinator downtown.
There that is.
Home is tricky.
I got a P.
I'll hit you back as soon as I know where he's staying.
If Justin's going after each of these roommates, we need to keep Rachel here until this is over.
Let's get a message to Corrine on the plane.
They can deboard on the tarmac and we can escort her from there.
Thanks, Garcia.
I'm going to relish this time we've had alone together forever.
Thank you.
What? Thank you for covering for me.
I might still be in jail if you hadn't.
You're welcome.
I'm not done.
Thank you, but I didn't ask you to.
Who knows? Maybe we could have beaten the charge.
Now we'll never know.
And that's exactly my point.
You know, sometimes it's painful when you look back at your life and you realize how little choice you had in it.
Right? Spence, if there's something you want to say, just say it.
All I'm saying is that it's a lot like when JJ and Hotch faked your death so that you could escape from Ian Doyle.
You didn't have any choice in the matter, but it's what they had to do.
They fought just as hard to save your life as you did to save mine.
It's what we do.
It's not like this.
It is.
You want proof? Here are some examples.
Michael Lee Peterson, Chad Higgins, Kathy and Jessica Evanson, Gloria Barker, and Declan Doyle.
These are men, women, and children you've saved at the BAU, personally.
But that's our job.
Yours, mine, that's what we do.
We save lives.
And here are 7 more that need it now.
David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Luke Alvez, Matt Simmons, Tara Lewis and Spencer Reid.
I don't think you understand.
After Hotch left, the team could have imploded.
It didn't because you were there.
You were there to keep us together.
We don't always have a choice in what happens to us, but you know what? Sometimes we do.
And right now [Chokes up] I'm just asking you to make the choice to stay and fight for us.
You know, fight for the team.
That's what we do.
We fight for each other.
[Cries] [Laughs] Ok.
Let's call the team and get back to work.
[Laughing and crying] I'm suspended.
Well, I'm not.
If you just so happen to hear what I hear, then so be it.
[Cell phone chimes] Ok, Garcia's found Justin's most recent home address.
She's sending it to us now.
JJ: Great.
Um, ok, Matt, you and Dave go to his place.
I'll get Luke and we'll go to his office.
Tara, will you stay here in case we need Rachel again? Sure thing.
Agent Jareau, I'm coming with you.
Sounds good.
Hey, Jennifer.
Did you both look at the file? We did, yes.
JJ: I think a validation strategy looks like the best way to handle Justin, engage him by building up his ego.
Reid: That's exactly what we were thinking.
Never insult him, never mention the others.
It's all about him and how great he is.
Matt and Dave are headed to Justin's place now.
Luke, Barnes, and I are heading to his office.
Prentiss: What did Barnes think about your theory? Well, you know, she's on board with whatever's gonna solve the case the fastest.
Glad to hear your voice, Emily.
Even though you're not really there.
It's great to be heard, even though I'm not really here.
[Chuckles] Uh, I gotta go.
Talk to you later.
Ready? Justin Franco, FBI! Clear! Clear.
Damn it.
Yeah, that about sums it up.
What do you got? These look a lot like Ray Murphy's clothes.
Like similar styles? No.
I mean like the wardrobe is an exact match.
Justin's been obsessed with trying to become Ray.
Yeah, but that kind of thing is usually bred out of jealousy.
What does he have that Justin wants? Love of the family.
Then he would have just killed Ray and tried to replace him.
Well, maybe there's a clue in who he didn't kill.
Well, Rachel slept at her sister's that night.
Justin might not have known that until he arrived at the house.
His plan's already in motion.
He's not gonna stop.
She got lucky.
And Larry had just been kicked out of the house.
And Justin knows that makes him a primary suspect.
Corrine's in Europe for work.
So, unlike Rachel, he probably knows she's not home.
That's why he does it now.
The timing's perfect.
He can frame Larry and ensure Corrine’s safety.
So this was never about punishing the family.
It was all about keeping Corrine for himself.
They were his greatest obstacle to her.
They protected her.
With them gone, Justin's path is clear.
But it still doesn't explain why he's attempting to mirror Ray.
Justin loves Corrine, right? What if she loves Ray? Maybe he thinks turning himself into Ray is gonna get her attention.
Well, let's just check with Garcia And see if there were two secret relationships in that house.
Justin wasn't home.
He wasn't at work either.
He called in sick the last 3 days.
Uh Is the team always like this? What do you mean? Edgy, combative.
Honestly? Of course.
It's because of you.
We know what you did to the IRT.
We think you're gonna do it again to the BAU.
But I'm not.
I want the same thing they do, the best possible FBI.
Then ending this team is a mistake.
That's not what I'm doing here.
That's the same thing you said about the IRT.
I respect the hell out of your passion for the FBI.
That's one of the reasons you were transferred to the BAU.
But you're wrong about this.
Thanks, Penelope.
Garcia hasn't been able to find anything that proves Ray and Corrine were a couple, so either they were really smart at hiding it or they weren't together and the connection is all in Justin's mind.
Rossi: Real or perceived, it's Justin's trigger.
Garcia was also able to track down Corrine’s car to a long-term parking garage at the airport.
That's where she usually parks for work.
Well, Justin might know that, and if he does, there's a good chance he'll be there waiting for her.
Barnes: Corrine's flight is about to land.
We better get moving.
Detective, have your team clear out the garage, help set up a perimeter.
Copy that.
Discretion is important.
Justin has to think that he's in control.
If he doesn't, he may flip out and we risk having to shoot him.
I want him in custody alive.
Justin will have his day in court.
Dave, you and Matt meet Corrine on the tarmac and bring her to Barnes and I at the mobile command center.
["All unattended bags" announcement on P.
] Yeah.
Should be home soon.
All right.
He's at Corrine’s car.
He's got his hands in his pockets.
He's likely armed.
I'm gonna post up about 10 yards away.
JJ, do you have eyes on us? Barnes: Yes, we do.
Garcia just finished hacking into the security cam.
Alvez: Do Rossi and Simmons have Corrine? They're bringing her over now.
[Knock on door] Hi.
Corrine, I'm Jennifer.
So we're gonna keep you safe in this tent right here.
There's no way Justin can see you, ok? Corrine: Ok.
JJ: Ok, we're ready.
Alvez: All right.
So are we.
The civilians have all cleared out.
Go on my count, Tara.
1, 2, 3 Justin.
I'm with the FBI.
Your plan and execution were pretty flawless.
We'd love to know how you came up with all this.
Alvez: Hey, let me see your hands.
Aah! We just want to talk, man.
That's it.
We just want to talk.
That's all we're gonna do, right, just talk? Tara: Absolutely.
You're the one in control here, Justin.
Then I want to talk to Corrine.
Alvez: But the only way we can do that is if you put down I want Corrine now! And if you don't bring her to me, I'll kill myself right here.
Get her.
We can't let him kill himself.
We have to send in Corrine.
She's already safe.
I'm not risking her life.
It worked on that case in Central Park.
She got the killer to surrender before anybody died.
That was different, ok? This guy is a narcissist.
He won't kill himself.
He will only try to shoot her.
So if we want Justin alive, we have to let Tara and Luke talk him down.
Tara: Put the gun down.
Justin: I want to see Corrine! You put down the gun and walk us through your plan, every step.
Lewis: Only you can tell us everything we need to know, Justin.
Rossi: What the hell? Barnes: Justin! I brought Corrine like you wanted.
Simmons: What is she doing? We gotta get Corrine.
With everybody gone, we could have finally been together.
But you had to call the cops.
I did this for us and you spit in my face! [Corrine gasping] The vest caught the bullet.
Ok, so that's gonna leave a nice little bruise for you, but I think you're gonna be ok.
You think you can get up? I think so.
Ok, Matt here will help you.
We got a medic waiting.
[Corrine groans] Ok.
You went around us? What the hell was that? Those security cameras caught everything.
Do you have any idea how it'll look when this goes viral? I had a plan.
Nobody was going to die.
If you followed our validation strategy Barnes: It wasn't working.
It was moving too slow.
It takes time to unfold.
No! No, this is on you.
Justin's blood is on all of you.
I will make sure that my report says so.
Then let me tell you what my report will say.
That we agreed on a theory to engage Justin based on our profile, which was working until you went rogue.
And in doing so, you risked the life of a woman we had already saved and forced us to kill our prime suspect.
Why don't we show the video to the director and let him decide? I think that's a great idea.
You just tell me when to be there.
I tried my best here.
You couldn't just let me help.
JJ: We've known from the moment you started with Prentiss that you've wanted to shut down the BAU, the same way you shut down the IRT.
So you know what? Keep taking your best shot.
And maybe you will get us.
But we're damn sure gonna take you down, too.
Rossi: I think you just earned your stripes, Chief.
Where do these go? Uh, on the shelf over there.
Did I ever told you about that guy in California who only has 78 things.
4 times already.
Well, it just so happens that I just read an article that says he's down to 75.
You want to know what they are? [Cell phone rings] Oh Saved by the bell.
[Elevator bell dings] Ok.
Who's up for drinks at O'Keefe's? I'm in.
Lewis: Oh, that sounds great.
Alvez: Yeah, it sounds great to me, too.
The kids are asleep.
Wife could use a second alone.
I'm in.
Did someone say O'Keefe's? Where have you guys been? You're 20 minutes late.
Our flight got delayed.
Uh, ok.
Cool, guys.
The radar did not report any weather.
Yeah, it wasn't weather.
Unless you count hurricane Jareau.
Garcia: Ohh! Oh, I'm not up to speed.
I hate it when I'm not up to speed.
JJ ripped into Barnes before we took off.
Mama Bear has got bite.
She's lucky I didn't throw her off the jet.
Where's the old battle ax now? Probably upstairs licking her wounds.
Linda Barnes is a fighter.
She's not finished by a long shot.
Rossi: Well, let's just say I'm glad we won this round.
Mm, I'm so proud of you.
Ohh! Shut the front door! Rossi: You feeling better, kid? Much better.
Thank you.
You're suspended.
How did you get Did you sneak in? Did you do a secret ninja-type move? Tell me.
I have to know.
I, um, I have one of these.
I'm Reid's visitor.
Oh, well, welcome to the BAU, Visitor.
It's a great place you've got here.
Did I hear something about drinks? Yes.
And I am buying the first round.
You heard the ma Barnes: Agent Prentiss, Agent Reid, I'm happy to see you.
Agent Jareau, I didn't get the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your speech on the jet.
But you're wrong that I'm here to shut down the BAU, because I'm not.
This unit is the crown jewel of behavioral profiling.
I couldn't shut it down if I wanted to.
But I can help restructure it.
The director watched the airport video, and he felt, as I did, that we were in public and your validation strategy was failing.
You already met with him? Yes.
I've known him a long time.
He answers my calls.
I haven't even had a chance to file my report.
Barnes: He agreed that events should have unfolded quicker, and because they didn't, the suspect died.
Now we need to ensure that mistakes, likes the ones you made today, never happen again.
Mistakes we made? That said, Agent Prentiss, your suspension is lifted.
You'll be reassigned within the Bureau.
Your new post has yet to be determined.
Garcia: What? Agent Lewis, you will also be reassigned.
Agent Reid, you will be a full-time professor with our exchange program.
Agent Rossi, the FBI deeply appreciates your service, and the director wishes you nothing but the best in your retirement.
Agent Simmons, Agent Alvez, you will remain here at the BAU.
Garcia, your loyalty to the team is appreciated, but it feels like a fresh start in a different department would be best.
Fresh start? I don't want a fresh start.
I need I need to be here.
I'm fired, aren't I? No.
You're the conditional unit chief of the BAU.
There's no such thing.
You're right.
There wasn't.
But I was able with the director's approval to create a new position just for you.
I won't be going into the field with you anymore, but you will run every decision past me, big and small, before you act.
Good night.
This can't be the end.
Can it?