Criminal Minds s13e18 Episode Script

The Dance of Love

1 Man: Muriel? I'm back.
Muriel? It's me.
Look, I'm sorry.
Can't we at least talk about it? Muriel! [Coughs] [Smoke alarm beeping] Aah! Son of a Prentiss: I gave at the office.
Oh, good, you're still here.
Yeah, it's the BAU, Dave.
I've got a pup tent and k-rations in the closet.
What's up? Eggroll? Uh, I'm good, thanks.
Emily, do you think I can get the next few days off, use some of my annual leave? What? David Rossi, time off? I think we've entered a parallel universe.
[Click] Ouch.
This is actually happening.
Ok, you can stop the theatrics.
I got a call this evening from Krystall.
Krystall with the "K" and two Ls? Whoa, wait.
What's happening? Did I miss something? Uh, she was Rossi's third ex-wife.
She was a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.
And our love blossomed as so many of the great ones do, over a deck of cards and lots of casino comped booze.
Now, what happened? That sounds like a love for the ages.
Once we sobered up, we had the marriage annulled.
Why did I not know about this? You know the rules.
All gossip funnels through me.
Oh, wait, it gets better.
They got married in one of those drive-through wedding chapels, right? Yeah.
Two blocks off the strip.
Our sacred vows were officiated by an Elvis impersonator, who might have been drunker than we were.
Have you seen this woman since? Birthday and Christmas cards, but face to face, no.
She moved to L.
, got remarried, had a kid, got divorced.
Now her daughter's gonna get married here in D.
next week.
[Cell phone beeps] We hope to get together for coffee, but if that's a new case coming in Yeah, there is, and we can handle it without you.
You keep that coffee date.
That's an order.
Just promise me one thing.
No spur-of-the-moment trips to Atlantic City.
[Garcia chuckles] All right, let's gather the troops.
Married by an Elvis impersonator.
I need to step up my game.
Muriel Gourse, 47, of Chicago, Illinois, was found dead last night, stabbed once in the back.
The night before, 24-year-old Amanda Corliss was discovered in her apartment.
She had also been stabbed in the back.
Same red rose in the mouth.
Garcia: No sign of robbery or break-ins.
Despite their being a lot of neighbors, nobody heard a peep.
You know, roses are traditionally a symbol of passion and love.
The unsub could be connected to these victims romantically.
Or maybe he wanted to be and this is what happened when things didn't work out.
Lewis: Neither victim showed evidence of sexual assault, and there is a dramatic difference in age between the two victims.
Muriel Gourse's body was discovered by her husband.
There was also a carton of cigarettes burning in their oven.
That's an unusual signature.
Anything like that with Amanda? Garcia: No.
Simmons: It feels like a message, but what? And to whom? Jareau: So we've got no forcible entry, minimal resistance, and no cries for help.
I'd say there's a good chance these women knew the killer.
And with two victims on consecutive nights, we can't wait till morning.
Wheels up in 30.
Women: I never seem to please you no matter how much I try why pretend you love me when it's just an alibi? You better choose your way of lovin' before the well runs dry Lewis: "Perhaps when we find ourselves" "wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously near to wanting nothing.
" Sylvia Plath.
Simmons: The first victim Amanda Corliss led a fairly high-risk lifestyle party girl, lots of recreational drug use and casual sex.
Did she have a job, Garcia? Uh, do you consider strolling to the local ATM a job? If you do, she had a job.
If not, she was a trust fund kid.
Reid: Hey, Garcia, was she romantically involved with anyone special? Uh, she sort of bounced around from dude to dude.
Prentiss: On the other end of the spectrum.
Muriel Gourse was a middle school teacher, lived quietly in the suburbs with her husband of 23 years.
It doesn't get more low risk than that.
Reid: It says here that Amanda's drug use was primarily MDMA.
But there's also some antidepressants in the mix.
She had underlying mental health issues.
Muriel's life wasn't all that idyllic either.
Her and her husband were seeing a counselor.
Their marriage was in trouble.
Lewis: Well, maybe that's the common thread, dissatisfaction with their love lives.
Reid: One stab wound to the back and no sign of a struggle.
The unsub probably brings a gun to help control them.
Brings a gun but doesn't use it.
This killer prefers a more personal touch.
We land in a couple of hours.
Let's be ready to hit the ground running.
Rossi: Ha ha ha! Are you no, really? I could have sworn it was "Here comes the bride.
" That is your brain doing damage control.
I am telling you, we marched down the aisle to "Hound dog.
" Really? Trust me, David, I remember.
The cassette deck was sitting right there on the altar between the Bible and the tequila.
Well, whatever our song was, it's great to see you again.
I like the silver in your hair.
Did I give you that or No, no, no, no, no.
My publishers have been bugging me about looking more distinguished, so I decided to go au natural.
[Laughs] So Portia’s getting married.
You must be very excited.
Yeah, that's another way of saying nervous wreck.
And who's the lucky groom? [Southern accent] Wick Rollins from Savannah, Georgia.
He doesn't really talk like that.
Sweetheart of a guy.
And she's Portia’s over the moon.
I'm thrilled for her, for both of you.
Hey, what about you? I mean, out of the blue you're you have a daughter and a grandson? Yep.
Joy and Kai.
It was a wonderful surprise.
And your ex? Well, we both realized we're better as grandparents than we are as a couple.
But it's turned into a very nice friendship.
Enough catching up.
I have a proposition for you.
You know, last time we did something like that Relax.
Elvis has nothing to do with this.
What's this? An invitation.
I want you to come to the wedding as my plus one.
Portia's ok with that? This is a girl who has read all of your books twice.
To her, the most impressive thing about me is that you and I were married for 36 hours.
She'll be ok.
Well, if that's the case, I'm honored to attend.
Now I gotta run.
Hey, listen.
Um, if you've got time later, why don't you bring Portia and Wick to the BAU? I'll give the 3 of you a tour.
Consider it a date.
Isn't there a dance where the couple holds roses between their teeth? It's the tango, right? That's actually a common misconception.
Rudolph Valentino did it while dancing the tango in the 1921 film "Four horsemen of the Apocalypse," but the authentic Argentinian dance doesn't involve a rose or any other flower, for that matter.
Prentiss: Leave some space on that board.
A third victim was just discovered.
Stabbed in the back, red rose in her mouth, just like the others.
So much for a cooling-off period.
Spence, you and JJ go to the new crime scene.
Luke and Tara are with the M.
Matt, Muriel Gourse's husband is on his way in.
Talk to him, see if he knows something we don't.
It's good to have the BAU in town again.
I was lookin' to say hello to Agent Morgan.
He retired.
Really? Yeah.
He's married.
He's got a little boy now.
Took the plunge.
Well, don't worry about me.
I'll find a way to carry on, somehow.
for both victims was a single stab wound to the back.
Unusual lacerations, though.
How so? Well, blade was thicker and shorter than a standard knife.
More like a dagger.
Are those ligature marks? Yes, ma'am.
Initially I thought that the perpetrator tried to strangle her with the necklace she was wearing, but the ligature marks were inflicted postmortem.
So the unsub handled the necklace.
Did you retrieve any DNA from the jewelry? Unfortunately not.
The killer must have wore gloves.
But I did find something curious on Muriel Gourse's body, though.
Slight singeing of the eyelashes and the eyebrows.
And there were traces of smoke in her lungs.
Her head must have been forced into the oven.
While she was still alive.
Drink residue all over the victim's face.
Unlikely she was consuming any of it, though that splatter pattern suggests it was poured on her, possibly postmortem.
I don't think Rita was much of a drinker at all.
There's not a drop of alcohol anywhere else around here.
Was she employed? Yeah.
Personal nurse.
Uh, worked the overnight shift at private homes.
According to Garcia, no men in her life.
The neighbors said she was quiet, kept to herself mainly, was fairly active in Church.
Well, her living space certainly reflects that.
Old-fashioned wardrobe, music collection from your grandparents' time.
Her books are mostly romance novels.
Steamy ones at that.
Maybe there's another Rita deep inside trying to escape.
Or did escape.
Maybe that's what got her killed.
We need to take a closer look at the other victims.
Maybe they all have something brewing beneath the surface.
You in the middle of anything? Black cherry deliciousness.
Why any mortal would eat any oh! Visitors! Penelope, I would like to introduce you to Portia Richards, Wick Rollins, and Krystall Richards.
With a "K" and two Ls.
Oh, it's so nice to meet you.
Your reputation precedes you.
I've heard so much about you.
Good stuff.
Not good in the conventional sense, but not anything that I don't approve of.
Double negative.
It's just you know what? People are so judgmental, and they shouldn't be judgmental, and that's not what I'm gonna do.
It is a pleasure to meet you, Penelope.
And the ladies were wondering if you could escort them to the restroom.
I I can do that.
It's this way.
I'll be in my office with Wick.
Garcia: There you go.
Down this hall.
She's quite the character.
Is she always like that? Luckily for us, yes.
My office is this way.
Oh, wow.
A fellow marine gave that to me shortly before he died.
There's a portion of the Vietnam veterans memorial engraved on it.
You shoot? I do.
Tried out for the olympic team, 10-meter air rifle.
Well, that's impressive.
Would you be interested in a session at the FBI firing range? Are you serious? I'll set it up for later today.
[Women laughing] What's so funny? This girl you're marrying is hilarious.
Well, let us in on the joke, honey.
Oh, I was just telling a story.
What story would that be? Oh, it was one of those you had to be there kind of things.
[Women laughing] Krystall: This has been a great tour, but we've got some last-minute shopping to catch up on.
We still on for dinner at your place tonight? Linguini a la Rossi.
Bring your appetites.
[Giggling] Garcia: It's quite good.
It's a vegetarian Talked to Steven Gourse.
Confirmed both he and Muriel are nonsmokers but admitted his wife would sneak a cigarette every once in a while, usually late at night.
She suffered from insomnia.
Was it possible she hid them in the oven? She knew her husband was wise to her, and plus Steven said the brand wasn't even the kind she smoked.
Another thing.
None of Amanda's friends remember ever seeing her wearing the necklace that was found on her body.
She liked high-end jewelry, and that necklace was cheap.
Maybe the unsub brought it with him, like he did the alcohol with Rita and the cigarettes with Muriel.
It could be his own unique form of sadism.
Not only did he dispense physical pain, but at the moment of death, he inflicted a psychological wound as well.
Victim's Dee Stockton.
Single, lived alone.
There's no signs of a struggle inside, so it must have all gone down out here.
A single stab wound to the back like the others, but drenched from the neck up.
I'm thinking the unsub probably put her head in the fountain.
He brings an item to each crime scene, right? So what doesn't belong here? Maybe now he's playing hide-and-seek.
There's booze, cigarettes, a cheap pearl necklace.
I mean, I guess if you consider jewelry wasteful spending, then those all qualify as vices.
Well, they could be the unsub's vices.
He drinks, he smokes, and too broke to buy decent jewelry.
It would prove the rejected lover theory.
I mean, if he thinks that's why these women spurned him, maybe it's payback.
You know, Reid and JJ said that Rita had an old-time music collection.
Yeah, World War II era stuff.
Garcia, hey, I need you to check the police inventory on Amanda Corliss' apartment.
We're trying to find out what kind of music she listened to.
So Dee's music was mostly thirties and forties.
I know Amanda is a lot younger, but it Yeah.
Amanda had an extensive collection of big band music.
We weren't being specific enough.
About what? Well, it wasn't just booze.
It was rum and Coca-Cola.
And it wasn't just jewelry.
It was a dime store pearl necklace.
The cigarettes were about putting her head in smoke.
"Rum and Coca-Cola," "String of pearls," "Smoke gets in your eyes" - Song titles.
- Yeah.
[Exhales] How did you pull that out of thin air? Not air.
Alvez: "Three coins in the fountain.
" We're looking for a male, probably in his 40s or 50s.
He's brazen and confident.
Alvez: And the unsub might be romantically involved with the women he's killing.
We believe he brought a necklace to one of the crime scenes, and he always leaves behind a single red rose.
Given the diversity in age, type, and ethnicity, this person is not zeroing in on a specific surrogate.
Prentiss: And the person we're looking for is more in the Ted Bundy mold.
He's handsome, charming, personable.
He's the type of man you would probably be drawn to in a social setting.
This may be a classic case of Casanova complex, a psychological term given to men who move from lover to lover, discarding them the moment they've been conquered.
The victims were particularly vulnerable to this type of seduction.
Amanda Corliss was unhappily promiscuous.
Muriel Gourse was in a troubled marriage.
Rita Frazee lived vicariously through romance novels.
Music is supremely important to this unsub's ritual, particularly popular music from the thirties, forties, and fifties, and it may in fact be part of the ruse he uses to lure his victims in.
Alvez: We have no reason to think he'll stop now.
For him, this is a hunt.
And intrinsic to the hunt is the anticipation of the next victim.
Thank you all.
Aren't you supposed to be, like, up to your elbows in fettuccini? Linguini.
But it's not till 8:00.
Listen, do you think you could quickly check out something for me? Sure.
What? It's Wick.
This afternoon at the shooting range, one of our young female agents was in the next booth.
And when Wick noticed that she was a better shot than he was He didn't take it well? No.
Not at all.
He tried to mask it, but his carotid was pounding, his aim got worse.
And and earlier, in my office, when Portia had you all laughing, did you notice how he shut her down? Yes.
He absolutely shut her down.
The coercive control of a misogynist.
- It's textbook.
- Uh-huh.
I can vet him.
Let me vet him.
I will vet him.
Penelope Sir, by the time I am done, you will know about Mr.
Wick Rollins of Savannah, Georgia, you will know what color his shoelaces are, you will know whether he's an innie or an outie Bellybutton.
Penelope, no.
I just want a simple background check.
I don't want you digging into every nook and cranny.
Oh, no, sir, that's where the bad stuff is you want to know about.
That's what makes a nook a nook and a cranny a cranny.
You gotta get Ok.
I'll limit my search to a level one.
Thank you.
Call me if you find anything.
Level two, max.
Maybe 2 1/2.
Jareau: So the M.
said Dee Stockton wasn't sexually assaulted.
Oh, so none of the victims were.
Prentiss: Now, there's a basic question way upstream that we haven't answered yet.
How is the unsub meeting these women? Because it has to be more than one encounter.
The ritual of courtship takes time.
The only overlap we have at this point is vintage music.
The killer could be a musician, could own a record store, or just share the interest.
Steven Gourse told Matt that his wife suffered from insomnia, right? Yeah.
Why? What are you thinking? Reid: Muriel Gourse had trouble sleeping, Amanda went clubbing every night, and Rita was an R.
who worked the graveyard shift.
The victims are awake when the rest of the world sleeps.
That has to be the window our unsub is exploiting, but how? And who's he targeting next? I don't understand what changed.
It's not you, Janice, it's me.
I know that! What I don't know is why.
I got a lot of things on my mind.
Well, why don't we get out of town for a couple days? We could find some romantic little B&B.
I respect you too much to play games, Janice.
We need to move on, both of us.
I can't believe this.
You're really breaking up with me? [Cell phone ringing] Aren't you gonna answer that? It's your wife, isn't it? I'm late for my program.
Screw you, Craig! And screw your respect! Romance, late night, and World War II music.
Where do these 3 things come together? Retro night club, concert, maybe a bar with Rat Pack style entertainment.
Yeah, but those venues don't fit Rita or Muriel's lifestyles.
I mean, they were both shy, stay-at-home types.
What about radio? What about it? Well, late-night radio, it can be all of these things.
The music, the intimacy, the seductive voice reaching out of the night into the privacy of your own home.
Our unsub could be a DJ.
T-minus 4 minutes, dude.
Cutting it close.
What are you doing here? I called your cell, but you didn't pick up.
I have to go to my mother's.
What, now? Tomorrow afternoon we're supposed to I know.
She forgot she had a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning.
Don't worry.
I'll be back in time.
I'll be right back.
I'm nervous.
About what? Renewing our vows.
You're not having second thoughts, are you? I was gonna ask you the same thing.
Don't be ridiculous.
I know.
It's just You've been acting so different lately.
I'm sorry.
It just It means a lot to me.
It's it's everything.
And to me.
Everything I do is for you.
Play my song tonight? I'll play it twice.
You have a great show.
Sprinkle some happiness to all the people out there.
I bet that sprinkler's already been doing some watering tonight.
How is Janice, anyway? We're done.
Not that it's any of your business.
5 seconds.
Good evening.
This is Craig Kaline, and welcome to the night.
The poet T.
Eliot said, "let us go, then, you and I, "when the evening is spread out against the sky, like a patient etherized upon a table.
" For the next 6 hours, while the rest of the city sleeps, we'll be dancing in the dark, just you and me.
This is our time, the time of etherized wakefulness.
[Quietly] I'm seriously gonna hurl.
[Big band music playing] Gotta be over 100 radio stations in Chicago.
106 if you count high-frequency outlets located within the city's listening range.
Well, Garcia's going over the victims' phone records, so if it was a call-in request-type thing, maybe a number repeats itself.
The problem is that there isn't a station in the city that exclusively programs big band music.
Maybe an occasional vintage song is folded into the body of a different format.
Prentiss: Well, it's gonna be a long night.
Let's get on it.
Garcia said none of the victims called in to any radio stations.
All right.
We may not be looking at conventional AM-FM radio stations.
I mean, there's There's satellite and Internet radio, too.
You're talking about thousands of niche programs out there.
So our haystack just got a whole lot bigger.
What concerns me is the pace of the killings.
I mean, you said it yourself.
The seduction ruse is a long con.
I mean, it takes time to set the bait, reel the victims in.
These women have been in play for a while.
The compressed timeline is concerning.
But why isn't he gradually killing as he phases in new victims? When invading armies are fleeing territory they've occupied for a while, often they'll burn them to the ground.
That reminds me of the way this unsub is putting the torch to his romances.
He's on the run.
He knows the end is near, just like in war, which means he's closing in on his endgame.
It looks like you got a little distracted there, Wick.
Thinking about your honeymoon night instead? Mom! What?! The weapon wasn't calibrated right.
[Laughs] Thank you, Mr.
Rossi, that was an incredible dinner.
The pleasure was mine.
But, please, Mr.
Rossi was my father.
[Cell phone ringing] Just give me one minute, please.
You're positive? I am triple positive.
Wick Rollins has been engaged to 3 women in the last 3 years, and they all fell through.
Why? I don't know.
I do know that in each case the would-be brides had super rich parents and Wick walked away with a hefty financial settlement.
He is a con artist.
Krystall said that Portia’s father has money.
Does Wick have a criminal record? Not officially.
He does have two accounts of domestic assault.
Both times the charges were dropped.
He does have multiple restraining orders.
He is super bad news.
Thanks, Penelope.
Yeah, we'd love to.
It's just that our request lines are already Ok.
I'll convey that to him.
That was Janice.
She'd like you to play "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," just for her.
Forget it.
Um, thing is there's an incentive clause.
If she doesn't hear the song, she's gonna have a chat with Cheryl.
Play it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? We've still got another hour here.
Put on a "Best of.
" Jareau: Morning, Spence.
What do you got? The unsub's growing his own roses.
What makes you think that? Well, the branching patterns and lack of fungal contamination associated with greenhouses.
Garden roses aren't as cosmetically perfect as florist roses, but they're healthier and have sturdier leaf growth, like this one.
So our unsub lives in the greater Chicago area with a rose garden.
Well, we should have this case wrapped by noon.
How's Garcia's phone search coming? Nothing.
She is looking into chat, messaging, social posts, but it takes time.
Rita was a private nurse in other people's homes, right? Yeah.
Why? Well, maybe she used one of her patients' phones.
[Knocking] You just made a huge mistake.
[Cell phone ringing] Hey, Garcia.
You guys were right.
One of Rita's patients is Joanne Willis, and there were multiple calls from the Willis residence in the wee small hours to an Internet radio station in Chicago.
That could be it.
And what's the station's format? Songs to be an unsub by, which in this case is songs from the thirties, forties, and fifties.
It is a live call-in show hosted by Craig Kaline nightly, and it just went off the air.
All right, let's go.
Did Craig say where he was going? He just bolted.
Normally I'd say it's some woman.
Craig was a little overwired that way.
Why wouldn't you say that now? Today's the day he's renewing his vows with his wife.
You'd think the guy could keep it tucked in until at least after that.
Do you keep a log of what music is played here each night? We archive playlists going back two years.
Have at it.
So, uh, Craig had a way with the women? Big-time.
How they bought into his cornball line of BS I'll never know.
Let me show you something.
We get stuff like this every day.
"Dreaming of us dancing in the dark.
" This one's R-rated, but there's plenty of triple-X in this box.
All of the victims' songs are in here.
"String of pearls," "Rum and Coca-Cola," "Smoke gets in your eyes.
" Victims? What's going on here? Did Craig play these songs randomly, or were they requests? Requests.
A lot of the songs he plays are requests.
Did you get one last night? Yeah.
Uh Janice.
Don't know her last name, but this is her number.
What was the song? "Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
" Where'd that rose come from? No idea.
Alvez: Craig Kaline, FBI! Prentiss: Show yourself! No sign of Janice Fox.
We got an APB out.
What the hell happened here? Craig finally ran up against a victim who fought back? Or Janice was the killer all along.
We profiled rejected lover.
A woman scorned would certainly fall into that category.
She wanted Craig all to herself.
She tried to eliminate the competition.
JJ said that he was supposed to renew his wedding vows with his wife Cheryl today.
That could have triggered Janice.
But he was tortured badly.
That's awfully vicious for a female.
Don't kid yourself.
When native-American warriors couldn't get information out of a captured prisoner, they'd hand them over to their women.
They did? [Cell phone rings] I should put that tidbit on a plaque and hang it over my desk.
I don't believe you.
I'm sorry, Portia, but it's true.
He fooled me, too.
But he's not like that.
Wick would never have done any of those things.
Everybody that meets him, they love him.
Sociopaths are deceptive.
They often have an appealing public face.
Is that why you invited him to the wedding, so he could investigate Wick? Of course not.
I think you did because you don't trust me to make my own choices, Mom.
Your mother had nothing to do with this, Portia.
It's me.
Wick is a dangerous man.
He's been violent towards women in his past.
You don't even know him! I don't have to listen to this.
Sweetheart No, just leave me alone! Great.
She's upset.
It's natural to blame the messenger.
Sort of like how I'm feeling about you right now.
I'm sorry.
I had to share what I knew.
I'll talk to her.
It must be difficult being you, seeing the monsters out there the rest of us can't.
Ever wish there was an off switch to your super powers? All the time.
That's what I thought.
Well Good-bye, David.
Oh, this is interesting.
That's the bracelet from the crime scene.
It belonged to Janice.
Says it was a gift from her secret admirer.
[Exhales] Wait a minute.
I seem to remember Yeah.
Simmons: That's the same bracelet.
Craig gave it to his wife in honor of them renewing their vows.
Cheryl was upset because she'd lost it.
Craig took the bracelet and gave it to Janice.
Matt, look at where she is.
She's in a rose garden.
And look at what she's using.
[Crying] Calm down.
It'll all be over soon.
Jareau: Spence looked through the box at the radio station and he found love notes from all of the victims.
That's how Cheryl was deciding who to kill.
She discovered the box.
But Craig's assistant said that Amanda was the only one he was having an affair with.
The others just requested songs now and then.
That didn't matter.
The other victims may have never even met Craig.
But after Amanda, Cheryl saw them all as potential threats.
So a harmless fan note dropped in the mail got them killed.
Luck of the draw.
Jareau: Ok, so if Cheryl does have Janice, where did they go? They were supposed to renew their vows today.
Maybe that's where they went.
Garcia Ohh here it is.
You should have seen Craig that day.
He was so handsome.
Please don't.
You know, most people take "until death do you part" for their vows.
We took that part out because nothing was going to take us apart, not even death.
I'm sorry! But then it got ruined.
Everything, everyone out there, they just They just couldn't They just couldn't leave us alone.
They just Prentiss: Cheryl Kaline, FBI.
Drop your weapon! Jareau: Lower your arms slowly and leave the gun on the ground.
I'm going to join him now.
You don't have to do this.
There's a better way.
You don't understand.
Prentiss: We don't understand what? Tell us.
His voice, his music went out to everybody through the air.
There was no way of stopping it.
Do you have any idea what that feels like? No matter where I was, no matter what I was doing, I felt the air around me, and I wondered if his voice was there, talking to another woman, listening to all the things that she wanted.
If you don't put the gun down You're gonna miss it.
Miss what? Craig's final show.
He recorded it last week.
Dedicated every song to you.
To only you.
Well, can I hear it? It's playing right now.
It's in the air, all around us.
Oh! Yeah, I can hear it.
Oh! It's really him.
I can hear it.
Oh Ok.
Ohh Oh ohh.
[Knock on door] Wow.
I hope I wasn't interrupting anything, Agent Rossi, but I wanted you to hear it directly from me.
Portia and I are going forward with the wedding.
What did you say to her? I'm not that guy anymore.
The strength of our love changed me.
Does her mother know? Yeah.
Portia's telling her right now.
Anyhow, that was it.
Just came to see that look of disappointment on your face.
No hard feelings, but, uh, you're not invited anymore.
Aah! What are you doing?! The thing is, Wick, I do have hard feelings.
You have a history of hitting women.
Nobody can prove it aah! You'll marry Portia, you'll hit her, then you'll agree to go away for a negotiated price.
Is that about right? Seriously, you're gonna break my friggin' wrist.
Oh, no, this is just soft tissue pain.
However, if you want to avoid real facial reconstruction, I suggest you take another sit-down with Portia and you explain to her you think she's too good for you, and then you hit the road permanently.
If you weren't FBI Aah! Ugh! Unh! I can't make it out above all your whimpering.
We're getting married.
You don't scare me.
Why should I scare you? My job is to stop scary people.
For instance, a guy who takes a pliers to people he doesn't like.
Now, let's say that this guy is up for parole, say, next Thursday at Angola prison.
And let's just say that I neglect to show up to testify against his release.
Now, that guy, he might misinterpret things.
He might think I did him a favor, that he owes me one.
And then He might look for a way to pay that debt.
You know what? To hell with Portia.
She ain't anything special anyway.
I wonder why some men are like Craig Kaline.
What, horn dogs, you mean? Is that the medical term? Lewis, laughing: I believe it is.
Seriously, though, Cheryl Before she went off the deep end Was a devoted and loving wife.
Why did Craig feel like he had to bed everything that moved? Reid: You know, it might sound crazy, but having multiple sexual partners actually isn't hard to understand from an anthropological sense.
Over 90% of mammals are promiscuous.
It serves the function for self-preservation as well as a coping mechanism to help relieve stress.
Cheating on your spouse relieves stress? I think the animal kingdom got that one backwards.
Well, I wonder how Rossi and Krystall are doing.
Seeing an old flame after that many years, chances are it got real awkward real fast.
No, not Rossi.
With that guy as your D.
tour guide, probably painting the town fire engine red.
[Chuckling] [Melancholy jazz playing] [Doorbell rings] I'll have some of what you're drinking.
Neat, right? Would you mind putting some happier music on? I am trying to pretend things haven't fallen apart completely.
Solitaire, David? Really? Sometimes you have to lean into the obvious.
You can play this on your smartphone, you know.
I like the feel of cards, the smell, the sound they make when you shuffle.
[Lively big band music playing] Better? Perfect.
Man: boy, have you ever got it made So, anyhow, that's it.
The wedding was Over.
Then it was on again.
Then it was over again.
Wick hightailed it.
Something changed his mind.
I wonder what.
You really got it made How's Portia holding up? She's ok.
My daughter doesn't always show the best judgment, you know? Kind of like her mom in that way.
But she's strong.
Also like her mom.
Oh, boy, have you ever got it made I'm heading back tomorrow.
Don't let them make that mistake Feel like some poker? I always feel like poker.
I'll deal.
There it is.
That old sound That trouble's around the corner.
So what's the ante? That's up to you, David.
House rules.
Well, how about a mint copy of Johnny Mathis' greatest hits on vinyl? [Song ending] You have that? It's next up on the turntable.
Johnny Mathis: I'll be easy to find when love comes looking for me Rossi: "No matter how far we travel", the memories will follow in the baggage car.
" August Strindberg.
Mathis: So that I'll be easy to see