Criminal Minds s14e01 Episode Script


1 Rossi: I've seen a lot of great agents pass through those doors.
You've reached Penelope Garcia and the FBI's office of supreme genius.
Special Agent Jennifer Jareau.
JJ if you like.
[Cell phone rings] This is Dr.
Agent Emily Prentiss.
It's an honor, Agent Rossi.
Please, just Dave.
Hi, I'm Tara Lewis.
It's great to officially meet you.
I'm SSA Luke Alvez.
- This is SSA Matt Simmons.
- Hello.
Most of this team has been together for over a decade.
We stand beside one another through good, through bad, because we're family.
[Indistinct chatter] Reid: Previously on "Criminal Minds" Garcia: That's Agent Owen Quinn.
He worked here until he quit a year ago.
Alvez: He was convinced there was an unsub we missed working up and down the northeast corridor.
He named him The Strangler.
Reid: Theo.
You said that he treated you like a human.
Quinn: He would feed me sometimes.
You found something that we missed.
What was it? Lewis: Hyoid bones.
The Strangler removed these from the necks of his victims and kept them as trophies.
I'm Special Agent Meadows in ViCAP.
I've have Agent Quinn's file on The Strangler that you requested.
[Gunshots] Reid: Theo killed his own parents.
My father didn't kill them.
He abducted them, and then he handed them over to The Messiah.
Don't you see, this isn't one serial killer - or a couple.
- It's a cult.
Prentiss: Benjamin David Merva, you're under arrest for the murder of 7 people.
Maybe we somehow misread Quinn all this time.
What if they did convert him? And we left him in the building where The Messiah is being held in custody.
- Draw your gun! - ‭[Gunshot] Meadows.
It was Meadows.
She's one of them.
Meadows: Drop your gun, Agent Reid.
You and I are gonna go upstairs and free my messiah.
Spencer, just shoot her.
Shoot her! [Siren] Just keeps going to voicemail.
All of Garcia's cells? Yeah.
I can't get ahold of her.
I talked to Spence for like a second before we got disconnected.
All right, try the guard gate.
[Beep, busy signal] - Still busy.
- Still busy? Yeah, it doesn't make sense.
We've got a prisoner who could be escaping right now.
We can't get anyone on the phone.
Not even security.
Maybe Prentiss got ahold of the director.
Yeah, let's hope so.
That's right, Benjamin Merva.
He's being held in the sixth floor interrogation room.
I'm sorry, what What do you mean? Guys.
[Indistinct chatter] What's all this? It's a fire alarm on the sixth floor, sir.
- Lewis: Which building? - Yours.
- How many injured? - ‭Unclear.
Director isn't taking chances.
There's been a mandatory evacuation.
We have a prisoner awaiting transfer Benjamin Merva.
I can't look it up.
System's down.
Well, we need to search every vehicle, especially emergency ones.
I've got guards manning exits, but we're outnumbered.
No, we're under attack.
[Tires squeal] Hey.
He's still alive.
We need one of those ambulances.
Hey, we're gonna get you help, ok? Just hang in there, Quinn.
Recorded voice: Please evacuate immediately.
Do not use elevators.
Move away from the building.
[Alarm sounding] Please evacuate immediately.
Do not use elevators.
Move away from the building.
Merva's gone.
Reid and Garcia? Lewis: They could be helping with the evacuation.
Quinn and his son are missing, too.
Son's nowhere in sight, but Quinn's in the garage shot in the gut.
Well, if he didn't help them escape, who did? [Siren] I told you we'd do it.
They'll come for him.
And for her.
But it'll be too late.
Let me see.
You're gonna let us go right now! Get me out of here! Prentiss: "The only thing new in the world" is the history you do not know.
" Harry Truman.
Is that Garcia's car? Yeah.
Spence and Penelope's phones were left inside with their bags.
If they were helping with the evacuation, they wouldn't leave those behind.
Oh, and that.
See that? That's Quinn's blood.
But over here, I mean, whose blood is this? What if whoever took Merva hurt Spence or Penelope? We'll find them.
Doesn't make sense.
There's no fire, no sprinklers.
It's clearly a false alarm.
So why all the chaos? Hundreds of people were evacuated, some panicked, fell down the stairs.
Wait, hundreds evacuated? Really, this late? It's campus wide all the buildings were emptied.
New protocol, apparently.
Ok, so whoever pulled that alarm knew it would cause chaos.
I said no one leaves without a search.
I know it's late.
Tell him I'll pay the overtime myself.
Well, everything's still offline.
Whoever pulled the alarm knew the director's protocol and used it as a distraction to escape with Merva.
If they took an emergency vehicle, they can get through any roadblocks.
We need to widen the search.
Track down every ambulance that responded.
He's in one of them.
Call the coordinator.
I'll see why we're not back online yet.
Man: Forklift's over here.
I underestimated how much he cares about you.
He's given me everything I need.
Because we're a family and you do anything to protect those you love.
You say that as if I wouldn't know.
You've abducted us, you've tricked the FBI for years, and you worship that Benjamin Merva guy, so I'm sorry, forgive me for thinking you wouldn't get it.
I need your handiwork.
Let me see Reid.
He isn't here.
Yes, he is.
I will die before I help you.
[Gasps] Alvez: Lisa.
GSW's to the abdomen.
How's his BP? It's low.
His pulse is weak.
He's in and out of consciousness.
Theo is just a boy.
He saved my life.
We'll find Theo.
Now, is he with Reid and Garcia? They're gone.
Meadows checked you out.
Where is she? It was always her.
Lisa: Luke, we've got to get him into surgery.
I'll call you when he's out.
Get out of here.
Lewis: Hey, Rossi.
Well, you can add Meadows to that.
Alvez just confirmed she's behind the escape.
Rossi: What the hell was she thinking, abduct FBI agents and run for the border? Well, they're cocky, mission-oriented, and they have hostages.
Maybe they think we'll negotiate.
We're back online.
Garcia's computers were hacked by someone in this building.
[Beeping] Well, Meadows was in this building.
Prentiss: And she's our number one suspect.
We need to know everything about her.
So how long was Meadows with Benjamin Merva? I don't know.
But if she's in a cult, we won't find a paper trail.
She's been in ViCAP for years.
Must have been one hell of an interview for her to trick the Bureau.
She certainly has the skills and connections to pull it off.
Ok, here we go.
She's running to the elevator.
Garcia wasn't part of the plan.
No, but she is now.
Got any cameras on the elevators or in the garage? [Typing] Uh, they were disabled.
[Typing] Ok, there's Reid.
Why is he racing downstairs? See, what happened in the garage? They came up, Garcia's still down there.
Alvez: And there's Theo.
Reid said the Believers think that Theo is their next messiah.
Yeah, but Theo wanted no part of this.
He killed his parents.
He told us about the cult.
Reid must have convinced Meadows that pulling the alarm was the best distraction to escape with Theo and Merva.
He wanted to prevent her from shooting anyone else.
Reid knew we'd find this.
Let's go back to the top.
[Beep] So he's making eye contact.
But he wouldn't risk saying anything.
Hold on, hold on.
Look at his hands.
He's signing.
Ben's Believers.
He already knows we figured that out.
Why's he reminding us? Ok, Garcia's keycard was used to exit the garage at 10:09 pm and then Reid's 7 minutes after that and then Meadows' after that.
So she separated all of them.
'Cause she had the manpower of an entire cult to help her.
But of all the departments, why did Meadows join ViCAP? It's a desk job.
She never had to pull her gun or arrest anybody.
But what I can't figure out is why she didn't just keep her head down about Quinn.
She risked exposure by coming to my office.
Unsub 101.
Inserting herself into the investigation.
And also, you're our leader and she probably got off knowing she tricked you.
However, she did improvise Garcia's abduction, which means that this whole this is not as solid as she would have hoped.
I'll have Dave and JJ look into her work history.
She was in the FBI for a reason.
[Indistinct chatter] "Why" is at the heart of every BAU investigation.
This one isn't any different.
Why did Meadows join ViCAP? Exactly.
As we know, ViCAP agents liaison between federal and local agencies.
The whole point is to put together details of crimes that could be connected across the U.
Then it gets on our radar.
So let me guess.
Meadows has been erasing murders that would have connected us to the cult.
We had to go back to when she joined and rebuild her case histories.
We found a pattern that she was hiding.
So the murders she was covering up were the ones where the victims were missing hyoid bones.
Like the 7 we found in storage.
As it turns out, this cult has killed more than 7.
How many? Oh, my god, is he You're really hurt.
What what do they want? Me.
Why? Why you? I'd be their last victim.
What? Why? I don't know.
I overheard them.
There have been hundreds.
I gave you what you want.
Now it's your turn.
Or I'll blow his big, beautiful brains out.
[Cell phone rings] Yeah? They've got a firewall, so there's no way to warn the team, but they're coming for us.
You know they are.
We're gonna be ok.
We have to be ok.
We're not gonna die here, Spencer.
This can't be how our story ends.
What can we do? They'll trade.
We'll make a barter.
- Take me.
- No.
The team needs you.
No, they don't.
They need you.
They need us.
We need us.
What can we do? You've got one minute.
I hate you.
I don't care.
Garcia, listen to me.
Please tell my mom [Cell phone rings] They're taking me and Theo.
Theo's here? We'll distract them.
The car we were in is right outside the door.
We're 18 minutes away from Quantico.
Turn left outside the parking lot, take a right at the light.
You'll recognize the rest.
They stayed off the highways.
Ok, ok, but what about you? I'll delay them.
Get the rest of the team back here and do not worry about me.
Meadows: Time's up.
It's all happening.
Ten twenty-three.
Get to it.
[Typing] Ma'am, all emergency vehicles have been confirmed except for one ambulance that wasn't registered with the city or county.
- Private company so we can't track the GPS.
- ‭- That's right.
Thanks, Anderson.
Keep me posted.
Simmons: I still can't believe that Meadows was able to cover up all these kills.
Over a decade.
There doesn't seem to be an obvious pattern.
They're all over the continental U.
Alvez: Victomology's protector type.
Prentiss: That's a good start, but we need more.
Why take hyoid bones? Well, they're unique to humans, they float in the neck, and they aren't connected to any other bone.
Well, it anchors the tongue.
Without it, the victims have no voice.
Run with that.
They removed them while their victims were still alive, which isn't just sadistic, it means they want them speechless.
What if removing the hyoid isn't just a ritual, but an individual's signature? So it isn't a cult of killers, it's just Merva.
All the victims were sacrificed by The Messiah.
The followers are simply hunters.
That would eliminate some of his risk.
He gave the hunters hyoids as trophies, maybe as some kind of reward for their hard work.
That's why he gave Theo's parents 7 of them.
Lewis: All right, look, The Believers, they're just like Jonestown, Manson, Heaven's Gate, even Rajneeshpuram in Oregon.
There's always a charismatic leader and a strong right hand who appears as a devoted disciple.
In this case, Meadows.
Merva has killed 299 innocents for a reason.
We just don't know why.
But now that he's taken Reid and Garcia, The Believers have declared war on the BAU.
So this has got to be working toward their end game, one that could make either Reid or Garcia their 300th victim, perhaps their last.
Garcia wasn't a part of this.
She was just racing to the elevator.
So it's Spence.
It's been him all along.
He's a protector.
It fits the victimology.
Reid has to know something we don't.
Ben's Believers.
Reid could have told us anything, but he chose that.
Garcia: What is wrong with you? Didn't think you'd be so judgy.
It's Good vs.
Evil, dummy.
It's pretty simple.
Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, to make sure you don't hurt Reid or anybody else.
You've justified it.
I'm a pretty good person and I'm doing a really bad thing.
Again, justification.
Now that you've made my point, maybe you won't be so quick to judge.
Woman of her word.
The world needs more of us, am I right? You need to sink that right now or it will lock me out and set a bunch of alarms if I try to hack it again.
[Water running] Hey.
JJ: Hi.
Did I ever tell you about the Redskins game, gosh, 14 years ago now? Well, Spence Spence got us good tickets.
Actually, Gideon gave them to him and talked him into asking me to go.
So, you know, I just figured all the youngest team members should hang out, so I, of course, asked Garcia to come along.
Well, it turns out Morgan and Hotch were giving him pointers on the side thinking it was going to be a date.
I mean, he'd never been on one before.
Poor Spence.
He didn't know what to do.
I'm just glad he forgave me.
He adores you.
And it sounds like that was the beginning of something even better.
The 3 of you have been inseparable since I met you.
I don't know how to do this without them.
If, uh, we can't get them back I It's ok.
[Sniffles] I know.
- Lewis: Ok, thanks.
- [Phone beeps] [Sighs] All right, I've got Metro P.
looking for any properties owned or rented by any and all Benjamins in the tri-state area since the old warehouse was compromised.
That's a good call.
Meadows stayed in this area to be near Merva.
Get this.
Benjamin David Merva was born David James Merva.
I mean, if he wanted to create a new identity, why keep it so close to the real name? Well, adding an Old Testament name like Benjamin makes sense since we're dealing with a cult.
Means son of strength.
Fits his ego.
Yeah, but David's a biblical name, too.
Slayer of Goliath, went on to become king.
And his given middle name, James, that's prevalent in the New Testament.
So there's something specific about the name Benjamin that's important.
Guys, here's something strange.
Theo and his parents lived off the grid in Colorado until '09, and then they moved to Virginia.
Lewis: But there's no school records for Theo in Colorado? No.
No address.
No phone.
No jobs.
There's no alternate identity for Mary Meadows, but I'll tell you this, there's no way that she faked her FBI fire arms examination, and she nailed it every time, even her first.
So she had a lot of training.
Was she military? No.
No, and she didn't get that kind of skill set living in the suburbs.
So how did the Bureau miss it? Because whoever made these IDs knew exactly what they were doing.
These IDs were good enough to fool the government.
Like Witness Protection good? What are you thinking? When we hit a wall in the Quinn investigation, Meadows showed up in my office.
She convinced me Quinn wasn't a killer.
Unsub 101.
Yeah, I know, but it was the way she stood there.
She lingered.
It's almost like she was testing me to see if I recognized her.
Did you? Yeah, from here, but I don't know where else our paths crossed.
What if Reid recognized her, and that's why he signed "Ben's Believers"? Maybe she's the connection.
Cyrus: Mothers, fathers, children, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil, for thou are with us.
Oh, my god.
What? I have seen her.
So have you.
We have both met The Believers before.
Liberty Ranch in Colorado.
Polygamous leader Benjamin Cyrus.
Please, just put down your guns and come out.
We're Believers, Dave.
We believe that God says what he means and means what he says.
His laws don't depend on what state you live in.
I remember him.
Dave? I'm Ben.
Come on in.
Prentiss: Merva was there, so was Meadows.
She must have been one of Cyrus' wives.
Ben's believers.
Benjamin Cyrus and Benjamin Merva are connected.
And this is the payback for Cyrus' death.
Merva: This is your battle.
Ok? Loyalty is everything.
They took our Solar panels, guns, food.
You'll be off the grid.
Just take me.
Let Theo go.
Theo's not a hostage.
He's a divine gift.
He was raised at the ranch to be a leader until your team destroyed everything.
You didn't stop to think how that would look a decade later, how Theo was forced to depend on his weak parents.
They were the followers, not the leaders.
And you, none of you ever thought about us ever again.
You never considered how angry we'd be.
Your government underestimated our faith.
Now you'll see.
Everyone's looking for us, and they aren't gonna stop.
Unlike the BAU, we've learned from our mistakes.
But I can tell you this, no one's ever gonna find you.
Cyrus said God wanted to save me.
He was right.
He saved you for a greater purpose, and this is it.
[Men grunting] [Gunshot] [Engine starts] Meadows: Stop! [Tires squeal] We're reminded of Jim McKay's words from Munich.
"Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.
" [Explosion] [People screaming] Liberty Ranch.
This case is still legendary for extreme survivalists.
And when the local police invaded, they took it as proof that the prophecy had come true.
Polygamy was huge for them.
Meadows wasn't the only one married to Benjamin Cyrus.
So they blamed the BAU for the death of their messiah way back then.
And they've been planning their revenge for a very long time.
The team went in there to save some kids from a sketchy situation a decade ago, and now this.
After the explosion, the ranch was condemned.
Local FBI has eyes on it for us in case they head back there.
When the women and children were rescued from the ranch, the government offered to relocate and give them a fresh start through WITSEC.
That makes sense why Meadows was able to clear the FBI background check.
She accepted their help knowing she would betray the government.
Not every survivor wanted help.
We ran those who left the ranch and kept their names.
A few relocated in rural Maryland and Virginia.
Well, they could be helping now.
Any of them have large pieces of property? A few.
The Washington field office has started searches in Maryland.
We'll take the lead in Virginia.
Oh, my god.
Are you hurt? It's a warehouse that's in Hillcrest, 18 minutes.
I can take you there.
You got to hurry.
They hurt Reid.
He's been bleeding.
They're in trucks with Theo.
I heard a gunshot.
It's a warehouse.
[Sirens] [Gasps] You've been tested since we last saw you.
Locked away with those you've been chasing.
You come out of that different.
I know you were fond of Theo.
He was your student and trusted you.
But he betrayed us, and loyalty is everything.
[Camera shutter clicks] We've got teams searching concentric circles out to a 20-mile radius.
That's good.
There's a chance they're gonna lay low instead of risking getting on the road right away.
You know, I hate to say it, but for a second, I thought Theo might have counted as our 300th.
They didn't take his hyoid.
Reid said it all happens at 10:23.
But it's past that.
So what did he mean? Could be a clue here.
They got sloppy since they left in a hurry.
JJ: Ok, well, you can't be that far behind them.
I know, but there's easy access to 3 major highways, and we don't know which way they went.
Right, but they're in tractor trailers.
That means we can track them through weigh stations.
No, you won't be able to.
Why? I hacked the AVI, the Automated Vehicle ID, and created clean histories for each of the trucks so they wouldn't have to stop.
So as long as they're within the legal weight, they'd get a green light.
I did that.
I wanted to see Reid so I did that.
I did the wrong thing.
Prentiss: But there's got to be a way to trace an electronic weigh station bypass.
They're transponders, like a carpool lane.
Each one is assigned No, no, you won't be able to.
I used old registrations, nothing legit.
It's all untraceable.
I tried to leave a trail, but I couldn't.
There wasn't enough time.
This is my fault.
We're not gonna be able to find Reid in time, and it's all my fault.
Penelope, it's gonna be ok.
How is it gonna be ok? They killed Theo and we don't know where they're going.
Look, they've been gone less than an hour.
There's a good chance they're still in Virginia.
Cyrus: Everyone drinks, everyone rejoices, 'cause today we are one step closer.
[Beep, typing] What have you got? Multiple routes they could take out of state.
Based on the size of the truck Garcia described, we're talking two fuel tanks filled with diesel.
Those tanks could be anywhere from 50 to 300 gallons, and they get roughly 7 miles a gallon average.
Simmons: Yeah, we're looking at 1,200 to 1,800 miles before they need to refuel.
They won't want to risk stopping.
They'll stay inside that radius.
They're using trucks for transport because of all the supplies, so they're setting up a new compound.
But where? Where will they be at 10:23? Well, 500 miles in any direction.
Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Kentucky.
Only connection between those states is that there were victims killed there.
Emotional history's in Colorado, but that wouldn't connect to 10:23 at all.
But they can make it to the ranch without refueling.
It's too risky.
They know it's the first place we'd look.
I what about this? Do you have any idea why they'd want to kill 300 victims? It feels like the ultimate sacrifice.
Cyrus was a history buff.
He chose Franklin as his middle name after a founding father.
300's a recurring number in history.
Spartan's guard of the King, it was 300 men.
300 invisible soldiers of Gideon.
Coincidence? Gideon was no longer on the team when we were at the ranch.
It could be connected, but If this is about a believer's rebirth, babies are born with 300 bones, and they're taking the hyoids.
And the hyoids we had in evidence are missing, which means Merva needed them back.
And that means they mean more to the end game than we thought.
But why did Reid need us to know it all happens at 10:23? That's got to be important.
It was the last thing he said to me.
Listen, you're right.
It means something to him.
We're trying to figure it out.
You better.
Reid: I can't tell you the number of times I've investigated abuse charges against small religious groups.
Almost all of them turn out to be false.
What do you think of that? It doesn't really matter what I think.
It does to me.
Why? Because God wants to save you.
I mean, that's why he sent you here.
That's the reason.
Meadows: Reid.
He's ignoring us.
[Knife clicks] Wait, wait.
They'll stop looking for me if I tell them to, but you have to let me talk to them.
You really believe they'll stop? I know they will, if I tell them I'm safe and it's all gonna be ok.
You think you're safe, even though, just then, you thought you were gonna die? Tell me, what did you feel? Peace.
Well, that's good.
Hold on to that.
You're gonna need it, because this was just a test.
All right, thanks.
Still no sign of any prep at the old Liberty Ranch or nearby.
Well, if this is about rebirth, they'll choose a new place.
Well, given their adoration of Cyrus and his love of the country, he'd want them to stay within our borders.
Remember, Benjamin Cyrus wasn't his real name, and he wasn't born into the cult.
He and his mom arrived there when he was a teenager.
He was kicked out for molesting girls.
And then he served time in prison in Kentucky.
Garcia: Charles Mulgrew, convicted in Kentucky at the age of 18, 3 counts statutory rape.
Kentucky warden said that once inside Mulgrew found religion, became a model citizen.
This guy volunteered at the prison hospital at the AIDS ward.
He was reading to prisoners dying of HIV.
He was a model citizen.
So he was technically reborn in Kentucky, and that's in the area.
Maybe that's where they're headed? Let's find out which city he was born in or where he was in prison and we'll spread out from there.
Great work, Garcia.
We'll get in the air, narrow down which city before we land.
We should also circle back to the religious component that Cyrus brought to the cult.
Reid and Cyrus quoted scripture a lot.
10:23 could be a lesson.
Meadows: You claim to feel peace, but you've chosen a path that surrounds you with violence.
I mean, I get it.
Clock's ticking and your team still hasn't found you yet.
You need something to hold on to.
JJ: There's something I wanted to ask you.
Will and I were talking and We want you to be Henry's godfather.
I don't even know I don't know Here, do you want to hold him? Um.
It's ok.
There you go.
- There you go - Hello, Henry.
Now, if anything should happen to us, it's up to you and Garcia to make sure this boy gets into Yale.
Ooh, Yale.
Do you want to go to Yale, Henry? That was your godfather's safety school.
Don't worry, I can get you into Caltech with one phone call.
[Grunting] We're approaching Kentucky.
The pilot needs to know where to touch down.
We're still looking.
Simmons: Uh, proverbs 10:23.
"A fool finds pleasure in wicked schemes, but a person of understanding delights in wisdom.
" Doesn't fit.
Jeremiah 10:23.
"I know that the way of man is not in himself.
" Corinthians.
"Do also the glory of God.
" Uh, hey, guys, listen to this.
Matthew chapter 10, verse 23.
"When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another.
" They're going to the next town.
Flee to another, but which one? Their end game is also a new beginning.
Cyrus brought religion back to the cult.
They'd honor that by wanting to start fresh, like the garden of Eden.
That's how 300 fits.
That was the number of angels that protected the garden of Eden.
Are there any Edens in Kentucky? Uh, no.
But there are two synonyms, Canaan and Arcadia.
Which one's closer to where Cyrus was born? Arcadia.
Ok, that's where they're going.
Garcia, pull land deeds.
I'll notify SWAT.
"And now these 3 remain "faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of these is love.
" Corinthians.
Faith in your new beginning.
The 300 who protect Eden.
That's why you chose your victims.
Victims? They're our angels.
They were protectors, but you see me as your enemy.
No, we see you as the bravest of them all.
During the raid, Cyrus gave you many chances to leave, but you chose to stand beside him.
He admired you, and he told us so.
He didn't see you as the others.
He saw you as a great one.
That's why God chose you to survive.
She blames me for Cyrus' death.
She has to blame someone.
Grief consumes her without it.
So this isn't revenge? We aren't monsters.
[Rustling] Merva: Before we take his voice as our own [Grunts] He has something to share.
To every thing, there's a season.
And a time to every purpose under the heaven A time to be born and a time to die A time to weep and a time to pluck up that which has been planted.
Meadows: Ok, he's stalling.
That's enough.
Merva: All right, let the sacrifice begin.
Protect us from all harm.
Believers: Let the sacrifice begin.
Protect us from all harm.
Let the sacrifice begin.
Protect us from all harm.
Merva: Today we give thanks for our patience, perseverance, and strength.
Without these, our efforts would have failed.
And we thank the others who have sacrificed for us.
Believers: Thank you for your sacrifice.
And for our guardian, who will protect this family now and always.
Spencer, keeper of provisions You are given selflessly to others and will be rewarded by the highest honor we could bestow.
Your blood will be our blood.
Your life will fuel ours.
[Gunshot] [Indistinct chatter] Go, now! Down! [Gunshots] Merva! [Gunshots] [Panting] Man: Back up, back up.
Lay on the ground.
Man: through this love through the fire just to save me I was down to the wire then you came for me to the dark to the hazy walls all caving in I was lost to clouds of gray but now I'm found You ok? Yeah, I am.
It'll take a while, but those will fade.
You look kind of tough.
Thank you.
That's what I was going for.
Ha ha ha.
Through the smoke I always had a hard time saying what I feel.
I think maybe it's because I'm afraid of being disappointed.
But I've never said How much I love all of you.
Then you came for me That's the beauty of family.
We already know.
Through the smoke, through the fire just to save me I was down to the wire then you came for me Garcia, voice-over: "The family.
That dear octopus" "from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor in our inmost hearts ever quite wish to.
" Dodie Smith.
Through the smoke, through the fire just to see I was down to the wire then you came for me