Criminal Minds s15e01 Episode Script

Under the Skin

1 Rossi: Previously on "Criminal Minds" Prentiss: Our unsub is Everett Lynch.
He's a con man and a murderer who slices off the faces of the women he seduces.
Reid: Roberta Lynch.
Having a con woman for a mother would have instilled the narcissism and misogyny that we profiled.
Rossi: This was the first time that I was beaten by someone younger, faster, stronger than I am.
Daddy! Rossi: We arrested his daughter Grace, but he got away.
Man, singing: but you came along like a breath of fresh air took a chance on the city, let the wind in your hair they say we're crazy for believing in love [Crickets chirping.]
[Phone rings, buzzes.]
So unless the GPS screwed up, I'm standing in front of your place? Man: Yes, you are.
I see you down there.
I just stepped out of the shower, but please come in.
Front door should be unlocked.
Go ahead and have open a bottle of Chateau Ratelle.
Be down to join you in just a few minutes.
All right.
[Door alarm beeps.]
[Door creaks.]
[Jazz music playing.]
Man: I'll be down there in 2 seconds! No worries! Take your time! I'm enjoying the wine! And the art.
Man: You should take a look at my portfolio over there on the piano! How do you like my work? [Crash.]
I need to I I need to get out of here.
N-no! N-no.
Aah Aah Alvez: I was not so sure about hosting a baby shower for baby number 5! But Lisa keeps insisting that it's not a shower.
It's a sprinkle.
Garcia: Any addition to the extended BAU family is a cause to gather and rejoice and to get loot in the form of baby swag.
Well, we can't thank you guys enough.
And when are you due? Oh, 8 weeks.
Garcia: And you're not even a little curious if it's a boy or girl? I'm good, but Matt is dying to know.
Simmons: But we decided that since everything about this baby has just been a wonderful surprise that we will once again be surprised when he or she arrives.
Alvez: Ha ha ha! It's killing you, bro.
Yeah, kill-ing me.
I came this close to bribing the doctor.
Oh! Hee hee! Lewis: You would not believe how long it took me to pick out that baby rocker for them.
I wouldn't beat yourself up.
You know, it's not easy to choose the appropriate gift in this case.
Yeah, but I think my inability to choose stems from a recurring dream I've had since I was a kid.
I'm at a birthday, and when a person finally opens their gift and sees it, they burst into tears.
Well, I would say that your dream represents a disguised fulfillment of a repressed wish.
- [Cell phone rings.]
- See? That's why that guy was a genius.
Everything ok? It's about my mom.
She's in a full-time care facility, and she's really been struggling.
I'm so sorry, Reid.
It's ok.
You know, you prepare for the inevitable, but it's still difficult to accept when things actually change.
Makes you wish you could go back in time and make sure you made the right choices.
Jareau: So will is outside right now drooling all over your boyfriend's super-cool motorcycle.
Ugh! Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
It's sexy, yet statistically stupid.
Isn't that how you got here? No, no.
Hunting serial killers is thrill enough for me.
Besides, I had to pick up the cake.
Jareau: Ah! It's a great cake, by the way.
I haven't seen Dave and Crystal yet.
It's not like him to be late.
No, it's not, although I'm sure he'll have a good excuse.
- Do you want me to call him? - No, I'll call him.
[Phone beeps; Ringing.]
[Cell phone ringing.]
Hey, Emily.
I'm running late.
I should be on my way to you guys, asap.
You know it's not in our jurisdiction.
I called.
Captain Paige said she'd be more than willing to Dave, I have been more than willing to give you a lot of latitude on the Everett Lynch case.
I know you have.
But over the past 6 months, you have taken it upon yourself to conduct a solo manhunt for the guy.
It just can't continue.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you that You want to know what worries me the most? I think you didn't tell me because you weren't sure how to lie to me.
Anyway, now really isn't the time to discuss this.
We'll talk about this later.
- [Vehicle door closes.]
- SSA Rossi! I appreciate you taking the time, Captain Paige.
Oh, sir, no problem at all.
And I can tell you, the Baltimore county sheriff's department will do whatever it can to help you catch The Chameleon.
The what? The Chameleon, sir.
That's what everybody's been calling him.
I think it started at the Baltimore field office as a joke, you know, because Everett Lynch is like this master of disguise, right? Ok.
Let me take you up this hill right here to the crime scene.
A photographer working for the Audubon society, she tripped over the body.
Well, not literally.
I mean, she found our John Doe lying right there, arms, legs spread out, flat on his back, possibly posed.
Looks like he'd been lying there for a while before he was found.
Yeah, well, our county coroner, Dr.
Jewel, he didn't have very many answers for us, but he guesstimated 3 to 5 days.
The skin around the torso had been removed deliberately.
That's what I thought.
But once again, Dr.
Jewel said he didn't think so because of the animal predation.
Looks like an open skinning to me.
Ok, but Everett Lynch, he took faces, women's faces, as trophies, right? Yes, he did.
Ok, so, then, why are you guys thinking this man's murder has anything to do with him? Everett Lynch took women's faces because he's a deranged misogynist.
His hatred of women is also tied to his malignant narcissism.
Problem is, his obsession with himself has its wires crossed 'Cause Lynch has no idea who he really is.
He has no true identity.
And now that he's on the run, he's uncomfortable in his own skin.
And he's transferred his violent compulsion from women he hates to men he envies.
So if you're right, then, this man can't possibly be Lynch's only male victim.
It isn't, but we're gonna use these men to get under his skin.
We're gonna use them to catch this sick son of a bitch.
Rossi: "Man is not what he thinks he is.
" "He is what he hides.
" André Malraux.
Rossi, thinking: Let's talk about your father.
Grace Lynch: Who's asking? Dave.
Hello, Dave.
My father give that to you? Yeah.
You let me sit in here for 2 days before making your play.
48 hours 2,880 minutes For me to melt down, then you to waltz in here waving a get-out-of-jail -free card.
That is If I dime out my daddy.
He sold you out.
He didn't sell me out.
Look where the hell you are.
Without my help, you're gonna die in here.
Do you understand that? Pardon? Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit? What would we not do for family? So how do I make you understand that your love and your loyalty is wasted, that your "daddy" only cares about one thing Himself.
Guard! Did you make a formal request for an expanded air and ground search of parks in Baltimore county? - Yes, I did, but - but nothing.
That request needed to go through my office.
So now's the time we need to talk.
Dave, you were right.
They just found another body.
Garcia: This deceased gentleman is John Doe number 2.
He was found about an hour ago deep in the woods of the Ellis pines regional park.
Alvez: Might be harder to tell with John Doe number 1, but with number 2 here, it's pretty clear animals didn't tear off his skin.
Reid: There's no question we're dealing with an unsub wrestling with violent sexual impulses.
However, neither the staging of the bodies nor the removal of their torsos' skin speaks to the same manifestation of lust violence expressed in Everett Lynch's previous kills.
That manifestation is evolving, and I think it started the moment he thought about cutting off my face.
Simmons: But he didn't or couldn't because he had at least enough control over himself to understand that killing an FBI agent would bring the full weight of law enforcement down on him.
Lewis: Our original profile of Lynch didn't indicate any sexual fluidity, and without that, I don't see how we'd be able to shift his victimology from women to men.
Alvez: Also, why would our guy go from burning his victims trying to make it look like an accident? And now he's just leaving them somewhere where they can be obviously found? Prentiss: Right now, I don't want any of us to presume anything about this case.
JJ, Spence, I'd like you to walk the crime scene at Ellis Pines.
Matt, Luke, Baltimore county is sending a new pathologist in.
I need you to coordinate with whomever that is.
Tara and Dave, focus on victimology.
Whoever we're dealing with here is still clearly on the hunt.
Whoa! Oh, my! Ohh! I got you.
Paige: Agents! The crime scene is right this way.
I have to say, there's not a lot of differences between this dump site and the last one we found.
Jareau: They do appear to be similar.
Right? Well, don't let me get in your way.
Not exactly a place you stumble upon at random.
Our unsub's gotta be familiar with a location like this.
He feels safe here.
There's privacy.
He could take his time, potentially come back to revisit the victims.
But so far, everything we know about Everett Lynch places him and his various aliases pretty firmly in the Southern United States.
Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas obsessively following in the footsteps of his mother Roberta.
It doesn't mean he hasn't spent any time in the state of Maryland.
Just another thing that's distinctly off-pattern, you know, like the way that he disposed of this body.
Everett Lynch has never shown a desire to revisit his victims.
That's why he burned them and took their faces.
But then why take the skins, right? If we're really thinking that this could be a new unsub, who's compelled to revisit and relive? That's a good question and one that needs to be answered by building a whole new profile, not by transposing Everett Lynch's.
Well, from your mouth to Rossi's ears.
Agents, let me assure you again that I have no ego to bruise here.
And so making this transition from myself to Dr.
Sebastian Hurst here Agents Alvez and Simmons? I'm Dr.
Hurst, the OCME Baltimore city, and, yes, I have been assigned to take over the post-mortem investigation of your John Does from the county coroner, Dr.
And, as I was saying, no problem.
I very much liken this to asking for a second opinion after a diagnosis.
Well, I haven't had a chance to re-examine John Doe number 1, but I have finished with the latest victim, who does remain unidentified.
Petechial hemorrhaging, that you can see right here, strongly suggests that his death was the result of asphyxiation.
But you found no defense wounds.
I didn't.
I suspect he was sedated.
I've requested an extended toxicology panel.
Alvez: Looks as if the torso skin was removed post-mortem.
Hurst: And that's correct.
However, I believe there was some mention of this possibly being an open skinning? Yes, because of the manner of removal, like like a jacket.
And why I'd agree that the skin around the torso was removed in a manner similar to this method, I would have to disagree that it was performed by someone like a hunter.
Alvez: Why is that? Hurst: It's dissected, precisely, not with some kind of hunter's knife either More likely a scalpel.
So maybe a hunter who picked up some extra skills watching YouTube? Dr.
Hurst, where are we on the victim's DNA, fingerprints? Actually, that is where I come back in to the picture.
And to be sure, everything has been collected and placed into the national missing persons' database.
So we're just waiting to see if we get a hit.
Yes, indeedy! We just got a hit that looks like our John Doe number 2 has been identified as Daniel Kane, born and raised and still just trying to live his best life down there in Miami Beach, Florida.
So what was his connection to Baltimore county, Maryland? Oh, that's the thing.
Nobody knew what he was doing in Maryland.
Lewis: I am still struggling to understand how Lynch could just shift his victimology from 40-something women with college-age kids to 20-something men with practically no baggage to check.
It all comes down to the fact that Lynch's psychosexual needs don't conform to a specific sexual preference.
That's where we were wrong in our initial profile.
You really think we were wrong? Yes.
It's about what he covets.
And even though he's wrestling with his conscience, he's still aware Aware enough to knowingly shift his violent impulses from the women to the men - [computer beeps.]
- Because it would keep him from popping up on our radar.
But how's this for a pop? Daniel Kane posted a profile on Date Craze.
That's one of the dating websites that Everett Lynch used to stalk his female victims.
Penelope, I need you to track down every connection Daniel made with anyone who even so much as glanced at that site.
You got it.
Man: Gregory, I'm so sorry.
I'm almost ready.
Do come inside.
I've opened a bottle of wine, so please make yourself at home.
No worries.
Take your time.
I got all night.
[Jazz music playing.]
Man: So handsome.
You honestly have no idea how refreshing it is to finally meet a young man who's true to his description of himself in those dating profiles.
Why? Because I actually agreed to come out here and spend time with a complete stranger? Yes.
I'd say that certifies what you boasted as your sense of adventure.
You know, um I better slow down.
Man, in distorted voice: Do you mind if I take your picture Picture Picture Picture [Camera shutter clicking.]
[Man singing classical music.]
Rossi: You wanted to see me? Yeah.
I just got off the phone with the Arkansas Attorney General.
Grace Lynch wants to make a deal.
Now she wants to talk? And she wants to talk to you.
So I've arranged her transfer to D.
She'll be here tomorrow morning.
- Emily - I've also requested the transfer of Lynch's mother Roberta.
I think we overlooked an opportunity to play the two most important women in Lynch's life against each other.
We don't need them now, either one.
With this new victimology, we're very close to taking Lynch down.
We don't know that, not for sure.
And honestly, I am concerned that by your insisting we superimpose Lynch's profile over these new crimes, it's possible that we could allow Lynch and some other unsub to get away.
I would never allow that to happen.
If your head is really in the game, I would expect you to be able to see through their lies and profile what they've been hiding.
[Computer beeping.]
Curious and curiouser.
Daniel Kane books a round-trip flight from Miami to Baltimore, but the credit card used to pay for that belongs to someone named Terrence Folger.
Ok, so, who is this Terrence Folger? Ok, he's from Dallas, and Do you think it's a coinkydink that he also has a profile on Date Craze? And bears a striking resemblance to Daniel Kane.
Ok, so what else do we know about this Folger? Does he use any other dating sites or social media platforms? Yes And no.
As far as I can tell, a once-avid social media user, he has neither liked nor shared nor uploaded anything in well over a month.
Well, something tells me that this Terrence Folger didn't go to ground because he killed Daniel Kane.
I think he's our John Doe number 1.
Yeah, and the unsub's using the credit card to cover his tracks.
[Garcia gasps.]
Oh, no.
They just found another body.
[Camera shutter clicking.]
- [Police radio.]
- Paige: A ranger spotted him from the road.
Now, I mean, if this guy just carried the body a few more feet over there, it would be out of sight.
Reid: As if he'd planned on disposing of the body somewhere else in the park, somewhere similar to his previous dump sites, but then at the last moment, changed his mind and left it here.
We stepped up our patrols of all the parklands in the county.
Maybe he sees one of us rolling by and decides this place will have to do.
You asked me earlier why he would take the skins if he also planned on coming back to visit.
I think he wasn't sure which he preferred until now.
And holding onto those trophies is working for him.
So why waste time? What he really needs is to get back out there and hunt for more.
But I thought taking trophies has always been The Chameleon's thing.
I know I'm not supposed to call him that.
Not so much, but your point is well taken.
This doesn't feel like an unsub who's evolving, more like one who's just gotten a real taste for what he needs and is about to go on a feeding frenzy.
Jewel: The DNA confirmed Dr.
Lewis' prediction that Doe number 1 is Terrence Folger.
Hurst: And this should be of interest to you.
According to our extended toxicology panel, your first two victims Mr.
Folger and Mr.
Kane Were both significantly dosed with sodium thiopentol.
That's a short-acting barbiturate.
Simmons: Yes.
It's generally been used to induce medical comas, not something that's easy to come by.
No, not unless you're in the medical field.
Well, isn't there a black market for nearly anything these days? There is.
Sodium thiopentol is an unusual drug for anybody to go out of their way to acquire.
I think this just might start to shift the focus of our profile.
Ok, our John Doe number 3 has been identified as Gregory Broder.
He's an architect from Atlanta, Georgia.
He was looking for love, in what we now know is really the wrong place, the dating website Date Craze.
He wasn't communicating with them through the website directly.
Instead, he used cloned accounts on direct messaging apps.
Lewis: But it's odd he'd choose this dating site when he could easily stalk his victims on any social network.
Prentiss: Why would he evolve every aspect of his M.
except how he solicits his victims online? He might be holding onto one habit to make sure he gets my attention.
Your attention? Dave, do you think it's possible that this raw emotion that you have for Lynch could be distorting the lens you're using to interpret the behavior here? No.
My gut and years of experience tell me that Everett Lynch is behind all of this.
Reid: I think there are times we all can lose sight of bias and the doctrine of chances.
We're presented with an unsub that demonstrates an extreme sexualized violence, so it's inevitable to think that it's got to be Lynch.
Now, what are the chances? But that's actually our own bias putting forth a false presumption.
Simmons: Don't you think these profiles are clearly differentiated by the autopsy evidence? I mean, Lynch can't cut like a surgeon.
Now, why go to the trouble of using sodium thiopentol? Alvez: You factor that in with the recklessness at the last dumpsite, and it gets easier to piece together the motivations of a very different unsub than Lynch, someone more like an Edward Gein A guy who was so uncomfortable in his own skin that he craved to possess a new one, literally.
Simmons: And that pathology can manifest itself in somebody with a physical deformity or who suffered a scarring injury, somebody who's obsessively self-conscious about his own physical appearance.
Jareau: What if Lynch has taken on a partner, like he did with Grace? No.
I don't think so.
Grace was an exception.
She's his daughter, but he only partnered with her for expediency.
He's really a solo act.
Reid: Which would mean we are dealing with two separate and distinct cases here.
Dave, I'd like you to keep your focus on the Everett Lynch case.
Grace and Roberta will arrive in D.
The rest of us, we need to turn our attention to a doctor, most likely a surgeon, who lives and works somewhere in Baltimore county.
[Man singing classical music.]
Well, sure looks like working for the city pays a whole lot better than working for the county.
To be honest, I didn't pay for this property.
No, no.
It was inherited.
Anyway, I can wait out here while you get whatever you need.
No, no, no, no.
Please come in.
I won't be a moment.
After that, I know this marvelous little szechuan place.
[Key turns in lock.]
[Rossi gasping and choking.]
[Cell phone chimes.]
You should answer that.
Of course, I can say with 100% certainty that I'm the least-qualified person to be giving out relationship advice.
You're better at it than you think.
I hope I didn't sound like I was dismissing your instincts.
And my 40 years of experience? I'm sorry.
That was not my I'm kidding.
You were right.
I'm letting it get too personal.
I'm losing some perspective Seeing what I want, ignoring what I can't explain.
Well, that makes two of us.
How's that? I've been so focused trying to ignore the parallels between Lynch's profile and this new unsub that I've refused to ask myself Why would a seasoned doctor with a lot of pent-up, lust-murdering rage 4 weeks ago out of the clear blue decide to act out? Exactly.
And when he does act out, he's able to commit crimes with an expertise rarely exhibited by even the most prolific of serial killers.
What are the chances? So what triggers this guy? Or who? What do you think? Modern art is Not my cup of tea.
It is an acquired taste.
Uh Ohh Oh Oh Dave, please tell me you didn't spend the night here.
I got in early.
Couldn't sleep.
Did they notify you about the delay? Grace Lynch is swapping out lawyers, so she'll be arriving at the U.
attorney's office around noon, so now maybe an hour after Roberta.
Thank you.
I can use the extra time.
You know, Reid got me thinking about something last night.
I started to compile a list of doctors who fit the profile.
- Let me stop you there.
- [Cell phone rings.]
I really need your undivided attention on Grace and Roberta.
Penelope and Tara have something.
Call me after you speak with Roberta.
This was in the lost-and-found.
I figured it was yours.
What did you guys find? Ok, so Tara and I had anticipated that Gregory Broder's travel itinerary would have been paid for by the previous victim, Daniel Kane.
- However, hold a flag on the play.
- It was paid for by a credit card issued to someone named Arthur Terrell.
Now, this Arthur Terrell doesn't fit the victimology at all.
He looks like this.
Lewis: At 47, he's twice the age of the other victims, doesn't look as if he frequents the gym.
He's a private attorney who lives and works in Frederick, Maryland.
Garcia: And I quadruple checked.
He is not listed as a missing person.
He actually does check several of the boxes for our potential unsub, except for one He's not a doctor.
Well, that still makes Mr.
Arthur Terrell a person of very special interest.
Penelope, I want you to distribute his home and office addresses to the rest of the team.
We'll coordinate them from here.
I got it, got it.
[Classical music playing.]
[Man singing classical music.]
Ok, we'll take the front.
Ok, we got the back.
You two with me.
You two back him up.
FBI! [Alarm blaring.]
We have unexpected company.
Captain Paige, we're going in.
- Dr.
- Yes.
SSA David Rossi.
Arthur Terrell, FBI! I know you're a VP with the Maryland medical board, so I thought you might be of some help.
Well, I certainly will try.
Now, I have a list of doctors from around here - Mm-hmm.
- Current and retired.
- Mostly surgeons.
- Mmm.
I'd love to go over the names with you.
- Clear! - Clear! Clear.
There's no one here.
I'm going to describe a few personal traits that are very likely true of the person we're looking for.
- Hopefully - I'll be able to identify that man from the names on this list.
What I'd like to drill down on is this doctor's personal history.
I can't truly say that I know many of them all that well.
The man I'm looking for suffered a disfiguring injury during his adolescence, an injury that shaped or you could say misshaped his sexual development, but it's also the reason he became a doctor.
Because perhaps he believed that one day he might learn to repair himself? Am I right? Yes, but unfortunately he struggled with his erotic fixations during the surgeries and was aroused by all of the cutting and the manipulating of the patient's vital organs, especially their skin.
How would you even begin to ascertain There's be records of formal reprimands from hospitals and insurance companies as to why these surgeries took way too long.
How fascinating.
Your appraisal of this man's psychopathology is My job.
Of course.
Agent Rossi, would you excuse me for just a moment? Absolutely.
There's no sign of Terrell.
And it's weird because besides the living room, it doesn't look like anyone's actually lived here in weeks.
Prentiss: Well, according to his assistant, Terrell left a few weeks ago on vacation.
Lewis: That does fit into the timeline for the start of these murders.
Simmons: Luke.
- Hang on a second.
- You gotta see this.
Son of a bitch insinuated himself into the investigation.
Emily, our unsub is Dr.
- Aah! - Bad move, doc.
Stop, stop.
Aah! You don't attack me, then I don't have probable cause to search your place, and we both know what I'm gonna find, now, don't you? - [Distant sirens.]
- You're breaking my arm! Yeah, well, a whole lot of cops and medics are about to bust in here.
So in this precious time that we have left, I want to know where's Everett Lynch.
I don't know what you're talking - Wrong answer.
- Aah! Aah! Aah! Now, you knew his mother Roberta.
Hell, you almost married her to keep up appearances, but she conned you out of a lot of money and you couldn't go to the cops.
How do you even know this? You and little Everett.
I bet you guys got close Close enough that he caught on to your fetish.
And years later, he came back to help you work it all out.
Why? - [Sirens approaching.]
- Aah! Aah! What did he want from you in return? He wanted A good lawyer.
[Chains clanking.]
This way.
Hands where I can see 'em, against the wall.
[Keys jingling.]
Hands down.
Over here.
Turn around.
Grace, I'm gonna give you all the time you need with your new lawyer.
You just let me know when you're ready.
Ok, cool.
Thank you.
What the hell took you so long? Better late than never, right? Officer: You guys good here? Uh, you know, actually, marshal there's just one more thing.
Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! This better be part of the plan.
Damn straight, darlin'.
Let's go.
Dave, what the hell is going on? Rossi: Look, forget about Dr.
They've got him in custody.
We just need to make sure the U.
attorney's office is completely locked down.
You think Lynch is gonna make an attempt to break Grace out? Rossi: Yes.
He's disguised as her new lawyer, a guy named Arthur Terrell.
[Keys jingling.]
Take those.
Alvez: Matt and I were just at Terrell's house.
We didn't find any connection to Lynch or his daughter.
Rossi: Look, I'll explain everything once we're sure that Grace is locked down and Lynch is locked up.
Even though she's being guarded by U.
marshals, if Lynch is well-disguised, he'd certainly have the element of surprise on his side.
Lewis: He would, but he'd still need to shoot his way out of that building.
Ok, come on.
Man: Gun! Here.
Take that.
It's ok.
Take it.
It's ok.
Take it.
Put it in the bag.
Man, on radio: 10-4.
Gunshots fired.
Put on a jacket.
Put all this stuff in the bag.
Simmons: If Grace has been in on this from the start, then Lynch has had more than enough time to map an escape route.
Man, on radio: Is that shots fired? 5th floor, confirm.
Lynch: Uh, that's affirmative.
Shots fired.
Suspects Arthur Terrell and Grace Lynch.
In pursuit is Hines and Mccullagh.
Suspects are armed and dangerous and currently attempting egress from Northwestern loading dock.
See? Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.
Hey, I think it's happening.
There's just been reports of "shots fired" at the U.
attorney's office.
They're already on lockdown then.
Penelope, we need to scramble HR and have D.
Metro police cordon off a 4-block radius around that building.
Garcia: On it.
I'm almost there.
- Alvez: Right behind you, Dave.
- So are we.
Stop! Drop the backpack! Now! Hands where I can see them! - I'm sorry, Dad.
- For what? Hey, hey.
Just try to keep up.
Trust me.
They think Lynch has a radio.
So he could still be inside trying to confuse us tactically.
Yeah, damn it.
Where the hell is everybody? All right, we're going in.
Rossi: Lynch has compromised our tactical communication.
HRT isn't here, and Metro hasn't shut down one damn street around this building yet.
This is crazy.
Everyone's getting caught with their pants down.
Garcia: Hey, I'm getting a report that Lynch and Grace were seen going underground, like way underground, the underground parking levels.
That's good, right? They'll trap themselves in there.
The bottom parking level connects to the underground garages for both the first monument bank and the D.
trade Plaza.
Gives them escape routes in multiple directions extending beyond our roadblocks.
Tell Reid and JJ what's going on.
They may now be in the best position to cut Lynch and Grace off.
All right, we can't wait for backup.
I'll cover this one.
I'll take the parking garage at Piedmont and 10th.
Everett Lynch, FBI! Stop! Drop your weapon and place your hands on your head.
Now! Ok! Hey! Take it easy.
Gee, lady, there's no reason to gun down a daddy in front of his little girl.
Right? All right, kick it over.
Kick it over! All right, Grace, you, too.
Come on.
Drop your backpack and let me see your hands.
Jareau: Come on! Now! All right.
Don't move.
Aah! Uhh! Aah! [Jareau groaning.]
Lynch: Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! [Coughing.]
[Tires squeal.]