Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Cinderella and the Dragon

1 Jack: Over 68 million Americans leave the safety of our borders every year.
If danger strikes, The FBI's International Response is called into action.
Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, we're beginning our initial descent into Singapore.
If you would, please bring your seatbacks and tray tables to their upright and locked position.
Thank you.
Mm, it says here that Singapore is a completely planned society.
It was built from almost nothing after World War II and a focus on commerce and nationalism has made it the most prosperous country in southeast Asia.
I married a reader.
Hi, excuse me.
You're just gonna have to turn that off for landing.
Sorry, he doesn't fly.
[Chuckles] Is this your first time in Singapore? It's our first time outside Akron.
Any advice? Where should we eat? Well, I always like Kampong Glam, but since this is your first time, you have to check out Maxwell Road.
They have the best chicken rice.
Thanks, we'll check it out.
That's like the third person who's recommended chicken rice.
How good could it be? This from the guy that considers chili with noodles a delicacy.
Thank God for a three-day turnaround.
What do you say, ladies? Want to hit up the clubs? You're the only man that I know that can follow up a 16-hour trans-pac with a night out.
I'm gonna spend the next 72 hours the way God intended Poolside with a martini.
Are you girls holding out on me? [Scoffs] And here I thought we were young.
[Jet sound] Here we are in Singapore.
The highlight of which thus far has been the people movers.
Lisa, you got anything for the folks back home? Hi, folks.
Honey get the bags.
[Screams] [Breathing heavily] Edward! Jane Wicks, a flight attendant with Oceanic Airlines, had just arrived in country on flight 815.
Singapore police suspect her co-worker Kathy Hall of the murder.
Security cameras caught Kathy fleeing the scene of the crime.
Monty: Check this out.
That's blood.
She then exited the airport through an emergency door and disappeared into the city.
Well, clear evidence of a crime and positive ID of a suspect.
Why does Singapore PD need our help? The country experiences fewer than 10 murders a year.
An American victim and an American suspect at large State Department has asked that we make sure everything goes by the book.
Yeah, well, to keep crime low, Singapore's justice system is intentionally swift and severe.
There's no such thing as trial by jury.
Judges have been known to pass harsh sentences for foreigners who commit crimes.
Like chewing bubble gum, which is illegal, by the way.
Isn't Singapore where that kid was caned for being drunk in public? Yeah.
In 1993, an American college student was convicted of public intoxication and vandalism.
He maintains to this day that he was coerced by Singapore police into a false confession.
Well, it's gonna be much worse for Kathy Hall.
When caught, she's most likely gonna face an expedited trial and then execution by hanging.
Well, running certainly implies guilt, and that's all that Singapore courts are gonna need.
So, was this a crime of opportunity, or did Kathy kill Jane in cold blood? That's on us to find out.
Clearly, there are differences between the Singaporean system and our own.
So, for the sake of justice, let's make sure that due process is had for both the victim and the accused, or soon, we could very easily have two dead Americans on our hands.
[Theme music] [Oriental Music] Jack: A Singaporean proverb tells us, Where there is a sea, there are pirates.
Flight landed at 5:12.
At 5:41, Jane Wicks and Kathy Hall carded into a secure area of baggage claim.
And the body came out on a conveyor? Six minutes later.
We ruled out ground crew and other passengers.
Kathy Hall is the only one who could have committed this crime.
I know you presume a suspect innocent until proven otherwise, but in Singapore, Kathy Hall enjoy no such rights.
Our top priority is to locate and apprehend Ms.
Hall as quickly as possible.
Your presence here can only complicate this investigation.
Station Inspector Cheong Senior Station Inspector.
Of course.
The IRT has no interest in slowing down your investigation.
But we owe it to the deceased to understand why and how this murder took place.
We believe the two women got into an argument, and escalated until Kathy Hall killed Jane Wicks in a fit of rage.
While that is plausible, we's still like to talk to as many flight-crew members and witnesses as possible.
I will make the arrangements.
Any indication of where she went when she left? No.
That is concerning.
Now, in the interest of national security, Singapore has security cameras at virtually every intersection of the city.
For someone to disappear in thin air like this woman would take knowledge and planning.
She seems to know where every camera is and how to avoid them.
So, this may have been more than just an argument that got out of hand.
This may have been planned.
With all due respect, we know who the killer is.
Now, how does further review of the events help us get any closer to finding her? Inspector Cheong, Singapore PD has officers all over the city looking for Ms.
Hall, do they not? Of course.
And if you catch her, the investigation is over, but if you don't, we'd like to build a profile of the killer, and that may help tell us where she's headed.
In order to catch a fish, you got to think like a fish.
Who are you again? I'm Matt Simmons.
I do physical evidence and tracking.
I'd like to take a look at your murder scene.
Come with me.
Monty: Okay, victimology.
According to a Homeland-Security profile, Jane Wicks grew up outside of a middle-class neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri.
She went to Bard College in upstate New York before moving to Washington D.
in her early 20s.
Her parents, Clyde and Deborah, were devastated to hear about their daughter's death, but they did say that there's no way that Kathy Hall could be the killer.
Apparently, the two women were close.
What do we know about the suspect? Uh Kathy Hall orphan.
She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and raised primarily in the foster-care system and group homes.
She dropped out of high school, got her GED while working as a convenience store clerk.
Her only family is her brother, who I'm having a hard time trying to locate.
He had a methamphetamine bust in '05, but outside of that, his record's clean.
Despite a rocking upbringing, Kathy pulled herself up.
She got a job as a flight attendant.
According to social media, she's been living the life.
Jane and Kathy met in flight-attendant training in 2009.
The two have been working together on the BWI-Singapore route since a year ago, last January.
So, two women, wildly different backgrounds.
They meet, become friends, travel the world.
I can relate.
So, where did it go wrong? Mae, you head to the morgue, assist with the autopsy.
Clara and I will start to interview some of the witnesses.
How well did you know Jane and Kathy? I joined the flight crew about a year ago.
We were friends.
Would you describe their relationship as close? Those two were thick as thieves.
[Scoffs] At least I thought they were.
Some of the other passengers reported hearing them argue.
Do you know what that was about? They were talking about some guy.
Dead girl didn't like whoever the other one was dating.
Did he call you back? How? We're at 30,000 feet in the air.
I'm telling you, he's a liar.
You can't trust him.
You know how it is.
Work enough long-haul flights, you're bound to have your differences.
Tell me about the boyfriend.
Did you meet him? Prince Charming? Man, he was hot.
Rode into first class and swept her off her feet.
Was that a source of tension between Jane and Kathy? Because of Scott? Maybe a little jealousy, but nothing worth killing over.
It was a total cold war.
I mean, they weren't being obvious about it, but you've seen one girl fight, you know the signs.
- Really? - Honey, I love you.
Sometimes you're just oblivious.
It was definitely about the boyfriend.
Fight about me? There's no way.
Agent Montgomery, I promise you, Kathy didn't kill Jane.
Okay, take it back to the beginning.
How did you and Kathy meet? Well, I'm an art broker, so I do a lot of international travel, and last year, I was on Kathy's route to Singapore a lot.
And [chuckles] Well, you know how it is.
Cute girl, hard worker She built herself up from nothing.
I was impressed.
And how well did you know Jane? We were friends Well, friendly.
Was there ever any? Between me and Jane? - Yeah.
- No.
Was there ever any reason for Jane to be jealous? How should I know? I Look, they were best friends.
Okay, did they have disagreements? Sure.
But Kathy's not a violent person.
Okay, what can you tell me about Kathy's family? She doesn't have one.
She's an orphan.
- Well, she has a brother.
- Right.
I'm having a hard time locating him.
Do you have a contact number? I'm sorry.
We never met.
You've been dating for a year, but you never met her brother? Her profile suggests they're pretty close.
They are.
It just never works out.
One of us is always traveling.
Agent Montgomery you have to find out who did this.
If the Singapore police think Kathy's a killer I promise, we will get to the truth.
And you're sure the murder happened here? Arriving crews sometimes come here to retrieve their checked bags before they go out to the general public.
There are no security cameras in this room itself, but the one outside shows Jane Wicks and Kathy Hall enter at 5:44.
Two minutes later, one woman is dead and the other is fleeing the building.
Signs of a struggle? As I said, we believe it was an argument that got out of hand.
These scuff marks don't indicate as big a struggle as I would expect from two women of similar size.
Are you questioning my conclusion? Is this your version of not interfering with my investigation? I'm just trying to put a picture together here.
Arguments that turn lethal, they usually do so gradually.
This looks more like a blitz attack designed to catch Jane off guard.
That would support the idea that this is premeditated, not the result of an argument.
Kathy Hall committed murder, Agent Simmons.
Singapore law does not differentiate based on motivation.
Whatever her reason, she's gonna face the death penalty.
If she did it, we will abide by the laws of the land.
But if she didn't, it's my job to make sure she gets a fighting chance.
As you can see, most of the damage to the body is superficial, caused, we believe, by the machinery and collision with the other baggage.
Ugh, brutal.
The actual cause of death is thought to be asphyxia.
There's bruising around the neck, broken hyoid.
It's definitely strangulation.
Looks like she may have been choked from behind using this scarf from the uniform.
And the defensive wounds on her arms and her hands.
She definitely struggled against her attacker.
There's flesh under her fingernails.
Well, Jane's bio did say that she grew up with three brothers and played high-school soccer, so she may have been little more than our attacker was expecting.
I already sent a sample to the lab.
Once the results come back with Kathy Hall's DNA, we'll have enough evidence to convict.
Can you hand me the A.
? Really? This is open and shut.
Well, it never hurts to be thorough.
Hello, lightshow.
The adhesive residue on Jane's upper thigh is the kind of thing we see in smuggling cases.
The couriers will take the contraband to places screeners won't look and then move it undetected through customs.
So, you're thinking this whole thing's about drugs.
Based on the adhesive, I'd say that we're looking at quarter kilo, max.
Simmons: Well, it'd have to be pretty high value to be moving such a small amount.
I'd say probably cocaine or heroin.
In a place where drugs are illegal, even a small amount's gonna get you a fortune.
Monty, any indication on whether Kathy was in on it? Monty: I think it may have been a four-person operation.
I did some digging into Jane's cloud-storage accounts, and it turns out, Scott has met Will, which means he was lying to me.
And possibly involved.
With Scott's international connections and Will's previous history, you think they got enterprising? I think if Kathy decided to double-cross the other, it could explain why Scott was so interested in whether or not we had located her.
Singapore has gone through great lengths to eliminate drugs.
That these people could bring such a blight to this island Jack: If this is a broken drug ring, this isn't a crime of passion.
It's one of greed.
The brother may be in on it, too.
I still can't find him.
It's like 72 hours ago, he just fell off the map No ATM, no cellphone, no social media use.
It's the kind of thing you expect from someone going off the grid.
Jack, do you want me to take the boyfriend into custody? Jack: Let's not tip our hand just yet.
Don't let him go far.
Let's focus on the killer at hand.
The nature and timing of Jane's murder means we're dealing with a highly-structured objective-driven killer.
If Kathy is smuggling, then her goal is probably to make a delivery somewhere in the city.
And she would be very dangerous.
[Motorcycle engine revs] [Indistinct talking] [Screams] Kathy didn't kill her.
Something's not adding up.
Simmons: She was in a hurry.
What do you make of this? Quick alterations.
Looks like Kathy was doing whatever she could to change her appearance.
She planned for Jane's murder, but not for a change of clothes? Thanks.
How's the witness? Well, not much help.
She dropped her bag and ran.
Yeah, looks more like a costume change than an attempted murder.
Which is good, but still doesn't explain why Kathy would kill her best friend in cold blood and then leave a witness here that can identify her.
Why even come here anyway? For a woman who's trying to avoid detection, it seems like an awfully public area.
It has to be on the way to her delivery.
Monty: Kathy started here at the airport, then made her way to your present location A distance of about 11 miles.
Given direction and time of travel, that would indicate she's on foot.
If we overlay the criminal activity of the last 12 months along with local drug busts, we may get an idea of where she's headed.
You know it? Yeah, it's the dark side of paradise.
Officially, it's known as the red-light district, but more accurately, it's an overcrowded slum with a thriving underworld.
In a country as affluent and educated as Singapore, employers have a hard time finding unskilled workers to do manual labor, so they get migrant workers from other countries to come do the menial jobs.
But then that leaves the Ministry of Manpower with nowhere to put them, so a lot of times, as a result, they end up in government dormitories in Geylang.
The Ministry of Manpower? Seriously? That sounds Orwellian.
Yeah, well, it is the very embodiment of income inequality.
There's a lot of poverty, human trafficking Just a lot of crime.
Kathy had drugs to deliver.
That might be the place.
[Cellphone ringing] What have you got, Mae? So, Monty sent me over some of Kathy and Will's old foster-home records.
I'm looking at these, and I'm having trouble finding anything that would lead me to believe that they would become drug runners.
Well, people smuggle drugs for a lot of reasons.
Yes, but it almost always stems from addiction or financial instability, and their bank statements are telling us that neither of these is the case.
[Sighs] I mean, Kathy dropped out of high school her senior year to become Will's legal guardian.
She got her associate's degree while working to help support them.
I mean, Jack, she had every opportunity to get involved in the drug trade growing up, but it seems like she spent her entire life avoiding it.
What about the brother's meth bust? So, I talked to the arresting officer, and apparently, Will was volunteering at a rehab clinic at the time.
So it sounds like he took the fall for a patient so the guy didn't get his third strike.
I mean, Jack, people like this don't run drugs unless they're being coerced.
Well, if you're right, maybe the reason.
Monty can't find Will isn't because he has a three-day head start, maybe he's been abducted.
He'd be pretty good leverage.
I mean, he was important to both women.
Jack, I think that we have to consider the possibility that Kathy and Jane are not willing participants in this smuggling operation.
Call Monty.
See if he still has the boyfriend.
He's gonna have to tell some lies.
[Phone ringing] Did you find her? We're getting closer.
She attacked a woman in an alley downtown.
Attacked? There's no way.
Yeah, local police are saying it's a miracle the woman is even alive.
You know of anything that may have triggered this kind of violence or any unusual stress she's experiencing? Stress.
Uh No.
Our profilers believe that whatever caused Kathy to kill Jane has activated some kind of blood lust.
They think she may try to kill again.
[Chuckles] Y-You think Kathy's on a murderous rampage? It's not the clinical term, but yeah.
Where was the attack? We've tracked her to the Geylang slums.
My team is worried that she's looking for another victim.
Do you know anyone Kathy would try to target in Geylang? Honestly, Agent Montgomery, I don't.
[Cellphone ringing] - Go.
- Well, you were right Jack.
Scott's definitely behind this.
Not 30 seconds after I left the room, he put an encrypted call to Singapore.
Thanks to the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act, I didn't even need a warrant to trace it.
The call went in to a man named Han Bo Sheng.
I'm sending you the location now.
[Oriental music] Hello? Hello? I'm looking for Han.
Han? Han? [Ominous music plays] Oh, my God.
[Voice breaking] Oh my God! [Gasping] Aah! Two murders in one day and you wonder why our laws are so harsh.
That's to prevent a situation like this.
Kathy was definitely here.
Matches the pair that she stole from the woman at the plaza.
[Speaking native language] Let me guess Han Boshane.
Agent Garrett, do you mind telling me how you knew for us to come here? We found the man in the States who's forcing Kathy to do this.
Well, if Jane and Kathy were both being coerced, then why did Jane end up dead? Mae: Maybe she got cold feet.
I mean, I can't even imagine having to choose between my best friend's life and my brother's.
But even so, why kill Han? Maybe she didn't.
These are the test results from Jane's autopsy.
The blood from her blouse and the scrapings under her fingernails contained two different sets of male DNA.
So, either Jane and Kathy were both men Or there were other people in the luggage room that night.
That's why there wasn't more of a struggle.
This wasn't a blitz attack by Kathy.
Both she and Jane were ambushed.
The attackers could have laid in wait knowing that both women were coming.
When they entered, the men would have cornered them almost immediately.
- The one grabs Jane - [Gasps] Who fights back.
[Both grunt] Post-911, all flight crews were trained to fight off hijackers using the tools of hands, so, while Jane wrestles with one [Grunting] Kathy uses her luggage to fend off the other.
[Kathy grunts] Mae: And she gets away, but she can't go to the police because the drugs, so she disappears into the night.
Cheong: Interesting theory, but one problem The camera outside the luggage room clearly showed the room was empty eight minutes before the attack.
There's only one way in and out of that room.
That's not true.
Jane's body didn't go out the door.
She went out on the conveyor.
Simmons: The attackers could have come in and gone out the same way.
[Beep] Jack: So Kathy didn't kill Jane.
Scott forced them both into smuggling drugs, and they got robbed.
Simmons: Probably by one of his rivals that wasn't happy with the competition.
Well, it may not matter.
According to Singapore law, drug trafficking is still considered a capital crime.
You don't have to be guilty of murder to face a death penalty.
So we assume Kathy came here to make her delivery.
It's the only hope she would have had to get her brother back.
But the unsub got here first, so, when Kathy got here, instead of finding Han, she got grabbed.
Yeah, but why? There's already two dead bodies.
Why keep Kathy alive? Because she grew up watching the drug trade.
She knows how it works.
I mean, after the airport, Kathy knew that she was no good as a courier anymore.
And if Han was the only contact she had on the island, he's the only one who can help her escape.
But once she makes that delivery, she's useless to them.
And he'd cut her loose.
So she hid the drugs to get what she wanted.
And by the time she got here, Han was already dead.
And now her only hope is that whoever took her wants the drugs enough to keep her alive.
Tell us where it is.
- [Gasps] - Hey.
So you're kind of like Tom Sawyer, aren't you? Excuse me? Friendly kid that got a bunch of friends to paint his fence.
You should really read it.
See, at first, I thought you, Jane, Will, and Kathy were all in this together like one big, happy, drug-smuggling family.
Drugs? No, no, Agent Montgomery, I deal art.
But then, after last time we spoke and you put in that call to Han, I realized you are more of the puppet master.
He's dead, by the way.
I have no idea what you're talking about, but I think I might want to speak to my lawyer.
That call to Han was everything I needed to get a warrant from a federal judge for your business dealings.
And while you're squeaky clean, a lot of the people on your staff have extensive criminal records.
Which brings me back to my point about Tom Sawyer.
You're the kind of guy who gets other people to do his dirty work.
I don't have to take this anymore.
I'm leaving.
I doubt that.
Not for a long time.
So tell me, did you immediately know Jane and Kathy would make good couriers, or did it take a little while to figure it out? Because as flight attendants, they wouldn't be subjected to the same scrutiny as other passengers.
So you groomed them.
Dated one, befriended the other.
It's a real long con, wasn't it? But a charismatic guy like you isn't really used to women telling him no.
It's why it surprised you when they turned you down.
You didn't ask them nice the second time, did you? - This is preposterous.
- Is it? Yeah.
[Scoffs] You told me that you had never met Will.
But you had.
And I have proof.
See, you knew that he was important to both of them.
So you threatened to hurt him to get them to smuggle drugs for you.
You can't prove any of this.
I couldn't, but then I realized that your company leases a storage unit in east Baltimore.
And as an art dealer, I understand all the museum-quality storage that you have to rent, but I couldn't for the life of me understand why you would want some rat-infested garage deep in the heart of the city.
So I had a few agents check it out.
And that is when I realized you're not Tom Sawyer.
He never had to kidnap anybody to get what he wanted.
You already got Han and Jane killed.
Whoever you pissed off has taken Kathy.
Does that not mean anything to you? Who are they and where have they taken her? Lawyer.
Scott Davis, I'm gonna need you to turn around and put your hands behind your back.
You're under arrest for the kidnapping of William Hall.
[Cuffs lock] [Car horn beeps] Simmons: This place is a stronghold.
We've looked everywhere.
This is a drug operation, then where are the drugs? I don't know, maybe this is just a way point for Kathy to deliver the drugs and they're shipped someplace else.
Yeah, but in a country where possession is punishable by death, you'd want to limit your exposure to the fewest number of locations possible.
There's not even trace evidence of narcotics here.
If this were part of a larger operation, you'd think we'd at least find cutting agents or packaging.
Unless they were smuggling something else.
Check this out.
These tanks, they're not for processing drugs, they're for breeding.
Jane and Kathy, they weren't smuggling drugs, they were smuggling fish.
The Asian arowana, or dragon fish, is an endangered species, prized across South-East Asia for its rarity and brilliance in color.
It's also been on the IUCN Red List since 1996.
According to this, the arowana is one of only eight fish species on the most-restricted list for international trade treaties.
Wait, so smugglers just stuff a three-foot fish in their pants? Uh, apparently, they smuggle fingerlings that are just under 1 1/2 inches long and then keep them alive for up to 36 hours under the right conditions.
Yeah, they've sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market.
Then Scott and Han were stepping on the toes of some very wealthy people who run the black market.
You know who's behind this? - Al Gui.
- A ghost? Taiwan has stories of a wealthy dealer in the city who trades in endangered species.
We have conducted multiple investigations.
But thus far, Singapore PD have been unable to even prove that he exists.
Singapore PD doesn't have Monty.
The stories of Gui tells of evil, a soulless man who delights in pain and suffering of others.
If he has Ms.
Hall, it might be bad.
Well, welcome aboard.
[Speaking native language] [Door opens] [Door locks] [Grunting] [Speaking native language] Monty, where are we on that location? I gotta give it to your guy at Singapore PD.
One phone call and he got me the entire database of cellphone ESNs registered near the airport on the night of the murder.
That's gotta be thousands.
I'm pulling the last 90 minutes of registry information from the repeaters near Han's shop.
Finding an intersection and data.
[Keyboard clacking] Jack, there appears to only be one cellphone that was active at the airport the night of the murder that was also active near Han's shop tonight.
Where is it now? I'm sending you the coordinates.
Please allow me to apologize.
You know, sometimes I forget that these trained monkeys who work for me take things a little too far.
Please, let me go.
Of course.
I'm a businessman.
I'm not here to hurt you.
You killed Jane.
Jane was an unfortunate accident.
And for that, I am deeply sorry.
You know, those were not the instructions.
All I want is the fish.
No one else needs to get hurt.
This is gonna be on us.
We bring in the cavalry, they'll see us coming.
All units, this is SSI Joe.
Keep a six-block distance and no sirens.
I repeat no sirens.
I mean, that's a thousand units, easy.
This is gonna be a needle in a haystack.
Yeah, Monty, we're gonna need to narrow the search a little.
A cell is currently pinging off a femptocell on the roof.
So it's gotta be somewhere on the top few floors.
Clara, Mae, we're gonna need eyes on him.
Got it.
Please, tell me where the dragon fish is, and this could all be over.
I can't.
They have my brother.
They'll kill him.
Who's they? Scott and Han? They never should've brought you into this.
[Voice breaking] I had no choice.
Look, I'm not gonna tell you that I'm a good man, Kathy, but I am an honorable one.
You have my word.
Tell me where the fish is, and I will do everything in my power to help get your brother back.
Think about it.
[Sniffles] And what choice do you really have? [Sobbing] Okay.
I'll tell you.
Clara: Monty, what do you got? There is a penthouse on 58 that just had permits pulled last week for a 2,000-gallon aquarium.
I never thought I would say this but, thank God for overly burdensome government regulation.
Okay, Jack, 58 101.
I've got visual confirmation of three men and one hostage.
Jack: Copy.
We're close.
Would you like to do the honors? Monty.
[Keyboard clacking] I'm on standby, Jack.
See, now was that so hard? [Sobs] Kill her.
What? [Voice breaking] What No, but you you promised.
Yes, and for that, again I must apologize.
But there's a price for doing business on my island.
[Sobs] No.
[Gasping] - Jack, you gotta go now.
- Monty, make the call.
[Cellphone rings] [Beep] - Hello? - Knock, knock.
FBI! On the ground! On the floor, now! [Handcuffs click] - You okay? - Yeah.
[Handcuffs click] Thank you.
I don't even know how to No.
Don't thank me yet.
This isn't over, okay? You're gonna have to go with these officers.
[Inhales deeply] We are gonna help you.
Do not speak to anyone until you are contacted by someone from the State Department.
[Radio chatter] Cheong: Thank you.
I don't know if I could've handled the situation myself.
Well, the IRT is always happy to help.
Thank you for allowing us to find the truth.
Kathy wasn't the killer, and we found the men who were.
Whatever the differences our countries may have, please know that we all desire justice.
Of that I'm sure.
Whatever laws she may have broken, she only did so because someone who was threatening to kill her brother.
But these are serious crimes Smuggling, avoiding arrest.
Illegal operation of a fire door.
[Chuckles] There are mitigating circumstances.
You could recommend to your superiors that she return home to the United States with us.
[Sighs] I'll see what I can do.
[Radio chatter] [Indistinct talking] I can't believe she had the presence of mind to hide the fish.
Right here in plain sight.
Can you imagine paying a million dollars for a fish? So what do you guys say we pick up some sushi for the ride home? - Too soon? - Ew.
- Too soon? - That's gross.
[Indistinct talking] If I only knew the Singaporean government would show a little mercy out of respect for the IRT, huh? - Please tell me you're okay.
- [Chuckles] I think so.
Thanks to these people.
When will you be home? Tomorrow.
[Chuckles] I can't believe the Singapore government made her promise never to return to the island.
I know, poor thing.
She loses her best friend and her dream job, all in the same day.
So much for happily ever after, huh? Nah.
She's a fighter.
Everything she's been through in her past, I have a feeling she's gonna be okay.
Okay, everyone, let's go home.