Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016) s02e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" - Ryan, are you headed off? - Like father, like son.
Cole! You know this agente? Did four years at Lompoc 'cause of this Fed.
Don't recall.
All you dirtbags look the same to me.
Stupid move, Cole.
Why didn't I get a deconfliction notification from FBI Headquarters that you were here, Ryan? 'Cause it was on a need-to-know basis, Dad, and you didn't need to know.
Well, if I did, we wouldn't have blown your cover.
If things go sideways in an undercover investigation, there's a contingency plan to save cover.
Why are you taking the toughest, most dangerous road there is in the Bureau? I'm asking you to see me as a fellow agent, not as your son.
I need to get back undercover now.
His name is Cole Dabb, and we got him on possession, intent to distribute, assault and battery of a federal agent.
- He's your problem now.
- [Buzzer] Jack: Over 68 million Americans leave the safety of our borders every year.
If danger strikes, the FBI's International Response is called into action.
[Traditional Greek music playing] [Seabirds calling] [Indistinct conversations] That was the best meal I've had yet.
Athens is amazing.
Finally, I got you out of New York.
It's good to have you here, cousin.
You know, my dad would have gotten a kick about what you did with the restaurant.
Wish he was here.
To family, ah? Family.
- Yamas.
- [Glasses clink] [Indistinct conversations, applause] Ah! Looks like that little boy got a toy boat for his Name Day.
You're really picking up on our customs.
You're gonna be a native soon.
I might be from Queens, but I'm still Greek, man.
- Ah.
- There's Uncle Elias.
I've been trying to talk to him all day.
Be right back, okay? Got a minute? So I had a look at the books, and I think I found a way to streamline our expenses.
- [Speaking Greek] - Uncle, could you speak in English? Sorry, I just I don't understand.
You understand that? - Huh? Get out.
- What the hell?! [Speaks Greek] Sorry.
Just just let him cool off, huh? - [Applause] - [Indistinct conversations, Greek music resumes playing] - Papa has a lot on his mind.
- Maybe I came on too strong.
No, just forget it, okay? He'll come around.
I love you.
Go home.
Get some rest, huh? - You sure? - I got this covered.
[Faucet squeaks] [Door creaks] [Unzips pants] [Switch clicks] Not funny, Leo.
[Thud] [Grunts] That was delicious.
Thank you.
- Question.
- [Dishes clatter] Go for it.
Have you talked to Ryan lately? No.
Why? He missed my birthday.
He's never done that before.
I'm sure he has a very good reason, but is there something I should know? [Buzzer] [Clank] It was just so much easier when it was just you in the field.
Now I have to worry about both of you.
I don't want you worrying about anything.
[Scoffs] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone clicks] Duty calls.
Be safe.
Good morning, team.
Here's what we got.
Ambassador in Athens asked the IRT to investigate the murder of 26-year-old Paul Stavros of Astoria, Queens, New York.
His body was found in an alley in the Longratis district.
5 miles from where he was last seen at his family's restaurant.
Longratis is one of the roughest areas in Athens.
High crime rate, pickpockets, armed robberies are common.
Well, it doesn't look like robbery.
Paul was found still wearing his watch.
But the face is cracked.
Maybe that's why it wasn't stolen.
But it'd be easy to repair and sell for at least 200 Euros.
Well, that would go a long way in Athens, considering Greece has the highest poverty rate in the E.
Well, according to the preliminary autopsy, Paul was beaten to death, and by the looks of it, it's with some sort of blunt weapon.
Uh, local authorities put the time of death at 48 hours prior to his body being found in Longratis.
So he was abducted two days ago, but he was never reported as a missing person.
That's odd.
And suspicious, especially since he was last seen with his relatives.
Paul had recently arrived to Athens.
His declaration form says that he was in town for work.
It's a business deal gone bad? Witnesses saw his uncle, Elias Stavros, throw a wine bottle at him.
That was enough for local police to make an arrest.
That would explain why his family didn't report him as being MIA.
I'll look into Elias' background, see if the family business was the source of their issues.
Paul's record was clean.
Same isn't true for his relatives.
Looks like the Stavros family has a lengthy criminal past of felonies, assaults, battery, thefts, DUIs.
The list goes on an on.
Paul's hot-headed uncle have a checkered past, too? Looks like it.
Well, if he has a propensity for violence, it's possible that he resolved the conflict with his nephew the old-fashioned way.
Maybe Elias Stavros decided to prune the last American branch off his family tree.
[Theme music] Simmons: "It is not right to return an injury "or to do evil to any man, however much we have suffered from him Socrates.
" [Jet engine roaring] Monty, what have you been able to dig up on Mr.
Elias Stavros? Well, there was a lot of bad blood between Paul's father and uncle for years.
What caused the hostility? Multiple lawsuits over the ownership of the Stavros' restaurant.
Paul inherited his late father's disputed financial stake in the business.
And with Paul out of the picture, Elias has sole ownership.
Well, times are dire in Athens.
Many businesses have shuttered.
Profits aren't what they used to be.
Not having a share in the restaurant's earnings would definitely benefit Elias.
- Thanks, Monty.
- [Hangs up cellphone] Mae, you stay here and start the supplemental autopsy.
The body will be delivered soon.
Simmons, retrace Paul's last steps.
Clara and I will head to the crime scene.
[Motor revving] Thanks.
Thank you for coming, Agent Garrett.
Sergeant Balaban, this is Agent Seger.
The FBI's help is greatly appreciated.
We found Paul Stavros' body here.
You know, dumping a body like this in public It's a brazen act.
Whoever this killer is, they're not worried about being caught by authorities or the body being discovered.
We think Elias Stavros disposed of the body here to try to throw us off.
Leaving his nephew in such a dangerous area makes it look like some street thug killed him.
Yeah, but there were witnesses that saw Elias and Paul fighting.
He must have known he'd be considered a suspect in his murder.
Doesn't make sense if the motive was personal.
Has Elias Stavros made an admission of guilt? No.
And he's been less than cooperative with my investigators.
Suspicious behavior for someone who claims to be innocent.
- Where is he now? - Police headquarters.
- We need to talk to him.
- Of course.
- How'd you hurt your hands? - I burned them on a pot.
I work in a restaurant.
Stuff happens.
I have nothing to do with my nephew's death.
Why would I harm him? Well, you probably weren't thrilled when he stuck his nose in your business.
Maybe you got rid of him to maintain control of the restaurant.
Why didn't you alert the police when Paul went missing? You can sit there all day if you want to keep stonewalling, but you're not gonna get rid of us until we get some answers.
I didn't go to the police because I assumed he'd gone home and was avoiding me so we didn't have another argument.
Besides, Paul's a grown man.
I didn't think it necessary to question his whereabouts.
I swear to God, I didn't hurt my nephew.
But you do have a police record for being violent.
That was years ago.
I was only protecting my sister.
That guy was assaulting her.
Were you protecting Paul when you threw a bottle at him? It's probably similar to the bottle that you beat him to death with.
No, no, no.
I threw it because I was upset about something else and took it out on the boy.
What were you so angry about? I didn't speak to my brother for years because of a stupid disagreement over our restaurant.
Now he's gone.
I'm mad at myself, not my nephew.
Paul is was a constant reminder of my damn stupidity.
So if you didn't kill him, who did? You're not telling us everything.
You have nothing on me.
Let me go.
Sure as soon as you cooperate.
Until then, get comfortable.
[Indistinct conversations] Did you see the fight between your uncle and Paul? According to the schedule, the altercation occurred in the area where you were working.
Seems weird you didn't notice any commotion.
Then it must have happened while I was on break.
Excuse me.
Listen, I've talked to almost the entire staff.
No one seems to have seen anything.
Are you protecting your uncle? No.
Sorry, I can't help you.
I really need to get back to work.
[Cellphone rings] [Ring, click] Hey, Mae, did you find anything? Why, yes, I did.
[Sighs] Subdermal photography revealed that Paul wasn't attacked with a bottle or with any other weapon.
Then how'd he die? The killer used his bare-knuckled fist to beat him to death.
[Exhales deeply] Beating someone to a pulp takes a lot of effort.
Yeah, I've never seen a body beaten this badly.
Shattered eye sockets, broken jaw, crushed larynx.
It's fractured ribs, ruptured spleen, lacerations on both of his hands.
Killer must be a big guy, physically fit enough to deliver such blows over and over again.
Yeah, this is a punishing pounding.
He left multiple impressions of his fists on the body.
That's a lot of anger.
Seems personal.
And get this.
Clara said Elias' hands were all scraped up.
Elias Stavros is looking good for this more and more.
Well, the good thing is, I found skin and blood under Paul's fingernails, so I'm gonna send that to Monty, have him run it through CODIS and Interpol, and hopefully we will get a hit to confirm Elias' guilt.
Oh, and since you are tracking Paul's last steps, I might have a lead for you.
That's good, 'cause no one here's willing to talk.
There were traces of urine and cleaning products in Paul's hair and embedded in his scalp, as if He was dragged across the bathroom floor.
[Door creaks, thuds] Well, that's probably how the killer entered and exited without being seen.
I'm Agent Simmons, FBI.
Leo Stavros.
I'm investigating the death of your cousin.
- I'd like to ask you a few - Look, my father would never hurt Paul, okay? They just had a small disagreement, that's it.
I smoothed everything over between them, okay? Everything was fine.
Well, if your father is innocent, then why is everyone in your family stonewalling this investigation? - We're not.
- Yes, you are.
What are you hiding? If your father's not stopping you from talking, then someone else is.
Who are you afraid of? Listen, I get it.
You're consumed by guilt and anger.
You're conflicted.
You're the peacekeeper.
That's why you intervene, to keep things calm between your dad and your cousin.
I can help you, but I need a name.
[Exhales deeply] Shqiponja.
Shqiponja? I need a full name.
But I'm not afraid of him anymore.
If you don't take care of him, I will.
"Shqiponja" is Albanian for "eagle," which leads me to believe that our suspect is of Albanian descent.
Sergeant, have you heard of him? Yes, his real name is Nazmi Dushku.
He's a local crime boss and a very dangerous man.
Well, according to Leo Stavros, he's been extorting the family, and they were late paying this month.
So we're thinking Paul's murder was this guy's late fee.
Yeah, and the family hasn't alerted the police yet because they're worried about doing so would make things work with Dushku.
And they're right.
If he's involved, things just went from bad to worse.
Dushku is also shop steward for Patallis Chios, the most powerful longshoreman union in Greece.
Which means he basically runs the port.
He controls the import and export of everything, from textiles to food.
Shop stewards are looked upon as gods, omnipotent, knowing all that goes on in and around the city, so his job ultimately makes him one of the most powerful men in Athens.
So then wielding that kind of power would feel untouchable.
He wouldn't be worried about getting caught dumping a body out for the world to see.
There are rumors about Dushku being a prized fighter in Greece.
He claims to have won every fight by knockouts.
Some were fatal.
Maybe he's sending a warning to Stavros and the others that he's not to be trifled with.
Let's go talk to Mr.
[Indistinct conversations, ship horn blowing] Nazmi Dushku? Yes? I'm Sergeant Balaban.
This is Agent Garrett and Agent Seger of the FBI.
We'd like to speak to you about the murder of Paul Stavros.
I'm in the middle of something.
- Perhaps we can speak later.
- No, we'll speak now.
I have reason to believe you've been extorting money from the Stavros family.
When they failed to meet the payment deadline, you killed this young man as payback.
Yeah, you beat him to death, just like all of your former opponents in the boxing ring.
It's just business.
But business can be tricky.
They don't pay on time, they finagle prices.
They break promises.
Man of your stature and power in Athens? You can't have that.
Seems unlikely that a man like you would tolerate such disrespect from the Stavros family.
Greeks use their nationalism as prejudice against my people.
They want to repress Albanians, keep us down.
But you're not gonna allow that, are you? Right.
Every time I get knocked down, I get back up.
No one is going to stand in my way, not even the police.
Let me see your hands.
You've wasted enough of my time.
Doesn't look like he's been in a fight recently.
Not a mark on him.
But he certainly enjoyed grandstanding for us.
I think at this point in his career, Dushku feels he's above such dirty work.
Yeah, it's possible he'd have someone he trusts do it for him.
This isn't over for Dushku.
There'll be more bloodshed.
[Grunting] Okay.
Now I've known you long enough to know when something's bothering you.
So what's going on? Haven't had an update on Ryan since we left Mexico.
And Karen's asking questions.
She deserves to know something.
I have no doubt that she can handle the truth.
Yeah, I know that.
But how can I tell my wife I was just doing my job when I put our son in a Mexican prison in order to maintain his cover? And I'm supposed to keep that to myself? [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Sergeant Balaban.
- [Hangs up cellphone] - We have another body.
[Horn honks] Balaban: The victim has been identified as Besnik Heta.
He works as a foreman for the Patallis Chios Union.
And he's Dushku's right-hand man.
Besnik looks similar to Paul Stavros.
Jack: Killer dumped him in another public location.
- Any witnesses? - Balaban: No.
And nothing captured on the security cameras.
Where was he last seen? Leaving a taverna near Syntagma.
Patron said he sat at the bar alone and then left after a couple hours.
Why would Dushku kill his own guy? Well, with the FBI asking questions, maybe he's trying to tie up loose ends.
I don't think so.
Dushku and Heta were best friends since childhood.
Came to Greece together.
Heta even did some time for Dushku.
Refused to flip for a lesser charge.
But Dushku is very powerful.
He's a dangerous guy.
Killing his right-hand man That might be a message.
Or maybe we're looking at something else payback.
Stavros family versus Dushku? You know, when I spoke to Leo Stavros, earlier he threatened taking things into his own hands - to avenge his cousin's murder.
- So maybe he followed through.
You two head back to the restaurant, see if Leo has an alibi.
I will send an officer to pick up Dushku, bring him back to the station for further questioning.
Mae, we'll have the body transported back to the jet so you can get started on the autopsy.
Besnik Heta's COD was the same as Paul Stavros blunt force trauma.
They were both beaten to death.
Besnik's hands were swollen and mangled.
He also had this curious tic-TAC-toe burn mark on his left palm.
Did he get it prior to the abduction or after? It's hard to say, but there was a lot of post-mortem bruising all over the body, which suggests that the killer took a death blow and then continued to inflict punishment.
Classic overkill.
He didn't know when to stop.
His rage superseded all impulse control.
Yeah, it's like he's consumed with his anger towards the victim.
Oh, you know what else is weird? - Come look at this.
- [File thuds] These measurements of the suspect's fists in both kills are exactly the same.
It would be unlikely that Dushku and the Stavroses have the same killer working for them, right? Right.
And I don't think this is about revenge, anyway, not between these two families.
You know, something else has been bugging me.
The murders themselves are direct and brutal.
And the fist impressions would suggest the killer was large, formidable, someone who could easily overpower their victims.
And yet both were abducted while in extremely vulnerable situations.
I mean, Paul was grabbed pretty much with his pants down.
And Besnik's blood alcohol, .
25 That would have made him too drunk to resist.
So the methodology of the abductions and the pathology of the murders contradict each other, which would suggest that we may be looking for two killers.
Kind of a killing tag team.
Let's call one UnSub "The Finder.
" He's the one who hunts and stalks.
The other we'll call "The Fighter.
" He's the one who beats the victims to death.
Okay, so now we just to figure out what their shared motive is.
What's also troubling is their choice of victims.
First, they killed Paul, then Besnik, making it appear that one murder is revenge for the other.
These UnSubs may have just inadvertently started a clan war.
I do not even know a Besnik Heta.
He works for Nazmi Dushku, whom you said you would take care of when you thought he killed Paul.
Yeah, now one of Dushku's men turns up dead.
I have nothing to do with any murder.
Okay? That was said out of anger and grief.
Where were you this morning? At the Plaka Central Fish Market.
I was picking up calamari and fresh sea bass.
Anybody corroborate your alibi? Yes, our chef, Mikralis.
We were together all morning.
Let me see your hands.
I haven't laid a finger on anyone, okay? I wouldn't harm a fly.
First you come here, and you accuse my father of killing my cousin, and now you suggest I murder one of Shqiponja's cronies as a payback.
[Speaks Greek] You're wasting time pointing the finger at our family when the real killer He's still out there.
- [Grunts] - [Glass shattering] Hey! Hey! FBI! Stop! [Grunting] - [Shouts in Greek] - [Tires peal] - They're in the car! - [Tires screech] Get out of the car! Get out of the car and put your hands on your head now! Hands on your head now! Get out! - [Speaking Greek] - Hey, hey! Hey, enough! Sit down! Shut up! Two men are dead.
Someone's targeting your people.
They're setting you up to start this never-ending cycle of retaliation.
Now any idea who would want you to kill each other's families? - I have no clue.
- Could be anyone.
Well, putting Dushku and Elias in the same room didn't work.
Those two are loggerheads.
Yeah, well, sadly, ethnic tensions between Greeks and Albanians are at an all-time high.
Many Greeks blame the country's current failing conditions on the non-Greeks.
Yeah, so they're not gonna agree on anything.
Or be helpful finding the real killers.
Monty, where are we with pulling DNA from our victims? Well, I didn't find any DNA matches in CODIS or Interpol, but like you always say, Jack, think outside the box, so I thought outside the system and was able to gain access to RemBond, a contractor DNA database established by the E.
- You get a hit? - I did.
Collin Marks, a British businessman and also British Royal Marine did three tours in Afghanistan.
Exited the military nine months ago and is now based in Liverpool.
Could be our "Fighter.
" Simmons: What' he doing in Greece? Apparently, Collin was scheduled to start work in Athens in two days, but because it was his first time in Greece, he came in early to get a lay of the land.
So when did he arrive in Athens? Six weeks ago.
He was last seen checking into his hotel in the Thissio area.
He was supposed to go sightseeing in Omonia Square.
Clara: Except for his military experience, there's not even a hint of violence here, no criminal record.
Mae: It certainly doesn't make sense for a killer with as much rage as we've seen displayed.
Three tours of duty can be hell on the psyche, and being a soldier of war forever changes a man.
According to medical records, Collin did suffer PTSD immediately after leaving the military.
So something must have triggered Collin, and he snapped, sending him on a killing spree.
[Yells ferociously] Something about this isn't adding up.
Monty, any luck on your search on the other missing persons in Athens who look similar to the victims? Still searching.
Should have results soon.
Collin Marks has never been to Greece, so how was he able to conduct any pre-attack surveillance? I'd venture to say his partner finds the victims.
Question is, why did he become one-half of a killing team? Okay, bear with me a second.
All of the victims are around the similar height, similar weight, but so is Collin.
So what if he isn't a willing participant in all of this? What if he isn't a second UnSub? I know his DNA was found on the body, which means he is the killer, but isn't it weird that he looks like a potential victim? And it's possible these aren't just random beatings.
The victims are being forced to fight each other.
There's this ancient form of Greek fighting to establish dominance.
It was called "Pankration.
" It's It's a bare-fisted combat where some men have fought to the death.
Well, that means that we're dealing with just one dominant UnSub.
So Collin's a victim here, just like Paul and Besnik, only he survived to become the ultimate fighter.
His military training would have given him an edge over the others.
It's most likely that the UnSub threw some guy in the cage with Collin.
He saw how he reacted to fighting for survival.
The UnSub knew he'd found his champion.
Okay, but if I was put in a ring with someone, I don't know if I'd fight them.
What got 'em to do it? Well, you'd fight if you thought your life depended on it.
Yeah, it could be as simple as putting a gun to their heads.
I mean, that would jump-start their survival instincts.
Which means it's likely there's a victim zero, and the UnSub may have killed to show Collin firsthand there's fatal consequences for refusing to fight.
Then what was the UnSub doing with Collin in the previous weeks before the killing started? Breaking him down mentally and building him up physically.
Jack, I finally got a hit on the other missing persons in Athens.
I found the man matching the physical description of the previous two victims.
Josef Gashi was in a car accident right outside of Athens, but when the cops got there, he was gone.
The UnSub may have just struck again.
- Sending the address now.
- [Typing on keyboard] Well, this is Josef Gashi's car, and based on the damage, this wasn't accidental.
So what do you think happened? Driver's door is still locked.
Clearly, this window was smashed with some kind of weapon.
And directional blood spatter on the passenger seat suggests the same weapon was used to subdue Gashi.
Yeah, blood and glass trail end here.
And it appears our UnSub pulled him out of the car.
Gashi must have been loaded into another vehicle and driven off.
It's another blitz attack.
But given the fact that Josef was in the car with the door locked, he wasn't vulnerable at the time of the attack.
Yeah, this was a confrontation, not a passive grab like the previous victim abductions.
Our UnSub changed his M.
He specifically targeted Josef Gashi.
Monty, look into Josef Gashi's past.
There might be something in his background - that helps ID the UnSub.
- Copy that.
[Exhales deeply] - [Speaking Greek] - - [Electricity crackling] - Aah! A year ago, Josef Gashi got into an altercation with a Greek man named Giannis Petrou.
Well, how did the fight start? Josef Gashi, who's half Greek and half Turkish, didn't take too kindly to Giannis spewing views that Greece should build an immigrant-proof fence along its borders.
With the current crisis here and in Europe, emotions are at a boiling point regarding the issue.
And let me guess.
Giannis took the first swing? And he went down like a bag of bricks when Josef Gashi responded by almost beating him to death.
He spent the next few months in a physical therapy rehab center learning how to walk, talk, and eat again.
Relearning the basics of life would have shattered his sense of self.
And bedridden, unable to move would have given Giannis plenty of time to obsess over his circumstances.
And plot his revenge day in and day out.
No, Giannis is motivated by his personal grievances against outsiders.
That's the connection between the victims.
The UnSub has abducted an American, Paul Stavros, an Albanian, Besnik Heta, and a British citizen, Collin Marks.
All are foreign nationals.
All are symbolically immigrants to Greece.
They're surrogates for the person who almost killed him.
Yeah, he's an anger-retaliatory killer who is exercising his own feelings of helplessness by watching these men fight to the death.
The others were just for practice.
Now that he's turned Collin into a killing machine, he can exact his revenge on the true target of his rage Josef Gashi.
- [Speaking Greek] - [Spits] [Chuckles] [Laughing] I found several potential locations for Giannis Petrou, like a vacant house or a relative's apartment, but the most promising, considering all the dumpsites were within a quarter mile, is the shipping container yard at the port.
Giannis used to be a part-time security guard there.
There are literally thousands of containers in the yard.
And finding the right one is not gonna be easy.
We need to talk to Dushku again.
His lawyer must have bailed him out a few hours ago.
I wonder if he knows that one of his shipment containers is being used as a battle royale arena.
No, that's too risky.
Dushku's a power-hungry sociopath, but he doesn't gain anything by having two innocent men fight to the death.
But he may be able to help narrow down the exact location within the yard.
Mae, Clara, you head to the other locations.
The UnSub may be holding the victims there.
I will go with them.
Simmons and I will head to the container yard.
[Click] [Gate thuds] - [Speaking Greek] - Do not lose.
[Gunshot] Open the gate.
A man named Giannis Petrou is using one of the containers here to hold and to murder his victims.
Giannis has been doing this right under your nose, making you look like a fool, unable to control what happens in your yard.
I think you know if that gets out, you'll lose all your power in Athens and get kicked out of your job as shop steward.
Giannis is most likely hiding in an isolated section of this yard.
[Lock and chains rattling] [Grunting] That's it! [Grunting] - Yeah.
- [Punch lands] [Grunting] Kill the bastard! [Alarm buzzing] [Grunting, punches landing] Jack: Giannis Petrou! Lay down your weapon! I'm finally ridding my beloved home of these filthy immigrants.
[Muffled thudding, grunting] [Grunting continues] Collin Marks! Josef Gashi! Stop! [Electricity crackles] Aah! [Thud] [Grunting] Put the gun down! Foreigners are invading from all corners.
They are ruining Greece.
I have to eliminate them.
Put down the gun! I'm not gonna ask you again! [Rattling] [Grunting] Simmons: I'm here to help you! [Grunting] Stop! Listen, stop! You don't have to do this! [Grunting] Stop! Stop! He's gone! You're safe.
You're safe.
[Collin gasping] I didn't wanna hurt them.
[Crying] Yes you did what you had to do to survive.
It's not your fault.
[Sobs] [Sobbing] Great work back there, Simmons.
So how's Collin doing? Well, he's got a long road ahead of him.
I think with time, he's gonna be okay.
Yeah, being forced to kill people with your bare hands or die That's a horrific thing to have to live through.
I wanna help Collin the way I've been blessed to help other veterans, make sure he gets the support he needs to get through this.
Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
The gardener got that gopher.
No more decimated rose bushes.
Are you hungry? I can warm up some food.
Jack? Let's talk about Ryan.
He's in Mexico undercover.
I was there