Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

The Ripper of Riga

1 Jack: Over 68 million Americans leave the safety of our borders every year.
If danger strikes, the FBI's International Response is called into action.
[Traditional music playing] [Violin and piano playing classical music] - [Snaps fingers, speaks Russian] - [Women chattering] [Water pours] Felicia, you how do you say in America, really rock? [Laughs] Are you kidding? You girls are the ones who rock.
You dance beautifully.
I'm just trying to keep up with you all.
She's right.
You dance pretty good for a girl with such big feet.
I'm surprised.
- [Speaking Russian] - I suggest you focus on dance.
The recital is four days away, and the world will be watching.
[Violin and piano resume playing] [Cellphone alert chimes] Hello? [Lights clank] Who's there? [Lights clank off] [Cellphone alert chimes] [Person whispers] Felicia.
[Scoffs] Ha ha.
I see you, but I don't scare that easily, so enough with the games.
[Cellphone alert chimes] [Clatter in distance] [Clatter] - [Hisses] - Aah! Ryan: The deeper my cover, the safer I am.
Clara: Well, you don't think they're gonna try and board the plane, do you? Jack: He's your problem now.
- Try to focus! - Stay with me! Come on! I'm here to help you! [Gunshot] I'm asking you to see me as a fellow agent, not as your son.
Captain, they've got us surrounded.
[Exhales deeply] Morning.
Oh, looks like someone's on the struggle bus this mornin'.
Oh, I could never sleep on planes.
Yeah, well, get in line.
I was up all night.
Work? Yeah, if you consider shoe shopping online work.
Can't wait to get home.
Yeah, I know.
I missed the boys' Little League game yesterday.
Sorry, bud.
That's tough.
How did you do it all these years, Jack? Easy.
Like you, I just married up.
Monty: Good morning, everyone.
- Morning, Monty.
- Ah, Clara.
Just the girl I was looking for.
How's your Russian these days? - [Speaks Russian] - Good, 'cause the plane's being rerouted to St.
Felicia Pope, 16, from Houston, Texas, has gone missing from the Mishinsky Ballet.
American at the Mishinsky? Wow.
She must have been super talented.
First ever.
She had the lead in the annual performance of Arlekinada.
Wow, the Harlequin dance.
That is a beautiful ballet, despite the very creepy clown in it.
- Uh, let me guess.
- Oh, yeah, you know it.
Ballet since I was three.
Don't make me get up on my toes and show you.
In a time when Russia and the United States are not exactly BFFs Here you go.
Thank you.
Uh, offer diplomacy through the arts.
Seems like it was working, too, and getting a lot of press.
The show was four days away, and Felicia was on the brink of becoming an international star.
So did someone resent Felicia's position in the ballet? Some of the other dancers did report that Felicia's understudy, Samantha Mironov, 15, was not happy about Felicia getting the role.
But enough to kidnap or kill her? I mean, anything's possible.
I've heard crazy stories of choreographers who have been brutally attacked by their dancers and sponsors for creative differences.
Felicia was last seen at rehearsal by the other dancers and their choreographer, Dado, - who reported her missing.
- And her parents? Parent.
Uh, her mom, Lisa, is on her way.
Seems Dad was never really in the picture, but I'll get more information when she gets here.
So the Russians are letting us operate an investigation - on their soil? - Felicia's disappearance is only known by the two countries at the moment, but if Felicia isn't found soon, her understudy will have to step in, and then the world will start asking questions.
Jack: So if this does get out, and the Kremlin doesn't invite us to participate in the investigation, it will appear that they're hiding something.
Oh, I wish I had more for you, but information from the Kremlin has been spotty at best.
Well, I wouldn't expect them to be helpful.
It's hard to change decades of secrecy, and the Russians view everything as an international chess game.
No, this isn't a time for games.
Teenage girl's life hangs in the balance, we gotta find her and get her back before she's lost forever.
[Lights clank] [Creaking] [Voice breaking] Hello? Is anyone there? Where am I? [Sniffles] What's happening? [Whimpering] [Clank] [Screams] [Theme music] Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Series Finale 2x13 [Russian music playing] Jack: A Russian proverb tells us, If you're scared of the wolves, stay out of the forest.
[Sighs] I've just been informed the Kremlin has sent us a welcoming party.
- F.
? - Seems so.
Well, they should just call it the K.
It's the same people, same M.
- It's gonna be a tricky dance.
- It will be.
The ambassador informed me, no guns, no badges, or identification.
So we're invisible? Yep.
Everyone follow my lead.
[Clank] [Men speaking in Russian] Welcome.
I'm Major General Galina Glazunov.
I welcome you to Russia.
I'm Unit Chief Jack Garrett, and this is my team, Agent Seger, Simmons, and Jarvis.
Agent Garrett, this is a diplomatic event taking place on Russian soil.
You and your team will respect my authority.
Our only mission is finding Felicia Pope and bringing her home.
If you or your team make one false move, I will not hesitate to declare you persona non grata.
Do we understand each other? We do.
- [Speaks Russian] - Then we will escort you to the Mishinsky Theater, where the American girl was last seen.
[Whimpering] [Continues whimpering] Please [Whimpering] Eeny-meeny-miny-mo.
Catch a piggy by the toe.
If she screams Please! let her go.
Eeny-meeny-miny mo.
Aah! [Clank] [Screaming] Jack: This is where Felicia was last seen.
No obvious signs of a struggle.
No, but maybe the assailant or assailants were able to disable Felicia quickly before she could put up a fight.
In a space this open, no one saw anything? Maybe someone did.
Who installs security cameras, then points them away from the action? Whoever did this aimed them that way deliberately.
Someone familiar with the theater.
Surprised the Russian Politsiya didn't clock this.
Well, they might have.
but decided not to share the information with us.
Whoever turned these around was definitely using gloves.
Our UnSub is organized.
Probably enters through the roof up there.
Then climbs down from here.
That keeps him well away from the main doors of the building which also are monitored by security cameras.
He had a plan to get in, to get out, and to cover his tracks.
[Speaking Russian] The eye can see it, but the tooth can't bite it? You know what this means, yes? One's reach exceeds one's grasp.
This what happen to Felicia.
She gets scared, then runs.
Felicia traveled here by herself to pursue her dreams.
This really doesn't sound like somebody who would run away.
Aren't you her understudy? Mother Russia wants to show the world it can play nice, so the role I train my whole life for goes to an American.
Ooh, so Felicia's sudden absence brings quite an opportunity for you.
I see it more like destiny.
Excuse me, Dado.
SSA Mae Jarvis.
Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? So my understanding is that you're not just the choreographer but you're also dancing the male lead.
I play the Harlequin.
This is not uncommon in Russian ballet.
And why did you choose Felicia for the female lead? Because she's the best dancer in the company.
Of course.
So where did you go last night after you left the stage? I went out to the movies.
Can anyone confirm that? Did you kidnap or kill Felicia? - Nyet.
- Do you know where she is? Nyet! Where did you go after you left Felicia on the stage? My room.
Really? So if I question your roommate, she'll back that up? Mae: Something wrong, Dado? I was with someone.
But I rather not say who.
Because it incriminates you in Felicia's disappearance? Because it hurts my reputation.
Yeah, well, you're not gonna have much of one if you're sitting in jail rotting.
Where were you the night Felicia disappeared? Okay, let me be clear.
If you do not have a solid alibi, I will have that agent out there come inside and arrest you.
I did nothing wrong.
What did you do, Samantha? Dado: I was with Samantha.
The understudy.
So your alibi is that you were at the movies with an underage girl? It's different here in Russia.
I broke no laws.
Though people talking is not good for me.
I know you may not find this proper.
This proves that I have nothing to do with Felicia's disappearance.
Monty: The more we know about Felicia, the better our chances of finding her.
Well [Sighs] She just started dancing again a few months ago.
What happened? She had a major operation on a torn ligament in her toe.
The doctors said she'd need six months to recover, and in six weeks, she was back on the stage.
So she's very driven.
Yes and passionate.
She just loves dance.
Needs it like we need air.
I was torn about letting her go so far away without me, but I couldn't stop her from doing what she loved.
Were there any friends, boyfriends? No time for that.
Her life is dance.
Well, did she say anything about her time in Russia, then? [Sighs] Just everything was like it usually is.
Some girls are fun, some girls not so much.
But nothing out of the ordinary, except, of course, all the Internet hate.
I saw that.
It was really cruel, but nothing that would suggest danger.
Maybe not with the public stuff, but you should see the private.
There were a lot of unhappy people about her being an American in a Russian ballet.
Did she or you report any of this? [Voice breaking] All Felicia wants to do is dance.
She doesn't care about any of that.
My men have shared with me your interviews and theories, and we believe that not everyone is ready to handle such pressure.
The girl probably ran away.
What little we know about her profile - suggests something different.
- Profile? Yes.
We believe that every crime - Da, I know what this psychobabble means - [Cellphone rings] - but it is not our way.
- [Ringing continues] - [Speaks Russian] - [Cellphone beeps] - Jack: What do you got, Monty? - Felicia's mom gave me access to all of her social media and e-mails.
Now before she got the part in the ballet, she had 120 followers.
Two days after, she had 100,000, - along with love letters, hate mail - Spasiba.
and threats and some Photoshopped pics I wish I could unsee.
You think an obsessed fan did this? Wouldn't be the first time.
Celebrity stalking is a common obsessive addictive behavior.
And if you pair a fanatical emotional attachment with an underlying psychological disorder, that's an explosive combination.
- We know the UnSub is - organized and knowledgeable.
- [Door closes] He knew where the security cameras were and how to avoid them.
Mae: He was also familiar with the victim or at least he thought he was.
He's also confident enough in his not getting caught that he was able to get close [Screams] [Glass shatters] - [Speaking Russian] - Whoever did this was just here.
- Lock it down! - [Galina shouting in Russian] That is a very brazen thing to do.
Well, it speaks to their confidence in not being caught.
Or their desire to send us a message they can get this close to us.
Or is that toe proof of life? It could be a warning.
Felicia's medical history said that she had an operation on her toe.
And her scar would have been just like this one.
Yeah, this looks like it was bitten off, like an animal did this.
Mae: The bite is human size, but the tears are symmetrical.
And even perfect teeth are not that straight.
So what could have done that? A biting device.
Years ago, I unofficially worked an international case where the UnSub would capture and torture his victims by tearing off bits and pieces of their bodies using a a metal fang device that he created.
His name was Oleg Antakov, ex-K.
agent who was the head interrogator of a secret torture house in Riga.
They called him The Ripper of Riga.
? Yeah.
When Russia fell, so did the K.
, but Oleg he never stopped.
He kept capturing and torturing people.
Instead of information, it was for his pure desire to see them suffer.
So is this a copycat or the Ripper himself? They locked him up and threw away the key, but whoever this is wants us to know they're here.
Anyone see who handed out the teas? Uh, it was someone in white.
The kitchen staff.
- [Speaks Russian] - Clara, you and the team go with Galina.
- I'm gonna try another angle.
- Where do you think you're going? To visit the past.
- [Speaks Russian] - [Speaks Russian] [Beep, door clicks] Wow, that's a lot of security for a kitchen.
This is Russia.
We have security everywhere.
Do you have any record of who came in and out of here? Six people have keyed in or out of the kitchen over the last hour.
Four remain in the building.
- Man, you guys are efficient.
- Da.
Well, let's round them up and try to find the others.
While Monty runs the names.
[Woman singing blues tune indistinctly] Hello, Boris.
Jack! It's been too long, my old friend.
- [Speaks Russian] - Before I give you spanking.
Welcome back to Russia.
How is my girl? Karen is good.
Let's drink to that.
No, thanks.
I'm working.
[Laughs] Still a Boy Scout, I see.
The Ripper is back.
What? - [Glass clatters] - Nyet.
He is still in hole we left him in.
An American ballet dancer is missing.
We just found her toe.
It was bitten off by some kind of device.
It's impossible.
Only a small group knew his M.
, and most of them are now dead.
Then either he's out, or you or I did it.
I think it's time we pay the Ripper a visit.
- Okay, Monty, what do you got? - [Cellphone beeps] Of the two employees who left the theater, one name rang a bell, so I ran a search of his mug from his work badge against all of Felicia's followers, and I got a hit.
His name is Ivan Kozar.
Now Kozar was one of Felicia's obsessive followers.
He made over 2,000 posts about her online.
Well, I know they call them fanatics, but doesn't hurting the object of obsession seem a little extreme? Yeah, if Felicia said or did something that Kozar thought was wrong, it may have triggered him.
Like taking a role from a Russian in the Mishinsky Ballet? Because that's when his posts from loving to trashing her.
Yeah, but what does Kozar have to do with the guy that Jack is looking into? How are they connected? It doesn't matter.
We've got his address.
Follow me.
Jack: All right, thanks, Clara.
Be careful.
Keep me updated.
We must check phones, Jack.
- Karasho.
- [Buzzer] [Whirring, clank] Clara said they got a suspect they're checking out.
How can suspect know anything about Ripper? We're about to find out.
[Beep, clank] [Whirring] [Clank] What is this place? This where things go to disappear.
[Keys jangle, cell unlocks] [Speaks Russian] [Clank, creak] [Door bangs wall] Da.
Old friends come to visit It warms the heart.
You two must be in real trouble, you come down here.
We have some questions for you.
Of course you do.
Please, come and make yourself comfortable.
- Have a seat.
- No, Thank you.
I'm not giving you a choice.
You need me, not other way around.
- [Speaking Russian] - - [Speaks Russian] - [Gun cocks] If he so much as yawns, shoot him.
- [Speaks Russian] - [Door creaks] This is why I hate clowns.
Simmons: So this is the clown from the show.
Yeah, but why? Does it symbolize something for this UnSub or mean something? Might mean like the joke's on you? Maybe the UnSub wanted the last laugh.
[Door closes in distance] If you find one that you like, it is yours.
We are not so different, Boris.
- You're a monster.
- I am not.
[Laughs] That's funny.
One day, I am hero.
Medals, dinners.
My picture in newspaper.
And then Ronald Reagan, and now I am monster with no rights.
You were necessary evil.
This is why you're in this cage.
Do you believe this true, Agent Garrett? That every law in the world was broken when you and this relic put me in here? There was no trial, no jury.
I thought America stood for justice.
Where is mine? Well, Oleg, you're in Russia.
That's between you and your country.
Ha ha! That is what you tell yourself to sleep better at night, but at least you sleep.
This one is too busy drinking vodka and chasing me in his dreams.
You don't know what you're talking about.
No? You caught your white whale.
But you cannot tell anyone about me or him, so in K.
, you are nothing but paper pusher.
He's baiting you.
[Chuckles] Is working.
Man: Over here! Jack: A girl is missing.
A ballerina.
The M.
screams you.
I am flattered, but as you can see, that is impossible unless there are two of me.
Or you got someone else to do your dirty work.
Well, that would take some kind of magic trick from down here, but if I was involved, I would choose victim like dancer.
High-profile American that would get the attention of the FBI.
And then I would leave trail of crumbs.
Or maybe a toe.
And then I would lead team to a patsy or actually a patsy's apartment where everything would go boom.
[Laughs maniacally] - [Shouts in Russian] - - [Knocking] - Felicia.
- Felicia, we're here to help you.
- [Muffled grunting] [Shouting in Russian] Come on! - [Grunting] - [Cellphone rings] Jack? Clara, get out of there now! It's a trap! - [Shouting in Russian] - No! Stop! - [Door thuds open] - [Explosion] [Glass shattering, objects clattering] I'm just getting the glass.
[Men shouting in Russian] - [Coughing] - Felicia? - [Cellphone rings] - [Gasping] I'm an American with the IRT.
- I'm here to help you.
- [Rings] Just relax.
Everything's gonna be all right.
[Ring] - Jack.
- Clara.
I heard the explosion.
Is everyone okay? Two F.
agents are down.
- Simmons is hurt.
- How bad? He took a pretty good hit.
I think he's gonna be okay.
You and Mae? [Exhales deeply] We're lucky to be alive.
It's a miracle that we just survived that.
What about the suspect? In the wind, but we do have Felicia, and she's alive.
Jack! Jack! Man whose apartment that they go to is Ivan Kozar.
He's part-time guard here at Erdeli Prison.
Oleg was an interrogator.
He knows how to get something out of someone and to get them to do his bidding.
He turned his guard and he used him to set trap that we fell right into.
If he can turn a guard [Alarm wailing] [Alarm continues wailing] [Alarm continues wailing] [Door slams] We were a distraction.
Killed them and got the drop on the other guards before they had time to react.
But he could do this anytime with guard Ivan.
Why now? Because it's personal.
We were set up.
He wanted us to be responsible.
And responsible you are! What is this? - [Speaking Russian] - [Siren wailing in distance] Come with me.
What is what is Hey.
Hey, hey, what is going on? I have two dead agents.
I got a killer on the loose, and the one thing they have in common is your team.
Time to go home.
The Kremlin says this is for your own protection, Jack.
Oh, come on, that's bull, and you know it.
We can't afford to have any more Americans getting hurt.
Or fixing your problems.
- It's out of my hands, Jack.
- [Cellphone rings] [Beep] [Speaking Russian] How you doing, Matt? Some cuts and bruises, but I'll be okay.
Felicia okay? Happy and grateful to be alive.
I love you.
[Crying] I love you, too.
[Knock on door] Soon as I suspected it was the Ripper, I should have known what he was gonna do.
He's planned this out for years, Jack.
I looked into Ivan.
He lost his father as a young boy.
He's been searching for a purpose ever since.
So Oleg filled that mentor role, gave him something to believe in Revenge for his father figure.
Oleg bided his time until the opportunity showed itself.
That's a long play, which is why you need to see this.
It was found amongst the rubble at Ivan's apartment.
How did he get this? An old K.
agent like Oleg knows where everything is buried and how to find it.
Yeah, but how did F.
get all of this personal stuff about you? I'm sorry, Jack, but the Kremlin wants you and your team airborne ASAP.
This your handiwork? So every time you stayed with us in our home, you were spying on me? What? You think the Cold War was over? I did not tell Kremlin anything more about you than you tell Washington about me.
I only gave them the bare essentials, never, ever anything about your personal life or your family.
That's it.
Oleg blames me for getting caught, so in order to hurt me, he made it seem like he was gonna hurt my team, but the real target is my family.
[Beep] Monty, I need you to initiate the Bureau's protection protocols for my wife and kids.
[Telephone ringing in distance] I just spoke to Millie.
Have you heard from Josie? Yes.
She was picked up at USC's campus and taken to the FBI's L.
Jack Junior? With his troop in a secure location.
And Ryan? Ryan was at a conference in Helsinki, but agents are on their way to him now.
- Karen, your children are safe.
- [Sighs] [Car doors close] How long to the Embassy? [Russian accent] A few minutes.
Great, thanks.
No problem.
Jack, everyone's accounted for except for Ryan.
- Where is he? - Helsinki.
That's only a few hours from here.
What, you think Oleg escaped and went all the way to Finland? Ivan's continuing to do Oleg's dirty work, but he'll bring Ryan back to St.
Petersburg so Oleg can kill him.
I can track him.
He's off grid, but I can.
Monty, I know what you're thinking, but no.
Not even for my son.
[Knock on door] May I speak with my husband? Of course.
Jack, tell me everything.
[Sighs] Ryan's been abducted.
An ex-K.
agent that I once put away has escaped, and if I don't find Ryan first, he'll kill him.
What are the options? FBI protocol demands each field agent have an optical tracking device on their person.
And Monty would have to hack into an NSA satellite and point it at Russia.
If caught, we'd be accused of spying, and it could cause an international incident.
And be the end of the IRT.
Unless you got permission.
[Chuckles] We got a better chance of hitting the lotto.
[Sighs] You just need some Lady Luck, so you tell me who to speak to, and then, Jack, bring our boy home.
[Telephone ringing in distance] Can I help you? Yes.
Karen Garrett, Jack's wife, Ryan's mother.
Of course.
I've been briefed on what's happening.
The FBI is doing everything we can.
We're in constant communication with the Kremlin.
So standard operational procedures.
And that's the best we can offer right now.
For two U.
FBI agents in trouble? Who understood the risk involved.
I thought America didn't leave its heroes behind.
We have an extraction team in the air as we speak.
Which will never get there in time, and my son will pay the ultimate price for that! I wish there were more I could do, but I can't.
If you'll excuse me, I have a standing appointment that I cannot miss.
Yes, of course.
Spend every precious moment you can with them.
How old is he? He's 5.
They're so sweet when they're 5.
They hug you and tell you they're gonna love you forever.
Enjoy it while you can.
Because they grow up very fast, and you can't be there to hold them and protect them.
You just have to pray that they're okay and that someone else is looking after them.
[Typing quickly on keyboard] Jack, I am tracking Ryan.
[Exhales] Karen.
So Assistant Director Barnes gave the go She said, Don't get caught" So I'm covering my trail by making it look like environmentalists are trying to track a herd of migratory reindeer through the Arctic, but I should have Ryan's location soon.
- Thanks, Monty.
- That's the easy part, Jack.
You're the one who has to get off that plan.
Well, being that we're surrounded, we'd need an act of God for that to happen.
I messed up, Jack.
Maybe now I can fix a little, huh? I am going to act like I snapped, shoot a tire or two, cause distraction.
Don't worry.
I'm not going to hurt anybody.
Will they hurt you? They throw me in box for a while.
I'll plead insanity.
They give me dishonorable discharge.
Boris Hey, my pension was crap anyway.
Goodbye, Jack.
If he pulls this off, we can all get out through the front wheel hatch undetected.
Monty's already put his career on the line.
I can't and won't ask the rest of you to do the same.
I gotta do this alone.
[Men shouting indistinctly, gunshots] Get the plane in the air right now.
That's an order.
[Siren wailing] [Men shouting indistinctly] [Train whistle blows in distance] [Device clicking] [Clicking continues] Dad.
- Ryan.
- Don't.
The tracking device in Ivan's mouth.
You knew all along I'd find you.
Of course I did.
You are like Clint Eastwood.
You always get your man.
Now put gun down, or I put a hole in your son's head.
You do that, and you're dead.
Yes, but your son will also be.
My way maybe one of you lives.
Now toss your gun this way.
You like my work? I like to tenderize my meat - before I take a bite.
- [Grunts] This is between us, Oleg.
Maybe in your country, but in Russia, you do something wrong to someone, it becomes family affair.
Do you know why you fell into my lap? I'm not playing games.
Because you're arrogant.
You fly around the world like Superman.
Noble patriot.
You self-righteously pretend to serve your country, but it is your own ego that you serve.
Look at your son, following you into the battle.
[Chuckles] For what? To continue your legacy of hypocrisy? But here you are, disobedient, a man without a country, without a team.
Who are you now? You are nothing.
I'm more than you'll ever be, because I know what it is to love and be loved, unlike a narcissistic sadist like you who gets off on other people's pain because he can't feel anything for himself.
Boris was wrong about you.
You're no monster.
You're just a low-level thug with delusions of grandeur.
[Clacking] Take this gun.
Take it! Take the gun! Take it! You shoot your father in the heart, or I shoot you.
[Breathing heavily] If I pull this trigger, you're just gonna kill me, too.
Maybe not.
You can't be serious.
He wants us both to suffer.
And he'll get great joy out of knowing that he forced you to kill me.
So if it's between you or me, there's no choice, Ryan.
You You know what you have to do.
I can't shoot you, Dad! Let me help.
On count of three, kill or be killed.
- One - Do it, Ryan! - Dad, I can't.
- Two Listen to me, Ryan.
Pull the trigger! Three! Shoot me now, Ryan [Voice echoing] [Breathing heavily] [Grunts] After you are dead, I am going to take small chunks out of your son slowly and painfully until he is begging for death.
And then I will put his mouth on sidewalk and I will curb him until there is nothing left but mush.
And then I will continue what I was doing before you stopped me, and every person that I kill for the rest of my life, their blood will be on your hands, Jack Garrett.
Now how is that for delusions of grandeur? [Gun clicking] What you think, I am stupid? That I give you more than one bullet then turn my back on you? No, but I got you to come over here.
No! [Shell casings clatter to ground] Dad! Dad, hang on.
Ryan - Dad, I'm coming! - [Handcuffs click] - Ryan - Dad.
[Grunts] Listen to me.
You're gonna be okay, all right? I need you to stay with me.
I need you to fight, okay? You can't go.
Dad! Good work, Dad.
Couldn't have done it without you, Son.
Ryan, you wanna race to the car? Ready? Go! [Laughing] Cheers! All: Cheers! Ryan: I need you to hang on, all right, Dad? Stay with me.
Dad! Dad! [K.
Lang's Hallelujah playing] Heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord You don't really care for music, do ya? - Well, it goes like this - Dad! The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift - I'm all right.
- [Laughs] Aw.
Nothing to worry about.
Composing Hallelujah - Josie.
- Dad.
You didn't have to come all the way home.
How's school? USC is fine.
Don't worry about that.
You had us all scared to death.
Yeah, I know, I know, but luckily your brother followed FBI protocol and knew exactly where to shoot so not to kill me.
Doesn't it make it any less scary, sir.
- Millie.
- [Both laugh] Oh, both my college girls are home.
Oh, I missed you so much.
Well, the next time you wanna see me, do something other than get shot.
I'll do my best.
Jack Garrett, don't you do that again.
We're so glad you're okay, Jack.
Thank you.
It's good to see you up and around, Jack.
And thank you, Monty.
You really put yourself on the line for us.
That's what family's for, Jack.
That's right.
Speaking of which, someone would like to say hello.
[Laughs] - Aw! - Dad! Jackie.
- Hey.
Mom there? - Hey, yeah.
- Jack, hi, hi, hi.
- Hi, Mom.
How are ya, Son? Good.
Sorry I couldn't be there tonight.
Well, your Mom and I are very proud of where you are, and just seeing your face made my day.
Thanks, Pop.
Your brothers and sisters wanna say hi to you.
Yes, sir.
[Laughter] Oh, hey, big bro.
[Laughter] Come on, let's eat.
- Cheers, everybody.
- Cheers.
[Glasses clink] Cheers.
Are you okay? Never better.
David played and it pleased the Lord Thank you, Lord, for my family, for my friends, and for my life, my job, and my amazing team, and for getting us home safe.
Thank you for my son and my daughter serving in the Armed Forces and for all the men and women serving our country, and thank you, Lord, for the blessing of this food that we are about to receive.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Hallelujah Hallelu-u-u-jah