Criminal: Spain (2019) s01e03 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - I'm totally calm, totally calm - [CARLOS.]
You sure? He tried to run away.
And you got nervous.
Sit down.
Don't worry.
We'll sort it out.
What can I say? I'm not an aggressive person.
This never happened before.
- Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, but I want you to know that.
The problem is that the attorney will want to file a complaint.
What type of complaint? About the state you left his client in.
Who's he going to point the finger at? Me? More than likely, he'll argue police abuse to prejudice the case.
And we don't want that to happen, do we? No, of course not.
So we have to write our statement now, before you leave here.
Uh - It tried to arrest him.
- Very good.
And did he struggle? Yes, of course.
He resisted.
My partner was there, he's a witness.
So did you feel threatened in any way? I mean, I suppose so.
Sort of.
Take your time, Leo.
Think about whether you were intimidated.
How did it feel, you know? Well He was totally out of control, right from the beginning.
Was spitting And he's a dealer, you know? - A junkie? - A junkie.
I can't have a guy like that spitting all over me.
He might give me hepatitis.
Or AIDS, yeah.
Yeah, apart from that in the middle of your struggle, didn't he try to disarm you? He took advantage of you being off your guard and slipped your gun from your holster.
Am I right? - Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
- So he grabbed it.
And pointed it at you.
He even pulled the trigger.
But since you had the safety on - It didn't go off.
- It didn't go off.
But you were really scared.
Scared of dying.
I have two kids.
The eldest is seven years old.
They would have been orphaned.
- I don't even want to think - But you thought so fast.
And that made you act with a lot of anger.
A lot, Inspector.
You know what we need to do now? What? Tell the Inspector.
- The Inspector? - She wants to help you too.
She's going to ask you to put all this in writing.
Can you do that? It's the right thing to do, no? The right thing to do.
Well done.
Why did you keep calling me? I wanted to see you.
You didn't want to see me.
You wanted to get laid.
Carlos is listening, you know.
He knows already.
It's not true.
What, then, exactly? I didn't just want to go to bed with you.
Then what is going on? - What's going on? - Yes.
What's going on? On Tuesday you tell me the best thing is to leave it and three days later you show up at my house for a fuck.
- Rai, I'm 20 years older than you.
- I couldn't care less.
I'm complicated.
You're afraid of me.
- Afraid? - Yes.
You're afraid to get involved.
- I'm not afraid of you.
- There's no point denying it.
What do you know, Rai? Have you been pretending, then? Because some things are obvious.
I see them.
Maybe we shouldn't do this any more, OK? - And I'll stop calling you, I promise.
- No.
Rai, I want to keep working with you, you know? Because you're good, not because I'm sleeping with you.
- That's nothing to do with it.
- It has everything to do with it.
Eventually, we'd have to choose.
- So I'd rather it were clear.
- María Workmates? No complications.
Done and dusted.
- Are you sure? - He's going to allege attempted murder.
Problem solved.
Let me see him.
Is everything OK? I'm really sorry about what's happened.
You don't need to apologise.
You made a great arrest, too.
Do you know how long we've been after Carmelo? Yes, the Inspector explained it to me.
- He's a killer, you know.
- He tried to take my gun.
He would have killed you, definitely.
Right, Carlos? No doubt in my mind.
Now, all you have to do is put it in writing.
They're bringing up the detainee.
Perfect, Jorge.
Would you mind going with Leo to an office and taking his statement? [JORGE.]
No problem.
When you're done, bring it to me.
- And the documents I asked for.
- Of course, Inspector.
Everything will be OK.
Well, I'll be in the observation room.
OK? You're not staying for the interview? What for? I'm not needed.
You've been waiting for this for years.
It's your case.
María de los Ángeles Toranzo.
I think she's keeping really well, isn't she? If I didn't know you better, I'd say you'd had work done.
But with your foul temper no one would dare put you on the operating table to slice your face up.
- What's up, Carlos? - Carmelo.
- How's your emphysema? - Same as the last time.
You're still here working hard, though.
From 8 to 5.
- Don't tell me you switched to e-cigs.
- Nah, they're for pussies.
That's my boy, Carlos.
Can you take this shit off me, now? Yeah? - [MARÍA.]
I'm afraid not.
You did resist arrest, after all.
Resisted, my arse.
Look at me.
What are you talking about? - Where the hell is Joaquín? - He isn't here.
Does he know I'm here? Commissioners don't have to come to these things.
Shit, so Joaquín is Commissioner now? Yes, and I'm in charge of the unit.
Well, congratulations, I'm sure you deserve it.
- Very much so.
- Right, Carlos, of course.
I like that, when people are moving forward.
Not like you, right? You're as cynical as ever.
I bet you're still fucking the interns.
- If you have any interns here.
- Uh, no.
Well, that's a bugger.
Let me roll a cigarette before we start.
- You can't smoke here.
- María, you're kidding.
You've finally got me over a barrel.
Surely you can let me smoke, no? - [KEYPAD BEEPING.]
- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
Good afternoon.
Can you make it clear for the record, the state of my client's face, before we go anywhere with this interview.
He's been seen by a doctor.
If you want, you can take a photo and submit it as graphic evidence.
Shall we begin? [BEEP.]
At 20:44 hours on August 28th, 2018, in the presence of Chief Inspector, María de los Ángeles Toranzo Puig, badge number 56787, and Inspector Carlos Cerdeño Varona, badge number 78323.
- Civilian Carmelo Al Husaini - Al Huzaini.
Passport number 425031890T.
Born in Marrakesh.
How were you referred to, there? - [JOAQUÍN.]
Oh, fuck.
- By my surname.
They really went to town on him, eh? [RAI.]
He resisted arrest.
- How much did he have on him? - [RAI.]
A kilo of cocaine.
people go a bit crazy [LUISA.]
Well, he won't get away with it this time.
Carmelo doesn't do anything for nothing.
If he wants to make a statement it's because he has a plan.
- [RAI.]
A plan? - [JOAQUÍN.]
To sing.
- On who, do you think? - Whoever he needs to.
He's been up to his neck for years.
He knows all the criminals in Madrid.
Are we going to talk about Arab philosophy? He'll want immunity and a deal with the prosecutor.
I'll talk about the conquest of Granada You let me know when he does, OK? [CARMELO.]
about the need to stop eating meat She's really got it in for him.
You're the one who's been arrested.
We could start there, don't you think? Weren't you supposed to be conducting the interview with María? No.
It suits you, playing good cop in there with her.
No need, today.
Did you do something I was at a wedding.
Now then The first thing I want to say is that I am not a terrorist.
I say this because of this morning's attack in Alicante.
I may have an Arabic surname, but I have nothing to do with jihadism.
Not now, or ever.
I am Catalan.
Born in Marrakesh.
But my mother was Catalan and I grew up in Badalona.
That's why I have a little bit of an accent, you know? You understand me? At home, my mother always wanted us to speak Catalan, see? Yeah, OK, we get it.
Well, you know me, don't you? I'm not a fundamentalist.
Not one bone in my body.
We know you're a womaniser, a drinker, an atheist.
And very Catalan.
Hold on.
I'm not some independence guy.
You don't say.
It's difficult to understand independence from a mixed-race perspective, and I'm definitely mixed race Not very Arab, true, because in me, the genes from one side of my family are stronger.
My mother's from Palafrugell.
Let's get down to the facts, Carmelo.
As Kahlil Gibran used to say, "Show me your mother's face, I'll tell you who you are.
" - Just the facts.
- Beautiful.
These are the facts.
Neither terrorist nor independence seeker.
Just a dealer of drugs.
May I request that comment be withdrawn? No, it's no problem.
Doesn't matter.
I do like drugs.
And if I'm here it's to be honest and speak with my heart on my sleeve.
The fact that you might like drugs does not make you a drug dealer.
Just let me say what I want to say, OK? You'll have to excuse her, because she's new at doing criminal law and she's a bit lost, but she'll learn.
Holy shit, you look just like your sister.
But prettier.
I used to date her sister.
Let's get down to the facts, Carmelo.
Yeah, let's get back to the facts.
I left Alicante about ten in the morning.
This morning, yeah? This morning, yeah, with a small backpack containing two t-shirts, three pairs of underpants and a kilo of cocaine.
The cocaine has not been analysed yet to determine the degree of purity.
I can tell you its purity already.
Eighty-seven percent.
Please may I talk to my client for a minute? No, you can't.
- He's incriminating himself.
- No, I'm not incriminating.
I'm just showing an attitude of cooperation with the authorities to do their job.
And might I remind you that you're here to challenge the prosecution, not the defence.
May I continue? Well, then, please pardon us.
And so a little backpack with two t-shirts, three pairs of underpants and a kilo of cocaine.
I took a taxi to Madrid.
At ten in the morning? At ten in the morning along the A31.
aiming to get to Madrid around lunchtime, more or less.
But then, around Albacete we caught the news on the radio about the attacks of the jihadi terrorists.
At COPE radio.
And that's where the problems began.
What do you mean by this? The driver started badmouthing fucking Arabs, "Those pathetic Arabs, fuck them all Blah-di-blah-di-blah.
" I was only able to take it up to a certain point because although my genes, my heritage, are mostly Catalan, I'm still also an Al Huzaini.
Of course So in the end I say to the guy to stop dissing Arabs.
I told him, about 500 years ago, when people here were drowning in their own shit, the children of Algiers were already solving logarithms.
And that's no word of a lie.
I'm not making that up.
But some people get really pissed to hear it.
Like the taxi driver.
You can't imagine how the guy reacted, calling me a shitty Arab, that my mother was a whore for fucking a Maghrebi - In the end, I had to hit him.
- And he hit you? That's why your face is like that, no? [CARMELO CHUCKLES.]
No, Carlos, no You know very well why it's like this.
So you were fighting with him in the vehicle.
Yeah, and the guy then stops and leaves me in the middle of the highway with my kilo of cocaine.
I was really shitting myself.
Oh, I can imagine it.
A dealer with a kilo of coke in the middle of the highway.
Please, could I have some water? - Excuse me? - Water.
If you have any water.
When I talk my throat gets dry, just here.
- [JORGE.]
Everything's in there, boss.
- Perfect.
Would you mind bringing a glass of water for the detainee, please? Excuse me, if you could make it a coffee that would be even better.
Is he playing the joker because he's nervous, or is that just the way he is? [LUISA.]
It's the cocaine.
He taken everything except paracetamol, which didn't show up.
- So he's on a buzz, then.
- Mm-hmm.
There isn't a stupid hair on him.
In 15 years we've accused him of four homicides, three actual and one attempted murder.
Guess how long he's been in prison.
Not a one day.
How come? He knows the penal code better than anyone that's ever studied it.
In that case, Joaquín was right.
He'll seek some sort of deal, then.
Fuck that.
Fuck what? You haven't heard from María? Heard what? One of the people he killed was a family member.
- Accidentally, no? - Accidentally It isn't right to take it personally.
Since when have you considered that? It's the correct way.
The day we had the Dalmatian it didn't seem to bother you.
If María feels guilty that he isn't locked up, she should be in therapy, not the interview.
What happened between you and María? [MARÍA.]
This is your life.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No? [MARÍA.]
You know, don't you? Any volunteers in here? Put a bit of sugar in the coffee for Carmelo? [MARÍA.]
When did you have the test? [JORGE SPITS IN COFFEE.]
Two hours.
Two hours.
That's about how long it took to get to the guesthouse.
And you didn't call your contact to come and get you? No, he said he couldn't come until the next day as there was surveillance on the roads, what with the attacks and everything.
What happened in the guesthouse, then? I asked to have my room, with my ID.
And the receptionist noticed your surname, Al Huzaini.
But not just my surname, also my appearance.
Sweating, having walked God knows how many kilometres.
So what did you talk about? Yeah, he asked me where I was from and that kind of thing.
I told him that my car had broken down and I needed to spend the night there.
And the kilo of coke? I hid it outside the house, just in case.
On some rough ground.
For some other time.
What happened next, please? Well well, nothing.
I suppose that the arsehole decided to call the police about the terrorist there.
You suppose? I suppose.
What else do you suppose? I suppose that the police officer uploaded my details somewhere, so that you received the alert that Carmelo Al Huzaini was on his own, somewhat sweaty, and didn't have any luggage at a guesthouse near Albacete.
And this happens the same day as a bomb explodes in Alicante.
It's unproven that he had any involvement.
So I'll just show you what was written in the report.
And since you lot are always trying to get me You mean so much, I'd get you myself.
I wish I'd known.
So you'd like to know how I was done over by your police buddy and given this face? I look forward to hearing your version.
It's not my version, it's the version.
Your turn.
It's quite simple.
They asked me where my broken down car wars, or something.
So I told them, "somewhere," then they asked me to go with them but I couldn't remember It isn't that you couldn't remember.
It never existed.
Well, whatever.
The most important thing was the notable tension.
- Tension? - Very tense.
I suggested that they chill out.
That's when they gave me the first whack.
Just for asking? That's some really sick fuckers you've got there.
What happened after the first blow? It was followed by the second, and then a third, and then a fourth.
So just before the fifth one, I fucked off.
Attempted escape.
No, the injuries, the abuse of authority.
Well, the problem was that they caught me after ten metres and they really went for me then.
We have every intention of filing a complaint against the officers.
What happened after this? Well If they beat you with enough aggression, eventually you end up talking.
That's it.
Define "that's it".
Well, I took them to the location where I had left the cocaine.
I remember.
With a purity of 87%.
Which means six to nine years in prison.
No speculation.
Let's see, perhaps I should moan about the police and the violence of the police.
Particularly in this situation, I'd make accusations And you know I'll do it.
It won't be the first time.
You're a liar, Carmelo.
A liar.
But I don't want to be, this time.
For once, you've got me good and proper.
Yeah? And it's made me reflect a lot about The essence of living? Marginality.
Because I've always been marginalised.
I've been a victim.
Son of a Maghrebi.
Are you really going to play the card of minorities? Look, María, I'm 55 and still a lowly dealer.
I've got three kids who won't see me.
Absolutely no interest in me.
So the beating cleared things up for you? Whatever, I don't resent it.
I'm willing to reconsider my way of life and put that behind me.
Which consists of what? [TENSE MUSIC PLAYING.]
Giving you information.
- Shall we call Joaquín? - [LUISA.]
Call him for what? - Hasn't he just offered to cooperate? - See what happens.
Joaquín said to let him know.
If he asks for an agreement with the local official.
Let María just push him a little harder.
and what you want to do.
That's the thing with old age.
It makes us wise.
And what kind of information are you planning to give us? [SIGHS.]
Those brothers Lallana.
The Lallanas control all the drugs in Madrid.
It might be a bluff.
You're just going along with María.
- Because she's right.
- No.
This year will be ten years, working with María.
I know her strengths and weaknesses.
But when she's right, I know.
I support her.
Were you at the same wedding? [CHUCKLES.]
You really don't understand, do you? Understand what? That to survive in this unit you have to be hypocritical, manipulative and opportunistic? No, just be intelligent.
Emotionally, I mean.
I know the houses they work from where you'll find the Lallanas.
I know the accountant who does their books.
Do you have any idea of what you're doing? [CARMELO.]
Logically, divulging this kind of information means I'll need guarantees from you.
And that I won't go to jail, which you're unable to guarantee until you get the thumbs-up from the Prosecutor, so my statement ends here.
Do we come out on top, Carlos? A kilo of cocaine means a load of cocaine.
And the brotherhood of Lallanas means a load of Lallanas.
Why don't you ignore the guys who have control of all the cocaine in Madrid so you can bang up some loser for six years? [MARÍA.]
Well, I'd rather nine.
You know, when I want to be, I'm saintly.
With good behaviour I'll be back on the street in five.
So is it really worth it? So, this is happening, Carmelo.
I wasn't planning to charge you with the trafficking of drugs.
No? No.
I see.
For what? Honestly, take your pick from these.
There's the implication that you intended terrorist attacks, which we need to clear up, right, Carlos? [CARLOS.]
He was defensive right from the beginning.
And nervous.
This is just speculation.
- You have nothing on me there.
- Nothing? Eleven-M was financed by the sale of hashish.
I was beginning to wonder if Carmelo Al Huzaini's work with cocaine was actually to fund extremism and the Islamic State.
This is nothing to do with 11-M.
How long would he get for association to organisations of terrorism? [CARLOS.]
Twenty years at least.
But being a saint, if you're really good [LUISA.]
Rai! - you'd serve 14 with good behaviour.
- Rai! [DOOR SLAMS.]
I demand to speak with my client alone.
We haven't finished yet.
Before, when I said that we had a choice of crimes to charge you with Option A is jihadism, and any loose ends can certainly be tied up.
But I guess you'd like to know about option B.
Which is actually A.
Attempted homicide of an officer of the law.
- Say what? - What are you talking about? The beating your face took isn't because one of our officers tried to assault you.
It's because you tried to snatch a regulation weapon, and then tried to shoot one of them.
What? I tried to shoot him? We have his testimony with a sworn statement, and the officer who accompanied him as a witness.
You're crazy.
Where is Joaquín? Joaquín! [COUGHING.]
Joaquín! May I please see the officer's statement? [CARMELO CONTINUES COUGHING.]
This is a fucking set-up.
That's set up by you.
I remember we arrested you for illegal possession of a gun, before, so you certainly know how to use one.
But why would I want to kill a policeman? Please tell me who came up with this bullshit.
The cocaine, Carmelo.
It clouds your mind, diminishes reason.
Your analytics were positive for cocaine, hashish and crystal.
Here are the results.
What the fuck are you on, eh? I'm not on the same thing as you.
So I'm offering you the Lallanas, and you want to send me to prison for 20 years for something I didn't even do? I want you to be incarcerated, Carmelo.
You know I didn't attempt to kill him.
You know what these are? Can you explain what's going on here? These are crimes which your client has got away with at the moment.
Running down and killing of Rubén Pacheco and Andrea Rondi.
That was eight years ago.
It was accidental.
While you were fleeing the scene of your robbery.
Hey, just slow down a minute.
Andrea Rondi was the Inspector's second cousin.
I pronounce that it is illegal to be interrogated by a relative.
Recusals are for prosecutors and judges only.
You should know better than that.
Not very ethical, though.
Can you explain to me about ethics? I wasn't even charged properly for that one.
Yes, you were charged, Carmelo.
It never went to trial because of errors with procedural matters.
The next one we have here was a violent assault in 2014.
Remember Cristóbal Agras? A transvestite who was working as a prostitute.
A camel, who had no problem selling drugs to schoolkids.
You beat him up to mark your territory and then threw him from the fourth floor, which left him quadriplegic.
Now, I had nothing to do with that.
- He recognised you.
- But then retracted.
But under duress.
You're seriously doing this? Bringing out all the crap you've been keeping on me, just so you can feel better? Please! Don't forget, we still have the murder of Tomás Musaka.
Come on! Musaka, seriously? - [MARÍA.]
Abdul Sharif implicated you.
- Because he did it himself! Abdul Sharif then died of an overdose so nobody was charged.
María, could you come here a moment? Commissioner, I'm glad that you're here.
Try to control your people in here.
- [BEEP.]
- Interview suspended at 21:06.
Excuse me a moment.
You lot are real sons of bitches.
You already know how this goes.
What are you doing, María? Interviewing a detainee.
You're fucking up the case, no? Me? He's offered us the brotherhood of Lallanas! Is that the problem? - The Lallanas are nothing? - Honestly, yes, I think they're petty.
Especially if the implications are, Carmelo leaves here scot-free.
So Rai is right, then.
You are making it personal.
I wouldn't be happy either if Carmelo leaves here scot-free, Commissioner.
What the fuck is this? Fuenteovejuna? You're taking this case where it doesn't belong.
The litany of Carmelo's crimes are against public health.
The question is, why are we here? To testify against the brotherhood of Lallanas so that we get medals? - Is that it? - It's not a matter of medals.
Yes, it's a question of medals, Joaquín, and I'm not happy with that.
Because it's personal.
Well, yeah, it is personal.
That shit in there orphaned a young boy at only eight years old.
María And it was me who had to let him know that.
So, an eye for an eye? That bastard hasn't slept one night in jail, and now we have him.
Are you really going to let him walk free? Are we going to hand him over to the prosecutor so he can cough up a couple of names, and the day after, he's back on the street as if nothing happened? Precisely.
Joaquín, do you want to go and see my nephew, and tell him that all the shit he's gone through the last few years, all the sleepless nights he spent remembering his mother, they're worth less than the brotherhood of Lallanas? Well, do you? You tell me.
You tell me so, Joaquín.
And then I promise, I'll go back in there, and remove all those papers from the table and we'll focus on the Lallanas.
But I want you to answer me.
Sadly, you know I'm not able to.
Then at least let me finish the interview, if not.
- María - Not now, Rai.
The cocaine will see him in prison for a long time.
- You don't need to make anything up.
- I'm not making anything up.
Charge him with a crime against public health.
You decided you didn't want to be in the interview, remember? - I even offered my hand to you.
- And we move on, right? So that is your problem, then, Rai.
You can't separate these things.
Neither can you.
Not doing anything? Not up to me.
You know this is illegal, right? Presenting me with crimes for me to choose.
So you're very lucky as always, Carmelo.
Lucky to have not gone to prison, and now lucky to get there.
Unless you risk the accusation of attempted murder of a police officer, it's up to you, and a kilo of cocaine, it's your choice.
Musaka wasn't an attempt.
It was definitely murder.
That's way too many years.
It's more.
Hey Get Joaquín.
He said that it would lessen with your confession.
And in that case we could do something about the kilo of cocaine.
Do what? Lessen the purity.
With powdered milk? I can safely say I've never heard anything like it.
If you're not convinced, please go ahead.
Choose another.
- The murder, then, Andrea and Rubén.
- That was a traffic accident! You were driving away from raiding an internet café with people inside.
That's violent robbery.
Doing 100 in a 30-limit area.
You mowed them down indiscriminately.
Homicide, you know.
And then you had to leave them lying in the street without offering any aid.
Omitting to provide any assistance.
The maximum for those crimes comes to almost 15 years.
You can fuck that.
You can negotiate with the prosecutor for no more than eight.
And the kilo of cocaine? If you confess to this one, we won't mention the cocaine.
- That easy, then? - [MARÍA.]
On my head be it.
But why? Because I want him to pay for these crimes.
- It was an accident, for fuck's sake! - You killed them, Carmelo.
That's enough.
Have some dignity at least, to take responsibility for them, if it's only to make it better for yourself.
The only one who wants to free themselves is you, María.
For what you did to yourself, you're not able to forgive.
I take responsibility.
For eight years I've been accepting it.
But you know something? Your sentence is just beginning, and mine ends today.
And the homicide of Musaka? Is it possible to negotiate his involvement? Perpetrator or common accessory.
It's effectively the same thing, no? The only thing better for my sentence would be involvement as an accomplice.
Accomplice? In your dreams.
You're determined to get your way, no matter what.
That's your time up.
Either you choose one or what you're left with is the attempted homicide of a police officer and a kilo of cocaine.
Can I speak to my attorney alone? - Your time is up.
- Only five minutes.
Your time is up.
What do you think? No idea.
What the fuck does that mean? Fucking help me! Come on! Oh, shit.
Anything? Well, decide then, or you'll get 20 years, Carmelo.
So, your time's up.
Twenty years going once.
What the fuck's this? - Twenty years going twice.
- Wait, wait - The hit-and-run.
- What? - The hit-and-run.
- That's the one? We can negotiate to get you down from ten years.
- And 20 years going - Wait.
Wait! The hit-and-run.
Shall we take down a statement with a confession? "In revenge and in love, woman is more barbaric than man.
" Nietzsche.
The attempted murder of the officer who arrested Carmelo.
It's all a lie.
They made it up to justify the beating they gave your client.
Pardon? Who are you? Tell the Inspector what I told you and she'll have to make do with what she has.
What she has? Your client is going to serve the appropriate sentence for trafficking a kilo of cocaine with a purity of 87%.
No more, no less.
Would you be willing to say that in front of the judge? [DOOR OPENS.]
Your colleagues are going to hate you.
They already do.
What's going on, Rai? Know that my client will plead guilty to the possession and trafficking of one kilo of cocaine.
And we will negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to guarantee immunity.
Do you have any idea what you've done? Prevented you from getting involved.
Like a good companion.
- And totally fucked up your career? - No, I just saved your career.
You son of a bitch.
I agree with you.
We have to make a decision.
And what did you decide, Rai? Screwing me? Hey? Is that what you decided? Justice.
Your colleague has chosen justice.