CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e11 Episode Script

I-15 Murders

Previously on CSl: May I see your discoloration? Want to give me 20 bucKs? Want to do time? ( beeping ) I got to be somewhere.
Can you handle this? Yeah.
WarricK Brown had one of my guys sub for him in court, but I have it on good authority that he was gambling.
I need you to do some bacKground for me on WarricK.
WarricK? Your favorite CSl.
That's why I want you to handle it so that EcKlie can't accuse me of favoritism.
I got this surveillance tape.
He was in a casino.
I'm sorry.
( over PA ): Manager to register two.
Manager to register two.
( sirens blaring ) Well, if it isn't The Boss himself! Where's your E-Street Band? They had another gig.
How you doing, Jim? How's your "new" old job? Ah, I can sling scum pall day long.
You? I curse more.
Oh, yeah? Well, wait.
The shopping cart's over here.
The missing woman is Margaret Shorey.
Lives with her sister.
Went out to get groceries; never came home.
Car's still in the parKing lot.
And her purse is still in the cart.
With no wallet.
Maybe she left the purse as a marKer.
ChicKen soup, ice pacKs pain reliever Sister broKe her wrist in a car wrecK.
Hot dogs, hot dog buns JunK-food junKie.
Oh, that's sanitary.
Did you have any mop-ups in this aisle today? Yeah.
Yeah, as a matter of fact, we did.
Life holds no surprises.
98 for the mustard plus, my two cents.
( shatters ) Now, where would you go? Hey, Brass, looK at this.
See this? See what? This circumference? LooKs liKe somebody did a Brillo job on it.
All I see is a clean door.
You Know anything about this? Yeah, he's right-- we cleaned it up today.
I had a complaint.
Kids are always writing crazy stuff on bathroom doors.
So I had one of my employees scrub it off.
Could I borrow a hammer? ( camera shutter clicKs ) "I've Killed 5 women.
Catch me if you can?" ( soft talKing in bacKground ) Hi, Kids.
Sara Sidle.
Dead body-- bonus.
Somebody liKes her job.
NicK StoKes-- 41 6, fight at the Bellagio.
She says she's a "friend" of yours.
Ex-girlfriend, NicK? Well, that depends.
Was she the assaulter or the assaultee? You tell us-- leather or lace? No, I'm not even going there.
Catherine, you have a 41 8-- an obituary on a stall door.
I'll meet you in the garage but first, I've got to taKe care of WarricK.
Oh, no.
What are you going to do? I don't Know.
I filed my report.
I read it.
I missed assignments; I Know.
I'm running late.
What did I pull? How was court the other day? I handed it off to Michovitch, from days.
Uh, I told Sara.
Yeah, because you had, uh, "personal business.
" Yeah.
What's that? You at the Monaco Casino.
What? I don't believe this.
Now you're pulling up film on me? Casinos tape everyone who walKs through their door, WarricK, you Know that.
I thought we had a deal.
We do.
LooK, what you do on your time is nobody's business.
What you do on my time is my business.
( sighs ) I was at the casino.
But I wasn't gambling.
Get me a picture of the body the items on the bedsheet the window, the drafting table.
( camera shutter clicKs ) Everything on the floor.
Sara Sidle, Crime Scene lnvestigation.
And you are? I'm Kenny Berlin.
That's my brother.
I'm the one who found him.
-Sorry for your loss.
You want to tell me what happened here? I don't I don't Know.
I came I came walKing in the door I saw my brother lying there stuff everywhere.
All I could thinK was that Hey! ( gunshots ) Hey Jeff? I-I called 9-1 -1 and then you guys showed up, and ThanK you.
There have been several burglaries in the neighborhood; all benign.
Nothing benign about two $20s screaming, "taKe me" on the bar.
Maybe he missed it? Yeah, well, it's hard to miss all that high-tech computer equipment.
There's got to be five, ten grand there.
First thing I'd taKe.
He was interrupted.
Before or after he used a bedsheet to transport the silverware? Pillowcases are the norm, you Know that.
Something's not right.
( camera shutter clicKs ) ( indistinct conversation ) Gentlemen, NicK StoKes.
I'm here for the 41 6; something about a "special request.
" Don't asK me.
Go asK Catherine Zeta Jones over there.
Over where? ThanKs.
Excuse me ma'am? Oh, NicK, hey You got to be Kidding me.
Oh, you probably don't recognize me with the shorter hair.
My nipples are all better, you want to see? Kristy HopKins, what are you doing here? I'll tell you-- she's cruising.
No, I'm in here, minding my own business shopping for a dress spending my hard-earned money! OKay, semi-hard-earned money.
When Squiggy over here starts harassing me saying he doesn't want my type in here.
He grabs my arm, cops a feel then he spit on me, so I slugged him! Whoa, whoa, whoa he spit on you? Wait, you're not listening to this? This is such a crocK.
Oh, I'll show you All right, all right, breaK it up! Ease up! Ease up! Hey, I'm pressing charges! I don't care who you Know! Kristy! -What?! They're right-- I've got to taKe her in.
Just give me a minute, will you? Get over here! I need your shirt.
Why is it every time we meet you're wanting me to taKe my clothes off? Because every time we meet you put yourself in a position where you have to taKe them off.
SlDLE: Using your arms-- how big's a whale? Now freeze, don't move.
What are you doing? ChecKing for blood spatter.
What blood? Am I a suspect? This is what I do.
This is how I eliminate you as a suspect.
Hold this.
Well, that's good news; no blood, bud.
I am going to need you to strip, though.
Right here? Don't be shy on my account.
But if you are, this nice detective will accompany you to the bedroom.
Oh, and, uh, I'm going to need to taKe your window with me, too.
It's all in the warrant.
( camera shutter clicKs ) The person who wrote this is left-handed.
And we Know that because? The "t-bar" in "catch," it's left-tending.
And uneducated The contraction in "lv'e" is misplaced.
Then we have the large, arched hood in the letter "Y" and the arches in the bottom of the "Ls.
" This indicates criminal tendency which is supported by the heavy pastiosity which suggests low impulse control.
Heavy pastiosity? The pressure-- how firmly you put pen to paper.
Or marKer to metal.
Do we Know anything else? Yes.
Overall, the handwriting is cursive and round.
This tells me it was written by a woman.
( machine rumbling ) Damn! TaKing the whole window.
Grissom reinstated you.
And you have a problem with that.
Let me guess.
Grissom gets you to dime yourself off and now you both feel better? You're supposed to be in court.
Instead, you're placing bets for a cheap thrill to satisfy nothing.
Hey! This has nothing to do with you.
So are we going to worK together? Or not? I'm already worKing.
( machine rumbling ) You weren't in your office.
And good morning to you, too, Miss Sidle.
WarricK has a problem.
Ignoring it isn't going to maKe it go away.
You asKed me for a report and then you disregard my recommendation.
I read your report.
So you feel comfortable jeopardizing a unit to placate an addict? I see the whole puzzle, Sara.
You're only seeing one piece.
Then at least taKe him off my case.
I trust him.
Do you trust me? ( door opening ) Grissom.
I've got something you'll want to see.
( clears throat ) You Know how you're always pushing that Holy Trinity stuff? Father, Son and Holy Ghost? Victim, suspect, crime scene.
Oh, that one.
Well, we don't have a victim.
We don't have a suspect.
All we have is a crime scene-- the restroom at Marty's MarKet with the message, "l Killed five women.
" So, I figured there had to be four others.
You found the other four victims? No, I found the four other crime scenes.
Brass ran our case through VlCAP.
I made a few calls.
"lv'e Killed 1 woman.
" Victorville.
Salt LaKe City-- "lv'e Killed 2 women.
Catch me if you can?" San Bernardino-- "lv'e Killed 3 women" "lv'e Killed 4 women.
Catch me!" Mesquite.
"5 women " Las Vegas.
Five stall doors from five supermarKet restrooms.
Five missing women, including Margaret Shorey.
What else do you Know about the crime scenes? Just liKe Marty's MarKet-- there was no physical evidence indicating that the women were Killed there.
Which means they were probably alive when these messages were written maKing these messages of intention, not fact.
What if we shuffle these doors liKe Pai Gao tiles? San Bernardino, California.
Victorville, California.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Mesquite, Nevada.
Salt LaKe City, Utah.
Interstate 1 5.
God Knows I've driven it enough times.
So has our suspect.
OKay, dude, it's ready.
So this paper should have soaKed up any foreign material on the shirt particularly amylase I've done this procedure on jeans and leather jacKets but never on something liKe this.
It's very see-through.
Very Jennifer Lopez.
Down, boy.
What can you tell me? Is there saliva on it? It's going to be a tough one to prove.
This is only step one.
You see, when a person talKs saliva naturally comes out of their mouth.
Let's say that we're tossing the hog bacK and forth.
What can you tell me about the hottie that goes inside this blouse, huh? Is it true she's a friend of yours? What, is it on the lnternet? Might as well be.
Just remember that.
My saliva's getting on you; your saliva's getting on me.
What's that stuff? Starch and iodine.
If this is saliva, we're going to get the anti-Dalmatian effect.
So, NicK, uh, if I wanted to meet this friend of yours? No.
That's a pretty big spot.
That's more than just a spray.
In fact, looKs liKe a distinct glob of spit.
Kristy was telling the truth.
But it doesn't mean it was the security guard's spit.
Step three.
I'm going to need a sample.
Well, the guy Knows he did it.
He's not going to cough it up.
If you saw the girl that went with this blouse you'd try.
You found what on my pants? Glass.
Any idea how it got there? Well, it's just a guess but someone broKe into my car last weeKend and smashed my window and made off with my CD player.
So I must've been wearing those pants.
Did you file a police report? No, but you can checK with my insurance company.
I already checKed with my lab.
They do this test, and guess what? The glass-- it floated.
You Know what that means? No.
It means the glass on your pants and the glass from your living room window have equal densities.
Sorry, I was never very good at science.
The glass didn't come from any car window.
That's science.
Anything else you'd liKe to tell us? LooK, it's liKe I told you.
I walKed in the house ( door slamming ) and I thought "They're coming bacK, and they're going to Kill me, too.
" I heard a noise and I walKed to the window.
That must be when I got the glass on my pants.
Somebody really did breaK into my car, oKay? And I just remembered all that stuff just now.
So, am I in trouble? You're free to go.
No, he's not.
We're not cops; we can't hold him.
Just one more question.
What do you do for a living? I'm a day trader.
You maKe a lot of money doing that? That's two questions.
Feel free to answer it anyway.
Yeah, you can.
But you don't, right? Showed him all your cards.
SucKer play.
I was playing him.
Cops ran Kenny's financials.
He lost a pot in the marKet.
Had a ton of margin calls.
I'm surprised you didn't tag him as a fellow gambler.
Oh, you just don't let up, do you? It's a flaw.
I'll flip you to see who drives.
Where we going? Moapa.
What's in Moapa? Besides the l-1 5? So my guys tell me that your guy NicK is helping a worKing girl at a five-star and it was quite a commotion.
Really? And if I Know, it means a lot of other people Know.
People bigger than you and me.
A Kid from a crime lab doing favors for a hooKer? Can't maKe the unit looK too good, huh, boss? Yeah, well, I'll get into it.
I bet that's just what Nicky said.
You two ladies done talKing? It's hot out here.
The Kid over there started to taKe a leaK.
Found the body.
Well, it's not Margaret.
This one's a blonde.
And blue.
This is bizarre.
The body's cold.
In this heat? And she's stiff-- IiKe a two-minute burrito that's only been nuKed for a minute.
Meet Joan Sims from San Bernardino, California.
We've been getting acquainted.
Missing woman number one-- disappeared from a supermarKet restroom last July.
Cause of death was strangulation.
I found ligature marKs on the wrists and the anKles.
That was the easy part.
This one's weird.
LiKe l-may-use-her- in-a-lecture weird.
Her decomp is completely backwards.
It's supposed to begin on the inside but her organs are in better shape than her sKin.
TaKe a looK at this.
I tooK tissue samples from her heart.
GRlSSOM: LooKs liKe the planet Krypton.
More liKe Kryptonite.
Those are actually ice crystals, Superman.
You want to Know why she's blue? Cold to the touch? This lady was frozen, Kept on ice until approximately I-1 5? Refrigerated? That's how she was transported from San Bernardino to Vegas-- in a refrigerated trucK.
That's our crime scene.
And it's mobile.
Hey, NicK, I've been looKing for you.
This girl you've been helping with the 41 6? She got in a fight with a security guard.
Is she a friend of yours? Are you asKing me what I thinK you're asKing me? Are you doing anything that could compromise the unit? I don't believe this.
You've always been so cool.
I have to asK.
It's part of the job.
Sanders ratted me out, right? -No, Brass.
Do you want to talK about this? -I don't thinK so.
Excuse you.
What's his problem? Me, I guess.
Did you find out anything? Brass got us a listing of all the refrigerated trucKs that made deliveries to the marKet yesterday.
There's a female trucKer on it.
I'm on it.
SlDLE: Not bad.
I'm impressed.
Yeah, I passed up a chance to play semi-pro ball.
Went to college instead.
I meant the HaecKel marKs.
Should tell us what we need to Know.
This is the glass you line-drived.
That's the glass you "sawzalled.
" SlDLE: HaecKels face the same direction.
TaKe a looK.
Oh, now I'm worthy? Just taKe a damn looK.
That's crazy.
I loved my brother.
Maybe you did, maybe you didn't but we thinK you murdered him.
Based on what? The evidence.
( pounds fist on table ) What evidence?! You ever heard of HaecKel marKs? No.
When a window is broKen from the outside which is what a burglar would do HaecKel marKs form right angles to the inside of the window.
But when a window is broKen from the inside which is what a pecKerwood liKe you would do HaecKel marKs form right angles to the outside of the window.
What did you use to breaK the window, Kenny? I didn't use anything.
I didn't do it.
I want a lawyer.
Well, we Know he did it.
We can't prove it, but we've got a motive.
He needed the money.
OKay, let's say Killing his brother would get it for him.
We're bacK to how do we prove it.
He's a day trader-- spends all day on his computer.
We want to Know more about him, that's where we looK.
And his computer is? Still at the house.
Well, we got probable cause.
Why don't we go get a? Why don't you go get a new warrant? ( fish singing ): I want to Know Can you help me That's my "Big Mouth Billy Bass.
" It's better than a watchdog.
I've got valuable stuff in here, you Know.
Drop me in the water Yeah, I bet there are a lot of people IooKing to steal your two-headed scorpion.
Not to mention "Miss Piggy.
" I was out of line earlier.
I'm not sleeping with her, if it helps any.
It does.
And for the record she wasn't worKing, she was shopping.
And the security guard was a jerK, man.
He pushed her around, then he spit on her.
That's why she lost it.
That sounds pretty straightforward.
Why don't you put a rooKie on it? I can't.
There's something about her.
LooKing at her.
She doesn't have anybody else.
I had Sanders run a test on the shirt.
There's saliva on it but the problem is, I can't get a match.
The security guard refuses to give me a sample.
"lf Mohammed won't go to the mountain then the mountain must go to Mohammed.
" ThinK about it.
BlacK, no sugar.
Yeah, thanKs.
LiKe I said on the phone I don't want to seem biased here.
This girl's nothing to me.
She's a hooKer.
Yeah, but you do Know her.
Yeah, professionally.
My profession, not hers.
I cut her some slacK a while bacK.
She's bad news, but she's a babe.
( chucKling ): Tell me about it.
Yeah, between you and me, I should have busted her but I thought I might get lucky.
Well, next time she gets in a jam she throws my name out.
My boss not pleased.
So ( clearing throat ) Tell me what you thinK.
I want you to write down your own statement seal it up in this envelope and I'll hand deliver it to the D.
It'll be good for both of us.
ThanKs, man.
No problem.
Us guys have got to sticK together, right? That's right.
-That's right.
Of course I graduated high school.
Hey, if this is going to taKe forever I could lay a urine sample on you, too gratis.
A writing sample would be sufficient.
What's that going to tell you-- whether I was writing under the influence? Do yourself a favor.
Yes, ma'am.
Now, what is it that you want me to write? "I've got a Kite.
"Can you see the women? Kill the lights.
" That's what you want me to write? Three times.
Caucasian female with only a high school education and left-handed.
You can Keep the pen as a souvenir.
I'll be right bacK.
Hey, come on! You're maKing me late.
Hey, hey, hey.
Two cheeKs on the car.
There you go.
OKay, thanKs.
She's not the one.
So, did I win something? The right to Keep on trucKing.
( chucKles ) Here you go, bubba.
Hey, we're outta here! You Know, I'm starting to thinK that maybe we should be looKing for a man.
Only three percent of multiple Killers are female.
And a woman wouldn't need a trophy.
BRASS: And a body on ice is definitely a trophy.
Well, Ms.
Hard-ass travels with her boyfriend.
I bet you a lot of guys travel with their girlfriends.
What if it was a man with a woman who would do anything he asKed? Then I said, "Hey, us guys need to sticK together.
" LiKe "You're the man," you Know? So I could've used an STR-DNA but it's too state-of-the-art, it's overKill.
So I used an HLA-DQ-A1, with a polymarKer.
That's-that's very, very interesting.
You don't care about this at all, do you? No.
( chucKles ) But to be honest with you, all I really care about is whether the charges against me are going to be dropped.
Are they? The D.
threw out the case.
( chucKles ) So I can shoplift at that boutique again? I was Kidding, I was Kidding.
Besides, they never have any good sales there, anyway.
( chucKling ) I'd invite you out for coffee, but it's probably a bad idea.
Uh, yeah.
But I can call you sometime, you Know just in case I ever get into trouble or something, right? Maybe you should try not getting into trouble.
You do owe me one.
I owe you two.
You Know where to find me.
Is that right? Your boy Kenny just lawyered up.
Well, we got a warrant so that should give us the room for the night.
There's something wrong with it.
Computers turn on.
When they don't, it's for a reason.
Did you plug it in? The power light's on.
Really? Let me checK it out.
Well, he's a sneaky S.
, I'll give him that.
SlDLE: No one is going to believe this.
( snaps picture ) All right.
Let me see that flashlight.
There's scratches all over it.
Nothing really special about them.
And the hotshot taKes another striKe.
ChecK it out.
Not enough to cause even a small scratch on your finger, but more than enough to use as a basis for comparison.
SlDLE: We match this to the broKen window, we got him.
One, two, three.
Left one is from the broKen window the other one is from the gun both dropping at an identical rate.
Glass is from the same source.
So, Kenny broKe the window from the inside using the butt of the gun.
My theory The brother was the executor of the parents' estate.
He controlled the family money.
Sounds liKe more than a theory.
I called the county clerK.
With the brother out of the way, Kenny is the sole beneficiary.
KENNY: Do you have any idea how much money I've lost in margin calls? Hey, come on, what are you doing? I'm your brother, oKay? I already said I'd loan you the money, oKay? Come on! $20,000? That doesn't even begin to solve my problems! Slam that jail door.
MaKes you reconsider, doesn't it? I never said you weren't a good CSl.
WOMAN: We're state-of-the-art here-- number one in vehicle satellite tracKing.
I can locate one or all of our trucKs with just a clicK of a mouse, 24-7.
Do you ever worry that technology is going to maKe us obsolete? No.
Can you, uh, narrow your database? Say, eliminate all trucKs that are not refrigerated? Yeah, I thinK I can.
Can you eliminate all trucKs that were not in Las Vegas yesterday? Eliminate all trucKs that only travel in state.
Now eliminate the trucKs that don't deliver to supermarKets along the l-1 5.
GRlSSOM: This is very cool.
Eliminate all trucKs that did not deliver to Marty's MarKet yesterday.
WlLLOWS: That's our guy.
He delivered to all five towns all five supermarKets.
Where is he now? ( squealing tires ) Police! Step away from the trucK and put your hands on the bacK of your head! Keep your hands in sight! Get out of the trucK! Hands over your head! Step away from the trucK.
Hands on the bacK of your head.
I'm just maKing my regular delivery Don't maKe me asK you twice.
Move! Hands on the bacK of your head! Hands on the bacK of your head! Left hand on the wall, right hand on the wall.
ChecK him for weapons.
Hey, get away from my trucK! It's not your trucK anymore.
It's our crime scene.
It's all yours.
We got three.
Where is she? Where is Margaret Shorey? Screw you, man.
LooK, pal, I already Know what happened.
I even Know your type-- Decent, trusting, middle-aged women.
Please help me You got to help me! I locKed my baby in the car! Did you call the manager? It is so hot, she's going to die.
Please help me! All all right.
Where's your car? This way.
( muffled screaming ) Go on! Write it! ( muffled screaming continues ) OKay.
All right, listen.
First one of you lowlifes can name that tune gets to maKe a deal.
Hmm? The difference between the chair or life in prison.
So He made me do it.
( screams ) Cuff him.
Hey, hey, hey Where is she? ( metallic rattling ) There's a locK.
Are there any Keys? Hello, Margaret.
My name is Gil.
This is Catherine.
We're going to taKe you home.
You looK lost.
Oh, yeah Do you Know WarricK Brown? Yeah, you want me to tell him you're here? Oh, he's probably worKing.
He worKs really hard.
If you see him could you just tell him that, uh, Jason says thanKs? OKay.
Will he Know what for? Uh Hey, Jas, how you doing? Better.
Hey, thanKs for busting me loose.
My mom said she'll pay you bacK.
No, you'll pay me bacK, shorty.
Just don't be pulling any more fire alarms.
I won't.
Gets you more attention than you want.
I Know.
You still worKing on those moves I showed you? Yeah, every day after school.
How about that? How about that right there? Good.
Hey, I got to go.
My mom's waiting for me.
Hey, come here.
Apologize to your mom, all right? Let her Know she can trust you.
All right? Bye, WarricK, uh see you next weeK.
See you next weeK, Jaws.
So you went to the casino to win bail money.
He needed my help.
I didn't win anything, Sara.
You're a CSl.
You saw me enter a casino.
Did you see me place a bet? You want to tell me you didn't? I don't have to tell you anything.
LooK, I went there to collect a debt that was owed to me.
We're supposed to be worKing together.
Next time, just try talKing to me instead of going around behind my bacK.