CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e13 Episode Script


Good afternoon, Mr.
How's the golf? Hi.
You look lost.
Okay, the stairs are all the way back to the left and the real estate office is at the end of the hall.
Okay? Bye.
Ooh, are those for me? Hi, Dominic, sign here.
I tell you, though this is going to be worth a lot of money someday.
I know, Elvis.
See you.
Okay, bye-bye.
( groans ) Domino, it's your turn to pick up dinner.
Okay, Jake-o.
Listen, uh, this goes to Cooley Real Estate.
That's on two, all right? And the Fed Ex is running a little bit late on the pick-up.
I'll be back in hmm, about ten minutes, all right? -You got it.
-All right, buddy.
( ticking ) ( ticking continues ) ( yells ) Oh, these fire guys really know howto trash a crime scene.
That's what they do.
Put wet stuff on the red stuff.
We're all clear to go in, but here's what we've got.
Couple of head wounds.
Elderly guy had his arm torn off.
The only fatality so far is Jake Richards, a security guard.
Body's still inside.
BRASS: How big you think this bomb was? WlLLOWS: It's not the size of the bomb.
It's the overpressure in the air around it.
The Van Gogh effect.
In stereo.
Both ears gone.
A perfectly symmetrical amputation.
Means he was looking directly at the bomb when it went off.
So either it drew his attention or it was contained in something that seemed benign.
Smell the sulfur? Uh-huh.
-Got your lighter, Jim? -Sure.
Light this.
GRlSSOM: We know the propellant.
So would you care to make a preliminary call on this? I'd love to.
Seat of the bomb is here.
Victim was thrown three meters.
His clothes are torn but not burnt, indicating a low-velocity propellant.
Who? Why? Will he do it again? Time will tell.
"Who are you? "Who, who, who, who? "Who are you? "Who, who, who, who? "l really wanna know "Who are you? "Oh-oh-oh Who "Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Oh, you!" The dirty little secret of bombs is how easy they are to make and use.
Our murder weapon's here someplace in a thousand pieces.
We have to find it and put it back together again.
Where do we start? If it's not growing, pick it up.
We cart everything we find back to the lab.
-And then what? Stay curious.
Can you fill in the blanks? WlLLOWS: Bombs explode.
Weird thing is their components survive the explosion.
If we can piece together this bomb, we're closer to finding who did this.
So, Warrick, when you're taking pictures of the debris can you, uh? Uh, I know, looky-loos.
WOMAN ( over dispatch ): Code 30, 418 Code 30, 4180.
Do you copy? Come on, Nick, it's my last night in Sin City.
One more drink, man.
Oh, no, I just pulled a double.
And I still have to file my shift report.
Man, you're off the clock.
You'd have never passed up a wild night back at A&M.
Well, I guess I grew up.
Too bad, check that out.
You must really love your job, man.
Ladies Here you go.
Thanks, man.
WOMAN: Let me go! MAN: You got that? Come on.
Relax a little.
Settle down.
You don't own me, Jack.
Nobody does.
Back off.
Hey, just mind your own business.
- Nick.
I know him.
He's a cop.
A crime scene investigator.
Nick, tell him to leave me alone.
Nobody tells me to do anything Hey, are we going to have a problem? No, officer, we're not going to have a problem.
See you around, baby.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
That was good timing.
I suppose you need a ride.
Do you mind? No.
Come on.
WOMAN: Seems like every time we run into each other I'm getting into trouble.
Not that it's any of my business but maybe you should think about changing careers.
Not every john is like that guy.
Besides, I'm making a change.
I'm going back to school.
Yeah? I've always wanted to study communications.
I'm good with people.
That's good.
You think so? Yeah, I do.
Well, I'm going to go inside now.
Unless, of course, you'd like to come in for a drink.
I don't think that'd be a good idea.
Come on.
Just 'cause you're a crime scene analyst you don't have to analyze everything.
( laughs ) MAN: Lieutenant Grissom.
Oh, uh Hi, I've I've, um, I've seen you on TV before.
I admire your work.
Well, thank you.
And your name is? Dominic.
Uh, "i-c" rather than with the "i-c-k" uh, Kretzker.
I'm the, uh, Hansen Building Security Detail.
Did somebody from Homicide talk to you yet? Yeah, as a matter of fact, they said that I was going to be talking to you.
Because, well, we are you know, we're both in law enforcement, and Right.
Did you know the victim-- the other security guard? Oh, yeah, he was one of my best buddies.
As a matter of fact, you know, two minutes' difference it would've been my face all over the news instead of his, right? Would you, uh, like to be on the news? -Yeah.
I mean only if l could help people, yes.
No, no.
I know what you're thinking.
Uh, you know, my building blows up I'm over at Arby's sucking down some extra sauce.
You know, how could I want to help people, right? Well, I mean, realistically, what could you have done? Well, I know a lot about bombs.
You know, pipe, power, powder.
The three "Ps" of mass destruction.
Dominic with an "i-c," not "i-c-k" Yes sir? Would you be interested in helping me in my investigation? Are you serious? Yeah, yes, sir.
I'll be honored, sir.
But we can't tell anybody on the day shift, though because they're going to get real jealous.
That's good thinking.
Would you excuse me a minute? Yes.
Keep an eye on that guy.
Oh, yes! Well, we got a live one out there.
I got a cop babysitting him.
How are you doing? Well, are his initials "FP"? No, Dominic Kretzker, why? I found this near the point of origin.
Whoever did this is playing with us.
Or he wants to get caught.
Hey, it's me.
You in the shower? What are you doing? Anyway, if you check your messages I don't have to work till later.
So I thought since you're between careers you might want to grab a late breakfast.
Hey, Nick, what's up? Not a lot.
What's what's going on? It's a 4-19.
Who's the decedent? Kristine Marie Hopkins.
Day shift's got it covered.
You all right? Yeah, I must've, uh I must've got my wires crossed.
I'll see you.
All right, man.
All right, you cram this thing here with gunpowder, right? Then you cap it here, and you cap it here.
Now the grains inside, all right they're going to ignite and cause smoke.
Lots and lots of smoke.
Now, the problem is is all this smoke here, man, it's got nowhere to go.
Okay, it starts cooking, and then Bob's your uncle Boom! Grissom was right: you do know a lot about bombs.
How'd you learn so much? Oh, they don't teach this stuff at universities.
You know, this is all trial and error.
So what, you just, uh, blow up bombs and study them? Yeah.
Yeah ( knocking ) Margaret Finn, Public Defender.
Cease and desist any conversation with my client.
I've been assigned to you.
Guess the PD was thinking of all the lawsuits Richard Jewell brought when he was wrongfully accused.
Someone died in that office building.
Ma'am, you seem like a very nice person but these people-- they've been very, very good to me.
I'm sure they have.
Dominic, I think you should go with your attorney.
Thanks for your help, though.
All right I'll see you guys later.
Listen, do me a favor.
Will you tell Grissom that if he needs me just call me at home, okay? -All right.
Let's roll.
So all this stuff is from a five-meter radius of the point of origin? Yep.
How could the victim possibly have been in one piece? Vacuum effect.
The air is being pushed out so fast detonates there's a calm at the center Iike the eye of a tornado.
Well, except for when he lost his ears.
Did you figure out what this "FP" stands for? I ran it through ATF's bomb database.
No profile.
So our bomber's a newbie.
Does he fit Grissom's wack job from the bomb site? Dominic the security guard? Ah, it's too soon to tell.
I found something interesting.
What is it? Looks like a balance wheel from a clock.
Bomb was time-delayed.
This is a piece of the timing device.
What about the orange stuff? Heat of the explosion must've melted whatever it is all around the wheel.
So Sara? What's orange and melts? I would have to investigate that.
Thank you.
Hey, guys.
I thought this was your day off.
We're busy here, Nick.
Yeah, I know, and I'm sorry, but I don't think this can wait.
You told me you weren't dating her.
I wasn't till last night after I broke up her fight with this guy, uh Jack.
And Ecklie's at her house now.
Yeah, and I can tell you what he's going to find.
My fingerprints, my DNA.
What were you thinking, Nicky? I wasn't.
We had a connection.
You know.
A chemistry thing, I guess.
She was irresistible, man.
I took off around 4:00.
Ecklie's going to be all over this.
( knocking ) Hey, Nick I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
Who told you? Word travels.
It was the day shift coroner.
So people know I was with Kristy last night? Not yet.
Maybe I should just go to Ecklie and tell him I was there.
When you're a suspect and you're innocent, keep your mouth shut.
I'll talk to Ecklie.
Bad idea.
You and Ecklie oil and water.
Just let me get into it.
-I can't just sit here.
-Okay, go for a walk.
Maybe you'll accidentally bump into your guy, "Jack?" Yeah.
him, but don't approach him.
If Nick's arrested, it's not going to matter that he's cleared later.
No, it's an automatic dismissal.
Liver temp's indicating time of death at 0600.
Petichial hemorrhaging, cyanotic tongue.
( door opens ) Can I help you, Catherine? I just want to see the body, David.
Unless I'm mistaken, this is Ecklie's case.
Eyes, no hands.
Look at those ligature marks.
Petichials blue tongue, the works.
Raccoon eyes excoriation around the neck.
She didn't give up easy.
Struggled and strangled.
Ecklie find the murder weapon? I only deal with bodies.
Did you check for fingerprints on the body? -Not yet.
-Half-life of fingerprints on flesh they're disappearing as we speak.
Catherine, I like Nick, too.
I know you're here for him.
But what if I lift his prints from her? Then that's what you report.
Evidence, Doc all we got.
( ticking ) ( alarm ringing ) Hey.
Could you find that and turn it off, please? ( alarm ringing ) ( alarm stops ) Find the clock our guy used? Not yet.
This is a good choice.
According to the Bomb Data Center which has a record of every component used in any bomb-- from Ted Kaczynski to teenage boys playing with fireworks-- the most recent timing device of choice is made by TimeTell Snoozewell, $10.
99 at any Iocal drugstore.
You just spoiled all my fun.
Griss, can I get clear on something here? Anything's possible.
Catherine gave me this "FP" which was part of the Hansen bomb and I'm supposed to figure out what tool the bomber used to engrave it.
You isolate the tool, and then we trace it.
Yeah, but he could've used any number of things to initial it.
I mean, a screwdriver, a drill bit, a box cutter.
It's the same as guns we eliminate them one at a time.
What are you guys doing? We're going to go blow up some bombs.
Oh, I definitely got the wrong end of this investigation.
Can't always be "cakes and ale.
" ( buzzing ) ( knocking ) Oh, hey, uh, Conrad, Grissom's in the field.
I need to speak with him.
And I need to speak with you about Nick Stokes.
Well, let me guess about his involvement with a dead hooker? Come on.
The hooker was a person.
Her name was Kristy Hopkins.
I realize that.
Thank you.
I just came from the lab.
His prints were all over Kristy Hopkins' house.
Let's see, wine glass oh, bedside table.
How's it going, Cath? I don't think that you guys should be talking.
It's no big deal.
What's up, Ecklie? I need a DNA sample from you, Nick.
I assume you're trying to prove Kristy Hopkins and l were sexually active last night.
We found a condom, used.
And my DNA will match, no warrant necessary.
And I have something else for you.
I got this off a valet surveillance tape.
A license plate number? Vehicle belongs to Jack Willman.
Had a fight with Kristy outside the Orpheus Iast night around midnight.
Well, I'll look into it but come on, yourfingerprints, your DNA that's what's going into evidence.
You just love that, don't you? You think I want to believe a CSl could commit murder? Hell, I don't want to believe a CSl could sleep with a hooker.
Nick's private life -ls no longer private.
Catherine, I'm sorry if you guys don't like where the evidence is pointing.
But show me otherwise, tell me I'm wrong.
In the meantime, my hands are tied.
I have protocol to follow.
I hate that guy.
Okay, look, I'm going to get O'Riley to track down this Jack guy for questioning.
But I am out on a limb for you here, Nick.
Just don't make it harder with Ecklie, okay? Okay.
GRlSSOM: We find the bomber by understanding the bomb.
Fortunately, Catherine figured out the exterior container.
Aluminum briefcase.
And we know the timing device.
-And the propellant.
-Black gunpowder.
So the final piece of the bomber's signature? Identify the pipe containing the powder.
Three bombs, scaled down five-to-one three different metal pipes.
Different metals fly different distances when the same force is applied.
Number one is a plumber's ex-flow pipe.
Number two is an inflow pipe which is thinner.
Number three is galvanized steel which is the thinnest metal of them all.
You ready? Let's do it, Darren.
That's the ex-flow.
Inflow pipe, blue.
Galvanized steel, red.
Last piece of green: ten feet.
Blue: 16 feet.
Red: 20 feet.
Fragments from the galvanized steel traveled the farthest.
Extrapolating five to one that would be 100 feet.
The outer limit of visible metal detritus at the Hansen building.
So the bomb was housed in a thin container of galvanized steel.
Like a muffler or a tailpipe.
I've seen it before.
It's a common container for homemades.
Don't you love the smell of sulfur in the afternoon? You might want to go and take a tour of Dominic Kretzker's house.
I tracked down the sale of Snoozewell clocks.
in the last three months in Clark County.
Seven to Dominic Kretzker of Prairie Road.
( police radio transmission ) Hey, hey.
That your scanner? Yeah, that's how I knew you were coming.
Makes me feel like I'm part of things.
What can I do for you guys? Dominic this is the type of device that was used to set off the Hansen bomb.
We have proof that you purchased the same make of clock.
Yeah, yeah, I recognize that.
That houses a nice little detonator.
Want to show us that clock of yours? Oh, sure.
Come on in.
The place is kind of a mess.
( straining ): Here it is.
TimeTell Snoozewell.
Well, you can get it for half price if you've got a coupon.
The timing device is still intact.
Yeah, 'cause I haven't made the bomb yet.
But you have made bombs before, using parts from this make? Well, yeah.
Yeah, I blow them out in back all the time.
I blasted a few of them a couple months ago.
BRASS: Hey, look what I found.
You blow up any bombs recently? Is this from the Hansen bomb? Sure is.
You keep your key piece of evidence that could nail you? Hey, that's sentimental.
Well, that's cute.
No, I mean, it is.
That's like, you know, Waco and Trade Center.
That's historical.
I didn't have a war, all right? I'm too flatfooted for the P.
and that's as close to history as I'm going to get.
I collect souvenirs.
I mean, th-that's my building, you know.
I mean that was my place of employment, man.
You're going to be sorry, talking to my client.
BRASS: We radioed you.
We left word.
Dominic, don't speak.
If I had anything to hide, I'd hide it.
I'm pretty proud of that container piece, I'll tell you.
BRASS: Well, maybe so but you're under arrest.
Hey, throw him in the car.
You-You kidding? Oh.
( siren approaching ) Cuffs? BRASS: Well, vultures never sleep, huh? Could you do me a favor? Will you put the jacket overthem? I don't want to be seen like this.
Not on TV.
This is not who I am.
Thanks, partner.
GRlSSOM: I can't tell whether he's brilliant or nuts.
Sound familiar? Tell you one thing if he's guilty he's putting on one hell of a show.
Polyethylene? Terephtalete? ( clears throat ) You contact herfamily? No familyto speak of.
Has anyone claimed her? For burial? Friend, old roommate? There's no one.
City'll be footing the bill.
No, I'll pay.
Sure that's prudent given the circumstances? Doc, I'm giving this girl a proper burial.
I don't much care about my career right now.
Someone wants to throw me in jail for that so be it.
( cell door closing ) How you doing? - Just kind of using the current experience to understand the other side of law enforcement.
That's resourceful.
You think I'm guilty, don't you? I think the evidence raises some serious questions about your involvement.
That is crazy.
I mean, come on.
I'm one of the good guys.
The cops went through my things.
They find anything? You have an attorney now.
I can't talk to you about the case.
I was here on another matter and I thought I'd come by.
You do what I do.
Excuse me? You don't just stop by to see someone, you make up excuse like "I'm in the area, just stopping by.
" Wow, you're just like me.
Except better-looking.
I'll come by and see you later, okay? Okay.
-What? -Bad news.
Another Fourth of July.
Where? - Thrift-Right Car Rental on Flamingo.
Ten minutes ago.
( indistinct police radio chatter ) BRASS: So, the manager was working the lot when he heard the blast.
Fatality was on the check-in line and died on the way to the hospital.
Anybody report hearing a noise? Ticking? No, no one heard anything.
SlDLE: Ah, it's not the firemen it's the rain that's crunching this crash.
What do you have? Form follows function.
They've never been able to make a better one.
That orange stuff again.
Someone picks it up, motion trips the trap, sets off the timer.
SlDLE: Which sets off the bomb.
( explosion ) Be right back.
Don't saying nothing to the media or anybody.
Our bomber's signature just got a little more sophisticated.
Excuse me.
Hi, I'm with the Crime Lab.
I'm sorry, but I have to take your jacket.
Um okay.
If it'll help.
What are you doing? Polyethylene-terephtalete.
Orange stuff.
GRlSSOM: You're free to go.
I wanted to tell you in person.
You mean, you weren't just in the neighborhood? That second bomb-- it wasn't remote, was it? Otherwise I'd still be a suspect.
I can't discuss it.
So, I guess you're not going to be needing my expertise anymore.
I mean, investigation-wise.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Well, proud to have worked with you, sir.
Dominic I'm not a police officer.
I-l-I'm a crime scene analyst.
Yeah, but we know who really solves the crimes, don't we, sir? Good luck.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you.
Hey, Dom? -Yeah? -Next time try not to be quite so trusting.
You don't need to be a hero? I ran priors.
The guy's got an '88 conviction for sexual assault.
Boy, if I ever get in trouble, I know which CSl I'm going to.
Let's watch the show.
How would you characterize your relationship with Kristy Hopkins? Oh, sir, we can just cut the crap.
I saw him kill Kristy.
I saw everything.
O'RlLEY: Go on.
Well, Kristy and l, we had words.
I was swinging by her place to tell her I was sorry but, uh I didn't expect to see her with a guy.
I couldn't make out what they were saying but he was pushing her around pretty hard.
( arguing ) -Could you lD this guy? -Yeah.
It was like, Nick something.
Kristy and I bumped into him at the Orpheus earlier.
O'RlLEY: And you saw him kill her? Well, I saw him get violent, but I took off.
You didn't try to help the girl? He's one of you guys.
He carries a gun.
I'm no hero.
So, could I go? O'RlLEY: Yeah.
The witness sounds believable.
It's a load of crap and you know it.
I was listening.
He seemed credible to me.
Sheriff, you arrest Nick now you end his career.
So, what can you offer me? Nothing, except my gut and ten years of experience.
He didn't do this.
Ignore the evidence against Stokes, it looks like special favors for CSl.
Well, I can't have that.
Not and keep my post.
So, give me 12 hours, access to the crime scene and evidence without filing papers on Nick.
But then we arrest Mr.
Stokes with all the attendant documentation.
How you doing, Greg? Same as you.
Worried about Nick.
I need to see his DNA from the crime scene.
You have it, right? A sample from the condom, yeah.
Popsicled in the freezer.
But, uh, it's not your case.
Much as I want to help, no can do.
It's my case for the next 12 hours.
Ask the Sheriff.
You know, I would never doubt your word.
Smart man.
Nick's little soldiers.
It's all you.
Thanks, Greg.
WlLLOWS: When did you say this sample was frozen? Um, 10:15 a.
Why? These guys are all heads, no tails.
That's normal, given the post-ejaculate time frame.
How is that going to help Nick? WlLLOWS: The sperm found in the condom was frozen at 10:15 a.
It's all heads, no tails.
I'm not quite up to speed on the particulars of It takes about seven hours for bacteria to eat away at the tails placing the time of ejaculation at around 2:00 a.
but Kristy's time of death was 6:00 a.
Well, it suggests a lag between ejaculation and Kristy's murder but it doesn't disprove Nick's presence at the time of the homicide.
You could be a little more supportive.
I have a new favorite color.
-Orange? -The orange polyester from the bomb is a match to the Thrift-Right jacket.
Guess where their regional headquarters is located.
The Hansen Building.
You bet.
I ran a Lexis search looking for disgruntled employees, irate customers, anyone with a grievance against Thrift-Right.
-You get any hits? -Norman Stirling.
Former manager.
How disgruntled? Let go Iast year.
Caused a commotion at H.
Filed lawsuits against the company.
Guy's been out of work ever since.
Sitting around making bombs.
Norman Stirling? Yes.
What's going on? FP.
What? You don't recognize those initials? What's this about? The bombing of the Thrift-Right Car Rental.
The bombing of the Hansen Building.
A-A bomb? Are you kidding? I've never even been near a bomb my entire life.
Well, those orange jackets over there appear to match the materials the bombs were wrapped in.
I used to wear those to go to work.
BRASS: You were let go by Thrift-Right last year, and lost a court battle to get your job back.
BRASS: In fact, they filed a TRO against you for throwing furniture around their headquarters last July.
I want to call my lawyer.
Good, you can call him from the car.
He can meet us at the PD.
Take him in.
Come on, let's go.
Call your mom.
WlLLOWS: Kristy Hopkins was strangled with this sash.
It's fingerprint-free, but the force of the pull would have scratched off epithelials from the killer's hands, right? Abraded, yeah.
And can you extract DNA from epithelials? If they're fresh enough.
GREG: Okay, epithelials are an affirmative.
And they're good to go for DNA profiling.
I'm just going to need something to compare it to.
Jack Willman has a prior for a sexual assault so his DNA is on file.
Well? I think that you and I should head over to the police station.
DNA didn't pan out, huh? Never have I seen such a clean match.
Jack Willman killed her.
( sighing ) Thank you.
Hey Hey, I'm just doing my job.
Besides, if they'd sent you to jail I'd get stuck with all your cases.
( laughs ) Dispatch said you were looking for me? Yeah.
I finally matched this "FP.
" To this electric etcher.
Now, I made an exemplar.
Boom! WARRlCK: ldentical type of striations.
The manufacturer says that this etcher is only used for training purposes.
And it's only sold in bulk.
It was not sold to Norman Stirling.
So who bought it? Las Vegas School District.
I called the district and we traced it down to one high school-- Summit High.
Stirling's son goes there.
BRASS: Tyler, were you aware of your father's lawsuits against Thrift-Right Car Rental? Yeah.
It was kind of hard not to be.
I mean, it's all him and my mom talked about for a year.
Until she left.
Do you miss your mother? I miss our old life.
( quietly ): Is there something that we should be talking about? You know, in private? You said that's how corporations do it-- in private.
See, they treated him great at work, in front of everyone.
And then they let him go at the end of the day when no one's around.
Thirty years of service and then you know, they realized they could hire two young guys at half the price.
BRASS: What does "FP" stand for? It was etched into both bombs.
We think you engraved it with an implement from your high school shop class.
"Fair Play.
" I used to yell that around the house that I was owed fair play.
TYLER: I mean, they threw him out like trash.
And you sent them bombs?! You said you wanted to kill them.
How did you even know how to do this? Off the lnternet.
Dad, are you mad at me? I did it for you.
Tyler, did you make any more bombs? Where are they? Where are you keeping them? Tyler if you did this for me please tell them where they are.
( man over dispatch ) Victor 9, report to Summit High School.
Summit High School, site of reported bomb outside Classroom 22B, in Locker 897.
( radio static ) Be advised, bomb is trigger- activated and motion-delayed.
Do not handle.
Repeat: do not handle.
SYSTEM: All students and faculty please immediately exit the building.
Security Detail, keep moving.
MAN: Come on, move it! Move it! Security Detail, let's go! I need Classroom 22B.
-Second floor! -Where's 22B? Come on, people! Come on, come on.
Come on, people, don't run.
All students and faculty, please immediately exit the building.
Security Detail, keep moving.
All students and faculty please immediately exit the building.
Security Detail, keep moving.
Get out of my way, people.
Come around me.
( sirens blaring ) Dominic, stop! Stop right there.
Put it down! No, it's all right.
Everyone's safe.
No, no, no, drop it.
It's active! Hi.
Just the guy I wanted to see.
Tell me why you did it.
I got nothing to say to you, cowboy.
She was going back to college, turning her life around getting out of the business, and you killed her for it! Why? Is that what she told you? She was getting out of the business? She was going to college to recruit more girls.
Do you think I'm going to believe the john that killed her? Oh, and you think I was her client? I was her pimp.
She was leaving me to start her own racket.
So wake up.
This isn't Pretty Woman.
She's not Julia Roberts.
You're not Richard Gere.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I guess you're right.
Because there's no happy ending for you.
Twenty-five to life.
WlLLOWS: Get him out of here.
Above the fold.