CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s01e21 Episode Script

Justice is Served

(growling ) ( growling continues ) ( screaming ) Ah, Jeez.
All right, guy? I guess he won't be eating dinnertonight.
I think Running Man was attacked up there and then dragged or slid down here.
Look at those wounds.
STOKES: He picked the wrong time of day to be running alone.
Dusk is when the animals come out.
BROWN: Yeah, from what I hear they carved out a piece of this valley when they made the park.
Some mountain lion probably didn't like getting relocated.
Mountain lions are brutal.
And smart.
This one evidently knows how to use a scalpel.
"Who are you? "Who, who, who, who? "Who are you? "Who, who, who, who? "l really wanna know "Who are you? "Oh-oh-oh Who "Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Oh, you!" Catherine.
What are you doing? The carnival case.
-I'm taking it.
-The carnival case? A six-year-old girl died on a ride at the carnival over on Washington.
The paperwork's on your desk.
Did you straighten up my office while you were in there? You think I overstepped? These people come to town they commit crimes and they leave.
I just want to get there before the carnival moves on.
Take Sara with you.
She's meeting me there.
BROWN: So, Doc how big of a cat are we actually dealing with here? We're not.
-We're not? -You ever owned a kitten? When you play with them, they don't just bite, they scratch.
Doesn't matter whether they're tabbies or tigers.
And there's no signs of claw wounds on the victim.
So what are we dealing with? Forget Whiskers.
Think Spot.
Teeth marks look canine.
I was wrong about the species.
I'll make a mold of the bite.
If we're lucky we can narrow it down to breed.
What? Most people don't admit when they're wrong.
I'm wrong all the time.
That's how I eventually get to right.
ROBBlNS: You weren't wrong about the scalpel.
Whoever removed this guys organs knew how to handle one.
STOKES: So a dog killed him then someone came along and cut him up.
GRlSSOM: Someone with two legs and a medical degree.
What are you doing? That bag's been used 100 times.
Get her a new one.
They get washed every time, right? Yeah, with disinfectant.
What if it was your kid? She gets this one.
Yes, ma'am.
She looks scared.
No six-year-old should have to go through that.
You okay? Why don't you go find the mother and talk to her.
I'll take the crime scene.
I don't know what happened.
One minute Sandy was laughing, holding my hand, and the next The next, sh Oh, my God.
Mommy! Sandy! Sandy, where are you? I I got out of the car but I couldn't find her.
By the time I got the operator to stop the ride she was dead.
MAN: How can this happen? At a carnival.
"Go back to the crime scene.
Collect the dog's scat.
" I didn't realize how many dogs take their walks up here when I said that.
BROWN: Yeah, but I bet Grissom did.
This sucks.
But it's evidence, right? No, hair and fiber is evidence, Warrick.
This is combat duty.
Yeah, it's somebody's doody.
STOKES: Don't even waste your time.
That's cougar.
How do you figure that? See the rabbit hair in the feces? Don't you remember the seminar? Seminar? Julie.
Julie, oh A CSl should not be that fine.
( chuckles ) What is that? STOKES: Looks like dirty ice.
Yeah, well, I'm taking it into evidence.
It's evidence of a picnic, Warrick.
Yeah, well we'll see.
We've never had a problem with this ride.
This is the safest ride we got.
Not anymore.
So you didn't know that anything was wrong until this car came out of the tunnel, right? As soon as the Mom started screaming I stopped the ride.
Seat beIt's loose.
I check those every morning.
Did you check this one? -Yeah.
-So do you strap the riders in, or do they do it themselves? Lady, it's the Tunnel of Love, not Colossus.
People like to get up close and personal on this ride.
So you keep the belts loose on purpose.
Loose enough for adults to get close or six-year-old kids to slide through? Officer, give us a minute.
You tampered with the evidence.
Ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, spare me the Hee Haw routine.
You run this nightmare on wheels.
I found this in there.
You send one of your employees into that tunnel to fix the track where that little girl was killed to cover your ass? Glad you found that, 'cause Puppy's been missing since I rolled into Vegas.
Look, l, uh I'm sorry as the next jim-jim about what happened, ma'am but I ain't got nothing to do with it.
Field test for drugs.
I'm sure you've done this before.
You can't make me take a drug test.
Oh, before you came to Nevada you should've looked up the law.
Mandatory drug testing wherever there's been an accident.
Pee now, and don't tell me you're shy.
Stay on him.
-Mandatory drug testing? -There should be.
And I don't have to wait for results to know that guy's coked out of his brain.
Cocaine bugs? Oh Crawling all under his skin.
GRlSSOM: Like David Crosby said, big fella: "lf I'd known I was going to live this long I'd have taken better care of my teeth.
" Right you are, Mister Crime Scene lnvestigator.
You know, most dogs have 42 teeth but, as you've discovered, your Cujo only has 41.
Did you ever hear a dog say woof-woof, Greg? I mean, what is the origin of that? And what do we sound like to them, I wonder? I don't know.
Probably blah, blah, blah.
Did you come here with some particular blah, blah for me? Yes.
Two words.
Paw prints.
Your dentally-challenged killer left them all over the vic's clothes.
-Greg, you know that paw prints are not the same as fingerprints.
True, and even if they were, we don't have the database.
But they can tell you the size of the dog.
And? And according to my sagacious calculations, this is a big dog.
At least 100 pounds.
Now if we can just figure out where he went to medical school, we'll be home free.
-Huh? -The, uh, big dog is a Great Dane-Mastiff mix.
So my paw prints didn't even help.
No, odontology did.
Robbins' dental mold.
But, uh it's always nice to have a visit with you, Greg.
Thank you.
So now you think you're going to find this dog? The array of the bite, the squarish impression of the jaw are unique to a Dane or Dane mix.
And there are only 40 registered in the greater Las Vegas area.
So if one of them is owed a visit by the Tooth Fairy yes I think I can.
But no human cellular tissue in this sample.
Only 30 more jars to go.
This is rough, man.
We should be pulling better cases by now.
Millionaire murders, casino heists.
It's interesting how we categorize evidence in terms of what it means to us as opposed to what it might mean to the case.
Uh, we're supposed to like scat patrol? Sometimes we deal with bugs, worms, waste or worse.
But as scientists we look beyond the possibly offensive qualities of these things to what they might tell us about the puzzle we're trying to solve.
Man, do you turn it on like this at your seminars? People actually pay to go to my seminars, Nick.
We've lD'd the dog.
Well, if he's got bits of jogger hanging out of his mouth, cuff him.
I pulled those rap sheets.
-Called around.
-And? The one with the missing tooth is no angel.
He attacked a gas man checking a meter.
Took a chunk of thigh and severed a testicle.
( doorbell chimes ) ( dog barks ) Can I help you? Are you Susan Hillridge? Yes, Dr.
Is this your dog, Doctor? -Yes, Simba.
Well, you have a problem.
Oh, no.
Not again.
What makes you think Simba was involved? There have been complaints about your dog in the past.
Your meter reader's singing soprano.
Oh, I get it now.
You're talking about my old dog, Dickie.
He was aggressive.
That's why I put him down.
Simba just gets out of the yard a lot.
The dog we're looking for is missing a tooth.
I noticed that Simba is also missing a tooth.
Okay, he is missing a tooth.
But he just gets out and wrestles with neighbors' garbage cans.
-He's not a violent dog.
-That may be.
We still have to take him into custody until we can determine whether or not he had any involvement in this homicide.
Officers, go ahead.
He's all yours.
You're making a mistake.
GRlSSOM: You said that you were a doctor.
May I ask your specialty? Nutrition.
My patients are mostly professional athletes.
Do you ever consult with amateur athletes? Like marathoners? You mean like that jogger? What was his name? -Terry Manning.
-Doesn't ring a bell.
And I'm very good with names, Mr.
You'll let me know when I can pick up Simba.
You're assuming a lot.
So are you.
So you did the tox screen on my carnie? Roger that.
You know, I have seen guys drink, like, five gallons of water to try and dilute their urine.
It's the old straight flush.
But all Bad Boy Sanders has to do is just test the specific gravity and blammo.
I can still catch theirtoxic butts.
So? So your guy didn't do that.
What'd he do? Try and mask it? No.
Oh, come on, that creep tested clean? Yeah.
For someone who's on the pill.
What? He's got synthetic estrogen in his urine sample.
Should modulate his mood swings.
Oldest trick in the book.
Somebody else's urine.
Probably keeps a stash in his trailer.
And that Uniform was too green to look for it.
Isn't that in the Constitution somewhere? A man's inalienable right to pee in private? Hey, I just got off the phone with OSHA.
Our carnival has violations in eight states.
What a surprise.
But that's not all.
More than half these guys have records.
And Pickens, the boss? His real name is Roger Peet.
He's a convicted sex offender on parole.
Let's go.
How was I supposed to know she's 16 and a half? From the neck down she was all grown up.
You know what I mean? I have a teenage daughter.
So, no, I don't know what you mean.
Jerry Lee Lewis, man.
Same thing happened to him.
What's all this got to do with the little dead girl, anyway? You tell us.
I was walking down the midway and I seen this woman come whishing out of the tunnel screaming for her daughter.
My baby! My baby! My baby! Me and Joey, he's the operator we hit the kill switch, stop the ride ran in the tunnel and look forthe kid.
And I seen her laying facedown in the pool of water.
What did you do? I didn't do nothing.
She was dead.
I didn't come within two feet of her.
I'm sorry about what happened.
But that's all that I know.
If you so much as breathed on this child the evidence will tell me.
You can dope your urine, change your name, compare yourself to Elvis himself but if you harmed Sandy Dantini, I'm going to get you.
You worried you tipped your hand in there? -No.
Look, don't bite my head off, but any chance you're going after this guy because you're a mother? Pickens is a drug addict and sex offender operating a 2-ton kid magnet.
Did you take a look around that carnival? -Yeah.
Did you notice anything about those other rides? -Maybe.
Ferris wheel-- single cars in the open.
Zipper-- single cars in the open.
Himalaya-- group cars in the open.
How come Pickens was hanging around the only ride that takes kids into the dark? What if he pulled that little girl out of the car? You have anything to support that? Hey.
We aren't going to lunch are we? Simba's mold's still damp, but you can see it's a perfect match to the bite mark on the jogger.
Does this mean Simba's going to the big dog pound in the sky? No, we need to build some more evidence.
Find some jogger in Simba's stool.
Well, I can tell you we found a unique sample at the crime scene.
Great Dane-sized scat containing bits of premium pet store kibble.
How premium? Sirloin, rice, nothing artificial.
We need to find out what Dr.
Hillridge feeds her dog.
Just coming to see you.
You remember that ice we found at the crime scene? There's nothing in here.
It didn't melt.
It evaporated.
Dry ice.
Frozen CO2 sublimates into invisible gas, not water.
The jogger was missing some organs.
Surgical teams use dry ice to pack organs shipped for transplant.
It just so happens the dog's owner is a doctor.
Surgeon? Nutritionist.
But all medical residents have surgical rotations.
Fellas, we have a doctor's appointment.
Would you mind if I looked in your freezer? I have a patient coming in exactly 20 minutes so if you want to rifle around until then, fine but I will not leave my place of business.
No one's asked you to.
You're very organized, Dr.
I imagine you're upset about your dog-- having to put him down.
I don't hold onto things.
I accept the evolution of change.
We live, we die, we replenish the earth.
Man's best friend but not yours, huh? None of us gets out alive.
I would think in your job you'd know that.
But if we treat our bodies like a temple we can cheat time.
Your eyes What? The lower rims are pale.
You're deficient in folic acid.
You're not eating your beets.
Two beets have 54 % percent of the RDA.
May I ask you what medical school you attended? Will that help with your investigation? I just thought the way you handled that knife Oh, the knife.
I was in the ClA.
Culinary lnstitute of America.
( blender whirring ) Tell me, Mr.
Grissom, how does a man choose death as his profession? It chose me, actually.
I guess one man's corpse is another man's candy.
Care for a sip? It's full of folacin.
No, thanks.
Griss, can I show you something? Excuse me.
Surgery equipment.
"Emory Medical Supplies, Boston, Mass, 1875.
" Antiques.
Boy, these are well maintained.
What I find interesting is that she keeps them near the door, not in the office.
In case she needs to break out and go do some work.
Maybe she makes house calls.
May we help you? Yes, is Dr.
Hillridge around? I'm here for a 4:00.
You look great today.
How'd the race go? I finished in three hours and ten minutes.
You can do better.
She gives me the willies.
We can't arrest her for that.
Yeah, well, maybe we can link these to the crime.
Her dog may have eaten that jogger but he can't harvest the organs.
No question about it, the cause of death is drowning.
How tall was the victim? Three feet, give or take an inch.
The water was a foot and a half deep.
She could've easily climbed out, unless she was unconscious.
Maybe she had a minor concussion, or was stunned.
That could explain why she couldn't get out.
I checked, believe me.
She didn't.
The only injury I could find on this little girl was a fractured forearm.
Spiral or straight? X-rays just came back.
Let's see.
That's not from a fall.
Somebody twisted that little girl's arm hard enough to break it.
Perimortem? Swelling takes at least two to four minutes of active circulation.
There's no swelling, so it had to happen moments before she died.
So someone did yank her out of that car in the dark.
Mommy! Sandy! Wait.
Pickens yanks her out just so he can drown her? He's a sex offender.
He's gonna take her someplace.
Not without someone seeing him.
You read the OSHA report.
How many emergency doors were operational? None.
He was trapped like a rat.
He did the only thing he could-- he hid the evidence.
Drowned the little girl.
I'm going to go call Brass.
You're going to enter this as a homicide, right? Technically, it's somewhere between accidental and undetermined.
It's a homicide.
I'm going to get your proof.
So write down that accidental in pencil.
Can you help me? I need to find out when my daughter's going to be released.
I'm not a coroner.
What's your daughter's name? Sandy Dantini.
Oh, Mrs.
I'm Catherine Willows from the Crime Lab.
You've spoken with my colleague, Sara Sidle.
I'm so sorry.
Um did you find out what happened at the carnival to my baby? Actually, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Is it possible that someone reached into your car and pulled out your daughter? I thought it was an accident.
You read all the time about how dangerous amusement parks can be.
You think it can never happen to you.
You think you can protect your kids.
Well, when you went in the water to try to save Sandy, did you hear anything? Did you sense that anyone was there in the dark? I-l-I don't know.
I mean, well, you know, it all happened so fast.
I was focused on finding Sandy.
Do you do you think someone else was there? I'm not ruling anything out.
Look, I didn't do anything wrong.
I may have recycled a few caskets but you're talking about a whole different ball game, here.
Gesek, I'm not accusing you of anything.
I'm not even here officially.
Think of yourself as a consultant to the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Do I get paid? What do you know about organ theft? Oh, if I was in that business, I wouldn't worry about getting paid.
You know there are places overseas that'll pay 50 grand for one lung? And you know this because? Not firsthand.
Not even secondhand.
At the last funeral directors' convention you'd be amazed what you hear.
But, you know, it takes a lot to keep a business afloat.
Tell me about the local market for organs.
Well, we're talking about life and death.
It's probably pretty good.
If someone was disemboweled and their liver taken, what would that go for? Menu, everything a la carte.
Corneas, $5,000.
Kidney, $20,000.
Liver, 40.
Bowel, 30.
Pancreas, 18.
It's amazing what you can learn at a convention.
I got a match.
You want to hand me those filter papers right there? The scat I found at the crime scene and the scat from the doctor's house were the same, except for one difference.
The stuff from the backyard-- full of human cellular tissue.
Jogger DNA.
So we got the right dog.
Well, let's see if the owner cut the vic up.
Reactive agents.
One part leuko-malachite.
One part hydrogen peroxide-- used by blondes everywhere.
Weird, isn't it? What's that? To prove the presence of heme, the stuff that makes blood red Turns the swab blue.
I own this attraction and it's going with me to the next town.
It's evidence.
It's not going anywhere.
Nothing is.
What, says you two string beans? It's going to take a lot more than vegetable insults to get us to move.
Lady, you don't know who you're messing with.
Oh, I know exactly who you are, Mr.
And if you so much as look at me in the wrong way, I will personally lock you in a cell with someone who's going to do the same thing to you that you've been doing to those little girls.
BRASS: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What, you start the party without me? That could get dangerous.
Thomas Pickens? -Yeah.
-I got a court order.
This ride stays in Vegas and you're coming with me.
You pullin' my pud? You know, the thought never crossed my mind.
Come on.
What? Nothing.
This is fun.
As compared to what? As compared to a more scientific approach.
If she cut up that jogger, she didn't use that scalpel.
But we found evidence of blood on it.
I had Sanders run a degradation on that same sample.
The blood is Antique like the scalpel, ruling out the possibility it was used in the murder of our jogger.
( phone ringing ) Yeah.
I'll be right out.
I have a visitor.
I have folic acid.
I was worried about your eyes.
I assume my surgical instruments came back clean, or relatively clean.
Are you here for a nutritional consultation or to eavesdrop on my investigation? Actually, my house felt a little crowded-- all those men you sent.
The, uh, police sent them.
But you dictated the scope of the warrant.
They're taking everything from my kitchen and office.
You have three prior complaints in three separate states for owning vicious dogs.
And? What else do you know about me? Each complaint is from a mountain state.
-ls it a crime to like the mountains? -No.
Only if we find other joggers have turned up dead.
What's a liver go for these days, Doc? What? Terry Manning was missing several key organs-- healthy organs.
You disappoint me.
I thought you were smarter than that.
Coenzyme Q-10 could help with mental acuity.
"The last act is bloody however fine the rest of the play.
" Pascal.
Very impressive.
I prefer Buddha, though.
"Even death is not to be feared by those who lived wisely.
" One request.
Ask them not to leave my house a mess.
You know how I like order.
What, are you guys working in bulk now? Hey, you're the one who said that lady doc keeps skipping town.
If the jogger's blood is in any of this stuff, we need to find it now.
This is only part of the kitchen-- the rest is in those bags and boxes.
I'm ready, Nick.
You want to hit the lights? She made a protein shake in this yesterday right in front of me.
Why would she do that? Get this to DNA-- see if this is the jogger's blood.
I'd place a bet on it.
Whoa, whoa.
So she's not selling the organs on the black market she's eating them? Possibly drinking them.
I want four techs in there placed four feet apart.
Let's tryto pull the girl out from every conceivable angle.
Based on our theory, a loose seat belt enabled Pickens to yank the little girl out of her seat.
Mom was on the left.
Where's my dummy.
Just like little Sandy.
And, just like the loose seat belt.
The belt wasn't loose enough to yank the girl out.
Forget Pickens.
The only person who could've done it, then is the person that was in the car with her-- the mother.
Her eyes were pointing in the wrong direction.
I'm sorry, what? Carla Dantini was looking left when she told me about the accident.
When a person is remembering, they look right and when they're creating, they look left.
And by creating, you mean fabricating.
Neurolinguistics programming, human behavioral science.
Call Brass and tell him to meet us at the mother's house.
You're looking grim.
I'm afraid I don't have a supplement for that.
We found blood in your kitchen blender.
The lab has matched it to the dead jogger.
It had to happen eventually.
Why? You're the scientist.
I should have thought you'd figured that out.
I haven't.
Think of the bugs, Grissom.
Cycle of life? Angels versus insects? When we die, the fable we tell ourselves is we go toward a white light and angels.
But you and I both know the hard reality is that insects arrive immediately and begin turning us back to earth.
But the insects haven't killed anyone.
But they'd die if they didn't have bodies to feed off of.
And so will l.
The madness of King George.
Or the legend of the vampire.
Which makes it a real hard disease to have.
But it's real for me.
It's genetic.
The only thing my father ever gave me.
The first time it presented was after a minor sunburn.
My lips receded, so did my gums.
I increased my glucose intake and I was fine for a while.
I began a drug regimen.
But they only treated the symptoms.
I had my spleen removed because it absorbed my blood.
But nothing helped.
Lesions started forming on my face.
That's when I bought my first dog.
Bullets and poison leave residue in the blood.
Dogs kill clean.
Imagine what I'd look like by now without them.
You could've tried intravenous hematin.
Human blood is the richest source of heme.
And so you extracted the organs with the most blood-- the liver, the spleen, the heart.
If you lock me up, I'll go mad.
Unfortunately, a symptom of your condition.
But you've been killing people, Doctor.
I'll die in prison.
Yes, but the people you'd be feeding off of will still be alive.
Cycle of life.
You're under arrest for the murder of Terry Manning.
You have one more question.
How could I consume raw organs? Not morally, aesthetically.
I dried them and ground them into powder.
Protein powder.
You want an empirical experience? There's a fresh shake in my fridge.
Let's go.
She is nuts, right? She's a cold-blooded killer.
You got the warrant, right? Yeah, but it's limited in scope.
The boyfriend's an attorney so we can't toss the place.
You have news about Sandy? We may have a lead.
We need to see the clothes that you wore the day that your daughter died.
-Why? -It's okay, honey.
I'm Hugh Young, Mrs.
Dantini's attorney.
Carla's grieving.
We both are.
Can't this wait till after the funeral? No, it can't.
Where's your bedroom? WlLLOWS: So this is everything that you wore at the carnival last night? Yes.
Your watch is waterlogged.
I went into the water after my daughter.
So, you jumped in the water.
How come your shoes are dry? Well it was yesterday.
Of course they're dry.
The lining's blue.
If they'd gotten wet, the indigo dye would have bled onto your white socks.
You never went in the water.
WlLLOWS: If you didn't go into the water, how did your watch get wet? Like I told her, reaching for my daughter.
You reached for her all right.
My baby! And when she managed to grab onto you, you broke her arm.
And you held her under while you sat in that car until you drowned her.
YOUNG: Carla, is any of this true? I want you to leave.
You took your daughter to the carnival 'cause kids get hurt there all the time.
You thought the blame would leave town with the ride.
Well, you should have planned better.
What did you actuallythink? That you and your boyfriend would run off like newlyweds? No kid, no cares? I neverthought anything like that.
She did.
Didn't you? I'm going to need a new lawyer.
Arrest her, Jim.
Hey you all right? Yeah.
Since we skipped lunch, you want to get something to eat? Walk it off? I got to go home.
Rain check? Mm-hmm.
( sighs ) You got my call.
It couldn't have come at a better time.