CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e09 Episode Script

And Then There Were None

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22a -\\- Changing $100.
Change $100.
Go ahead.
All right, baby.
Big Eight.
Big Eight.
No more bets Section G3 all clear.
En route to H4, and then soft count.
New dealer.
Coming in.
Double zero.
(Screaming) Section G4.
Security Three.
Intercept at G5.
And the body count? Five guards, three civilians wounded, one dead bad guy.
Armed robbers snatched the lock boxes from the two high-stakes tables right off the rolling cage.
- Cash on wheels.
- Yeah, the busiest time of night.
Three women.
Organised and muscled.
Small-time crook s, Jim.
Hey, they got away with 250K.
That's a mere pittance to a Vegas casino.
The cashiers alone are sitting on a million in change.
Small-time or not, these ladies are dangerous.
Dangerous? Yes.
Ladies? No.
(Camera whirs) These guys packed enough 45 ammo for a small army Well, security managed to return a few rounds, Less than a year ago, security couldn't even carry guns.
- Times have changed.
- Yeah.
The same MO as Laughlin.
Last month.
The Cottage Casino.
Men dressed as women.
Shot the place to hell.
In and out in under five.
My bet is that that was the practice run.
- And the more you practise - What the hell is going on with the world? Everything's crazy.
Now I risk my life just coming into work.
Makes you miss the mob days.
Back then, this never would have happened.
And if it did, those scumbags, they'd be dead, every last one of them.
And you would never know about it.
Mr Duncan, take a deep breath and tell us what happened.
We'd just made a money transfer to the rolling cages.
Then "bang" the chandelier comes crashing down It sounded like an explosion, so I dropped to my knees, took cover.
Anything else? Yeah, I started praying for the gunfire to stop.
Thanks a lot.
And check in with Triage before you leave.
- Well, that was helpful.
- Actually, it was.
It gives us a starting point The falling chandelier distracts the guards and makes them easy targets The armed robbers load up, head for the exits.
A quick escape.
Chaos moving in one direction, the money moving in the other.
Can you imagine living out here? It's peaceful.
Peaceful? The town just lost 5% of its population.
- I thought you said this was a single homicide.
- Yeah.
In a population of 20.
Made it.
State trooper.
Woo Two hours to drive T5 miles? You guys got lost.
What's the rush? The crime scene's not going anywhere.
Yeah, but I am.
The body's behind the counter.
Dustin Bale Store clerk.
Bullet through the chest.
The register's empty.
Officer Spencer, did you touch anything? scene without contaminating the evidence.
It's OK.
Look, I cover 9T.
5 square miles.
I gotta book.
Vomit? Not an expectorant.
Blown to smithereens.
The poor man's silencer.
Now why would an assailant need a silencer way out here? The last paying customer? Eight hours ago.
We just got the call.
This place is open 24/T.
Why'd it take so long? The assailant flipped the sign on the way out, buying him time to get away.
But not without getting his picture taken first.
It's plastic.
You're joking? A nine volt attached to a blinking light.
Well real or fake, it didn't work.
There was three of 'em.
They come from round the corner, guns drawn.
I think they came from over there.
There were two of them.
I said four There were four of those lunatics.
They were everywhere.
- Write it down.
- Right, I got it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
You know, I've interviewed 1 T people.
No two accounts are alike.
A professor got students to watch a basketball game, count the times the ball was passed.
- Yeah? Ground-breaking.
- During the game, a person in a gorilla suit ran across the court.
Afterwards, the professor asked them if they noticed the gorilla.
50% responded, "What gorilla?" That's wonderful.
If I see a gorilla, I'll arrest him.
The car was sitting right here.
Did you get a good look at it? Make? Model? No.
It was beige.
Hazards flashing.
People leave their cars here all the time.
I wait ten minutes, then call for a tow.
- Did the car peel out? - No The driver gunned it.
I didn't hear a screech.
(Car alarm) It smells like burnt wood.
Motor oil? No, transmission fluid.
But it's brown, not red.
Which means? It's not the right colour.
Extraction is an art, Albert.
I like to think so.
So, this is our cross-dresser in the blue coat? ID'd as Adam Brower.
Shot in the back with a hollow point.
Close range.
It mushroomed upon impact, maximising trauma.
Calibre? .
Well, the guards were armed with 9mm and they weren't hollow point.
So He was shot in the back by one of his own partners? Someone didn't want to share.
A fumette.
- Did you get that out of some museum? - Hey don't knock it Still the best tool for lifting prints off cardboard.
Blow and print.
If you were in a hurry, how would you get back there? Easy.
Jump the counter.
Exactly what I'm thinking.
Shoe prints.
Lay it out.
The suspect entered.
He snoots the clerk through the potato Then hops up and over leaving behind shoe prints He grabs the cash flips the sign from "open" to "closed" and exits How old's the killer? What are you thinking? The shoe size is five, six, tops.
We may be looking for a minor.
You want to see me? Yeah.
This is the video surveillance from that heist.
This camera was trained on their entrance.
All the disguises in the world and they dress like women.
Ski masks are played out.
Red and Blue teamed up together and took out the guards in the rolling cage.
Black shot down that chandelier.
Well, Blue's the decedent, ID'd as Adam Brower, so enlarge Red.
Yeah, no amount of make-up in the world can cover up that chunk of Adam's apple.
That must be the one that killed Brower.
45 in the back at close range.
No honour among thieves.
Photoshop black.
No stubble.
- No Adam's apple.
- Dressed as a woman Among men dressed as women.
Now, see? That's a disguise.
Fluorescent powders? Yeah.
Why not? They're in the kit.
The protocol's black.
Since when do you care about my choice of powders? The Assistant Coroner is four hours late and we are stuck out here until he transports the body, and I haven't even heard from Grissom.
You know, I've never tried green.
I shouldn't have been sent here.
I've got seniority.
I deserve no I've earned the right to pick my cases If I start eating, I will shut up.
Do you have a mirror? Since when do you care about your appearance? I mean, at a crime scene.
It's not for me.
We can't touch it.
I'm just getting a better look.
- Oh, thank God.
It's about time.
- Nice to see you, too.
Well, I smell the body.
Where is he? Hey, David.
I I wasn't touching him.
I know you better than that.
- What took you so long? - Made a wrong turn at the fork.
- You're a surfer now? - Oh, dude, I rip.
We're 300 miles from the nearest beach.
Surfing is just a state of mind.
I got your page.
- Where's my report? - Relax.
The GC mass spec's working on it.
Should be done er (Machine beeps) - Now Transmission fluid.
Type F with Dexron.
- So? - So You should be reading Car And Driver instead of Sand & Surf.
Someone put the wrong type of fluid in the car's transmission.
You see, Ford automobiles use a thick red type F transmission fluid.
General Motors uses a thinner, yellow fluid with Dexron.
When Dexron's put into a Ford, it thins that type F fluid.
Friction builds, gears grind.
The second gear is the first to go Friction causes the engine to overheat in turn cooking the transmission fluid turning it brown.
The leak on the pavement is the first clue you've got a problem.
Well, congratulations.
You're looking for a Ford with a leak.
Not just a Ford.
The getaway vehicle has a stubborn second gear.
Which means it can't get very far.
My guess is it's already been dumped.
Before Mr Brower dressed up as a woman and heisted a casino, he was a janitor at an office park off Flamingo.
Before that, he was out of town.
Four years, grand larceny.
Well, the manager's not in.
I got a warrant.
I got a key.
A tidy little camper, isn't he? Yean - What are we looking for? - Anything that links Brower to his co-conspirators.
Dirty laundry? I'm thinking trace elements in the clothes could tell us where he was before the heist.
Let's take it all back to the lab.
Let's see.
Well, while you're at it, don't forget his wigs and bras.
Anything on the shoe print? Skechers.
Adult size five.
Female - Well, at least we're not chasing a kid.
How's the prints coming? You two lifted 82 suspect prints.
43 are partial.
We ID'd one from the "open/closed" sign.
- Great.
- Well, not so great.
The state trooper.
You gotta be kidding me.
Officer Moron contaminated the scene? Yep.
Well, I'll just beef him to his captain.
I like that.
Match - Print off the register - What have you got? - Tammy Felton.
- Who's Tammy Felton? A fugitive and clinical psychopath that Grissom and I put behind bars She tried to play me, but I didn't bite.
Her biological parents posted bail and then she bailed on them.
- Biological parents? - Tammy was kidnapped as a child and raised by her kidnapper.
When she found out the truth, she killed him.
Hey, finish running the prints.
Tammy uses people.
She wasn't alone.
Grissom! If you're gonna badger me about your crime scene location, put it in a memo.
You don't read memos.
- Do you remember Tammy Felton? - I always remember the ones that get away.
She's back.
And she's been to CalNevAri.
She's a prime suspect in our convenience store homicide.
I need you.
So, Ballistics sent me a bullet from the casino.
It's a.
45, so we know it came from one of the ladies' guns.
- And this is a special bullet? - No.
But there was a foreign substance adhered to it.
The substance is special? - Er, not exactly.
- Just get to the point, Greg.
- Po-tay-to - Wait a second.
There was potato on the bullet? You bet - Strange, huh? - There was potato on the bullet because there was potato inside the barrel of the gun.
- This bullet is from my investigation.
- Right.
One of your armed robbers may have used a potato as a silencer prior to the heist.
Tammy Felton? Maybe.
Three armed robbers.
Adam Brower killed at the scene Tammy Felton, and we're still one suspect short.
Another match from the convenience store.
The print on the outside doorknob belongs to ex-con Darin Hanson.
You know this guy too? He ran with Tammy's "father" Mostly from the law.
So, Tammy kills "Dad" and she and Darin Hanson run off together.
A regular Bonnie and Clyde.
Just what Vegas needs.
Let me see, Bobby.
The projectile on the left, a.
45 hollow point, courtesy of Adam Brower's back.
On the right, a 45 hollow point extracted from Dustin Bale the dead clerk at the convenience store The bullets confirm the story told by the potato.
- The same gun.
Two crimes.
One case.
Three suspects Adam Brower, deceased.
Tammy Felton, Darin Hanson, still at large.
Hey, guys.
I just got a call from Brass.
We got a possible getaway vehicle off l-93.
- What makes you think it's the right car? - It's beige abandoned a '77 Mercury Cougar Mercury's a division of Ford.
I'll drive.
A trucker called it in.
Well, if that's the getaway car, there would have been a secondary vehicle parked nearby.
Check for treads, Jim? Yeah.
- Shall we? - Let's go.
If you were stashing a car, where would you hide it? Well, these bushes would provide good cover.
Check out that dirt displacement.
Skid mark One tyre Where's the other one? There isn't one.
Dirt to pavement.
Then the trail goes cold.
No damage.
This car was barely moving.
It was dumped.
Pop the trunk Thanks.
It's Tammy.
Contusions on the anterior neck.
Streaking erythema on the lateral aspect of zone one Cartilaginous tracheal rings are crushed.
Hey, doc.
She didn't put up a fight, did she? How'd you know? She was killed by the one person in life she trusted.
Ahh! Darin Hanson stared her in the face and she never saw it coming.
He put his thumbs around her air pipe and pushed.
I swabbed her neck.
Affirmative for epithelials.
I'll run them against Darin Hanson's DNA.
The parents called.
They're on their way in to ID.
How did they sound? Oddly relieved.
They finally know where she is.
I'm not pulling it.
I found similar dust on Adam Brower's dirty clothes.
Check it out.
Real live fairy dust.
Turns grown men into criminals.
What's the composition? Si- O2.
Silica dust.
Each particle's 100 times smaller than a grain of sand.
I thought you guys were processing the car.
Um, what do you know about silica? It's used to make glass.
It's mined in open pits.
Why? Silica found both on Adam Brower's clothing and the getaway vehicle.
There's an abandoned silica mine outside CalNevAri.
What don't you know? (Sirens) Come here.
The motorcycle tracks at the vehicle dump site Eurgh.
That smells nice.
It shouldn't smell at all if this place is abandoned.
Get your guns out.
(Sighs) Say hello to Darin Hanson.
Shot with a.
Execution style.
Adam Tammy And now Darin.
All dead.
And we're out of suspects.
Three robbers hold up the casino Tammy was in black Adam was the one in blue And that leaves us Darin.
We found Darin and Tammy's prints at the convenience store.
Hours before the heist, the clerk gets murdered.
Shot with the same gun used to kill Adam at the casino.
The surveillance video tells us that Darin was the only one in position to shoot Adam.
Why did Darin kill Adam? Greed Fewer slices.
Bigger pieces.
Which explains why he killed Tammy.
- That's confirmed? - Epithelials on her neck match Darin's DNA.
- Darin thought he was getting the whole score.
But now he's dead So, who killed him and where's the money? And we still don't know why Darin and Tammy took out a convenience store clerk.
Why kill a man for a few hundred bucks when you're about to steal a few hundred thousand? We've got more questions than answers.
I just got off the phone with the Laughlin CSI assigned to last month's Cottage Casino case.
He told me the casino's cameras captured four assailants, not three.
Maybe Tower Club surveillance missed something.
Actually, it didn't.
We did.
Tower Casino surveillance.
On your left, the camera's trained on where Tammy, Darin and Adam entered.
The screen on your right is trained on the gaming tables.
Check it out.
- What are we looking for? - What? You missed him? I'll play it again, slower, just for you.
Now, keep your eye trained on the pit boss and the chandelier.
- He ducked before the chandelier fell.
- Before Tammy drew her gun.
Play it again.
Well done Warrick You've found our mole.
The pit boss's name is Max Duncan.
He started working there about three weeks ago, and before that Let me guess.
Laughlin? Cottage Casino? I'll call Brass.
He can make the arrest.
I'll meet him at the station.
I'll call you with an update.
Max Duncan? Yeah.
What the hell's going on here? You going somewhere? - Why? I'll tell you now this works I ask the questions.
You give the answers.
I'm calling my lawyer.
Good idea.
Max are you clairvoyant? Excuse me? The surveillance tape at the Tower Club Casino You ducked before there was a reason to cover.
I saw a gun.
I hit the ground.
Let's try this.
Why were you leaving town? - Trying to beat a murder rap? - I didn't kill anyone.
You forget about Darin Hanson? Your car was covered with grey dust.
It places you at the murder scene.
- Well, I didn't kill him.
I went there, but Max - I'm advising you not to say another word.
- No, I want to clear this up.
Right, I went out to the mine, but I didn't kill Darin.
He was already dead.
All right.
Look, I I'll admit I helped him out.
I I told him when and where to hit.
That's why I ducked.
But that's it.
That's a lot.
And it still doesn't explain why you went to see Darin.
- Max, that is enough.
- Well, I went to collect my share.
But the money was gone, Darin was dead and I panicked.
But I didn't shoot him.
You can't get me for murder on this.
When someone is killed during a commission of a felony, all the conspirators are liable.
Darin Hanson shot Adam Brower, but you might as well have pulled the trigger.
Let's make a deal.
Tell me.
Who else was involved? Who killed Darin? Look, Darin was the only one that I spoke to.
I never even met the other three.
Then we got no deal.
Officer Let's go.
You know what? I kinda believe him.
Yeah, me too.
He confirmed a fourth.
Darin plus three.
- Just like Laughlin.
- So, the last man standing killed Darin.
And he's still out there, flushed with cash and a.
45 calibre.
Surveillance stills from the Laughlin heist.
Four perps.
We've identified three.
Darin, Tammy and Adam.
- All deceased.
- Yeah.
All murdered.
And that leaves one ID the unknown, good chance we solve both cases, Laughlin and Vegas.
Except all we got is a guy in drag.
Well, that's why I'm here.
(Technician types) I've divided the photo into segments, removed the disguise and rebuilt the original image based on male physiological norms.
Now it's not exact but you'll have an idea what your guy looks like.
That's Dustin Bale.
- The clerk from the convenience store? - Whoa, hold on.
He was killed hours before the Tower Club heist.
In on Laughlin.
Out on Vegas.
So Darin took him out first He cleared the register just to make it look like a robbery.
But the pit boss said it was Darin plus three.
Because he knew there were four at the Laughlin heist.
Maybe he didn't know that the clerk wasn't there.
He wasn't counting wigs.
He was hiding under a blackjack table.
And we're back to "Who killed Darin Hanson?" - Bobby D.
- Yean? I need your help.
Another round from the casino heist? Indirectly, yeah.
Well, the tip didn't blossom.
Not a hollow point, so it's not from Darin Hanson's gun.
No, it's from his head.
All right 230 grains gives us a.
45 automatic.
What else? OK.
Normally, lands and grooves are highly delineated.
These are smooth polished which means that your projectile was fired from a polygonal barrel.
Be right back.
These are the only types of.
45 automatics with polygonal barrels.
The gun that fired your bullet was either a Heckler & Koch USP or a Glock.
Narrow it further.
Well, that's what I'm doing.
Dissecting your bullet.
Hey Nick - Mm-nm? Count the stripes.
One, two, three, four, five six - Six lands and grooves with a right-hand twist.
- Mm-hm.
A Glock's got eight, Heckler & Koch, six.
You got your gun.
Let's run ATF.
A pretty unique weapon.
Not exactly what you'd buy out of the back of a van.
(Computer beeps) Only take a second.
(Beeping) - See? Can I call it? Only 18 registered in-state.
Ten in Clark County.
Seven of them still in circulation.
- Any names jumping off the page? - Just one It's out of left field.
About T5 miles out.
You're accusing me of murder? And absconding with a quarter of a mil of stolen money.
Where'd you stash the cash? - I'm a state trooper.
- How does a cop hook up with an ex-con like Darin? I can answer that.
It's all in a day's work.
A potato silencer muffles a bullet, but won't silence it.
You went in, your gun drawn.
Take it easy, pal.
You should have arrested them.
But something happened, didn't it? My bet? Tammy made you an offer.
Drop the weapon.
Hey, uh Let's be smart about this.
You can take us in or we can cut you in.
They still had pockets full of cash from the Laughlin job.
They offered you a finder's fee.
This isn't gonna do it.
It'll hold you over till tomorrow.
Deal? What are you doing? You patrol 975 square miles Is the CalNevAri mine part of your jurisdiction? - No, I'm east of the mine.
- But you've been there, haven't you? Where's the cash? Jim, hit the overhead, will you? Silica is a crystal It reflects the light Even trace amounts will snow up How about that? More than I'd make in a lifetime.
Was it worth it? You wouldn't understand.
That's right - We make the big buck s.
- Look I was never that guy.
You know, that guy that wins the jackpots, gets promoted catches the breaks? It was right there.
You're still not that guy.
Get him out of here.
$250,000 turned a career cop bad.
Yeah, well, he had his price.
We all do.