CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s02e22 Episode Script


(loud rock music playing) (laughing) We should have these parties more than once a month.
I would, but Mina tends to get jealous.
I love you, Chief, but if anybody should be jealous, it's you.
(laughs) Who's that guy? Hey, Chief I didn't know you were into guys, too.
What guy? (two gunshots) Daddy? So, two nights ago, he has a party.
High-end guest list, very private.
That was the last anyone saw of him.
Housekeeper arrives This is what she found.
Ex- Chief of Detectives.
Left to make the big bucks.
Consulting to the security at every major casino in town, and couldn't even protect himself.
There's only one interpretation for this: "Kill the pig.
" And what about the rest of his family? No sign of the wife.
What about the daughter? Housekeeper assume d that she spent the Assumed? She's gone.
His wife and daughter are missing.
His silver Cadillac DTS is also missing.
We're looking for any signs of forced entry in the house, - any signs of ransack that's not associated We need serious damage control.
When it's going to be bad for morale all around.
- I'll take the downstairs.
- Yeah, I'll be Looks execution - style.
At least one shot to the back of the head.
A lot of bruising around these handcuffs.
So he probably fought back.
Without a doubt.
Found a shell casing.
Looks like one of ours.
Nine- millimeter, standard issue.
So where do you suppose the chief keeps his gun safe? (drilling) We're in.
Thank you, Scott.
No problem.
What do you got? .
Pearl handle.
Clear? I'm looking forthat.
So you think the chief might've kept his signature piece someplace else? "For 25 years of distinguished service.
" An honor like that.
Keep it in the case.
So I'm thinking that the wife might be in on this.
Why didn't she plan better? Pack the kid's clothes.
What? The nanny told me that she only took one shirt one the kid wouldn't even wear.
Security guard.
No party list, but he did see each car that left the night of Chief Rittle left around 5:00 a.
You saw Chief Rittle leave? Yeah.
He was with his wife and kid.
And he had his baseball cap and sunglasses on, like he always does.
So you saw a baseball cap and sunglasses.
(cell phone rings) Did you actually see the chief's face? Well actually, I didn't.
Brass found the chief's Cadillac.
Who found it? In-house security.
Blue jacket.
First time he saw the car was Saturday.
Chalk ed the tires twice.
Saw the bulletin on the chief and called us.
Any bodies, Joe? I already checked inside the car.
We're waiting on you to check the trunk.
(cell phone rings) Whoa.
Excuse me.
Who is this? "Chief Rittle"? What is his connection to the chief? I don't know.
But, if he has gunpowder residue on him, could be our shooter.
Florida Highway Patrol called.
Several motorists saw a girl matching Sasha's exact physical walking along an access road.
In Florida? Miami - Dade County.
Chief was shot Friday night.
It's a two-day drive if you don't stop.
It's national news with national attention.
I'm not surprised we're getting call-ins.
Well, if it is our little girl, she's got evidence on her One of us should be down there to Take Warrick.
I don't think he's ever been to Florida.
She's seven years old! She's wearing a pink shirt! She was last seen by a motorist there! She can be two kilometers in either direction.
Think of this area as a quadrant.
Divide up.
You, north.
You, south.
Got it! (squeals) (squealing) Sasha? Sasha? My name is Horatio Caine.
I'm the head of the Crime Unit.
Horatio? Yeah.
That's a funny name, isn't it? My mother named me after a famous writer named Horatio Alger.
Ever hear of him? Is your badge real? Yeah.
Yeah, that's real.
My daddy's a policeman.
I know that.
I knew that.
They're looking for me, you know.
Me, too.
Me, too.
What do you say we sit here and get found together? (sighs) What a day.
(helicopter whirring) Burgundy sedan.
Caucasian female.
Age 32.
Traveling with a Caucasian male, indeterminate age.
I got a female in distress.
I want the APB to extend to the whole state.
Panhandle to the Keys.
Yes, sir.
Horatio Caine.
Catherine Willows.
Child Services has sent a doctor out.
All right, let's just be clear.
This is a Las Vegas case.
This is our victim, and we do the processing.
Okay, I didn't say he processed her.
I just I appreciate the respect.
You sure about that? Does she know about her father? Not yet.
Well, I'd like to get started processing.
Can you show me where you found her? Okay, I found her right in here.
And this is the young lady right over here.
Hi, Sasha.
I'm Catherine Willows.
And I need to ask you a few questions.
Okay? My kit.
Did the man touch you? He hit my mommy.
Did he hit you? Did he hurt you in any way? He acted like I wasn't there.
Well, you know what always happens to bad people? They leave behind a part of themselves, and that's how you can help us find your mommy.
Now, I need to look underneath your You want to show me what's in your hand? It's okay.
Where did you get that? Go! Run, Sasha, run! I ran out after they drove off.
I picked that up.
I bet it felt cold when you picked it up.
No hot.
You're trick ing me.
You're too smart for that.
You can spot a Glock cartridge from a block away: Rectangular firing pin impression, breach face shear.
This casing's no Glock.
It's isn't your chief's weapon.
Well, whoever this guy is, he's a lousy shot.
Five casings, no hits.
Oh, by the way, I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
Don't ask me how to spell it.
Catherine Willows.
Southern Nevada.
You got a theory on how the mother and all the way in Miami from Las Vegas? Well, we don't actually work theories.
Do we, Warrick? No, just evidence.
We're much more fanciful down here.
Aren't we, Horatio? I think that's a fair description.
My guess is, this belongs to a Taurus 9, made in Brazil.
It's a cheap and you may not see many of them in Vegas, but we get them down here all the time.
Which makes me think this guy wasn't fleeing Las Vegas.
He was coming home to Miami.
Well, it's no longer "Trunk Man.
" Identified him from his dental records.
Jason Doyle.
Dead for three days; no GSR.
So, I guess he didn't shoot Rittle.
We only recovered one slug from his cranium.
And I got this fragment from his lower back.
His lower back? I thought he was shot twice in the head.
Vascular embolization.
Bullet got into his arterial system.
That's rare.
Well, it took a full-body X ray for me to find the thing.
Bullet entered here, fragmenting at the neck, and losing velocity upon penetration of the Tube down the aorta, continually losing momentum.
As it exit ed the aorta, it struck the vertebral column and then was swept down to the base of the aorta where I recovered it here at the lumbar region.
(huffs) Pinball.
Looks like nines like we found in the chief.
I'll call Catherine.
Hey, Nick.
Mm-hmm? You ever been to a swingers' party? Well, if it's the same thing as a frat party, yeah, lots of them.
You know, you get enough booze going, things can get pretty wild.
Frat party, huh? I wouldn't know anything about that.
How wild? Multiple-partner wild.
And it'd be no big deal to have two, maybe three Hit on the rock glass.
Work card.
"Orpheus Hotel.
Tiffany Langer.
" Who's she? Showgirl.
Yes, I went to the party.
No, I didn't go alone.
And, no, I'm not telling you my date's name or anyone else who was there.
These people are important.
Well, a very important police officer was murdered there.
I don't care.
It took me a long time to get into the circle, and I plan on staying there.
Was there anybody there you didn't know? Anybody who wasn't in "the circle"? Well, my date.
Do you know where he is? I haven't seen him since that night.
He sent me home with a judge and his wife.
So your date stayed at the party after you left? As far as I know.
Where does he live? I don't know.
I've known him for five days.
Well, that's 120 hours.
There must be something you know about him that you could share Right-handed, a Libra, circumcised, rich Back-East rich.
Which kind of surprised me because he wore really cheap cologne.
Cheap? How? Smelled funny sweet.
Are you sure it was cologne? Or deodorant.
Mouthwash, maybe All I know is it smelled sickly sweet.
To be honest, I thought he could have used a little help in that department.
Would you happen to have an article of clothing of his by any chance? The only thing he gave me was a good time.
Hey, guess what? This isn't about you.
This is about a missing seven-year-old girl.
Why don't you give us his name? Adam Van der Welk.
Uh no, the chief's little girl is with Child Services.
We're still at the drop-off place.
Yeah, right.
Will do, Brass.
I got a pill.
Looks like a sedative.
That could explain why the mother didn't escape with her daughter.
She was incapacitated.
Go! How'd the little girl get away? We got some tire treads on the shoulder.
Made an easy stop.
And why did he pick such a secluded area? Seems like a great place to ice someone.
Or take a leak.
Maybe that's why he stopped the car here to take a leak.
Run! Run, Sasha, run! Let me ask you another question: When you're home alone, do you lock the I don't even know you.
Sure, you do.
We all do.
It's human nature to avoid being vulnerable, isn't it? So, if that's the case, then he would look for a tree to shield himself, wouldn't he? So, then the question becomes, how far along this path before he loses sight of them? Not very far.
Look at this.
Footprints and this is urine.
If you're lucky, urethral cells with slough off with urine.
But, if we get his DNA, there's a chance we'll get him.
(cell phone rings) Yeah.
What do you mean, FBI? So you're saying the guy has B.
? Body odor, bad breath.
I don't know; there's something about Adam Van der Welk that makes him smell.
All this because some showgirl said he smelled sweet? Sickly sweet.
Smells can be like fingerprints, my dear.
Hey, what's going on there? I thought you were meeting the Feds? Uh yeah, we are.
They picked the place.
The Shore Club.
What's taking so long? That is a good question.
Hey, I just ran into a Fed in the lobby.
He told me that, apparently, the Vegas case fits the profile of a serial the FBI's been tracking.
Hey, you're from Vegas? Speedle.
Where was the Fed? He's right there in the lobby.
He's got his little, you know, headphone on, and his little tie.
And you talked to him? Yeah.
Do they have an I.
Yet? No I.
Yet, but their perp targets wealthy couples at their playgrounds Pebble Beach, Aspen, the Hamptons.
Evidently, the husbands get murdered first and the wives later after they've enjoyed 48 hours of fun and games.
Vegas? Speedle.
That's it? There's also a link to Miami.
Of course there is.
Or, you know, he could just be some geriatric dude that just digs the weather.
I don't understand.
Why didn't the Feds put this out on NCIC? Because they're Feds.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Tick-tock, Dennis.
While you're waiting to get your ducks in a row, the guy with the "Miami link" just slipped through my hands.
Horatio, I didn't have federal approval I need answers for this little girl.
Her father's just been killed maybe her mother, too and that's your fault.
You understand that.
It sounds like you're making this personal.
Dennis, you don't give me this link, I will make this very personal.
All of his victims stayed here in the last year.
Here? This hotel? Rittle and his wife, too.
Last winter.
Wish I would have known that.
Maybe he would still be alive.
Yeah? (speaking Spanish) SiVamos.
I had a bad feeling about this.
What did she just say to you? She just said that you need to learn the language.
I don't see this burgundy car.
Where you looking? Check the disturbance along the bank and follow it in.
How did you find the disturbance? Drive up and down the No, the thing about Miami is the entire city's watched from above.
Coast Guard choppers.
Someone going to cover me? I got you.
Cover you for what? Alligators.
Only way to outrun a gator is to swim faster than the guy next to you.
Isn't that right, Delko? Used to have a partner.
Guys please? That her? Yeah, that's Mina Rittle.
Our guy's still in the wind, folks.
Still in the wind.
What's her name? Mina Rittle.
Who wrapped you, Mina? The plastic wasn't for transport.
Covering her intimates most likely sexual.
Two gunshot wounds, left temple.
One shot was a through-and-through.
Trace ASAP, along with the plastic.
My preliminary probe shows water in the lungs, which indicates she was still alive when Looks like the eyes are glued shut.
Gold crusty substance underneath.
What is that, Mina? The substance is water- soluble.
But somehow it got preserved in the water.
My guess is the plastic was wrapped around her eyes at Wait a minute.
There's a lot more of it.
What do you want to bet this is in every orifice? You guys got a sick one.
Aha! Delko, you've been down there for45 minutes.
Do you know the level of bacteria in the water? You can get all kinds of infections.
What do you got? Water pistol.
One water logged Beretta knockoff.
Suspect's personal gun? That's it.
I'll put it over the wires that he's not carrying that Taurus anymore Do that, and take a shower.
Nice shoes.
Ma'am, you have to concentrate on the face in parts not just the whole.
Ask me what he wore.
Ask me if he was good in bed.
Just don't ask me how close together his eyes were.
You said he kind of looked like Ricky Martin, right? Yeah, with a touch of Jude Law.
Try to not just picture him.
Try to think of an event.
Okay Three-way kiss.
His lower lip was kind of pouty and he had this Michael Douglas thing working, you know - a cleft in his chin.
Kind of like that? Yeah.
You're right.
That is easier.
Adam Van der Welk.
Little girl saw a monster.
Showgirl saw a husband.
So this guy could be anybody.
Yeah, that's the problem with eyewitnesses.
All the more reason to rely on evidence.
Tell Warrick hey.
Let me know if anything breaks.
You, too.
So, how's your colleague Grissom doing on the aroma angle? I'm sure he's making progress, but Grissom rarely says anything until he's good Smart man.
I just wanted to show you something.
The sticky substance we got off the wife is, in fact, honey.
You say that like it means something.
Well, honey on its own is just honey but, when you add plastic wrap, it's a different situation.
(techno-pop playing) (cheering) (crowd chanting) Five four three two one (cheering) Yum.
This is where he got the idea.
Wish me luck.
Some guys like to lick it off.
Really? I'm partial to the swab myself.
Ready, honey? Coming, dear.
Tuberculosis victims emit breath that smells like wet leaves.
Maple, elm, ash, what? I'm not sure.
Miami is pulling cars out of canals, chasing leads, debriefing the kid and you guys are flip ping through textbooks? This is how I work.
Cyanide Poisoning.
I'm following my nosino.
You're closer to this Van der Welk guy than Doctor.
How about Darier disease? Doesn't that give you a rash that smells like We're looking for something a little sweeter.
There's diabetic ketoacidosis.
Body has excess glucose, which converts to ketone gets expelled through the pore s.
Has a fruity smell.
It would help if we had a piece of the assailant's clothing.
What? I think I overlooked some evidence.
I'm going to isolate it using high-performance liquid chromatography.
Once we identify the pollen, we'll know if it's floral honey.
So, H, when's the last time you were in I was there opening night.
I didn't see you there.
I was, uh VIP.
What is this? It's Tupelo honey.
It's the purest of all honeys.
Stays in liquid form for life.
Doesn't Where'd you get that? CDC hip ped me to it after that Africanized Okay, let's swap this out.
I want you to take a look at this.
We got this off the chief's wife.
It's a match.
It's a match.
$500 for five dollars' worth of honey? I don't Those are mostly for decoration but, once in a while, some bigwig comes, Wouldn't it have been easier to put these in order? This is Maybe not.
I've got a receipt from two nights ago.
Let me see that.
Do you recognize this guy? Yeah.
Looks just like every other Joe that Look, you work the door.
Anybody come in here in the last 48 hours that bought some of that very expensive Tupelo honey? This is Miami.
Every night's a weekend.
My people tell me that a customer came in two nights ago to Wasn't a customer.
It was a limo driver.
- A limo driver? - Yeah.
Gave me a C-note just to double- park.
Did this Gordon tell you who he had in the No.
Just that it was some rich guy some Let me guess from Vegas.
(siren wailing) How did you find him? Figured, limo driver airport.
I spotted Gordon, here, on Alton back way to Miami International.
Lit him up, pulled him over here.
Nice work.
You got a last name, Gordon? Daimler.
Look, Officer, the Corwins are coming in on their I really should be there.
Well, the Corwins are going to have to wait.
We understand that another one of your bought some very expensive honey from a Yeah, well, I've had stranger requests.
This customer of yours have a name? Never got it.
He paid cash.
Never saw a Well, did you notice anything unusual about Did he smell? Did he have an odor? Uh his breath, maybe.
He'd been drinking Remember what he was drinking? Was it Whatever I have stocked.
- Well, we'd like to take a look.
- Sure.
Go ahead.
Smell that? Sickly sweet.
That's exactly how Grissom described it.
You want me to do what? Smell this.
That's it.
That's Adam's smell.
In the five days that you two were together, did you happen to notice what he was drinking? Champagne.
Did he ever drink anything sweeter, like whiskey or cognac? Are you kidding me? With him, it was all Dom all the time.
You found a medical condition.
Diabetic ketoacidosis.
It's an insulin deficiency.
His body's been expelling excess glucose.
Makes him smell fruity.
Which, I guess, could easily be mistaken for whiskey breath.
Hey, can you test for diabetic ketoacidosis off urine? Well, blood's the best but, if you had a urine sample, maybe.
Ask him what medication you would take for that.
What would a doctor prescribe? Novalin insulin.
Lucky for us we found blood in his urine.
Absence of C- Peptide in the blood.
Means the insulin in our guy's system isn't natural it's synthetic.
And prescribed.
We're right over here.
This is our database.
Okay, what we're looking for is a patient who's purchased synthetic insulin in the last 48 hours.
Here we go.
Gordon Daimler.
That's the limo driver.
That's him.
And the reason that old Gordon probably didn't smell when we picked him up is because he'd just taken his insulin, hadn't he? But the scent was still in the limo's AC system.
Well, now we have this guy's address.
Yes, take a look at this address.
A limousine driver with a house on the water in Coconut Grove? I don't think so.
Who's the owner of record? Let's check it.
Sissy and Dylan Corwin.
That's the couple that he was picking up at the airport when we pulled him over.
That's right.
So then maybe that's how he finds his victims driving a limo.
And, when they're away at some posh resort, he moves into their house, doesn't he? Hops over to Las Vegas.
Visits the couple he met in Miami.
Kills the husband Mm-hmm.
brings the wife back here kills her.
And, when the Corwins come home not good.
No one's answering inside.
Miami- Dade Police! Slowly.
I got a blood trail here leading to the garage.
He dragged her body to here and put her in that car.
One shot's a through-and-through.
Scalp hair.
He fired this one first.
I don't know.
To terrorize her.
This strike here.
That one's all business.
He wrapped her in plastic by the bed, raped her.
Then dragged her in here and cornered her like an animal If Gordon's true to form, he's going to kill the Corwins.
You guys should take a look at this.
Well, people don't really buy these houses for the view.
It's a place to put a million-dollar boat.
But what's your point? The boat's missing, and that's where he's killing them right now.
Speed, get on that thing right now.
Put the birds in the air and call the Coast Guard.
Right now.
Do it.
Air and Sea, this is Tim Speedle.
I need you to be on the lookout for a yacht T-45.
Dylan and Sissy Corwin.
Commandeered by one Gordon Daimler.
Gordon Daimler.
Commandeered by Gordon Daimler.
Coast Guard found her adrift! No radio contact! We hailed her.
No response.
Infrared's up.
Blue means dead, red means alive.
Body heat's fading.
Person's dying.
- Identify the other players.
- Speed? Red.
Is that our suspect? I'm not sure.
I am.
How? We haven't identified all the players.
He's going back to finish off the job.
Getting a bead on him, sir.
On this guy says husband's already He's going back to finish off the wife.
You're good to go.
Body language does not look like an attack.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Don't the Corwins have a jet? The Corwins have a jet, right? Gordon's left them here to die! Abort this, Sackheim! Abort this! Interstate case.
Not your call! Proceed! Stand down! Take him out! Detweiler, I know you want to impress your but there's an innocent man on that boat.
Now, if you take this shot, I'm going to be in your grille for the rest of your natural life.
I want you to think bout what that might be Think about that.
Thank you.
Speed, the Corwins have a jet.
Find the jet.
Call the FAA, and ground the jet by authority of Miami-Dade County.
You got it, H.
Give us 30 seconds.
Then send backup! Mr.
Corwin! I tried to save her.
It's too late.
(sobbing) Get me Fire and Rescue.
A few more minutes, sir, we'll be on our way to Monaco.
(pistol cocking) Good evening Mr.
Van der Welk.
Gordon, did you drive your limo here? He's clean.
The Corwins are my friends.
They lent me this plane.
Like the lent you their boat? Speak to the pilot.
Dylan Corwin called him personally.
Directed him to fly me to Monaco.
I'd rather call "Dylan" at the hospital to confirm.
The husband didn't die.
You left us a witness and enough evidence to convict you in two Rich men don't go to jail.
You're not rich, Gordon.
I'm going to, uh I'm going to book this guy.
You want to go with? Nah, you got it.
I'll have my D.
Call your D.
(chuckles) Sounds good.
Sounds good.
Uh Thank you for your help on this.
Thanks for yours, actually.
You take care of yourself.
I always do.
My mommy and daddy are dead, aren't they? Well, your aunt is flying in to talk to you.
That's a yes.
I lost someone once.
Who? Well Did you feel sick? Still do.
Still do.
Sasha People are going to say a lot of things about your mom and dad, and some of them are going to be true, but what I want you to remember is that they fought like heroes for you.
Will you remember that for me? Good.
Good for you.
Nice tan.
Nice suit.
Yeah, well, I knew you were coming back Yeah.
What? Nothing.
It's just unusual to see you dressed like I had to go to the chief's funeral.
Missed me that much, huh?