CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s04e01 Episode Script

Assume Nothing (1)

Let's cash out.
Why? I, uh, I thought we were going to take some risks tonight.
Come on I want to go dancing.
Really? Mm-hmm.
As long as it's lap dancing.
What has gotten into you? Hey, buddy, when you get a chance, can I get a couple more of these martinis? One with an olive, one with a twist.
Thank you.
Why don't we, um take those up to the room? 'Cause I'm feeling a little uh Frisky.
Do you know them? No, but how frisky do you feel? Housekeeping.
Coming in.
Her throat's been slit by what appears to have been a very sharp implement.
The room is completely stripped.
No bedding, no sheets.
No towels, either.
Someone took a few souvenirs.
I'll check the surveillance tapes.
Alice Dominguez.
She wasn't robbed.
It's not her room, either.
It was registered under the name of Parker.
A wedding ring.
With her housband I think your cell phone's vibrating.
You heard that? Mm-hmm.
You're back.
Huh? There's only two reasons why people get murdered in a casino.
Sex or money.
Well, on the money side, the room was booked yesterday, under a stolen credit card belonging to a Mrs.
She's a 75-year-old living alone in Henderson.
As far as sex goes, well, I want to be a believer.
Room closest to the exit.
Imagine that.
Quick escape.
Murder Central.
Security cameras? Uh, not in the hallway.
Only in the elevator.
We're on it.
Take the exit.
I'll take the money trail.
And I'll, uh go door-to-door.
This is very weird.
Yeah, usually when someone gets their throat cut, it's from behind.
Yeah, and it starts there, ends there.
It's not very deep.
No ligature marks.
No defensive wounds.
I think whoever did this was sitting in that chair.
She sat there and allowed someone to slit her throat? Hey, girl.
What you got? Not much.
Dominguez checked in with her husband yesterday.
Room 869.
from where she was found dead.
Anybody heard from the husband yet? He's M.
, but he left a gambling paper trail.
Really? I have a signature and a thumbprint from where Mr.
Dominguez signed a $5,000 cash-advance check.
Cash advance, huh? It was cash advance on a credit card.
It's not cheap.
It's, like $90 every thousand.
That's a rip-off.
Not if you're desperate.
He must have had a bad night.
Yeah, and Mrs.
Dominguez had a worse night.
You know, nobody's checked their suite yet.
Would you care to join me? Let's do it.
I heard some voices raised and a door slamming.
How many voices? Two.
No, wait.
Uh, maybe it was three.
a man and a woman.
What were they saying? Uh, it was hard to tell.
You know, the walls in these joints are pretty thick.
They were definitely arguing about something.
Did you get a look at them? Uh, just through the spy hole.
Obviously he's insane.
They're both crazy.
Why would you put me in that situation? I didn't put you in that position with What time was that? Well, I-I had just ordered a pay-per-view movie, and it was just about to begin.
Oh, yeah? Which one was that? Arma-get-it-on.
You mean, Armageddon? Arma-get-it-on.
Good movie? Worked for me.
Hey, guys.
How you doing? Uh, I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab, and I'm Nick Stokes? Yeah.
What's up? It's Kenny! Kenny Richmond.
Rebel baseball.
I played backup catcher.
Yeah! Hi, Kenny! Yeah! How you doing, man? How you doing? Good to see you.
Good to see you! Look at you, man Yeah.
What are you doing here? You a cop now? Uh, Crime Scene Investigator.
I'm on a case.
Crime scene? Rock on, man.
You're here on the tenth floor thing, right? Right.
I heard about that, man.
Everybody's talking about it.
Somebody, uh, bashed some chick's brains in, I think, right? Yeah, actually, uh, she had her throat slit and bled out all over the room.
I'll know more when I check the surveillance camera.
Well, what are you doing down here? Uh, I'm just checking possible escape routes.
She was murdered in the room closest to the exit.
Murder Central.
Murder Central, huh? Cool.
Cut began at the right carotid.
Severed the artery and the jugular vein and terminated at the trachea.
It's not as deep as I would expect for this kind of crime.
He sliced her gently? Well, yeah.
Oftentimes, the only thing intact is the spinal column.
This did the job and nothing more.
And what did the tox report give us? Alcohol count was .
Double the legal limit.
There was no limit to Mrs.
Blood work showed heavy traces of M.
Ecstasy? And alcohol? Party mix.
Yeah, it might have made her docile.
Well, maybe it explains why she was cut from the front.
That may explain her head.
Now let's move down to the toes.
Glitter? Yeah.
There is a a strip club, um, named Shimmer on industrial.
I, uh, recognized the "s" almost immediately.
You go, Doc.
Hello? Mr.
Dominguez? Looks like the bed wasn't slept in.
Stopped for gas in Barstow.
Big tank.
Clothes are still here.
Ford explorer.
California plates.
Really? Hey, Warrick.
Take a look at this wound.
It's different than the wife's.
She was cut from the front.
Yeah, this one looks like he was cut from the back.
Hey, guys? I got a knife.
Use this, uh cash-advance check Warrick found as a reference.
Ink pads make for great exemplars.
And compare that to the print I pulled off the exit door and the knife please.
Here you go.
Good characteristics here.
Match to the door handle.
And a match to the knife.
One print on the knife.
One print on the exit door.
Both belonging to the husband.
But we have two victims.
Speaking of twos I found blood from both victims on the knife.
So it's possible the husband killed the wife.
Who killed the husband? Yeah, they look familiar from the neck up.
I must've given them four, five lap dances each.
They made my night.
So, they were George.
Big tippers.
They weren't the ones paying for it.
The other couple was.
The other couple? Yeah, we were all in the VIP booth over there.
The four of them -- they came in together.
The other couple just wanted to watch.
So I assumed they were friends.
Good friends.
I didn't get a good look at the other two, but they slid that money across the table mmm, brick this big.
So, like I said, they just wanted to doggie in the window.
And they were subbing drinks left and right.
Ordering clear drinks to keep the party going.
What'd they order? Two vodkas, two soda waters.
Guess who got the hard stuff.
Would you like a dance? Uh, I got to be at the courthouse.
Apparently, there's a last-minute evidentiary hearing in the Sam Braun case.
I need to be there.
You sure you don't want a dance? I could be your specimen.
You could be my mad scientist.
He already is, sweetheart.
So, this is the last footage we have of the Dominguezes alive.
Have we I.
'd that other couple? Not yet, but check it out.
Brass's witness said he heard a couple arguing at 10:35.
This must be them, going down.
But coming up They're with the same mystery couple who brought up the Dominguezes.
Can you make me a still of the 10:35 couple, the ones that went up and down? Freeze it there.
What's in his hand? That's a room key.
Tangiers Casino.
Do me a favor, Archie.
Call Grissom.
New leads in the double homicide at the Sphere Hotel and Casino.
According to sources within the crime lab, the killer or killers most likely fled the room CSls call "Murder Central," the nearest room to the emergency exit.
CSls are currently checking surveillance footage in an effort to identify possible suspects.
What the hell? What? Kenny Richmond, that's what.
Who's that? This valet at The Sphere.
I played baseball in college with this guy.
I bumped into him for, like, two seconds.
Don't tell me you opened your mouth to the guy.
Hey, man.
You could lose your job over something like this.
Hey, it's not like I ran my mouth to the press, okay? Best thing you could do is go to Grissom and 'fess up.
'Fess up to what? There were a hundred people at that crime scene.
Anyone could have gone to a reporter and told them what was going on with the case, man.
Or what, you going to wait till he comes to you and then lie about it? Lie about what? There he is! Mr.
Braun! Does this mean your murder case will not be going to trial, Mr.
Braun? Are you and your Representatives in discussion with the District Attorney's office? Could you elaborate on those discussions? Do you feel vindicated by the Judge's decision? My client has no comment at this time.
Braun is looking forward to putting this whole unfortunate business behind him.
Braun, do you have anything to say at all, sir? Mr.
Braun, could we get a comment? Mr.
Braun, do you have anything to say at all, sir? It was first names only.
Mandy and Cameron? Where'd you meet them? Uh, at the roulette tables.
We were, uh we were drinking and they, uh, invited us back up to their room.
It was Vegas.
We were looking fora little excitement.
And did you find it? No, not at all.
They creeped us out.
How? He, uh he asked me how much I loved my wife.
Is that a crazy question? It wasn't the question.
It was the way he asked it.
How much do you love your wife? Sobered me right up.
I mean, he didn't just ask it once.
He asked it over and over again, and then Mandy asked how far we'd go to prove it.
Prove what? To-to prove that.
To prove how much I loved my wife.
And, uh the next thing I know, she's naked.
Then she starts undoing his belt.
Which is the reason that we went up there in the first place.
Yeah, but you liked it a lot.
You could've waited.
We argue about everything.
And they saw us fighting.
And they kicked us out.
I don't know how fighting works for your marriage, but it probably saved your lives.
Need some help with that? Help with what? That weight on your shoulders.
That obvious, huh? Yeah.
What's up? Oh Sam Braun.
I heard about that.
He made his bones in Vegas.
I mean, what do you expect? The guy's bulletproof.
I'm not.
Want to talk about it? Sam told me it takes a lifetime to establish a reputation and just a second to ruin it.
When I suspected that Sam was my father, I didn't go to him.
I didn't go to Grissom.
I went to Greg and had him run a DNA test.
On who? On me.
What'd you use as an exemplar? Blood evidence from his case.
That's why they kicked it.
And I'm just afraid.
Of what? A backlash.
You got a gut feeling on this one? Well, if it's our serials, they've downgraded.
Well, we've got some I.
Found her handbag.
Wendy Laggerman, aged 24.
She's not registered.
Where's her husband? Oh, geez.
What was all that about? False alarm.
Apparently, the guy just drove in from Fresno.
Fellasleep in his car, and didn't even check in yet.
So Jeez, help! Oh, man! Oh, god! Whoa.
Hey, buddy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
This one's different.
Something's not right.
Okay, be careful, David.
The body's frozen, and it's in full rigor.
You're going to have to tilt it.
Tilt it, sir? Yeah.
Downward 90-degree angle, then up, tilt, and out.
Uh All right, man.
Um I'll take the shoulders, you take the feet.
Okay? Okay.
You ready? On three.
One, two, three, up.
And now tilt.
Come on.
Okay, now tilt.
Oh, god.
Up more, tilt more.
Uh, god.
Oh, down, down, put him down.
One more time.
Ready, one time.
One two, three, up.
Oh, god.
S-sir, we can't get him.
Uh, his knee's bent.
Put him back down carefully.
Now try.
Do we have to do the inventory on all this? This is our first bucket brigade together, gentlemen.
Try and say that ten times fast.
Bucket brigade.
Bucket brigade.
Bucket brigade.
We have to do this quickly.
It's 120 degrees outside, and our crime scene is melting.
Hold on a second.
I got something.
Would you like to bag this for me, Warrick? My hands are little numb.
Sara? Yeah.
Would you take a sample of this blood for me? Sure.
Warrick, help her process this.
Nick? Yeah.
Come with me.
Shut the door, Nick.
You want to talk? No.
I want to see the room the way they left it.
You know, if it's anything like the Sphere, we're probably not going to find much.
We're still going to look.
Bathroom's clean.
Haven't you ever seen one of those before? Not in person, no.
Magic Fingers.
Twenty-five cents for 15 minutes of vibration.
Died a slow death in the '70s due to vandalism and seedy connotations.
Good for sex.
Good for sleep too.
Good for us.
Given the killer's appetite for sexual persuasion, maybe they blew the circuit.
Overloaded it with coins.
And their prints on those coins.
Is that it? We're done? I think so.
Well, power's back on.
So, why this place? How do you go from The Sphere to The Fez? What do you think, Nick? A reporter got some inside information.
Killer probably heard about himself on the news, changed his mo.
Oh, great.
Help the bad guys.
I'm sure the Laggermans appreciate that.
I should probably get those quarters back to the lab, work on the prints.
I need 15 minutes to think.
Your spot of blood on the ice machine lid? Yeah? We've got three alleles on several loci.
Is it a mixture of more than one stain? One blood came back the vic's.
The other came back unknown.
Chances are that's our killer.
So they lure their victims with the promise of sex.
And then they get them to the room.
And they say, "just kidding.
We don't want sex.
We want your life.
" It's about trust.
How much do you love your wife? Which still doesn't explain how they get the husband to kill his wife.
They had to have been in some kind of situation where they couldn't say no.
They had a gun to his head.
If you want to live, you kill her by your own hands, or you both die.
They didn't think he was just going to walk away.
Maybe he was hoping to save his wife from something worse.
Tell me.
Do you love your wife enough to spare her the suffering? Rape, torture, then murder.
If you want to live, you kill her by your own hand.
Or you both die.
It's just so sick.
Why did he stick him in the ice machine? Well, I checked with the manager.
The vic was not registered.
No car.
So he had to improvise.
Where's your car? We took a taxi.
Please don't kill me.
Well, knowing now there was an odd mixture of blood, it's safe to say that someone cut themselves.
Someone's got blood on their hands.
Mandy Klinefeld.
11546 Blackbird Lane.
Mandy and Cameron Klinefeld.
I just pulled their license photos off the DMV.
Brass showed them to the motel manager.
Couldn't I.
, so .
APBs are on the horn.
Come on, Grissom.
It's got to be them.
Who stays at a motel when you live here? Assume nothing, Nick.
Who found the car? Green valley ranch security guard, the one that actually bothers to check the APB list.
Let's see, cabana number four.
There they are.
Cameron Klinefeld and Mandy Klinefeld? Now that's not the cocktail waitress.
You and you go with this officer, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You checked into The Fez last night under a false name.
We also suspect you of identity theft and felony fraud at The Sphere hotel as well.
They don't have the magic fingers bed there, do they? We were at The Fez last weekend.
I got a hooker.
She watched.
She likes it.
It gets her off.
What's the problem? The problem is, people keep showing up dead in your hotel rooms.
What are you looking at, my feet? His feet, actually.
Isn't this harassment? How much do you love your wife? "Love is not love" Shakespeare? "Let me not the marriage of true minds" " admit impediments love is not love but bears it out till the edge of doom.
" One of the sonnets.
Love is conditional.
For most people.
But not for you.
Okay, here we go.
We've got a husband and wife serial team killing couples.
So, let's see where we're at starting with the first double murder.
Sara? Bloody knife linking back to Alice Dominguez.
We suspect that Mr.
Dominguez was forced to kill his wife for the promise of freedom.
Come on.
Do it.
Just cut her throat, and you can walk out of here.
That explains the thumbprint I found on the exit door leading to the garage.
What, they take him for a walk? They were never going to let him go.
Open the door.
It's almost over.
You'll be all right.
Doc Robbins found evidence of glitter on Mrs.
I also found glitter on Mr.
I found some on Mr.
Klinefeld's shoes, so it's possible the Klinefeld's picked up their first couple at Shimmer.
Did anyone at Shimmer I.
the Klinefelds? I didn't get a good look at the other two.
We didn't know who they were at the time.
Okay that's it for the first murder.
What about the second? Uh, we've got prints on quarters.
We do have an admixture of blood off the ice machine.
What about prints on the ice machine knife? Forget it.
Ice destroyed it.
Okay, so, uh, we're going to have to get into the Klinefelds' house.
If they haven't tossed the towels and sheets we may have something.
Uh, look, there's got to be some mistake.
We are this close to busting a pair of serial killers and the Judge won't issue a warrant? Hey, I'm just the messenger.
Is he back there? I'm going to talk to him.
He won't sign it.
It's not the first time.
Look, I have signed hundreds of search warrants for Captain Brass, but this affidavit lacks probable cause.
Prints on quarters, an admixture of DNA DNA, if given a warrant, will clear or convict are not enough for me to invade the Klinefelds' right to privacy.
Your Honor, with all due respect, you've signed warrants for less.
Yes and where did it get me? Just last week, the appeals court overturned one of our convictions, based on a search warrant I gave to one of your sidekicks.
We make a habit of this, I'm never going to get to the Foley building.
Federal appointment.
What if they kill again? All the more reason we need to get this right.
The affidavit is thin.
You give me more I'll give you more.
Funny, doesn't look like a doghouse.
Grissom ratted me out, huh? Um, no, you ratted yourself out.
Hey, Nick, I know you're proud of what you do.
You're good at what you do, and you want people to know what you do, but once you open your mouth, it's all over 'cause what we say ends up in the news.
I guess I'm learning that the hard way, huh? All right, let's take a look.
You see, it looks like something got a little bit more interesting than roulette here.
So, if that's the lure, where's the catch? mm-hmm.
Clear drinks.
What do you want to bet the Rifkins are drinking vodka and the Klinefelds club soda.
Did you see that? That was a little tongue action right there.
So, if we're creatures of habit if she stuck her tongue in Mr.
Rifkin's ear, chances are she stuck it in Mr.
Dominguez's ear, too.
Dominguez has already been autopsied.
Washed from head-to-toe.
What about the ice man? Coroners.
He's not picking up.
Oh, hey, doc.
Where's the ice man? Uh, David's cleaning him up.
David whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Drop the hose.
What did I do? Did you go from head to toe or head to toe? Toe to head.
Good answer.
You run with it.
We get it yet? Any minute now.
Here it is.
Affirmative for female DNA.
Where are the admixture results from the ice machine? Right here.
This is the same woman.
Whoever was in his ear was on that ice machine.
She's the killer.
Please, let me go.
Please, let me go.
This should get us a warrant.
Okay, split up.
Go around the back.
Las Vegas police.
and Mrs.
Klinefeld, we have a warrant.
We got a problem Somebody got to our killers before we did.