CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s04e09 Episode Script

Grissom Versus the Volcano

Thank you.
Have a good night.
Eagles covered, bro.
Cough up the twenty.
Man, backdoor touchdown.
Man, kills you every time.
Ha-ha! Welcome to the Orpheus.
You checking in or just donating? Checking in.
Any bags, sir? I got this one.
Grab the one in the trunk.
Car bomb.
Driver and valet are dead.
Another valet is critical.
Got at least a dozen injured.
I was having dinner here; was on my way out.
It'd gone off a couple of seconds later, you'd be picking my badge up off the ground.
Thank God you're all right.
Sheriff, did they, uh, sweep the area for secondaries? Bomb squad says it's all clear.
We'll photo-document the scene.
Overalls from all angles.
Aerials as well.
Guess it wasn't a sniper.
Fixed ammunition in the trunk.
The gunpowder must have heated up, and the, uh, rounds cooked off.
I'm going to start marking the evidence.
I believe the, uh, glass pressure traveled from the rear of the vehicle, through the front and evidently separated the driver's body at the ankles.
David, we have body parts in the car! I've been looking for the feet.
I found 'em.
We gotta ID the driver ASAP.
Well, the VIN number's still attached.
Write that down.
Call in the DMV.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, Catherine.
Traffic's backed up all the way to the strip.
Got a sig-sauer.
Probably the driver's.
I'll start bagging.
Gather the detritus and separate out the bomb components.
Here's press.
You're on.
Wish I could help, but, uh, I got a vehicle to process.
Come on, Grissom -- a bomb goes off these days, they're going to assume it's a hit.
What are you thinking? I'm not thinking.
I'm just looking.
That's good.
Can I use that? Amelia Rueben.
She a guest? Or a guest of a guest? Myles Rueben's wife.
Who found her? About forty minutes ago, a maid walked in for "turn- down" service.
Called hotel security.
Still on a timer.
Got a wine glass.
Does Myles know? He's still onstage.
hold up, slow to row let's lay low before you go too far remember who you are why you want to start givin' me the third degree all of this responsibility Got a wine bottle.
Almost empty.
Love ain't gonna get me till I know I'm ready Alcohol.
Hot tub.
A little bit too relaxed.
That you see you see just a part of me just a part of me Temperature of the spa water makes liver temp irrelevant.
But given the redness of her eyes, I'd estimate she's been dead less than an hour.
You're having visions of happy ever after, lost in love why you want the rush why you want the rush but yeah, I care for you but I can't trust my heart the way that you do 'cause when it comes/to love It just dawned on me what's Rueben's biggest hit was.
What's that? "Amelia.
" Girl, love ain't gonna get me gonna get me till I know I'm ready you think you know me oh but I'm hopin' that you see you see just a fantasy I'll handle this when Myles breaks for the encore.
Been the kid's manager since '97.
I should be the one to tell him.
Just a part of me I'm always gonna be just a fantasy a fantasy.
How was that, Sam? Sound good? Great, Myles.
The best.
What? What's wrong? I missed a high note, huh? Man No, no, no.
Everything sounded great.
Listen, Myles, these are Crime Scene Investigators.
Myles, uh there's been an accident.
An accident? What, is it my mother? Did- did something happen back East? No, no, no.
Your mother's fine.
Look, Myles, it's, uh .
Rueben, I'm very sorry to have to tell you this, but your wife is dead.
I gotta I gotta Amelia! Amelia! Turn the houselights up, Sam.
There's no encore tonight.
I heard about the bombing.
I'm here to help.
I located the seat of the explosion.
The bomb was attached to the fuel tank.
Bomber maximized his bang.
You really want to help, climb under here and find the initiation switch.
Got a stray wire.
Leading away from the gas tank, right into the center of the dash.
Nowhere near the loom.
The digital clock was the switch.
It was time-activated.
What's next? Nick has to reconstruct the bomb.
It was a pipe bomb.
Initiated by a lightbulb filament.
Bomb was attached to the fuel tank.
There were still magnet and solder fragments attached to the pipe.
Did you find any kind of timing device? Digital clock in the dash.
What about the type of explosive used? Not yet.
I was about to analyze the chemical residue left on the bomb frags.
Be sure to do an organics and inorganics test.
Will do.
So what does it all mean? What does what all mean? Don't play dumb with me, Gil.
Explosions lead the news.
I need to know who, and I need to know why.
Well, the evidence is only teaching us about the bomb, not the bomber.
What about a signature? Is there anything distinct, unusual about this particular bomb? No.
Amelia Rueben didn't drown.
If she had, there'd be fluid in her nasal sinuses.
Clear as a bell.
What was the cause of death? Cardiac arrest.
She was only 25.
Was there some kind of defect? No, her heart was in perfect condition.
In fact, I have it over here.
See the myocardium? There's no evidence of hemorrhage, infarct or scarring.
No coronary occlusions.
I can't explain it.
It's like a mystery of the heart.
So, that sig-sauer you found Yes.
Relatively nondescript.
Uh, the blue stuff, sent a sample to Trace.
Pretty sure it's from some sort of bag that melted in the explosion.
And the bullets from the Camaro's trunk? A-ha.
Pre-fragmented ammo.
Now they're unique.
Exemplar's under the magnifier.
Copper jacket contains lead shot sealed with a clear epoxy plug.
I've never seen anything like that.
It's designed to enter a target, but not exit.
Penetration, not perforation.
Why? Well, say you're on a commercial flight.
Plane gets hijacked.
US Air Marshal needs to take down the hijacker but not the plane.
Nowadays, magsafes are sold commercially, but there's really not much of a market.
So chances are, your driver's a Federal Air Marshal.
It's a match.
PRT on the hot tub dial was Sam Hopkins.
Rueben's manager? Amelia was butt-naked in the hot tub.
What was he doing in her room tweaking dials? While her husband's onstage? Spectroscopy just got back.
Hydrofluoric acid in her system.
Isn't that an industrial solvent? High-powered stuff.
Mainly used to remove rust, clean glass, brighten aluminum, dissolve silicas and commit murder.
She was poisoned.
That would explain her heart attack.
You're killing me, Jimmy.
You're killing me.
All night the spotlight was off.
Way too hot on his face.
It's too hot on me right now.
They guy's not Wayne Newton, all right? Can you see it on my face, Jim? I need Jimmy.
Thank .
I need a cast shadow on him for all the love songs.
Hopkins, could you answer the question, please.
Yes, I was in Amelia's room.
I'm in there all the time.
We're like family.
We know you were close.
Do you always turn on the hot tub for her? I represent one of the biggest headliners in town.
Wear a lot of hats: Manager, marriage counselor, confidante.
I kept Myles happy by keeping her happy.
Amelia, anything else I can get for you? Look, sweetheart.
Here's how this works.
You give him his space, he sings his heart out.
Honey, we all prosper.
Let me set up a dinner for you two -- quiet, alone -- after the show.
No work.
Never happen.
Give me an hour.
But you must admit, the boss' wife, naked in a hot tub, looks kind of funky.
Look at me.
Do I look like a threat? The reason I've succeeded in this business, I don't squat where I eat, you know what I mean? All right, let's talk about drinking.
There was a bottle of wine found near the tub.
Did you have a drink with her? No.
I don't touch it.
I'm on call 24/7.
Myles can pick up the phone, have me do anything, anytime.
Fly to L.
, pick someone up at the airport.
So, you'd do just about anything for him then? When it comes to Myles, yeah.
What's this all about? Mr.
Hopkins, Amelia didn't drown.
She was poisoned.
Poisoned? By who? That's what we're trying to find out.
According to the DMV, the Camaro was one of yours, is that right? Yeah, it was rented to an Adam Watson.
Waived insurance.
Government discount.
Well, we have reason to believe Mr.
Watson was a US Air Marshal.
How could I forget him? He threw it in my face when I told him we were out of compacts.
I'm a US Air Marshal, okay? I travel for a living.
I don't need this crap.
But you found him a car.
I'll put you in a full-size and won't charge you for the difference.
No, forget it.
I'll take the Camaro.
What time was that? Vehicle entered the lot at Thanks a lot.
The Guy worked for Homeland Security.
You think maybe some terrorist blew him up? You'll be the first to know.
Well, it's been confirmed.
The driver, Adam Watson, was a Federal Air Marshal.
So, one of us needs to call the Sheriff.
I'll flip you for it.
Well, before we make that call, what time did the Air Marshal drive off the lot? Nine-forty.
Why? Well, the bomb went off thirty minutes later.
It takes that long to get from here to the Orpheus.
So you're saying the bomb was already in the car when he drove out? Well, that can't be.
According to the manager, the Camaro was only in the lot for, uh, nine minutes.
Well, it takes longer than that to hard-wire a bomb.
Which can only mean that the bomb was already in the car when it was returned.
So, who rented the car before him? Roger Dunbar! Open up! Las Vegas police! Clear.
Stand down.
Good job, guys.
Okay, well.
This guy was obviously on a week-to- week lease.
Left some clothes behind and a paper shredder.
I'll bag it.
No sign of any bomb-making material.
I'll go check the garage.
Amerian, 4:00 P.
" Oh, today.
I'll make an appointment.
You drag me out of my dentist's office.
You throw me in a squad car.
Now you're accusing me of planting a car bomb? Mr.
Dunbar, you rented a Camaro from thrift rite rental.
Returned it last night, 9:30 P.
It blew up a half an hour later in front of the Orpheus.
It's all over the news.
That was my Camaro? Yeah.
But this is crazy.
So, what happened? You have a beef with the rental car company? No.
I-I get double miles.
I'm a premier card member.
Oh, I'm sure you are.
You know what, I'm not saying another word without an attorney.
That's your right, Mr.
Warrant for your clothes.
Everything in the bag.
ID'd the explosive.
Ammonium perchlorate.
Yeah, rocket fuel.
GCMS picked up the other half of the equation-- gasoline.
Combination of the two creates an unstable mass.
Both shock-and friction- sensitive.
Ammonium perchlorate's available at any chemical supply store.
You can gas up on every corner.
Anyone could've made this bomb.
Sheriff? What can we do for you? Need a little clarification.
I know Captain Brass has a suspect in custody.
Where it get a little hazy for me, is I'm not getting his connection to the Air Marshal.
Well, it's entirely possible that Mr.
Watson was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Another thing, you said that the switch was a digital clock.
The bomb had been set to go off at a designated time, right? How do we get a wrong time? I can answer that, too.
Take a look.
Short in the wire.
Compromised the timing device.
Made the bomb unpredictable.
We may never know when that bomb was supposed to explode.
I got your page.
You'd be a good maitre d'.
Checking glassware for spots? You know, a hot tub is just like a dishwasher.
Washes away all of the impurities.
Including hydrofluoric acid, huh? '93 pinot.
Either it was a bad year for wine or a bad year for Amelia.
I found trace amounts of hydrofluoric acid in the vino.
So, somebody did spike the wine.
We just want to know what happened the other night.
Did you open the bottle for her? Hey, Amelia requested me.
I was up there every night.
I hooked her up.
And she wasn't drinking no Italian Rotgut either.
She was ordering '93 pinot from Russian River Valley.
That's three-fifty a bottle, twenty percent delivery charge.
You do the math.
Was anyone there with her? No.
What about Sam Hopkins? No, that mutt wasn't there.
"Mutt"? Yeah, that manager scumbag.
You bring a bottle of wine when he's there, forget about it.
He signs for the bill and stiff city.
Now, when the Prince of Soul is there, that's a different story.
He'd give you $500 just to get lost.
But you didn't see Myles the other night? Yeah, I saw him for a sec.
He came in between shows.
He showed me the door.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
My man.
There's only one man who practices chivalry around here, and it ain't you, Ducky.
Hey, I could tell they were in love, you know? But he was never around.
I mean, I felt bad for Amelia.
She'd have four times a night.
"You forgot the fork.
Can you bring some salt? How about some ice?" If you ask me, I'd say she was lonely.
Did you ever see them fight? No, but I heard 'em.
And I'm sure 2202 and 2206 heard 'em, too.
Hey, but I don't bite the hand that feeds me.
There was rocket fuel in the bomb and rocket fuel on your t- shirt.
That you need to explain.
Well, I'm not really sure, but my son, he's got this science project due.
You're right, I'm not supposed to help, but, really, all the parents do.
We made a volcano.
Spilled some of the chemicals.
We've been to your apartment.
What volcano? What kid? Timmy.
Third grade.
Mesquite Elementary.
You're divorced? No.
No, well, look, here's the situation is the family, they live in Mesquite, and I'm there on the weekends.
And during the week? I-I'm in sales, so I travel all over the country.
Which is why he rents a car when he's in town.
It's cheaper than leasing.
All right, but it still doesn't explain the empty apartment.
Look, I like being married.
I love my wife, my kid, but I need my space.
I-I-I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I just tell them that I'm out of town even when I'm not.
We're going to need your home address.
No, look I'm begging you.
Please don't blow things for me with the wife.
Mom, what's going on? I don't understand.
Dunbar, could you and your son wait outside, please? Ma'am, come with me.
I'll fill you in.
Catherine, there is a volcano on the table.
Aluminum powder.
Ammonium perchlorate.
The three ingredients to make lava flow.
In fifth grade, I built one of these as my science fair project.
It was awesome.
First place should've been mine.
But they ended up giving it to this kid with some lame red ant colony.
That was you.
Yeah, only my ants were Black Argentinians.
I learned at a very early age that the bugs always win.
Trust me, Roger didn't build a bomb.
I love my husband, but he's inept.
Just last week, the hose bib cracked.
Front yard was a river.
Roger was helpless till I got home.
Well, what about that volcano? Your husband said that he helped your son build it.
He watched.
I'm a teacher.
Timmy knows which parent to go to for help.
Dunbar, your husband told us that he was in sales.
He's with the State Department.
You know, all that sensitive government stuff.
Keeps him on the road.
He doesn't say much about it.
As far as you know, has he talked about his job with anyone else? Any other family members? Friends? His parents are dead.
Roger's an only child.
He doesn't have time for friends.
There was this one night, years ago.
We were both a little drunk and Roger confessed he was CIA.
Hey, I made one of those in third grade.
Science fair.
Should have won, too.
Got to let it go Nick.
Bomb end-cap with tool marks.
Given the orientation and spread of the marks, consistent with pliers, vise-grips.
There were no vise-grips in the Dunbars' toolbox.
But given that the bomb and the volcano were similarly constructed We can compare the tool marks on both end-caps.
Doesn't matter what you make; it's what you make it with.
Not even close.
So, whatever tool made the volcano did not make the bomb.
Okay, I reconstructed the contents of the paper shredder.
Five bills.
All in Roger Dunbar's name.
Addressed to 2175 La Pressa.
His apartment.
Okay, top two are credit card bills.
Both VISA.
Separate accounts.
Roger A.
Roger B.
That's an easy way to separate out expenses.
Check out the gas bills.
Three different meters.
Hey, got the DNA results back from that bloody band-aid that Grissom found at Dunbar's apartment.
Compared it to his DNA.
Not a match.
But I did find seven alleles in common.
His son.
It's female.
Mother, sister, daughter.
Well, according to his wife, his mother's deceased.
He's an only child.
So, that leaves a daughter.
Well, there's no way there was a kid at that apartment.
Well, maybe she was living in Henderson.
Forget "secret agent.
" Roger Dunbar was living a secret life.
Can I help you? Good evening.
We're with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Oh, god.
Did something happen to my husband? He was supposed to be home on Monday night.
I've been calling his cell.
He's not at work.
Is this your husband?Yes.
You're currently married to him? Yes.
What is going on? Well, your husband is a suspect in a criminal investigation.
Currently, he's in police custody.
Dunbar? Do you have a daughter? Amy.
Is she entered in the science fair? You can't take it.
Amy, did you use this the tool to work on the inside of your volcano? Yeah, my dad did.
He helped you build it? Yeah.
I teach yoga.
I have no idea how this works.
It was all Roger.
When's your science fair? Friday.
Well, we'll do our best to get this back to you by Friday, okay? Okay.
Which side do you want? I'll take the west wing.
It's a nice place.
You could record a whole album in this studio.
This guy's got it made.
The life of a celebrity.
I don't know, I think it sounds kind of isolating, living in a fishbowl.
Wouldn't be isolated.
You'd have a butler, a maid service, laundry service.
Sheet music.
Guy writes his own stuff.
Dishwashing gloves.
Dry erase markers.
Slate Industrial Glass Cleaner.
The ingredients -- distilled water and hydrofluoric acid.
Fatal if swallowed.
You're sure you want to waive your right to an attorney? I got nothin' to hide.
Do you recognize this product? Yeah.
I use it to clean my windows.
Don't you have a maid or someone to do that for you? I write songs late at night.
Windows are my chalkboard.
Only what you feel / now I can clearly see Mr.
Rueben your wife was poisoned.
We suspect window cleaner was slipped into her wine.
It can't be.
I was there.
I opened that wine.
Did you have a fight? Not lately.
But you have had fights in the past.
Who doesn't? I mean, fighting, loving, laughing it all comes from the same place, man.
It's passion.
And we loved each other passionately.
When we met, it was Fate.
But you know what I need right now? I need a woman.
I need a woman to come up here and be my inspiration.
You, baby.
Second row.
Come on up here.
I can see by the love in your eyes you've been hurt by love so it's hard for you to trust a guy I was looking for love.
She was looking for the same thing.
She loved my music.
I loved her smile.
It's hard being on top, you know? I mean, everybody loves you.
Wants their piece.
That's why we fought.
I mean, all the time.
Every night.
She knew she could never have me to herself.
Look, I got sound check for the late show in an hour.
Can I go? Sure.
We might want to talk to you later.
Wife's been dead less than 48 hours.
Well, there's a man who definitely has his priorities straight.
Okay, three people have admitted to being with Amelia the night that she died.
The room service waiter, Myles, and Myles's manager.
Room service guy's out.
He left before the cork was popped.
So, did Myles kill Amelia and the manager's covering for him or did the manager kill Amelia and Myles doesn't have a clue? Bigamy is a Class D Felony.
If convicted, you could be sentenced from one to four years in prison, do you know that? I'd just married Beth, when I met Debbie.
She was a student.
She got pregnant.
I did the right thing.
Ever since, it's been Monday through Friday with Debbie and weekends with Beth.
They both think I travel for a living.
I know I keep coming back to this, but, uh I mean, I got to ask you.
What's with the empty apartment? Do you have a girlfriend on the side as well? No.
Just tell them the truth.
My life is really a balancing act.
Early on, I took Debbie to dinner and Beth saw it on a credit card statement.
So instead of a P.
Box, I figured why not rent a cheap apartment, you know? Have a night to myself once in a while.
We found a band-aid with your daughter Amy's blood at your apartment.
So, you bring your daughter there, but not your wives? Oh, no.
It's not like that.
You know how kids are.
Dad, take this.
It keeps falling off.
I emptied my pockets at the apartment.
Dunbar, we collected both of your children's volcanoes and supplies.
And we found a pair of pliers at your home in Henderson.
Those pliers were used to make both of the volcanoes.
That's right.
I needed pliers in Henderson, so I borrowed Beth's pliers from Mesquite.
There's no crime in that.
I'm just really confused.
Um your wife, Beth, told us that you couldn't build a volcano to save your soul.
Yet your wife, Debbie, claims that it was all you that made your daughter's volcano.
So, what is it? Well, I watched Beth when she made Timmy's volcano.
So, then when Amy had a science project, I knew the drill.
Now, granted, it wasn't as symmetrical as Beth's and the lava flow was a little anemic, but Amy liked it.
When did you borrow those pliers? I don't know.
Couple weeks ago.
Why? You never returned them to your wife, Beth? I've been meaning to do that.
Same characteristics.
We got a match.
Take her in.
Come with me, Mrs.
I dusted the bottle.
I got prints.
I've got burns.
You first.
Sam or Myles? Amelia's.
Well, you're just in time.
She gets shipped in an hour.
This should just take a second.
Could you give me her right hand, please? Three acid burns.
This is not a murder.
It's a suicide.
I knew she wasn't happy.
I guess I just didn't pay attention.
You shouldn't blame yourself for this.
Shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I? I spend most of my time making them happy.
I never I never took the time to make her happy.
Amelia, Amelia! What do you want to do, kid? The show must go on, right? It's your call.
Amelia / ooh, Amelia / ooh, Amelia / I see the love in your eyes you've been hurt by We found these pliers in your car's glove box.
You used them to fix the hose bib.
And to make a bomb.
Dunbar how long have you known about Roger's double life? His other wife's name is Debbie.
Once or twice a year he'd call me by that name.
I ignored it.
It's very difficult for two people to live a lie, let alone three.
Look, when Roger and I were together, he was a good husband.
Terrific father.
It was almost like being in a state of suspended honeymoon.
Really? So what changed? He asked me to get his dirty laundry out of the trunk of his car.
There was a plastic bag with all the makings of a volcano.
Including the stars I had hand-cut for my son.
I'd always suspected there was another woman, but never .
another family.
Two weeks ago Sunday, I followed him.
He, uh, dropped off his rental car and walked to some apartment building.
Then he changed his clothes, and got into a nicer car, and drove out to Henderson.
Why didn't you just leave him? Turn him in? He made a fool out of me.
A mockery of our life.
Dunbar, you killed three innocent people.
That was never my intention.
That bomb was supposed to go off at 8:30 on his way to the airport.
Why a bomb? It, it's not much harder to make a bomb than a volcano.