CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s04e15 Episode Script

Early Rollout

Ready to go? I'll get the paper, you get the car.
Early morning call-out, the worst.
Where did you come from? Home.
Did you get any sleep? No.
You? About a half an hour.
I was watching the world series of poker.
Waiting for Sam Farha to light his cigarette.
Ever been to the Acid Drop? I try to avoid those places.
The victims were the owners.
Mike Trent and his wife Laurel.
Both shot execution-style back of the head.
A neighbor walking the dog found 'em.
Mike used to own a semi-pro hockey team with some other guy.
He made a ton of money, sunk it all into clubs like Acid Drop, uh, Psychedelic Hoe-Down Captain Brass.
fun joints.
Looks like they never got out of the driveway.
She dropped where she was shot, but he looks like he was dragged.
You drag a body away to hide it, not down a driveway for the world to see it.
Unless that was the point.
CSI 4x15 - Early rollout by Kornifex Bling-bling.
The ol' trophy wife.
You think? Classic Vegas.
He pays for her boobs, tummy tuck, Prada, weekly spa, french manicure.
And she's just hanging on his arm like she belongs.
Tell us how you really feel, Catherine.
Oh, it's gross.
I wouldn't want to be her for the world.
I wouldn't mind being her for a day, I guess.
Well, not this day.
Looks like it was just the two of them.
Nobody I know lives like this with kids.
I've been here for twenty minutes.
What's the code? You on the East Coast looking for a sunset? I am.
You're at the wrong gate.
Drive back down the road, make three lefts.
When you get to the main gate, speak to Officer Ray and tell her you're with the crime lab.
When you get to the scene, make sure I'm the first person you speak to.
Mike Trent? Mm-hmm.
Boy, he's a big dog in the club world.
Rumour is he paid Lil' Kim $10,000 one time just to walk into one of his clubs, turn around and walk back out.
Yeah, I heard Jah Rule gets the same fee.
It's what I heard.
Hey, uh, let me have one of those, Sara.
Sorry, last one.
You have a cold, Sara? I've been feeling a little run down lately.
Okay, it's a gated community.
The main gate has a guard all the time.
The resident gate is at the north end, has punch-key access.
Those are the only two ways in and out of this place.
I thought you moved into communities like this for this not to happen.
Hey, Grissom.
What do you got? So far, an empty briefcase and a purse.
You want us to take the perimeter? Yeah, please.
Catherine and Warrick are inside.
The bodies were found on the driveway, so any evidence of the killers is going to be out here.
I'll check the rear for any sign of forced entry.
I'll take the side yard.
You just get off a shift? Catherine called me.
I'm here to help with the case.
You look like a man who just rolled out of bed.
You all right? Yeah, why? Tshirt, sneakers.
You're already a half hour late.
Grissom will rip you a new one if he sees you like that.
Serious? Yeah, it's not a rebel game.
It's a crime scene.
See, this is what I'm talking about right here.
The battery's not changed kit's open.
It's not stocked; no swabs.
Did you sterilize your equipment after your last case? Uh, no.
See, you know when I'm on call because my clothes are folded next to my bed.
Shoes, jacket, ball cap, bottle of water, pen, paper, Thomas Guide, next to the phone.
That way, if I get a call at 3:00 in the morning, I'm not scrambled.
Everything's there before the phone rings.
My game is tight, like my trunk.
Check it out.
Camera case, tripod, film is in the fridge.
Markers, check.
Extra field kit, fully stocked, sterilized.
Shoeprint lift kit, wet weather gear.
Files "mama.
" Forms for days.
First call form, first officer form, consent to search, bird's eye view inside, bird's eye view outside.
It's down to how I like my lunch.
Picking up what I'm putting down? Yeah.
See, no one ever told me.
You've been told.
Yes, sir.
No sign of disturbance in the rear.
Cigarette butts.
Orange peel, seeds.
Lying in wait, maybe.
You still sucking on that same cough drop? Yeah.
I'm a a slow sucker.
So, assuming the killer didn't live in the community, how did he gain entry? Crime occurred in the driveway.
Nothing to indicate that the suspects were inside the house.
Yes, ma'am.
I got it.
So, then, what are we looking for? Anything inside that'll make the outside make sense.
On your hands and knees.
Check the carpet for trace.
I'm going to need you to photograph something.
Why, what'd you find? It's what I didn't find.
Well, I found something.
Blood? Where? Ooh, I also found some videos.
Looks like amateur porn.
That figures.
"Sunburn Sin".
"Starring Laurel Lust.
" That's Laurel Trent.
Isn't that the wife? Yeah.
A few years back.
"A Goode/Mike T.
" "Mike T" as in Mike Trent? Well, I bet he seduced her, and then he produced her.
Laurel Trent definitely had some work done.
Implants which she later had removed.
She has a four-centimeter-long scar at the edge of the collapsed fibrous capsules in both breasts.
Cause of death? I was just getting to that.
Two gunshot wounds to the back of the head, just like her husband.
Close range.
Either one immediately debilitating and fatal.
I sent the bullets to the lab.
But this is why I sent for you.
Stun gun burns? If you're close enough to stun him, you're close enough to shoot him.
And we suspect that there were two assailants.
Well, maybe they were trying to buy time.
For what? Now the first order of business is to kill the Trents.
Then the suspect go upstairs and rip off those jewelry.
And they're all on bikes.
It's a little low rent don't you think? Yeah, I don't think in a neighborhood like this if you burn away out of here it will cause a lot of attention but if you roll quietly away on a bike.
No one's arised.
Okay I get it.
This is the resident gate that Greg called me from; he couldn't get in.
He needed a code.
Sara did find an orange peel in the side yard.
What do you think, sticky fingers? Does citrus illuminate? Sure it will, if it's derivatized.
Do you have any fluorescent reagents? I've got ANTs.
Not the insect.
- Amino-Naphthalene Trisulfonic acid.
- Trisulfonic acid.
You're trying to stump me.
I can feel it.
Let me check it out.
The ants should make it light up under the ALS.
One, three five and six.
In some configuration.
They had the code.
We're mid-case.
Why do we have to do this now? I have to get this evaluation in, or I'm gonna get written up.
My goals.
Mm oh, all right, okay.
For starters, I'd like two consecutive nights off.
I would like to cut my triples down to ten a year instead of the usual twenty, and, uh, I would love to find a reliable baby-sitter, so I could have myself some kind of a personal life.
You don't have a personal life? I write this down: I haven't had sex in six - no - seven months.
How can I help? You.
Advance, I mean.
Do you have any interest in changing sections in the lab, for instance? Gil, how do you do this? Honestly, how do you juggle scheduling and vacations and The goal of any supervisor is to teach someone how to take his place someday.
Are you going someplace? You never know.
Are you considering me? Why not? You're certainly qualified.
But a CSI who uses the DNA lab to establish her own paternity calls into question her judgment, don't you think? You've left that out.
Are you covering for me? I believe that we've dealt with this issue, handled it internally.
As far as I'm concerned, it's dead.
Besides, you'll never do it again.
So just sign your name by the red "X.
" Before I sign, um, since we're putting all of our cards on the table, there's something you should know.
Sam Braun wrote me a check, and I cashed it.
For how much? Enough to where Lindsay and I can do anything and not enough to where we can do nothing.
Sam Braun was a murder suspect in one of your cases.
How does this not look like a payoff? I consulted an attorney.
It is a check from a father to a daughter.
It is completely out of departmental jurisdiction.
What about conflict of interest? Not just for you but for this lab.
Gil, I would never compromise you or the lab.
Maybe not legally, but ethically? What else should I know, Catherine? That's everything.
Talk to me.
Orange peels, seeds, cigarette butts.
I'm logging them in and moving them to DNA.
Okay, so you've gone through her purse, uh, her wallet Yeah, everything's there - money, credit cards.
What about the briefcase? Empty.
I-I got a system here.
I found this wadded up in her purse.
It's a release form permission to shoot an adult movie at the Acid Drop from Drake the Snake productions.
Signed by a Drake Snow.
I need to see your boss.
Follow me.
Tonight's for Mike.
We pay our respects by ringing the register.
Now, I don't mind if you're talking, just as long as they're drinking.
Watch the doubles Uh Watch the doubles.
Be smart.
You do that, we're gonna take this party through till 6:00 in the morning.
And most importantly, have fun.
Go make some money.
See you later.
You here about Mike? Yes, I am.
Let's go somewhere private.
Sorry for the inconvenience, everybody.
When you come back, next bottle's on me.
Thanks, chief.
We're going to shut her down for about half an hour.
Well this is private.
It was, um it was a real shock, you know? Mike and Laurel getting killed like that.
But I got to say, if they had a choice how to go out, it would have been together.
For him, the sun rose and set with her.
He didn't treat her like a trophy wife? No.
You kidding? No.
He got her off the VHS covers, and she made a home for him.
Have a seat.
Um, and what was, uh what was your professional affiliation with him? I run his clubs.
Ever since he got out of the partner business with Kyle Goode.
Have you seen this Mr.
Goode lately? He shows his face every once in a while.
I just try to keep him away from Mike, you know? As much as humanly possible.
And What about this Drake Snow guy? Drake? Drake the Snake.
I, uh I hired him.
He's harmless.
He saw one Ron Jeremy movie.
Now the guy just sees dollar signs.
Uh, and how did he get along with the Trents? Why don't you go ask him? Reading my mind.
You, uh you never gave me your name.
Chris Bezich.
Chris Bezich.
Come on.
Mike and Kyle, they made all their money out of Laurel taking it off.
She-she was a cash register in panties is what she was.
And you wanted in? No.
Trust me.
The last thing that I wanted was to be partners with Mike.
Guy'd would chew you up and spit you out soon as look at you.
And Kyle Guy'd tell you right to your face he's sticking it to you.
Pasadena, baby.
I got my own plans.
I-I just I just need a location.
One location.
And what? Mike didn't agree to it? Didn't ask him.
Last time I asked him for something, he took a swing at me.
Get the hell out of my I just want the same shot that you had, Mike.
Laurel said that You two aren't in business anymore.
In the kitchen, you said? Yeah.
So, I wasn't going to make that mistake again, so I had to try something different.
So, I pulled a Geffen.
I went straight to Yoko.
Oh, you gave Laurel the release form.
She was going to give it to Mike.
He was going to sign it, and they were going to get it back to me.
So much for that.
All right.
So, uh, listen, Drake.
I'm going to help you get that dream shot.
So that when you do get into the porn biz, you won't have a murder rap hanging over your head.
Crime Scene 101.
Stick this in your mouth.
Hey, you can set 'em right there.
Can't believe that there's this many abandoned bikes in Charleston Hills.
These were found in the alley behind the fire department, so check them out.
Sugar on the handlebars of both bikes.
Just like the keypad.
So we may have our getaway bikes.
We could check the serial numbers, but they're usually not recorded.
You know what? I got an idea.
Hmm? What are you doing? Get me a pair of tweezers, will you? Now how did you know that receipt was in there? Well, I used to read point spreads.
Now I read books.
Good for you.
Bad for Ross Davis, though.
This is a little intense for getting my bike stolen.
I already got a new one.
Did you report it? No.
You're kidding me, right? I got jumped, man.
By whom? By two bucked-ass brothers.
They were both yoked as hell.
I thought for a second they were going to kill me.
Something wrong with your neck? Man, it's killing me.
I don't know what the hell they hit me with, but my knees was the first to go.
I believe you were hit with a stun gun.
Just like Mike Trent.
I found something on your butt.
Checking out my butt again, Greg? I was as well as the four butts Sara got at the crime scene.
Found something on them that I can't explain, so I sent them over to Hodges.
Your butt's fine.
Switching gears.
Blood found in the Trents' bedroom is a match to Drake So he told the truth about the blood and lied about the kitchen.
Three of the four cigarette butts are also a match to Drake.
Puts him at the scene.
And the fourth butt? Female, not a match to Laurel Trent.
Orange seeds? Two additional donors, both male.
Not a match to any of our players.
No hits on CODIS.
So we're looking for two guys and a gal who might know Drake.
We already know you lied.
We found your blood in the Trents' bedroom, not in the kitchen.
So what were you doing in there? You putting the shot in her, or what? Hey, look.
I know where you're going with this.
Okay, I was in the bedroom.
She wasn't on her knees.
I was.
I was begging.
Not for sex.
I was begging for my business.
Drake the Snake Productions.
Mike comes busting in, goes ballistic, smacks me in the nose I mean, I know I keep coming back to this three-and- out thing, but maybe because you're in bed with his wife.
Laurel and I didn't have sex in the bedroom.
We had it on the set- past tense - long time ago.
Then along came Mike.
Mike was good for Laurel.
Mike was not good for me.
She got carte blanche - Laurel.
Me, I got a bar back.
Now I'm popping blue pills looking for something to bring me down, but I know the business.
I just don't have the capital to get behind the camera.
So what does killing the Trents get you? Zero.
No one was more upset than me.
You're still pouring drinks.
And what are you doing smoking around their place? What? Yeah, we found cigarette butts with your DNA on it on their property.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't.
I smoke one place, okay? I smoke at work.
I'm down to one a day.
Right after happy hour, I have my one cigarette, and it's out back by the service register.
You ask anybody.
Drake's telling the truth, you know? He smokes one a day.
Not on the floor, right here, my rule.
Well, I'll have to verify it with evidence.
You verify everything? Everything.
Including you.
You're clear.
Can you blame Drake, you know? He's trying to give up cigarettes.
That's like me trying to give up Sex? Everybody needs to indulge in a vice at least once a day, right? Yes, well, I did happen to notice those little waitress girlies trying to serve their way into bed with you.
That's work.
I prefer women.
Speaking of work, do you, um ever get a day off? - What? You want to get to know me? - Yes.
- What? - Wait.
Hang on.
I'm on the clock.
You started it.
Yes, and when the time is right, maybe I'll finish it.
How you feeling? Hey.
What do you mean? Well, you were popping cough drops at the scene the other day a mile a minute.
I thought I was coming down with a cold.
Yeah, I, uh I understand colds.
You know, back in Jersey when I was getting it from both ends, from my wife and my work, uh things started to get heavy.
I started "medicating".
"Cure" my cold.
And, um, and god forbid I had an early morning roll-out and I had that tell-tale breath, you know what I mean? So I would dodge my supe, and I started popping cough drops.
I mean, what I'm trying to say is that there's more problems than answers in the bottom of a bottle, believe me.
Actually, I had a couple of beers with breakfast when I got off shift.
And then I got called in.
Just a couple? Yeah.
I'm just looking out for you.
Hey, what are you doing after work? More work.
You've photos of Laurel Trent's jewelry.
Yeah, two-carat diamond earrings, ruby necklace, diamond and sapphire bracelet, lady's gold rolex.
The insurance company says it's worth somewhere north of two mil.
I got every pawn shop in town on the lookout.
What? You know that feeling you get when you just can't quite put your finger on something? What can't you put your finger on besides the clock-out button? Why did they drag his body down the driveway? Dragging's your racket.
But I can tell you who's dragging Mike Trent into court.
His ex-business partner, Kyle Goode.
Evidence in context.
Take a look.
Trace on the cigarette butt is a match to the sand I collected form the ashtray.
At Acid Drop.
Now, take a look at this.
I found trace amounts of soil in the orange seeds and the orange peel but not on any of the butts.
So it's possible that the butts were planted.
May explain why there seems to be so many suspects at the crime scene.
Probably clears Drake Snow and your unidentified female smoker.
Where does that leave you? With two guys on bikes.
Hit that ninja.
On the bridge.
That's it.
Kyle Goode? Uh-huh.
I'm Detective Jim Brass, homicide.
I was wondering when you guys would get around to me.
Why's that? My ex-partner's murdered.
I got a lawsuit against him.
He owes me millions.
I'd like me for it.
Great, then we won't have to pull teeth to get to the truth.
Where were you yesterday morning? With my son, Alex.
Where? You're not going to believe anything I tell you.
Why don't you ask him? Okay.
Come, Alex.
Get off the game.
That's enough.
You cost me a man.
I got more quarters.
So, Alex, where were you yesterday morning? At grandma's.
All morning? No.
She lives in Laughlin.
My dad drove me.
What time did you get there? I don't know.
I was sleeping.
Maybe around 11:00? You sure about that? Yeah.
When I woke up, Captain Caveman was on.
Okay, Laughlin's about two hours away, so you and your son left home around 8:30? More like 8:00.
Alex likes those breakfast sandwiches.
We picked a couple up.
Ate them on the way.
Where'd you pick them up? Sunny Side's over on Eastern.
You looking for an alibi? Something like that, yeah.
Come on, Alex.
Let's go over to Circus Circus.
They got a real arcade.
Thank you for visiting Sunny Side's.
Next in line, please.
- Hi.
- Would you like to try the Sunny Side's special? No, I'm Nick Stokes.
I'm with the Las Vegas crime lab.
Can I talk to you for a second? Are you Missy Wilson? Are you a truant officer? No.
Your Manager said you were working breakfast the other day at the pick-up window.
Do you remember this guy? Oh, my god.
That's the creep who was hitting on me.
He was so repulsive.
You know what he said to me? I'd like to bend you over the counter, baby.
And he said it in front of his kid.
What kind of father acts like that? Sounds like he wanted to make an impression.
Oh, he did.
I hope you're going to arrest him.
One thing at a time.
Now this window I get all the creeps in drive-through - teenagers, perverts, walk-ups, and those are my favorites.
"Hi, I'm on a skateboard.
Can I have a burger combo?" "No, dork.
" Does this window have a surveillance camera? Oh, yeah, we have cameras all over here.
Even in the cooler.
Confirms his alibi.
Every suspect Brass leans on seems to have a case of the "airtights.
" Hold it.
Run that back.
Pause it.
What is that around the kid's neck? I don't know.
Let's enhance it.
Hard to tell, but, it almost looks like a canteen.
You bring a canteen up to your lips, not to your eyes.
I'll pull some stills, see what I can make of it.
AV Lab.
I'll be right there.
Well, he lived by the stun, but I don't think he died by it.
He didn't.
Uh, two gunshot wounds to the back of the head.
TOD is within the hour.
Blood spatter everywhere.
Multiple directionalities.
You almost done, David? Uh, yes, sir.
He's all yours.
I want to pick his pockets.
M and T.
Doesn't look like Michael Trent.
If he's one of our bad guys on the bicycle, where's his partner? And where's the rest of the jewelry? That's probably what his partner said before he tossed the room.
Hey, look what I found: A knife with blood on it.
Look what I found: A dead guy.
Pillowcase full of jewelry.
Two stacks of $10,000 bricks.
Well, either they pawned some diamonds at the US Treasury, or they're on someone's payroll.
You know what that means: Hit-for-hire.
And we're still looking for somebody.
Who gets the honors: Him or him? Eh, let's start with Mr.
Head wound.
You've seen these before.
Stun gun.
The debilitator of choice.
Heard you found a nine-millimeter at the scene? I sent the bullets to ballistics.
How about his buddy? Any lead in him? No, but he took a blade to the stomach.
The cut was shallow, five or six centimeters below the sternum.
Like the soft spot in a dragon.
Sounds like no honor among thieves.
Well, I'll tell you what they were fighting over.
The jewelry was hot.
Either you fence it fast or eat the loss.
I'm thinking more and more it was never part of the plan.
You know, you could be right.
I talked to the Trents' bank.
They were on their way to the safety deposit box that morning and then off to Hawaii at the end of the week.
So it was Laurel Trent who cleaned out her own jewelry box.
Murder was their wage, and jewelry was their tip.
How's your hands? Sore.
Document every single bill.
I got to hand it to these casinos.
They got it all figured out.
What do you mean? Well, this is a ten thousand dollar brick, right? I could either lose this in a hand of blackjack, or I could lose cranberry chip.
What's worse? To me, losing's losing.
Sara? I got a bloodstain.
You know, the last time I checked, defacing government property was a federal offense.
Not when it's logged in as property, Greg.
The blood might be from a paper cut.
Okay, but you're my witness.
Run it against all our players.
I finished up on those still photos.
The canteen around Little Alex's neck is really a set of binoculars.
If you keep flipping, it tells the rest of the story.
You're going to break them.
I- I- I Now, call me crazy, but it looks like daddy doesn't like the little man wearing the binoculars around his neck so much.
I wonder why? What are you thinking? Stay right here until I call you.
Yeah? Nick, would you move about halfway up the driveway? Back where Mike Trent was shot? Exactly.
How's this? Can you see me here? No, I can't.
Thank you.
Jim? Gil.
I'm fine.
How are you? Would you put an APB out on Kyle Goode's vehicle, please? You recognize this? That's my kid.
What's that around his neck? That's his binoculars.
Zeiss, 20x60, BSGA.
Forty- five hundred a pop.
You know how it is.
You got your kid in the car, traveling a long distance.
Whatever keeps them occupied.
According to your son, he slept all the way to Laughlin.
Kid falling asleep in a car on the way to his grandma's house? You guys won't even make it through the courthouse door.
That's where the lawyers get fat.
And you know all about that.
I mean, you've got a lawsuit with your ex-business partner, and your ex-wife, who's suing you for past alimony That's irrelevant.
Not according to his wife it isn't.
She gave us permission for a hair sample from your son.
For what? The good thing about drugs? They work their way through the bloodstream in the urine, but not the hair.
Our lab found trace elements of ambien, which is a hypnotic sleep sedative, in your son's hair root.
Until we see the test results, we're withholding comment.
No problem, counselor.
Okay, moving on.
The "buy" money, the 20k that we found on the two geniuses you hired? What geniuses? You know, the brothers, who are so cool and laid back, they're in the morgue.
Oh, what? You didn't know they're dead? Yeah, they greased each other over the jewelry.
And that wasn't even part of the deal in the first place, was it? Good help is hard to find, huh, Kyle? He's not answering that.
I hated that son of a bitch.
Mike Trent was a scumbag, worst of the worst.
Use you up and blow right through you.
I brought him in on my nickel.
And he throws me out? Invests our money in clubs and kicks me out? To do what? To ride off into the sunset with my piece of sushi? And it's not just me.
There's a lot guys out there got burned by him who wouldn't mind a little revenge.
I'll even go so far as to say I'm not sorry he's dead, or rotting somewhere in some box.
But I'll say this for sure: I didn't kill him.
I'm not saying you did.
Or his wife.
But your $20,000 incentive pulled the trigger.
And you know what? You won't believe this - a paper cut gave you away.
Ten makes twenty large.
When you do it, I want to see it.
I'll be up here.
We did the DNA test for the cigarette butt you left at the arcade.
Plain view, right counselor? And we matched it to the blood we found on the money.
He didn't hire two killers.
He only hired me.
Yeah, well, lawsuits take a while.
I don't think you cared about a verdict anyway, did you, Kyle? You wanted much more than that.
My client was with his son all day, that day.
Yeah that's where we screwed up.
Your hatred of Trent was stronger than your love for your own child.
You druged your son so you could use him as an alibi.
That's all a jury's gonna need to hear to convict you.
Kyle Goode, you've been bad.
You're under arrest.
Oh you're still here.
Uh So I'm leaving.
Need anything? No, I'm good.
Are we good? We'll be fine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Going out? I've got some unfinished business to take care of.
I'll see you.