CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s04e18 Episode Script

Bad to the Bone

Get out of the way! Wow, that had to hurt.
Well, robbery wasn't a motive.
His eyes took the brunt of the punishment.
If you can't see, you can't fight back.
But he may have tried.
Tony Sciarra.
From Philadelphia.
So much for brotherly love.
Our victim Tony just checked into the hotel.
He hadn't even unpacked.
He made enemies fast.
Yeah, old man at the casino, who he knocked down, said the same thing.
He was hauling ass.
Why? Blood drops are medium to large.
Low-velocity spatter.
No castoff.
Maybe he wasn't beaten with a weapon.
Hand to hand? I know this guy's yoked.
He's what? 6'2"? 6'3"? Size doesn't matter when you're outnumbered.
Here's our vic.
Leaving the floor.
And the cameras.
No eyes in the corridors or the rest rooms.
Yeah, well, we know where he went.
Just show us where he came from, please.
That's good.
Start it from right there.
Did you see that? Yeah, the little guy on the right just snaked him.
You've got to be kidding me.
He just did it again.
Two for two.
That guy has got stones going after a mark as big as Tony.
He knows he has backup.
Is the third time a charm? Yes, it is.
Accusations from Tony.
He's getting hot.
Some kind of denial from the little guy.
Tony got worked.
Just wanted his money back.
We're going to need a still of the little guy's face, if you could.
You got it.
Fractures to the zygomatic, ethmoidal, nasal bones.
Also the mandible and maxilla.
- How many teeth did you find at the scene? - Two.
He's missing six.
I found one in the back of his mouth.
He probably swallowed the other three.
I'll check his stomach.
Blood evidence at the scene suggests that his attackers did not use a weapon.
Contusions are nondescript.
No foreign tool marks.
Bare knuckles? That's what I'm thinking.
Multiple blows to the head produced angular acceleration and deceleration in the brain.
Twisting of the brain causes the bridging veins to rip.
From there it's all downhill.
The axons within the white matter of the brain begin to snap.
Officially, COD is diffuse axonal injury.
Unofficially it's the most brutal beating I've ever seen.
Neck bruises were made by a left hand? What about these bruises? Well, there's no defensive wounds on the hands or forearm.
So I'm guessing it was restrained.
Bruises could be somebody's knees on his chest.
So a hand on his throat, knees on his chest, his head was butted up against a wall, and all the blows were directed at his face.
That doesn't leave much room for any other attackers to get their licks in.
Maybe there were no other attackers.
One guy did all this? So you're sure this was the man you saw? Yes.
I was in the bathroom.
I waited for him to leave.
Then I called security.
Do you see this man now? All you have to do is nod.
ID's off.
We're looking for a blue shirt and jeans.
He could have ditched the clothes.
Let's be smart about this.
Las Vegas Police.
Put your hands behind your head and stand up.
Come on.
You're not much of a talker, are you, Walter? I'll tell you.
You must be a pretty tough guy to take on Tony.
A guy as big as that? He's huge.
That's his name, you know? Tony Sciarro from Philadelphia.
Do you know Tony? How come you left his wallet and $500 in chips in his pocket, huh? That makes me think that this was about something else.
Did he wrong you in some way? He hurt you? Huh? Maybe it was just a lover's quarrel.
I'm not soft.
That's okay.
This is Vegas.
But that's not what we saw on the video.
You're at the crap table.
You swiped his chips.
And then you whispered sweet nothings in his ear.
What did you say? Give me a reason.
That a confession? No.
That's what I said.
That stare doesn't work on me.
But save it.
Because they're going to love you in prison.
Darian, may I see your fingers? Why? Well, because you may have evidence underneath the fingernails, and I'd like to collect it.
Darian, do you have a fever? Hey! Hey! I'll kill you.
You might want to check that.
I did.
It's not as bad as it looks.
It never looks too good when a suspects dies in custody.
What are you saying, Rory? You'd rather it be one of us? No, that's not what I'm saying.
If I was here, I'd have been in there with you, you know that.
I assume we' re going to come out looking like the bad guy again.
You okay? I'm fine.
That kind of looks like a hickey You want to tell me what got this party started? I scraped his nails.
That's it? What was his liver temp? He's been dead an hour.
That means his body temperature was 103.
I touched his skin, Catherine.
He felt like he was on fire.
How did Walter Darian even drive this thing? Where there's a will, there's a way.
PD found it in the Orpheus parking lot.
Blue shirt and jeans right on top.
He didn't even try to hide them.
Positive for blood.
I'll get it to Greg.
So this scumbag, Walter Darian, he beats a guy to death, goes out to his car, changes clothes and then goes back into the casino, washes his hands and just gets something to eat.
Just another day.
Whoa yahtzee.
Must be a few thousand dollars' worth of chips here.
So, he grifts, but doesn't cash in? Maybe it wasn't about the money.
I got gloves, a t-shirt and a jacket all with the tags still on them.
Maybe he just likes to steal things.
"Road side diner, Libby.
" Sara.
What does that look like to you? Burn holes.
The guy takes on five cops in their house.
Makes you wonder what he might have done to a waitress.
Didn't get enough of this guy in the interrogation room? I have a question.
Yes? Cause of death? Well, it wasn't the nightstick action.
Cardiac arrhythmia.
His heart rate increased till he went into tachycardia.
Started throwing PVCs and then v- fib.
Prior condition? Nothing I could find.
The guy had a big heart-550 grams-- but otherwise healthy.
This guy was pumped up before the fight.
White knuckles, veins popping.
Well, he could have been on something -- tox is pending -- but there were no observable effects of long-term drug abuse.
No atrophy, cirrhosis,tissue necrosis.
I checked all the hot spots.
He had a temperature of 103 when he died.
Any pathology to explain that? The organs showed no sign of infection or disease.
So there was nothing wrong with this guy.
Well, I'll send a tissue sample to histology, but 98.
6 is just an average.
Some people run hot.
See, during questioning, your brother became a little unruly, and, uh so for their own safety, the officers had no choice but to use force.
At which point I've heard enough.
Darian, it's very important that you understand the situation here.
I do.
Walter was killed in police custody.
Uh, let me introduce Gil Grissom from the crime lab.
This is Beth Darian, the I was in the room with your brother.
Was that how he touched your life? The autopsy concluded that your brother's death was not the result of the officers' use of force.
I don't care how he died.
I'm just relieved that it's over.
Walter hurt a lot of people.
If you had something he wanted, he just took it.
And if you got in his way I always kept my distance.
Darian, your brother's body temperature was hot to the touch? He was always that way, ever since we were kids.
I'll have someone from the department contact you, all right, Ms.
Darian? Always knew that Walter would end up in jail or dead.
I'm sorry.
Gris, what are you hoping to find here? Walter Darian lived here.
He owned the place.
Well, Greg ran the DNA.
The blood on Walter's clothes is a match to Tony.
The hair in Tony's hands is a match to Walter's.
This case is closed, isn't it? That case is closed.
We can't prosecute a dead man.
"The evil men do lives after them.
The good is oft interred with their bones.
Shakespeare? Julius Caesar.
This guy never threw anything away.
You think he had a major case of OCD? Well if Walter viewed his world as a threatening place, according to the shrinks, the hoarding of useless objects may have made him feel safe and secure.
Yeah, well, in the real world, Walter's the threat.
Guess he didn't like what he saw.
Hey, Grissom.
This doesn't look like a patio.
Libby Libby oh, yeah, dish girl.
She have a last name? Sure, she does, but I don't know it.
When's the last time you saw her? Eight years ago.
The kid had no chops.
Ouch! Burned herself real good.
That was her first and last day.
We need an ID.
Is there any chance you still have a W2 lying around or a copy of her driver's license? Girl wasn't here long enough to refill the coffee pot, let alone sign anything.
I don't know where she came from, don't know where she went.
What about this guy? You ever see him with Libby? I ain't gettin' nothin'.
Order's up.
Only one thing makes that sound.
Well I guess there was no more room at the inn.
It's a wedding band.
You think this is the waitress Nick and Sara are looking for? Well, there's no clothing left.
The wedding band could be either/or.
There's nothing gender-specific yet.
Next to no tissue.
No hairs at all.
To get the bones, what do you think, Grissom? Been down here at least three years? No, it's probably more than three years.
You're kidding me, right? Well, the rule of thumb is if the skull smells bad, it's usually under three years.
This one smells like dirt.
There's something under the pelvic bone.
Possible murder weapon.
You think we could still get any DNA off of it? Any blood's been exposed to the elements longer than the inside of these bones There's no skin, clothing or tissue to protect it.
Doesn't fit.
Walter was a fighter.
Used his fists, not knives, you know? Well, we haven't known him that long.
Forehead's upright, smooth.
Mandible's small.
Lower face narrow.
Female traits.
Pelvis confirms it.
It's wide for the birth canal.
No pits in the pubic bone -- she never gave birth.
What about her race? Zygomatic bones retreat, slant back.
Nasal opening's long and narrow.
Around 5'4".
I estimated her height from the length of the femur.
How old are we talking? Well third molars haven't erupted.
No wisdom teeth.
So that would put her in her late teens, early 20s.
Eh, it's a safe estimate.
Cause of death? Strangulation.
Fracture to the hyoid bone.
What about these right here? Fractures to the zygomatic bone and maxilla also the left ulna but no tool marks on any of the bones.
So maybe she was punched in the face and tried to shield herself? Yeah.
Walter Darian strangled a female Caucasian, 5'4", around 20 years old.
Yeah, but is it our missing waitress? Well, I, uh, did dental charts, x-rays.
David's off and running with 'em now.
I also excised a portion of the femur, scraped a tissue sample from inside the pelvis, and yanked a molar.
If there's any usable DNA left, that's where it'll be.
How'd you know there was another body at that motel? I didn't.
Tox and histology results came back on Walter Darian.
Negative across the board.
No drugs, no diseases.
I don't get it.
The guy was 38 years old,and this was his first arrest And you're wondering what he'd been doing all his life.
Willows Why don't you hold that thought until later? Sorry.
A new friend.
Got time for something a little weird? I recovered DNA from your Jane Doe skeleton.
Clean samples from the molar and femur but no hits in CODIS.
So Jane Doe was never reported missing.
Apparently not.
I also pulled DNA from the pelvic sample.
A mixture: Foreign DNA from a male.
Walter Darian.
That's where it gets weird.
The foreign DNA was homozygous.
Hit all 13 loci.
One peep per marker.
Shared alleles, so it was either a father or a son.
According to the autopsy, she never gave birth.
So it was a father.
Okay, so how'd it get there? The tissue was from inside the pelvis, so even if daddy's blood or semen got on her clothes or skin, it never would've survived being in the ground all that time.
So there has to be an additional biological source, 'cause there was no one else in that grave.
That's all I got.
No name, no tissue, no hair.
I like a challenge.
Pull up the standard tissue thickness scale for female American caucasoids.
Use the normal figures.
Apply the midline measurements.
Now the bilateral.
That's the blueprint.
Okay, you can take this.
Long skull.
Prominent nose and chin.
Maybe nordic descent.
That means light complexion, hair and blue-green eyes.
These have got to be maternity clothes.
"And baby makes three.
" Her name's not Libby.
Dental records confirm our Jane Doe was Marissa Cleary.
Which leaves our missing waitress Libby still unaccounted for.
The foreign DNA in her pelvis wasn't from her father.
It was from her son.
There was no evidence of a fetus or a baby in that grave.
She never gave birth.
Not through her birth canal.
There's other ways to deliver a baby.
Well, that might explain the hunting knife we found.
The umbilical cord contains fetal DNA.
Walter Darian never threw anything out So where'd the baby go? Eight years.
I never thought she was dead.
I wondered where she was, at she was doing with her life.
What my kid was like.
Cleary, we haven't found any evidence to suggest that your son My son? You mean it was a boy? Yes.
Well, can I see him? Is he dead, too? We don't know.
Marissa and I had only been seeing each other for a few months, and everything was great.
And then she got pregnant, so we got married.
And all of a sudden, she hates me, I hate her.
All we did was fight.
Then she calls me one night at work.
You don't want me in your life, fine.
I'm gone! Good! It's the best news I've heard all year.
That was the last time we spoke.
And you never reported her missing? I didn't think she was.
I was 19.
Barely out of high school.
Last thing you needed was a family.
She was in her ninth month when she split.
I thought she'd cool off in a couple of days, come back, we would work things out.
But then I got this.
You're not who I thought you were.
You don't want me.
You don't want this baby.
We don't want you.
" All right, you see the long legs she gives to her "M," and how it stands alone? Mm-hmm.
Now look at the Dear John letter.
This is not Marissa's signature just a quick and dirty forgery.
My money's on Walter.
Well, I can't tell you anything without an exemplar.
Yeah, well, Warrick's going through his stuff now.
From what I hear, that's going to take a while.
So, what about this text? Uh, not typed - printed uh, off an inkjet, and so far, all of Walter's accumulated printers are dot matrix.
No match.
Warrick found a baseball cap in Walter's motel.
Yielded a blond hair.
DNA was still good, which means the hair was no more than a few years old.
It was Marissa's son.
So, he'd be eight now.
Assuming he's still alive.
Hey, guys, I've been working on that John Doe envelope.
The postmark was Henderson.
The Bates Motel is in Sloan.
Why would Walter go that far out of his way to mail a letter? He wouldn't.
Well, I moved to Henderson to get away from Walter.
I stayed out of his life, hoping he'd stay out of mine.
Didn't matter that I was his sister.
He treated me like he did everybody else.
Do you recognize this woman? No.
Who is she? Her name is Marissa Cleary.
We believe she was a guest in your brother's motel eight years ago.
He killed her, didn't he? We think so.
Oh, I wonder what she did to set him off.
I don't know.
I'm sure it wasn't much.
You don't want me in your life.
I'm gone!Good! It's the best news I've heard all year.
Shut up! Shut up.
Damn it! He could always find an excuse for anything that he did.
Are we keeping you from something? No.
It makes me really uncomfortable talking about Walter.
Did Walter give you those burns? No, that was, uh an accident on the job many, many years ago.
When you used to be a waitress, Libby? Nobody's called me that in years.
How did you know? We found your old waitress uniform in Walter's car.
I, I had that job for one day.
I was a lousy waitress.
Why would he keep that? Hi, mom.
Hey, baby.
Why don't you take your stuff and put it in your room? I'll make you a snack.
How old is that little guy? He's going to be nine next month.
You're not his mother.
I'm the only mother he's ever known.
I raised him; I had to.
Middle of the night, your brother shows up and hands you a baby.
You don't ask any questions.
You don't report it.
Walter said that the mother was a runaway, and that she didn't want the baby.
I took him in.
I love him.
How did Martin get the scar on his forehead? I don't know.
Or you didn't want to know.
Marissa Cleary didn't sign that note.
And we don't think Walter wrote it, either.
I'm not like Walter.
When I opened the suitcase, and I saw the photograph I didn't want the father to suffer.
The suitcase was in Walter's closet.
I took it back.
I didn't want it around me.
I knew that he would never notice.
Giving me Martin was the only good thing that Walter ever did.
I don't know why he did it.
But it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart.