CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s04e23 Episode Script


Help me! Please somebody help me! Somebody help me! Victim's stable.
We're transporting her to Desert Palms.
Nobody knows who she is.
The Andersons, they called the Security Company.
They thought somebody was trying to break in their back door.
Southern Highlands is a new development.
There's really not much around here.
Some of my guys are talking to everybody, trying to find out what's going on.
She has severe lacerations on her feet.
She was running hard from somewhere.
No skid marks, no signs of another vehicle.
The engine's running, no flat tires.
Why'd she stop? I'm going to take the SAE kit to Greg.
You don't want to take the statement? Do you mind? No.
She's ready.
Linley Parker, I'm Catherine Willows.
I'm with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
I know that you've been through a horrific ordeal.
Some kind of SUV.
Black, I think.
Can you start from the beginning? I was, um, driving home from work.
There's hardly any traffic once you cross horizon ranch.
He was tailgating.
I slowed down to let him pass and he hit me.
I wasn't going to stop, but he did, so I pulled over.
You're not supposed to leave the scene of an accident.
He looked like a normal guy.
He asked if I was okay.
He went to his car to get his insurance information.
I was looking at my bumper.
He punched me in the face, threw me over his shoulder.
I lost my shoes.
He threw me on the ground, took off my jacket, ripped open my shirt.
He kept trying to kiss me on the mouth, and I kept turning away.
So he bit my ear.
He wanted me to look at him.
He was going to kill me.
He ripped off my skirt.
He raped me.
He didn't use a condom.
He got up to zip, and I kicked him in the groin and I ran.
And the rest, I guess you know.
Thank you.
That was very specific.
You said that you looked at him.
Could you describe him to a forensic artist? Yes What do you remember most about the face? He had bright eyes.
What about the shape of the eyes? Almond.
Tiny pupils.
What about the rest of the face? He had a baby face.
High forehead, thin lips, clean-shaven.
Like a crewcut? No, like he had a regular haircut.
What? How many vacation days do you have on the books? About ten weeks, I guess.
Why? I think you should take a week or two.
I-I'm still on the case.
I just didn't do the interview for once in my life.
When was the last time you took vacation? Never, right? Okay.
Grissom, I have some information that will be of use to you.
But, before you get it, I need a decision.
What? I'm tired of being on the fence here.
Either I'm in the lab or I'm in the field.
Which is it? Well, as soon as you can find and train a replacement, you can be in the field.
Until then, I need you in the lab.
Now give.
I got a CODIS hit off the semen from your victim.
DNA matches a rape- murder case from a year ago.
Still open? Warrick's pulling the file.
Victim was a 32-year-old Caucasian female, Emma Dobbins.
Sexually assaulted.
Cause of death, strangulation.
They used her pantyhose.
Where'd they find the body? Off of Blue Diamond Road, Southern Highlands.
That's not far from where Linley Parker was assaulted.
Other than the semen, the only evidence at the scene was a shoe print-- man's size nine.
I talked to Nick.
They also found a print-- size nine.
Did she have a car? A Vintage Pontiac.
Registered in her name, never recovered.
So apart from geography and age, what else did they have in common? Emma Dobbins ran a movie memorabilia place downtown.
My vic was a pit boss at the Palms.
Emma was married.
Linley Parker was single.
She was brunette.
The only thing in common: the guy who raped them.
There's something wrong with the nose.
Which one looks right.
That one.
This one? Yeah.
Now, close your eyes, and tell me everything up until the time he raped you.
I'm so sorry Look at me.
Look at me.
Yeah, look at me.
Open your eyes.
My husband keeps dropping hints about my anniversary present.
Says he hopes I like calypso music.
I think it's a cruise.
You don't like cruises? I feel guilty.
Because you don't love him anymore, or because you think he can't handle knowing? Sir! Dr.
Todd Coombs.
Excuse me, I'm with a patient.
Honey, I told him to wait Crystal, what's going on here? Las Vegas police.
Sir, we need to talk.
This is insane -- you've got the wrong guy.
Well, if that's true, you got nothing to worry about.
I-I'm going with him.
No, you're not.
This is where he'll be.
I'm gonna need a lawyer.
Who do I call? I don't know, call Roger -- he'll know what to do.
Roger? The victim said the car was black.
Well, blue looks black at night.
Single file, stop at your number on the floor.
When I tell you to turn, you're gonna face the mirror.
When you hear your number called, step forward.
Number one, step forward.
Step back.
Number two, step forward.
Step back.
Number three, step forward.
It's number three.
That's the guy who raped me.
He's been like that since the lineup.
You know, the guilty ones always fall asleep.
Coombs, my name's Gil Grissom.
I'm with the crime lab.
I'm here to collect a DNA sample, so if you'd open your mouth? DNA? I-I think I should talk to my lawyer.
Well, we have a warrant, so we can compel a sample.
Either way I'm gonna get it.
I haven't done anything.
The good news: If you're innocent, this'll prove it.
Thank you.
I compared the eight pairs of shoes we collected at Todd Coombs' house to the shoe print at the crime scene.
No matches.
Well, he could've ditched the shoes anywhere.
Yeah, true.
So, uh, what do you got, Greg? Well, according to the DNA results, Todd Coombs is not your rapist.
You're kidding.
There's only seven out of thirteen, which means we're looking for a sibling.
I believe the semen would indicate a brother.
Could explain why she picked Todd out of a lineup -- strong family resemblance.
She was so sure.
You're free to go.
So that's it? Yeah.
You people think you can do whatever you want -- come into our homes, turn our lives upside down.
Who's gonna explain this to our neighbors,our friends? Come on, honey, let's get out of here.
You're letting him go? Why? He's not the man that assaulted you.
Yes, he is.
I identified him.
DNA ruled him out.
Then you made a mistake.
That man raped me.
We have some additional leads, and we're working on them.
I promise to keep you informed.
I saw him.
He wanted me to see his face.
Linley, it was dark.
You were under attack.
Under those conditions - pupils dilate, it's hard to focus.
- Look at me You can't always trust your eyes.
He wanted me to see his face because he was going to kill me, and now you're letting him go? This is my cell phone number.
Call me if you need anything.
This isn't gonna keep him away from me.
What I need is protection.
I need a gun.
If you don't feel safe in your home, stay with a friend.
I hear you're looking for Todd Coombs' brother.
Or brothers.
I'll work out the family tree.
Yeah, I read all about it in the paper.
I'm just sorry our parents weren't alive to see it.
Hey, your brother's being hauled in on a rape charge.
Does that seem funny to you? A little.
Todd was due.
Due for what? A reality check.
Most people go through life, suffer the ups and downs.
Todd only got the ups till now.
I'm Roger Coombs.
What's going on here? They're cops -- they want our DNA.
I'm gonna need the May Hustler and a cup.
That won't be necessary.
We're not giving you anything until our lawyer looks this over.
Let me tell you how this works.
First things first.
We do the test, and then the lawyers come in.
So you two are fraternal twins, huh? Accident of birth.
You want a sample of my DNA? What for? It's an ongoing investigation, sir -- a rape.
Can't discuss it any further than that.
Does your route include the southern highlands? No, I work this side of the 15, seven hills.
Were you working two nights ago? You talked to my supervisor.
you know I was.
Look, I heard about what happened to that lady, and I know what you guys put Todd and Crystal through.
You got something against my family? You got something against cooperating? Hey, how'd it go with brother number four? Nowhere.
No Kevin Coombs at the address you gave me; no forwarding address.
PD's following up.
I can't wait 72 hours for a gun.
I need it today! I need it now! Linley? Hold on.
Linley, I can barely hear you.
Where are you? Fremont Street.
I-I know you can help me.
Just- just give me a name.
Tell me where to go.
Linley? Stop! Linley?! Where is she? I don't know.
We just rolled up.
There's no new damage except for the window.
Blood is probably from whoever broke the glass, not the victim.
Okay, the pawn shop owner ID'd her, she was looking to buy a gun, and she wasn't in the mood to wait.
Anybody see what happened here? Well, the problem is that when the light show starts, everyone's looking up.
I mean, what's the chance that this crime is unrelated to the first attack? It's the same guy.
He's getting rid of the witness.
Who identified the wrong man.
Soon as the DNA comes back, we'll know which brother it is.
And until then we wait? Well, I got every police officer downtown looking for her.
Yeah, you should have had eyes on the brothers.
Yeah, in a perfect world, yeah.
Didn't you say that you were on the phone with her and you heard the window break? Yes.
Did you find her phone? I looked everywhere.
So where's her phone? The is dispatch.
We have 20's confirmed on Roger Coombs.
Monaco Casino, last four hours.
Suspect Larry Coombs at his place of employment.
And Bailey Coombs, on shift, seven hills.
All right, fine, fine.
Search the whole house if you want to.
I'm telling you, Todd's not here.
His car was in the driveway.
That's because he took my car to the house company.
You going to arrest him for that, too? I'm going to need your license number and a full description of your vehicle.
How'd you guys know Linley Parker's cell was e-911 capable? We just took a shot.
She's got a lot of new gadgets in her car, most new cell phones are imbedded with a GPS chip.
Her carrier accepted the Attorney General waiver.
I'm accessing her site now.
If her phone's on, it should show up.
Okay, got it.
Nearest cross streets, uh, Warm Springs and Durango.
That's the middle of nowhere.
Hey, Catherine.
She's moving.
We got a location! Put out a BOLO on a beige, 2004 Ford Taurus.
Registration, Nevada, 3-9-6- R-G- F.
The driver's name is Todd Coombs.
He's a white male, 38 years old.
I'm on my way to the house company in Green Valley.
You make a mess? That's your job.
Unless you've got a warrant, you can't even touch this car.
I'm just looking.
For what? So how was Wal-Mart? I was at the house company buying some plants for my wife, to cheer her up.
Oh, you think that's going to work? A gesture goes a long way.
Never worked for me.
Hey, do you mind turning that thing off? When the quarters run out.
So when were you at the store? Why don't you ask my brothers? I've got a cousin in Phoenix, maybe he knows.
Last time I cooperated with you guys, you put me in a lineup and I spent the night in jail.
That's right, that's right.
Hey, let me tell you something.
Twelve hours after Linley Parker ID'd you as her rapist, she gets dragged out of her car on Fremont Street.
Now she's missing.
Then why are you wasting time talking to me? Drive safely.
Crime lab.
Yeah, this is Jim Brass.
Can you send a CSI to my location for evidence recovery.
Two hundred fifty feet.
Two hundred, still moving.
Linley! One hundred fifty feet.
Linley! - Eighty.
- Seventy, sixty, still moving! - Fifty.
Okay, okay, she stopped.
- Thirty feet, she's right here.
Over here! Checked with county records.
Crime scenes on a 20-acre plot.
Guess who owns the property.
One of the Coombs Brothers.
Coombs Brother's company.
Guy's an artist.
You call that art? Black SUV.
You're on my property! Put the weapon down.
You're on my property! Las Vegas Police, drop it or we shoot.
Turn around.
Are you Kevin Coombs? I can see the family resemblance.
Come on.
'Cause of death, asphyxia due to strangulation.
Victim has a hairline fracture of the right third metacarpal with some soft tissue swelling.
Defensive wounds.
She was a fighter.
There's also fresh contusions of the right labia.
She was raped again? I did a wet mount of the vaginal secretion with a Christmas Tree stain.
Slide's under the scope.
If he was trying to silence a witness, why not just kill her, why rape her again? Maybe rape was just foreplay for this guy.
Maybe what he really gets off on is killing.
What do you got? Maybe a missing Pontiac Tempest.
So, you were home last night? Okay, well, doesn't really matter.
Your DNA will do the talking.
You know what happens when the government gets your DNA? Enlighten me.
They put it in the database.
Then they look at your driver's license picture and then all those cameras traffic lights, parking lots, grocery stores they can find you.
Whenever they want.
I suppose you're compelling a DNA sample from my brother now.
We are.
Why are you here? Are you an only child? I am.
Why? You've got my brother in that room, he's family.
I didn't want him to be alone.
Well, what about your other brothers? Bailey only looks out for number one.
Roger and Larry, they do their best to avoid Kevin.
They don't understand him.
And you do? He's harmless.
He chooses to live alone.
He lives off the grid.
He spends all his time turning junk into art.
Where does he get his "junk"? Mostly from my brother's garage.
Every once in a while, Roger lets Kevin take his pick of the wrecks.
Beats inviting him over for Thanksgiving, you know? Dr.
Coombs, we found a 1968 Pontiac outside your brother's house.
The VIN matched a car belonging to a victim who was raped and murdered by the same person who raped Linley Parker.
And we found Linley Parker's dead body on your Brother's property.
You guys have been wrong before.
Whew, man.
Guys like Brass have it easy.
All they got to do is call it in.
Hey, check this out.
I just found it in the hose.
It's from a potted plant purchased at the house company.
Confirms Todd Coombs' alibi.
You saw this? A pin from the Palms.
Linley Parker worked at the Palms.
A lot of people work at the Palms.
And it doesn't nail Todd Coombs.
According to the DNA, the blood from Linley Parker's smashed window matches the semen from all the rapes.
Which means it doesn't match Todd Coombs.
Or Kevin Coombs.
Or any of the rest of the brothers Grimm.
Linley was absolutely certain that Todd Coombs raped her.
That's not what the evidence says.
Well, maybe the evidence is wrong.
You can be wrong, I can be wrong, the evidence is just the evidence.
Deep down, tell me you don't think this guy is good for this.
I got the DNA on the hair you lifted off Linley Parker's body.
Get this.
It's Todd Coombs.
Puts him with the body.
It doesn't prove rape.
I'll have Brass bring him in.
Would you strip down to your shorts, please, doctor? Why? I'm going to examine your clothing for any trace evidence, and we're going to document your body for any injuries that may have been sustained during a recent struggle.
I don't have any injuries.
If you'd like, this officer will assist you.
I did not rape that woman.
I did not kill her.
You guys proved that and you let me go.
That's from moving boxes.
Thank you.
Turn around, please.
That's an old scar.
I was a bone marrow donor.
My youngest brother Joss had leukemia.
Hold still please.
Turn off the lights, would you, please, officer? What are you looking at? This is harassment.
I've already given you guys a DNA sample.
You know that bone marrow donation you gave your brother? I checked your medical records.
His body rejected it and he died.
My guess is that's when you first found out about your unique condition.
The doctors explained it.
I'm a creature of myth.
A chimera.
Head of a lion, body of a goat, tail of a dragon.
You're a genetic anomaly.
One person, two completely different sets of DNA.
State your name for the record.
My name is Todd Coombs.
I raped and murdered Emma Dobbins and Linley Parker.
There are more, but we'll talk about those later.
How'd you pick your victims? They picked me.
Sometimes fraternal twins, two separately fertilized eggs, develop into only one person.
In effect, one twin dies in embryo, but its DNA survives in the other.
That's why the DNA from his buccal swab matched his hair but not his semen.
So he had two strains of DNA in his body.
Yeah, and the DNA in his semen, was evidently from his dead twin brother.
You never met Emma Dobbins or Linley Parker.
I didn't have to meet 'em.
You go to a bar, you see an attractive woman, make your move, she shoots you down.
You go home, you masturbate.
But when I see a woman who arouses me the whole world disappears except for her.
She can't say no.
What a night.
You guys hungry? Want to get something to eat? No, I think I'm going to call it a night.
Yeah, me, too.
I feel ya.
Get some rest.
All right, I'll see you.
Hey, hey, Nick, congratulations on your almost promotion.
Seriously, you deserve it.
That's really hard for you, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
Is she all right? she was lucky she wasn't on the strip.
That's highway patrol's jurisdiction.
She blew .
Technically, she's over, but they just lowered the limit, so we cut her a break and didn't book her.
But we did have to call the supervisor.
Well, thank you.
I appreciate the courtesy.
No problem.
Come on.
I'll take you home.